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Where To Find The Best Ribs In Melbourne

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    When it relates to ribs, everyone all have their own idea on where you can get the tastiest ones. There are those who insist the best ribs can only be found at barbeque joints, while others will argue that the best ribs can be found at all-you-can-eat buffet businesses. That begs the question: who is correct? It really is a matter of taste, though. But if you're seeking for some tasty ribs or don't know how to start, read on! In this piece, we'll take a look at some of the best rib joints in Melbourne.

    It might be difficult to track down excellent ribs in Melbourne. It's difficult to decide where to eat due to the numerous places serving this timeless cuisine. For this reason, we have compiled a list of a number of the top rib joints in Melbourne. We have what you're looking for whether you want ribs cooked in the classic BBQ style or something slightly different.

    The Local’s Guide To The Juiciest Ribs In And Around Melbourne

    tastiest ribs in melbourne

    A huge rack of Barbecue ribs is one of life's basic pleasures. So, we've done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the most popular rib joints in Melbourne. As exhaustive as the following may seem, we guarantee you that it was compiled with the highest care and deliberation.

    Melbourne has plenty of options ranging from traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants barbeque ribs from roving vendors that are looking to make a name for themselves. There are translations for the American, Australian, Argentinean, Brazilian, and Chinese versions. The best ribs in your area of Melbourne are described below, so read on.

    Big Boy BBQ

    Considered by many to be the eatery that popularised smoked barbeque and sparked the grilling mania that followed, Big Boy BBQ lacks the immaturity of even a baby. They smoke their ribs over Hickory wood instead of boiling them like most rib places. 'Slow Cuisine... Fast' is an initiative devoted to reviving time-honored culinary practises and offering a nutritious alternative to fast food.

    San Antone

    Third-generation pitmaster and owner of the legendary Bludso's BBQ in Los Angeles, Kevin Bludso, brings the distinctive flavours of his smokehouse to the city San Antone  – limited just to the Crown Melbourne. We've been instructed to reassure you that it's fine to follow your nose to the smoked meats, delectable sides, and unique beverages.

    We finally got to meet Kevin Bludso, whose restaurant San Antone has been a highlight of Crown Precinct since it debuted many years ago. Authentic Texas brisket and ribs barbecued to perfection with that signature smokehouse flavours. At San Antone, we enjoy the happy hour and the cocktails. Kevin had informed us that the key was to take things "slow and low" when we first met. We were also informed that Victoria provides them with high-quality meats. The BBQ at both Kevin's restaurant in Los Angeles and San Antone in Crown is fantastic.

    Fancy Hanks

    One of Melbourne's best places to get ribs, Fancy Hanks, uses Gippsland as a source for its free-range meats. Then they smoked it for up to 22 hours in their custom-built, two-ton smoker. Wines, liquors, and beers from the area are carefully selected to complement each dish. The space is open, bright, and full of positive energy. All right in the heart of the Central Business District. Got a hankering for some barbeque that'll really stick to your ribs? Head to Fancy Hank's. The crew here is meat-obsessed and has devoured their way across some of America's top barbeque establishments in order to bring their knowledge and expertise to Melbourne.

    Someone has to do it, and you will be pleased they did, since now we get to enjoy some of the finest ribs available. Try some of their pork ribs cooked in the Kansas way. The perfect harmony of caramelization, chargrilled pieces, and sweet, smoky, luscious flesh may lead you to study the exquisite art of smoking and prompt you to order a second (or third) serving.

    Bluebonnet BBQ

    The Bluebonnet BBQ intends to provide some of Melbourne's finest smoked Texas-style barbeques. Indeed, it accomplishes its goals. Meat lovers will be spoiled for choice with this restaurant's extensive menu. You need not look any farther than the list of available cold beverages and side dishes to complete your meal.

    Similarly, this BBQ place is considered by many to be the best BBQ establishment in Melbourne. After trying Bluebonnet in several cities, we finally settled on their Brunswick outpost because we were craving authentic Texas barbeque. Wood-roasted broccoli and chargrilled sweet corn are two vegetarian options among many. Try some of our smoked black angus brisket, braised lamb shoulder, or Bourbom, ancho, and peach-glazed St. Louis pork ribs. Also, today's special sausage.

