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Top 30 Wedding Reception Venues In Ballarat [2022]

Are you looking for the ideal Ballarat wedding reception venue? If that's the case, you're in luck! There are a plethora of fantastic places to select from, each with its own own style and ambience. So, how can you know which one is best for you? Here are some pointers to assist you in narrowing down your options.

With a variety of venues to pick from, Ballarat is an excellent choice for your wedding reception. We offer the appropriate venue for you, whether you want an outdoor setting or a huge ballroom.

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Reception Venues in Ballarat

    Ultima Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat.

    ultima wedding function centre

    03 9116 8390

    About Ultima Wedding Function Centre

    Whether it's a modest wedding or a sizable charity ball, planning an event may be challenging. Finding a posh location so you may have a magnificent event is the most challenging chore among the numerous choices and considerations. The Ultima Function Center is the perfect setting for a special occasion. Due to its excellent position and appealing surroundings, Ultima Function Centre makes for an excellent and eye-catching backdrop.

    No matter the size or scope of the event, we contribute to its success. Whether there are 40 or 400 people attending, huge and elegantly furnished function spaces are the perfect choice. Furthermore, a large, secure parking lot is available at our location, which is well-equipped. Our team of friendly, highly qualified experts also offers top-notch hospitality services. We have the expertise to make any event a success.

    Your fantasy event can be written on our amazing spaces, which are like a blank canvas. Make sure the decorations you pick fit the ethos and theme of your event to make it memorable.

    Rjm's Wine Bar Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    rjm s wine bar wedding functions events

    03 4313 4949

    A family owns and operates the cozy wine bar RJM's. RJM's is renowned for being a hidden gem and provides both indoor eating with an art deco flair and a fantastic and quiet outdoor area. Take use of our magnificent, private patio area or unwind in our Blue room by the log fire. A tranquil setting with hanging vines, gardens, and a water feature is accessible for outdoor eating. The candles and fairy lights at night create a great ambiance. A cozy log fire and gas heaters will keep you warm on winter days and nights. Join friends for a fantastic night of live music on Fridays, or take in a leisurely brunch on Sundays.

    Gum Gully Farm Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    gum gully farm wedding venue ballarat

    04 1810 2652

    About Gum Gully Farm Wedding Venue Ballarat

    Our magnificent property is situated in Silvan South, the Yarra Valley Wine Region's entrance, in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges foothills. Gum Gully Farm is the result of a great deal of love, dedication, and labor. To create a warm and intimate ambiance, hand-made mud bricks, recycled timbers, and a variety of old artifacts are employed throughout. With two sizable open fireplaces to keep you warm and cozy in the winter and air conditioning to add comfort on a hot summer day, Gum Gully Farm is perfect for any occasion.

    Gum Gully offers a range of options if you're looking for a classic style wedding with more than 50 guests.

    Rustic. Warm. Inviting. The main greeting area is The Barn, which features two enormous open fireplaces, a sizable outside verandah, and a sizable open bar made of reclaimed wood and handmade mud bricks.

    Banyandah Homestead Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    banyandah homstead wedding reception

    About Banyandah Homstead Wedding Reception

    It took us several decades to make the journey to Banyandah Homestead. Our family has always lived in this beautiful region of the world, and we spent a significant amount of time raising our kids on the nearby farm. Our childhood and way of life included driving the paddock blast to catch the school bus, spending the early mornings feeding calves, cleaning up the woodland floor on innumerable occasions, and lake fishing.

    As our children grew older, we left the area to pursue other opportunities, but our hearts wanted to go back to the location where we actually felt at home and to fulfill our goal. The farming property where Banyandah is located has largely stayed untouched throughout the years, with the exception of cattle grazing and sleeping on the fertile meadow. Even though we knew the land was privately owned, we made several attempts to buy it before finally giving up when an opportunity presented itself.

