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Top 45 Wedding Videographers in Melbourne [2022]

Finding a wedding videographer in Melbourne, Victoria, can be tricky. There are so many to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for you? This blog post will give you some tips on finding the best videographer for your big day. So whether you're looking for creative and innovative footage or someone who can capture all of the important moments, we've got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

Here are the Top 20 Wedding Videographers in Melbourne, Victoria, to help you decide. First, think about what style of video you want. Do you want a traditional wedding video with all the typical shots? Or would you prefer something more creative and unique? Once you've decided on a style, start researching different videographers and compare their portfolios. Be sure to ask lots of questions and get feedback from previous clients. Ultimately, it would be best to choose the videographer who feels right for you and your wedding. Good luck.

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Videographers in Melbourne

    Rosa Photography & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    rosa photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0432 125 131

    To make your wedding day pleasurable and unforgettable, professionals should take wedding photography carefully. The best wedding photo packages in Melbourne are something that our top wedding photographer in Melbourne works hard to provide. Our professionals are experts at taking photos that look lovely and natural and will bring you happiness. You will get amazing photos of each event of the wedding celebration with our guidance and help.

    The best packages are available from a Melbourne wedding photographer at affordable rates. Wedding photographers are trained to document the events of the day as well as the unique facial expressions and memorable moments that take place at precisely the correct time and place. Finding a reasonably priced wedding photographer in Melbourne is currently not a problem. Rosa photography in Melbourne delivers extremely dependable wedding services at reasonable prices. The time has come to work with the best photographers.

    Twenty One Wedding & Portrait Studio Melbourne

    twenty one wedding portrait studio

    0432 329 021

    About the same time, Twenty One Studio opened. Hundreds of weddings, both big and small, have been captured by our team so far in Melbourne and interstate. Every bride and groom we work with receives the same level of care and consideration as if their wedding were our own. As a result, we take the time to get to know our couples, their aspirations, and—most importantly—what they aspire to achieve on their wedding day before booking any wedding.

    We are honored that, out of all the wedding photographers, you are considering us to document your important day. The following is our commitment to you: If you choose to work with us, you can unwind and enjoy your special day with the assurance that your priceless moments and loved ones will be beautifully and accurately captured. So you may continue to spend meaningful time with the people you care about.

    Wedding Snapper- Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    wedding snapper

    0450 586 561

    Who exactly is Wedding Snapper? I think your question is a great one, and I appreciate you asking it. Of sure, I might be a politician with remarks like those. I'm the proprietor and principal photographer of Wedding Snapper in Melbourne, and my name is Simon Woodcock. At the BBC Television Centre in London, where I started my television-broadcasting career

    I ordered photos to be used in periodicals, films, and advertisements. As a "workie" at first, my duties included bringing unprocessed film rolls to the lab and consuming large amounts of tea. I would then quickly return to the lab to acquire the developed film after getting new buckets of tea. Because I worked for the BBC, there was always someone or something fascinating to see on the way, and that kept me in shape.

    Working with photography at the time was thrilling since the switch from film to digital was happening right then. I was given a lot of freedom to experiment with new ideas after advancing to a full-time publicist role. After working for the BBC for three years, I started working as a picture editor for magazines and newspapers. I worked on and contributed to several publications, including The Times, The Guardian, and a significant amount of magazines at the Daily Mirror.

    Camstudio Wedding Videographer Melbourne



    Our Melbourne photographer is a skilled professional with more than 13 years of experience. One of Melbourne's top photography studios, We Camstudio employs skilled photographers. Whether on location or elsewhere, you will have a great time, and we will make wonderful, unique images for you to keep. Our skilled team members have sensitivity and flare for engaging with people, catching feeling, emotions, and the true essence of each individual. The developer of Camstudio, Mr. Kulbir Singh, started his photographic career in India and now has years of experience working in Australia.

    Aria Photography & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    aria photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0427 427 427

    Although I've been taking pictures since 2009, Aria Photography was established in 2012 and has since developed into a busy little studio close to the Yarra Valley's entrance. I spend a lot of time here, but I also travel throughout Victoria and interstate to capture joyful couples getting married. I like working with people, and I'm a professional who is also friendly. I really believe that taking pictures of your family and friends at your wedding is just as important as taking pictures of you and your bridal party (which is part of the reason we have a 2 photographer team).