    Third Wave Café

    This business caters to the picky café and breakfast goers during the day. Carnivores are most active after dark. In any case, that's how the Third Wave Café notices it. It is not easy to perfect the art of leisurely smoking, but the café has done it. Cooking their ribs in a custom-built smoker named Brutus, the restaurant creates some of the finest ribs in the business, which are best paired with their own BBQ sauces.


    Several restaurants serving authentic American barbecued ribs are discussed here. And what about ribs cooked on the grill in the Brazilian style? B’Churrasco to that query, is the correct response. Sword-length skewers grilled over an open fire are sliced tableside, creating a theatrical dining experience. It's safe to assume the food is authentic because it's prepared by chefs with Brazilian culinary training.

    The Plough

    The Plough and Melbourne, for that respect, have seen a number of transformations since its inception in 1868. The restaurant had a makeover in 2013 and is now known as somewhere lot hipper to eat. The menu focuses on numerous traditional Australian pub dishes while adding a Mediterranean spin, as evidenced by the sticky ribs that are coated with pomegranate molasses.

    Steak Ministry Bar & Grill

    With a name as official as this, the Steak Ministry Bar & Grill This was likely the school of Ralph Wiggum's dreams. However, if you take out the random Simpsons references, you have a restaurant that provides some of the best Ribs in Melbourne. A classic steakhouse with classic flavours and classic selections; if you're looking to diversify your steakhouse experience beyond slabs of meat, the old-fashioned Kentucky style pork ribs are a must-try.

    If you've been praying for good ribs in the suburbs, your wishes have been granted. Undeniably, the brand-new Steak Ministry is renowned mostly as a steakhouse, but its dark, industrial-meets-rustic interior also features racks of hot-smoked pig ribs. The four rib flavours span the world, from Mississippi to Korea, so make sure to bring a large group.

    melbourne best ribs

    And if you're okay with strangers tinkering with your meat, you should try the beef ribs cured in a combination of lime, coffee, and rum. Do not miss the wonderfully displayed desserts, which taste more better than they appear; in fact, we haven't decided whether the key lime cheesecake or the coconutty choc delice was our favourite and will have to return to find out.

    Ribs and Burgers

    By combining their two specialities, Ribs and Burgers has proven to Melbourne that it wants business when it refers to, well, ribs and burgers. Ribs and Burgers. The whole of their ribs require a minimum of 8 hours there in slow cooker before they make it to your table, so you know they've put in the time and effort to provide you with the best barbecued food possible.

    Smokin’ Barry’s Slow Cook BBQ

    No one ever said that in order to succeed in the competitive field of rib-throwing, you had to set up shop in one location forever. Eh, it wasn't like that at all Smokin’ Barry’s Slow Cook BBQ. This mobile restaurant has been gaining popularity throughout the city thanks to its successful formula of offering smokey and excellent ribs from a state-of-the-art food truck. Smokin' Barry's Slow Cook BBQ uses a low-temperature smoking method to keep all of the meat moist and tender. They are available for a wide variety of functions, so hire them for your next large party and indulge in some ribs.

    Senor BBQ

    Following the current trend of street-side BBQ vendors, we present to you, Senor BBQ. What sets Senor BBQ apart from the previously mentioned provider is that it serves you authentic South American flavours with an Argentinean twist. Also, they can improve your next gathering by applying Asado cooking skills that have been passed down through generations in the Argentine culture.

    Le Bon Ton

    Le Bon Ton’s menu features meals and preparation styles from around the American South. For example, their crispy smoked lamb ribs, which have been cooked low and slow and are very delicious. Their expert chefs carefully prepare them using premium lamb and a smoky coffee spice, then serve them with a sweet and tangy barbeque sauce.

    Le Bon Ton, with its Southern American décor, ambience, and top-notch garden, is a gem in Collingwood. We usually get the Smoker's Lot, which includes Angas beef brisket, hog shoulder, smoked chicken, and spicy Cajun sausages and is a sampling of Le Bon Ton's most popular items. Remarkably tasty brisket breakfast burritos may be had at a new-to-us bottomless brunch. Smoky chicken wings are a speciality, but the Macaroni and cheese is also excellent. Also, a location we hold dear because of the memories we made there.


