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What Are The Best Universities In Melbourne?

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    The city of Melbourne serves as the capital of Victoria and is located on the south-east coast of Australia. It is the largest city in Australia, second only to Sydney, and the capital of the state of the same name. Melbourne has a thriving cultural scene, with numerous festivals and events displaying the city's artistic, songs, cinematic, and fashion offerings. Those interested in learning more about the best Melbourne institutions that welcome international students will find that and more in this article.

    For the past seven years in a row, the Economist Intelligence has named Melbourne Australia's most liveable city. The list ranks cities according to a number of criteria, including their safety, healthcare, cultural amenities, educational opportunities, and physical infrastructure. Melbourne has been named the best pupil city in Australia as well as the third highest student town in the world by QS World University Rankings, which also named six of Victoria's ten universities as among the best universities in the world.

    From bars and plazas along the Yarra River towards the Melbourne Arts Centre, this city has a lot to offer. The city of Melbourne is known because of its street art and its many beautiful parks & mountain ranges. Artists in Melbourne are so dedicated to sharing their craft with the community that they host an annual tour called this same Melbourne Street Art Tour.


    Melbourne's Top Universities

    Over 3 million people call Melbourne, Australia's largest metropolis and the capital of Victoria, home. Living expenses are low, homes are nice, and the local schools are top-notch, so it's no surprise that people want to move there.

    International students make up more than a third of the over 300,000 undergraduates at this institution. Students from all around the world travel to attend classes there. Melbourne has a thriving music scene, numerous cultural offerings, delicious dining options, beautiful gardens and parks and a wide variety of exciting entertainment options. The city is also home to five prestigious colleges.

    Because of its diverse population, the city is sometimes described as a "melting pot," and its cuisine reflects this.

    The state of Victoria, centred on the city of Melbourne, is home to a wide variety of stunning landscapes.

    University Of Melbourne

    A University of Melbourne is Australia's second-oldest educational institution, having opened its doors in 1853. Times Higher Education ranked the University in Melbourne as the world's 32nd top university in 2017, making it Australia's finest. As a bonus, it has been acknowledged for its serious research programmes and ranks sixth in the world for graduate employability.

    As a result, if you're an international student looking to study in Melbourne, then University of Melbourne is your best option. The University of Melbourne is spread out over the city, with campuses in Burnley, Yarra, and Werribee in addition to the flagship campus in Parkville. There at University of Melbourne, nine of the eleven schools or colleges offer accelerated, 3 functions in addition to the more typical four-year alternatives.

    University Community College of Melbourne, in the city's Parkville area, is the highest-ranked university in Victoria and the second-oldest university in Australia. The school, which is now 160 years old, has a current enrolment of about 38,000. Parkville is a popular neighbourhood in Melbourne that is home to a number of landmarks, including the Melbourne Zoo and a number of historic streets and buildings.

    The university's convenient location near the city's downtown means that it provides easy access to the area's many restaurants, shops, and recreational facilities. In addition, Parkville hosted the 2006 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Our Commonwealth Games Village is not just a vibrant and friendly community area, but also an enduring social legacy of a Commonwealth Games. The Eight, which is a consortium of prestigious research institutions in Australia's north, has the university's backing.

    Monash University

    Monash University was founded in 1958 and has been operating as just a public research university ever since. It is the second-oldest institution in Victoria as well as the second-oldest in all of Australia just After University of Melbourne. Four of Monash University's campuses are located in Victoria, and the fifth is in Malaysia.

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    At Monash University, there is a wide variety of courses, majors, & research areas to choose from. Monash University is extremely international, with students from from over 65 different countries and research centres in Pakistan, South Africa, & China. Medical research has been a priority at the university since the 2000s, and as a result, it has risen to the ranks of a top twenty biomedical research institution in the United States.

    Despite its relatively young age as a research university (just 55 years), Monash University enrols a huge student body of 63,000. This world-class institution, ranked 69th in the world, has six campuses spread across Victoria and two more abroad. The school's motto, "I am still studying," or "Ancora imparo," expresses the institution's dedication to innovation and development.

    On the main campus lies the Victorian College ( Pharmacy, which joined alongside Mcgill University in the 1990s to form one of the top 10 pharmacy and pharmacology programmes in the world. Parkville is home to Melbourne's prestigious university. Monash University, along with a select group of other top schools, is a member of the Group of Eight (G8).

    FAQs About Universities In Melbourne

    Melbourne is one of the most diverse cities in Australia, with around 94,000 international students from across the globe. Along with this, around 40 percent of Melbourne’s population were born overseas.

    Like other Australian cities, it stumbles only when it comes to affordability, with both fees and living costs on the high side in global terms. But, for high standards of living and incredible natural surroundings, Melbourne remains a tough city to beat.

    The cost of living in Melbourne as a student can vary considerably, particularly between those who chose to live on campus or live in private rented accommodation. As a general rule, you can expect to pay between US$1,400 to US$3,920 a month inclusive of accommodation, utilities, socialising, groceries, transport and more.

