3 20+ best places to buy engagement and wedding rings in sydney

20+ Best Places To Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Sydney

Are you looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring? There are so many places to buy rings in Sydney, it can be tricky to decide where to go. So we've put together a list of our 20+ favourite jewellery stores in the city, to help make your decision easier! Whether you're looking for something traditional or unique, there's sure to be a store on this list that will suit your style. Happy shopping!

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    Ultimate List Of Engagement and Wedding Rings in Sydney

    Temple And Grace - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    temple and grace


    0414 500 999

    The most beautiful wedding and engagement ring available in Australia.

    It's exciting to start arranging a wedding. Temple and Grace will help you with wonderfully created wedding bands and engagement rings so that your special day is celebrated in style. Temple and Grace are immensely proud of their standing as respected Sydney-based experts in engagement and wedding rings. All of the jewelry is hand-made with painstaking attention to detail by the owners, who are also experienced jewelers. If you're getting ready for the big day, stop by Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online to streamline the process. At Temple and Grace, there are more than a thousand distinct wedding rings and ring sets to choose from. Even if the appearance of the rings is significant, it is advised that you keep your preference for precious metal and your lifestyle in mind when choosing an engagement ring and wedding band.

    Compared to the costs of high-street jewelry stores, Temple and Grace's online engagement, diamond, and wedding ring sales will save you more than 40%. If you want to make the most of your money and make sure you get the most value possible, it's crucial to keep in mind this fact. How then do you save so much money? It's not at all difficult. Every jewelry item offered for sale at Temple and Grace is made onsite. You may rest assured that each diamond ring, engagement ring, and wedding band you see on the Temple and Grace website was personally made at the Sydney and Melbourne jewelry stores. We have a solid reputation as master goldsmiths and knowledgeable about loose diamonds. We promise that with our deep understanding of precious metals like gold and platinum, we will be able to create for you the most stunning diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Shop our collection online or come in to see the artisanship and excellent quality of our wedding and engagement jewelry.

    The history of how Temple and Grace came to be made into a film

    High-end, sophisticated fine jewelry is distinguished from jewelry that looks like it was bought on sale by the level of detail that goes into its creation. Temple and Grace's jewelry is expertly and with the proper amount of devotion made. Dealing with exquisite jewelry as a commodity differs from the process of creating it. Temple and Grace are both accomplished jewelers, so they are aware of the exacting standards that must be reached while making diamond and gold jewelry. Opening the presentation box for the wedding ring reveals the excellent craftsmanship of a Temple and Grace wedding ring right away. Because of the joy it offers to its clients, Temple and Grace can continue to run successfully. The wedding is a significant event, therefore choosing a reputable vendor is crucial. There isn't a ready-made, flawless wedding ring that can be bought. Even if you choose a specific ring design, you still need to have it customized to fit your finger. An exquisitely created platinum or gold wedding band feels incredibly comfortable and has a stunning appearance. The handcrafting of the most exquisite gold rings, platinum rings, and diamond rings that both men and women can wear has been Temple and Grace's passion since 2015. There is also a fantastic assortment of jewelry for women, including gemstone-set rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made of gold and diamonds.

    Temple and Grace put forth a lot of effort to create the most exquisite wedding bands and engagement rings that can be bought online, which is why they have been so popular. Therefore, Temple and Grace provides Australia's largest collection of wedding ring materials if you're seeking for zirconium wedding bands, titanium wedding rings, or stainless steel wedding rings at a reasonable price. Whatever sort of metal or price range you're buying in, Temple and Grace are without a doubt the top online jewelers in Australia.

    The employees at Temple and Grace are quite proud of the fact that at least one customer depends on them every day. The satisfaction that Temple and Grace's staff feels when they can help a couple realize their aspirations and decide to spend the rest of their lives together drives them to work each day.

