what is the lifestyle in melbourne

What Is The Lifestyle In Melbourne?

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    For overseas students, the employment opportunities in Melbourne are vast. There are a wide variety of opportunities here, so you can find part-time job to supplement your education or embark on a career that could lead to a longer stay.

    Finding your second job in a foreign country can be intimidating, especially if you have no idea how the market functions, what companies are looking for, or how your role may differ from a position with the same title in your home country.

    Melbourne is a great city to find work because businesses are accustomed to and welcoming of international students.

    International students may first feel some trepidation about the job market. You can work 20 hours per week with a student visa. As a rule, this entails taking on a part-time position. Good news: part-time work in Melbourne is now on the rise and currently accounts for 32 percent of all occupations in the city. Numerous factors may be at play here, including a growing need from businesses for adaptable workers and an increase in the availability of temporary positions. This shift is beneficial for you in any case.

    If you're looking for work in this area, the best strategy is to have a constructive outlook and learn the ropes of the local job market.

    Students should take advantage of internships and part-time work opportunities to gain as much relevant work experience in Australia as they can while still in school. Your resume will benefit from any and all relevant experience in this area.

    Non-native speakers should look for employment that would give them opportunities to practise and perfect their English language skills. Jobs in shopping and hospitality, for instance, require constant interaction with a diverse clientele. Since you have a global perspective, this is certainly one of the primary concerns of a prospective employer.

    You will stand out from the competition for jobs in your field if you are fluent in Australian English and have strong communication abilities.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Though the Australian media paints Melbourne as a dangerous place in terms of crime, the city itself is considered one of the safest places to live globally. There is a large police presence, and violent crimes are rare. Instead, theft and fraud are the two most common offences.

    In Australia, humans are not the only potential threat to your safety. Sharks are found in the waters around Victoria, but attacks are rare. Poisonous spiders and snakes are an unusual but possible sight throughout the city, and you should always be careful in wooded areas with lots of leaves and rocks. Again, it would help if you did not worry, as it is rare to be bitten. If you are, you should seek medical attention immediately.

    Melbourne is Australia's most liveable city and the world's second most liveable place behind Vienna in Austria. So it is no surprise that experts rank Melbourne so highly when you consider the combination of what it offers residents.

    Melbourne's culture is vibrant and alive. A city that incites inspiration, it's a melting pot of creativity expressed in its arts, design, fashion and events. From theatre shows and live music to comedy clubs and fashion shows, Victoria celebrates a vibrant artistic culture, ready to be explored.

    Australia's lifestyle is laidback, sure, but there's nothing that excites an Aussie more than sport. Australia's sporting culture has been passed through generations, making for a population deeply invested in cricket, rugby, Australian Rules Football, soccer, tennis and more.

    Beautiful skies, the unpredictable climate, trams, cafes, the Yarra River, everything about Melbourne is captivating. The most European metropolis amongst all Australian cities, Melbourne enjoyed the title of the world's most liveable city for seven consecutive years, from 2011 to 2017.

    Living In Melbourne

    Many people can only fantasise of having a life like the one in Melbourne. Amazing, bright murals adorn the walls of the city's streets, showcasing the stunning buildings and verdant parks that can be found there. This city is full of eccentric attractions, so you'll never be bored. There's always something new to try, from the local cuisine to the hilarious comedy shows and beautiful parks.

    If you have decided to create a new life in Australia, Melbourne will be high on your list of cities to live in.

    The state capital of Victoria, this city is known for its high cost of living and vibrant cultural scene. With its beautiful beaches, thriving economy, and world-class dining, visitors rarely leave this city.

    While most new arrivals to Melbourne find it simple to settle in, locals extend a warm welcome to those from other countries, and this book offers advice for newcomers to the city. Discover the city's culture and cost of living, as well as how to navigate the local rental market, healthcare system, and public transportation system. Fear about venomous snakes and spiders? The city's safety section can put your mind at ease.

    Melbourne is a friendly and laidback city with the warm and friendly characteristics of Australian society that are so appreciated by foreigners. According to Time Out, it is the happiest city in the world in 2018. Expats should feel welcome in Melbourne, given more than half of the city's population was born in a different country.

    Due to its large immigrant population, unique "laneways" (small streets filled with businesses and artwork), and extensive museum and gallery collections, the city has earned the title of "culture capital" of Australia.

    Every weekend also be used for other purposes when living in this city, which is convenient given the city's location near the island's southernmost point.

    Standard Of Living

    Standard of life for expats is high in Melbourne. You may need to plan ahead for entertainment expenses if your income is limited. The city's housing stock, transit network, and medical and educational facilities, however, are all of exceptionally high quality.

    Why Choose Melbourne Instead Of One Of Australia's Other Cities?

    As Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne is an exceptional place if we want to give anyone a chance at survival. Besides having a tonne of things to do on a daily basis, Sydney is also astonishingly secure for a major city. The inhabitants, like the rest of Australia, are easygoing and appreciative of all people.

    why choose melbourne

    That's why it's unusual to hear of someone being harassed in Melbourne, no matter the moment of day or where they happen to be. Although it's always preferable to play it safe, there's really not much to worry around in Melbourne.

