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What Are The Things To Do In Phillip Island, Melbourne?

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    We think this new attraction can rival, if not surpass, the penguin march on Phillip Island. Even if penguins are really not your thing, a weeklong trip to Phillip Island is still a lot of fun. We've been to Phillip Island three times in as many years, and each time there's something fresh to see and do.

    Do you still have doubts? You may use some help deciding where to go on your next family trip. This comprehensive guide to Phillip Island includes information on where to stay, how to travel around, and how much money you may need to spend while there. What is your favourite tourist attraction on Phillip Island?

    Phillip Island is one of the most popular destinations in Victoria for those seeking a respite from the city. It makes sense, considering how many opportunities and adventures are open to you. Here are the top 10 things to do in Phillip Island.
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    Activities On Phillip Island

    Because of its proximity to Melbourne and its wealth of wildlife—including various colonies of small creatures, seals, and Hemsworths—Phillip Island has long been one of the most popular weekend retreats for Melburnians.

    The island is home towards the Superbike Championship, the world's most beautiful Grand Prix Course, scenic treks with breathtaking views, wonderful food, and encounters with classic Australian fauna.

    Ocean Adventures

    If you want to get up close and personal with some marine life while visiting the island, Ocean Adventures can help you do just that. Phillip Island's protected coves and breathtakingly gorgeous sceneries are best experienced by snorkelling and/or scuba diving, and the island's underwater kelp forests are home to a wide variety of fish.

    Thanks to Ocean Adventures' Yamaha Sea Scooters, snorkelers may travel far while remaining at a comfortable depth. It's possible to try jet skiing and scuba diving in addition to riding the rumbling Thundercat. In place of sea caves, the Phillip Peninsula is dotted with cliffs, and if brave, you can sight a seal while riding the speed boat past them.

    Cruise The Wildlife Coast

    To see seals in their hundreds, you should take an Wildlife Coast Cruise. It's well worth the two-hour boat excursion, both ways, to the Seal Rocks, which are located two km off. As they sun themself on the stones and swim inside the chilly water surrounding them, barking at each other and generally having a good time, you may join them and witness this amazing spectacle. The tours depart from Cowes Jetty.

    The Parade Of Penguins

    This spectacular monument is one of the island's top draws. Every day after sundown, penguins return from a day's fishing to their natural surroundings to settle in for the night. A few examples of the many offered guided tours are the Penguins Celebration, Penguin but Also, Underground Viewing, Penguin Blue Horizon, and the Ultimate Iconic Tour. Both entertaining and enlightening displays can be found in the tourist centre.

    If you only visit Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade, it will be well worth your time. Visiting this site is the highlight of any trip to Phillip Island. After the sun sets, wild penguins on Phillip Island waddle up a dusty beach and into the bushes nearby. There have been over a hundred penguins there when we visited.

    Bleachers have been set up on the beaches so that spectators can watch the penguins when they arrive. In the beginning, We wasn't too impressed because we couldn't get a decent look at the penguins due of how far away they were. As people started to leave, though, we was able to go closer to the front and have a better view of the penguins.

    In addition, we were given a wonderful surprise on our walk back to the tourist centre after departing the bleachers. With so many penguins hanging around nearby, the boardwalk makes it a great place to go for a stroll. Even though we don't typically bring the stroller, we did so because our toddlers had so much fun there. Z was safe from nasty people who would have bumped into him thanks to the pram's manoeuvrability on the promenade.


    The island's best dining and shopping may be found in Cowes, the capital city. The park has a playground for the kids and a number of grilling stations for the grownups. The artwork at Mingara's art gallery is a great blend of contemporary and ancient styles. Those thinking about visiting Phillip Island who are curious about its cultural and historical personalities can do so at the Phillip Islands History Museum. Geology, maritime history, indigenous culture, and pioneer life are just few of the topics covered in these displays.

    Circuit Phillip Island

    Several major racing events, such as Moto GP and the World Superbike Championship, have been held at the Phillip Island Circuit. Take the wheel of your own Go-Kart or get in the passenger seat as a trained professional zooms around the track at top speed.

    The track's facilities, including the media box, pit canopy, and control tower, may be viewed on a guided tour. This is the perfect day excursion if you fancy yourself some bit of a speed devil or an adrenaline junkie.

