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What Are The Best Car Dealerships In Melbourne?

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    To what end does it prove so challenging to negotiate a fair price for a brand new motor vehicle? Retailers and producers don't facilitate price comparisons very well. Due to a lack of information, prospective automobile buyers are forced to spend their weekends driving around from dealership to dealership, listening to high-pressure sales tactics. We'll take care of everything for you. Through our nationwide tender procedure, we're able to have legitimate competition going between suppliers. To that end, we'll make sure you acquire the vehicle of your choosing at a fleet sales price that'll blow your mind. In fact, we promise you will be satisfied.


    Melbourne’s Best Car Dealerships

    If you are a car dealership owner or know other car dealerships or places in Melbourne that should be on this list, please submit your details here, and we will review your submission.

    Melbourne BMW

    BMW of Melbourne is also acceptable. You can purchase high-quality pre-owned BMWs from them. The expert service team at the dealership ensures that these vehicles always look and run their best. As a result, there will be a wide selection of high-quality cars available to you.

    They conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle's safety and mechanical integrity from every angle. As an added bonus, their maintenance records have been checked and verified. Original add-ons and components may be available locally. They have affordable financing options for individuals and businesses at their dealership. In that case, why delay any longer? Invest in a BMW right now and experience the finest in automotive engineering and design.

    Lorbek Luxury Cars

    For more than three decades, Lorbek Luxury Cars has been a dealer of European supercars, limousines, and sports cars. Beginning as a garage specialising in European automobiles, they eventually became known for their ability to track down the finest examples of luxury and sports vehicles on the market. The foundation of the current Australia-wide operation was laid by a man who was fascinated by and passionate about cars throughout his life.

    With regular shipments of fresh inventory, they work to maintain low prices while maintaining a high turnover rate. The GST is included in all of their costs, and they have an in-house corporate finance department to help you create a financing plan that works for your company. Furthermore, Lorbek Luxury Cars can arrange delivery of your new purchase Australia wide within 24 hours of settlement.

    When it comes to European prestige, luxury, and sports cars, Lorbek Luxury Cars is your go-to source with over 30 years of experience. Growing from its roots as a European auto repair shop to its current prominence as a go-to resource for sourcing the finest prestige and sports automobiles on the market speaks to the company's unmatched dedication to customer care.

    Their current Australia-wide business was founded on their fascination and excitement for automobiles and a lifetime of dedicated to this cause. Maintaining low prices and rapid inventory turnover thanks to a steady stream of incoming items is a top priority.

    Cars sold by them include GST, and they have a corporate financing division that can tailor a credit package to your unique needs. Also, your new vehicle can be delivered to any address in Australia within 24 hours after your purchase with the help of Lorbek Luxury Cars. Prestige cars, wholesale and trade-ins, and luxury sport utility vehicles are what Lorbek Automobiles specialises in selling and maintaining.

    Reputation in Business

    Our family-run company, Trade Prestige, has been serving the high-end automobile and motorcycle markets for more than three decades. Trade Prestige began as a small dealership in Melbourne, but they've expanded because to their dedication to customer service, quality vehicles, and low prices.

    Enjoy your next purchase with the help of our "low rate" Finance and extended Warranty packages, which are available on more than 80 carefully selected Luxury, Sports, and Prestige Cars. Trade-in Values on Luxury Automobiles

    The Melbourne Automotive Industry

    When it comes to automobiles, Cars Of Melbourne has a long and storied history. The company's founders are the third generation to work in their field. Customers in Melbourne and the surrounding area can choose from an excellent selection of pre-owned vehicles offered by their team. The dealership's in-house auto financing services are among the best in the country. They provide their customers with the same level of care they give their vehicles.

    With you in mind, they work tirelessly to provide the best customer service possible. The business is known for selling high-quality, late-model used cars and SUVs. Call them up as soon as possible!

    The next stop is Cars of Melbourne. Another great place to buy a decent used automobile in Melbourne with ease of access. In fact, their team's expertise spans three generations. You are, very literally, in excellent company here. The financing choices for automobiles offered by this company are both extensive and affordable. Therefore, they offer the ideal vehicle for you, whether you want cutting-edge vehicles, budget hatchbacks, or whatever in between. Consequently, contact them immediately and see what awaits you at Cars Of Melbourne!

    Metro Traders

    In 2002, Metro Traders moved to South Melbourne. When they started concentrating on the high-end luxury car market, they really took off. They've earned a name for themselves as the go-to source for reasonably priced, high-quality automobiles. It's important to note that Metro Traders is active in both the wholesale and retail markets for high-end luxury vehicles. Metro Traders' wholesale business has allowed the company to cultivate an extensive network of contacts around the country, expanding the selection of vehicles available to customers.