    Eurambeen Historic Homestead & Gardens - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    eurambeen historic homestead gardens wedding venue

    0407 471 107

    About Eurambeen Historic Homestead & Gardens Wedding Venue

    After the homestead was expanded in the late 1920s, Theodore and Agnes hired Edna Walling to create their garden in 1937. With their unusual stone walls, garden rooms, and perennial plants, the Edna Walling Gardens at Eurambeen are breathtaking. Groups can now visit the grounds, which were originally intended for families. Every two years, the Eurambeen Gardens are open to the public and can be booked for events like weddings.

    FAQs About Wedding Reception Venues

    Another significant distinction between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception is the location. If the couple has a very specific vision for their wedding, such as getting married on a cliff overlooking the ocean, they may choose to have the ceremony and reception at distinct venues.

    The average wedding costs $33,900, including the engagement ring, according to The Knot's 2019 Real Weddings Study. However, this is only an estimate; the cost of your wedding could be either more or lower.

    The industry guideline for scheduling your wedding for the busiest times of year is 12-14 months in advance, while your "middle" months may only require 9-12 months, and your "least popular" months can often be booked in as little as three months.

    A fair rule of thumb is that if it's been more than a year since you've seen or spoken with your pal, attending the wedding isn't a good idea. This is especially true if you've never met the person they're marrying and the vast majority of the wedding guests are strangers.

    To different people, the term "budget" might mean different things. Because the average wedding cost in a major metropolitan is $50,000 or higher, $20,000 would be considered a "cheap" wedding for someone who lives there.

    Quirindi Stables Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    quirindi stables wedding venue

    0408 457 266

    About Quirindi Stables Wedding Venue

    Quirindi Stables (kir-rin-dye), which is situated just outside of Daylesford, serves as the headquarters for Hepburn Lagoon Trail Rides. The same family has owned and run the farm for five generations. There are about 40 horses on the ranch, along with hay and lucerne crops. The property's owners, Sue and Kieran, made the decision to allow marriages after receiving numerous complimentary remarks from horse riders and visitors over the years. They have always taken great pride in the appearance of their home, so they see it as a win-win situation to share it with wonderful couples and their friends and family.

    To ensure guests' comfort and the seamless operation of the day, Sue and Kieran have tastefully updated the Barn and Stables while maintaining their original character. Sue has a passion for collecting all things old-fashioned and rustic, which she uses to great effect around the house. She also uses her natural talent to create a sophisticated and lovely rustic atmosphere. There are lots of places to stay for guests who want to spend a weekend away while still celebrating with the happy couple because Quirindi Stables is only ten minutes from Daylesford and Creswick. A little more than an hour's trip from Melbourne brings travelers from different nations to Quirindi Stables. To work with couples to help them arrange the wedding of their dreams, Sue and Kieran are thrilled. They like the social atmosphere at weddings and meeting new people. Quirindi Stables is a special and one-of-a-kind hideaway because of the owners' artistic talent and capacity for hard labor.

    Nudo Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    nudo wedding venue reception

    (03) 9384 5272

    About Nudo Wedding Venue & Reception

    The day itself was one of your most treasured days. How are the preparations going? But that is a different tale. The months you spend getting ready for your wedding should be brimming with enthusiasm for the most spectacular day of your life. However, they frequently lead to a costly, overwhelming, and stressful experience. What aspect is the worst? Most couples don't realize they're in trouble until they've already traveled a considerable distance. By then, the pressure is increasing, decision fatigue is beginning to set in, and everything is beginning to feel a bit too much.

    This is when Nudo comes into play. We're a creative group of coordinators and designers who can also lend you a sympathetic ear while you go through the stressful process of organizing your wedding. the ability to balance attending to the million tiny (and frequently tiresome) details that you don't have time for with taking the time to understand your vision and what matters most. We'll put everything together on the big day to provide your guests with a memorable experience.

