ultimate guide to the top 10 double glazed window installers in melbourne

Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Double Glazed Window Installers in Melbourne

Explore our selection of the best double glazed window installers in Melbourne. This list highlights the top 10 professionals who excel in providing superior thermal and acoustic insulation through high-quality windows. They are renowned for their meticulous installation process and excellent customer service. Enhance your living space with solutions that promise durability and style.

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    DIY Double Glaze

    diy double glaze

    DIY Double Glaze empowers homeowners in Melbourne to upgrade their windows with customisable double glazing solutions, whether through DIY projects or full-service installations. Founded by Alan Cuthbertson, the company emphasises cost-effective, sustainable home improvements.

    Services Offered:

    • Tailored DIY Kits: Everything you need for a home installation.
    • Expert Installation Service: Let the professionals handle your window upgrades.
    • Energy Efficiency Boost: Reduce your energy bills with better-insulated windows.
    • Sound Insulation: Decrease external noise for a quieter home environment.
    • Detailed Project Quotes: Easy access to pricing and service details.

    Phone: 1300 234 934
    Email: hello@diydoubleglaze.com.au
    Location: Factory by appointment at 10/1B Matisi St, Thornbury, Victoria, Australia
    Website: www.diydoubleglaze.com.au

    Living Design Double Glazing

    Living Design Double Glazing specialises in the manufacture and installation of high-performance uPVC windows and doors, with founders Simon Craig and Del Larmour bringing nearly 50 years of combined experience from the UK and Australian markets. Their commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency ensures that each project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. They pride themselves on using the highest quality materials, including Aluplast and REHAU frames, and providing quality hardware to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their installations.

    The company was also featured as a supplier and installer on the 2023 edition of ‘The Block’, showcasing their expertise on a prominent national platform. Living Design Double Glazing offers a range of services tailored to both individual homeowners and large-scale construction projects. They emphasise the benefits of uPVC, which provides excellent thermal insulation, durability against harsh climates, and versatility in style and design to meet various architectural needs.

    Services Offered:

    • Replacement Service: Comprehensive window and door replacement for aging or damaged installations or for property refurbishments.
    • New Constructions: From single dwellings to large housing developments, providing complete services from design to project completion.
    • Supply Only: Offers trade customers the supply of glazed uPVC window and door frames in a variety of styles and colors.

    Phone: 03 5909 8040
    Email: contact@livingdesigndoubleglazing.com.au
    Website: https://www.livingdesigndoubleglazing.com.au/

    Perception Windows

    Perception Windows specialises in double glazed windows and doors, catering to both residential and commercial projects in Melbourne. They offer a range of products designed to enhance energy efficiency, reduce noise, and improve comfort in living spaces. Their offerings include various styles of windows like Awning, Casement, and Bifold, with options for standard, bold sash, or privacy features. Additionally, their door selection covers Sliding Doors, Stacker Sliding Doors, Biparting Sliding Doors, French Doors, and Bifold Doors. Perception Windows takes pride in using high-quality Akzo Nobel powder coatings for their products, ensuring durability and a wide selection of colors.

    The company is noted for its involvement in significant projects like the Burwood Brickworks, acclaimed as the most sustainable shopping center globally. They are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet specific customer requirements, evident from their flexible design offerings and the high satisfaction reported by clients. Perception Windows also offers a free no-obligation quote and encourages potential clients to visit their showroom to explore the extensive range of styles and discuss personalised requirements.

    Services Offered:

    • Windows: Includes Awning, Casement, and Bifold windows with customisation options such as standard, bold sash, or privacy features.
    • Doors: Offers Sliding, Stacker Sliding, Biparting Sliding, French, and Bifold doors.
    • Custom Design: Tailored solutions to meet specific design and functional needs of customers.
    • Powder Coating: High-quality powder coating in various colours to suit different aesthetics.