    Engagement Rings

    The Australian companies Temple and Grace Engagement Ring provide access to some of the most unique diamond engagement rings available worldwide, both online and in their jewelry boutiques. We can design and construct the most exquisite engagement rings Sydney and Melbourne have ever seen since we are Master Jewelers. You can save more than 40% on the price of your diamond ring by buying an engagement ring directly from Temple and Grace in Australia instead than through a middleman. We warrant:

    We are the most reputable diamond wholesalers in Australia, and we provide GIA-certified loose diamonds at the best prices available there.

    You will be able to save thousands of dollars compared to the ring's retail price because we will be directly in charge of producing your diamond engagement ring in our Sydney jewelry workshop.

    365 days of risk-free exchanges and returns; an industry first

    You can create a lifetime's worth of cherished memories by selecting a one-of-a-kind engagement ring from our gorgeous assortment of bands studded with diamonds and other precious gemstones. Wedding bands and engagement rings are created to the highest standards by Temple and Grace. We take satisfaction in producing the most exquisite engagement rings ever seen in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. By making an appointment, you can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney and Melbourne. Australia's Temple and Grace is where you can find outstanding examples of regional handicraft. Unlike high-street merchants who solely sell jewelry as a commodity, Temple and Grace is a jewelry manufacturer (and add their margins on top of that). As skilled jewelers, we take great delight in producing Platinum and Gold Engagement Rings that are genuinely unique. Many of our works have been displayed in Australia.

    Each Diamond Ring that Temple and Grace make is distinguished by excellent design and painstaking construction attention to detail. When compared to high-street jewelry boutiques, Temple and Grace Diamond Engagement jewelry stands out for its thorough attention to even the slightest details. Additionally, we hand-pick each loose diamond and gemstone to make sure that only the finest precious stones are used in the creation of our jewelry.

    Wedding Rings & Bands

    You can schedule an appointment to visit one of our wedding jewelry boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, or you can shop online for the most unique wedding bands we have to offer.

    We are not like other high-street merchants. You can save more than 40% on both the women's and the men's wedding rings if you purchase them from us rather than one of those other jewelry retailers. Temple and Grace offers an illustrious selection of women's and men's wedding bands.

    Troy Obrien - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    troy obrien


    (02) 9908 3145

    It's difficult to select the ideal diamond engagement ring—the one she'll cherish forever. The Troy O'Brien professionals may assist. We can show you a spectacular in-house variety of loose diamonds to suit all budgets, whether you're going to pop the question or come see us together. We can also bring something special from abroad for you. As jewelry producers, we can provide you with verified high-quality diamonds at incredibly low costs directly from our global cutting house partners.

    We provide a wide variety of exquisite Dora wedding rings that are unmatched in both design and value, in addition to our diamond-set, engraved, and traditional wedding bands. Genuinely novel finishes are produced by combining gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, and distinctive color patterns. We also offer Mokume bands, which are one-of-a-kind pieces made for very special commitments and feature a particular combination of metals that are moulded together to create a completely unique finish on every ring.

    Lizunova - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    02 9221 1945

    After a lifetime of marriage, an engagement or wedding ring should still be as stunning as it is now. Your Lizunova engagement and wedding bands will be treasured forever because to our creative design and exceptional craftsmanship. Our rings are built to last, with bands and settings that are the right thickness for both strength and beauty. Our modern jewelry is responsibly created in Sydney using Australian platinum and gold. Hand-selected natural gemstones, such as sapphires, parti sapphires, diamonds, spinels, salt and pepper diamonds, etc., are placed in our contemporary jewelry.

    Pierre Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    pierre jewellery


    61 2 9221 1845

    Bring any jewelry item to Pierre Jewellery for a durable repair and rediscover your affection for the tried-and-true. By confirming the legitimacy and worth of your jewelry, we can rest your mind. Our talented designers can turn old jewelry into something you love to wear using a variety of conventional and cutting-edge techniques.

    Engagement and Wedding Right FAQs

    If either person breaks off the engagement, the woman gets to keep the ring. A few jurisdictions take a slightly different view, calling the ring an “implied gift.” In this case, ownership of the ring is determined by whomever calls off the wedding.