    Silks Events And Functions - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    silks wedding events and functions ballarat

    03 5448 4209

    About Silks Wedding Events And Functions Ballarat

    We are a unique wedding and event location just a short distance from Bendigo's downtown. We provide a privileged location with a breathtaking vista overlooking the Bendigo Racecourse. We have an event space to suit your needs, whether you're organizing a corporate event, searching for the ideal wedding location, or hosting a 15,000-person event. Up to 230 people can be seated inside in our largest room for an event. For cocktail parties, we have room for 350 guests. Our flexible outside space, meanwhile, has room for up to 15,000 people. We have a lot of experience in the field and can help you by offering event planning and event management services as you prepare and carry out your special event. Make contact with our friendly staff right away, and let us help you organize the ideal celebration.

    Our Services

    From the time we first meet to the time we say goodbye, everything is about you. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and Silks wants to leave you with a magnificent memory you can treasure. We can provide you a gorgeous location that views out over the magnificent Bendigo Racecourse and is surrounded by verdant green fields and lovely flora. To accommodate everyone's needs and budget, our one-of-a-kind location offers a choice of diverse event spaces. Silks Events and Functions offers a variety of wedding packages, or we may design a custom one for you. The packages include flexible meal and beverage options, which are available upon request.

    Bishops Palace Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    bishops palace wedding venue

    0404 020 832

    About Bishops Palace Wedding Venue

    The 1877 Bishops Palace in the center of Ballarat provides top-notch lodging in one of the city's oldest and most opulent structures. Visitors can hire an individual apartment or the full house, which has six huge rooms and is set within four acres of heritage-listed gardens. Relax in the spa pavilion and take in the sunset over Lake Wendouree from the spacious second storey balconies, or sip a beverage and read a book by the library fireplace, challenge a friend to a game of vintage pool, and then do all of the above while also relaxing in the spa pavilion and taking in the sunset over Lake Wendouree. The height of luxury will be provided for visitors at weddings and other events. Bishops Palace provides both elegance and comfort.

    Payne's Rise Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    payne s rise wedding reception

    (03) 5964 2504

    About Payne's Rise Wedding Reception

    Small-batch wines crafted from carefully chosen fruit from their vineyard near Seville, Victoria, are the specialty of Paynes Rise Wines, a family-run vineyard and winery in the Upper Yarra Valley. It is the result of Tim and Narelle Cullen's many years of commitment, adversity, and enthusiasm. Payne's Rise developed out of a strong love for the Yarra Valley, its inhabitants, and its past. The business is managed by its proprietors, Tim and Narelle Cullen. Both individuals lived, worked, and owned small businesses in the Yarra Valley prior to constructing the Payne's Rise basement door. Tim spent his adolescent years working on a neighborhood orchard while pursuing a business degree and a diploma in viticulture. Charles Sturt University then started to offer an applied science degree in viticulture. He began working with a neighborhood agribusiness in 1999, and he is still a consultant agronomist/viticulturist in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. View our collection of wines from chilly climates.

    The first variety to be planted was Cabernet Sauvignon in 1999. The vineyard has currently been planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Our vineyard and wines continue to develop. We've been cultivating grapes on our unique small property in Seville for 20 years, and over that time we've learnt how to effectively harness the expression of location. We strive to capture and present the specific voice of our vineyard in clear, straightforward wines. The right person for the position is Franco D'Anna. Tim and Franco have worked together on a variety of projects since 2008. The uncomplicated, traditional method of creating wine is devoid of any additives or enzymes. It has a seasonally appropriate oak regime and is subtle and mellow.

    Overnewton Castle Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    overnewton castle wedding receptions

    03 9331 6367

    Overnewton Castle was finished by William Taylor in 1849. The Scotsman bought 13,000 acres of outstanding grazing land west of Keilor municipality. Taylor built a colonial-style one-story house out of bluestone. There were a total of six rooms, each with a sizable shuttered window and a sizable verandah. The homestead had expansive views of the surrounding countryside since it was positioned on a small rise above Keilor. Keilor gained prominence in the 1850s as a well-liked rest point for travelers to the Victorian goldfields. Among the improvements were a new bridge, a new hotel, and two new schools.

