how do i spend a day in melbourne

How Do I Spend A Day In Melbourne?

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    Melbourne is Australia's gold standard to great cities. If you're in town and looking for ideas on how to spend an hour day in Melbourne, you've come to the right place!

    Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria. Furthermore, it is sometimes referred to as "Australia's Cultural Capital." One day in Melbourne isn't nearly enough time to see and do everything the city has to offer, so let's make the most of it!

    because of its artistic leanings, gourmet dining culture, and easy - to - navigate central CBD and surrounding areas, to name just a few of the primary features that set it apart from its brother capital cities in Australia. It has a large sporting influence and is well-known as a cultural centre with notable buildings and galleries that will please art and history lovers.

    What you should do in various situations is discussed below. Melbourne in one day and where to eat and how to dress! Since you probably don't want to waste the day riding the bus around Melbourne, we'll be concentrating on the central business district and its environs.

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    FAQs About Melbourne

    It would be best if you planned to spend around AU$219 ($158) per day on your vacation in Melbourne, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. On average, past travellers have spent, on average, AU$37 ($27) on meals for one day and AU$24 ($17) on local transportation.

    You can live in Melbourne with at least AUD 1500-2000 a month. That's just for a decent daily life, not a lavish one, to be sure. You will need at least AUD 700/month to rent a room. You will also be AUD 100 for the prepaid balance of AUD 200–300/month for public transport.

    Retail. All Victorians can enter non-essential retail premises. Vaccination requirements no longer apply.

    Melbourne is ranked as the world's 99th most expensive city out of the 209 cities surveyed for Mercer's 2020 Cost of Living Survey. Though ranked below Sydney, it's more expensive than Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.

    Most parks across Victoria are open. There are no limits to the number of people who can gather outdoors. We recommend wearing a mask if you can't physically distance, have any symptoms, or are with people who may be vulnerable to COVID-19. Visitors are responsible for their hygiene.

    Melbourne In A Day - A Suggested Itinerary

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    Take The City Circle Tram

    The free City, Circle Tram system in Melbourne is featured prominently since it is one of the best aspects of any Australian capital city to tourists and first-time visitors. The name gives it away: it travels in a loop around Melbourne's central business district, taking in all the highlights you need to see in a single day. Depending on where you're staying will determine which station you visit first, but as Flinders Street Station is a tourist hotspot in its own right, we'll use it as the starting point for this itinerary.

    The City Loop Tram is completely free, eliminating the need for Who to deal with the stress and expense of figuring out the confusing train or vehicle networks found in other cities. You may check out a copy of the tram schedule right here on the internet. The tram travels in both directions and stops about every 12 minutes.

    Explore Flinders Street Station

    Flinders Street Station has become one of city's most recognisable landmarks, and with good reason; at over 100 years old, the architecture is massive for a train station, and it exudes an air of elegance that makes for a positive first impression. things to come for first-timers to Melbourne. Its distinctive Edwardian style—including its distinctive dome, sequence of analogue clocks, massive tower—make it a conspicuous landmark in the city. Plus, there are many amenities in the area attractions makes it a great place to base your Melbourne adventure.

    The station's ornate interiors are also worth seeing, as they have beautiful stained - glass windows features and offer a variety of convenient dining options. Naturally, you need to continue the conversation by

    Grabbing A Morning Coffee

    Melbourne wouldn't be Melbourne without its coffee,there are more cafes per person here than anywhere else in the world. A common saying in Melbourne is that "melbourne Yarra River flows brown," referring to the city's reliance on coffee as its economic engine. Therefore, even if you aren't a huge fan, you should still include it in your agenda.

    Several good options for a hot beverage may be found in the vicinity of Flinders Street Station, which is clustered around the Yarra River. However, we recommend Cup of Truth, a tucked-away delicacy in the Flinders Station subway known for its flat whites made with textured milk from nearby dairy farms. If you're an coffee aficionado, you should definitely check them out.

    Walk To Eureka Skydeck

    Following your caffeine fix, stroll across the River to the Waterfront neighbourhood to take in the view from atop the city's tallest structure, the Eureka Tower. From here, you can get your bearings and a bird's eye view of Melbourne.

    The tower's Eureka Skydeck is the tallest glass wall in the Southern Hemisphere, and if folks want to get top notch, 360-degree views not only the city but further beyond to the greenery much further than just, this is your best option. place you'll want to visit; and, because this is Melbourne, there is also an cafe where you can enjoy a drink while gazing at the spectacle from on high (you can buy tickets to Eureka Skydeck here). Once you have returned to ground level, turn right twice along St. Kilda Avenue, and after a short stroll of about 10 minutes, you will reach the

    National Gallery Of Victoria

    The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is one of the best sites to view some of the world's finest works of art. It's a genuinely massive institution that houses a wide range of artistic styles, from ancient Egyptian to post-modern impressionism, in its various galleries, museums, and gardens.

