what are the best romantic restaurants in melbourne

What Are The Best Romantic Restaurants In Melbourne?

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    Once it comes to romantic dinners out, Melbourne does not disappoint.

    It's already off to a great start with the stunning decor, relaxing music, and spectacular vistas. If you want to wow your significant other on your next date, we recommend one of these top Melbourne restaurants for couples.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    The restaurant should be intimate, but with sufficient space between tables; lively enough for an atmosphere, but not so loud that you can't hear your partner speak; and with lighting that's sufficiently muted to set the scene, but not so dark or so full of candles that you're inches away from being engulfed by flames.

    Eating in and of itself is pleasurable and sharing food with someone is a social process. We get to talk, laugh, and discuss life, the world, and the food we are consuming. Eating has become a special time because it enhances our relationship.

    Once you gain a customer's loyalty, put that to work for you by asking them for referrals. Current customers are one of the best sources of new customers. But you can't be passive and wait for them to bring colleagues, friends, and family to your business.

    When you share a candlelit space with someone, you're creating your own, intimate little world within that pool of light. It is why a candlelit dinner has become the ultimate in romantic nights out: the soft glow creates the illusion of a private space.

    Consider going out to a restaurant as a pleasant experience. Everything is there for you to enjoy yourself; it's a place where you intend to spend nice moments. Don't do anything strange or extreme which could make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, laugh and have fun.


    Date night is practically written all over WAYGOOD, a cosy little wine bar. Simply purchase a bottle of wine and enter the secluded chamber beyond the archway, where you and your sweetheart can experience a European-style atmosphere. Every week brings a new menu, but you can count on hearty, approachable dishes that will make your taste buds sing. Here are a few of the menu's current highlights:

    • Champagne mignonette with oysters from a certain region.
    • Market fish topped with charred coriander hearts and chocolate, cooked on the grill.
    • Cranberry.
    • Terrine made with honeycomb and raspberry sorbet.

    Caffé E Cucina

    Caffé e Cucina takes its cues for its cosy atmosphere and attractive ambience from the various cafés that line the famous streets of Rome, Milan, and Florence. Since it first opened in 1988, this restaurant has been a fixture on Chapel Street in Melbourne, and for good reason. Beef carpaccio, pasta di mare al Cartoccio, and risotto are just a few of the crowd-pleasers on the menu. When you arrive, you will likely hear someone exclaim, "ciao, Bella!" This only adds to the enchantment of the situation.

    Bistrot D'orsay

    bistrot d'orsay

    Get away, even if only for the night, towards the city of love. This cosy cafe with in Paris End  of Collin St is a favourite among locals because of its romantic atmosphere and its authentic provençal Mediterranean fare. Cozy up with a bottle of bubbly and a shared charcuterie board beneath the stained glass ceiling before diving into French Bistro staples like jambalaya and coq au vin. Keep some room for dessert; the vanilla crêpe brûlée is delicious and perfect for sharing.

    Foglia Di Fico

    Are you sure this is love? Italy has perfected the art. Italy's enticing trattorias, homemade pasta, and versatile wines are just a few reasons why the country is so popular. The Italian atmosphere of Foglia Di Fico is now available in the middle of Melbourne. Foglia thrives on its fresh, handmade pasta, but the restaurant's ambience is also perfect for a quiet night out. Try the gnocchi with braised duck, wild mushrooms, plus white truffle oil for the pinnacle in luxury. It's as tasty as it sounds.


    One of Birmingham's most creative and intimate eateries may be found in the rapidly developing neighbourhood of Yarraville. Weekends are typically filled out months in advance, and the reason is clear: chef-owner Julian Hills is allowed greater room to exercise his creative muscles by serving a tasting menu menu to only 25 people a night. The eclectic music and unique cocktails make this a great place to celebrate special occasions with friends or family.