    No corny bullshit allowed, and photo time on your wedding day should never seem like a chore. The "golden hour," when the light is best for photography, has to be my favorite time of day and location, whether it's in a vineyard or on your parents' 100-acre farm.

    Cinestyle Studio - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    cinestyle studio

    0424 277 860

    Cinestyle offers a unique viewpoint on wedding filming. Our expertise is in creating videos in a sophisticated, contemporary cinematic manner that are both entertaining to watch and accurately capture all of the day's most significant events. Similar to how every wedding is unique, every Cinestyle video is unique. Our understated presence enables us to capture the event in a more personal way.

    We understand the significance of preserving all the amazing moments that a novice viewer or casual observer might miss. We'll document every aspect of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, including all of the hues and light, motion and sound, music and scene changes, as well as all of the feelings and atmosphere.

    Me & My Camera -Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    me my camera photography videography

    Me & My Camera was established nine years ago as a wonderful way for me to juggle my interests in adventure, storytelling, and lovely music. Making movies that capture all of life's unexpected, fun, and tender moments that make your heart skip a beat is something I adore doing. I am drawn to nature, the straightforward, and the uncommon. There are so many amazing things that happen naturally that I never feel the need to lead someone on the day, therefore my approach is non-intrusive.

    You are given a rare chance to gain insight into someone's life when you are invited to their wedding. You are welcome to go to their houses, get to know the ones who are really important to them, and take part in their love for one another. It's lovely to celebrate when we find the one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Whether you celebrate with a sizable gathering of your tribe or just your closest friends and family, I'd love to be there to capture and share your Story.

    Studio Edge Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    studio edge photography

    (03)8712 0106

    Australia's Studio Edge Photography and Video is based in Melbourne. We take pride in being one of the most seasoned, trustworthy, and talented wedding photography and videography teams in Australia. We began as a small group in 2000. As a result, we've successfully combined wedding photography and videography for close to 20 years. Regarding weddings and events, our styles are diverse and of the highest standard.

    To create genuinely breathtaking and romantic shots, we offer a natural candid approach with natural light photos, as well as direction and mood lighting as needed. Since we only schedule 35 weddings a year, I can guarantee that you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. I do all of my own in-house editing of wedding photos and videos. As a result, your wedding memories in both images and videos are extremely wonderful.

    C2 Films Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    c2 films

    0421 533 848

    Since 2003, we have led the way in wedding videography in Sydney and Melbourne. We are here both now and on your special day to assist make it even more spectacular because we are aware of how difficult preparing a wedding can be. Our goal is to excite and delight our customers from start to finish, and evidence of this can be found in the hundreds of wonderful customers we have as well as the overwhelming majority of five-star reviews. It is a wonderful pleasure for us when you choose C2 to record those memories because our passion is to create a fluid and artistic cinematic video experience that takes you back to your wedding day.

    Making your wedding film has been done in reverse. Selecting a photographer to capture your special day based solely on price or style is not what a wedding film should be about. It should be an opportunity for you to collaborate and craft one of life's most memorable moments, as well as a piece of art, beauty, and storytelling. It should also be a true representation of your shared identity.

    Pixel 360 Studio Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    pixel 360 studio


    We are a small, skilled team based in Melbourne, Australia, and we specialize in cinematic wedding videography to preserve your love story in the most heartfelt manner. Based on our extensive experience in the wedding market, we employ a natural, discrete, and candid narrative method. We want to tell YOU your love story the way YOU want to hear it since every love story is different. With the aid of cutting-edge high-definition optics, we'll be able to record the most private moments of your special day in imaginative and artistic videos that you'll cherish always.

    For our ability to film unobtrusively and naturally while retaining the comfort of our clients and their visitors, we have received a lot of praise and recommendations. When we attend your event, we always behave professionally, show up well-groomed, and without a lot of equipment. You won't even be aware that we were there since our talented cinematographers will blend in with the scene, be unobtrusive, and watch things happen naturally behind our cameras. Every great moment is captured from all perspectives thanks to our meticulous attention to detail.