    It wasn't until William Taylor's return from a trip to Scotland in 1859 that the magnitude of his dreams became apparent. He started converting the bustling colonial home into a miniature Scottish Baronial castle. The Private Billiard Room, which is now used as a wedding chapel, the blue stone Dairy & Butcher Shop, and the Stately two-storyed wing were all built. The Victorian Tudor architectural style, which was influenced by Scottish and English 16th-century construction, was used in the creation of Overnewton. Scots baronial architecture is characterized by its rough textured masonry, steeply pitched roofs, and overhanging battlement corner towers. The candle snuffer roofs exhibit French architectural influences. The walls of the estate are made of bluestone that was mined on-site and completed with stucco and yellow gravel.

    Willow & Stone Estate - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    willow stone estate wedding reception

    0439 060 605

    About Willow & Stone Estate - Wedding Reception

    For almost 30 years, one of Ballarat's best kept secrets has been the opulent mansion and grounds of Willow & Stone. This wealthy estate's gates are now open for very special events. The wedding party will have exclusive use of the large cottage for the whole weekend, and visitors will have access to the gardens on their own. There won't be any rushing, driving, or time wastage.

    Two stunning locations for ceremonies with sound, light, and water are available in Willow & Stone's magnificently landscaped gardens. The position on the property is exceptional and perfect for your large marquee. There are numerous locations on the property where visitors can unwind, play pétanque, or take a stroll through the secret gardens. Due to Willow & Stone's prime position in the heart of Ballarat, numerous guest accommodations are accessible on foot, including a number that are only across the estate's neighboring creek.

    Cave Hill Creek Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    cave hill creek wedding reception

    03 5349 7381

    About Cave Hill Creek Wedding Reception

    At Cave Hill Creek, we create experiences and enduring memories, whether it's the fun of school camp, the exhilaration of hiking the Beeripmo Track, or the priceless place where you got married! We have a solid reputation for providing exciting, high-caliber, and innovative activities, as well as genuine warmth and stunning natural surroundings. 2018's Australian Tourism Awards recognized us with a Gold award. In 1988, Ian and Julie Chandler founded Cave Hill Creek. At that time, Cave Hill Creek was merely a sheep pasture with around 25 old trees; there was no lake, no structures, and no exquisite gardens. A farmer and a teacher saw an exceptional opportunity to create a gorgeous lake, group lodging, and event site on this magnificent parcel of land at the top of the Raglan Valley.

    Like their young family, Cave Hill Creek grew steadily thanks to a love of hospitality, a commitment to hard work, and a great awareness of the environment. Second-generation owners Tim and Angela Chandler are currently in charge of Cave Hill Creek. Over 10,000 guests are welcomed annually by this year-round organization during camps, treks, and weddings. Every time they come, visitors are rewarded with new and exciting experiences thanks to a dedication to excellence in tourism and education as well as a continual improvement program. After winning three consecutive gold awards at the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards, Cave Hill Creek was recognized with a gold medal at the Australian Tourism Awards in 2018 and was inducted into the illustrious Victorian Tourism Hall of Fame.

    Chateau Wyuna Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    chateau wyuna wedding venue

    03 9736 2555

    By giving the couple the wedding of their dreams, we hope to create memories that will last a lifetime. You can be confident that we will simplify and make the experience enjoyable for you as a result, letting you to concentrate on what is most important: remembering a crucial life milestone and creating priceless memories. Australian artist Clarence Earle created Chateau Wyuna as his ideal residence. The original buildings were constructed inside a loop of the Olinda Creek in bell bird country over a nine-year period in the early 1900s.

