What Are Things To Do When Travelling Solo In Melbourne?

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    You could easily spend a week here and still not see everything there is to see. It's the perfect place to live thanks to a thriving café culture and professional career market, and it's also quite popular among backpackers on immigrant visas and work foreign travels.

    The perfect combination of excellent beaches, gentle breezes, and exciting activities makes Melbourne nearly impossible to beat. With its eclectic mix of locals and visitors, the city is sure to exude friendliness. Once you get here, you won't desire to go anywhere else.

    FAQs About Solo Travel In Melbourne

    Whether you travel independently or join a group, solo travel can be a social experience. You can travel alone without being lonely. In my experience, solo travel offers more opportunities to meet locals and other travellers and have meaningful conversations than travelling with a companion does.

    Many people embark on solo adventures to "find themselves" and explore their identity. Being on your own will also make you realise that you don't need someone else to make you feel whole. Being alone is good for the soul and can even help you manage depression, anxiety and stress.

    Solo travel trends show that the most popular length for a solo trip is 10–12 days. However, having a week and a half away gives you more time to unwind in each destination you visit and a chance to dive into the local culture.

    It's not weird to travel solo; it is just that you like your freedom. Maybe it's even better to discover a destination when travelling solo, just because you are the only one to choose what you want to see or do.

    Travelling alone forces us outside of our comfort zones, making us more receptive to new people and experiences. And solo travellers are less intimidating and more approachable than groups. Of course, on some trips, you'll have interesting conversations with people you'll never speak to again, which is fine.

    Melbourne Accommodation


    In the same way that other big cities are comprised of many neighbourhoods, Melbourne, too, has numerous separate suburbs. Contrarily, the city's central district is home to the majority of the city's most well-known brands, eateries, and landmarks, and as a result, rents there are sky-high.

    The area is known for its chic high-rises, and this option fits right in. Collins St. & Elizabeth St., two of the most popular thoroughfares in the region, are lined with hotels, both boutique and apartment style.

    If you're a bit of the a hipster, you should stay in Fitzroy because it has the best vintage stores, the largest backyards, and the cheapest costs. The Melbourne neighbourhoods of South Brings back or Fitzroy are some of the city's most recognisable, but there are numerous others that are just as promising.

    If money is limited, St. Kilda is usually where you'll end up staying in Melbourne. It's where you can find the best restaurants and seafood in town, as well as the city's beach and the fantastic amusement park Luna Park. Most accommodations here require numerous guests to share one room, making it ideal for budget travellers.

    Melbourne Restaurants

    South Melbourne, situated just south of a Yarra River, is home to an abundance of charming eateries serving up delicious treats. The easiest method to find exactly what they will offer and acquire ideas is to do an Instagram search using keywords related to Australian food.

    Some of the tastiest dumplings in town can be found in the Chinese Quarter along Burke Street, while the CBD is the place to go for traditional Yum Cha.

    Need something sweet to satisfy your cravings? The Nitro Lab, located nearby, offers imaginative sci-fi ice cream concoctions with sauce that is delivered via syringe.

    Do you want a drink with that? South Melbourne, located to the south of a Yarra River, is where the novel concept really shone for us. Instagram feeds that include well-known Australian eateries are the ideal place to learn about new places to eat and get ideas for what to cook.

    The best dumplings in town may be found in the financial area, while the best Yum Cha can be found on Burke St. in the Chinese section of town.

    Are you a sucker for sweets? The Nitro Lab, located nearby, offers futuristic ice cream with such a side of cutting-edge technology.

    Things To Do In Melbourne By Yourself

    Melbourne's cafe culture is an integral aspect of the city, and it's the sort of location where spending time alone at a table can be both refreshing and enjoyable. Explore downtown Central Business District (CBD) on foot and enjoy some people-watching at one of the many outdoor dining eateries. The coffee on this forum is revered by its devotees, so don't miss out on the experience!

    Want to meet more people and make new friends? Many of the city's sports bars and other hangouts are frequented by Couchsurfers. Going out to the town on any given weeknight and starting up a discussion with such a group of friendly strangers is a great way to ease into social situations.

    Take advantage of the free 24-hour tram service in the CBD to get about. Visit Federation Square, the State Library to peruse its collection of books and antiques, St. Paul's Cathedral, and also the historic Flinders station, as well as the intriguing Australian Museum again for Moving Image (ACMI).

    Explore The City With The Free Hop-On-Hop-Off Trams.

