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What Are The Best Chocolate Shops In Melbourne?

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    Until recently, the best chocolate could only be found in Switzerland and Belgium. Although some Melbourne establishments have brought the process in-house with impressive results, most of the city's retailers still rely on European-imported couverture vanilla.

    This is only the beginning of what is to come. We're already number one in the coffee industry worldwide, and there are many parallels between the coffee & cannabis markets. Both begin with beans, undergo a fermentation process before being roasted, and employ terms like "single-origin" in their descriptions.

    We haven't made any preferences between shops that make their own chocolate from scratch by roasting, winnowing, and grinding their own cacao beans, and shops that simply re-mold European chocolate. But there's a wide range of options available.

    Melbourne's cuisine is well-known around the world, and for good reason. From traditional Australian fare to innovative Asian and Western mashups, Melbourne's culinary scene is always on the cutting edge. Therefore, why the chocolate? It's quite the reverse, in fact. Have decided to join the competition among Melbourne's chocolate shops, and there are already several within a short distance of Melbourne's business district.

    We found that, in additament to being vacant on Sundays and Mondays, most places of business are also closed on Tuesdays. While not all chocolate shops are open round-the-clock, fan favourites like Kiri Black, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, as well as Monsieur Truffe never close.

    Many people in Melbourne enjoy chocolate, and we have many places to choose from when it comes to shopping for clothes and getting our hair done. Vegan and raw bars, intriguing truffles, French croissants, rubbles, rocky roads, and also more are just some of the options available to chocolate lovers.

    When you can have Celebrations penguins as well as hazelnut quail eggs, there's no reason to settle for the same old chocolate bunnies. If you are a chocoholic and in Melbourne, we highly recommend the following locations.

    FAQs About Chocolate Shops

    The best chocolate brands in Australia

    • Top-rated chocolate brand: Lindt.
    • The best chocolate brand for value for money: Dairy Fine (ALDI)
    • The best chocolate brand for taste: Ferrero.
    • The best chocolate brand for packaging design: Ferrero.
    • The best chocolate brand for a range of flavours: Haigh's.

    Here are the best chocolates in 2021

    • Best chocolates for gifting: Vosges Haut-Chocolat.
    • Best truffles and ganaches: Bon Bon Bon.
    • Best chocolates for caramel lovers: Fran's Chocolates.
    • Best chocolates for nut lovers: See's Candies.
    • Best bean-to-bar chocolates: Dandelion Chocolate Factory.
    • Best vegan chocolates: EHChocolatier.

    When it comes to blocks, Cadbury took out the top spot for its variety, but the clear winner was Choceur - ALDI's fine German chocolate. It's also one of the cheapest - less than half the price of Swiss brand Lindt, which came in at number two.

    What are the best Australian chocolate brands? Some of the best small-batch chocolate brands in Australia are the following: Haigh's, Metiisto, Monsieur Truffe, Ms Peacock, Kennedy and Wilson, Zokoko, and Bahen & Co.

    Cherry Ripe

    Cherry Ripe! Not only is it Australia's oldest chocolate bar (dating back to 1924), it's also the country's favourite, according to the latest data from Roy Morgan Research.

    Melbourne's Chocolate Lovers' Guide

    what are the best chocolate shops in melbourne

    In the 1840s, the first confectioners opened their doors in MELBOURNE, they began a legacy of quality that has endured until the present day.

    Now, in the present day, there is a multitude of chocolate stores & cafes where you can try the wares of regional chocolatiers.

    No of the time of year, these are the top spots in Melbourne to satiate your sweet tooth.

    Koko Black

    Koko Black's stores, with their dark chocolate and dark wood tones, are a sight to behold. After returning from Europe, after having studied chocolate production with Belgian confectioner Dries Cnockaert, Koko Black was founded in December 2003 by it's own namesake, Shane Hills.

    Because of Shane's influence, Dries uprooted his life and headed to Melbourne to help establish a chocolate company renowned for its artisanal products & ethical sourcing practises with respect to cocoa beans.

    You can buy Koko Black products on Collins Street, Carlton, Pinnacle, primary and secondary, Victoria Market, Doncaster, or the Royal Arcade, and the Carlton & Collins Street beauty salon are available for events. This Easter, try a hazelnut quail egg, a hand - crafted rabbit, or a gift basket they made themselves.

