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What Are The Best Indoor Activities In Melbourne, Australia?

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    In Melbourne, you can see all four seasons inside a single day, yet the rain never stops. Even if it's rainy and dismal out, you can still enjoy a nice time in Melbourne.

    Get out and about even when the weather isn't perfect; if you're only within Melbourne for just a brief duration, you might as well make the best of it. Fortunately, there are plenty activities to explore in Melbourne whenever the climate outside is prompting you to remain inside.

    On rainy days, staying inside to read a book or visit with loved ones is an obvious decision. If the weather should turn bad, though, we've got a list of the finest indoor activities in Melbourne to keep you busy.

    Faqs About Indoor Activities In Melbourne

    The Best Melbourne Rainy Day Activities

    • NGV – National Gallery of Victoria. The National Gallery of Victoria, or NGV, is one of the top indoor activities in Melbourne.
    • Royal Exhibition Building. 
    • Immigration Museum. 
    • Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. 
    • Indoor Rock Climbing. 
    • Meet Friends For Brunch. 
    • Parliament Building. 
    • Browse The Arcades.

    Amazing Indoor Activities for Kids' Rainy-Day Fun

    • DIY Your Masterpieces. Soldering About in Seattle. 
    • Break out the Board Games. Danielle Daly. 
    • Bake and Decorate. Courtesy of Minimalist Baker. 
    • Have a Dance Party. 
    • Bring the Outdoors In. 
    • Leave out a Jigsaw Puzzle. 
    • Do a Science Experiment. 
    • Go on a Hunt.

    Indoor activities for kids Melbourne

    • Visit the library. 
    • Splash in an indoor pool. 
    • Catch a movie at a kid-friendly cinema. 
    • Eat out at a cafe with an indoor play area. 
    • Visit an art gallery. 
    • Visit a museum. 
    • Go to the zoo.

    Best Indoor Games Name To Play With Kids

    • Pictionary.
    • Chess.
    • Ludo.
    • Carrom Board.
    • Card Games.
    • Scrabble.
    • Musical Chairs.
    • Truth and Dare.

    Fun Creative Activities for Children

    • Cut and Glue. Using scissors is an activity that all children take some time to learn and is an important motor skill. 
    • Sticker Fun. 
    • Raised Salt Painting. 
    • Drawing With Oil Pastel. 
    • The Back-And-Forth Drawing Game. 
    • Playdough Modelling. 
    • Marble Painting. 
    • Water Balloon Painting.

    Melbourne Indoor Activities

    what are the best indoor activities in melbourne, australia2

    Melbourne Museum

    Spending a rainy day learning about the intriguing history of the town you're in and the nation you're visiting is the ideal way to spend the day indoors. The Melbourne Museum, located in Carlton Gardens, is a fantastic choice for this purpose because of its emphasis on both cultural and natural history.

    At the Southern Hemisphere's largest art museum, you can easily spend a day exploring all the exhibits.

    Royal Exhibition Building

    Carlton Gardens is also home to the historic and beautiful Royal Exhibition Building. Built in 1880 once more for the Great Exhibition, this landmark was the first one in Australia to receive the prestigious World Heritage Site label.

    The Great Hall is the site of many conventions, including the 2019 Flower & Garden Show. Your thrilling journey through the Melbourne Museum will begin just at Royal Exhibition Building and end where it began.

    Parliament House

    Still in the mood for the some culture and history? The Parliament Building is always a good bet. The Victorian Parliament has relocated to a magnificent building whose construction started in 1855. Parliament House is open for tours seven days a week (except official holidays) to the public.

    The architecturally curious have many tour options to select from.

    Melbourne Aquarium Sea Life

    We've had enough of museums and galleries for now; it's time to see what's below in the deep! If you want to learn about Australia's marine life, you should come here. You can witness sharks, ray, a couple of enormous crocodiles, penguin, manatees, turtles, tortoises, and a lot more in the numerous "zones" spread out over the park.

    Travel agency staff at your hostel can answer questions about early booking deals and ticket prices.