    After all, Melbourne had earned its title as "the most desirable city."

    Nature And Architecture

    If you enjoy being outside, you will absolutely adore Melbourne. Whether you're into architecture or just want to get away from the city for a while, you'll find enough to see.

    Melbourne's great Victorian structures from the 19th century and its modern skyscrapers from the 20th century make for a stunning architectural contrast. The Royal Ontario Buildings the Carlton Gardens are only two of the many places in the city that have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Stunning works of street art are liberally painted on buildings throughout the city, making them nearly difficult to ignore.

    There are many hidden wonders around Melbourne and the neighborhood(s) around it. The first places that come to mind are now the Royal Botanic Parks and the Fitzroy Gardens. However, the Yarra Valley is worth visiting if you're willing to venture a bit out of the city. You'll really like it here if you like to drink wine occasionally. Chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and sparkling wine are all made with great success in the Yarra Valley.

    In addition, you can visit Phillip Island.

    You can expect to see some incredible wildlife as well as beautiful scenery. Visit the southern coast of Victoria to witness some of Australia's most spectacular wildlife, from penguin colonies to koalas to whales.

    The Great Ocean Road is a 243-kilometer route with countless attractions and breathtaking scenery. Extraordinary methods for spend your day, The stunning national forests to the 12 Apostles, a group of limestone pillars that rise 45 metres well above churning Southern Ocean.

    For those times when you just want to sit back, relax, and take in the sun, this city is brimming with lovely gardens, parks, playgrounds, and picnic spaces.


    Melbourne isn't called the Culture Capital of Australia just because! Numerous opportunities to enjoy street art, sports, music, and theatre are available to anybody interested.

    The central business district and inner-city neighbourhoods like Fitzroy and St. Kilda are covered in street art, making Melbourne a one-of-a-kind metropolis. No matter where you go in Melbourne, you're sure to find an interesting sight. Melbourne also features numerous excellent art galleries and exciting live music venues. There is so much to see and see that you will never be bored.


    It's common knowledge that Melbourne is a great place for expatriates to call home. For expats, it would have to bring it down to the high standard of living, low cost of living, and welcoming culture.

    If you're like that sort of thing, Melbourne's nightlife will draw you in just as much as the city's arts, culture, and fantastic eateries. In this city, you can find a wide variety of eateries, both bars hidden

    through the maze of alleys and into the throbbing clubs. There will be one massive party for both locals and visitors to Melbourne. Comparatively, Melbourne is less expensive than other major Asian hubs like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney.

    To see how the price of living in London stacks up against that in other cities and countries, check out the Money & Taxes part of our website.


    Those who have never lived on their own may find the prospect of moving to a fresh city to be particularly terrifying. But we're here to prevent you from ever feeling that way!

    During your time in Australia, we hope to become your trusted friend and advisor. We have the answers to your difficulties and the connections to fantastic possibilities that will make your time in Australia truly unforgettable. If you're feeling down, come talk to one of our counselors—they speak a variety of languages!

    Why Melbourne

    World-Leading Healthcare

    world leading healthcare

    The high quality of public and private hospitals, health care services, ems, and dental surgery in Australia contribute to Melbourne residents having one of the greatest life expectancies in the world.

    The Financial Intelligence Unit's 2015 Global Liveability Surveyexternal link ranked Melbourne first in healthcare.

    Homes To Suit All Tastes

    You can find the ideal place to call home in Melbourne regardless of your preferences or budget.

    Why not move toward one of our many available downtown apartments if you enjoy city life? On the other hand, there are wonderful suburbs inside of an easy commute to the city if you prefer more privacy and a quieter lifestyle. What you decide to do is up to you.

    Great Weather

    The weather in Melbourne is as varied as the city itself, with warm summers, temperate autumns, chilly winters, and sunny, brilliant springs.

    You'll be able to appreciate Melbourne's pristine air quality while you take in the city's beautiful landscape. In contrast to many other big cities throughout the world, we don't have the severe air pollution problems.

    As measured against other countries, it ranks among the best.

    According to the QS Best Student Communities Index for 2022, Melbourne is the best city in Australia for students and one of the top ten in the world.

    Are you able to image yourself strolling around Melbourne's laneways, sipping coffee at a café, having a picnic in one of the city's numerous parks or gardens, watching a match at the world-famous MCG, or feasting on yum cha in Chinatown?

    Various and Friendly

    In our multiethnic society, about half of all residents maintain international connections through family and friends. So, you can rest assured that you will be able to locate your own own slice of home in Melbourne, complete with all of your favourite comfort foods and other familiar items.

    A City Riddled With Artistic Mysteries and Iconic Structures

    The streets in the city centre have been meticulously laid out, making it simple to navigate. On the other hand, you may find artistic cultures and works of art virtually anywhere you go. People from all across the world go here to experience the buzz and energy.