    Koko Black, which began as a single store in Melbourne 12 years ago, has since expanded to serve all of Australia with its artisanal chocolate. The hot chocolates are world-famous, and the handmade candies, solitary chocolate bars, hinders, and gift sets are works of art.

    • Delectable Easter Treat: Handmade Bunnies and Quail Eggs with Patterns.
    • Place: Shop 4, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Cacao Fine Chocolates & Pâtisserie

    Famous for their exquisite macarons, éclairs, and chocolates, Cacao is a small, artisanal chocolate company.

    Award-winning pastry chefs Laurent Meric & Tim Clark lead the team at Highpoint, which has locations in Doncaster county, as well as those at five-star hotels and in first and business class on international flights.

    Each store stocks more than thirty unique flavours of handcrafted chocolate, including fan favourites like Black Pearl as well as Burnt Orange. Some of the available flavours of macaroons are honeycomb afternoon, lime and vodka, as well as strawberry yoghurt, all of which are surprisingly delicious.

    Children's top Easter toys this year include the Crazy Bunny as well as Chicken Little, while adults can enjoy a basket of polka dot or petit eggs.

    Ministry Of Chocolate

    Ministry of Chocolate was founded in 2008 by a family and began selling chocolate at farmers' markets. Among their premium ingredients is chocolate imported from France and Belgium.

    Store selling sweets Malvern's Ministry of Chocolate, with a storefront on the High Street and an additional online presence, is famous for its novel chocolate flavours, s'mores assortment, and Lego-inspired 'blocks. This year's Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes, from bunnies and hens to hazelnut praline ducks and a limited-edition "Under South Sky" egg for the astronomy enthusiasts among us.

    Malvern Postal Address: 1361 High Street, Malvern, Victoria, Australia

    Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

    Nestled in the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley wine region is the one-of-a-kind Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery. The showroom is filled with chocolate in neat rows; with over 250 varieties, there's certain that to be something to satisfy everyone.

    Small French chocolate bars, truffles, and delectable sauces sit alongside chocolate "freckles" this same size of your face and the sloppiest long journey you've ever had. Many different ice cream flavours, from the classic to the bizarre, are readily available.

    Enjoy your purchases in the courtyard viewing the vineyards while you people-watch at the chocolate shop through a glass window.

    The address is 35 Old Healesville Road, Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia.

    Hahndorf’s Fine Chocolate

    In the second half of 2001, Hahndorf's Chocolates debuted in North Balwyn and has since spread to 13 other locations throughout Victoria. Master chocolatiers always wanted to run a "café-style chocolate shop," where customers could unwind with an espresso and just a truffle or two.

    Hahndorf stores inside the suburbs stock 40 or more varieties of truffles, such as plum pudding, coconut rough, Devonshire lotion, and chilli choc.

    • Regulars look forwards to Easter treats like large bunnies and eggs painted to look like rocky roads as well as freckles every year.

    There are more than forty different flavours of truffles, including sticky date oatmeal, lemon sherbet, and ginger, and some stores even have taste-testing pumps that allow you to try them all. The gift this year was a box of Hahndorf truffles.

    • Address: 107 Bulleen Rd., Balwyn North, Victoria, Australia

    chocolate shop

    Burch & Purchase

    Burch & Buy, a chocolate paradise in South Yarra, was founded in 2011 by Darren Purchase and his wife, Cath Claringbold. Cheap chocolate canes, nut butters and citrous wheels, rubbles, as well as curds and jams are just some of B&P's speciality cakes and pastries. Darren Purchase can also make a beautiful wedding cake for you.

    Darren Purchase and his beautiful wife Cath Claringbold run a fantastic candy store, and Darren is a resident cocoa wizard. Dark chocolate to fruity birthmarks, white chocolate with caramel sauce, and incredibly adorable blue-nose bears are just a few of the flavours available in B&P's chocolate pops. Meanwhile, a chocolate bars are both smooth and heavenly, with flavours like fluffy barley and spiced almond.