    Thanks to their dedication to their customers and the quality of their vehicles, Metro Traders has become one of the most trusted luxury car dealers in the Melbourne area. If you're looking for a luxury car, whether it's an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, or something else, they promise to provide you with the best sales experience possible.

    Metro Traders was founded as a modest family business that has since grown in both size and stature. The team is so committed because they share a love of exquisitely crafted, high-performance cars. They are excited to share their passion with customers and do so by providing a wide range of high-end and aesthetically pleasing vehicles.

    It doesn't matter what make or model of high-end car you're after; the experts can help you track one out. Car enthusiasts in Melbourne and Australia can rely on their services and product. They're pleased to provide a wide variety of gently used high-end autos. Metro Traders' professional team is eager and committed to offering the highest possible level of client satisfaction. They work hard to provide people all over the world with high-quality luxury vehicles Melbourne area.

    Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars

    When it comes to automobiles, Melbourne's Cheapest Cars offers the best deals in the state's capital. They sell a large variety of cars both in-store and online. As an added bonus, this auto centre has won numerous accolades for its excellent service. They were chosen as the best-used automobile dealer in 2016 through 2018.

    If your bank can’t provide you a car loan, you may count on these individuals for decent autos. Experts there will work with you to create a payment plan that will allow you to drive your new ride home tonight. They have a team of specialised lenders who make it simpler to buy a car. In addition, they offer doorstep delivery of your chosen vehicle. They offer free vehicle delivery throughout the metropolitan area.

    Fnc Prestige Cars

    Since its humble beginnings as a family business, FNC Prestige has grown to become one of Melbourne's premier dealerships for prestige and luxury vehicles. The FNC Group has been selling high-quality pre-owned European luxury vehicles across Australia at affordable prices for over a decade. Their group of highly skilled and experienced buyers travel all throughout Australia to hand-select the highest quality vehicles possible.

    With over 750 square feet of exhibit space, our state-of-the-art showroom is conveniently located in the middle of Oakleigh and features a wide choice of Luxury Prestige Vehicles, not just the most expensive models. As an organisation, FNC Group participates in the Australian Automobile Dealers Association (AADA). Used European luxury automobiles of the highest quality are what FNC Prestige Cars specialises in selling and servicing.

    Melbourne Car Supermarket

    You can rely on Melbourne Car Supermarket, your reliable Cheltenham used-car dealer. It's a short 25-minute drive from the hub of the city. They have reasonable prices for high-quality pre-owned automobiles.

    Every one of their clients is matched with the ideal vehicle by their dedicated staff. They'll guide you through the process of selecting a high-quality pre-owned automobile. Regardless of your needs or budget, they offer a vehicle that will suit you. They also provide options for payment so you may get on the road without delay. They have a dedicated financial team that will find you the best possible rates. Stop by their shop right now!

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    Australian Vehicle Locators

    The list is now complete thanks to Australia's Vehicle Locators. The finest luxury vehicles in town may be found at this dealership. You may rest assured that their high-end vehicles are always well-maintained. They stock a wide variety of popular brands, including Audi, Volkswagen, and many more. Every one of them is accompanied by a valid Certificate of Roadworthiness issued by the state of Victoria. The same level of service is extended to those looking to trade in an older vehicle. You can get on the road quickly because of the excellent financing options provided by their company. Additionally, you may rely on their sales staff because of their extensive expertise.

    Trade Prestige

    From its humble origins as a boutique dealership in Melbourne, Trade Prestige has expanded thanks to its commitment to provide customers with only the highest quality automobiles, unmatched customer care, and rock-bottom prices. Over eighty carefully selected Luxury, Sports, and Prestige Automobiles are available, and they are eager to assist you in making the most of your next purchase through "low rate" financing and extended warranty options.

    Prestige used car shops can assist you with your next sale or buy by giving extensive financing possibilities, outstanding warranties, and more than 80 hand-selected sports, prestige, and luxury automobiles for sale in their inventory. Choose a trade prestige used car dealer if you want to appreciate the pleasure of discovering the appropriate used cars. Visit the Trade Prestige Showroom, approximately 5 minutes from Crown Casino and the CBD.

    An honest and knowledgeable guide can help you find the perfect prestige, sports, or luxury vehicle.

    Whether you’ve been eyeing a BMW, searching out for a Mercedes, or saving for a Jaguar, Trade Prestige provides a large range with good financing and insurance possibilities. Metro Traders' professional team is eager and committed to offering the highest possible level of client satisfaction. They attempt to deliver superior luxury vehicles to consumers around the Melbourne area.

