Where Are The Sunset Spots In Melbourne?

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    Take advantage of city's best sunset sites before Daylight Saving Time expires on April 7th. Stop by these places before the sun goes down for the last time in a very long period (after 7 p.m.). Natural Selection will try to put on a magnificent performance once they have their story ready to go.

    Going outside into the fresh air will do the trick. The soothing colours of a beautiful sunset can do wonders for the mind and spirit. The reds and oranges of the sky give way to the more delicate pinks and the calm blues of the horizon.

    It's important to take time out with friends and raise a glass, especially if a long time has passed since we last did so. Gather your blankets, baskets, torches, water, and dedicated driver, then head out to one of our five suggested vantage locations in town to watch the sunset.

    Take advantage of the gradual fading of the midday sun by going for a walk in the company of a friend or coworker after work. Instead of watching the sun go down from the Members of a royal household Bridge, take a stroll around Current Queen Gardens and see what day it is according to the flower clock. One can take in western horizon from a variety of vantage points in Docklands, including as the bridges, park, and seaside promenades, or from atop Flagstaff Garden Hill. Find out more about the best strolls in Melbourne to take after a long day.


    Melbourne Sunset Locations

    Just watching the sun rise or set may be incredibly calming. The enchantment of the daily light show is the same no regardless where you catch it, but there are definitely better spots.

    If you're looking for a great place to see a sunset or sunrise in Victoria, try one of these locations.

    Afloat Arbory

    Warm fall days are perfect for relaxing outside at Arbory Afloat, a Mediterranean-style oasis complete with beachy bands & potted citrous trees. In this exciting bar, diners can try dishes with a Mediterranean twist, such as lobster spaghetti and a wholesome and healthy salad. In the evening, a wide variety of sangrias, including watermelon sangria, are offered. Treat yourself like you're on vacation as you eat dinner and try to see the sun go set.

    Rooftop Bar

    There is no need to take a day excursion to see a beautiful sunset in Melbourne. Stop by the Rooftop Bar instead, a Victoria staple since 2003 and positioned seven storeys above the ground in the Curtin House.

    Grab a burger and a couple of Aperol Drops and watch the sun go down over the city. Then, in the summertime, remain to watch cult and independent films and shows outdoors just at Rooftop Cinema.

    Those who are up for the task of climbing 7 stories can enjoy one of the biggest open bar experiences inside the city and a beautiful view of the city from the Roof Terrace top Curtin House. A diverse crowd is to be expected on warm evenings due to the restaurant's popularity due to its view, location, & smoker-friendly ambience.

    Session success just at Rooftop Bar is, of course, weather dependent. In 2017, the building had a makeover that included the installation of a series of curved, Art Deco–inspired ferromagnetic awnings that lead to a 1950s drive-in theatre. Two of them may be retracted to let in sunlight on sunny days, and extended to provide additional cover from bad weather. After dark, when the neon rings are illuminated, the canopies take on such a halo-like appearance.

    You can get some food first at Burger Shacor, which is located underneath Mesa Verde. On the weekends, doors open at 10 a.m. Sleep in and then grab a cereal and breakfast burger to share with a friend while sipping on a zingiber soda or Mango Closed toe cocktail.

    You must buy a ticket in advance to enter the Rooftop Cinema from December thru the end of March. Even the theatres have a wide variety of indie and obscure films, art television programs, and Bill Murray features, so this isn't necessarily a negative thing. It's a lovely way to enjoy a warm summer night.

    Sandridge Lookout 

    We'll have to walk a little ways, but it'll be well worth the trip. Overlooking Port Phillip Bay and the city of Melbourne, the elevated Sandridge Lookout provides spectacular views. We think this is one of the greatest places to catch the dawn in Melbourne.

    Vue De Monde Et Lui Bar

    Here on 55th floor in Melbourne's third skyscraper, you'll find Vue De Les lineages as Well as the Lui Bar, two of Shannon Bennett's most acclaimed establishments where you can enjoy his sunset views and impeccable service.

