what are the best things to do alone in melbourne

What Are The Best Things To Do Alone In Melbourne?

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    Melbourne is among the safest and friendliest big cities in the world for solo travellers. You could spend a week here and never get bored, there's that much to see and do.

    You'll find below some suggestions for things to do and when to go in Melbourne, Australia, when you're travelling alone as a woman.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    • Shopping in Melbourne, Australia.
    • Hopetoun Tea Rooms for Breakfast.
    • Wander through The Block Arcade.
    • Take a Stroll Through the Melbourne CBD.
    • Check out Flinders Street Station.
    • Admire Some Street Art.
    • Take a Relaxing Cruise On the Yarra River.
    • Stroll through the Carlton Gardens.
    • Take a Street Art Tour.
    • Catch a Moonlight Movie in the Park.
    • Wander Queen Victoria Market.
    • Visit the State Library of Victoria. 
    • Take the City Circle Tram.
    • Relax in Federation Square. 
    • Visit the National Gallery of Victoria. 
    • Wander the Royal Botanic Gardens.


    Travelling solo will give you a sense of independence. It is nice and almost makes you feel alive and capable. Going on a solo trip would be especially helpful to someone who has lived at home all their life or hasn't properly had to look after themselves before.

    • Get to know yourself.
    • Do things YOU love doing.
    • Have a creative project.
    • It's okay to be reflective and even sad when alone.
    • Take a break from social media.
    • Give yourself transition time.
    • Acknowledge the times you crave your own space.

    Time spent alone is time spent with your thoughts. It's a mindfulness practice. Many of us have grown increasingly afraid to be left alone with our thoughts in the modern world. Making time to be alone intentionally is a wonderful way to have a great internal conversation with yourself.

    Explore The City With The Free Hop-On-Hop-Off Trams.

    The tram network in Melbourne's CBD and Docklands is free to use for anybody travelling inside those areas. To hop on and off for free, just stick to these designated areas. You can get to know Melbourne and its key attractions—the Botanic Gardens, the Melbourne Zoo, and Melbourne Museum, and the Queen Victoria Market—at no cost by riding the city's free trams.

    Hop just on 35 Free Tram, a tourist route that stops at the best sights with in city's outer circle and, as an added benefit, has a recorded commentary to assist you on your journey. To that end, it's a great guide for first-time visitors to Melbourne. The loop begins in Federation Square and returns down Flinders Street. There are no restrictions on your vacation time, and you can explore the entire downtown area whenever you choose. You can pick up a free tram table below summarizes of Melbourne at the information centre or get one by clicking the link.

    Visit Melbourne For A First Orientation Walk.

    For those who are visiting Melbourne for the first time and are doing it alone, this is an excellent starting point. Volunteers will lead you on a free orientation tour around Federation Square, but you'll need to sign up just at visitor centre first. This daily, no-cost stroll happens rain or shine.

    Fitzroy Gardens Offers A Free Guided Walk.

    It's hard to find a better free guided walk in Melbourne than the one offered in Fitzroy Gardens. They routinely take place every Saturday at 10:00 AM, and they educate the public about local history, nature, & wildlife. You may get there from the heart of the city on trams 75 and 48. And the Fitzroy resource center should be your first destination.

    Acmi's Website


    ACMI showcases a variety of moving image media at its Federation Square location through exhibitions, festival, films, and exceptional creative and instructional courses. Therefore, even if you aren't usually interested in the arts, We think you'll being pleasantly pleased if you give this a try This is a need to in Melbourne, offering unique opportunities to engage with moving picture.

    Take Self-Guided Walks In Melbourne.

    There are seven separate trails that can be explored independently. In addition, they are all fascinating in their own ways. All of the self-guided excursions in the city are included, from strolls along Southbank's coastline to visits towards the city's historic buildings, parks, and bridges and sculptures.

    At Federation Square, You Can Unwind.