    If the weather is poor, you might not feel like doing anything than curling up with a movie at home. Either you watch a film inside the TV room or you go to to theatre to find out what everyone is talking about. In Melbourne, you may pick from a wide variety of theatres to suit your preferences.

    You can choose from a wide variety of movie theatres, including one IMAX, many multiplexes showing the latest Hollywood hits, and several indie-focused arthouse cinemas. If you're looking for a great movie theatre in St. Kilda, try out The Astor. See a movie at The Sun Theater, where the stunning Art Deco building and decor are just as much of a draw as the flick.


    Scienceworks is one of Melbourne's numerous top-notch museums, and it features a Planetarium so visitors can explore the heavens whenever they like. There are also various displays available.

    In case you hadn't noticed, science is the key focus, and there are numerous intriguing displays to check out, such the lightning theatre.

    Queen Victoria Market

    In Melbourne, a number of the best supermarkets can be found within easily accessible structures. The market is well-known for more than only its historical significance; it also offers a wealth of reasonably priced, high-quality goods. Additionally to the standard fare of fruits and vegetables, you may also purchase seafood that has recently been caught. Yummy cheeses, meats, and a wide variety of other speciality items are also on sale. You'll find out all about Queen Vic here, so stick around.

    Live Comedy Shows For Free

    Free comedy previews are available in Melbourne almost every evening of the week. Consider using humour as a kind of self-care and warmth while waiting for the Here's a handy guide to some fantastic locations to visit if you're in need of a good chuckle: There are many free opportunities to enjoy live stand-up comedy in Melbourne.

    Escape Room

    An Escape Room is a fun way to pass the time with a group of friends. You have 70 minutes to gather the clues & solve the puzzles to leave the room. Consistently enjoyable entertainment. There are a total of seven escape rooms, each with its own unique theme, available in and around Melbourne.

    Break Room

    Were you looking to blow off some steam because the constant Melbourne drizzle had gotten to be too much to bear? In other words, this is exactly what you've been looking for! Enter a room with such a bat in a 'break suit,' and proceed to smash everything in sight!


    Amazing cultural resources can be found at ACMI, Australia's Centre again for Moving Image. The museum's convenient location in Union Station allows it to host a wide range of ever-changing exhibits.

    You may also check out a movie at one of the many theatres that show both new and classic releases from Australia and across the world. ACMI opens its doors to the public each day at 10 a.m.

    Caribbean Rollerama

    Why not try something different and go roller skating to a dance party? The entry fee is rather low at $7, and the event itself is really entertaining. It's a mere 2-minute stroll away. At Caribbean Gardens, you'll find a sizable indoor marketplace.

    It is up to you to discover out how to reach Caribbean Park, which is around 25 km outside of Melbourne. You can get there in about 1.5 hours using public transportation; allocate a full day for your visit.

    Ice Skating

    As a natural progression from roller skating, ice skateboarding was included. Skating on a cold, wet day may not sound appealing, but as much a you dress appropriately, you should be fine. Take the tram to the O'Brien Group Stadium in Docklands. Visit on a Tuesday to save a tonne of cash on general entry.

    Visit A Brewery

    Maybe beer is more up your alley than chocolate not if you're a fan of the sweet stuff. You can visit either a huge, industrial brewery or a small, artisanal microbrewery. If you're thirsty after the tour, take a couple of their beers.

    Eureka Skydeck

    While you won't be able to enjoy the scenery quite as much when it's pouring outside, at least you won't want to go anywhere! The Eureka Skydeck, from where you can see magnificent views of Melbourne, is conveniently placed on the 88th floor and can be reached in only 38 seconds via elevator. Shoppers can visit between 10 a.m. to ten p.m. each day.

    Ten Pin Bowling

    Ten-pin bowlers is a popular indoor activity in Melbourne, as it is in many other cities across the world. In the center of Melbourne, you'll find a number of fantastic places to compete with your friends.