    Walk From Pyramid Rock To Berrys Beach

    Pyramid Rock and Determine the Structure Beach is a 5 km round-trip hike that you should definitely do. There is a large, reasonably flat trail that skirts the top of the cliff, making it easy to stroll along while taking in the amazing views.

    The path is pretty flat and easy on the legs, however there are some hills and dips along the way. The trail is paved for a short distance near Berrys Beach, but otherwise goes through grassland. It's important to keep a watch out for monotremes and the ubiquitous Cape Barren geese.

    Museum Of Vietnam Veterans

    Australia's Vietnam Veterans Museum was set up to recognise and support the country's wartime era (1962–1975) alums. In the museum's galleries, visitors can watch a light and audio performance that depicts the war through the voices of Vietnam War veterans.

    Text, visuals, and music provide context for large artefacts like planes, vehicles, and helicopters, making for an interesting, thought-provoking, and educational experience. On request, we may provide you with a guided tour lead by one of our experts.

    Nobbies Centre

    From the cosy confines of the Nobbies Centre, visitors visiting Phillip Island may take in its island's breathtaking coastal surroundings. The Nobbies blowhole is a stunning sea cave that roars with the energy of a tiny waterfall during large swells from the south.

    Please take some time to read the informative signs, witness the nesting Silver Gulls and their young in the spring and summer, and enjoy the scenery. Last but not least, plan a trip to Phillip Island, site to Australia's leading fur seals colony, and specifically to Seal Stone.

    When it comes to Phillip Island's free activities, the Nobbies Centre is hands down the winner. There are offshore wind rocks called the Nobbies off of the coast at Phillip Island. Beyond them are the Seal Rocks, which are the site of New Zealand's most populous fur gasket colony.

    Both can be discussed in the Nobbies Centre, which is also home to Antarctic Journey. The beach is also accessible via boardwalks. The Antarctic Journey is the only fee-based feature in the park, which is otherwise free to visitors.

    Animal Park And Maru Koala

    maru koala & animal park

    To get up close and personal with some local critters, stop into the Maru Koala & Animal Park. Get up close and personal with some of Australia's most well-known natural species by visiting this park. A python snake could be held, and visitors can pet and feed kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, parrots, and even a python. Tours run every hour, and their guides are extremely well-informed and enthusiastic about the animals they show visitors.

    Helicopters On Phillip Island

    A fatigued feeling of having two feet in two different places? Phillip Island Helicopters provides exciting and fascinating island tours from the air. You may get a better feel for the island and its unique characteristics and the iconic Grand Prix course on Phillip Island by taking a flight. The company also provides trips to wineries in nearby Inverloch, perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a luxurious lunch.

    Wild Food Farm And Café

    Wild Food Farm & Café in Rhyll is one of several excellent dining alternatives on the island, & we recommend eating there for breakfast and lunch. In case you were unaware, this stunning estate was painstakingly developed by Jude Mayall, founder of the bush food juggernaut OutbackChef.

    Two types of native bush tucker grown on the farm and sold at the café, the gift store, online, and in wholesale quantities to restaurant, breweries, and distillery across Australia are wattleseed and lemon myrtle. The restaurants employ only the freshest local ingredients in their dishes, and either before or after your meal, you may take a tour through acres of expertly cultivated bush tucker plants.

    Wildlife Coast Cruises On Phillip Island

    Among the many wildlife cruises available from Phillip Islands Wildlife Coast Boat trips is the opportunity to observe seals. Twilight cruises take passengers past the Port of Hastings and Phillip Island as well as historic French Island. In addition, you can take a four main cruise that stops at Stony Points Market, where you can buy handmade goods, plants, artwork, tea, and coffee.

    The Store

    The Store is only a small café and shop, but they respect the dignity of the panini in a way that many have not. Only pies and sandwiches are offered, but the toasties are delicious.

    When we came, they were out of pies, but the increased sales of the other pastries more than made up for it. While neither the Longterm nor the hot sausage toasties quite hit the spot, they were both delicious alternatives. The food was delicious, ample, and well-planned; the toast was crisp because it was taken off the grill just as it started to darken too much. And the coffee is so good that you can't help but ask for more.