    Yervant Photography & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    yervant photography

    (03) 9670 1170

    Since he was a young child, Yervant has had a passion for photography and has honed his skills in photography, retouching, and darkroom techniques. He did this by spending a lot of time after school and on weekends learning and experimenting at his father's East African studio and lab (Ethiopia).

    After finishing his studies in Venice, Italy, Yervant moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he started a professional photographic career. Yervant is one of Australia's and the world's most celebrated photographers and a member of AIPP, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

    Yervant received an AIPP Fellowship in recognition of his excellent contributions, which have become standards for the whole sector. Because of how well-known his signature method of shooting is, Yervant created the term "Fashion Meets Wedding" to represent his contemporary approach to the traditional field of wedding photography. Peers all over the world commonly use this Yervant adage, which has grown to be one of the most crucial in the field.

    Creative Wedding Films Melbourne

    creative wedding films melbourne

    0404 769 677

    About Creative Wedding Films Melbourne

    wedding films Based in Australia, Creative Wedding Films is a team of talented and recognized wedding videographers, photographers, and editors. We adore telling tales, documenting extraordinary situations, and translating unprocessed moments into art that evokes strong feelings. After a few years, people began asking us to shoot their friends' weddings.

    This learning curve was quite challenging! After the first several wedding films, we jumped right in, telling ourselves, "Hey, we can do this," which resulted in the establishment of Creative Wedding Films in late 2018. After a few more years (and the birth of a child), we put together a group of like-minded, creative individuals to help us meet the studio's increasing demand. These individuals range from outstanding photographers and videographers to extremely tasteful editors, all of whom share the same objective: ensuring that our clients receive images and videos they adore.

    Matt Elliott Photos & Wedding Videography Film Melbourne

    matt elliott photos films

    0477 441 456

    About Matt Elliott Photos & Wedding Videography Films Melbourne

    I had no idea what I wanted to accomplish or whether I wanted to pursue photography professionally when I picked it back up. It just felt right, that's all I knew. In and around Melbourne, I took a lot of pictures of the countryside, and whenever I could, I bugged the family to allow me take pictures of them. I got a few unpaid jobs photographing musicians and festivals after contacting a few music periodicals.

    I was asked to photograph an old friend's wedding in 2010, which at the time felt extremely terrifying. Naturally, I agreed to complete it. That wedding was a turning point for me since I made the decision to become a professional wedding photographer right away. Since nothing ever happens quickly, I ran another business in addition to my wedding business to cover my expenses. After a while, weddings were very successful, so I stopped operating my other business.

    FAQs About Wedding Videographers

    The average wedding video length is three to five minutes for a highlights version or short film, and up to 30 minutes or longer for a documentary or cinematic style. You can choose between the two, based on your needs and the types of wedding video packages available.

    Shot List for the Wedding Day Video

    • The bride and groom getting ready for their wedding.
    • The process of walking down the aisle.
    • The formalities.
    • The initial dance.
    • With their parents, the bride and groom dance.
    • The wedding party's speeches
    • Cutting the cake
    • Start from scratch or use a storyboard template.
    • From your PC, upload your images and video recordings.
    • Change the colours, text, and music in your wedding movie to make it your own.
    • Produce your video and share it on social media, via email, or at your event.

    As a wedding videographer, you normally meet with each couple ahead of time to assess their needs and organize the project. You can video the pair all day, record them at the wedding location, and photograph them throughout the ceremony and celebration.

    Between the hours of 8 and 10, Your guests don't want to sit through a half-hour of your newborn pictures, no matter how much they love you! A excellent video montage should last between 8 and 10 minutes; anything longer would dull your guests.

    Pixelife Photography & Videography Melbourne

    pixelife studio

    (04) 02 851 924

    Evan spent a lot of his time over the course of more than ten years overseeing "Team MudRhino," a skilled group of 15 people who created more than 45 full-length DVDs. Evan spent this time completely absorbed in the thrilling world of off-road high-speed racing. For their performances, the ensemble received various honors, including the renowned CCDA "Media of the Year Award" in 2008.