    • When it comes to Easter treats, the B&P salted caramel eggs set a new standard for the category, while the sneaky chocolate chicks in eggs reframe the age-old debate over which comes first: the main course or the appetiser.

    There are many adorable animals to choose from this Easter, including the B&P Pink Chick, Pablo this same Easter Penguin, this same Clever B&P Cocoa Chick, Kim k the Easter Bear, a young boy dressed as a chicken, the B&P bunny, or even the Milk Chocolate Kangaroo. The candy floss is also a good option. Favorites include the fried egg as well as the assortment of gift boxes.

    • Located at 647 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

    Monsieur Truffe

    After a stint inside the Prahran Market, Monsieur Truffe has relocated to the block of Lygon Street immediately after the red door. In addition to Brazilian lentil to bar cacao, well-known single-origin artisan chocolate maker Monsieur Truffe also uses cacao from Bolivia, Myanmar, Venezuela, and Ecuador. In addition, a 70% African cocoa blend is included for your hot cocoa making pleasure.

    Keeping with the company's organic ethos, Monsieur Truffe's chocolates are packaged in recyclable materials. This Easter, if you're in need of organic supplies, make a beeline for Monsieur Truffe.

    Chocolate connoisseurs know to go to the little red door on Lygon Street station for the best chocolate made in the area. Besides their famous mung chocolate, Theo also sells speciality bars like the 38percentage cocoa powder to honeycomb that is great for healthy snacks and also the 72% Ecuadorian chocolate that will please chocolate connoisseurs.

    • Easter treats: the Easter chooks rule the roost, and the Monsieur Truffe fishes are a delicate delight.
    • The East Brunswick factory and shop of Monsieur Truffe can be found at 351 Lygon Street.

    Pana Chocolate

    It's no secret that Pana Chocolate's chocolate is stunningly original if you follow them on Instagram. Pana Chocolate, run by Pana Barbounis, focuses on making high-quality, flavorful, and vegan chocolate bars.

    Pana Chocolate is made in Melbourne using only the finest natural ingredients, such as cacao pods from Bolivia, coconut from the Philippines, cacao butter from Peru, corn syrup from Mexico, carob from Spain, and organic cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

    Pana Chocolate is another Melbourne firm that is succeeding on the global stage. Since opening his Richmond storefront in August 2013, vegan-friendly raw chocolates by Pana Barbounis have been a hit with the locals. Over 2,000 stores in Australia, this same United States, as well as Europe now stock his chocolates.

    A new dessert restaurant opened up in Sydney earlier this month, joining the Richmond outpost. Two of their most popular treats are indeed the "Pana Pop," a white chocolate cheesecake analogous to a Golden Gaytime, and the "Vespa Wheel," an analogue to a Wagon Wheel filled with coconut marshmallows.

    Pana Chocolate, made entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area, takes great pride in being as good for both you and its planet just as it is for the earth.

    • Perfect for those who prefer not to give their loved ones eggs on Easter, these bars come in flavours like coconut & goji berry, strawberry rhubarb and creamy, and raw cacao.

    Some of the more unique treats for Easter include fig and kiwi blueberry, butter toffee as well as vanilla, and herbal and nib bars.

    • Address: 491 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

    Chocolate Lombardo

    Tad Lombardo's journey to fame and fortune began at the Prahran Market. After that, he started working for Ben Shewry at his three-star Michelin restaurant, Attica.

    Some of the unique flavours that are found throughout Cioccolate Lombardo's fine dining chocolates include sage ganache, turnip, coffee, but also white chocolate mousseline, or rather vanilla-infused olive oil jelly. If you're looking for a unique Easter gift this year, the clearly documented of Felchlin Swiss couvertures at the Prahran market is a great place to start.

    When your chocolate is featured at a Michelin-starred restaurant, you know you've made it.

    Former engineer turned chocolatier Tad Lombardo has already left an impact on Attica's celebrity chef Ben Shewry. A small shop in Prahran Market gave way to an expansive new location resembling a laboratory work shop by the end of 2013.

    • Don't forget the salted caramel truffles inside the artisanal metallically painted eggs this Easter.
    • Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra; Cioccolato Lombardo.