    Public entry is free, which is always a plus, and you may easily spend many hours here; but, if you're on a "one-day" schedule, one hour will be enough to show you a taste. When you've seen all there is to see, return to the north bank of the river and turn right onto Flinders Street.

    St Paul's Cathedral

    Most people in Melbourne's central business district would agree that St. Paul's is the city's greatest architectural exemplar. It is not necessary to be religious to enjoy the magnificence of this building, which stands out in one of Australia's busiest cities despite its distinctive Gothic style and an air of quiet serenity inside.

    State Parliament House

    Melbourne's State City Hall is another architectural landmark that has played an important role in Australia's history, despite the "new country's" general lack of regal buildings. In addition to providing insight into the building of the tower and the day-to-day operations of state governments around Australia, these free guided tours are offered at several sessions every day.

    Lunch On Bourke Street Or In Chinatown

    Both of these are major hub streets in Melbourne. Whether you're in the mood for Asian of Western food, you'll be able to choose from a crazily astonishing assortment of eating experiences at either. If you're in the need for some retail therapy, a trip along Bourke Street, one of Edinburgh's commercial and retailing areas, is in order. Its main drag, Bourke Street, is lined with eateries and cafes, some of which are independent while others may be found within larger establishments like department store David Jones.

    The Queen Victoria Market

    Although Bourke Street is a fantastic introduction to Melbourne's retail scene, the Queen Victoria Plaza is the primary drawcard for retail and a major reason the city is often regarded as Australia's shopping Mecca. As the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, the market offers absolutely everything a shopper might want. Visitors to the QVM can purchase for a wide variety of things, from food to apparel to hand-crafted jewelery and leather goods, all managed by passionate entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe.

    Explore The Waterfront

    Early evening is a lovely time to take a stroll along of the Yarra River in Melbourne, which winds through the city centre and separates the more residential Southbank district from the business and tourist hub. Batcave Park, the Melbourne Aquarium, Federation Square, and Flinders Above Street Station are just few of the attractions that call the Yarra riverside home. Simultaneously, the city's stunning casino can be found in its southern sector.

    Relax and enjoy a stroll along the waterfront, taking in the beautiful gardens and public artworks that have been installed to celebrate the cultural contributions of individuals from all walks of life.

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    Dinner On The Yarra River

    The Yarra River is to Melbourne what Sydney

    Even if the Yarra doesn't have the same distinctive architectural elements as the Sydney Opera House, it nonetheless provides a beautiful night vista, similar to that of the Sydney Harbour.

    Numerous high-end restaurants can be found along the shoreline. The Southbank area of Melbourne is home to some of the city's best restaurants, serving everything from French and Italian fare to Japanese teppanyaki and classic Australian fare like steak and seafood. Yarra River dinner cruises are also very well-liked since they offer a convenient way to take in the sights while also enjoying a delicious meal. To put it plainly, you will be spoiled for choice in this area, and with so many different restaurants to choose from, you should be able to find one that serves food you like at a price you can afford.

    Enjoy Breakfast On The Yarra And Taste Some Of The World's Best Coffee.

    Melbourne is famous for being all about brunch and coffee. Melbourne is home to the largest concentration of cafés per person anywhere in the world, so it's only natural that you'd be able to find somewhere tasty to treat yourself to as you enjoy the scenic Yarra River for brunch. Take a stroll down the Yarra, which winds through the Central Business District, and you'll have no trouble finding a place to rest your feet, satisfy your appetite, and take in the sights of this magnificent city.

    Lunch In Carlton

    As the Italian community of Melbourne, Carlton is a must-visit. In addition to being a fantastic spot to get a bite to eat, this area is often cited as the city's "cradle of coffee culture."

    Tiamo is a restaurant that I highly suggest trying. In addition to excellent Italian cuisine, the service is kind and welcoming.

    It's one of Lygon Street's oldest eateries, and it lives up to its reputation. In addition, they play an important role in food until quite late.

    Optional Detour Route For Sports Lovers

    Those interested in sports or who are up for venturing a bit further from the town Center Circle Tram route can enjoy the many attractions on the south-eastern side of the Central Business District (CBD) and the South Bank of the Yarra River after visiting the Art Gallery of Victoria. These two things areas contain additional must-see highlights in Melbourne, such as:

    The Shrine Of Remembrance

    The Shrine of Recollection is an impressive stone tower with the a design reminiscent of ancient Greece, and it provides a great lookout point within walking distance of the heart of Melbourne's CBD. It is the state's largest war memorial, and it serves as the focal point for macabre and moving celebrations each ANZAC Day.