    Autosports Group

    As of 2016, the Group may be found on the Australian Stock Exchange.

    The servicing, parts, and prestige/luxury used car offerings from Autosports Group are less well-known than the brand-new automobile shops that have made the firm famous. Autosport provides service and parts that meet or exceed the specifications of the manufacturers they partner with. The capacity of Autosport Group technical team to prepare and maintain some of the world’s most sophisticated cars inspires them daily. There is extensive training for their personnel in both technical capabilities and customer service.

    Prestige Auto Traders, a part of Autosports Group, is one of Australia’s biggest and most known prestige and luxury automobile shops. The company's main office is still in Sydney, but it has opened up new locations in Brisbane and Melbourne to accommodate the growing demand for its automobiles in other cities.

    FAQs About Best Car Dealerships In Melbourne

    If you’re looking for used car dealers in the western suburbs of Melbourne, whether you’re after Footscray car dealers or a Sunshine car dealership, there’s no better choice than Grieve Parade Motors, located in nearby Brooklyn. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the selection of second-hand cars our Melbourne car yard has available.

    Focus any negotiation on that dealer cost. For example, a reasonably good deal is 2% above the dealer's invoice price for an average car. A hot-selling car may have little room for negotiation, while you may be able to go even lower with a slow-selling model. Salespeople will usually try to negotiate based on the MSRP.

    Melbourne's Cheapest Cars, which has successfully traded from the site since 1982, has chosen to relocate to another dealership it controls in nearby Oakleigh.

    The Melbourne based buyer is speculated to be proposing an industrial strata unit development.

    On top of it all, the nationwide labor shortage and COVID restrictions have made it difficult to hire and maintain staff, which means that, despite increased demand, most dealerships are not operating a full staff and their employees are even more overworked and burnt out than normal.

    New cars come with the latest safety features and are very likely to be reliable, though they can come with a higher price tag and higher insurance costs. Used cars are generally cheaper because the high depreciation of their early years is already behind them and you may not need as much insurance coverage.

    Ferntree Gully Nissan

    When it comes to taking care of their customers, Ferntree Gully Nissan always goes above and beyond. Only they can claim the title of "Master Platinum Dealer" in Australia. Ferntree Gully Nissan also provides expert auto repairs and maintenance through its onsite Local Car Service Centres and offsite vehicle fleet services.

    By making use of cutting-edge diagnostic gear and tools, their experts are able to do Automotive Maintenance, Diagnostics, and Repairs with Factory-Authorized Service Records. Ferntree Gully Nissan also stocks and instals a comprehensive inventory of manufacturer-approved replacement components for all models they sell.

    Their finance experts are committed to providing reassurance and will take the time to answer all of your questions fully, while also being ethical, competitive, and easy to work with. The services of Corporate Lending, Fully Maintained Leases, Consumer Leases, Novated Leases, Loan Payment Protection and Extended Warranties are all available from Ferntree Gully Nissan.

    Essendon Honda

    Essendon Honda's prices and customer service are unrivalled in the industry. They take great satisfaction in being completely forthright with you.

    If you need assistance with anything from Honda financing and insurance to regular maintenance, you can count on getting it at Essendon Honda. You can rely on their team of specialists to ensure that you get the most out of your Honda vehicle. The advisers and technicians at Essendon Honda Service have years of combined industry experience to guarantee the highest quality service for your vehicle.

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    There's a 6-year/unlimited-mileage guarantee available. The knowledgeable staff at Essendon Honda's sleek showroom are proud to present our broad inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. As always, you can count on the highest quality of care from their staff. Dial their number and a helpful staff person will answer your questions.

    Mercedes-Benz Melbourne

    Mercedes-Benz Melbourne is a certified dealership for the German automaker. There is always someone on hand from their knowledgeable service and parts staff to help you out. There is a wide selection of new, demonstration, and Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned automobiles, in addition to Mercedes-Benz Vans, available at Mercedes-Benz Melbourne.

    The specialised team they employ is well-versed in the world of luxury automobiles. That's why you can count on the highest quality of expert service from start to finish whenever you visit Mercedes-Benz Melbourne. You are cordially invited to their Mercedes-Benz Melbourne dealership, which is located in the heart of South Melbourne, to experience the high level of service and luxury that you deserve.

    Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars

    The Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars dealership comes highly recommended. If you're in the market for a high-end vehicle in North Melbourne, go no further than Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars. This dealership has been serving the community since 1971, and it is known for its wide selection of vehicles and excellent service. You may rest assured that making a purchase here won't be a headache. Additionally, they offer a staff of expert auto mechanics who will ensure your car stays in excellent condition. May I ask if today is a good day to visit their showroom?