    It's time to relax on the bar stools and watch the sky turn colours. the finest kitchen oysters & French vodka, or a grand multi-course feast. It's hard to picture a restaurant in Melbourne with a good view that Vue de monde.

    The 53rd level of Melbourne's famed Redondo beach is home to this elegant and refined establishment. The restaurant has a "cold kitchen" with initiation cooking & deep fryers that transform off when they are not use; energy-efficient dishwashers; LED lights; recycled tiles; and "up-cycled" cutlery; all of which contribute to its already sterling reputation for service and food while also reducing the restaurant's carbon footprint.

    The 55th-floor Rialto building's Lui Bar, 236 metres below ground, completely revamps the concept of a high-end bar. In addition to cocktail, beer, Wines by the glass, and a large choice of specialised spirits, the bar also serves a selection of upmarket bar foods.

    The same architects who created the celebrated Vue de Monde adjacent restaurant also worked on this bar, so it naturally exudes the same air of luxury.

    Lookout At Boroka

    A Grampians National Park was renowned for its stunning waterfalls, plentiful wildlife, rich Aboriginal heritage, and good hiking paths, and it is located just 4 hours west of Melbourne. From its highest points, you may take in stunning panoramas of the woods below. Boroka Lookout, about 10 kilometres from Halls Gap, provides easy access to stunning sunset views of Mount William, surrounding Dreamland Range, & Lake Bellfield.

    Royal Park

    Royal Park's varied trails, grasslands, and wetlands make it easy to remember that the major business district is just several kilometres away. The present park limits encompass 180 ha, making it Melbourne's largest park. Even before Commanding officer Charles La Trobe designated the area as just a park for recreation in the 1840s, local Wurundjeri people used the land as a camping ground.

    Visit at dusk and relax on an outside eating blanket on the grassy hill while watching the sun set so over Central Business District. Located in the inner Melbourne neighbourhood of Parkville, the expansive 155-hectare Royal Park is a popular place for locals and visitors alike. In the 1840s, this area was chosen by Superintendent La Trobe so that it might "supply the lungs for the City."

    It has evolved through time into a public park equipped with historic structures, playing fields, grassy spaces, open woods, and flood plain habitats. The Melbourne Zoo is located in the Park's central area. If you're interested in learning more about the background of Royal Park, check out our History page.

    Observation Wheel Of The Melbourne Star

    Ride the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel and soar over the city as the sun sets in the west. As you gently turn around 360 degrees, your view will shift from the ground to 20 metres in the air. Plan a memorable evening by reserving a private cabin or even the Sparkling Flight, that includes open bar service.

    Take A Boat

    Sunsets all along Yarra River heading west are unlike anything else in the world. Take a voyage that's already planned, hire a captain, and set sail on your own. Investigate your options, and then gather your companions for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Melbourne.

    Beach At Sandridge

    In Melbourne, Port Melbourne is highly recommended for early morning photography due to the abundance of diverse locations. From the far end at Offical Beach, you can see the sunrise on the right side of the skyline, casting a golden glow across Port Phillip Bay.

    Observation Wheel Of The Melbourne Star

    Although it may have always been there in the periphery of your view, has it ever actually travelled on it? The Melbourne Actor provides a breathtaking panorama of the city every 30 minutes.

    On The Wtc Wharf Waterfront

    A stunning dawn, at a direction and location you wouldn't normally look for one. It was one of the favourite sites to see the sun set, and on a quiet morning it's just as stunning to see the sun rise in the east. Seeing the sky painted in brilliant hues and Seafarers Bridge mirrored in the calm water is a welcome change of scenery.

    Boatbuilders' Yard

    A constant stream of clients frequents the Boatbuilders Yard in South Wharf. Instead, nothing beats relaxing on one of the numerous expansive timber decks that line the Yarra as the sun sets.