    An outstanding stonemason initially constructed the fireplaces and chimney, placing the carefully chosen stones in accordance with Earle's instructions. Earle built the principal building from this point with the aid of Pat and Jim Clancy (who worked on and off with him for six years). The wood was chopped, barked, and transported three miles by a six-horse team before being allowed to season for five years before being used. A 60-foot log is the longest one available. Except for the areas where they were broad-axe prepared to sit correctly together, the logs were left untouched.

    All square timbers, including inside doors, were finished with a smooth, textured texture using an adze. Most of the stringybark furniture is integrated. The sole non-local component of the house is the marble bath, which was supplied with water from the stream via a copper faucet. This contemporary amenity was built at the request of Earle's close friend and frequent visitor, Dame Nellie Melba.

    Life Celebration Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    life celebration wedding venue

    0408 515 989

    About Life Celebration Wedding Venue

    Taking Time to Honor Life's Special Occasions. The act of remembering life's events is referred to as "life celebration." The proprietor of Life Celebration is Jilly Martino. Jilly's minor characteristics. I've lived and traveled all over the world and inside Australia, but Ballarat has always called me back because of its culture, way of life, and stunning surroundings. I enjoy my three incredible children who keep me grounded and educated about the world around me by giving me nonstop giggles.

    I also serve as the editor of The Courier's yearly Bride magazine, which gives me a unique insight on current trends and influential people in the industry when I'm not performing celebratory services. I serve on a commission called the Ballarat Wedding Industry Network, and our mission is to establish Ballarat as the premier wedding location in the area. The Victoria's Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants is another organization that I belong to. I enjoy going out on dates with my closest friends, running around Lake Wendouree, eating excellent meals (especially when I don't have to make it), and listening to live music when I'm not at work.

    Sherwood Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    sherwood receptions venue ballarat

    (03) 9333 4977

    About Sherwood Receptions Venue Ballarat

    Located in a virgin woodland, Sherwood Receptions is a quaint and refined 130-year-old heritage homestead. Melbourne Airport is only 5 minutes away, and The Woodlands Park Reserve is right across the street.

    Small wedding ceremonies can be held in the courtyard outdoors, which is also a great place to serve pre-dinner drinks and canapés. The event space is perfect for both summer and winter weddings because it is completely air conditioned for comfort in the summer. Our seasoned event organizers are available to help you create a package that satisfies your unique needs while yet remaining within your budget because a wedding is such a wonderful and intimate occasion. Sherwood Receptions is accessible for inspection on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment only.

    The George Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    the george wedding venue & hotel

    03 5333 4866

    About The George Wedding Venue & Hotel

    The George Hotel, Ballarat's second authorized hotel, was founded in 1854. It has influenced the socioeconomic history of Ballarat. In 1854, plans for the siege of the Eureka Stockade were made in the dining room. Witness the violent battle between government forces and gold miners at Ballarat in Sovereign Hill's Blood on the Southern Cross sound and light show. In the center of Ballarat's historic quarter, on Lydiard Street North, is where you'll find the hotel. The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, the Regent Multiplex Movie Theatre, the Ballarat Visitor Information Centre, as well as cafes, restaurants, and city shopping are all close to the hotel. It also holds the annual Royal South Street contests.

    Services We Offer

    The George Hotel, which is in the heart of Ballarat, has a selection of function spaces to accommodate any event. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for social, professional, and small business functions. Each space has a projector system, music, microphones, business essentials, and free wifi. Delicious foods are prepared for sit-down, canapé, and corporate events by the executive chef and his team. To help you create a spectacular event wedding in Ballarat, our events manager can connect you with caterers, musicians, djs, photographers, décor, cake makers, and rental companies.