    The Cheeky Goose Cafe.

    People of Cheeky Goose Café take their health and nutrition seriously, but not themselves. A worker with in restaurant's rear kitchen is constantly smoking sauced ribs with Jack Daniel's, pulled pork, and delicious beef. The beef for the burger is minced in there and seasoned with no more than kosher salt before even being grilled to perfection, so even the burger gets the gourmet treatment.

    But the fried chicken is the team's real crown jewel; it's famous throughout Victoria, not only on Phillip Island. The subtly flavoured coating provides a pleasing crunch, while the flesh beneath is succulent and soft. The building also functions as a brewery, with a selection of beers brewed and served on-site.

    Five Acres

    If you're in need of a peaceful and rural vacation, 5 Acre Farm Farm Overnight could be the spot for you. We raise poultry, goats, sheep, and rocky mountains cattle called Rory and Ivy on our farm, which covers the entire specified region. The guesthouse provides all the comforts of home, down to the breakfast of eggs and bacon laid by the plant's resident birds.

    There are three luxurious cabins there, and they all offer the same breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere. Katie plans to hold seminars in the commercial kitchen, which will cover topics like beekeeping and canning food.

    Antarctic Journey

    Using Antarctic Journey, you may enjoy a stress-free and exciting virtual expedition across Antarctica's waters. Discover the interesting species that have adapted to life in this harsh climate. It's cold down here in the Antarctic, therefore your thermal image would be compared with that of a royal penguin. Teenagers can also benefit greatly from the enlightening experience that Antarctic Path provides.

    The state-of-the-art augmented reality technology used here greatly improves the quality of the entire multimedia presentation. The centre is open from 10:00 AM to 3:45 PM, with the final entrance at 3:45 PM. The Antarctic Journey attraction in Nobbies Centre takes guests on a virtual trip via Phillip Island to the Antarctic continent. This brand-new Phillip Island attraction is not to be missed.

    The impressive "highly advanced multimedia experience" allows visitors to acquire a feel for what it might be like to visit Antarctica through the use of interactive displays, informative projections, and a virtual reality simulation. The exhibits primarily feature animals that are native to the regions around the Phillip Ocean, a Southern Ocean, and the Glaciers. We conducted a bunch of cool stuff, like measuring how much heat our bodies retained before and after venturing into a "chill area" with temperature rises like those in Antarctica, and it all helped us understand how well the Southern Ocean contributes to regulating global warming.

    The final section serves as the showpiece, with huge window projection of Svalbard and accompanying sound creating an immersive experience. Seating us in a complete circle, we were all engrossed in the film. The centerpiece is an iceberg-themed zone where penguins, seals, & whales make regular appearances. Those are the kinds of experiences that kids won't soon forget.

    The Chocolate Factory

    Check out Panny's Wonderful World of Chocolate for some fun and learning. With the help of interactive displays, you may find out everything you need to know about the humble cacao, and then get a hand in designing a chocolate that is delivered to you on a belt conveyor then presented to you, packed and ready to enjoy.

    Gain entry to a broad range of freebies by taking part in a number of events. After the tour, if you're still craving dessert, head to the cafe.

    Visiting Panny's Phillip Islands Chocolate Factory is a delicious suggestion if you're seeking for something fun to do while on Phillip Island. Coffee and chocolate bars are available, or you can spend money to learn more about their "wonderful world of chocolate."

    They offer a very fair justification by arguing that it developed gradually. The trip started off with exhibits describing the cultivation of cocoa trees and concluded with tastings of various stages of the chocolate-making process. It's cool that a scale model of the equipment may be used to try out a few of stages for yourself.

    Then we'll have a look at the model trains & chocolate statues, play some ball, and eat some treats. For chocolate, the winning players might exchange in their balls. Subsequently, we did things like make chocolate sculptures that you could eat and smell for clues about what kind of chocolate we were dealing with. Even though there is far more to see than had anticipated, our time here (about 40 minutes) was still limited. There are a number of places you can buy chocolate or chocolate bars once you get there.

    The Koala Conservation Center

    Without this nature park, the Phillip Island koala population would have died. A Koala Conservation Centre provides an excellent opportunity to observe koalas in their native habitat.