    Magic occurs beneath Melbourne's thriving central business district. Our imaginations may take us anywhere, and sometimes those destinations are quite mysterious. Located beneath a flight of stairs just off Little Collins Street, Meatmaiden have their senses greeted by the aromas and sights of genuine wonders. A thousand briskets have been smoked in the American-made, wood-burning smoker that was shipped over here. Ironbark gathered in the Blue Mountains is used to fuel the smoker. The dry-aging cabinet hangs high-quality meat for up to 40 days, maximising its suppleness and flavour.

    Meatmaiden, located at Melbourne's central business district, is a BBQ institution for many years. A combination of grilling and smoking make this dish more upscale than the norm, much like Fancy Hanks. Good times were had by everyone thanks to the Ironbark from the Snowy Mountains that went into the construction of the bespoke smoker in the basement of the Meatmaiden. The attention is drawn to the dry ageing beef cabinet.

    BBQ at Port Melbourne's Smokey's

    You can tell you're in the United States or at least an Americana-themed BBQ shack by the American flag hanging on one wall and US licence plates hanging on the other. Which means you're in for some seriously delicious grub. Smokey's is, Obviously, it revolves around smoked meat. It comes with fries and a tiny pickle so you can think you're getting some sort of vegetable stuff with your dinner, and it's presented on wooden boards to give off an air of rustic chic.

    Smokey's has some of the greatest ribs in Melbourne, and you can have them from whatever beast you like. In contrast to the pork ribs, which pick up that delightful smokiness and bash you over the head with it, the beef ribs have a subtle, almost subdued smokiness. The hickory-smoked meat, in either instance, easily separates from the bone or into your mouth; you may opt to accompany it with a house-made sauce, of which there are several. We recommend the Southern Comfort sauce for its balanced sweetness and smokiness. If you come to after eating a lot of meat, the brisket is excellent. You're not a glutton for torture, but you do have an insatiable appetite for well smoked meat.


    If you're looking for human flesh for your fantasies, you've found the proper location. Meatmother's the walls are covered in butcher's cleavers and other artwork depicting meat, the no-frills menu only contains meat and meat salad, and a few cocktails are infused with bacon for extra flavour. When the day's supply of super tender American-style ribs (both beef and pork) smoked over oak has run out, that's it. Don't be late, or you'll miss out on the incredible pork belly or so smokey the firemen are on their way beef brisket. But on second thought, maybe that wouldn't be such a horrible idea.

    Ike's Rack Shack

    How do you raise the bar if it's already high? The obvious solution is to build an outdoor "rack shack" in the backyard, complete with artificial turf and roofed picnic tables to simulate an authentic "fake shack." The Beaufort's done with Ike's. This eatery has become well-liked by individuals with a penchant for ribs because of its triple-rack stack, which includes lamb, beef and hog ribs in one serving and is ideal for sharing or satisfying a "I could eat a cow, I'm so hungry." craving. The ribs are seasoned well, smoked over hickory for an entire night, then glazed with bourbon and maple syrup and chargrilled to perfection. The meat is so tender it just slips off the bone, and its mild sweetness satisfies both the sweet and meaty cravings. It's no surprise that a good rack is universally adored.


    B'Churrasco is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant known for its exceptional meat preparation and serving. Lamb, cattle, poultry, and pork are carved tableside and served until you ask the waiters to stop serving you for a fixed cost of $45. The rock-salted beef ribs, which are slow-cooked till delicious, er, done, are a showcase of the open kitchen's skills. The tender, flavorful lamb ribs are another highlight. Brazil may not have won the World Cup, but its food scores big in Melbourne with some of the city's tastiest ribs.

    Nieuw Amsterdam

    Mary first gave birth to a tiny lamb, and then to a few more. Moreover, since she was having supper at Nieuw Amsterdam, Really, who could blame her? The food at this spacious and friendly bar-restaurant is outrageously good, especially for how simple it is. So come on in for some citrus-infused grilled lamb ribs and a creative cocktail from the large beverages menu. Try the Elmer Had a Little Lamb, a mint julep created with bourbon that was washed in lamb fat; the refreshing mint pairs well with the savoury ribs, and the spiciness of the bourbon makes for a memorable evening.