    There's no denying that this North Side staple is a wine bar, but don't think for a second that the food is an afterthought. The uncomplicated yet surprisingly refined dishes here highlight the best of the season's ingredients, so pop in for a glass or two of wine before dinner, or have it the main event. Raise the level of passion to new heights with the help of oysters, chocolate, and, of course, red wine.



    Lûmé, a restaurant in South Melbourne, calls itself a "foraging restaurant" because it sources its ingredients from native and abundant Victoria species. Some may compare it to a meal at Noma because of the use of unusual ingredients and the high level of creativity and technique used to stimulate all of the senses. Little, vegan, full, or the Journey degustations are available, as is a $390 menu called a "complete study" of our state's bioregions.

    Cutler & Co

    This upscale restaurant in Fitzroy has become a local landmark. Whether it's a Friday night, Saturday night, or any night of the week, couples can always be found lining up outside this renowned restaurant, and not just because of the enticing atmosphere (which is stylish and industrial). In a word, it's mind-blowing. Cutler & Co is the go-to if you want to make a good impression.

    Indulge in fresh and candied plums with vanilla yoghurt and ginger snap cookie, Aylesbury chicken breast glazed with smoky maple syrup, and yellowfin tuna crudo while you relax at the restaurant.

    Lui Bar

    Is this a place to eat? No. Is the romance absolutely heartbreaking? Absolutely, without a doubt. Lui Bar, located on the 55th floor of the Rialto, is the ultimate setting for a romantic evening. You may visit for the scenery, but you'll likely stay for the fantastic cocktails, which rank among the best in the city. That Vodka Pour Over is so delicious that espresso martini purists should probably steer clear of it should they find it impossible to return to the classic.

    Bar Liberty

    A wine bar frequented by hipsters that also serves delicious small plates; a cosy eatery with a wide variety of interesting alcoholic beverages. Bar Liberty provides everything you could possibly want. Both Old and New Global wine variations provide a never-ending source of tasting notes, and the list of fermented drinks and assortment of "sticky icky" drops will keeping your date thoroughly occupied.

    Flower Drum

    Make a reservation for two at Flower Drum and enjoy a romantic dinner. This small yet sophisticated restaurant prides itself on serving delicious, well-prepared meals and fine wines Chinese restaurant gives up delicious, authentic Cantonese food that's sure to win over your date. The banana fritters are a great way to end a midweek date because they're sweet and savoury and will leave you and your date feeling satisfied.


    INES, with its sleek decor and vintage heart, is a beacon for intimate conversations between friends and partners. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or not, you'll feel right at home at this upscale European wine bar serving all your Italian classics and stocked with French wine and Ol' Blue Eyes. We've all seen the neon sign that reads "sometimes you win, quite often you booze," but if you want us, a date night at Ones that remain is a sure bet.

    Grossi Florentino

    When the host rolls out a ceremonial Wine trolley to welcome diners, users knows you're in for a memorable meal. And in the lavish surroundings of Grossi Florentino, no expense is spared. The walls and ceiling are both decorated with old paintings and crystal chandeliers for a touch of class. It screams Italian love story to me. Although it may be a bit more expensive than other restaurants in the area, we promise you won't regret it. You won't find a meal like this anywhere else.


    The 89th floor of the Arcata Tower is the perfect place to impress your date with a degustation. Dine on tiger prawns prepared in tamarind, miso, and sea herbs while sipping on some of Victoria's finest regional wines and taking in the breathtaking 270-degree panorama as the sun sets. This naturally romantic bistro in Melbourne's central business district is prime location for celebrating anniversaries and popping the question.

    Osteria Ilaria

    Choosing to dine at the cosy, relaxed, and effortlessly chic Osteria Ilaria is an instant signal of refined taste and intent. You will sigh happily over the modern Italian dishes on the menu, such as the spelt pappardelle with roasted duck and the dark chocolate “ one of the things with marshmallow and apricot sorbet. When the food is gone, you can still have a good time because of their selection of top-notch European wines.

