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What Are Sunday Sessions In Melbourne?

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    Do you dread Mondays just as much as everyone else? Not all local attractions in Melbourne are closed on Mondays, and a bright Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy them. Your early Monday morning meeting doesn't mean you can't spend the rest of your Weekend at one of Melbourne's many excellent watering holes.

    We've done the legwork for you, whether you're wanting to maintain the party or you woke up with a hangover and need some greasy cuisine and hair of the dog. So, have a look at the Melbourne venues that host Sunday sessions.

    It would be impolite not to take advantage of Melbourne's numerous great Sunday sessions now as the days are finally becoming long and warm. Cold beverages at low rates are the best way to wind down after a fun weekend or prepare for a challenging week. So, in order to help you make the most of your Sunday, we've compiled a short list of some of our favourite hangouts.

    FAQs Sunday Sessions In Melbourne

    Republica is on a beach. Republica also has those orb chairs that are in Google HQ. Republica, therefore, is a fantastic place for a Sunday session in Melbourne. With live music happening from 2 pm, treat yourself to a cocktail or an icy cold cider on their huge deck, so you can watch tourists/penguins while you quench yourself.

    This is the type of Sunday sesh that promises to leave you with a nasty hangover but is worth it. The vibe on a Sunday is still techno, but with a little bit of house music thrown in the mix too. Entry is also free unless there’s an event on.

    Either way, nothing beats a Sunday session. Melbourne's bars and clubs are bringing the good times (and the drink specials), so you can kick back with your mates and while away the end of the weekend over some beers. And hey, if you want to ramp things up a notch, investigate our guide to Melbourne's best nightclubs and live music pubs.

    Sunday Session, abbrev. 'The Session', Refers to Sunday afternoon opening times for pubs, especially in summer when bear gardens are very popular. The Sessions usually begins after lunch and goes to late afternoon, sometimes includes a live band: Are you going to 'The Sunday Session' tomorrow mate.

    While businesses typically want their employees to look professional, many have adopted the practice of having casual Fridays, where instead of wearing business attire, employees are allowed to dress down a bit.

    Sunday Sessions In Melbourne

    what are sunday sessions in melbourne

    Sunday night ambience in bars and pubs is different than other nights. When compared to other times of the weekend, the atmosphere is more chill, but the attendance is more dedicated. The two work well together.

    Stop by one of these establishments as the weekend winds down, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how much fun your can still have. These establishments don't just have regular hours; they maintain a constant flow of positive energy with DJs, drink promotions, and even free barbecues.

    The Duke

    They must know what they're doing, because this is Melbourne's oldest bar. You can get a great chicken parm, scotch fillet with chips and aioli, or a standard cheeseburger at The Duke. It's a no-brainer if you're looking for a place to spend a boozy Sunday in Melbourne, as the atmosphere, cocktails, cuisine, and sports channels are all top-notch.

    Half Moon

    The Half Moon, run by Colonial Leisure Group (purveyor of many other known Melbourne restaurants

    The building's historic facade has been preserved, and it is now home to three popular bars and restaurants , spread throughout its ground and upper floors.

    The menus for both lunch and dinner are varied and match the vast wine and beer selection. The menu features a variety of dishes that are favourites among patrons and are prepared using fresh, high-quality, regional ingredients. Smurf Hopkins River scotch fillets with mixed sautéed shallots, onion rings, and Bearnaise sauce; crumbed flathead fillets with a side of soggy peas and nubbly chips; and now of course, the standard steak. This one is perfect for a sunny evening or afternoon after a day at the beach, as it is centrally located on Church Street in Brighton.

    Tyranny Of Distance

    You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried! Behind Chapel Street is where you'll find this hidden treasure of a pub. It's decorated like a conservatory and has a snack bar inside. From 4 until 7 p.m. daily, they feature a happy hour where all of their house taps, wine, and elemental spirits are $4. I'm glad that was helpful.

    Naked For Satan

    Naked for Satan, whose downstairs bar has been serving finger foods on sticks for the past eight years, has recently switched up their menu. While they still offer wine flights to the heavens, they have ditched their pintxos in favour of a more pan-European mussels menu.

    The bouncing bivalves are available in a variety of sauces and are paired with fries. In addition to the traditional tomato and chorizo, you can also have them in a creamy aniseed sauce, a peppery pepper sauce, a variation with shallot sadron and creme fraiche, a version with hot peppers, and the classic ale sauce with onions and thyme.

    Empanadas and canned fish both reflect the Spanish culinary legacy. Oysters, seasoned with citrus, cava jelly, finger lime, or kimchi vinaigrette, are also available for $2.20 each. However, for the many vegetarians and vegans in Melbourne, there are sliders available that use slow-cooked beef cheek, as well as fried chicken with mushrooms and halloumi.

