what is the best area to stay in melbourne australia

What Is The Best Area To Stay In Melbourne, Australia?

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    While Sydney's harbour, bridge, or opera house may get all the attention, Australia's sec city is just as crucial to the economy, culture, & art as Sydney is. Melbourne is not only a vibrant, bohemian, and cosmopolitan city, but also the undisputed sporting capital of the world, thanks to its frequent hosting of major international tournaments and a unique brand in Australian football.

    Due in major part to its many parks, inner-city beaches, excellent public transit, and closeness to activities around the state, this city of 4.7 million has consistently ranked as the "World's Most Liveable."

    Staying near the city centre is ideal because of the abundance of facilities accessible, the closeness to a few popular tourist destinations, and the availability of public transit to the rest of Melbourne. Somewhat unsettlingly, the streets remain overbuilt, and so many hotels charge extortionate rates.

    Several major hotels may be found in Docklands, an revitalised and affluent neighbourhood in front of a spectacular port that is accessible via tram from the city's central business district.

    East Melbourne, including its fashionable hotels and various colonisers' buildings, and South Melbourne, which features Albert Park and its enormous gardens and alluring exurban vibe. Southbank, from across Yarra River from the business district, in which the spectacular Crown Casino complex is located.

    St. Kilda, with its expansive beach, water park, musical entertainment venues, and botanical gardens; and South Yarra, a sanctuary for hipsters known for its high-end hotels, trendy bistros, and cool pubs, are both within 15 minutes on the tram from the city centre and are popular with tourists.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    CBD. The CBD is the centre of Melbourne. It's the neighbourhood at the heart of the action and is home to Melbourne's most famous and renowned sights, which is why the CBD is the best area in Melbourne to stay in for sightseeing and exploring.

    While statistically, crime rates in Melbourne, FL are 66.47% higher than the national average, when compared to other medium-sized cities, Melbourne has a lower crime rate. Around 86% of its residents feel safe to walk alone during the day, while 68% feel safe even during the night.

    Southbank has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for Melbourne.

    So, which are the Melbourne suburbs to avoid? It seems the closer you are to the city, the more the crime rate rises. While these areas are largely safe during the day, the areas ranked the least safe in Melbourne include Melbourne City, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Campbellfield and Docklands.

    As of September 2018, the CBD of Melbourne had the highest rate of overall criminal incidents in the state (15,949.9), followed by Latrobe (12,896.1) and Yarra (11,119.2).

    Melbourne's Best Places To Stay

    what is the best area to stay in melbourne australia3

    When planning a trip to Melbourne, it can be tough to narrow down the options due to the numerous desirable neighbourhoods.

    Do you really want to be so far from main attractions that you can't walk to free public transportation? Or, you could just follow the locals' lead and spend your day bar hopping, cocktailing, and savouring the city's renowned coffee at one of the city's many quaint, quaint cafes.

    Hobart is made up of several distinct areas, all of which have something special to offer. Use this guidance to determine which course of action is best for you.

    • The heart of the city is the best starting point for any sightseeing adventure in Melbourne. There aren't a tonne of "must-sees" in the CBD, but many tourists prefer to remain because of the great shopping malls, markets, and arcades, and the abundance of restaurants and bars, particularly along the Yarra River and in the city's famously charming laneways. Melbourne's trams and trains are free to ride inside the city limits and several surrounding suburbs, and trains go all through the state.
    • St. Kilda is the epicentre of Melbourne's nocturnal activity. In the modest, hippy-friendly coastal suburb of St. Kilda, you'll find three of Melbourne's finest restaurants: The Prince Hotel, Hospitality Esplanade, as well as the Palais Theatre. You may also easily reach the area's many hotels on foot. This is the most exciting time to visit St. Kilda, with the crowds at Luna Kingdom old pub and the trendy cafes lining Replacement Street.
    • Southbank is Melbourne's premier dining district. The southern banks of a Yarra River, which runs through the centre of Melbourne, are home to some of the city's finest dining and nightlife options, including South Wharf, Gateway, and the massive Crown Casino complex at Southbank. All of them are great places to have a wine glass and watch the world go by, and the prices are usually fair. You can also reserve a sailboat for a sumptuous dinner cruise on the Yarra.
    • Docklands is Melbourne's premier neighbourhood for families. Docklands, a revitalised neighbourhood, is conveniently located along the town's free tram system. It has a port and harbour and a shoreline that is great for jogging or riding a bicycle because it is much less crowded than the city itself. Attractive shopping district in District Docklands; features an ice rink, multiplex cinemas, and a mini golf course. In the winter, Docklands hosts a maximum of three games of a unique kind of Australian rugby and football each weekend.
    • St. Kilda has the finest beaches in all of Melbourne. St. Kilda, located about 4 miles from the city centre, has a bohemian albeit often flamboyant vibe that is pleasantly different from the rest of Melbourne. Visitors to the long beach can participate in a variety of water activities, ride bicycles along the boardwalk, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and refreshing summer breezes. Among the many attractions in Melbourne are three of the city's greatest venues for live music, the historic and wacky Luna Park, and a pier that stretches deep into Port Phillip Bay. If swimming is indeed a top priority, though, make your way to Brighton Bay instead of St. Kilda.
    • South Melbourne & Albert Park are two of Melbourne's best areas for gardens. Victoria, the state capital and nicknamed the "Garden City," was thankfully designed with several parks and gardens. Hotel rooms are hard to come by in the city centre, although they can be found in abundance in more residential areas such as Brompton and Fitzroy. In South Melbourne, you'll find two of a city's most popular tourist destinations: the Royal Garden and the neighbouring King's Domain. Large, free, and packed with colonial artefacts and modern tourist attractions. About 300 metres away, in Albert Park—which is turned into a racing track every year for the Formula one racing Australian Grand Prix—the event takes place every year.