    Australian Vehicle Locators

    Australia's Vehicle Locators is a household name among Melburnians. An abundance of luxury vehicles is also available. Mini, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen are just few of the well-known automakers represented in their assortment. In addition, all of the vehicles displayed in their showroom are guaranteed to be in pristine condition. Consequently, they are in possession of a valid Certificate of Roadworthiness from the state of Victoria. You can trade in any vehicle, not just luxury ones. Just call them up right now and ask them!

    Melbourne City Lexus

    Finally, Melbourne City Lexus completes our list. This famous automotive lot has an extensive inventory of high-end automobiles. Truly, they go the extra mile in maintaining their preloved and demonstrator automobiles in their best condition.

    Since its founding in 1983, Lexus has become a household name throughout the world. As such, you can anticipate excellent service from them in all their branches. Check out is what their Corporate Programs and Encore Owner Social Welfare programs have in store for you soon!


    Below you'll find a list of the top car dealerships in Melbourne. Please add any more Melbourne businesses, such as car lots, that you know of to this list. In response to your contribution, we will compile a definitive citywide ranking. You can count on Lorbek Luxury Cars to provide you with the finest European luxury, sports, and exotic automobiles available. It is crucial to have a continual flow of new products coming in so that pricing can be kept low and inventory can be turned through quickly.

    For almost 30 years, this family-run business has catered to those with expensive cars and motorcycles. Metro Traders is widely regarded as Melbourne's premier used car dealer. They have a wide selection of automobiles available both in-store and online. For the lowest prices in the state capital, check out Melbourne's Cheapest Cars. Regardless of the make or model of vehicle you're looking for, the professionals can assist you in your search.

    Top used-car sellers in Melbourne may be found at FNC Prestige Cars, Melbourne Car Supermarket, and Australian Vehicle Locators. For almost ten years, FNC Group has been supplying Australians with reliable, pre-owned European luxury automobiles. In order to ensure that they only sell the highest quality vehicles, they use a group of expert and seasoned purchasers. More than eighty carefully chosen sports, prestige, and luxury automobiles are available at any one time at prestige used car lots, and all come with comprehensive financing options and great warranties. If you want to enjoy the thrill of discovering the right used automobiles, you should visit a trade premium used car dealer.

    If you're looking for the best deals and service, go no further than Honda. Nissan also provides full installation services, including a full stock of OEM replacement parts for every model they offer. They have experts on staff who will help you maximise the potential of your Honda. At Essendon Honda, we are pleased to provide a large selection of both new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. All purchases are protected for 6 years and unlimited miles.

    Since its founding in 1971, Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars has provided luxury vehicle sales and service to the area. When it comes to finding lost vehicles, Melburnians always think of Australian Vehicle Locators.