    Flip and leap like a carefree kid! Bounce is a massive indoor trampoline park where you can get some exercise without worrying about the weather. It will take you roughly an hour to reach Essendon Fields, where Bounce is located, by bus.

    Come to Australia's largest trampoline park and enjoy a game of dodgeball, or try out our trampoline smash dunk and wall tramps.

    Yarra Valley Chocolaterie (& Ice Creamery)

    Let's put extra focus to a chocolate, because who doesn't even want cocoa on a terrible day? Day trip that calls for your own vehicle but is definitely worth it for the stunning views.

    Additionally, once you've awakened, you can indulge in an abundance of free chocolate samples and then purchase even more to enjoy later or take home.

    Ghost Tours

    Discover the macabre history of Melbourne's historic districts on a thrilling guided tour. There is a wide variety of indoor ghost tours to choose from.

    Rock Climbing At Hardrock

    Learning the ropes of indoor climbing. There are two possible venues for this event. The CBD is a great place to go climbing because the walls are equipped with auto-belay systems, meaning you don't need a companion to climb. The hike in Distributed may be challenging, but the bouldering cave makes it all worthwhile.

    Go To The Pub

    If you're feeling under the weather and don't want to venture out, there are plenty of great bars to warm up at around town. It's wonderful to cosy up outside an open fire at the local watering hole whenever the weather outside would be frightful.

    Melbourne's Best Indoor Playgrounds For Kids

    It is well knowledge that Melbourne may experience all four seasons in a single day, with winter being the wettest.

    Looking for indoor activities to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day?

    I've compiled a list of the best indoor activities for kids in Melbourne, so if it's chilly or raining and you need some inspiration, you can take the kids out of the house and still have a great day.

    Go To The Library

    State Library Victoria, the first public library in Australia, is still operational and thriving today. Central Melbourne's Children's Quarter is a great place for kids to have fun, with unlimited free indoor activities, sports, toys, and books.

    One of the best indoor activities for kids in Melbourne is a visit to the local library, which also serves as a valuable community resource. Excellent children's sections can be found in the Melbourne Central Library, the Katherine Syme Library in Carlton, as well as the Library just at Dock in Docklands.

    Splash Around In An Indoor Pool

    If you're destined to get wet regardless of what you do, just as well do it in a warm pool. It's a great way for youngsters to get some energy out during a rainy day.

    Aquapulse has several amazing water slides, the kids love the frog slide in Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre, and the pirate ship at Glen Eira is a lot of fun for the whole family.

    See A Movie At A Family-Friendly Theater

    The Junior theatre at Village Cinemas primarily designed with children in mind and features a play area with a slide, dim lighting, muted music, and a more relaxed atmosphere. VJunior makes it possible to enjoy a movie night with the family without worrying about keeping an eye on fidgety kids.

    Movie theatres often have "babes-in-arms" showings, wherein parents with very young children can take their kids without feeling self-conscious. Babes-in-arms screenings are available at a wide variety of cinemas, including chain locations like Hoyts and Palace and unique art houses such as the Sun Theatre.

    Come to Melbourne and take the kids to Carlton, where they can be awed by the world's second-largest IMAX screen at the Melbourne Museum.

    Dine At A Cafe That Has An Indoor Play Area.

    Cafe-goers in Melbourne may satisfy their cravings while keeping their children entertained with a variety of indoor play spaces.

    Cafes like the Eastern Bloc & bars like the Stomping Grounds Beer Hall both provide indoor play areas for kids.

    Go To An Art Gallery.

    what are the best indoor activities in melbourne, australia

    The Children's Gallery at the National Gallery is one of my favourite permanent museum exhibits. city centre Melbourne family-friendly activities

    There will be a free exhibition titled "Plans again for Planet: Olaf Breuning with Kids" at the children's gallery from June to October of 2021. The museum's main galleries feature works from the NGV Collections, while the What's On section lists upcoming exhibitions and events.