    It will serve as your hub from which you may explore the rest of the city of Melbourne. Just across the street from Ormond Street Station is an expansive public plaza home to cafes, museums, & free WiFi. This building housed Melbourne's main tourist information desk before renovations. Live coverage of public celebrations and big events, like the Australian Open, are frequently aired from this Melbourne square.

    The Melbourne Visitor Centre Is A Must-see.

    Obtain your Melbourne Guide, a free and valuable resource. In order to make the most of your time in Melbourne, be sure to check out the city's What's On website. It's worth noting that the Visitor Centre is moved from Union Square to 90-130 Swanston Street, right on the crossroads of Little Collins & Swanston streets.

    Visit The Arts Centre In Melbourne.

    go to the arts centre melbourne

    An Arts Centre Melbourne is a must-see for everyone in Melbourne with even a passing interest in the arts. Art exhibitions are frequently hosted for free and within easy walking distance of Union Square.

    Relax At Victoria's State Library.

    Tourists travelling alone in Melbourne often congregate at the State Library. It's one of their favourite locations to hang out since there's always something fresh to explore, whether it be an exhibit, an book, a seat inside the reading room, or the excellent free Wi-Fi. Taking it easy like this is one of Melbourne's finest pastimes.

    Visit the Historic Churches Of Melbourne.

    In recent decades, Melbourne has seen the construction of many new cathedrals including St. Paul's & St. Patrick's. Additionally, every Wednesday at 1:00 PM, St. Michael Church hosts a free keyboard recital (on Collins Street). Things to do while out and about on your own in the city.

    Laneways And Arcades In Melbourne

    The Melbourne Laneways in Malls & Indoor Malls are well-known worldwide. Historical neighbourhoods are not only one of the town's most defining characteristics, but also offer a one-of-a-kind walking experience. The excitement, vitality, and novelty of being in the know. Coffeehouses and vibrant city street art can be found in close proximity to unique stores, cosy dive bars, & innovative eateries. The city has more than 180 lanes, only a small percentage of which have been turned into attractive public spaces.

    Fantastic Ocean Road And Rainforest Adventure

    Its Great Ocean Road is a scenic highway that guests can drive along to experience the spectacular scenery of the coastline and ancient lush woods along its more than 200 miles (125 miles) of length. The 12 Apostles are a group of rock formations that attract visitors for more reasons than just the beach, wild wombats, and stunning scenery. A few of the attractions of such a trip would be to go on a guided hike in the rainforest, learn about the rich history of the Memorial Arch, take a stroll along the beach, and look for wild racoons in their natural habitat.

    Three-Hour Culinary Walking Tour In Melbourne

    On this three-hour gourmet stroll through Melbourne's Central Business District, guests can learn about the city's history and culture while sampling some of the city's best cuisine. In addition, less touristy spots are great places to strike up conversations with natives. Some of the best parts of a trip in Melbourne are taking part in the city's alternate scenes, sampling the city's multicultural food, and sipping exquisite coffee brewed by expert baristas. Grand 19th-century arcades and colourful mural-adorned alleyways draw visitors as well. Don't forget to meet me on the steps of a Melbourne GPO on Bourke Street.

    1.5-Hour Melbourne Ghost Tour

    Now more than ever, you can use time travel to see Victorian-era Melbourne. This 1.5-hour tour takes you to some of the city's most infamous locations. The city's ghosts, ruins, and hidden passages will all be open for visitors to investigate. Other infamous Melburnians, such Jack le Ripper and also the opera diva who fell to her death from a balcony, are also discussed. We recommend arranging a meeting in front of the Melbourne Tourist Centre's iconic "I."

    Cricket Ground In Melbourne

    Tours of a Melbourne Cricket Ground allow guests to walk the hallowed turf where cricketing greats have competed. One of the most effective ways to learn understand Melbourne's thriving sporting culture is to visit one of the world's most famous stadiums. The trip includes stops at various highlights, such as the Large Room, library, tapestry, Ron Collins Entertainment System, and pictures of cricket greatest players Sir Donald Established its business , Sachin Tendulkar.