    Unless your ring features a large diamond with sharp edges, wearing it to sleep should be safe for you. But the ring might scratch your partner or cause damage to your bedding.

    What is the point of engagement? Getting engaged is an official announcement of the intention to marry. With the acceptance of the marriage proposal, both partners express their will to marry each other. Engagement is, therefore, no more and no less than the public (not secret) announcement to marry each other.

    The tradition of exchanging wedding rings is dated back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. These cultures all chose to wear their wedding rings on their fourth finger of their left hands because they believed there was a vein in this finger that went directly to the heart.

    Tradition says that a married woman should wear her wedding band on the inside of her finger. In other words, it goes on first followed by the engagement ring on the outside.

    Masterpiece Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    masterpiece jewellery


    61 (02) 9252 5245

    I have a wealth of experience with jewelry and stones thanks to my long career in the field. I also have professional training in gemology and jewelry from the GAA and GIA, and I'm a certified international appraiser through the Appraiser International Society. Because every piece of fine jewelry represents a special event in a person's life, I love to assist people and make each piece of expensive jewelry something incredibly unique to them.

    I am making myself available to the public for free consultations to discuss or clarify anything relating to jewelry or gemstones and to offer assistance where I can. If you need assistance deciding where to start with an engagement ring, designs, birthstone ideas, quotes, anniversary ideas, appraisals, or education on a topic, please schedule an online consultation. You will interact directly with me because I am qualified to guide you in the appropriate direction and provide assistance as needed.

    Your jewelry should be the height of beauty, a topic of conversation, and uniquely you. You deserve an appropriate celebration for a moment worth remembering. We are aware that it can be challenging to locate genuine Australian opal jewelry with high-caliber workmanship. Because of this, we simplify things for you.

    Big Diamond Sale - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    big diamond sale


    1800 355 945

    Big Diamond Sale is a reputable online retailer of natural and fancy-colored certified diamonds that is owned and operated by Australians. We have established ourselves as one of the top suppliers to renowned jewelers, designers, and manufacturers worldwide thanks to our reputation for introducing our clients to the best diamonds in the world at the most competitive costs.

    We may also make a wide variety of jewelry, from readily available goods to fine jewelry worn by the rich and famous. We can assist in designing and handcrafting your ideal piece of jewelry after the Diamond has been purchased. With over 30 years of experience, our jeweler can make any setting or style you like, and we can guarantee that the one-of-a-kind items are exclusively for you.

    Because Big Diamond Sale always manages to surpass consumers' expectations, the company has amassed a sizable global network of devoted customers who keep coming back. Additionally, our diamond advisors provide a special one-on-one interaction between customers and business representatives.

    Akshara Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    akshara jewellers



    Search the world for the newest and most exquisitely produced designs that you will certainly adore. We have a reputation for creating beautiful and unique jewelry. Every single item of jewelry we own tells volumes about our ostentatious ancestry. We provide distinctive items that are elegant, simple to wear, and ensure that everyone is completely satisfied. Necklaces, rings, ear studs, bangles, and pendants are just a few of the many designs we offer. The store to go to if you want to buy 22 Carat quality gold that comes with a full guarantee is Akshara Jewellers. Additionally, our collection creates jewelry in accordance with customer preferences and needs, guaranteeing the highest quality and perfection. In addition, we exchange jewelry, acquire used gold, and offer layaway.

    We are committed to establishing and upholding a solid relationship with each customer, and we will stop at nothing to deliver a remarkable customer experience. When you come see us, Akshara Jewellers will quickly become your favorite jewelry store.

    Samuel And Stone - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    samuel and stone


    We are SAMUEL & STONE, a group of Australian designers from various backgrounds who came together out of a shared commitment to pave the path for a more moral and ethical culture within the diamond trade. SAMUEL & STONE crafts enduring, carefully planned jewelry to commemorate life's most significant events.

    Your concept for an engagement ring and wedding band can come to life with SAMUEL & STONE. Just complete the simple step of entering your contact information below. Then, in your letter, briefly describe the Engagement Ring or Wedding Band Design (or Designs) you are seeking as well as the Diamond Specifications you are looking for.

