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Which AreThe Best Teeth Whitening Clinics In Melbourne?

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    It's no secret that the Victorians love their coffee, and that this habit may be somewhat damaging to their teeth. Therefore, if you want to give your smile some additional TLC, you should visit one of the top teeth whitening clinics in Melbourne.

    You will do it yourself at home, but the results won't be as strong or last as long as those achieved by a dentist. In Melbourne, teeth whitening is readily available, and the procedure is so simple and quick that you can have a brighter smile and be on your way in under an hour. Visit one of the top-rated Melbourne teeth whitening clinics to learn more about revitalising your smile.

    FAQs Teeth Whitening Clinics In Melbourne

    According to Smile Pro Worldwide, a take-home whitening tray costs anywhere between $350 and $500, whilst in-chair treatment is estimated to have a price tag of usually $800+.

    Both tooth-whitening options use peroxide-based bleaching agents. At-home systems contain 3% to 20% peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxides). In-office systems contain from 15% to 43% peroxide. Generally, the longer you keep a stronger solution on your teeth, the whiter your teeth become.

    PureSmile offers the best teeth whitening treatments across Melbourne. We also offer products such as whitening pens & whitening gel to whiten teeth at home and give you a whiter smile that lasts! Be sure to check our online store to view all our tooth whitening products you can take home for convenience.

    All teeth whitening procedures work by releasing oxygen, which starts to shift the stains. The laser works bygenerating heat. This speeds up the whitening process considerably. Once the hour is up, the machine emitting the laser beams is removed, and all the protective kit fitted into your mouth is carefully extracted.

    How often teeth whitening treatments are recommended by dentists. Professional teeth whitening performed in the dentist's office is recommended once every year to every 18 months, depending on how long the results last. At-home kits can be used as often as once every four to six months.

    Teeth Whitening Clinics In Melbourne

    which are the best teeth whitening clinics in melbourne2

    The teeth-whitening industry in Melbourne goes all out, with amenities like exotic aquariums and opulent suites. When you factor in their extensive knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, and status as pioneers in the field of dental treatment, it might be challenging to decide on a single clinic.

    In order to assist you in making this important choice, we have produced a list of the top tinting clinics in Melbourne.

    Pure Smile

    Because Pure Smile is the official teeth brightening partner of ’s Got Australia, you can rest assured that you will get noticed after visiting their facility. This therapy is trusted by dentists around the world since it utilises LED teeth brightening technology and a peroxide-free gel. The vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free gel is formulated with mineral-based components.

    Clients may simply chill out at the clinic, so that by time they've finished writing their acceptance speech for Miss Universe, they'll look like a different person. It's a household name all around Australia, with representation in every major city.

    With Pure Smile, you may restore your teeth to their former beauty at an inexpensive price and with no discomfort. When combined with LED technology, Pure Smile's peroxide-free whitening gel achieves the maximum permissible strength for whitening teeth. Savings of up to 20% are available for online bookings.

    Location: 2/340 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Art De Dente

    You'll be smiling again after visiting Art De Dente. If you're unhappy with any discoloration in your teeth, you can get safe, rapid, and effective results with the Zoom stain removal process. As these benefits might persist for as long as three years, it's a cheap choice.

    In this Melbourne mouth whitening facility, you'll have your teeth painted with Zoom whitening gel and exposed to the Zoom light for 10 min twice. Dental patients in need of some R&R can find it at Art De Dente, a serene day spa as in middle of Melbourne's bustling Central Business District.

    The Feng Shui-inspired design of this cosmetics dental clinic included the incorporation of natural elements like a waterfall, tropical fish aquariums, and expansive windows overlooking the city to create a relaxing atmosphere. Teeth whitening experts will employ cutting-edge equipment while you relax to soothing music and the scent of fresh flowers. When you order from Art De Dente, you can get their "Zoom! Both "In-Office Teeth Whitening" and "Zoom! At-home whitening kits, which have been deemed the most effective "Light-activated Whitening System" in the world.

    Teeth can be lightened by eight to ten shades in just one office visit. Take-home kits have a custom-fitted tray designed for nightly usage with the included bleach solution for three to four weeks.

    We here at Art De Dente know how nerve-wracking it may be to attend the dentist.