    An active breeding project has recently been added to conservation efforts. And you may see the first steps the koala joeys take after leaving their mums' pouch. This is an excellent location to gain knowledge about koalas and to have your picture taken with one.

    Heritage Farm On Churchill Island

    Our Churchill Island Heritage Farm is one of our favourite family activities on Phillip Island. The farm is just a short drive from the island's shore. The farm is in a beautiful and historic area, and it offers a variety of enjoyable farm experiences. The shearing of sheep, cracking of whips, canine obedience, and milking of cows were all on display. We tried our hand at milking a cow, and we're willing to take a go at cracking a whip, too.

    In addition to the blacksmith's shop, the grounds feature a wide range of other tiny buildings devoted to a diverse range of trades and animals. Incredibly interesting exhibits make it a wonderful destination for family outings. Churchill Island transports visitors to a simpler time, when chariot carts and traditional farmsteads were the norm. This picture-perfect haven features a beach and traditional cottages scattered across manicured gardens.

    When the two islands were united as just a British colony in the Victorian era, a bridge was constructed to connect them. The island's 58 acres are made up of tree groves, marshes, and tiny rural cottages in the Moonah style. Delicious cheeses, fruit, and veggies may all be found in the island's market. Travel to Churchill Island is permitted from 10 p.m. until 4:30 a.m.

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    A Maze'n Things

    A Maze'n Things is a world filled with optical illusions, mazes, & puzzles that is great for kids of all ages. There are a lot of fun and challenging attractions inside the structure, such as the Look Out Slide, the Southern Hemisphere's tallest health and fitness vertical slide, and the Illusions Rooms, Mirror Maze, and Rotating Room. Mazen Things has a small course and a barbeque pit outside in additional to its inside amenities. It's a great chance for the family to bond via a shared experience.


    When people in Victoria need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, they often head to Phillip Island. The Superbike World Championship is held here, and the Grand Prix Circuit is widely considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. Visitors can also enjoy fantastic cuisine, unforgettable sunsets, and up-close encounters with iconic Australian wildlife. Tourists can get up up and personal with marine life on a two-hour boat trip with Ocean Adventures' Wildlife Coast Cruise to the Seal Rocks, where seals sun themselves on the stones and swim in the cold water surrounding them. The wild penguins of Phillip Island are the stars of the show at the Parade of Penguins, as they waddle up the sandy beach and disappear into the neighbouring bushland. Tours like the Penguins Celebration, Penguin but Furthermore, Underground Viewing, Penguin Blue Horizon, and the Ultimate Iconic Tour are offered by knowledgeable guides.

    The artwork in Mingara's art gallery is a wonderful blend of modern and ancient styles, and the boardwalk is a terrific spot to go for a stroll. The Phillip Islands History Museum features exhibits on pioneer life, as well as displays on geology, maritime history, and indigenous culture. The Phillip Island Circuit has been the site of numerous notable racing events. Phillip Island has a wide variety of free attractions, including go-karts, a museum dedicated to Vietnam veterans, a walk from Pyramid Rock to Berrys Beach, the Nobbies Centre, and the Seal Stone. At the Museum of Vietnam Veterans, visitors can see a light and sound show that uses the testimonies of wartime veterans to portray the horrors of that conflict.

    The Seal Rocks are home to New Zealand's most well-known colony of fur seals, while the Nobbies Centre is a spectacular sea cave that roars with the energy of a miniature cascade during high swells from the south. Don't rush things; read the signs, watch the Silver Gulls with their young, and take in the sights. Visitors can get up up and personal with some of Australia's most well-known natural species at the Maru Koala & Wildlife Park and Phillip Island Helicopters, both of which are free compared to the park's one fee-based attraction, the Antarctic Adventure. There are a number of great places to eat in Rhyll, but one of my favourites is Wild Food Farm & Café. They grow wattleseed and lemon myrtle, two types of natural bush tucker, and serve them at the café. Wildlife Coast Cruises on Phillip Island transport visitors via the Port of Hastings and Phillip Island, where they may see seals up close.

