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Top 35 Landscape Designers in Melbourne

When it comes to landscaping your home, it is essential to select a plan that accommodates not only your requirements but also your financial constraints. Here is where landscape architects and designers come into play. They are able to assist you in creating something that is affordable and satisfies all of your requirements. When looking for a landscape designer, it is essential to take into consideration how much experience and skill they have. Check to see that they have a significant amount of experience working with the specific kind of landscaping that you are interested in having done. For instance, if you want a garden that is filled with flowers, you should make sure that the designer has a lot of experience developing flower gardens. You'll also

It is important to be aware of the different types of services that can be provided by landscape designers if you are considering having a landscape design for your home. Landscape architects and designers are able to assist with all aspects of a project, from its conception and design to its installation and maintenance. In addition, they have the expertise to design landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally appropriate for your home and way of life. If you are ready to begin the planning process for your dream, the following is a list of the things that you can anticipate receiving from a professional landscape designer.

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    Ultimate List Of Top Landscape Designers in Melbourne

    Whyte Gardens Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    whyte gardens landscaping designers melbourne


    For experts, the devil is in the details. Due to our 25 years of knowledge, we are able to prevent the most typical errors that landscapers make when building their projects. In the end, it comes down to concentrating on the following crucial ideas:


    Our in-house staff of landscapers and specialized contractors is skilled, reliable, and produces work of the highest caliber. We go above and above, and you can tell in the little things we do, including keeping the site tidy, carefully planning the work and suppliers, and our team's expertise in answering your questions.


    We make sure that no contract is finalized before all drawings and permits are obtained. We consult with engineers, building surveyors, and others to ensure that your project complies with all applicable codes. Our landscape architects and the project manager collaborate on your project during the design phase to make sure nothing is overlooked. To ensure that you receive the level of service you expect, our systems have been configured on a number of software platforms and internal systems.

    Normark Landscapes Designers Melbourne

    normark landscapes designers melbourne


    We are a second-generation family-owned company that was founded in 1977 and focuses on landscape design and construction throughout Melbourne. With a focus on providing a seamless client experience, Normark manages every aspect of garden design, from landscape architecture and design to building and upkeep. Normark will deliver, whether it's for large commercial open spaces or inner-city Melbourne courtyards.

    The Normark journey starts with design. Because there are so many factors to take into account when designing a garden, this step is essential to achieving a successful connection between your lifestyle and home. It also serves as a platform for careful preparation and well-considered decision-making. As the design develops, our team will connect the dots and drive the creative direction while incorporating the specifications of your client's brief.

    Evergreen Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    evergreen landscaping designers melbourne

    Depending on your preferences, we may assist you in creating the perfect yard, or we can make recommendations based on what will look best in your neighborhood. You can take inspiration from many gardens and apply their design aspects into your own. Superior craftsmanship, knowledgeable employees and designers, and a work ethic focused on maximizing your workspace are among our fundamental capabilities.

    Every project we work on involves careful preparation and organization. Everything must follow a regular protocol, including communicating with clients regarding layout ideas, planting schedules, and paver colors, to guarantee that nothing is missed and that all requirements of the work description are satisfied, and in some cases exceeded. Visit our section on Undertaking of Works to get started.

    Ian Barker Gardens Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    ian barker gardens landscaping designers melbourne


    Creating gardens that are appealing, functional, and timeless With our comprehensive in-house landscaping service, we can manage every step of constructing your ideal garden, providing you with a stress-free and enjoyable experience. The Ian Barker Gardens team can provide you with a level of professionalism that is unrivaled in the landscaping industry, thanks to their wealth of expertise and experience.

    With our comprehensive in-house service, we can oversee every step of creating your ideal garden, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience. We understand that each client has specific requirements. As a result, whether you're looking for a comprehensive landscape solution, a spectacular garden design, construction works, or regular garden upkeep, Ian Barker Gardens will work with you to create a lovely, practical, and timeless garden that you'll love waking up to.

    Luma Landscapes by Lachie Anderson Designers Melbourne

    luma landscapes by lachie anderson designers melbourne


    Lachie Anderson's Luma Landscapes specializes in creating stunning and useful gardens for a range of tastes and requirements. Our Kooyong-based company, established in 1995, offers design and building services that integrate your home's architecture with the garden's ideal features. We frequently receive recommendations from previous clients, which is a great testament to the caliber of the work we do.