    In 2016, he focused on landscape photography and traveled extensively to far-off places like the Himalayas, India, China, Egypt, South and North America, and Singapore. Numerous accolades and awards have been bestowed onto his photographs, and some of them have even been included in periodicals.

    Evan now spends his time mentoring aspiring photographers, running one of Australia's largest photography forums, helping small businesses with their social media content, photographing private events like engagement parties and weddings, and—most importantly—inspiring his own children to use photography to discover their inner artistic selves.

    Moments: Wedding Photography & Videography Melbourne

    moments wedding photography videography

    0422 257 031

    We record the details you might otherwise overlook. Every wedding is different. With photography and film, we hope to capture the atmosphere and mood of your special day. Our unique documentary approach helps bring your big day to life so that you can relive and experience those memories for the rest of your life.

    Anton Wedding Videography Melbourne

    anton wedding videography melbourne

    0479 037 876

    We use images to tell tales. Photography and videography are more than just services to us; they are our passions. We use our knowledge and abilities to produce stunning images for you and your loved ones based on years of diligent work and experience in the professional world.

    Our second shooters are skilled wedding photographers, and our assistants are our experienced right-hand men. When the stakes are high, our team of photographers and videographers naturally depends on one another to perform like a well honed orchestra. We are aware that planning for your wedding has taken a lot of time. Working together on your timeline is crucial if we are to make room for productive photo shoots.

    Sorrento Wedding Photography and Videography Melbourne

    sorrento weddings photography films

    0419 889 874

    About Sorrento Wedding Photography and Videography Melbourne

    We founded Sorrento Weddings in 2010 after discovering our passion for wedding photography while photographing a few friends' weddings alongside our commercial and advertising work. Weddings quickly became our obsession, and we haven't been able to put them down since! For the past ten years, we've made it our mission to share our vast knowledge of photographing breathtaking weddings with every couple.

    We employ magnificent, high-end medium format photography gear for our editorial wedding photographs. To maintain the look and feel of your wedding day, we prefer natural, candid photography and never overcorrect or overuse filters when editing. In addition to our custom wedding videos, we also provide expert videography to help you preserve all of your precious moments.

    Whitford Wedding Films Melbourne

    melbourne whitford wedding films


    The proprietors and operators of Whitford Wedding Films are two videographers by the names of Rachael and Darcy. Our Melbourne-based company combines writing, acting, and filmmaking. We enjoy what we do, which is recounting the events of one of your most memorable days so that you can relive them again and time again. We take pleasure in serving as your additional pair of eyes so you may relive the memorable moments and take in everything you might have missed during the course of the day.

    Cutting Edge Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    cutting edge

    0403 899 799

    We've recorded and produced weddings from a variety of nations over the years. From elegant cocktail weddings to traditional Macedonian weddings, Greek, Italian, Lebanese, and Jewish weddings, to name a few, the distinctive and wonderful film we make, record, and edit as Melbourne videographers loves to tell a story.

    When we photograph a wedding, we come across an unfamiliar location, interesting new people, difficult new problems, and a couple on their most special day. Your special moments will be preserved in a professionally produced wedding film by Cutting Edge Video, producing a priceless and enduring memory. To ensure that the style, humor, and specialness of your big day are all captured in your wedding movie, we'll work closely with you.

    Cine Wedding Stories - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    cine wedding stories melbourne victoria

    (04) 22 365 481

    About Cine Wedding Stories Melbourne Victoria

    Videography and filming for weddings in Melbourne, Australia. We are among Melbourne's most trusted and skilled wedding videographers, and we are aware of how difficult it may be to locate the right one.

    We can assist you with Cine Wedding Stories! Our talented group of people makes stunning cinematic wedding videos for your special day. In Melbourne, Australia, we provide the best wedding cinematography and filmmaking services. Made-by-hand films that are works of art that last forever. Sharing tales, capturing moments, creating emotions, and having fun are all things we enjoy doing.

    We try our best to work quietly and are friendly, laid-back people. If you enjoy what you've seen and read so far, then maybe we might work well together. Every wedding has a unique story to tell, so let our Melbourne wedding videographers tell yours!

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