    All around Melbourne's CBD and Docklands, tram rides are completely free. In certain areas, you can get on and off of the bus as much as you wish without having to buy a new ticket. Discover the city and its many attractions, including the Botanic Gardens and Zoo, the Melbourne Museum, and the Queen Victoria Market, by taking advantage of a city's free trams.

    Take a ride on the free, tourist-oriented Tram 35, which makes stops at all the major attractions in the downtown area, and listen to a recorded tour guide as you travel. This page serves as a great reference for anyone planning a trip to Melbourne. The route begins at Federation Square and travels around using Flinders Street. You will have the freedom to go wherever you like, including making a U-turn in the Financial District if you so choose. At the park's entry, or online at the link provided, you can pick up a free map of Melbourne's tram district.

    Visit Melbourne For A First Orientation Walk-In.

    This is a great method to establish your bearings if you are visiting Melbourne on your own for the first time. Volunteers lead free orientation walks, although registration at the tourist information centre at Federation Square is required. Don't miss this free morning walk, which happens rain or shine, if you are in the vicinity.

    Fitzroy Gardens Offers A Free Guided Walk.

    A free walking tour of Fitzroy Garden is one of the nicest walks in Melbourne. Every Saturday @ 10 am, they host programmes that explain the history, culture, and flora/fauna of the area. Catch trams 75 and 48 from downtown and get off at the stop. And the Fitzroy walking tour is an excellent way to get acquainted with the neighbourhood.

    At Federation Square, You Can Unwind.

    From there, you may venture out and see the rest in Melbourne. Across the street from Ormond Street Station is a large public space with cafes, galleries, and free Wi-Fi. As part of Melbourne's continuing revitalisation, the city's principal tourist information desk had to move. The hub of Melbourne, with giant screens to view the Australian Open or other free events.

    The Melbourne Visitor Centre Is A Must-see.

    The Melbourne Guide is a free, comprehensive resource that will help you navigate Melbourne. If you want to know what's going on in Melbourne when you're there, check out What's On. The Visitor Centre is moved to Federation Square to 90-130 Swanston Street, at the intersection of Little Collins Street.

    Visit the Arts Centre In Melbourne.

    All of you art lovers out there really should check out the Arts Centre Melbourne. If you're in Melbourne, Australia, make the short trip to Federation Square to check out the free, regular schedule art shows.

    Relax At Victoria's State Library.

    A second must-see for solo travellers in Melbourne is the State Library in Victoria. You'll love spending time in the reading area and using the top-notch, cost-free Wi-Fi. This is one of the relaxing activities you can have in Melbourne.

    Visit The Historic Churches Of Melbourne.

    Several new cathedrals, including St. Paul's and St. Patrick's, have been added into Melbourne's religious landscape in recent decades. The organ recital at St. Michael Parish (on Street) is accessible to the general public every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Taking part in such activities is a great way to pass the time when wandering the city by yourself.

    Have A Cup Of Coffee

    When in Melbourne, you must try at least five different kinds of coffee. Except if you're not a coffee drinker, in which case you're in the same boat as me. Whatever the case may be, cafes are abundant throughout the city. Industry Beans, Seven Seed, Duke's Coffee Roasters, St. Ali, and Patricia Coffee Brewers are just some of Melbourne's most acclaimed coffee shops.

    Climb Eureka Tower

    Going up to a Eureka Skydeck on the 88th story of the Eureka Tower is a great way to take in the Melbourne sunset. On a clear day, the view from the viewing platform 285 metres above ground shows exactly how vast Melbourne is.

    Spend Some Time In Fitzroy.


    Fitzroy is a great neighbourhood in Melbourne, and it's one of my favourites there. The area is sometimes compared to Brooklyn, New York, because of the high concentration of interesting stores, antique shops, & cafes and restaurants. The Rose Street Artists' Market and the abundance of fantastic murals and other kinds of street art make Rose Street one of my favourite spots in all of Fitzroy. Some of our favourite eateries and menu items are listed here. You must visit Lune Croissanterie if you're looking for Melbourne's best croissants; Gelato Messina for creative gelato flavours; Provinces Bakery for just a filling brunch; and Belles Hot for the best hot chocolate.

    Pay A Visit To The Melbourne Museum.

    The Melbourne Museum is vast and houses many interesting exhibits on various topics, such as Australian history, science, & natural history. The museum is home to the biggest IMAX theatre inside the Southern Hemisphere, as well as a live forest and a trendy Melbourne gallery.