    Highlights Of A 2-Hour River Cruise In Melbourne

    Take a ride down the Yarra River and see Melbourne's iconic sites in a whole new light during this relaxing 40-minute excursion. Passengers can unwind on the sundeck while the boat glides downstream on the River Near, passing sights such as the British Crown Event Venue as well as the Governor's Residence. One of the best parts of the tour will be the informative on-board narration about Melbourne's history. Up to September 11th, 2018, the meeting place is at Fellow Member Quay on the Southbank promenade. Beginning on September 12 at pier number five in the Southgate Arts & Entertainment Precinct, just at Melbourne River Cruises ticket desk.

    Tickets To The Eureka Skydeck

    eureka skydeck

    Both the daytime range panorama and the nighttime cityscape of Melbourne are breathtaking. All the action occurs just on 61st floor of a Eureka Skydeck. From this vantage point, the views of the Drakensberg are breathtaking. Throughout the Southern Hemisphere, this lift holds the record for fastest speed. There is no requirement to buy The Angle Experience, but it is recommended.

    Tour By Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus

    Hop-on, hop-off tours are a convenient way for visitors to any city to see as much as possible. It assists tourists in setting priorities so that they may spend their limited vacation time seeing the most important sites. The bus routes available to guests are slightly different. More visitors can enjoy the scenery and take it easy just on observation deck because certain tickets are valid for 48 hours. While visitors are encouraged to start their tour at Federation Square, boarding is possible at any of the stops along the route.

    Puffing Billy Steam Train Dandenong Ranges Tour

    Through the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, visitors can ride the most popular steam train. In 1900, the Puffing Billy tourist railway was built to transport riders across some of Victoria's finest picturesque landscapes. We will be providing delicious Devonshire tea to harken back to the days of steam transport. Some of the journey's highlights include the Sherbrook Forest and its scarlet rosella parrots, travelling through lovely villages, and visiting not Sassafras but rather Olinda.

    Flinders Street Station Can Be Found Here.

    Flinders Street Station, near the crossroads of Flinders & Swanston streets, has been serving the neighborhood's residents since 1854. It is still in operation today and is the lifeblood of the Australian rail network, attracting many visitors. The entrance doorway's line of clocks is a local landmark, so make sure you check them out on your next trip to Melbourne.

    Enjoy Some Artwork

    Since it first welcomed visitors in 1972, this Ian Potter Art Museum has become a must-see attraction for art lovers in Melbourne. Neolithic-era artefacts share space with contemporary pieces within. Whether you're a creative thinker on the lookout for inspiration or a casual art lover, a visit to the Ian Harry National Gallery must be made.

    A Tasmanian Devil And A Kangaroo

    It's essential to see some of the native animals while in Australia. Moonlight Sanctuary Nature Park is the best place to see a Tasmanian Devil inside its natural habitat because it only houses animals that are endemic to Australia. The refuge is also home to kangaroos, marsupials, pythons, and other other exotic creatures. The Tasmanian devil has the most impressive menagerie of any mammal, but it's best to give it some space.

    Observe Sports

    Melbourne takes great pride in its athletic history and is a paradise for athletes and sports fans. Let's say you happen to be in town for the Melbourne Cup, Go see the races in person at the tracks or at one of the numerous bars that are displaying the events. In this way, you may combine a visit to the sounds and sights with a little wagering fun. If you are unable to get to Melbourne in time to attend the Melbourne Cup, you need not miss out on the city's plethora of athletic activities. The Melbourne Cricket Pitch is a fantastic venue for both cricket and Australian Football League (AFL) matches, two of the nation's most beloved sports.

    Go Cycling

    One of the best ways to take in a city and its surroundings is from the saddle of a bicycle. Melbourne is a delight for cyclists thanks to its flat topography and abundance of great routes. Explore Melbourne's best-known landmarks while pedalling along the scenic Yarra Valley or by following the path of the disused train line through wineries and fields. With so many bike lanes, Melbourne is a breeze to explore on two wheels.