    The Plough

    The traditionally seedy restaurants in Footscray are being transformed by newcomers like The Plough, a tavern that looks posh on the inside and serves food that is just as refined. When dining in the light and open dining room with its wooden tables and large fabric serviettes, using your bare hands just seems wrong. In any case, the lamb ribs with their Middle Eastern flavour profile will make you want to do just that.

    The greatest ribs in Melbourne can be found at these incredibly sticky joints. The rich, fatty meat that drips off one side of the rib is pleasantly piquant thanks to the pomegranate molasses glaze, while the other side has a lovely caramelised layer that you can't scrape off with silverware. The question now is, what shall we do? Take a good look at your surroundings. The establishment is somewhat upscale for the area, but hold for a sec. Facial tissues made of cloth? You should use your hands to eat if they insist on it. Go on. Do not hesitate to dive in.

    Bashuge Traditional Szechuan Restaurant

    These are ribs, Jim, but not in the traditional sense; they aren't grilled. As you would have imagined from the name of the restaurant, the roasted lamb ribs are wonderful, Chinese-style

    juicy ribs in melbourne

    They've been dry-rubbed with a flavorful blend of cumin, five-spice powder, and good ol' salt, and the fat has been left on for optimal flavour and softness. Looking to liven things up a bit? If your friends don't believe you when you tell them you ate Szechuan dry chilli chicken, it's time to show them. You'll need something to put out the flames, and happily there's no corkage fee at Bashuge, so bring a few bottles of riesling.

    Red Gum BBQ

    At this homey eatery, which specialises in American barbeque, it's all about the pork. Not only can you get your pork rib fix here, but Red Gum BBQ. Also available: smoked chicken, beef brisket, and a variety of sides. You should try both the Carolina sauce (which is similar to Fountain Steak Sauce) and the white sauce from Alabama. The free-range pork loin and homes beef and cheese sausage, both with a hot jalapeño kick, are other popular alternatives to the ribs.


    Meatworks It's Lindsay Jones-passion Evans's project to provide South Melbourne with an equally excellent Melbourne BBQ experience. Although it was once a garage, this 1930s building has been given a charming retro makeover, and its barbeque is excellent. Our meal at Meatworks was prepared Memphis style, which means it was served dry and the client was expected to add their own sauce. We really liked the full rack of dry-rubbed pork ribs with the spice rub. In addition to the allure of the smoked sausage, apple slaw, and shoestring fries.


    Kong Despite its reputation as a Korean eatery, we rank Richmond's as one of Melbourne's top BBQ spots. The barbeque pit and some very outstanding BBQ meals including fried chicken, baby back pork ribs seasoned with Kong wild horse chilli, and beef short rib can be found in the same place as the kimchi and Korean hot food.

    Having a Korean-influenced BBQ restaurant in Melbourne is a welcome change from the many Texan-style BBQ restaurants. Charcoal and Australian hardwood are used to create a chemical-free fire in the Fire Pit BBQ. Over the years, the legendary Bossam BBQ platter has been a family favourite. It often includes chicken, miso lamb, hog belly, kimchi and smoked Angas brisket. Korean fried wings, Hot wings, and BBQ soy wings are all popular options.


    The Best Places to Get Tender, Fall-Off-the-Bone Ribs in and Around Melbourne, According to a Local. Many people point to Big Boy BBQ as the restaurant that first made smoked barbeque mainstream and started the grilling craze that followed. The Crown Melbourne is the only option for San Antone. Popular Melbourne barbeque restaurants include Fancy Hank's, Bluebonnet BBQ, and San Antone. Fancy Hanks gets its free-range meats and two-ton smoker from Gippsland.

    Each dish is paired with a carefully picked wine, liquor, or beer from the region. Third Wave Café's Brutus, a custom-built smoker, is responsible for some of Melbourne's finest ribs. At The Plough, you can get classic pub fare with a Mediterranean twist. Although it is known mostly as a steakhouse, Steak Ministry also offers racks of hot-smoked pig ribs. Hamburgers and ribs, to be exact.

    has shown Melbourne that it means business by offering top-notch ribs and burgers. The meat at Smokin' Barry's Slow Cook BBQ is smoked at a low temperature to maintain its moisture and tenderness. Senor BBQ offers traditional dishes from all around South America, prepared with an Argentinean spin. Meatmaiden, in Melbourne's CBD, has been a staple of the city's barbeque scene for decades. The wood-burning smoker is fed with ironbark collected in the Blue Mountains.