    Spend Your Day In St Kilda

    St. Kilda is one of the favourite areas of Melbourne. From the Central Business District, taking the tram directly to St. Kilda is a breeze. A few of the greatest things to do in the area are:

    • We decided to go swimming at St. Kilda Beach.
    • The Eateries of Acland Street.
    • We could go on one or both of the rides at Luna Park.
    • Exercising just on St. Kilda Pier.

    From the pier, you can get some great shots of the city. Near addition, penguins have established a colony in the extreme tip's rocky outcrops. To that end, you can visit at night to see the penguins if you choose.

    Explore Melbourne Arcades And Laneways

    Among the many things for which Melbourne is known, its laneways and indoor shopping malls stand out. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they represent the city's true beating heart. The excitement, vitality, and uniqueness of life as a part of the in-group. You can find coffee shops and vibrant city street art, in addition to one-of-a-kind retailers and cosy dive pubs, in this area. However, out of more than 180 lanes, just a fraction have been developed into aesthetically pleasing aspects of city life.

    Melbourne's Best Laneway Restaurants

    Our favourites areas are Blender Alley for street art & Hardware Lane for cuisine. Here comes a list of the must-see alleys in Melbourne and wonderful spots for shopping:

    • All tour to Melbourne's "restaurant lanes" begin at Flinders Lane. Excellent restaurants, boutiques, and cafes may be located around Swanston and William Streets.
    • Out of all the establishments in the region, Hardware Lane is one of the best. Between Queen & Princess Street, from Melbourne to Little Bourke, you'll discover some of the top restaurants in Melbourne, most of which offer live music and provide a variety of cuisines from of the Mediterranean. You can take Hardware Lane from Morecambe Street all the way down to Little Johnston Street. Seeing how much narrower Warburton Lane, Rankin Lane, and Niagara Lane are from Lonsdale Street is a fascinating exercise in perspective. Mc Killip Street is yet another fantastic alleyway for dining.

    Best Arcades In Melbourne

    While Melbourne is home to a number of arcades, The Block Arcade or the Royal Arcade stand out as the best.

    • The Block Arcade is the finest example of a nineteenth-century shopping arcade that has survived, thanks to its mosaic tile flooring and curving glass ceiling. Hopetoun Tea, Haigh's Chocolate, and Gewürzhaus are just a few of the popular stores worth waiting in line for.
    • Turn left into Australia's oldest retail arcade, the Royal Arcade, to discover a fantastic selection of unique shops. Stores lining this ancient walkway provide a wide variety of goods, from traditional Russian confections to modern chocolates.

    Graffiti In Melbourne's Laneways

    Laneway graffiti and stencils from Melbourne are likewise highly regarded abroad. Some of the most famous sections of street art in all of Australia may be found in this city as well.

    • Thanks to the skilled painters who painted them, Hosier Lane and Mole Lane have become the most popular streets inside the city for tourists interested in street art. Hosier lane is among the most well-known of the many tiny lanes that have amazing street graffiti. Blender Lane, was one my favourite avenues in the city, is located near the Queen Victoria Market, where you'll find all kinds of people shopping and eating.
    • If you're an art lover, a stroll through Melbourne's neighbourhoods is a must.

    Enjoy Melbourne's Best Food Markets

    Watching a movie under the stars while feasting on tasty street food is a popular summertime activity in Melbourne, and the best place to do so is just at Queen Victoria (QV) Markets. Beginning in early December, Thursdays through Sundays, QV Outdoor Cinemas will be showing movies outdoors.

    We also suggest experiencing the local flavour just at South Melbourne Market place, a less well-known Melbourne shopping destination with a unique atmosphere, lots of open space, and a variety of friendly cafes and restaurants.

    Take Advantage Of Food Walking Tours.

    An organised culinary tour is the greatest way to sample the finest that Melbourne has to offer. Melbourne has a lot of cool cafes, fashionable restaurants, and old laneways with murals decorating them, and they're all worth checking out. You can get all the details you need about day excursions from Melbourne right here.

    Become Disoriented In Chinatown.

    If you're looking for freshly prepared Asian food at reasonable prices, this is a great neighbourhood to visit in the middle of Melbourne. A stroll through Chinatown's quaint lanes is highly recommended due to the abundance of one-of-a-kind shops, eateries, and public murals found there. Among the various lanes to discover delicious cuisine are Tattersalls Lane, located between Russell & Swanston Streets, or Market Lane, which is stuffed to the gills with Dumpling bars, German, or Japanese restaurants serving up exotic and different flavours.