    The Boatbuilders Yards is a South Wharf bar and café that has won numerous awards for its modern fit-out within an authentic historic shed that wonderfully captures the spirit of Melbourne's Maritime sector. The Boatbuilders Yard is a popular watering hole not far from the waterfront and the financial district where you can sit back and relax with a drink.

    the boatbuilders yard

    Princes Pier

    The Princes Pier is a popular spot for photographers of all ability levels. On the other hand, we prefer to go at the dawn and dusk hours, whenever the sky remains awash with colour. Since the sun rises in the east, it won't be exactly in your line of sight when gazing out over Port Phillip Bay. However, a picture of the bay illuminated by the rising sun can be extremely stunning when there are a few the clouds in the sky.

    Birrarung Marr

    The city's newest park, Birrarung Robinson, was formerly a rail yard. It is on the Yarra's foreshore, close to Federation Square. The Wurundjeri have historically had strong cultural ties to this area, and the name "Birrarung" for this stretch of the Yarra River reflects that.

    The Federation Bells & Deborah Halpern's Angel, a 10-meter-tall sculpture covered in mosaic, may be seen in the 8 Acute rheumatic fever Marr, that opened to the public in 2002 and has been the site of significant events and festivals ever since. Relax on the grassy bank and watch the rowers & boats go by as you while away the afternoon.

    Marina Melbourne City

    The sunrise at Docklands is beautiful, making it among our favourite places to take photos in Melbourne. After that, continue on to Newquay Pier, where you can exit into Melbourne City Dock and locate a space facing east. From up here, we have gotten to see some incredible sites.


    There are three bars at the Transport Hotel: the Taxi Kitchen, the Transport Public Bar, and the Transit Rooftop Bar. Transit, located in the heart of Fed Square, is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day with a beverage and a view of the Yarra.

    Customers of the bar make the most of the superb viewing conditions by catching all the games. At Transit, we offer a sizable outside deck where you can relax and take in the city, river, & sunset views. Wine and beer are offered, but mixed drinks are Transit's mainstay.

    Best examples include the Monkey Gland as well as the Naked and Famous. For example, the Szechuan duck and six toffee and roasted pork in red Nam Jim could be located in the basement Taxi Kitchen.

    You can expect to hear plenty of improvised music, swing standards, and other jazz standards at Transit, since the bar specialises on both cocktails and jazz. Every Saturday night at 9 o'clock, local bands take the stage, while on Wednesdays and on Fridays, local musicians strum away on the baby grand piano. After the pianist concludes on Fridays, the DJs take over, and on Sundays, you can enjoy live acoustic music from 3 to 6 p.m.

    Dance Yourself Clean At A Rooftop Hotel

    Watch the sun go down over Melbourne from Notel, a boutique hotel with a rooftop where guests can stay in antique airstreams instead of traditional rooms. Dancing Clean, a dance party slated on March 31st, will take place at a picturesque location. So work up a sweat, snap some sunny self-portraits, and then cool off with some refreshing Kombucha and delectable sweets.

    The Webb Trail's Jetty

    In Port Melbourne, a walk all along Webb Trail in the morning is highly recommended. Almost anywhere along Webb Trail provides a magnificent view of the cityscape, and the night sky's multicoloured display may not be short of stunning.

    The Great Drift.

    Wilsons's Huge Swelling Located only 2.5 minutes south-west from Melbourne's Central Business District, Special Event is a big stretch of undulating dunes that seems to have been strangely left off the typical tourist circuit. Stockyards Campground is the starting point for a two-kilometer trek through forest & scrub to a constantly shifting terrain.

    Beautiful views of the sea to the west as well as the Vereker mountain to a east can be expected. Sunset transforms the already spectacular picture of golden dunes into the a bar of beautiful rose gold.

    St Kilda Pier

    You can drop a line in Port Phillip Bay as the sun sets from a rusty footbridge, and if you stick around you can watch a penguin parade.

    Indeed, you're correct in saying that. About a thousand little guys make up our St. Kilda penguin colony, and when night sets, they may be seen waddling home to their nests along the breakwater. It is still polite to turn off you camera's flash, if there aren't anyone volunteers around to answer your queries.

    Evan Walker Bridge

    In the same vein as the featured image, this Evan Walker Bridge is a great place to see the sun rise over Melbourne's central business district. Few sunrises have captured our attention as much as the gloomy one pictured above.