    Mercure Ballarat Wedding Reception Venue

    mercure ballarat hotel & reception venue

    03 5327 1200

    About Mercure Ballarat Hotel & Reception Venue

    In the midst of three hectares of meticulously maintained gardens, which also include a picturesque lake, sits the Mercure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre. Near the award-winning Sovereign Hill and close to Ballarat's historic center, the Mercure Ballarat is conveniently located just over an hour's drive from Melbourne's central business district. Visitors can unwind in the comfort of their well-appointed hotel room after a weekend getaway or a business trip while taking advantage of the hotel's restaurant, bar, and on-site day spa. The Mercure Ballarat offers regional Victoria's most comprehensive conference and event facilities, with a variety of rooms accommodating 10 to 1000 guests, making it the perfect location for a residential conference, business retreat, social gathering, or wedding celebration.

    Services We Offer

    In the area, the Mercure Ballarat is a well-known venue for wedding receptions. The three stunning ballrooms, as well as the boutique function rooms, are all flanked by lovely grounds that are perfect for wedding photos. With the perfect location for a garden ceremony and a range of wedding reception options for small or large celebrations, including a selection of wedding packages for 60 to 520 guests and bespoke menus for smaller weddings, Mercure Ballarat is the best choice for your special day. Additionally, the bride and groom who reserve a wedding at the hotel will enjoy free, luxurious accommodations for the wedding night. The annual Ballarat Wedding Expo is held at the Mercure Ballarat and contains a wide variety of businesses, including, to name a few, dressmakers, florists, and photographers.

    Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute - Wedding Reception Venue

    ballaarat mechanics' institute

    0419 677 713

    About Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

    Being a member of the BMI, which was established in 1859 and is independently run, entitles you to discounts on events and rental costs as well as access to our lending library, heritage books, and archives. All are welcome to visit the museum for tours, cultural events, exhibitions, and to make use of our distinctive party spaces. Thanks to the addition of a contemporary finishing kitchen, the BMI is a special location for hosting events, weddings, conferences, and concerts.

    At the moment, the Max Harris Photography Collection is on display at the BMI. Selected exhibits and prints are available for purchase, with all earnings going to the BMI's independently run cultural center. The Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute (BMI) has welcomed a diverse range of people through its doors, including the nation's founding fathers, miners, and those seeking knowledge via education. Since 1859, the BMI has been used for balls, lectures, marketplaces, films, libraries, concerts, and cultural activities. Following a magnificent renovation in 2013, the BMI is still a significant part of Ballarat's rich cultural past.

    Batesford Hotel - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    batesford hotel and wedding venue

    (03) 52 761 201

    About Batesford Hotel And Wedding Venue

    Everything begins with a dream or a desire to do something. The Batesford Hotel is precisely that for us. a desire to provide a location where individuals may congregate, enjoy delicious food, relax with a cocktail or glass of wine, and celebrate life's significant occasions with friends and family. Welcome to the Batesford Hotel, a family-run pub, restaurant, and event space that dates back to the 1800s. While we adore traditional pub fare, our food places a strong emphasis on locally sourced, fresh, and in-season ingredients.

    The Batesford Hotel is the perfect spot to unwind all year long. Come inside and cozy up by the fireplace or outside in our lovely green gardens by the river. Located 10 minutes from Geelong or 40 minutes from Melbourne, The Batesford Hotel is our wish for everyone to share.

    Orchards At Spring Vale Farm Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    orchards at spring vale farm wedding venue

    0419 542 714

    About Orchards At Spring Vale Farm Wedding Venue

    The stunning, old estate known as Orchards at Spring Vale Farm was built in the 1860s. With its 1,000 apple trees, rolling hills, gorgeous gardens, lush green lawns, water fountains, and resident fox, Orchards at Spring Vale Farm is the ideal site for your wedding, a special event, a weekend getaway, or your upcoming location shoot. The venue is becoming increasingly popular for destination weddings from around the globe.

    A brand-new and distinctive wedding, hotel, and special events venue in Australia and throughout the world is called Orchards at Spring Vale Farm. Making dreams come true is essential to us, so we believe that our exclusive and exclusive estate, located just one and a half hours outside of Ballarat, is ready for you to celebrate your wedding or any special occasion. All you need to do is add your own touches.