    Melbourne Adventure Activities

    For individuals who place a premium on working up a sweat, these are the best outdoor pursuits. Here is a list of things to enjoy in Melbourne all through the year, with an emphasis on the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the area.

    On Foot, Tour Southbank

    Take a stroll from across Yarra Valley and discover some of Melbourne's best attractions. Start your amazing walk around Melbourne's central business district either at Plaza or even the Crown & Exhibition Centre. On a beautiful summer day, a walk along the river and over its various bridges is the perfect way to spend the day. Southbank was frequented by lone bicyclists, runners, and buskers on the weekends. On weekends, you can visit this market to shop for unique handcrafted items. It's a great free thing to do when visiting Melbourne at night, as well as a good location to dine.

    Ride Your Bike To Brighton

    The city in Melbourne is rather pleased with itself for its dedication to the bicycle. And if you're visiting Melbourne on your own, it's a great way to get outside and meet some people. A network of bike lanes all across the suburbs and the city makes it a haven for bikers. Bike rental shops may be found just about anywhere. From Port of Melbourne in South Melbourne, We went on the best bicycle ride of my life along the coast to Brighton. If you like daytime activities, beach trips, and being active, this ride is perfect for you. There are several lookout points throughout the route where you may take in the magnificent panorama of Melbourne.

    On A Sunday, Visit The St Kilda Market.

    One of best free stuff to accomplish in Melbourne is a visit to St. Kilda on a Sunday. Start your day with a run or walk on the beach at St. Kilda and plan on spending the rest of the day there. You can start the day at the local market, refuel at one of the numerous cafés or bakeries lining the streets, and then end the day with a stroll along the pier at St. Kilda to watch the setting sun over the city. St. Kilda is not only home to some of Melbourne's best eateries, but also a lovely promenade perfect for a Saturday evening stroll.

    Pay A Visit To The Royal Botanic Gardens.

    Its Botanic Gardens are situated in a prime location, close to the city's main attractions. If you have soft corner for Earth's plant and animal life, you've come to the right place. With more than 10,000 plant species, this urban paradise in Melbourne is a true botanical treasure. Here, among the tall trees and still waterways, you can relax and unwind.


    With its vibrant café scene and competitive job market, Melbourne is a fantastic city to call home. Its great beaches, pleasant breezes, and fascinating activities make it a favourite among backpackers on immigration visas and work abroad excursions. Most of Melbourne's well-known stores, restaurants, and landmarks can be found in the city's expensive and trendy central business district. Located just south of the Yarra River, South Melbourne is teeming with quaint cafes and restaurants serving up mouthwatering fare. Nearby, at the Nitro Lab, you may be creative with your ice cream and sauce in the name of science fiction.

    Located to the south of the Yarra River, South Melbourne is a wonderful area to explore on your own. Instagram accounts that feature popular Australian restaurants are a great resource for discovering new dining options and culinary inspiration. Melbourne's cafe culture is well ingrained in the city, and it's the kind of place where you may have some quiet time to yourself at a table. Use the free tram service that runs around the clock in the Downtown to travel to and from places including Federation Square, the State Library, St. Paul's Cathedral, Flinders Station, and the Australian Museum of Moving Image (ACMI). Get a free trip on the tourist-friendly Tram 35, which stops at all the important attractions in the downtown area, and listen to an audio tour guide along the way.