    As the sun came up, a bizarre scene unfolded as a swift band of black rain clouds moved in. While not every dawn presents the same breathtaking view, this one always seems to be right in the middle.

    From Flinders Street

    Similar to the scenic shots taken as from Evan Walker Bridge, but with this bridge as the main attraction. Several excellent lookout locations, both between and in front of the bridge, make the Flinders Walk a wonderful site to spend an early morning.

    35 Atrium Bar

    Similar to the scenic shots taken first from Evan Walker Bridge, but with this bridge as the main attraction. Take a trip along the Flinders Walk and take in one of the most spectacular sunrises in Melbourne from one of the best vantage positions in the city, either in front of or behind the bridge.

    Gardens Of Flagstaff

    The earliest public garden in Melbourne was opened in the 1860s and once looked out over Port Phillip Bay. Gardens just at site of the a pioneering cemetery are a beautiful area to unwind and take in the sunset, however they are currently overrun by possums or other wildlife.


    Melbourne Skydeck

    After an extensive, expensive renovation that lasted several years, the Eureka Skydeck is now known also as Melbourne Skydeck. It is still the highest vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though many new sights have been added, this is still a great method to get a bird's-eye view of Melbourne.

    Guests may now take an 11-minute, fully realistic tour across several locales in Melbourne and Victoria thanks to the addition of a huge virtual reality theatre to the Skydeck, replete with 24 winning Positron Voyager VR chairs. To fully immerse visitors, we'll use a variety of sensory experiences, including sight, sound, and motion.

    Plan on experiencing the thrill of the classic rollercoaster ride at Luna Park, inhaling the aroma of freshly roasted coffee as you stroll Melbourne's laneways, and flying over the Great Ocean Road to feel the crisp ocean air on your face. Get a even proper look at Melbourne with the help of the city's new virtual reality 3D model, which is a 1:1100 scale. Visitors can use six digital tablets placed around the model to learn about eight distinct eras in Edinburgh's history, beginning with the time before European settlement and continuing up to the current day.

    It took 3d printing technology 240 days to manufacture the 184 elements that make up the sculpture, and 40 virtual reality models were overlaid on top of both the installation to complete the experience. This 3D model downtown Melbourne is currently the most accurate one out there. While the newest Melbourne Skydeck app's virtual hunt for 31 hidden markers adds a lot of excitement to exploring the model, it's enjoyable to do so even without it.

    Those who take the time to seek find, scan, and open each of the prizes will be rewarded with a unique keepsake from Melbourne Skydeck. Champagne Bollinger, wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, & soft drinks are all available at Bar 88 to round out the experience. The restaurant at Eureka 89 also serves bar snacks, cheese platters, and savoury snacks, which you can order to enjoy at the bar. Relax with a snack and some refreshments on the window ledge seats and take in the view.

    The Edge is still operational, so go ahead and see how far you can push your nerves. Stand atop the glass cube and gaze down on Melbourne from nearly 300 metres with in air. If you still need more excitement in your life, "Walk the Plank" ends with a heart-pounding virtual dive and segway ride.


    Before Daylight Saving Time ends on April 7th, make use of the city's finest sunset vantage points. The forces of natural selection will attempt to put on a spectacular show, and the calming hues of a breathtaking sunset may do wonders for the soul. After a long day, get some fresh air and enjoy the companionship of a friend by taking a stroll in Present Queen Gardens. See more about Melbourne's most enjoyable strolls to take after a busy day.

    Sunset Sites in Melbourne, Victoria, are among the best vantage points in the state for watching the sun go down. Beachy bands and potted citrous trees give Arbory Afloat a Mediterranean vibe. Located seven stories above street level in the Curtin House, Rooftop Bar has been a Victoria institution since 2003. Below Mesa Verde, you'll find Burger Shacor, which is open every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Curved ferromagnetic awnings were added in 2017 to give the building a look reminiscent of a 1950s drive-in. In the evening, when the neon rings are lit, the canopies resemble halos.