    • It's no secret that the heart of Melbourne is where you'll find the city's best selection of stores and markets. High-end stores line a public plaza that forms a section of the important thoroughfare known as Bourke Street. Other streets in the downtown area are just as jam-packed with enormous shopping malls, winding arcades, and chic boutiques. The Queen Victoria Market, on the northern edge of the downtown area, is a great place to buy locally grown produce, as well as clothes, souvenirs, and food. On weekends, you may find art and craft markets in the central city districts like Prahran, St. Kilda, & South Melbourne, all of which are easily accessible via tram from the Melbourne Central Business District.
    • City Center Is Melbourne's Best Transportation Location Although stressed Melburnians may disagree, the central city's public transit system is excellent. Geelong, Werribee, and Ballarat, as well as the city's other suburbs and regional districts, are all within a half-train hour's ride, and the airport is reachable in under half that time. Docklands, located on the city's western fringes, is also a departure point for ferries over Port Phillip Bay.
    • Southbank, a neighbourhood in Melbourne, is the city's most romantic spot. The Yarra River in central Melbourne is not as picturesque or romantic as Sydney Harbour at night. However, for a few of kilometres along the southern side, you'll find trendy riverbank pubs and clubs, ideal for people-watching during the day and candlelight dining at night. A trip aboard the Spirit of Sydney at night is a lovely way to spend a date. The evening might conclude with a splash at one of Melbourne's famed Crown Casinos.
    • St. Kilda and Southern Melbourne are two of the best places in Melbourne to go for a stroll or ride a bike.  Getting around Melbourne is a breeze because to the city's extensive network of bike lanes and hiking paths. Located along a total of 7 miles of shoreline, the St. Kilda beachfront route is a favourite amongst recreational walkers and serious kayakers alike. Biking from North Victoria to St. Kilda is a snap because to the flat, three-mile route that round Albert Parks Lake and passes through the world-renowned Royal Botanic Gardens. Melbourne Bike Share is an app-based service that makes it possible to hire bicycles from stations located across the central business district and in some of the more nearby suburbs.
    • Docklands is Melbourne's best first-time neighbourhood.  Travelers to the overbuilt and chaotic city centre may experience sensory overload due to the sheer number of people, vehicles, and sounds. Learning and mastering the city's public transit system is often a need for residents of outlying neighbourhoods like St. Kilda and South Yarra. Docklands' location on the city's outskirts allows for the kind of openness and peace that are impossible to find in the city proper. The magnificent marina in this area is within easy walking distance from the city centre, thanks to the abundance of cafes and cycle paths in the immediate area.
    • Docklands is Melbourne's safest neighbourhood. This spacious, fashionable, and rich neighbourhood is home to a large number of high-rise apartment buildings. Wide, well-lit streets deter the homeless & criminals from this area, in contrast to a seedier areas like St. Kilda as well as the twisting lanes of inner Melbourne. Docklands is a wonderful destination for families, and it is perfectly safe to stroll all along marina late at night.
    • St. Kilda, a Dangerous Suburb in Melbourne St. Kilda's popularity as an urban beach neighbourhood has increased greatly as tacky bars and dilapidated homes have been replaced by trendy cafes and upscale apartments. Nonetheless, it's wise to take precautions, such as only travelling on well-lit streets and using taxis after dark. The numerous bars, clubs, or concert halls in the area attract inebriated customers, and as a result, you'll often see wayfarers and other potential troublemakers congregating on the beach or in the parks.

    Tourists' Favorite Melbourne Neighborhoods

    City Center

    One of World's biggest cities, Melbourne is a shopper's dream with its plethora of trendy boutiques, massive department stores, and quaint arcades. The city is also famous for its charming backstreets, which are often decorated with eye-catching street art and packed with hip eateries.

    Along the Yarra, you'll find a string of charming watering holes, not to mention the glitzy Crown Casino. Public transit within downtown is both convenient and economical, despite the fact that downtown is becoming increasingly overbuilt and usually pricey.