    Our designs are centered on clearly defining space through a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and utility. These are used with the skillful arrangement of pools and water features, plants, retaining walls, timber decks, and pavers to create an amazing landscape.

    Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes Designers Melbourne

    ian barker gardens landscaping designers melbourne


    Daniel approaches each garden differently in order to evoke a sense of coziness between your home and the outside. By being conservative with the architectural form and then softening with plants to create an ambiance that will elicit an emotional connection, we hope to restore equilibrium to your outdoor area and alter the way you will view your garden for years to come. We always strive to make sure everyone is as

    Kate Seddon Landscape Design

    kate seddon landscape design


    Aiming to create gardens for habitation, Kate Seddon Landscape Design is situated in Melbourne, Australia. An approach to garden design that is more environmentally friendly places a heavy emphasis on planting design and choosing plants and materials that are appropriate for the location. This combines design and horticultural knowledge.

    Projects span Melbourne's suburbs, the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, the Surf Coast, and interstate, and feature courtyards and larger-scale landscapes. In order to understand as much as we can about the customer, their wants, and their values, we always listen and observe on-site while taking in the architecture, surroundings, site circumstances, and household style. By doing this, we intend to produce a garden that is actually related to the house and the owner and develops into a location of interaction and enjoyment.

    AQL Landscape Design Melbourne

    aql landscape design melbourne


    One of the important features that distinguishes the AQL landscape designer in Melbourne from the competition is our environmentally friendly approach, with a strong emphasis on creating sustainable gardens. As a landscape architect with a passion for native plants, you can rely on AQL to design a garden that will blend in with its surroundings. We can create a landscape design in Melbourne that will thrive for many years to come thanks to our extensive horticultural knowledge and years of experience with gardens in your neighborhood for those who want a more global theme in their landscaping.

    We have worked with local councils, community organizations, businesses, and schools for years to produce stunning landscape designs in Melbourne that are displayed to the general public. The creativity of AQL as a landscape designer in Melbourne who is both imaginative and realistic when it comes to planning public places has been demonstrated by our award-winning designs, which have been displayed in both urban and rural locations around the nation. You know you can rely on AQL as a landscape designer in Melbourne that takes pride in working with local councils and committed to the production of our designs with all the required permissions and approvals.

    FAQs About Landscape Designers Melbourne

    Landscape architects are taking the lead and there is also a growing trend in the revitalisation cities and also projects addressing climate change issues which has, in turn, increased the demand for landscape architects.

    Landscape architecture is certainly not dead (or dying), but rather the contrary. Societal value for the landscape is ever increasing.

    Yes! And this is why it will pay off! As we move into a future of sustainability and the need for energy-efficient resources, landscape architecture has become a key to the future of design. Trained with a wide range of skills that combine art and science, the opportunities are endless for landscape architects.

    You need a relevant degree accredited by the LI to become a landscape architect, which usually means completing a three-year undergraduate degree plus a one-year postgraduate diploma in landscape architecture.

    Wealth from landscaping is a choice. And YES… it's 100% possible to become very wealthy from the income you create while providing lawn & landscaping services. However, it's also possible your company could crash and burn during the next economic meltdown.

    Bloom Design and Landscaping Melbourne

    bloom design and landscaping melbourne


    Problem Solving

    When it comes to resolving garden issues, enhancing outdoor areas, and adding practical elements, Bloom Design and Landscaping has creative ideas and techniques to handle any outdoor area. To help you incorporate nature into your yard, we've put together a list of great landscaping ideas.

    Inspiring Spaces

    No matter how big or little, we see every landscaping job as an opportunity to design inspiring living environments. Our designs are exceptional, our techniques are cutting edge, and we have a team of talented people who can turn your surrounds into a fantastical realm. In order to make the entire experience enjoyable for our cherished clients, we strive to provide the ideal, reasonably priced outdoor living place.

    Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping

    melbourne’s finished concrete and landscaping


    Adrian Di Pierro, the owner and operator of Finished Concrete and Landscaping, opened his doors in Melbourne in July 2017. Adrian believes that friendly relationships with his customers, employees, and suppliers are critical to the success of his business. At Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping, building and maintaining customer loyalty and trust is an essential component of all company interactions. Because of their ten years of industry experience, Adrian and his team are adept at capturing the client's fundamental idea and transforming it into a work of art.

    Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping is pleased to call itself a Melburnian. They like planning, carrying out, and finishing excellent work in a range of landscape construction areas. A number of residential and commercial construction services, such as concreting, landscaping, excavation, wood constructions, pavement and tiling, rockwork, retaining walls, and irrigation systems are among the specialties of Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping. All of Melbourne and its neighboring areas are served by Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping, which has its headquarters in North Melbourne.

    Landsculpture Design & Construction-Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    landsculpture design & construction landscaping designers melbourne


    For more than 20 years, Landsculpture Design & Construction has offered the best landscaping services to owners of residential and commercial properties in Eltham, Templestowe, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas. To discuss your project requirements, get in touch with us. We offer specialized solutions to customers in Eltham, Templestowe, and other locations.

    High-End Landscaping Solutions- Eltham, Templestowe, And Doncaster.

    We design, build, and maintain your landscape at Landsculpture Design & Construction in accordance with your specific needs and tastes. Our staff has years of experience creating beautiful Australian gardens and has access to the latest modern tools and materials. You can rely on us to realize your vision, whether you want a conventional or contemporary outdoor environment. We create your garden using a customized strategy, creating the desired results.

    Fiona Brockhoff Design- Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    fiona brockhoff design landscaping designers melbourne

    A personal experience is provided by the landscape design firm Fiona Brockhoff Design. We promise to create a stunning and useful garden for every circumstance. Our urban, rural, and marine environments are uniquely Australian. They stand out for their strength in the planting design, simplicity, and connectedness to the surrounding buildings and nature. When possible, they use recycled materials and local products, and they highlight Australian plants. Projects in Melbourne and southeastern Australia span twenty-five years of landscape design.

    25 years' worth of landscapes. In my 25 years as a landscape architect, my values have stayed the same: linking the garden to the site and surroundings, creating functional places that are relevant to the needs of the owners, and designing lovely gardens that are also useful. Each brief and each site only differs in the style and elements used.

    We can learn a lot about the local environment and what will grow by learning to monitor the landscape and surrounding gardens. This is one of the most crucial resources we have at our disposal, and it has played a crucial role in my strategy for designing sustainable gardens and landscapes. It considerably lessens the need for continual garden maintenance.

    Hindley & Co Architecture & Interior Design Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    hindley & co architecture & interior design landscaping designers melbourne


    We take the time to comprehend not just what you desire but also the underlying causes behind it. Then, we may create more desirable, individualized living spaces for our clients. In our work, we try to uplift the spirit, alter the viewpoint, and heighten the sensory experience. We design places that link you to the natural world, the arts, and the larger context.

    Our design seeks to uplift the soul and alter perception. Our interior design aims to heighten sensory perception and produce settings that link people to the natural world, works of art, and the larger context. Our team takes a comprehensive approach, achieving outstanding results by pushing the envelope while remaining friendly, considerate, and sensitive to you, our client.

    Nick Bennetts Garden Life Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    nick bennetts garden life landscaping designers melbourne


    Delivering the most up-to-date designs along with improvements in asphalt, lighting, and conventional landscaping. Nick, the proprietor and creative force behind Garden Life, transforms your vision for a tranquil outside area into a gorgeous personalized landscape that is perfectly suited to your requirements. From the moment your idea is first conceived until it is completed, Nick will offer any and all services necessary to design a garden landscape that is both incredibly unique and interesting.

    Lisa Harper Designs Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    lisa harper designs landscaping designers melbourne


    Lisa, our lead designer, has more than 18 years of experience in the industry. Lisa has created gardens for family homes, hobby farms, historic estates, and country residences in Australia and abroad as a gardener and longtime admirer of nature. Based on your ideas and personal preferences, Lisa will work with you to create stylish, livable, and peaceful outdoor spaces.

    Intelligent, original landscape design. Every customer receives individualized attention as we create functional outdoor living spaces that exactly meet their tastes and needs. In order for your landscape design to improve your way of life, we come to you and take the time to get to know your outdoor spaces. Whether you wish to build a hobby farm, enhance your lovely heritage home, or host family and friends, our ideas will produce an outdoor haven where you and your family may unwind, recharge, and rekindle their bonds.