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    1. Before Daylight Saving Time ends on April 7th, make the most of it by visiting the city's top sunset spots.
    2. Don't let the last rays of sunlight for a very long time pass without visiting these locations (after 7 p.m.).
    3. The plan for Natural Selection's performance is for them to provide a stellar presentation once they have their story in order.
    4. Getting outside into nature will help a lot.
    5. A sunset's calming hues have the power to restore body and soul.
    6. Sky colours change from fiery reds and oranges to softer pinks and cool blues as night falls.
    7. If it has been a while since we last toasted our pals, it is all the more necessary to make the effort.
    8. We recommend packing a picnic (blankets, baskets, torches, water, and a designated driver) and heading out to one of five vantage points in town to watch the sunset.
    9. Take advantage of the sun's waning rays by going for a stroll with a pal or coworker after work, when the temperature is more tolerable.
    10. Take a stroll around Present Queen Gardens to witness the floral clock in action instead of watching the sunset from Members of a royal household Bridge.
    11. It is possible to take in the western horizon from a number of vantage points in Docklands, including as the bridges, the park, the beach promenades, and the top of Flagstaff Garden Hill.
    12. See more about Melbourne's most enjoyable strolls to take after a busy day.
    13. Views of the Sunset in Melbourne Just taking in a sunrise or sunset can be a meditative experience.
    14. Although while the magic of the daily light show is the same wherever you see it, some locations are better than others.
    15. One of these Victoria spots is bound to be perfect for watching the sun go down or rise.
    16. Arbutus Floating When the weather cools down, head to Arbory Afloat, a Mediterranean-style sanctuary complete with beachy bands and potted citrous trees.
    17. Diners at this trendy pub can choose from a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, such as lobster spaghetti and a fresh, healthy salad.
    18. Watermelon sangria is only one of several varieties of sangria that are available in the evening.
    19. You should pretend you're on vacation when you eat dinner and attempt to see the sun go down.
    20. Speakeasy on the Rooftop Melbourne sunsets are so stunning that visitors can enjoy them without leaving the city.
    21. Instead, head over to Victoria's beloved Rooftop Bar, a seven-story fixture atop the Curtin House that first opened in 2003.
    22. See the sun go down over the city while you chow down on a burger and a couple of Aperol Drops.
    23. Then, during the summer, stay at Rooftop Cinema to enjoy outdoor screenings of cult and independent films and programmes.
    24. In addition to a stunning panorama of the city below, the Roof Terrace atop Curtin House offers one of the largest open bar experiences within the city.
    25. On warm evenings, the restaurant attracts a mixed population because to its view, location, and smoker-friendly atmosphere.
    26. Of course, the weather is a major factor in how well a session goes at Rooftop Bar.
    27. A set of curved, Art Deco–inspired ferromagnetic awnings that lead to a 1950s drive-in theatre were installed in 2017 as part of the building's renovation.
    28. Two of them can be rolled up when the weather is nice and rolled down when it's stormy.
    29. The canopies take on a halo shape at night when the neon rings are lit up.

    FAQs About Sunset Spots In Melbourne

    We've got a few ideas, but we want to know where you think we'll find Melbourne's best sunset. St Kilda Beach is a popular spot, especially if you're trying to find somewhere romantic to watch the sundown. You might want to head here on a date and take a walk along the beach or esplanade, or you could take a seat on the beach.

    A wonderful point to peacefully admire Melbourne’s skyline at sunrise on the weekend while most of the city is still sleeping. Watch over the Yarra River, with the Queen Victoria Gardens to your left, as the day begins. Then, as the sun rises and goes down, we will remember them.

    The observation deck of Melbourne’s tallest building is a no-brainer for sunset watching. No other structures block the 360-degree views at Eureka Skydeck 88, 300 metres above sea level. As the name suggests, it’s on the 88th floor, but you can go one better upstairs at Eureka 89.

    In Melbourne the sun rises from a position on the horizon about 30° south of due east, travels high in the sky and sets about 30° south of due west.

    While a sunset near the equator lasts only about 20 minutes, in the United States, this period averages 33 minutes. In June, it's about 35 minutes in Washington, D.C., while in December it's 31 minutes.

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