    Excellent cuts of meat benefit greatly from being hung in a dry-aging cabinet for as long as 40 days to develop maximum tenderness and flavour. Tender meat that falls off the bone and a hint of sweetness that satisfies both sweet and meaty tooths. Some of Melbourne's best ribs can be found at Brazilian restaurants, thus the country's cuisine clearly succeeds there. The Plough is one of the newest additions to Melbourne's dining scene; it's a tavern with a nice interior and upscale fare. Examine the Elmer.

    A great evening can be had with a Had a Little Lamb, a mint julep made with bourbon bathed in lamb fat. To those tired of the city's plethora of Texas barbeque joints, the addition of Korean barbeque joints is like a breath of fresh air. For decades, the Bossam BBQ plate has been a go-to for delicious, memorable food. Delicious pork ribs with a dry rub, spice rub, and apple slaw can be found at Meatworks.

    Content Summary

    1. Some people will tell you that the best ribs can only be found at barbeque restaurants, while others will swear that the best ribs can be found at all-you-can-eat buffets.
    2. Some of Melbourne's finest rib joints will be discussed here.
    3. Finding good ribs in Melbourne could be a challenge.
    4. Since there are so many restaurants offering this classic fare, making a decision might be challenging.
    5. This is why we have rounded up some of Melbourne's finest rib restaurants for your convenience.
    6. In order to save you time, we have researched and created a list of the best rib restaurants in Melbourne.
    7. There is a wide variety of dining establishments in Melbourne, from sit-down restaurants to mobile food trucks selling everything from burgers to barbeque ribs.
    8. Read on for a description of the finest ribs in the Melbourne area.
    9. Our long wait was finally over, and we were able to meet Kevin Bludso, whose restaurant San Antone has been a staple of Crown Precinct ever since it first opened.
    10. Additionally, we learned that Victoria supplies them with premium meats.
    11. Both Kevin's in Los Angeles and San Antone in Crown have excellent barbeque.
    12. Fancy Hanks, one of Melbourne's greatest rib joints, gets its free-range meats from Gippsland.
    13. The meat was then smoked for up to 22 hours in a two-ton smoker that was created specifically for the purpose.
    14. The pork ribs are cooked in the style popular in Kansas, so you should try them.
    15. The Bluebonnet BBQ's mission is to serve the best smoked Texas-style barbeques in all of Melbourne.
    16. That's how it seems to the Third Wave Café.
    17. Many places to get real American BBQ ribs are reviewed.
    18. Then again, how about some ribs prepared on the grill in the Brazilian fashion?
    19. The Plough, like Melbourne, has undergone many changes since it first opened in 1868.
    20. With a name like "Steak Ministry Bar & Grill," it's no wonder Ralph Wiggum pictured himself studying there.
    21. If you can get beyond the occasional Simpsons allusion, though, you'll find a restaurant serving some of the finest ribs in all of Melbourne.
    22. The old-fashioned Kentucky style pork ribs are a must-try if you're trying to branch out from the standard steakhouse fare of steaks and chops.
    23. The brand-new Steak Ministry is perhaps best known as a steakhouse, but it also offers hot-smoked pig ribs in its dingy, industrial-meets-rustic decor.
    24. Bring a big group because the four rib flavours range from Mississippi to Korea.
    25. Ribs and Burgers has shown Melbourne that they mean business when they combine their two namesake specialities.
    26. Hamburgers and ribs, to be exact.
    27. Offering smokey and superb ribs from a state-of-the-art food truck has proven to be a winning formula for this mobile eatery, which has quickly gained notoriety throughout the city.
    28. The meat at Smokin' Barry's Slow Cook BBQ is smoked at a low temperature to maintain its moisture and tenderness.
    29. Senor BBQ is here to provide you with the latest in trendy street BBQ.
    30. Many dishes and methods of preparation from the American South can be found on the menu at Le Bon Ton.
    31. The Southern American decor and atmosphere at Le Bon Ton, along with its beautiful garden, make it a hidden gem in Collingwood.
    32. Melbourne's bustling CBD hides a magical world beneath the surface.
    33. The American-made, wood-burning smoker that was sent over here has successfully smoked a thousand briskets.