    College Lawn Hotel

    Live music, trivia nights and dinner specials await for your next Sunday session in Melbourne at College Lawn Hotel. College Lawn Hotel is a great place to enjoy live music and beverages on a Sunday afternoon, whether you're still partying from the previous before or trying to wind down the weekend. The East Melbourne venue also offers a decent setup for sports fans to catch the latest live game.

    Captain Baxter

    It's true that Captain Bean has been here for a while, but they've recently gone through a makeover. Their new place has a killer rooftop patio with ocean views, making it an ideal spot for Sunday afternoon DJ sets and live bands.

    You can't go wrong with a group of friends and a beer garden on the beach. The icing on the cake is the live music and $69 Boujee Diner with two hours of our spritzes but a Baxter buffet top for your next Sunday session in Melbourne

    Get some jugs of Pimms and some adventurous bar food at Captain Baxter, and enjoy the sunshine from the rooftop while you do it. Those in need of a coffee with a view need look no farther.



    A portion of you probably adores that last paragraph in Section 8. This is the section that enjoys spending time in the parking lot and destroying longnecks. But there's probably more to you than that. Desire to get cosy with some Japanese craft beer over a fire. The excellent thing is that Maz Salt, the owner of Section 8, has given a remedy in close proximity.

    If you're an adult who appreciates a decent drink and a healthy dose of raunchy fun, then Ferdydurke is the pub for you. A soaring room of exposed brickwork and beams, lit by a fireplace with one end and lamps at the other, can be found up the stairs, beyond the stencil painting and outside smoking deck. The braised corn w Dorito crumbs, green chilli, and lime costs $6, making it affordable enough to pass for a posh student bar besides the school lunch specials. Hot puppies and cheese toasties, appropriately enough, are their main lure.

    We wouldn't complain about a lowball and then a cube of ice regardless of the crew wasn't very good at making cocktails. However, they are competent mixologists who can expertly prepare such standards as the Punt e Mes with Campari Americano and the Vesper martini with vodka and gin. Instead, I recommend the Blood and Sand, which combines Cherry Heering, Dolin Rouge, and orange juice with a decent slug of wood Compass Box Spice Tree whisky, and hits a high note.

    Joanie's Baretto

    Despite appearances, Joanie's Baretto has no interest in being trendy. While the restaurant's name honours the owner's Australian mother, the restaurant itself is a celebration of the traditional Italian culture he inherited from his father. Before launching Umberto Espresso, Finizio followed a similar path. That's just a couple of blocks away, but it won't keep you fed till after supper.

    People start to arrive and traditional aperitivos like Campari, Aperol, and Negronis are being consumed. After that, guests can relax on the plush banquettes in the back as they enjoy a drink from the extensive wine, beer, and digestif menu while feasting on the salumi and cheese boards.

    On Sundays, Finanzio invites all of the neighbourhood nonnas to the house to compete in a porchetta cooking competition.

    Many older men still congregate in the Italian social clubs that dot this section of High Street to play card and drink grappa, but Joanie's is a friendlier alternative.

    There are no risky drinks here, and no one is trying to get anyone's attention except for you and your pals, who are simply doing what Italians have been doing for centuries.


    Who knew that a repurposed woolshed would be the ideal location for a summer picnic? Howler has become a fixture in the lives of northsiders and the surrounding artistic community. You may cure your hangover with a $10 pint of craft beer or a Bloody Mary during the Sunday happy hour from 12 PM to 3 PM.

    Northcote Social Club

    Northcote Social Club is a terrific place to spend an evening due to the presence of live music, delicious food and beverages, and friendly patrons place for Sunday afternoon drinks in Melbourne. In addition to being a hip hangout all week long, the Northcote Social Club is the place to be on Sunday afternoons thanks to their interactive jukebox events spots for a Sunday session in Melbourne.

    The Emerson

    The Emerson is a restaurant, club, and bar all rolled into one. It has a dimly lit booth area on the main floor, a rooftop with a cushioned deck for howling at the moon, and a basement with a steady stream of dance music.

    No, this isn't the neighbourhood watering hole. With its private booths overlooking the dance floor and lifts specifically made for individuals in evening wear, The Emerson is the perfect place to show off your glitzy new outfit. If it sounds like too much, there are daybeds, sun, and city views on the roof.


    Kewpie maintains the original's feel, but it has evolved since a fire in 2018. You may recognise the building by the massive Kewpie doll that decorates its facade. Nonetheless, once you step inside, you won't recognise it. The proprietor of the now-defunct Honkytonks and industrial decorator is responsible for the renovation, which maintains the same layout and the same subdued lighting that made it so tempting to linger there all night.

    The floor is dominated by a massive American wood horseshoe bar. Underfoot, you will find black and white travertine flooring with brass diagonals. Pale pink concrete booths now sit where worn out couches previously did.