    Xocolatl (pronounced sho-KO-la-tl) was established in 2005 by Parisioglou family, for whom the chocolate dreams came to fruition when a store was opened in Canterbury. Inspired by Belgian bonbons, the Parisioglou family explores savoury and unconventional flavour combinations while eschewing artificial preservatives.

    • Christos's background in fine art shows through in the variety of artisan eggs he creates every year for Easter, which have been decorated in the styles of renowned artists like Mondrian, Miro, and Banksy.

    Xocolatl now operates brick-and-mortar shops in Kew East as well as Doncaster in addition to its web-based operations. For Easter, give the gift of a block of blueberry balsamic or spicy toffee.

    • The address is 123 Maling Road, Canterbury, Victoria, Australia.

    Mork Chocolate

    It's likely that the last time you decided to order a chocolate in any of Melbourne's best cafes, a Mork warm choc was the item that made you swoon. Josefin Zernell and Kiril Shaginov are two talented chocolatiers who came up with the name Mork (which means "black" in Swedish).

    Mork, Australia's first concept store and brewhouse, has opened its doors in North Melbourne. You can sample their four blends, from the junior blend made from 50% cacao to a darkest 85% single-origin blend, and the campfire choc, an inter sensation that comes with a barbecued marshmallow, which has caused lines out the door. Positioned in the heart of fes.

    • The layered chocolate drink is indeed a chilled hot chocolate made with crème Catalana, perfect for the springtime holiday. Amazing egg-flavored chocolate custard drink.
    • The Mork Chocolate Brew House can be found in North Melbourne at 150 Errol Street.

    Cacao Lab

    Cacao owners Tim Clark but also Laurent Meric have been in business since 2003, once they decided to open their first restaurant in St. Kilda. They have since expanded to sell eclairs in addi - tion to their other artisanal chocolates, pastries, cakes, & macarons at two new shops—the classic Cacao and the cutting-edge Cacao Lab.

    "We wanted to update the eclair," Tim says. The purpose of these unusual sweets, like a Milo cremeux or even a beautifully iced Tim Tam eclair, is to do just that.

    what are the best chocolate shops in melbourne3

    • Cacao's "Free Range Eggs" in their carton thru the Rockstar Bunny adorned with pop rocks are just as entertaining as the candy offered by other companies this Easter.
    • Place: Cacao Lab Driver Street, Town: (also St Kilda, Doncaster, Highpoint)


    Louise Hannell's little shop on Degraves St has been open for three months, and business is booming. She sells licorice, cooked lollies, and hand - crafted chocolates from around Melbourne. Truffles, Hobart fudge, vibrant jellies, chocolate-covered almonds, and anything else a sweet tooth could desire can be found in this store.

    • Here you can find the traditional Easter treats such as milk chocolate bunnies and eggs. Eggs with spots? Yes!
    • Chocamama, Melbourne, 6 Degraves St.

    The Chocolate Ministry

    The magic of chocolate can be experienced at any time of year with just one bite. Some research suggests that eating chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, can improve cognitive function. A little bit of chocolate eaten before exercise can boost energy and mood, according to some people. The chemical and component constitution of chocolate is a probable explanation for these feelings.

    When in Melbourne, a chocolate tasting is a must do regardless of whether or not you have a need for chocolate. After a day of sightseeing, a trip to one of the following shops or cafes for some sweet treats may be exactly whatever the tourist physician ordered. If you have a real sweet tooth, you might want to consider a trip to Melbourne, where you can walk all over the city and stop at innumerable chocolate shops to satisfy your cravings.


    Several new chocolate stores have opened in Melbourne, while many more are re-molding European chocolate or producing their own. Also there are raw and vegan bars, interesting truffles, French croissants, rubbles, rocky roads, and more. Popular chocolate stores including Kiri Black, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, and Monsieur Truffe are open 24/7 for your chocolate cravings.

    The first Melbourne confectioners opened their doors in the 1840s, establishing a tradition of excellence that continues to this day. Koko Black, Cacao Fine Chocolates & Pâtisserie, and Highpoint are just a few of the many chocolate shops and cafes to be found in Melbourne. Since its founding by Shane Hills in 2003, artisanal chocolate company Koko Black has grown to supply all of Australia. Cacao is a boutique chocolate shop with a stellar reputation for its delectable assortment of macarons, éclairs, and chocolates. Doncaster county isn't the only place you can find Highpoint—we also have outposts in posh hotels and up front in international flights.