    Known as Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne regularly tops lists of the world’s most liveable cities, and is full of all the attractions that make the Australian lifestyle so appealing – including beautiful beaches, nightlife and a fair proportion of sunny days. The city’s cultural calendar is packed year-round – spanning arts, comedy, music, film, fashion, and a host of multicultural celebrations.

    Our distinctive Melbourne experience helps graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled professionals – making a positive impact across the globe. Our research helps solve social, economic and environmental challenges the world is facing today and into the future.

    We're proud to be consistently ranked as a leading university around the world for research and teaching.

    Deakin University

    It was in 1974 when Deakin University, one of Australia's newest and most quickly expanding research institutions, opened its doors to the academic community. Australia's second party leader is being celebrated at Alfred Deakin University. Deakin University has other campuses spread out around Victoria in addition to its flagship campus with in Melbourne suburb of Burwood.

    Also, Deakin University's Cloud Campus, which was the first of its kind in Victoria, now provides remote education to students from all over the world. With over 53,000 students enrolled annually, Deakin University is consistently placed within the best 1% of universities worldwide either by Academic Ranking of International Universities. Because of this, many Melburnians consider Deakin University to be the best university in the area.

    Deakin University has a distinctly metropolitan vibe, despite its principal campuses being in the suburban Burwood or the city in Geelong in Australia's north. After beginning life from 1974 as a small remote university, Deakin University has since merged with two additional Victorian colleges to become a modern day powerhouse among Melbourne's best universities. As of this semester, the total enrolment throughout the university's 3 locations was close to 44,000. On the shores of Corio Bay is the beautiful Geelong campus, complete with cutting-edge facilities and plenty of open space.

    Victoria University

    Victoria University in Melbourne is a public university that focuses on both research and practical training. With its six colleges, seven research centres, one Polytechnic centre, the university provides a wide variety of academic programmes.

    The "Open TAFE Initiative" in Australia allows many students to get full funding for their education at Victoria University's Polytechnic. With over 45,000 students enrolled, Victoria University consistently placed in the top 2% of universities worldwide in the years 2017-2019 by Times Higher Education. The college is affiliated with more than 350 different businesses, and it holds the twelfth place on the planet for exercise physiology.

    Last but not least on our list of top Melbourne universities is Victoria University, which has an overall ranking of 701 or above on the world stage. Victoria University welcomes students from all points in their educational journeys, offering a wide variety of programmes ranging from intense one-semester offerings and internships to advanced graduate study. More than 50,000 pupils attend Victoria and Footscray Park, which are located 5 kilometres from the heart of Melbourne and include a state-of-the-art sports facility that cost US$60 million to build in 2011.

    La Trobe University

    La Trobe University was created in 1964 and now has six campuses located across Victoria. There is a main campus in Bundoora, a suburb of Melbourne located only 16 km from of the city centre. Two art museums as well as a sculpture park can be found right in the heart of campus in this city of artists, Melbourne. The humanities as well as arts programmes at this university are particularly successful, helping to boost the institution's overall global ranking to 390=. Nearly 35,000 full-time and postgrad business students call La Trobe University, located in Melbourne's central business district, home.

    La Trobe University, located in Melbourne, Victoria, is the third university in Australia to be established in that state, following the University of Melbourne and indeed the University of Tasmania. The primary campus of La Trobe University is located in Bundoora, a suburb of Melbourne, only 14 km from centre. La Trobe University is ranked in the top 400 universities worldwide both by the Academic Ranking of International Universities as well as the QS World University Rankings, and is also among the top 100 colleges under 50 years old by Times Higher Education.

    La Trobe University, which ranks among the top 200 universities worldwide for the humanities and the arts, is one of the top educational institutions in the world. More than forty different countries are represented among La Trobe University's study abroad destinations.

    Swinburne University Of Technology

    Hawthorn, where Curtin University of Technology is located, is only 7 kilometres from Melbourne's central business district. This public research centre has a strong emphasis on technology, and it is home to over 60,000 students across its six campuses.

    The university's design school and the National Institute of Performing Arts are located on the Prahran campus, making it a centre for the city's design and art scenes. This area of Melbourne is a miniature version of the city as a whole, with a thriving commercial centre and respectable nightlife.

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    Swinburne Institute of Technology ranks high internationally in areas such as enhancing, industry collaboration, and student diversity and inclusion. Equality, diversity, and long-term viability are three of its primary project goals. Thanks to its excellent research at the frontier of science and industry, this university has been ranked among the top 400 in the world.

    Hawthorn, Croydon, Wantirna, & Sarawak, Malaysia make up the four campuses that make up Swinburne University of Technology, a private research university in Melbourne, Australia. This large university still prioritises its students, ensuring that they have access to a wide variety of programmes taught to a high standard so that they can succeed in their studies.