    We've worked hard to make this a comfortable and relaxing environment for our visitors.

    Enjoy the stunning scenery while sipping coffee and munching on a freshly baked muffin Melbourne city skyline while you wait for your treatment to begin.

    Location: 17/190 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Smile Bar

    If you're looking for a teeth whitening facility that offers cutting-edge service without the correspondingly high price tag, go no farther than Smile Bar. There are medical centres im Melbourne and Sydney,

    They are well-known for employing only the finest materials. This unwavering dedication to perfection has made them market leaders in dental whitening in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    Their therapy doesn't use peroxide, so it's safe for tooth enamel but still produces Oscar-worthy results. Teeth can be whitened in as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on the method used, with different outcomes (up to 12 shades whiter). Whitening kits can be bought in-store or online for the convenience of individuals who would rather stay at home to whiten their teeth.

    Because it is owned and maintained by dentists, Smiles of Australia is one of Australia's premier teeth whitening studios, and it has access to the world's most powerful substances. Gels used in dentistry offices may include up to 25% hydrogen peroxide, whereas those used in clinics run by estheticians and other non-dentists are limited to 6%. Consequently, Smiles of Melbourne is able to provide even better, more expedient outcomes. The gel and LED light in their famous in-office treatment penetrate the pores of the teeth, allowing the staining agents to enter and be broken down. Clients can leave their one-hour consultation with celebrity-worthy pearly whites.

    Location: Melbourne Central Level 1, Cnr Latrobe and Swanston Street, Melbourne

    Enhance Dental

    With 30 years of experience, Enhance Dental has earned a reputation as one of Melbourne's premier teeth whitening clinics. With its light-accelerated technology, the new WhiteSpeed from Philips Magnification teeth whitening is the quickest method to have a whiter smile straight away. The entire procedure will take only 45 minutes, but you won't be able to keep from beaming after seeing the results.

    Enhance Health is at the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry because to their 25 years of knowledge on teeth whitening. Mark this location on your calendar if you've received the last weekend engagement that calls for a more dazzling smile. With the hydrogen peroxide mixture from Philips' "Zoom 4" teeth whitening system, the clinic can whiten teeth by up to eight shades in a single visit.

    With the use of their 'Relief ACP' solution, this method not only overshadow but also safeguards and strengthens tooth enamel. Pressed for time? Thankfully, in less than an hour, you may have perfectly polished, gleaming teeth thanks to Enhance Dental.

    Location: 219/566 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

    Smile Solutions

    dentist melbourne

    If you're looking for a great deal on the Max WhiteSpeed teeth whitening service in Melbourne, go no further than Smile Solutions. Teeth can be whitened up up eight shades in just one hour, and with the take-home maintenance package, the improvement will continue for months.

    Maintaining your pearly whites after teeth whitening is simple with the help of your own custom-made tray and low-concentration whitening gel. The Manchester Unity Buildings in the heart of Melbourne is home to Australia's biggest private dental practise, Smile Solutions - Melbourne's home of dentistryTM.

    In addition to basic and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and specialised care, Smile Solutions also offers emergency dental care. You may have faith that the hygienists, dentists, and specialists who make up the practice's staff will provide you with the individualised attention you need regardless of the dental care you require.

    Location: Level 1, 220 Collins Street, Manchester Unity Building, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Q1 Dental

    It may seem like a simple task to maintain a healthy, white smile. Get rid of any potential tooth discolouring stains with a good brushing and some light flossing first. But getting pearly whites isn't always a walk in the park, so if you desire whiter teeth, you should leave the decision making to experts like your dentist.

    The failure to achieve a whiter smile may be due to a number of factors. Several things could be holding you back from getting that pearly white smile you've always wanted. There are answers if this is the issue you're facing.

    Location:137/1 Queens Rd Melbourne VIC 3004

    Gorgeous Smiles

    It may be confusing to decide which teeth whitening method to choose from the many available methods, procedures, and kits. Gorgeous Smiles provides a variety of industry-leading services and consults with patients to determine which is the most appropriate for them. Philips 4 ZOOM Toothpaste, Pola Desk, and Pure Smile are just few of the alternatives.