    Neptune Food And Wine

    neptune food and wine

    Sink it in to a booth, go close to the bar, or relax in front of the fireplace; Neptune has the perfect atmosphere for whichever mood you're in. Everything from the dimly lit, wood-paneled interior to the rich pan-European fare and negronis to start the conversation.

    Bar Romantica

    Simply put, a romantic person is a romantic person. They've got the mix for romantic date down pat, with deep red suede booths, emotion tables, dim lighting, and natural wines. You may stay up late with your boo on Friday and Saturday nights since they serve Pizza pizzas and nibbles until midnight.


    Although Epocha is located in a Victorian terrace built in the 1800s, its soul lies in the rural areas of France. Duck breast, radish, fresh fig, and hazelnut jus are sure to catch your eye, so pour yourself a glass of bubbly and get ready to feast. The upstairs Hannah's Bar is loaded with antiques and adds to the ambience of this cosy eatery in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

    Hell Of The North

    At this upscale French bistro in Fitzroy, Melbourne, friends may get to know one another over a shared appreciation of fine fare and vino. Despite the trendy decor, traditional dishes such as pig terrine and duck prosciutto with smoked beef fat or jus can be found on the menu. Have crème brûlée as dessert and then walk across to Smith St. for a nightcap. Hell of the Northern is a trip to heaven, despite its ominous moniker.


    You and you date will feel like you've been transported to another universe at this underground bar. The current European and Asian food is full of vibrant and fresh flavours, while the intimate atmosphere provided by the dark wood, dim lights, and clever split layout ensures complete discretion. As an appetiser, have some freshly shucked oysters with split crab and nam Chong dressing.

    Bar Lourinha

    Bar Lourinha has been the object of wistful gazes from many a weary advertising executive making the 5 pm slog to Parliament Station. Couples come here to enjoy tapas and lively conversation, passing around dishes of crab cakes and saffron butter montadito , corn and smoked jalapeno croquettes. A first meeting or a landmark anniversary would be equally at home in this cosy, lively, and conversation starter-filled establishment.

    Poodle Bar & Bistro

    Chef Josh Fry at Poodle, an art-deco themed multi-level venue, takes goofy meals and gives these a signature Italian-influenced twist. Downstairs, you can have a romantic dinner in close quarters at one of the booths. Order from the shared menu to experience a degustation of small, medium, and large plates served by attentive wait staff who can really make users and a guest feel like you're the only guests in the room.

    Matilda 159 Domain

    Matilda's decor is so high-end that you can practically taste the price tag. The dining area features rough-hewn wooden-topped tables and the plushest leather banquettes, while the kitchen is powered by fire and charcoal. This is the best venue for making a good impression.


    The perfect place to celebrate a milestone anniversary is a restaurant. We've brought in a world-famous New Zealand chef and made him our own, so you can expect some of the best service in town combined with an extensive wine selection and a contemporary take on Australian food. So it's fine dining without the stiff service.

    During the lockdown, patrons of Melbourne's most sought-after eatery could order delicious takeout, including the restaurant's signature baked potato. Now serving from their classic fixed menu, Attica stays true to its roots by focusing on providing a memorable dining experience with locally sourced ingredients, all of which are eaten with the fingers off of hand-crafted tableware. The Yarra Valley now plays host to Attica Summer Campaign's newest offering, a less formal dining option.

    Cumulus Inc

    cumulus inc

    The phrase "eating house" falls short of accurately describing the situation. And the term "all-day diner" doesn't quite cut it either. However, "favourite clubhouse" got pretty close as anything else to capturing the significance of Cumulus Inc. in the minds of Melbourne's ravenous population. The great dining at this popular restaurant is approachable and casual, making it ideal for making a good impression without being ostentatious.


    Traditional dishes served in a contemporary atmosphere. The lively atmosphere and brisk pace of this restaurant will keep any date excited and engaged. Having easily accessible food and well-thought-out beverages removes another layer of complexity.