    Australian Catholic University 

    Australian Catholic University's location on the outskirts of the city is perfect. The Melbourne Campus currently has more than 7,100 students enrolled, including more than 650 international students. The main campuses of Australian Catholic University can be found in seven different cities. Our work helps students develop the skills they need to think critically and ethically, empowering them to effect positive change in their communities and professional arenas.

    We value and promote diversity among with us faculty, staff, but also student body because we are a publicly funded institution. Our mission is to improve educational opportunities for all. Internships and other forms of volunteer work give many students the hands-on experience they need to improve their employment prospects after graduation.

    Community service is a mandatory part of the curriculum at ACU. College students can find meaningful ways to make a difference in their communities through volunteer experience programmes. At ACU, you'll find a community of dedicated students and a wealth of exciting academic and professional opportunities. Groups of students regularly host events like concerts, dances, and barbeques at every school. Among the many student organisations available, two notable competitions are the ACU Games as well as the University Games.

    Students at American Intercontinental University (ACU) can get college credit for their time spent studying, interning, or volunteering at one of AIU's many international service projects thanks to the school's collaborations with universities in more than about 16 countries. All students, especially those who have special needs, have access to the many academic resources provided by each college's campus Office of Student Success.

    As a team, this same ACU National Student Association and the Campus Life Coordinators provide students with the resources they need to find that elusive work/life balance. ACU is the leading Catholic university in Australia, with a history of philosophy stretching back more than two millennia. All of our academic endeavours, in conformance with our membership in the Global Alliance of Catholic Universities, are directed towards promoting human dignity as well as the common good.

    RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology)

    Originally founded in 1887 as that of the Operating Male sexual College of Melbourne, the focus of today's 291st-ranked RMIT University is on technology and design.

    The main campus is situated on the fringes of the residential areas, to the north of a downtown area. The university is proud to be one of the few located in Melbourne's CBD and to be an active participant in the city's cultural life rather than a detached outpost. The Australian campus of RMIT University is home to more than 57,000 students, and its other international campuses are used by another 17,000. The school's car design programme and its industry partners make good use of the wind tunnel, which is a noteworthy facility in its own right.

    RMIT is widely recognised as one of best schools in the world for business and management theory and practise, design, and technological advancement in the commercial sector. Trends and developments inside the business world serve as a basis for and guide for the course content. An individual approach is taken with each student at RMIT.

    Since 1887, a university has called this location home, and now its campus is in the heart of Melbourne's financial and business district. The 12,000 international students at RMIT come from more than a hundred various countries and enrich the university's academics, extracurriculars, and overall quality of life.

    The high standard of living and widespread appeal of Melbourne as a study living in other countries destination contribute to the city's high desirability score among students.


    Besides being the state capital, Melbourne is also Australia's second-largest metropolis after Sydney. The Economist Intelligence Unit deemed Sydney "Australia's most liveable city" due to its robust cultural scene. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is also the top student city in Australia and the third best student city in the world overall. Famous for its murals and scenic parks and mountains, it has gained international attention. As the state capital of Victoria and the most populous city in Australia, Melbourne is home to more than three million people.

    It has a bustling music scene, various cultural programmes, delectable food options, stunning gardens and parks, and is home to not one but five highly regarded universities. The University of Melbourne is the second-oldest university in Australia and the 32nd-best university in the world as of 2017. It also provides two-year and four-year accelerated options. Located in Melbourne's Parkville neighbourhood, University Community College of Melbourne is Victoria's most prestigious institution, with an enrolment of over 38,000 students.

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    1. A major metropolitan area on Australia's southeastern coast, Melbourne also serves as the state capital of Victoria.
    2. It is the capital of the same-named state and the second-largest city in Australia after Sydney.
    3. Several festivals and events showcase Melbourne's artistic, musical, cinematic, and fashion offerings, making the city a cultural hotspot.
    4. It is my hope that this post will serve as a resource for anyone who are interested in learning more about the top universities in Melbourne that are open to international students.
    5. In a string that now spans seven years, the Economist Intelligence Unit has consistently ranked Melbourne as Australia's most liveable city.
    6. QS World University Rankings has ranked Melbourne as the top student city in Australia and the third best student city in the world. Moreover, six of Victoria's ten institutions were ranked among the world's finest.
    7. Street art and Melbourne's many scenic parks and mountain ranges have helped to make the city internationally renowned.
    8. Among Melbourne's Top Universities The population of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria and the state with the most inhabitants (almost 3 million), is staggering.
    9. More over a third of the more than 300,000 undergraduates at this school are international students.
    10. The city's population is so varied that it has earned the moniker "melting pot," and the food reflects this.
    11. In 2017, the University of Melbourne was named the best institution in Australia by Times Higher Education, which placed it as the 32nd best university in the world.
    12. Thus, the University of Melbourne is your best bet if you are an international student interested in studying in Melbourne.
    13. Located in Melbourne's Parkville neighbourhood, University Community College is both the oldest and most prestigious institution in Victoria.
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