    One of the most popular features of Bimbo's previous bar was his $4 pizza specials, which became legendary in the area. The current price of $5 per item is reasonable.

    Lucky Coq

    Lucky Coq, the sibling restaurant of Bimbo Deluxe, serves up greasy, low-cost pizza on Sundays. If you have a hangover but do want to socialise, this is the place to go. It's gloomy and secluded, the perfect place to recover from the night before. It's a different story upstairs, where the club atmosphere is thick and the dance floor awaits those who feel the urge to shake a leg.

    Revolver Sundays

    what are sunday sessions in melbourne3

    On a day of rest like Sunday, we don't give a damn about your opinion. This is a major emotional state. It's like a group of friendly, accepting folks who all share a desire to dance off the week. Throughout the summer, Revolver hosts a series of events called "Summer Sessions," featuring performances by various artists in the house, techno, electronica, and disco scenes. A word of caution, though: you won't be able to tell what time it is or even which day it is because of the thick curtains covering the windows.

    Garden State Hotel

    The new Lawn State Hotel in the Central Business District is enormous. There are four stories surrounding a light-filled atrium that descends to a speakeasy in the basement. Designers Order to provide necessary, who did similarly fantastic work on the Prahran, Bridge, and Terminus hotels, gave the entire room a glasshouse vibe by incorporating black steel, flora, and an aquarium's worth of glass.

    At all of the three bars, the friendly and quick-witted bartenders serve you ultra-safe beers like Lardy Yak and Obligations with regard, with an exceptional amber from McCracken's serving as the CUB's lone flavour standard bearer. It has a malty flavour but can still be easily smashed, making it a great pairing with any of the excellent whiskies available.

    They're so close to competing with the greatest restaurants in the city that they could win if they just took the extra time to perfect the balance between the complexity of their flavours and the quality of their presentation and service. In any case, the cocktails are significantly superior to those served in the average bar.

    We think Melbourne needs more than simply CUB beers, and the spirits selection is heavy on Bacardi. Nonetheless, I have faith that they'll eventually put the team's apparent expertise to good use by expanding the selection of beers and cocktails. On the other side, the wine is the best part. Share a meal of pickled octopus with some friends and wash it down with a glass of Thierry Gerard Chenin Blanc from Anjou, which is all salty honeycomb and hearts of palm.

    The protein on the sharing platters is piled high, and you get a variety of condiments and a stacks of milk buns so you can make your own masterpieces. If you're feeding a large company, this is a terrific value; but, the pork loin version is grossly under-seasoned, and you and your friends will have to resort to fork-fighting over the meagre pool of mayonnaise-soaked slaw. The grilling smoked raclette bagel at the Kiosk is a satisfying treat that you may enjoy all by yourself.

    Takeout is available, and it tastes as delicious as your hangover demands.

    Once content to merely serve as an after-work shooting gallery, the bars in the Central Business District (CBD) have recently begun to make serious attempts to provide a worthwhile entertainment option. It's a beautiful development, and the people who live in a city with such a stellar reputation for hospitality deserve it, what with all the visitors we get.


    Republica is the finest option when looking for a place to spend a Sunday night in Melbourne's nightlife. Come on down after 2 p.m. to listen to live music and try some of the finger foods, such fried chicken with jalapeño and lime mayonnaise or just shucked oysters, while gazing out at St. Kilda beach. Get a pitcher and Sangria, and you've got yourself a killer Melbourne Sunday session.

    Dr Morse

    Open from first thing in the morning until late at night, and you can honestly spend the whole day at

    Whenever the weather permits, Dr. Morse can be found making the move from the bar to the beer garden.

    It has the right mix of tunes, people, and energy to help you relax and settle into your workweek. Make sure you try one of their speciality drinks when you visit.

    The Grace Darling Hotel

    The Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood has emerged from its seedy background to become the epicentre of the northside's regular pub rituals, including beer alongside friends and delicious pub food.

    The pub's front bar, eating area, and underground gallery/function space all feature galleon-themed wallpaper to honour Grace's memory. Grace's upscale interpretation of traditional pub fare includes dishes like a ship rib-eye first from Hunter Valley and just a parma jazzed up with pancetta et provolone; she would definitely enjoy the local microbrew on tap. The Grace bedroom is a popular spot for parties and other social gatherings, as well as a regular stop on the regional gig circuit. The Grace Darling, a Melbourne institution that was renovated in 2009 by regulars of other famous local drinking holes, is on the cusp of becoming a true landmark.

    Baba Sus

    Located near the Burwood Train Station, the casual Baba Sus serves pan-Asian cuisine in a comfortable setting. This is better for a Sunday brunch session after a night out.