    Mark Browning Landscape Design Melbourne

    mark browning landscape design melbourne


    The fundamental tenet of Mark Browning Landscape Design is the use of natural materials and ecological planting. Every garden design is a creative union of both hard and soft landscape components, harmonizing aesthetics with nature to reveal the inherent wonders and beauty of a whole landscape. Because it is nature's recipe and a craft directed by the diligent hands of landscape architects and gardeners, there is no precise formula for developing lovely garden designs. To produce effective and award-winning landscape designs with eco-friendly materials and sound design principles, it takes a creative imagination and a wealth of knowledge, which is what Mark Browning Landscape Design has been doing for so many years.

    We are aware of our customers' wants and needs, and we always plan our work to fit your lifestyle and provide you the garden of your dreams—one that exceeds your highest expectations. From conception to completion, we work together to create award-winning and unparalleled gorgeous landscaped gardens for our clients using our combined creative abilities, experience, and depth of knowledge.

    Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture

    nathan burkett landscape architecture


    Nathan Burkett has established a reputation for his tasteful, unobtrusive landscape and garden designs that seamlessly blend in with the surroundings and the existing buildings. His prize-winning gardens have been displayed at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden and the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam. The finest gardens and outdoor areas are created by Nathan and his crew, and clients from some of Melbourne's and Australia's most prestigious postcodes enjoy them. Everything, from concept design to implementation and even garden upkeep, is taken care of for you thanks to our holistic approach to landscaping.

    At NBA, design is at the heart of everything we do. In order to offer excellent outdoor spaces that improve lifestyle, we create designs that brilliantly respond to the site and brief. We bring our vision, knowledge, and a new set of eyes to every project. Consultation, concept design, and design development are the first three stages of our design process. To create a design you'll love for years to come, we meticulously analyze the criteria for each project in this way. Study more

    Waddell Landscape Design & Construction Melbourne

    waddell landscape design & construction melbourne


    Our talented team of Melbourne landscapers works closely with you and your current outdoor space to design and construct a gorgeous new landscape. The top result when you search for "landscaping companies near me" may not always be the best option.

    Our certification enables us to design your garden and other landscape features legally and reliably, including any permission requirements, as many people are unaware that anyone performing structural landscaping work is required by law to be a registered building practitioner. Working with Waddell Landscapers gives you the assurance that the landscape design and construction will be handled by qualified experts with years of experience.

    Seyffer Designs Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    seyffer designs landscaping designers melbourne


    At Melbourne University's Burnley campus, director James Seyffer developed a love and enthusiasm for gardens in 2006. James' aim of producing live canvasses that enthrall and please his audiences was made a reality thanks to this platform. After winning an award at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show in 2011, his perseverance and enthusiasm were soon rewarded. His creations reflect his passion for plants, different natural textures, and solid surfaces.

    James also has more than ten years of experience as a qualified tradesman in landscaping and horticulture. He gained a strong foundation for designing aesthetically pleasing landscapes as a result of this exposure, which is now part of his design philosophy.

    Lifestyle Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    lifestyle landscaping designers melbourne


    Do you want to change the appearance of your property? If so, contact Lifestyle Landscaping right away! Our company has more than ten years of expertise in the landscaping industry. Projects of any size or complexity are no problem for us! We take on projects for both residential and commercial clients and provide the best designs to fit your demands and budget. Moreover, we manage renovations.

    Since we began operating more than ten years ago, Lifestyle Landscaping has tackled landscaping from the same perspective, motivated by the demands of our clients but also taking into account the environment.

    Borland Architecture Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    borland architecture landscaping designers melbourne


    Speak with the distinguished experts at Borland Architecture for the most imaginative, knowledgable, and affable architects in Brighton. The challenge of house design is thrilling but intimidating. It might be the biggest time, effort, and financial commitment you've ever made for yourself.

    Putting you at the center of the planning process and guaranteeing that the ideas you love will become the home of your dreams is what Borland Architecture's team of award-winning, creative architects in Brighton does. That entails paying close attention to what clients have to say, offering the finest solutions, helping with regulatory approvals, and supporting contractors as they faithfully execute plans.

    The passion of architecture is the driving force behind our company. As we worked on award-winning designs for some of Australia's most prestigious and acclaimed architecture companies, our enthusiasm for urban design has aided each of us in reaching new heights personally. But in our opinion, having a stunning design is insufficient. By participating in earlier design and planning stages, we increase potential and lower costs for later stages of development.

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