    Explore Harbour Town

    Not interested in making preparations and would rather sightsee on foot instead? Harbour Town might be the perfect destination for you if it describes you. Harbour Town is a popular tourist destination due to the abundance of dining options, nightlife venues, and retail establishments found there. There are souvenir shops, movie theatres, and maybe even restaurants all in one place.

    Take A Boat Tour

    A ride down the Yarra River is an unusual way to view Melbourne. If you want to view Melbourne from a different perspective, hop on a boat and set sail from Southbank Promenade towards Port Phillip Bay. The ferry operates seven days a week, providing passengers with a unique vantage point of Melbourne's picturesque waterfront bay and cityscape. In addition to seeing the sites on land, you may do so while meeting new people on a cruise through Melbourne.

    View The Sunset

    Seeing Melbourne's romantic side can be done solo. Sunrises at Swan St. Bridge are beautiful whether you're with yourself or in a group. It's an unique and wonderful thing to wake up when most of the world is still asleep.

    Obtain A Good View

    View Melbourne from above at the Venetian Towers' Melbourne Viewing Platform. The Rialto Tower on Collins Street is the southern hemisphere's tallest building, offering a panoramic view of up to 60 kilometres in every direction.

    Take a ride just on Melbourne Star, a well-liked attraction, to see the city from 120 m in the air. This huge viewing wheel inside the Docklands provides 360-degree views of Victoria and its busy port in just 30 minutes. As you travel, listen to an audio guide played in-cabin to have a deeper understanding of the sites you pass.


    When it comes to major cities, Melbourne is among the safest and nicest in the world for lone travellers. You can get a free city tour by riding the Hop-On-Hop-Off Trams and going on a free guided walk through Fitzroy Gardens. A free orientation tour of Federation Square and the Fitzroy resource centre will be provided by friendly volunteers. Your vacation time is completely flexible, and you can visit any part of the central business district at any time. Federation Square is home to ACMI, where the public can view and interact with a wide range of moving image media.

    Melbourne's Federation Square serves as a starting point for many self-guided itineraries around the city. If you're ever in Melbourne, stop by the city's Tourist Centre and check out the What's On page. Get out and see Melbourne's Arts Centre.