    Go To A Museum

    Its Melbourne Museum is one of the best indoor destinations in the heart of the city. The Melbourne Museum has an indoor and outdoor area just for kids, and both are sure to keep children occupied for a long time. During times like school breaks, extra indoor activities will be provided for kids at no cost.

    Scienceworks is a great place to take young children in Melbourne. The fantastic Ground Up play area is geared towards kids under the age of five, while older kids can enjoy a number of Melbourne's interior activities, including as a Beyond Perception or Born or Built active temporary and permanent exhibits.

    Visit One Of The City's Museums To Get Cultural.

    If you're the sort that enjoys visiting museums, Melbourne is indeed the Culture City of Australia, so you won't be at a lack for things to do on a dreary day.

    Our museums are open to the whole public, not only art lovers. A few of our fave museums are the following:

    • The NGV International is home to a diverse range of permanent installations, as well as a number of incredible, must-see, blockbuster exhibitions.
    • Learn more about Australia's distinguished artistic past and present by paying a visit to a Ian Potter Centre at NGV Australia.
    • The Victoria Museum is an excellent outing for groups of people of all ages, since it features exhibits on anything from prehistoric animals to First Australian artefacts to the museum's newest addition, the Treasures of a Natural World.
    • If you're interested in learning more about the culture and heritage of Australia's migrant population, a trip to the Immigration Museum is in order.
    • Enjoyable activities at ACMI include watching films, playing video games, and creating impressive soundtracks.
    • Everyone from kids searching for a story book to adults looking to geek out in the Lightning Room will have a blast at Scienceworks.
    • There is a time capsule full of recordings by legendary Australian musicians stored in the Australian Music Vault.

    Escape The Rain With An Escape Room

    You and your brightest friends wouldn't be wasting time waiting is for rain to stop if you all went inside an escape room. The rain outside won't seem so bad as time runs short as well as the puzzles pile up.

    There are several great escape rooms in Melbourne, however some of the most popular include:

    • If you're looking for a way to kill a couple of hours, give the timeless game of Trapt a shot.
    • The Rushing Escape Game contains some very horrific rooms.
    • Traditional Japanese escape games are called ukiyo.
    • Guests of all ages can enjoy the several Mystery Rooms available.

    Catch A Flick 

    To say the very least, this is poor. On a gloomy day, nothing beats curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a warm blanket to watch a movie.

    If you want to feel like you're part of the action on the big screen, an IMAX theatre is your best bet. The Sunshine Theatre in Yarraville is housed in a spectacular art deco architecture, whereas the Cinema Nova near Clifton is the oldest independent film in the Southern Continent.

    The Astor Theater in St. Kilda exudes classic glamour with its chandeliers, plush red velvet chairs, and shimmering gold curtains. It's well-known for its dual features and its large variety of cult and vintage films.

    There are also numerous Hoyts and Village Theaters in the Melbourne area. They constantly present the latest films and give numerous showtimes of each film.

    Take A Drink In A Pub Or Bar

    To while away a damp Melbourne afternoon, nothing beats relaxing with a drink in palm. You can easily avoid the wet weather in London by seeking shelter in a hip bar or traditional Australian pub.

    Here are a few sites to check out in Melbourne when it starts to pour:

    • Those coming from Fitzroy can stop by The Napier Hotel & Stomping Ground Brewery in neighbouring Collingwood.
    • Idyllic Retreat in Brunswick
    • The Grace Darling Resort is centrally situated in Collingwood, Ontario.
    • Sparkle in the heart of the city

    The truth is, though, any indoor bar will do!

    Take A Food Tour Inside.

    When it's pouring outside, many people head to Queen Victoria Market, the largest marketplace inside the Southern Hemisphere, and one of the best indoor attractions in downtown Melbourne.

    Visit at your own leisure or join up for a guided Queen Mary Market Premiere Foodie Tour that lasts for two hours.

    A seafood market, butcher shop, cheese shop, bakery, tea shop, candy shop, and spice shop are just few of the stops along the way. The usual number of samples provided per visit is 1-2. The excursions on Saturdays and Sundays start at 10 a.m.