    34. The smoker is fueled by ironbark collected in the Blue Mountains.
    35. High-quality beef is hung in the dry-aging cabinet for up to 40 days, bringing forth its full tenderness and flavour.
    36. Meatmaiden, in Melbourne's CBD, has been a staple of the city's barbeque scene for decades.
    37. Everyone seemed to be staring at the beef ageing cabinet.
    38. Both the American flag and licence plates from the United States are prominently displayed, giving the impression that you are in the United States or at least an Americana-themed BBQ shack.
    39. The smoked meat is the main focus at Smokey's.
    40. You can get ribs from any animal you want at Smokey's, and they're some of the best in Melbourne.
    41. As soon as the stock of incredibly tender American-style beef and pig ribs smoked over oak has been depleted for the day, that's it.
    42. The restaurant's triple-rack stack of lamb, beef, and hog ribs has made it a favourite among rib-lovers. This dish is great for sharing or satisfying a "I could eat a cow, I'm that hungry" craving.
    43. The meat at B'Churrasco, a Brazilian barbeque restaurant, is famously prepared and served.
    44. Although Brazil did not win the World Cup, its cuisine has been a huge hit in Melbourne, especially its ribs.
    45. Considering how straightforward the menu is, the food at this spacious and welcoming bar-restaurant is ridiculously delicious.
    46. Please join us for a meal of citrus-infused grilled lamb ribs and a unique cocktail from our extensive drinks menu.
    47. To complement the savoury ribs and the spice of the bourbon, try the Elmer Had a Little Lamb, a mint julep made with bourbon that was washed in lamb fat.
    48. New establishments like The Plough, a pub that looks nice on the inside and provides food that is just as polished, are transforming the usually dingy restaurants in Footscray.
    49. However, the Middle Eastern flavour character of the lamb ribs will have you wanting to do just that.
    50. Some of the best ribs in Melbourne can be found at these very gummy restaurants.
    51. We're not grilling these, but they are ribs, Jim.
    52. The name of the restaurant should have given you a hint that the roasted lamb ribs are delicious in this establishment; they are prepared in a manner typical of Chinese cuisine.
    53. The hog is the star attraction at this cosy restaurant that specialises in traditional American BBQ.
    54. Other options include smoked chicken, beef brisket, and a few different kinds of sides.
    55. Meatworks is Lindsay Jones-passion Evans's endeavour to bring the same quality Melbourne BBQ to South Melbourne.
    56. Though it's commonly thought of as a Korean restaurant, we think Richmond's KongKong is actually one of Melbourne's best BBQ restaurants.
    57. Kimchi and other Korean spicy foods may be obtained in the same place as the barbeque pit and some very spectacular BBQ dishes, such as fried chicken, baby back pork ribs seasoned with Kong wild horse chilli, and beef short rib.
    58. As an alternative to the numerous Texas-style BBQ joints, Melbourne now has a Korean-influenced BBQ establishment.
    59. The chemical-free fire in the Fire Pit BBQ is created with charcoal and Australian hardwood.
    60. The iconic Bossam BBQ platter has been a go-to for celebrations and holidays for many years.

    FAQs About Ribs

    Different Types of Ribs
    • Baby Back Ribs. Baby back ribs don't come from baby pigs
    • Spareribs. Spare ribs are the lower ribs from the underbelly of the pig
    • St. Louis Style Ribs
    • Short Ribs
    • Flanked Style Ribs
    • Country-Style Ribs
    • Lamb Riblets

    Spare ribs, or side ribs, come from under the babies and are larger, tastier, and meatier, with a lot of bone and more fat. Looking for a tender, lean rack of ribs and don't mind paying out a bit more? Go for baby backs. For a larger rack with more flavor, but more bone and fat, go for spare ribs.

    Compared to baby backs, spare ribs have more meat between the bones and less meat on top, and that meat generally has more marbling (and more flavor).

    The tough, fatty nature of rib meat means that the rack should be positioned with the bone side facing down. That way, the ribs will cook over indirect heat, which tenderizes the meat without sacrificing moisture.

    As a general rule, there are 10 to 13 ribs in a full pork rack, 9 in a full beef rib rack, and 7 or 8 loin rib chops in a lamb rack.

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