    Everyone visiting Melbourne who has even a passing interest in the arts should make time to visit the Arts Centre Melbourne. Melbourne's Historic Churches and the State Library of Victoria are great places to unwind. Arcades and laneways in shopping centres and indoor malls are famous all over the globe. Visitors can drive along the more than 200 kilometres (125 km) of the Great Ocean Road and Rainforest Adventure to take in the breathtaking views of the coast and the old, lush woods. More than only the beach, wild wombats, and picturesque scenery draw tourists to the area around the 12 Apostles. The Central Business District of Melbourne is the perfect place to learn about the city's history and culture while enjoying some of the greatest local cuisine on a three-hour gourmet walking tour.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're travelling on your own, Melbourne is one of the safest and nicest major cities in the world.
    2. There is so much to see and do that a week here would fly by.
    3. The following are some recommendations for female alone travellers in Melbourne, Australia.
    4. The city's free "Hop-On, Hop-Off" trams are a great way to get around.
    5. Within the Melbourne Central Business District and Docklands, using the tram network is free.
    6. Stay within these lines to board and disembark without paying.
    7. Tram rides in Melbourne are free of charge, so there's no excuse not to get to know the city and its top attractions like the Botanic Gardens, the Melbourne Zoo, the Melbourne Museum, and the Queen Victoria Market.
    8. Take the convenient and free 35 Tram, which makes stops at the city's finest attractions within the outer ring and also features an informative recorded commentary.
    9. So, it is an excellent resource for those who are planning their first trip to Melbourne.
    10. Federation Square is the starting point for the loop, while Flinders Street is the route taken back.
    11. Whilst on vacation, you are free to come and go from downtown as you choose.
    12. You can acquire a free tram table like the one below summarising Melbourne's public transportation system by visiting the city's information centre.
    13. Fly to Melbourne and spend some time getting acquainted with the city on foot.
    14. This would be a great jumping off point for first-time solo travellers to Melbourne.
    15. Federation Square offers a free orientation tour led by volunteers, but you must register at the visitor centre first.
    16. This free daily walk takes place no matter the weather.
    17. There is a free guided tour of Fitzroy Gardens.
    18. It would be difficult to find a finer free guided walk in Melbourne than the one provided by Fitzroy Gardens.
    19. On the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m., these events are held to teach the community about the region's rich history, natural beauty, and diverse wildlife.
    20. Trams 75 and 48 can take you there from the downtown area.
    21. Of particular note is the Fitzroy information hub, which should serve as your initial stop.
    22. Federation Square is home to ACMI's exhibitions, festivals, films, and extraordinary creative and instructional courses showcasing a wide range of moving image media.
    23. We believe that if you give this a shot, even if you aren't normally into the arts, you'll have a pleasant experience. For residents of Melbourne, this is an absolute must, as it provides a rare chance to interact with moving images.
    24. You may explore Melbourne on your own by going on walks around the city.
    25. You can go off on your own and explore any one of seven pathways.
    26. They each have their own unique appeal as well.
    27. You can take a stroll along the water's edge in Southbank or head towards the city's historic buildings, parks, bridges, and sculptures on your own time.
    28. You may take it easy at Federation Square.
    29. It will act as a jumping-off point from which you may discover the rest of Melbourne.
    30. There is a large public plaza with cafes, museums, and free WiFi just across the street from Ormond Street Station.
    31. Before its recent makeover, this facility served as Melbourne's primary tourist information centre.
    32. This Melbourne plaza is commonly used as the broadcast location for live coverage of public celebrations and major events like the Australian Open.
    33. Do not miss out on seeing the Melbourne Tourist Centre.
    34. To help you out, we're offering a free and invaluable resource called the Melbourne Guide.
    35. Melbourne's What's On website is a must-visit if you want to make the most of your time in the city.
    36. The new location of the Visitor Centre is at 90-130 Swanston Street, near the corner of Little Collins and Swanston streets.
    37. Every Melbournian with even a passing interest in the arts should make their way to the Arts Centre Melbourne.
    38. Union Square is home to many free art exhibits that are conveniently located nearby.
    39. The State Library is a popular meeting place for solo foreign visitors to Melbourne.
    40. Whether it's a new exhibit, book, reading room chair, or the fantastic free Wi-Fi, the library is a popular hangout spot for them.
    41. St. Paul's and St. Patrick's are only two of the many new cathedrals built in Melbourne in recent decades.
    42. Also, there is a free keyboard recital held at St. Michael Church every Wednesday at 1:00 PM (on Collins Street).
    43. Melbourne's Alleys and Shopping Malls Everyone knows about the Melbourne Laneways in Malls and Indoor Malls.
    44. Walking around the town's historic districts is like nothing other, and it also serves as one of the town's defining traits.
    45. The thrill, vigour, and freshness of breaking news.
    46. Nearby one may find a variety of one-of-a-kind shops, cosy dive bars, and creative dining options, all within walking distance of the city's famous street art and coffeehouses.
    47. Of the city's more than 180 lanes, only a small fraction have been transformed into aesthetically pleasing public spaces.
    48. Exciting Journey Over The Great Ocean Road And Into The Jungle Guests can drive along the Great Ocean Road, a picturesque highway that stretches for almost 200 kilometres (125 miles), to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean and ancient, lush forests.
    49. More than only the beach, wild wombats, and picturesque scenery draw tourists to the area around the 12 Apostles.
    50. A guided hike into the rainforest, exploring the Memorial Arch's deep history, strolling along the beach, and searching for wild racoons would all be highlights of such a trip.
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