    If you're still feeling anxious after selecting your teeth whitening method, the posh clinic offers scented candles, soothing meditation music, and herbal tea to help you relax. While you wait for the gel to dry, avoid drinking tea. Gorgeous Smiles suggests an in-clinic procedure that takes between one and two hours. However, those who are either too timid or too pressed for time can also purchase take-home kits.

    All of Lovely Smiles' patients can expect to leave with a healthy and "gorgeous" smile. Gorgeous Smiles, conveniently located in the heart of the city, uses the trusted Philips Glide teeth whitening system, which, in addition to producing results that are up to eight shades whiter, is also one of the simplest techniques to have your teeth whitened, protecting the enamel and not increasing sensitivity.

    Stunning Smile is a long-standing dental practise in the middle of Melbourne's busy CBD. The general, adolescent, and cosmetic dentists on our staff have collectively racked up decades of experience in their respective fields. At our dental clinic, we prioritise meeting each patient's unique needs while maintaining a low price point.

    We care deeply about the experiences of all who through our doors, so we try to be as accommodating as possible.

    The center is a brand new, custom-built structure. The state-of-the-art equipment in the examination rooms guarantees first-rate care.

    In addition, each of your dentists is committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in their field, so you can rest assured that you will receive the most thorough examination and care available.

    From an organisational standpoint, we understand how irritating it is to arrive on time for an appointment only to be forced to wait since this dentist is behind schedule. Melbourne's dentists are professionals, so you can count on them to be on time for your appointments and to give you plenty of time to discuss any issues you may have with them.

    Location: 121 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre

    which are the best teeth whitening clinics in melbourne

    Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Institute is the premier teeth whitening facility in Melbourne if you're self-conscious about the state of your smile. Around these parts, the routine is a little different. CLDC provides three unique teeth whitening options, the first of which is LaserBrite, a less well-known but highly effective technique.

    The new Natural+ whitening method is also available, and in comparison to other popular whitening systems, it contains fewer hazardous chemicals and heavy metals, thus it has a reduced potential to cause tooth sensitivity and dryness. CLDC can perform laser white on even the most complicated cases. With their exclusive cool liquid gel, you may expect results that are from seven to ten shades lighter in under an hour, guaranteed by the most effective chemical activation available.

    Located in the heart of Melbourne, Cosmetic and Beam Dentistry Centre is a comprehensive dental clinic that places a premium on patient comfort and care. We have cosmetic dentists available who can advise you on the best course of action. It will be a wise investment in your grin's future.

    Cosmetic, general, dental, laser, implant, and special dentistry are just some of the ways we may help you achieve your ideal smile and enhance the health, longevity, and usefulness of your teeth and gums.

    Location: 236 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161

    Mint Dental

    A stone’s throw away from Melbourne’s leading shopping strips of High Street Mint Dental on Chapel Street offers same luxurious care. No longer will you feel self-conscious about showing your teeth in photographs; a team of dentists is standing by to give you pearly whites.

    The dentists will determine the root of the discoloration or staining of your teeth and then recommend the best whitening method for you. You can now kick back and prepare your best grin for the cameras.

    Mint Dental's new office is equipped to perform the famous Zoom dental whitening treatment in a single appointment. The Zoom bleaching method is one of the more popular services they offer, and it is widely recognised and respected all over the world.

    Professionals at Mint Dental are so well-trained that even one appointment will leave you with a gleaming smile. In order to help you keep your results looking great at home, they provide trays for you to take with you.

    Location: 106 Wattletree Rd, Armadale VIC 3143

    K1 Dental

    K1 Dental is an excellent Melbourne dental facility that provides two distinct bleaching options. If you need to whiten your teeth quickly, the Quick Pro system can help. You can go outside in less half an hour.

    Traditional Zoom whitening, which takes longer but yields superior results, is the second choice. The Faster Pro is an excellent choice if you need to whiten your teeth quickly. Without exception, Zoom comes out on top.

    Children and the elderly are among the patients. All family members may find the care they need from the dentists at K1 Dental Toorak, as we provide a comprehensive menu of services. Kids love coming here because we have fun things for them to do and rewards for maintaining good oral hygiene, including joining the No-Cavity Club. In addition, our convenient after-school and weekend make it easier for parents to bring their children to see us.