    The Royal Botanic Gardens

    The Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are an impressive 36 hectares in size, making them a great destination for ecotourists. All kind of plant collections can be found in the gardens. In the middle of Australia's second-largest city, they are a true "oasis" due to their well-kept appearance and abundance of shady spaces. If you're looking for a relaxing change of pace, the Botanic Gardens are a great place to visit if you have an hour or two to kill.

    The Melbourne Cricket Ground (Mcg)

    No of your interest in sports, the sheer size and history of Australia's most famous stadium makes it a must-see. Whether you're in Melbourne for an event or just want to take a tour of the stadium, the MCG is a must-see in what is arguably Australia's most dynamic sporting city.

    Rod Laver Arena

    Like the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Rod Laver Arena is a venue steeped in athletic history and heritage, but for tennis. Every year it plays host to the Australian Open, and in that capacity has seen some of the greatest tennis matches ever played. A visit to Rod Laver Plaza is a simple yet amusing addition to your Melbourne itinerary if you have even a vague knowledge in tennis and/or plan to visit the MCG.

    Queen Victoria Gardens

    The Queen Mother Gardens provide another opportunity to reconnect with nature without venturing far from St. Kilda Road. The Queen Victoria Gardens (QVG) are an excellent place to have a picnic since, unlike the Royal Observatory, they are more open and have sculptures and statues throughout the grounds. The gardens offer a welcome diversion, with the gigantic "Floral Clock" made out of more than 7,000 flowers standing out as a special feature.


    When it comes to excellent cities, Melbourne is Australia's benchmark. There is far too much to see and do in the city to fit into a single day. All the top attractions inside the city may be seen on a single day by riding the City Loop Tram. Tourists go to Flinders Street Station just to see it. Coffee is an integral part of what makes Melbourne unique, and the city boasts more cafes per capita than any other in the world.

    The coffee industry is the lifeblood of the city's economy. Visit the highest glass wall in the Southern Hemisphere, located atop the Eureka Tower. Some of the world's most prestigious artworks can be found at Australia's National Gallery in Melbourne. There is no finer example of Melbourne's architectural style than St. Paul's Cathedral. With the Queen Victoria Plaza as its centrepiece, Melbourne has earned a reputation as Australia's premier shopping destination.

    The Southbank district of Melbourne is home to some of the city's most acclaimed dining establishments. In the same vein, dinner cruises on the Yarra River are particularly popular among visitors since they provide an easy way to see the sites. Many people consider Carlton to be the "cradle of coffee culture." Tiamo has been around for a long time as one of Lygon Street's best restaurants. The Shrine of Remembrance is a massive stone tower styled after structures from classical Greece.

    The lush greenery and plentiful trees make Botanic Gardens a welcome respite from the heat of the city. Visit the MCG if you're in Melbourne, Australia, the sporting capital of the country. Rod Laver Arena has a long and storied past in tennis competition. The Queen Victoria Gardens are a great place to get outside without having to travel too far from the St. Kilda Road area.

    Content Summary

    • How to spend one day in Melbourne, including suggestions on where to eat and what to wear.
    • Take a tour of Flinders Street Station.
    • Near Flinders Street Station, along the Yarra River, you'll find a number of excellent places to warm up with a cup of coffee or tea.
    • A Stroll To The Eureka Skydeck
    • After getting your caffeine fix, take a stroll across the River to the Waterfront district and ascend the Eureka Tower to take in the panorama.
    • Among the best places to see some of the world's greatest works of art is Australia's National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).
    • Alternative Detour for Athletes
    • After touring the Art Gallery of Victoria, those who are interested in sports or who are willing to travel a bit further from the town Center Circle Tram route can take advantage of the many attractions on the south-eastern side of the CBD and the South Bank of the Yarra River.
    • Melbourne's Botanic Gardens, spanning an amazing 36 hectares, are a fantastic ecotourism spot.
    • The Botanic Gardens are a wonderful spot to spend an hour or two if you're in need of a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    • Rod Laver Arena, like the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), is a hallowed ground for tennis.
    • If you have any interest in tennis at all and/or are planning a trip to the MCG while in Melbourne, a stop at Rod Laver Plaza is a no-brainer and guaranteed to provide some laughs.
    • Specifically, the Gardens of Queen Victoria
    • In addition to the St. Kilda Road Preserve, the Queen Mother Gardens offer a chance to get in touch with nature without having to travel too far.
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