    There are several good beers, wines, and ciders to choose from, including Asahi, Trumer Pilsner, and Scarlet Pale Ale. The Hangover, a dish of Japanese braised pork belly, tea egg, and pickled ginger, is even available here.

    Northcote Social Club

    That bar right there is totally hipster. There is no way around it. No matter how you feel about just the cynical ugly sweater crowd, you can't help but be impressed with Northcote's resident musical prodigy. A pool table, a box shop, and an old carpet subtly scented with sweat and beer may be found in the front of a slightly sticky senior man's bar. The back wood deck is the largest and most inviting spot to relax.

    beer garden with the best heat in the neighbourhood, perfect for when you need some fresh air, sunshine, or a puff of smoke.

    There is no way to go wrong if you prefer your musicians in their clumsy/awesome youth. The band space can hold up to 300 people, so it could just as much be one man playing on keytar as Records. Someone urinating in the alley after 10 p.m. is not an uncommon sight, but if you go early enough in the day, you're more likely to see a respectable local.

    They even have activity bags and mini-meals for kids. You can get underground brie, vegan dumplings, and confit duck with violet mash if users want to go insane, although we've had both great and terrible experiences with these dishes depending on who's cooking as well as how busy they are. If it looks busy, you might want to order pizza form down the street, and if not, you could always share the cost of a jug of Boags or a ticket to a band you've never heard of with your friend for $30.


    Now that the days are becoming longer and warmer, it would be rude not to take advantage of Melbourne's Sunday sessions. These businesses don't simply operate during typical hours; they also provide a steady stream of good vibes with regular DJ sets, drink specials, and even free barbeques. Pintxos have been replaced by a more European-inspired mussels menu at Naked for Satan. The College Lawn Hotel is a fantastic spot for Sunday afternoon drinks and live music. FerdYDurke is the place to go for a good drink and a fair dosage of obscene fun.

    Their biggest enticement is the smell of hot pups and cheese toasties. Traditional Italian culture is honoured and celebrated in Joanie's Baretto. Guests at The Emerson have their choice of three distinct establishments: a restaurant, a nightclub, and a bar. On Sundays, the Northcote Social Club hosts lively jukebox sessions where patrons can participate in the music. On Sundays, you can get cheap, greasy pizza at Lucky Coq.

    A series of concerts known as "Summer Sessions" being held by Revolver every week this summer. When you've got the itch to get your groove on, Revolver is the place to be. Melbourne's new central business district hotel, the Lawn State, features three bars in addition to a speakeasy. You won't find average bar quality cocktails here; these are far superior. Eat some pickled octopus and drink some wine with some buddies.

    In a relaxing location not far from the Burwood Train Station, you'll find Baba Sus, where you can feast on dishes from all across Asia. You can spend the entire day in the beer garden of Dr. Morse, as it is open from morning until late at night. Pub classics like rib-eye first from Hunter Valley are elevated at the Grace Darling. It's possible that there will only be one man playing the keytar, but the band room can fit up to 300 people so Records isn't necessarily the limit. Subterranean brie, vegan dumplings, and confit duck with violet mash are just few of the dishes that may be ordered.

    Content Summary

    • Not all Melbourne landmarks are closed on Mondays, and a sunny Sunday afternoon is the ideal time to visit them.
    • Take a look at the Melbourne clubs that host Sunday jams.
    • For the past eight years, the basement bar at Naked for Satan has been serving appetisers served on sticks.
    • Wish to curl up by a fire and enjoy a Japanese artisan brew.
    • For those of legal drinking age who want a good drink and a hearty dose of risqué entertainment, Ferdydurke is the place to be.
    • Despite what anyone would assume, Joanie's Baretto has zero interest in following the latest fashion trends.
    • The Emerson has private booths that look out over the dance floor, as well as elevators designed for people wearing evening attire.
    • Located in the heart of the city, the brand-new Lawn State Hotel is a veritable behemoth.
    • We'd want to see a wider variety of alcoholic beverages, and not only more CUB beers and Bacardi spirits, in this Melbourne establishment.
    • When looking for a location to go out on a Sunday night in Melbourne, RepublicaRepublica is your best bet.
    • The front of a slightly sticky senior man's bar features a pool table, a box shop, and an old carpet faintly perfumed with perspiration and booze.
    • The largest and most alluring place to unwind is the wooden terrace in the back of the house.
    • When you need some fresh air, sunshine, or a puff of smoke, head to the beer garden in the neighbourhood with the best heat.
    • There's a good chance you'll encounter a drunken local urinating in the alley after 10 p.m., but if you go in the morning, you'll have a better chance of seeing a respectable resident.
    • They even supply kids with snack packs and entertainment materials.
    • It would be a good idea to order pizza from down the street if it appears busy, but if not, you and a friend can split the cost of a jug of Boags or a concert ticket to an unknown band (both of which will run you around $30 total).
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