    Skyhigh Mt. Dandenong Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    skyhigh mt. dandenong wedding venue ballarat

    03 9751 0443

    Services We Offer

    SkyHigh Mount Dandenong is the ideal location for a beautiful wedding. When you book your wedding with us, you'll be surrounded by our exquisitely landscaped gardens and have a 360-degree view of the city and Yarra Valley, which is situated in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges. Melbourne is also just a 45-minute drive away. One of the most well-liked wedding locations in Melbourne is SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, a landmark in the city.

    You can write your own story with SkyHigh. We are one of Melbourne's most unique wedding locations, featuring features you won't find elsewhere. You can choose to have your wedding ceremony in our secret garden, which is surrounded by colorful flowers and plants, or on our stunning observation terrace, which views out over the spectacular scenery. After that, head over to our dining area and event room for your reception, which will include a meal of your choice. Make your wedding extra special by getting in touch with our wedding planning team straight away if you're planning one.

    Lyrebird Falls Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    lyrebird falls wedding reception

    03 9755 2505

    About Lyrebird Falls Wedding Reception

    We also own Poet's Lane and Tatra, two well-known wedding venues that are both situated in the breathtaking Dandenong Ranges, just 35 kilometers from Melbourne's central business district. Lyrebird Falls is popular with our clients because of its roaring streams, tall trees, and dense ferns. However, we commonly hear from clients that the individualized attention and expertise of our wedding coordinators are what set us apart from the competition at the numerous weddings and receptions we arrange. The Australian Bridal Industry Awards have recognized our wedding planners as the finest for the previous two years in a row, and they are skilled at realizing your dreams.

    Your vision for your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony and celebration will be realized by our wedding planners, the majority of whom have been with us for many years. You will have their full attention because there is only one wedding ceremony held there each day.

    Mount Mitchell Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    mount mitchell wedding venue

    0400 899 075

    About Mount Mitchell Wedding Venue

    The 1861-built homestead served as a private property until 2015, when it opened its grounds and a few of its historic structures to the public as a spectacular Pyrenees events venue for occasions like weddings and festivities, as well as farm stays and vacation rentals. Our rural retreat offers exceptional housing for 1 to 11 people at Mount Mitchell Cottage, Mitchell House, and the neighboring Abode.

    Beautiful morning and high tea parties, as well as private and business gatherings, can be held in the Mount Mitchell homestead's grounds and surroundings. For a quicker route to Mount Mitchell, use Microflite's Helicopter Service from Melbourne City Helipad, which is situated directly on the Yarra River in the center of the city. Depending on the weather, Microflite has a fleet of helicopters with four, five, or six seats that can travel from Melbourne to Mount Mitchell in 45 minutes.

    SJH Entertainment And Events Venue - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    sjh entertainment and events venue

    0419 016 479

    About Sjh Entertainment And Events Venue

    I made the decision to start my own Mobile DJ business when my friends and family became tired of paying too much for poor service. They were looking for a fantastic offer that would allow them to host a memorable party with little to no trouble. In 2010, SJH Entertainment and Events was established, and I started serving all kinds of parties in Ballarat. We quickly grew from a little business working out of the trunk of my car to a booming business with numerous staff, numerous cars, additional trailers, and a sizable inventory of equipment.

    From its beginnings in 18th-century lounge rooms to the exposition halls and high-end wedding venues we perform in today, SJH Entertainment and Events has made a name for itself as Ballarat's top professional DJ and Photo Booth service. We increased the hire portion of our business to include Flower Walls, Greenery Walls, Cool Rooms, and Flower Arrangements in early 2020 thanks to my fiancée Caitlyn's inventive mind. We also enlarged our assortment of Photo Booths to include a Mosaic Wall.

    Ballara Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    ballara wedding receptions

    (03) 9431 1503

    About Ballara Wedding Receptions

    Ballara, a business that is family-owned and -controlled, started operations in 1987. Because of our expertise and experience, we have one of the best reputations in the business. Although planning a wedding can occasionally be intimidating and stressful, we recognize how exciting it can be. Our all-inclusive packages and years of experience will be helpful in this case.