    Content Summary

    1. Therefore, we will assist you in purchasing the automobile of your choice at a fleet sales price that will astound you.
    2. Please fill out the form below if you own a car dealership in Melbourne or know of any more that ought to be included on this page.
    3. Melbourne If you must use another brand, BMW BMW of Melbourne will do.
    4. Because of this, you'll be able to choose from a large inventory of excellent vehicles.
    5. Get a BMW now to drive the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship.
    6. Superior Automobiles by Lorbek Lorbek Luxury Cars has been in the business of selling high-end European automobiles for almost 30 years.
    7. Lorbek Luxury Cars is the authority on European prestige, luxury, and sports cars, having been in business for more than 30 years.
    8. The company's meteoric rise from its humble beginnings as a European auto repair shop to its current status as a premier destination for acquiring the industry's finest prestige and sports cars is a testament to the unparalleled commitment it has always shown to its customers.
    9. Plus, with the assistance of Lorbek Luxury Cars, your new vehicle can be delivered to any place in Australia within 24 hours of your purchase.
    10. Lorbek Automobiles is an auto dealership that focuses on selling and servicing high-end automobiles, both new and pre-owned, as well as wholesale and trade-ins.
    11. Brand Name Value in the Workplace For almost 30 years, our family-run business, Trade Prestige, has catered to customers in the luxury vehicle and motorcycle industries.
    12. Trade Prestige has grown from its humble Melbourne beginnings thanks to its excellent service, wide selection of high-quality vehicles, and competitive prices.
    13. What You Can Get for Your Trade-In on a High-End Car Automobile Manufacturing in Melbourne Cars Of Melbourne has been around for quite some time in the vehicle industry.
    14. The company has made a name for itself in the used car and SUV market by specialising in selling only the highest quality late-model vehicles.
    15. This business provides clients with a wide variety of inexpensive options for financing automotive purchases.
    16. The Metro Market Vendors There was a relocation of Metro Traders to South Melbourne in 2002. They became successful once they began targeting customers with high-end luxury vehicles.
    17. They have become well-known as a reliable provider of low-priced, high-quality autos.
    18. The wholesale and retail markets for high-end luxury vehicles are both areas in which Metro Traders is involved.
    19. Metro Traders is regarded as one of Melbourne's most reliable providers of high-end automobiles because of their commitment to their clients and the high standard of their inventory.
    20. People in Melbourne and the rest of Australia who are interested in automobiles can trust their services and merchandise.
    21. They put through long hours so that people from all over the world can purchase fine luxury autos from the Melbourne area.
    22. Lowest Priced Vehicles in Melbourne Melbourne's Cheapest Cars has the lowest prices on autos of any dealership in the state capital.
    23. Fnc Luxury Vehicles Starting out as a small family business, FNC Prestige has expanded to become one of Melbourne's most reputable sources for high-end automobiles.
    24. For more than a decade, the FNC Group has provided Australians with access to reasonably priced, gently used European luxury automobiles.
    25. Our cutting-edge, centrally located Oakleigh showroom boasts over 750 square feet of display area, and it is stocked with a variety of Luxury Prestige Vehicles, not just the most expensive ones.
    26. FNC Prestige Cars specialises in the sale and maintenance of high-end, pre-owned European luxury vehicles.
    27. Auto Mart of Melbourne Melbourne Car Supermarket is a dependable used-car dealer in Cheltenham.
    28. Their prices for used cars are really fair.
    29. Tracking Devices for Automobiles in Australia Due to Australia's Vehicle Locators, the list is now comprehensive.
    30. Commercial Reputation Trade Prestige began as a small dealership in Melbourne, but the company has since developed thanks to its dedication to providing clients with only the finest vehicles, unparalleled service, and unbeatable rates.
    31. More than eighty carefully selected sports, prestige, and luxury automobiles are available at any one time at prestige used car lots, and customers can take advantage of a wide range of financing options and exceptional warranties.
    32. If you want to enjoy the excitement of finding the right used automobiles, you should visit a trade premium used car dealer.
    33. Take the short trip (about 5 minutes) from Crown Casino and the Central Business District to the Trade Prestige Showroom.
    34. Trade Prestige has a wide selection of luxury vehicles as well as advantageous financing and insurance options, so whether you've had your eye on a BMW, Mercedes, or Jaguar, now is the time to make that dream a reality.
    35. As a division of Autosports Group, Prestige Auto Traders is among Australia's most well-known and well-established dealerships for high-end vehicles.
    36. The company's headquarters remain in Sydney, but branch offices in Brisbane and Melbourne have been established to meet surging demand for the company's autos.
    37. A Neighborhood Called Ferntree Gully Nissan's Local Car Service Centres and remote vehicle fleet services both provide expert auto maintenance and repair.
    38. The Neighborhood of Ferntree Gully Nissan also provides full installation services, including a full stock of OEM replacement parts for every model they offer.
    39. Ferntree Gully Nissan offers a variety of financing options, including fully maintained leases, consumer leases, novated leases, loan payment protection, and extended warranties.
    40. Honda Essendon If you're looking for the best deals and service, go no further than Essendon Honda.
    41. Essendon Honda is your one-stop shop for everything Honda-related, from car purchases and leases to routine maintenance and repairs.
    42. They have experts on staff who will help you maximise the potential of your Honda.
    43. Essendon Honda Service's advisors and mechanics, who have been in the field for many years together, will provide you with the best care for your vehicle.
    44. The stylish showroom at Essendon Honda is home to an extensive selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, all proudly presented by our friendly and knowledgeable team.
    45. A Mercedes-Benz dealership in Melbourne Mercedes-Benz Melbourne is an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.
    46. Mercedes-Benz Melbourne offers a large variety of new, used, and demonstration vehicles, as well as Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and Mercedes-Benz Vans.
    47. Located in the heart of South Melbourne, their Mercedes-Benz dealership offers the superior service and luxurious amenities you deserve.
    48. Premium Automobiles by Nick Theodosi It is highly advised that you visit Nick Theodossi's Prestige Cars showroom.
    49. Nick Theodossi Prestige Cars is the place to go in North Melbourne if you're looking for a luxury car.
    50. Tracking Devices for Automobiles in Australia Locals in Melbourne are very familiar with Australia's Vehicle Locators.
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