    Content Summary

    1. If you spent a week here, you still wouldn't see it all.
    2. Backpackers on immigrant visas and working vacations find it to be an attractive destination because of its vibrant café culture and competitive job market.
    3. Melbourne is practically unbeatable due to its excellent beaches, mild breezes, and engaging activities.
    4. The city's diverse population will surely make everyone feel welcome.
    5. Inns in Melbourne
    6. Like many other large urban centres, Melbourne is divided into numerous smaller communities known as "suburbs."
    7. On the other hand, rentals are extremely high in the city's central district because it is home to the majority of the city's most well-known brands, restaurants, and landmarks.
    8. This accommodation is a great choice because it resembles the area's other stylish high-rises.
    9. Fitzroy is the finest place to stay if you're a bit of a hipster because it offers the most spacious backyards, the most excellent vintage shops, and the lowest prices.
    10. South Brings back and Fitzroy are two of Melbourne's most well-known neighbourhoods, but they are far from the only ones with great potential in the city.
    11. You'll probably wind up in St. Kilda if you're on a tight budget in Melbourne.
    12. It's where you'll discover the city's beach and the excellent amusement park, Luna Park, in addition to the best restaurants and seafood in town.
    13. Diners in Melbourne Located just south of the Yarra River, South Melbourne is teeming with quaint cafes and restaurants serving up mouthwatering fare.
    14. The area south of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia, is where we felt the new idea really shone.
    15. Instagram accounts that feature popular Australian restaurants are a great resource for discovering new dining options and culinary inspiration.
    16. Activities for Alone Travelers in Melbourne Melbourne's cafe culture is well ingrained in the city, and it's the kind of place where you may have some quiet time to yourself at a table.
    17. Go about the Central Business District (CBD) and stop at one of the many restaurants that offers outdoor seating to people-watch as you eat.
    18. Couchsurfers can be found hanging out in a wide variety of local establishments, from sports pubs to dives.
    19. You can ride the trams for free between the central business district and Docklands in Melbourne.
    20. Take use of the city's free trams to see the sights, such as the Queen Victoria Market, the Botanic Gardens and Zoo, and the Melbourne Museum.
    21. Get a free trip on the tourist-friendly Tram 35, which stops at all the important attractions in the downtown area, and listen to an audio tour guide along the way.
    22. You'll be at liberty to go wherever you like, including backtracking through the Financial District if that's what you need.
    23. You can get a free map of Melbourne's tram system at the park's entrance or by clicking the link given.
    24. Fitzroy Garden offers one of the most pleasant walks in Melbourne, and the best part is that the trip is completely free.
    25. And the Fitzroy stroll is a great opportunity to learn about the area.
    26. Place where most of Melbourne congregates, with huge screens where locals and visitors can watch the Australian Open and other events for no cost.
    27. If you need help getting around Melbourne, download the free and thorough Melbourne Guide.
    28. Look at What's On if you want to know what's happening in Melbourne when you're there.
    29. The Arts Centre Melbourne is a must-see for any art enthusiasts out there.
    30. Make the quick drive to Federation Square if you're in Melbourne, Australia, to see the free, regularly scheduled art displays.
    31. Get some coffee. You can't leave Melbourne without sampling at least five distinct coffees.
    32. Visit the top of Eureka Tower. Seeing the sunset over Melbourne from the Eureka Skydeck, located on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, is an unforgettable experience.
    33. Due to the abundance of unique boutiques, antique shops, and eateries, the neighbourhood is often compared to Brooklyn, New York.
    34. We love Rose Street because it is home to the Fitzroy Artists' Market and has so many great murals and other forms of street art.
    35. Go to St. Kilda for the Day Of the many great neighbourhoods in Melbourne, St. Kilda is a top pick.
    36. Some of the best things to do in the neighbourhood include: We made plans to go swimming at St. Kilda Beach.
    37. Visit Melbourne and its surroundings. Shopping Malls and Back Streets Melbourne is well-known for many reasons, but its laneways and malls are particularly noteworthy.
    38. There are coffee shops, unique stores, and cosy dive bars to be found in this area, as well as the vivid city street art for which the city is known.
    39. Yet, only a small percentage of the city's more than 180 lanes have been transformed into attractive public spaces.
    40. The Greatest Laneway Eateries in Melbourne Blender Alley is where we go to see street art, and Hardware Lane is where we go to eat.
    41. Some of the best shopping areas and Melbourne attractions are detailed below. It is from Flinders Lane that all tours to Melbourne's "restaurant lanes" set out. The Block Arcade and the Royal Arcade are two of the top arcades in Melbourne.
    42. The Royal Arcade, Australia's oldest shopping arcade, is located off to the left, and it houses a wonderful variety of independent stores.
    43. Hosier Lane and Mole Lane, thanks to the talented artists who painted them, have emerged as the city's top attractions for those with an interest in street art.
    44. Among the many tiny lanes that contain spectacular street graffiti, Hosier lane is among the most well-known.
    45. See the Best Melbourne Farmers' Markets As the weather warms up, many Melburnians head to Queen Victoria (QV) Markets to watch a film under the stars while snacking on some delicious street cuisine.
    46. The best way to experience the best that Melbourne has to offer is with a guided culinary tour.
    47. Located in the heart of Melbourne, this is a fantastic area to explore if you're in the mood for authentic Asian cuisine at a fair price.
    48. Chinatown is full with one-of-a-kind stores, restaurants, and public murals, making it well worth the time to take a leisurely stroll through its narrow streets.
    49. Thrilling Attractions in the Melbourne Area These are the greatest outdoor activities for those who place a premium on breaking a sweat.
    50. Here's a rundown of some of the year-round fun to be had in Melbourne, with an emphasis on the many outdoor pursuits available.
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