    Germani - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    02 8385 9045

    Germani is home to an enormous selection of fine colored gemstones and loose diamonds that have been imported from Belgium, Switzerland, and the Far East. The privilege of buying straight from the wholesaler and having the jewelry created on-site is available to customers. Each design is modified repeatedly until it properly suits the client.


    You will be enchanted by the Germani Eternity Rings collection. All of the diamonds chosen by Germani are "Conflict-free" and exquisitely mounted in a variety of traditional, refined settings. Giving a ring to a partner represents a long history of devoted love between two individuals. With our exclusive selection of engagement, wedding, and eternity ring collections, we at Germani carry on that legacy.

    In order to last you and your spouse through your journey together at such a memorable period in your lives, Germani will make sure you only have a unique ring. Natural elegance and ageless splendor are authentic representations of the engagement rings that Germani makes.

    Gilan - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    0411 295 045

    Only around 100 miles below the earth's surface, high temperature and pressure conditions are necessary for diamond formation. The bonds between the carbon atoms in a diamond are virtually the same in all directions. Graphite is a distinct mineral that also just includes carbon, but it has a significantly different crystal structure and creation method. Diamond is so hard that you can only scratch it with another diamond, yet graphite is so soft that you can write with it.

    Prouds - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    We appreciate you picking out a stunning piece from our white gold collection. Rhodium plating, which is common in the jewelry business, is used to enhance the white color of all of our white gold jewelry. To improve the white color and brilliance of your jewelry, a layer of rhodium is electroplated over white gold.

    Over time, rhodium plating will lose its shine. Re-plating will be necessary to keep white gold objects' excellent luster and white gloss. Please abide by these few straightforward instructions to safeguard your jewelry and increase the lifespan of the rhodium plating.

    Divorce Your Jewellery - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    divorce your jewellery


    1300 468 454

    Ivars is conducting an appraisal to sell diamonds, diamond jewelry, and engagement rings for more at PostSafe Australia-wide or Divorce Your Jewellery Sydney. If you've done any research, you've probably discovered that finding a buyer for your diamond, especially if it's in a setting, can be difficult. You may discover that you are only given a small sum for the value of the precious metal. Divorce your Jewellery, on the other hand, will compensate you based on the value of the diamonds and precious metals.

    Since we are jewelry experts at Divorce Your Jewellery, we are aware that selling your engagement ring is a significant decision and can be difficult emotionally. We ensure that the selling procedure is as simple as possible by dealing with our customers in the strictest confidence and with the utmost sensitivity.

    Sydney Jewellers - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    sydney jewellers


    (02) 9221 6245

    Since he was just 15 years old, Ronald Crisp has been a passionate jeweler! Because of his considerable training and knowledge, he can handcraft almost anything for his customers. Ron has the ability to make whatever concept you have come to life. Ron will work with you to make a piece of custom jewelry you will treasure, regardless of your spending limit, aesthetic preferences, or design requirements.

    The most striking piece of jewelry your future bride will ever wear is an engagement ring. It stands for the unwavering affection you have for her. Finding the ideal partner for marriage can be just as challenging as finding the ideal engagement ring. Here are some tried-and-true advice to get you started.

    Canturi - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney



    1300 883 845

    Stefano Canturi has been consumed with it for more than three decades. Each diamond engagement ring is a masterwork of sophisticated engineering and craftsmanship. Don't be discouraged if the Canturi Engagement ring collection is not yet accessible through our E-Store. Your custom diamond engagement ring will be handcrafted by us specifically for you. Review the ring styles shown here to get started. To create your ideal diamond ring, a Canturi engagement ring specialist will get in touch with you. Visit a Canturi Jewellery Salon to view all the Diamond Engagement Rings.

    Ischlangerandson Jewellery

    ischlangerandson jewellery


    61 2 9221 5945

    Engagement rings Sydney

    Since we place a high priority on client happiness, no other jeweler in Sydney can match our caliber of work when it comes to engagement rings. From our website, you can now request a quote for your engagement ring.