    Phone: (03) 9796 3996
    Website: https://www.perceptionwindows.com.au/

    PVC Windows Australia

    PVC Windows Australia is a leading manufacturer and installer of high-quality double glazed uPVC windows and doors, designed to enhance energy efficiency and reduce unwanted noise in homes and buildings. Their products are engineered specifically for Australia’s variable climate, offering superior performance compared to traditional aluminium and timber window frames. The uPVC windows and doors provided by the company offer significant energy savings—up to 90% compared to their single-glazed counterparts—and are highly durable, resistant to cracking, warping, fading, or rotting. They also feature advanced security with multi-locking systems and are compliant with the latest Bushfire regulations (up to BAL 40). The range includes a variety of window types such as awning, casement, sliding, tilt and turn, stacking, and bi-fold, each tailored to meet the specific needs of different building types and aesthetic preferences.

    The services offered by PVC Windows Australia include:

    • Manufacture, supply, and installation of double glazed and triple glazed uPVC windows and doors.
    • Specialisation in both residential and commercial developments.
    • Energy-efficient solutions that help achieve up to a 10-star energy efficiency rating.
    • Noise reduction features that can diminish external sounds by up to 80%.
    • A broad range of window and door types including tilt and turn, sliding, and bi-fold options.
    • UV stabilised products suitable for all Australian climates.
    • Compliance with Australian standards, including bushfire regulations.

    Phone: (03) 9357 8818
    Email: info@pvcwindows.com.au
    Website: https://pvcwindows.com.au/

    EuroTech Windows

    EuroTech Windows, established in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in the manufacturing and installation of ALUPLAST uPVC windows and doors, providing both double and triple glazed options. They are committed to delivering high-quality, low-maintenance products that boast superior energy efficiency, excellent noise reduction, and enhanced security. EuroTech takes pride in their meticulous attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service. Each product is custom-made according to client specifications in their local Melbourne factory, ensuring that they meet precise size, design, and appearance requirements.

    Services offered by EuroTech Windows include:

    • Manufacturing and installation of uPVC double and triple glazed windows and doors.
    • Customised solutions tailored to unique dimensions, style preferences, or special features.
    • Products manufactured in compliance with Australian standards for quality and safety.
    • Environmentally responsible options promoting sustainability.
    • Superior thermal insulation properties for better energy efficiency.
    • A wide range of window and door designs, including tilt and turn, sliding, and bi-fold options.

    Phone: 03 9555 3000
    Email: info@eurotechwindows.com.au
    Website: https://www.eurotechwindows.net.au/

    Smith Glass

    Smith Glass, a local family business based in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, specialises in the installation and repair of double glazed windows. Recognised for their prompt and amiable service, Smith Glass provides solutions that enhance both energy efficiency and sound insulation through their double glazing services. This method, involving two panes of glass with a sealed gap between, not only optimises thermal retention within the home but also significantly reduces external noise, making it an increasingly popular choice among homeowners.

    The services offered by Smith Glass include:

    • Comprehensive installation and repair of double glazed windows and doors.
    • Enhanced insulation properties that help maintain interior temperature stability.
    • Noise reduction solutions that minimise external disturbances.
    • Fast and friendly service tailored to meet the needs of local residents.

    Phone: 0409 976 647
    Email: info@smithglass.com.au
    Website: https://smithglass.com.au/

    Regency Windows

    Regency Windows, established in 1985, is a premier manufacturer and supplier of aluminium windows and doors, serving both residential and commercial projects in Melbourne. Operating out of Thomastown, they offer a broad range of custom-manufactured aluminium window and door products, including energy-saving systems tailored to meet specific client specifications. Known for their innovation and design leadership in the industry, Regency Windows excels in delivering high-quality products with an emphasis on fulfilling customer expectations and adhering to project timelines. Their in-house design and fabrication capabilities allow them to create unique solutions that precisely match the aesthetic and functional needs of their clients.

    Regency Windows is recognised for its all-in-house approach which ensures exceptional workmanship in both product manufacture and site installation. Their services cater to a variety of projects, from building dream homes and renovating beach houses to constructing large apartment complexes. Their team of expert project managers is noted for their technical competency and dedication to ensuring a smooth process from conception through completion.