    Melbourne has a range of indoor activities to keep you busy during rainy days, such as the Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building, Parliament House, and Melbourne Aquarium Sea Life. The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne is Australia's first designated World Heritage Site, and the Melbourne Museum is the largest art museum in the Southern Hemisphere. The Parliament Building is an impressive structure that has been welcoming visitors since 1855. (except official holidays). With displays of sharks, rays, a couple of large crocodiles, penguins, manatees, turtles, tortoises, and more, the Melbourne Aquarium is a fantastic site to learn about Australia's aquatic life. Moviegoers in Melbourne can choose from IMAX theatres, multiplexes, and arthouse theatres that specialise on independent films.

    Queen Victoria Market has a wide variety of high-quality items at reasonable prices, and Scienceworks is one of Melbourne's best museums. In and around Melbourne, you may choose from seven different themed escape rooms, all of which are a great way to spend time with a group of friends. Break rooms are a terrific place to let off steam, and live comedy shows are offered nearly every night of the week.

    Cultural institutions and attractions in Melbourne such as ACMI, Caribbean Rollerama, ice skateboarding, ten pin bowling, and the Eureka Skydeck are highlighted throughout the text. It is available to the public every day at 10 a.m. and may be found in Union Station. The two-minute walk to Caribbean Rollerama will take you to the large indoor marketplace of Caribbean Gardens. Following on from roller skating, ice skating is a sport that can be enjoyed even on a rainy day. Indoor ten-pin bowling is a worldwide phenomenon, and Melbourne is no exception.

    If beer rather than chocolate is your thing, there are plenty of options for you to check out, including both massive industrial breweries and quaint artisanal microbreweries. Bounce, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, Ghost Tours, Rock Climbing at Hardrock, Going to the Pub, and the State Library of Victoria are the top indoor activities for kids in Melbourne. Australia's largest trampoline park, Bounce, has activities like trampoline smash dunk and wall tramps in addition to the standard fare of trampoline games like dodgeball. While Ghost Tours take you on a fascinating guided tour of Melbourne's historic neighbourhoods, Yarra Valley offers free chocolate tastings. As a community resource, State Library Victoria is invaluable for its boundless supply of free indoor activities, sports, toys, and literature.

    When it rains in Melbourne, families can take use of the city's many indoor family-friendly attractions, including museums, art galleries, cafes with indoor play areas, and even an IMAX theatre at the Melbourne Museum. There are a variety of water slides, frog slides, pirate ships, and the Junior theatre at Village Cinemas that children can enjoy. Babes-in-arms screenings are also available at a variety of cinemas, while cafes and pubs provide indoor play places for kids. One of the best family-friendly museums in Melbourne is the National Gallery, which houses the Children's Gallery. A fantastic site to take small children is Scienceworks, and the Melbourne Museum also offers a children's wing and outdoor play area.

    The Victoria Museum has displays on everything from prehistoric wildlife to First Australian artefacts, making it a great destination for groups of people of all ages. The Australian Music Vault is a time capsule full of recordings by iconic Australian musicians, and the Immigration Museum is a terrific place to learn about the history and culture of Australia's migrant population.