    The thirty or so flavours of artisanal chocolate available in each shop are sure to please any sweet tooth. Shoppers' favourites include Black Pearl and Burnt Orange are among the assortment. Try one of their homemade Easter baskets, complete with a hand-crafted rabbit or a hazelnut quail egg.

    Content Summary

    1. Up until recently, Switzerland and Belgium were the only places to get high-quality chocolate.
    2. Many Melbourne businesses still import couverture vanilla from Europe, despite the success of a few that have brought the process in-house.
    3. What has happened so far is just the start of things to come.
    4. We have already achieved global leadership in the coffee sector, and many similarities exist between the coffee and cannabis industries.
    5. Both are described using phrases like "single-origin" and begin with beans before going through a fermentation process and roasting.
    6. We haven't shown any preference for stores that re-mold European chocolate over those that create their own chocolate from cacao beans (after roasting, winnowing, and grinding them themselves).
    7. However, many alternatives exist.
    8. Melbourne's restaurants have gained international renown for their delicious fare.
    9. The cuisine in Melbourne is always on the leading edge, from classic Australian dishes to fusions of Asian and Western flavours.
    10. Have decided to enter the chocolate store industry in Melbourne, where the rivalry is fierce and where numerous other businesses can be found within walking distance of Melbourne's central business district.
    11. We discovered that most businesses, in addition to being empty on Sundays and Mondays, are also closed on Tuesdays.
    12. Kiri Black, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, and Monsieur Truffe, among others, are always open, even though not all chocolate stores are.
    13. Melbourne is home to a large population that takes pleasure in chocolate, as well as several restaurants, cafes, and hair salons.
    14. Fans of chocolate can choose from a wide variety of treats, including vegan and raw bars, interesting truffles, French croissants, rubbles, rocky roads, and more.
    15. There's no need to settle with boring chocolate bunnies when you can get Celebrations penguins and hazelnut quail eggs instead.
    16. We have some great suggestions for you chocolate lovers who will soon be visiting Melbourne.
    17. When the first MELBOURNE confectioners opened their doors in the 1840s, they laid the groundwork for a tradition of excellence that continues to this day.
    18. Today, you may sample the work of local chocolatiers at any number of chocolate shops and cafes.
    19. These are the best places in Melbourne to satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you visit.
    20. Mr. Koko Black The rich dark chocolate and rich dark wood tones of a Koko Black store are a pleasure to behold.
    21. Koko Black was developed in December 2003 by its namesake, Shane Hills, who had previously travelled to Europe to learn the art of chocolate making from Belgian confectioner Dries Cnockaert.
    22. Dries uprooted his life at Shane's suggestion, moving to Melbourne to work with him to launch a boutique chocolate firm known for its high-quality, handcrafted offerings and ethical treatment of cocoa farmers.
    23. Collins Street, the Carlton, the Pinnacle, primary and secondary schools, Victoria Market, Doncaster, and the Royal Arcade all sell Koko Black products, and the beauty salon at Carlton & Collins Street is available for parties.
    24. The hazelnut quail egg, the hand-crafted bunny, and the Easter basket they put together are all must-haves this year.
    25. 12 years ago, Koko Black opened its first store in Melbourne, and now the chain's handmade chocolate can be found across the entirety of Australia.
    26. Handmade candies, single chocolate bars, hinders, and gift packages are pieces of art, and the hot chocolates are famous all over the globe.
    27. Bunnies and patterned quail eggs, both handmade, provide for a tasty Easter treat.
    28. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Shop 4, Royal Arcade; 335 Bourke Street Fine Chocolates and Pastries by Cacao Cacao is a tiny, artisanal chocolate company known for their beautiful macarons, éclairs, and chocolates.
    29. The pastry chefs at Highpoint, which has sites throughout Doncaster county, five-star hotels, and first- and business-class cabins on international flights, are led by the award-winning Laurent Meric and Tim Clark.
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