    We work directly with you to create your dreams at our gorgeous wedding site and support you in organizing an unforgettable unique wedding, from the ceremony to the celebration. The Ballara staff is eager to work with you to organize a gorgeous and special celebration day for you and your guests. Our vision statement reads, "To give our customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience by always exceeding their expectations by providing exceptional service and high-quality food."

    Marybrooke Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    marybrooke wedding venue

    (03) 9755 2755

    About Marybrooke Wedding Venue

    Marybrooke is situated near the magnificent Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges. The wedding ceremony, reception, party, and conference can all be held at the National Trust-listed reception center and guest house. The best of a chain of six guest houses with the prefix "Mary," all designed and constructed by Eric Dowdle between 1927 and 1940, was Marybrooke, which was built in 1940.

    On the site of the former Grendon guest house, which had burned down in the 1930s, now stands Marybrooke, a mansion of social, historical, and architectural significance. To maintain and reinstall the building's natural beauty and elegance, the property underwent extensive renovations recently. Twenty boutique four-star hotel suites, PJ's Restaurant, four event spaces, and a location for indoor wedding ceremonies are all included in Marybrooke.

    San Remo Ballroom - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    san remo ballroom wedding event venue

    (03) 9347 4000

    About San Remo Ballroom - Wedding Event Venue

    San Remo Ballroom will always be dedicated to giving its clients and visitors the most extraordinary experiences. From the very first inquiry to pack-down and all in between, we promise to always prioritize the client experience and provide the best customer service imaginable that is individualized and specific to each client. Under the firm direction of Directors Rob and Maria Cadoni, our incredible, committed team works tirelessly to create the most magical events for you.

    Every connection you have with a member of the SRB team will be pleasantly upbeat, starting with the Event Executive welcoming you at your initial client meeting to the attentive and happy waitstaff refreshing your wine on the day of your event. We have more than 50 years of experience, and in that time, we've honed our craft of creating and carrying out epic events. With all of our knowledge, experience, creativity, dependability, professionalism, and wisdom, we can help you arrange the celebration of your dreams.

    Pipers By The Lake Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    pipers by the lake wedding venue

    03 5334 1811

    About Pipers By The Lake Wedding Venue

    Located across the street from the imposing and illustrious Botanical Gardens, Pipers By The Lake is tucked away among century-old trees on the shores of Ballarat's picturesque Lake Wendouree. If you're looking for the perfect wedding location for one of the most significant days of your life, look no further. Pipers by the Lake will help you plan a lovely, unforgettable, and stress-free wedding day. It is situated on the edge of Lake Wendouree and the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

    Ballarat Golf Club Wedding Reception Venue

    ballarat golf club

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    About Ballarat Golf Club Wedding Reception

    The premier golf, hospitality, and entertainment destination in the area is The Ballarat Golf Club. The challenging 18-hole Championship Course, created by Peter Thomson and Ross Perrett, is home to our award-winning café and bar, driving range, practice areas, and pro shop. The clubhouse is a well-liked option for weddings, gatherings, and celebrations due to its assortment of lodging possibilities, personalized treatment from our skilled function coordinators, and welcoming staff.

    Our Services

    Your wedding day is the most romantic and unforgettable day of your life, and we at The Ballarat Golf Club take great pleasure in making it as stress-free as we can. Let us create the ideal atmosphere for your special occasion. With panoramic views of our award-winning golf course, we provide the perfect setting for your wedding reception and the top photo spots for 2019 brides. From choosing a meal to folding your serviettes, our friendly staff will help you with every aspect of your day. We are sure we can provide for all of your needs, including food, beverages, and entertainment. Remember, we're not only here to assist—we want to assist—so allow us to assist you in planning the wedding of your dreams.

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