    Content Summary

    1. You can have a good time in Melbourne regardless of the weather.
    2. Seeing as how your time in Melbourne is likely to be brief, you should make the most of it by exploring the city no matter the weather.
    3. Whenever the weather outside compels you to stay indoors, you won't be at a loss for things to do in Melbourne.
    4. It's common sense to stay home on rainy days and catch up on some reading or spend time with friends and family.
    5. Just in case the weather turns nasty, we've compiled a list of the top indoor things to do in Melbourne.
    6. The Melbourne Museum The best way to spend a rainy day indoors is to read up on the fascinating history of the place you're staying in and the country you're visiting.
    7. Considering its focus on both cultural and natural history, the Melbourne Museum in Carlton Gardens is an excellent option for this purpose.
    8. Wildlife in Melbourne's Aquarium No more art galleries or historical sites for us; it's time to explore the ocean floor!
    9. You should come here if you're interested in learning about the marine life of Australia.
    10. There's nothing like staying in and watching a movie when the weather outside is frightful.
    11. When in Melbourne, choose from a large selection of theatres to choose one that suits your tastes.
    12. The Astor is a fantastic movie theatre in the heart of St. Kilda.
    13. Market Queen Victoria Several of Melbourne's finest grocery stores are conveniently located in public buildings.
    14. If you stick around, you'll learn everything there is to know about Queen Vic.
    15. Free Stand-Up Comedies in Real Time Almost every night of the week, Melbourne hosts a free preview of a comedy show.
    16. When you're feeling cold and lonely while waiting for the If you need to lighten up, here's a travel guide to some great places to go: Melbourne is a great place to catch a free live stand-up comedy show.
    17. Games With an Ending (or a "Escape Room") A group of pals may have a great time in an Escape Room.
    18. Acmi The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is a treasure trove of cultural information.
    19. Union Station provides a perfect setting for the museum, which features rotating displays of interesting artefacts.
    20. In addition, there are numerous cinema theatres where you can watch the latest and oldest films from Australia and around the world.
    21. Caribbean Park is located around 25 kilometres from Melbourne, and it is your responsibility to figure out how to get there.
    22. Dancing on Thin Ice The inclusion of ice skateboarding was a logical extension of the roller skating genre.
    23. You can either check out a massive, industrial brewery or a charming, boutique microbrewery.
    24. In just 38 seconds, you may be on the Eureka Skydeck, where you can take in breathtaking views of Melbourne.
    25. The bus ride to Essendon Fields, where Bounce is located, will take about an hour.
    26. Come play some dodgeball or try out our trampoline smash dunk and wall tramps at Australia's largest trampoline park.
    27. Beautiful day trip that requires your own transportation but is well worth it for the scenery.
    28. The Haunted History of Tours Take a fascinating guided tour around Melbourne's historic areas and learn about the city's dark past.
    29. A number of different kinds of indoor ghost tours are available.
    30. In the Hardrock Climbing Area Indoor climbing novice gaining experience.
    31. There are several wonderful bars in the area to warm up at if you're feeling under the weather and don't feel like going out.
    32. Here Are Some Of Melbourne's Finest Indoor Playgrounds For Young Ones It is well knowledge that any of Melbourne's four seasons can be experienced in a single day, with winter being the wettest.
    33. Central Children of all ages will love the Children's Quarter in Melbourne, where they can enjoy an abundance of free indoor activities, sports, toys, and literature.
    34. It's preferable to get wet in a warm pool if you're going to get wet anyway.
    35. The frog slide at Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre is a favourite among children, and the pirate ship at Glen Eira is a blast for kids and adults alike.
    36. Visit a movie theatre that welcomes children and other members of the family. Junior theatre at Village Cinemas is kid-friendly featuring a play area and slide, low lights, low volume, and a calmer environment.
    37. VJunior allows parents to relax during family movie night without having to constantly monitor restless children.
    38. There are special "babes-in-arms" showings at the movies so that parents of infants can feel comfortable bringing them.
    39. Take the kids on a trip to Carlton, Melbourne, and let them marvel at the Melbourne Museum's second-largest IMAX screen in the world.
    40. Cafe-goers in Melbourne can feed their hunger and their kids' imaginations at the same time, thanks to a wide range of indoor play areas.
    41. Some bars and restaurants do not allow children, however others, like the Stomping Grounds Beer Hall and the Eastern Bloc, have indoor play facilities for children.
    42. One of my favourite permanent displays is the Children's Gallery at the National Gallery.
    43. Attend a Museum One of the nicest indoor places to visit in the middle of Melbourne is the city's Museum.
    44. The Melbourne Museum is equipped with both an indoor and outdoor play area for children, and both are likely to keep them entertained for quite some time.
    45. Melbourne is the Culture City of Australia, so if you're the museum-going type, you won't be bored on a rainy day.
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