    Location: 12 Carters Ave, Toorak VIC 3142

    Smiles Of Melbourne

    Because it is owned and maintained by dentists, Smiles of Perth is one of Australia's premier teeth whitening studios, and it has access to the world's most powerful substances. Gels used in dentistry offices may include up to 25% hydrogen peroxide, whereas those used in clinics run by estheticians and other non-dentists are limited to 6%. Consequently, Smiles of Melbourne is able to provide even better, more expedient outcomes. The gel and LED light in their famous in-office treatment penetrate the pores of the teeth, allowing the staining agents to enter and be broken down. Clients can leave their one-hour consultation with celebrity-worthy pearly whites.

    Location: 1: 2/44 Ross Street, Toorak, Melbourne


    The city's rich cultural heritage is protected by Melbourne's finest record stores. This neighbourhood has everything for everyone, from coffee shops in department stores to concert venues in the basements of nearby buildings. You don't have to be a DJ to appreciate the unique pleasure of vinyl record listening. Skydiver, the first club on Johnston Street, was started by three DJs in the area. The duo of Round and Round has been in the record store business for years.

    You can find albums spanning from peaceful and Italian prog to experimental electronica and death metal. Reggae and other Caribbean music forms have had a significant impact on the development of rocksteady. Recently ordered from distributors in Australia and around the world, the majority of the recordings are brand new. A wide variety of record formats, including LPs, 12s, 45s, and 78s, are available at Licorice Pie Records. If you're looking for a hip-hop label, Obese Records isn't it. It also gives out clothes, art equipment, and even attack paint cans for graffiti writers. The Searchers is home to a vast collection of both classic and contemporary vinyl recordings. Since its 1987 opening, the bar Vicious Sloth has played host to its fair share of famous musicians. There was a time when the Envelope Hill Record Fair was called the Brompton Record Fair. Due to the nature of a free market, you can find anything from spanking new releases to forgotten oldies. Label "Great Horned Owls 168" is actually a used bookstore. In order to host live performances, Cellar Discs renovated a hitherto abandoned basement. Original Frank Sinatra recordings can be found at White Rabbit Record Bar, which combines a record store and a cafe. On the inside are hundreds of records, both new and old, neatly organised on reused wooden shelves. Our Balwyn coffee roaster, Caffé Romeo, sourced the beans for your takeout or outdoor brew. After two years of pop-up shops and online sales, records officially launched in 2016. Around 1600 CDs from indie, jazz, punk, and other genres are always available at the shop. Even though metal is still its speciality, Heartland Records has grown to become one of Melbourne's most prominent vinyl retailers.

    Content Summary

    • As such, we have developed a comprehensive directory of the best music stores in Melbourne to assist you in locating that rare first press, limited edition record by your favourite local band, or a wonderful espresso to go.
    • There's no place like Melbourne, Australia's record store scene whether you want authentic pop, rock, jungle, or blues.
    • The DJ highly recommends Skydiver, a record store in Melbourne.
    • The best music venue in Melbourne for serious fans.
    • Licorice Pie has been in the used vinyl business for almost 20 years.
    • This is one of the best record stores in Melbourne, with a spectacular selection of over 15,000 secondhand vinyl albums spanning 60 years and a wide variety of genres.
    • Not only does Obese Records release hip-hop albums, but it also sells clothing, art supplies, and even attack paint cans for graffiti writers.
    • With such a wide variety of hip-hop CDs, DVDs, and records available at your fingertips, there's no reason to leave the house to shop.
    • Greville Discs has been a Melbourne staple ever since it first opened in 1978.
    • The inner-north of Melbourne has an abundance of record stores to choose from.
    • If you are unable to travel to Malvern, visit Vicious Sloth online.
    • Great horned owls 168 might either be a local business pretending to be a label or a label passing itself off as a used bookstore.
    • They decided to go out on their own after hearing that the record store you worked at, Discurio, was closing.
    • The unwavering support of their audience has been crucial to Basement Discs' ongoing success.
    • The Alley Tunes is a unique hybrid of a record store and a cafe.
    • Two years of successful pop-up shops and online sales led to the 2016 launch of the Oh Jean!
    • Opening in 2016, the Norman Street store provided locals of Fitzroy with a new retail alternative within blocks from some of Melbourne's finest record stores.
    • The store has roughly 1600 CDs in stock at any given time, ranging from indie to jazz to punk and beyond.
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