    • It's safe to say that the Westin Melbourne is indeed the best hotel in town. The Rialto, Langham, the Grand Hyatt are some of Melbourne's most luxurious hotels.
    • Two of the best boutique hotels around Melbourne are the The Treasure on Collins Apartments Hotel as Well as the Jazz Corner Hotel.
    • Best Moderate/Cheap Hotels in Melbourne include the Hotel Grand Regent Melbourne and the Ibis Melbourne Central.


    Towards the west of the downtown area, a revitalised area called Docklands features high-end apartment buildings. Docklands' large football stadium, harborside restaurants, and picturesque marina make it a popular destination for families. Among the reasons for this are the city's excellent bike paths, the stunning Melbourne Star ferris wheel, and the renowned The Strand Docks shopping centre. The hotels are only a few minutes from the core of the city, which can be reached by taking one of the many free trams that run around the city.

    • The top 5 hotel in the vicinity is the Four Points by Sofitel Melbourne Docklands.
    • The Sebel Docklands Hotel in Melbourne
    • There isn't a better apartment hotel in Docklands than Quest Docklands. Docklands' Quest NewQuay


    The stunning Crown Casino can be found in Southbank, a neighbourhood once cut off from the main part of the city by the Yarra River. Several high-end shopping, dining, and nightlife districts can be found on the river's southern bank. It's possible to locate five-star hotels, hip museums, and huge concert halls in other parts of town.

    Crossing any of the numerous bridges will bring you right into the centre of Southbank, where you'll have easy access to all the sights, smells, and tastes of a city without having to put up with the bother of staying in the capital's congested, noisy, and busy neighbourhood.

    Both Albert Park And South Melbourne

    what is the best area to stay in melbourne australia2

    Some few blocks south from Southbank and a quick train journey from the central business district is the upscale, residential area of South Melbourne. The Royal Botanic Gardens are a sight to behold and feature a variety of plants, monuments, glasshouses, and colonial structures.

    The Formula One Australian Grand Prix takes place just to the south, where the lake & surrounding roads in Albert Park are magically transformed into the course. St. Kilda, known for its expansive beach and other alluring features, is only a 2-mile bike ride away (easily rented).

    • The Continental Melbourne Albert Park and The Coppersmith Hotel are the two finest 5-Star accommodations in the city.
    • Boutique Hotels, like the Royce and the Blackman, Are Deserved of Their Place in the Art Series
    • There are a few of wonderful hotels in the middle price range in Melbourne, and they include the Mercure Brisbane Victoria Park as well as the Lily Sands Inn.

    South Yarra

    Like its neighbouring districts of Toorak & Prahran, South Yarra is a hip district teeming with stylish boutique hotels, hip cafes/bars, and bustling weekend markets. The prices at the local eateries are reasonable, and there are no tourist buses full of tourists.

    Seek advice from locals on the best bars, Italian restaurants, and coffee shops to hang out in. The stunning Royal Botanic Gardens are within walking distance of South Yarra, and it is also close to the middle of the city business sector and the vibrant St. Kilda beach district.

    • Two of the best five-star hotels in town are the Lyall Hotel and or Spa and the Como River MGallery by Sofitel, while two of the best boutique hotels are the Art Series—The Cullen and the Art Series—The Olsen.
    • The Toorak Manor and the Hotel Claremont Guesthouse are two of the best hotels in the neighborhood for the price range they offer.

    St Kilda

    St. Kilda's beach is large and sandy, but it's not a great place to go swimming. The town, though, is charmingly "beachy," complete with cool summer breezes, beautiful sunsets, tree sapling seaside gardens, water sports, a long pier, a boardwalk or cycling, a profusion of cafes, and just a quaint and old pleasure park.

    St. Kilda is indeed a hippie and often gaudy neighbourhood with wonderful venues for live music and a pedestrian promenade packed with eateries. In no more than fifteen minutes, you could be in the center of the city on the tram.

    • Two of the best five-star hotels in the neighbourhood are indeed the Formats St. Kilda as well as the Mission St. Kilda Bayside.
    • Tolarno Hotel is one of the best small hotels in the area.
    • For a comfortable stay at a reasonable price, choose the Metropolitan Hotel, The Princes Hotel, or the Crest on Plaza Hotel Apartments.

    East Melbourne

    To the east of the CBD and further out, you'll find parks and well-preserved colonisation structures that are unparalleled in scale and quality anyplace else in the city or its suburbs.

    East Melbourne's five-star hotels offer more space and greater views than their central business district counterparts, which are becoming increasingly crowded to accommodate new businesses. A ride on the tram will take you right into the heart of the city. Most of the area's hotels are also within a short walking distance of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Pitch, which can hold up to 100,000 spectators.

    • Best Melbourne Luxury Hotels: Sofitel on Collins, Windsor, Park Hyatt, and More
    • The finest boutique hotel is Ovolo Laneways.
    • Hotels in the East Melbourne neighbourhood are the best in their price range and location.
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