    Federation Square and Southbank, both located along the Yarra River, are popular meeting spots for Melburnians and visitors alike.

    You may zigzag all over the city by visiting our alleys and arcades. Thereafter, ride the tram to the quaint "villages" of the suburbs. You also can discover something fresh to explore in this city, as it is brimming with hidden gems. The city's modern architecture is equally impressive, as it includes both newer constructions and notable landmarks from the 19th and 21st centuries.

    Water-Based Recreation

    Because of its bayside location, Melbourne is home to a plethora of intriguing spots right on the water, many of which feature sandy beaches ideal for lounging, swimming, and even snorkelling.

    Central Melbourne is divided by the Yarra River, which flows east to west. The river is crossed at numerous spots by bridges, boats, bike routes, and footpaths. Recreational, competitive, and artistic pursuits abound along the river.

    Information about Cafe Life, Getting Around, the Weather, and Personal Safety

    Exquisite cuisine — If you're a foodie, Melbourne is the place to be.

    Melbourne is undoubtedly the food capital of Australia

    There are many options, representing cuisines from all around the world.

    Flexible Transport – Melbourne Is So Easy To Navigate

    You can use a tram, rail, bus, vehicle, bike, or walk to go where you need to go. Whichever option you go with, you'll experience the city in a unique way. If you are looking into post-secondary education, know that our schools are conveniently located near public transportation and are not far from the city's central business district or its surrounding suburbs.

    Secure, Liveable Communities

    • You may go in any direction and discover a lush suburb, and each one has its own personality. If you decide to attend school in this area, you might end yourself living in one of these communities. Feel safe and secure knowing that your homestay and school are just a short walk away from a wide variety of retail, dining, entertainment, and healthcare options.
    • Even at night, major city centres and train stations are guarded by police and protective officers.

    Melbourne's Pleasant Climate Brings Out The Best In The City 

    • Although the city experiences the same 14 degrees of cold in the winter and 30 degrees of heat in the summer, and the same 55mm of rain on average every month, the city looks very different during each of the four seasons.
    • Your appreciation for Melbourne will grow as you become more used to the city's understated charms and unique offerings.

    Life As A Foreigner In Melbourne

    Melbourne is considered the most livable city in Australia, best appreciated by committing to a lengthy stay An integral part of city life is getting out of the centre of the city and discovering the rest of the city. Melbourne versus briefly visiting.

    The city is full of charming neighbourhoods, each with its own character and a wealth of undiscovered treasures.

    Melbournians, the people, are friendly, and the city is simple to get around for visitors. You are at ease asking for directions mostly on street and striking up conversations with strangers at a pub.


    The high cost of living and diverse cultural offerings in Melbourne are well-documented facts. In 2018, it has been named the happiest city in the world by Time Out. More than half of Melbourne's population was born in a country other than their own, thus internationals should feel at home there. Given Melbourne's status as Australia's cultural hub, it's clear that this city is well suited to providing a fighting chance to everyone. Inhabitants are laid-back and accepting, much like the rest of Australia.

    Street artists have covered the city in breathtaking murals. The city of Melbourne is unlike any other in the world. Just as much as the museums, theatres, and restaurants, the city's nightlife is worth checking out. When compared to other major Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney, Melbourne is a more affordable option. When it comes to student life, Melbourne is among the top 10 cities worldwide.

    As diverse as the city itself, the climate varies from hot summers through cold winters to bright springtime. If you value your privacy but yet want quick access to the city, there are many suburbs to choose from. One of the finest ways to experience Melbourne, widely regarded as Australia's most liveable city, is to settle in for an extended period of time. Charming neighbourhoods abound in the city, each with its own distinct personality and a plethora of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. You can get where you're going by tram, rail, bus, vehicle, bicycle, or foot.

    Content Summary

    • Melbourne is a great place to start a new life if you've decided to relocate to Australia.
    • Victoria is the state capital and a city recognised for its high cost of living and thriving cultural scene.
    • Find out about the local rental market, healthcare options, and public transit options, as well as learn about the city's culture and cost of life.
    • Time Out claims it to be the "happiest city in the world" for 2018.
    • You should make an effort to get out of the city to see the Yarra Valley.
    • The southern coast of Victoria is home to a wide variety of Australian species, including penguin colonies, koalas, and even whales.
    • It's not a coincidence that Melbourne is often referred to as "Australia's Cultural Center."
    • For those who enjoy such things, Melbourne's nightlife is just as enticing as the city's museums, galleries, and restaurants.
    • Melbourne has excellent air quality, so you can enjoy the city's stunning scenery without worrying about becoming sick.
    • QS Finest Student Communities Index for 2022 names Melbourne as both Australia's best and one of the world's top ten student cities.
    • Experiencing Melbourne as a Foreigner
    • If you want to really understand what makes Melbourne Australia's most liveable city, a prolonged stay is in order. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre is a crucial element of living in a city.
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