    Services offered by Regency Windows include:

    • Custom manufacturing of aluminium windows and doors to client specifications.
    • Provision of energy-saving window and door systems.
    • Comprehensive project management from design through installation.
    • In-house design and custom fabrication services.

    Phone: 03 9464 0533
    Website: https://www.regencywindows.com.au/

    Fast Glass 24/7 

    Fast Glass 24/7 is a leading glass service provider in Melbourne, specialising in emergency glass repairs for homes, offices, shops, and factories. They offer a 24/7 response to glass emergencies with a guarantee of service within one hour, emphasising their commitment to fast and reliable service. The company prides itself on its professional team of certified technicians who ensure safety, meet all Australian standards, and deliver high-quality workmanship across a range of glass services. Their services are tailored to provide minimal disruption, leaving premises clean and tidy, which makes them a trusted choice for emergency glass solutions in Melbourne.

    Services offered by Fast Glass 24/7 include:

    • Emergency glass repairs and replacements available 24/7.
    • Commercial and residential glass solutions, including high-access and structural glass replacements.
    • Custom glass services for windows, doors, balustrades, pool fencing, and more.
    • Specialised glass repairs such as for atrium roofs, internal panels, and partitions.
    • Additional services like glass splashbacks, shower screens, and mirrors.

    Phone: 03 9570 957
    Website: https://www.fastglass247.com.au/


    Rylock is an esteemed Australian company specialising in high-performance, energy-efficient double glazed windows and doors, catering to clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Hobart. They are recognised for their innovative approach to design and manufacturing, focusing on specific performance criteria such as thermal comfort, bushfire protection, noise reduction, privacy, and security. Their products consistently achieve outstanding results in compliance testing for windows and external glazed doors under standard AS 2047, ensuring top-tier quality and effectiveness in various environmental conditions.

    Rylock’s double glazed windows are designed with functionality and aesthetic flexibility in mind, offering various operating styles including hinged and sliding options to suit different architectural needs. They provide fixed lite windows that beautifully frame views and enhance the architectural character of spaces. Additionally, Rylock emphasises the importance of selecting the appropriate window type based on local climatic conditions, solar orientation, and specific requirements like noise control and security, to deliver the most effective and tailored glazing solutions to their customers.

    Services offered by Rylock include:

    • Custom-designed, energy-efficient double glazed windows and doors.
    • Consultation and quotation services to tailor solutions to specific needs.
    • Comprehensive compliance with AS 2047 for windows and external glazed doors.
    • Specialised solutions addressing thermal comfort, security, and privacy.

    Phone: 1800 RYLOCK
    Website: https://www.rylock.com.au/

    MRG Glass

    MRG Glass, based in Melbourne, is a locally owned and operated company specialising in glass replacement, repair, and installation services across most Melbourne suburbs. They offer a comprehensive range of products and services designed to enhance the safety and aesthetics of both residential and commercial properties. Known for their quality workmanship and professional installations, MRG Glass prides itself on providing real value for money. Their offerings include a variety of glass solutions tailored to meet specific client needs, facilitated by a team of well-trained glaziers who assist clients in choosing the right products according to their style preferences and budget.

    The services provided by MRG Glass include:

    • Glass replacement and repair for windows, doors, shop fronts, shower screens, and mirrors.
    • Installation of security doors in both aluminium and steel, as well as fly screens for windows and doors.
    • Custom solutions for splashbacks, sliding mirror wardrobes, and glass table tops.
    • Emergency glass replacement services for urgent needs.
    • Double glazing and general glazing services to enhance thermal and acoustic properties of glass installations.

    Phone: 0433 762 854
    Website: https://mrgglass.com.au/

    Yes, by improving home energy efficiency, they reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems, thus lowering carbon emissions.

    Regular cleaning, checking seals, and ensuring the frames are undamaged are key to maintaining their efficiency.

    Yes, common issues like broken seals or condensation between panes can often be repaired without replacing the entire window.

    This usually indicates a seal failure, and the glass unit may need to be replaced.

    Yes, it’s possible to retrofit existing frames with double-glazed units, though sometimes new frames might be required.

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