    Marion Wine Bar

    A firm local favourite, this Fitzroy stalwart has recently extended its outdoor dining into the street so that people might get some distance from one another while they ate. Grab some delectable bites from Marion's share platter and accidentally touch palms with your date. For a light and refreshing summer meal, try the burrata, rockmelon, ham, and sherry vinegar, and accompany it with a bottle of the 2018 Inkwell 'Lychee' Skin-contact Viognier. Then, for your next course, I highly recommend the cos liver salad with greek yogurt, frying anchovies, and parsley.

    Farmer's Daughters

    Alejandro Saravia, known for his work on Pastuso, has spent the past four years working on his next passion project. This three-story restaurant in the trendy 80 Collins complex celebrates the bounty of Gippsland with its menu. After a night of drinking cocktails mostly on rooftop bar, which was built around a glasshouse, or feasting on Gippsland's freshest fare in the restaurant, you might want to pick up some snacks at the deli on the way out.


    You may find yourself wishing you had put on a pearl chain and a bow tie for supper at Gimlet at Cambridge House, such is the opulence of this 1920s mansion. Rather, decadence is the order of the day at this Gatsby-esque tasting menu, with appetisers like Beluga champagne and Rock oysters served with seaweed honey and rye. The crimson velvet booths and tastefully set tables are bathed in ambient light from the restaurant's large windows and shimmering chandeliers, creating a distinctly romantic ambience.


    Lûmé, a self-described "foraging restaurant," uses only Victoria, Australia, species in its cooking. Those familiar with Noma might draw some parallels between this dish and one served there due to the usage of similarly novel components. If you want to make a good impression, Cutler & Co is the place to go. On the 55th floor of the Rialto is where you'll find Lui Bar. InesINES shines as a beacon for private exchanges with loved ones.

    The excellent food and wine selection at Flower Drum are among the restaurant's many claims to fame. In order to properly welcome guests, Grossi Florentino has a Wine trolley on hand. You can't go wrong with a degustation at Arcata Tower for your special someone. No matter how you're feeling, Neptune Food & Wine will put you in a good one. Epocha, though physically situated in a Victorian terrace constructed in the 1800s, has its heart in the French countryside.

    Your mouth will water just thinking about how much it would cost to decorate like Matilda's. New this year, the Yarra Valley is the site of the Attica Summer Campaign. Gimlet at Cambridge House serves up Gatsby-style extravagance, while Farmer's Daughter, under the direction of Chef Alejandro Saravia, showcases the wealth of Gippsland.

    Content Summary

    • A Cafe and a Kitchen Inspired by the charming cafes that line the historic thoroughfares of Rome, Milan, and Florence, Caffé e Cucina offers an inviting and enjoyable ambience.
    • In the heart of Melbourne, you can now enjoy the Italian ambience of Foglia Di Fico.
    • The burgeoning Yarraville district is home to one of Birmingham's most original and cosy eateries.
    • A wine bar it certainly is, but don't for a second imagine the food is an afterthought at this North Side institution.
    • If you want to make a good impression, Cutler & Co is the place to go.
    • The Rialto's Lui Bar on the 55th floor is the perfect place to spend an intimate evening.
    • Having a romantic meal for two at Flower Drum is a must.
    • If you want to wow your date with a degustation, the Arcata Tower's 89th level is the place to do it.
    • Dining at the cosy, laid-back, and casually stylish Osteria Ilaria is an instant statement of sophisticated taste and intention.
    • To mark such a momentous occasion, a meal out at a fine establishment is ideal.
    • Gippsland's wealth is showcased across the menu at this three-story restaurant in the hip 80 Collins building.
    • The 1920s townhouse that houses Gimlet at Cambridge House is so lavish that diners may find themselves wishing they had worn a pearl necklace and bow tie.
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