    Custom rings Sydney

    In terms of personalized rings, our ongoing effort to eliminate the middlemen keeps our prices low for our consumers. Absolute perfection can be added to our jewelry. For us, what matters most is customer pleasure. You will always discover our products to be of the highest caliber. With fine manufacturing diamond bridal rings in Sydney, we fulfill your fantasy.

    Novita Diamonds

    novita diamonds


    61 1800 503 045

    Artificial or ethical lab-grown diamonds are more pure, more brilliant, have a cleaner origin, and are far more affordable than diamonds that are mined. These unique stones are what we have decided to utilize in all of our rings.

    If you choose to have Novita Diamonds design your engagement ring, we will work with you closely to make your vision a reality. We will go over all of your options in detail and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. As experts in custom diamond jewelry, we will assist you in selecting the best style and center stone for your needs and budget. When you are satisfied with the design and have paid a deposit, our master jeweler artisans will begin making your personalized engagement rings.

    Kate Mccoy - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    kate mccoy


    61 424 205 845

    You are in for a treat if this is your first time thinking about creating a piece of excellent jewelry! Even while the finished product is fantastic, the experience and customer service help to make it such that it is memorable and significant. In this situation, the destination and the route are on par!

    We will determine your budget, the event, and if the piece is for you or a loved one during our initial meeting. I want to know what's important to you and how I can best assist you. made with you in mind. Built For You!

    As soon as we have an idea, we may begin researching materials. I'll take you into my world of priceless jewels and diamonds and assist you in learning all you need to know to decide what is best for you. The only problem you might run into is falling in love with all the lovely alternatives and gems because it's entertaining and educational, in my opinion.

    Certified Diamond Network - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    certified diamond network


    61 [02] 9689 3345


    Whatever wedding ring design you like, our skilled jewelers can produce it at a price that is quite competitive while yet fitting your personality and way of life. We can provide you advice on the various stone kinds, their cuts, and the best settings if you want to add some shine to your ring.

    You've found the ideal spot if you're seeking for a distinctive, high-quality wedding band made by a Master Craftsman. If you already own an engagement ring, you must select a wedding band to go with it. Our bespoke wedding bands for women can be the ideal choice.

    Australian Opal Cutters - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    australian opal cutters



    Oval shapes are a common cut for our Australian opal engagement rings, though this may vary depending on the client's preferences and the stone's natural shape. Some opals are shaped into freeform or teardrop shapes to enlarge their size and weight. A solid opal ring is a gorgeous and authentic choice regardless of the cut. We offer some of the most expensive opals in the world in addition to the well-known Australian Black Opals, Boulder Opals, Fire Opals, Crystal Opals, White Opals, and many more distinctive Opal Engagement Rings. Each of these gemstones displays a variety of stunning spectral and rainbow colors.

    My Diamonds - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    my diamonds


    1800 766 545

    We will honor the pledge you are about to make by making a similar commitment. Diamond bands and wedding bands from Monroe Yorke stand for deep commitment and enduring love. Do we guarantee you a famous piece of jewelry that will capture the elegance of your feelings? We do.


    Everyone imagines answering the query that makes their heart skip a beat and their eyes shine one day. Everyone yearns for something magnificent and dazzling to come after the suggestion, something to be treasured with all the warmth of tender care. Monroe Yorke's diamond engagement rings are the ideal prelude to a lifetime commitment.

    Kalmar Antiques - Engagement & Wedding Rings Sydney

    kalmar antiques


    61 2 9264 3645

    We deal in fine watches, clocks, antique and contemporary jewelry, and works of art. For all of your repair requirements, there is a registered jeweler and diamond valuer on-site, along with expert jewelers and watchmakers.

    We have a wide variety of various engagement ring designs, including sapphire and diamond and ruby and diamond engagement rings, as well as some of the best antique diamond engagement rings in Sydney. Jewelry appraisal, repair, and remodeling are additional services offered. Our Master Watchmakers also work on wristwatches, pocket watches, and clocks from brands like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and Omega.

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