    At The Store, a cosy cafe and retail space, the panini is treated with the attention it deserves. If you're looking for a quiet, rural getaway, you should check out the Cheeky Goose Cafe, the 5 Acre Farm Farm Overnight, and the Antarctic Adventure. The restaurant places an emphasis on providing a balanced diet, as evidenced by the availability of Jack Daniel's-sauced ribs, pulled pork, and excellent beef on the menu. The team's fried chicken is its shining achievement, and the guesthouse has all the conveniences of home, including a breakfast of eggs and bacon from the plant's resident birds. Katie is going to teach classes in the commercial kitchen on canning food and raising bees.

    By the use of interactive exhibits, informational projections, and a virtual reality simulation, visitors to Nobbies Centre can experience what it would be like to travel from Phillip Island to the Antarctic continent. The main attraction is an iceberg-themed area where you may see penguins, seals, and whales on a regular basis. You may play some ball, enjoy some snacks, and check out some model trains and chocolate statues at the Chocolate Factory. An good place to learn about koalas and see them in their natural environment is the Koala Conservation Center. In addition to milking cows and shearing sheep, visitors to the Churchill Island Historic Farm can also learn to crack whips, train dogs to obey commands, and shear sheep.

    Beaches and quaint cottages dot Churchill Island's manicured gardens, taking guests back in time to a more tranquil era. Fun for kids of all ages, A Maze'n Things is an universe full with optical illusions, mazes, and riddles. Having a BBQ together as a family while playing mini golf at Mazen Things' outdoor course is a wonderful way to spend quality time together.

    Content Summary

    1. The penguin parade on Phillip Island is an impressive sight, but we believe this new attraction can top it.
    2. A weeklong trip to Phillip Island is fantastic even if penguins aren't your thing.
    3. Three times in as many years, we've visited Phillip Island, and each time we've found new things to enjoy.
    4. You might use some advice on where to take your next family vacation.
    5. This travel guide to Phillip Island has all the details you need, from where to stay to how to get around to an estimate of how much money you might need to spend while there.
    6. When people in Victoria need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, they often head to Phillip Island.
    7. Phillip Island Events For many years, Phillip Island has been one of the most popular weekend getaways for Melburnians due to its proximity to the city and its rich fauna, which includes diverse colonies of small critters, seals, and Hemsworths.
    8. Superbike World Championship races are held on the island, and visitors may also enjoy gourmet cuisine, spectacular scenery, and interactions with native Australian wildlife.
    9. Travels at Sea During your time on the island, Ocean Adventures may facilitate your getting up up and personal with marine creatures.
    10. Phillip Island is best explored by snorkelling or scuba diving due to its secluded coves and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, as well as its underwater kelp forests, which are home to a vast variety of fish.
    11. Cruise The Wilderness Shoreline Take a Wildlife Coast Cruise if you want to see seals by the hundreds.
    12. The Penguin March One of the island's most popular attractions is this magnificent structure.
    13. The visitor centre has exhibits that are both fun and informative.
    14. You should go to Phillip Island just to see the Penguin Parade.
    15. The highlight of every visit to Phillip Island must be this location.
    16. Phillip Island's wild penguins are known to saunter up a sandy beach and into the neighbouring shrubs once the sun goes down.
    17. Almost a hundred penguins were present during our trip.
    18. On the beaches, bleachers have been erected so that visitors can view the penguins when they arrive.
    19. In addition, as we left the bleachers and were making our way back to the visitor centre, we were treated to a fantastic surprise.
    20. As there are always penguins in the area, the boardwalk is a fun place to take a stroll.
    21. Cowes Cowes, the capital, is likely to have the best dining and retail options on the island.
    22. The Mingara Art Gallery features fantastic works that skilfully combine modern and traditional techniques.
    23. Visitors to Phillip Island who are interested in learning more about the island's culture and history can do so at the Phillip Islands History Museum.
    24. These exhibits span a wide range of historical periods and topics, including geology, maritime history, indigenous culture, and pioneer life.
    25. A guided tour of the track's facilities allows visitors to see the media box, pit canopy, and control tower.
    26. Trip To Berrys Beach Through Pyramid Rock Find the Structure of the Pyramid and Make Some Rocks You should take the 5 kilometre round-trip climb to Beach.
    27. Houses a Museum Honoring Vietnam War Soldiers In order to honour and provide resources for Australians who served in the Vietnam War (1962–1975), the Vietnam Veterans Museum was established.
    28. The voices of Vietnam War soldiers narrate a light and audio performance that may be seen and heard in the museum's exhibits.
    29. A member of our staff would be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have if you so choose.
    30. The Nobbies Centre Visitors to Phillip Island can relax in the comfort of the Nobbies Centre while taking in the island's stunning coastline.
    31. And finally, make plans to visit Phillip Island, home to Australia's largest fur seal colony, and more especially Seal Stone.
    32. Without a doubt, the Nobbies Centre on Phillip Island offers the best free entertainment options.
    33. Guests just need to pay to enter the park for the Polar Journey.
    34. A Wild Animal Park And The Maru Koala
    35. Visit the Maru Koala & Wildlife Park to get up close and personal with some native animals.
    36. Phillip Island Helicopters offers thrilling and educational aerial flights of the island.
    37. A flight above Phillip Island could give you a greater sense of the island's unique features and the famous Grand Prix course.
    38. Cafe And Organic Farm Serving Wild Foods We recommend having breakfast and lunch at Wild Food Farm & Café in Rhyll, one of several great restaurants on the island.
    39. Phillip Island Nature Coast Cruises Phillip Islands Nature Coast Boat tours provide numerous wildlife cruises, including the chance to see seals.
    40. The patrons of Cheeky Goose Café are concerned with the health and well-being of their customers, but not themselves.
    41. The fried chicken, however, is the team's true shining star, garnering notoriety not just on Phillip Island, but across all of Victoria.
    42. Acres: 5 5 Acre Farm Farm Overnight could be the perfect place for a relaxing getaway in the country.
    43. Adventure in Antarctica With Antarctic Journey, you may go on a fascinating virtual journey across Antarctica's waters without having to deal with the cold or the ice.
    44. Learn about some fascinating creatures that have adapted to the extreme conditions here.
    45. Because of the extreme cold in the Antarctic, your thermal image can resemble that of a regal penguin.
    46. Guests at Nobbies Centre can experience a virtual voyage to Antarctica through Phillip Island on the Antarctic Journey attraction.
    47. Do not miss out on visiting this exciting new venue on Phillip Island.
    48. With the help of interactive exhibits, educational projections, and a virtual reality simulation, guests may get a taste of what it might be like to travel to Antarctica.
    49. Animals from the Pacific Ocean, a Southern Ocean, and the Glaciers make up the bulk of the exhibits.
    50. Where the Chocolate Is Learn and have fun at the same time by exploring Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate.
    51. Participate in various activities to earn access to a wide variety of freebies.
    52. If you're looking for something tasty to do on Phillip Island, you should definitely check out Panny's Phillip Islands Chocolate Factory.
    53. Making edible creations out of chocolate helped us narrow down the type of chocolate we were working with.
    54. While there was far more to see than we had imagined, our time here (about 40 minutes) was still restricted.
    55. When you reach there, you can find chocolate and chocolate bars at a variety of stores.
    56. The Center for the Protection of Koalas The koala population on Phillip Island would have declined to zero if not for this environmental preserve.
    57. You may learn a lot about koalas and see them in their natural environment by visiting one of the many Koala Conservation Centres throughout the world.
    58. This is a great spot to learn about koalas and take a selfie with one.
    59. Farm With a Rich History, Located on Churchill One of our favourite things to do as a family while visiting Phillip Island is to visit our Churchill Island Heritage Farm.
    60. From the island's dock, the farm is easily accessible.
    61. The farm is located in a scenic and historic area, and it provides visitors with a wide range of fun activities to do while there.
    62. The grounds also have a vast variety of other tiny structures, each one dedicated to a different trade or type of animal.
    63. It's a great place to take the kids because there are so many engaging displays.
    64. Visitors to Churchill Island will feel like they've been transported back in time to an era when chariot carts and rustic farmsteads were the norm.
    65. Beaches and quaint cottages dot the well-kept grounds of this idyllic retreat.
    66. After the two islands became one British colony in the Victorian era, a bridge was built to connect them.
    67. The island's 58 acres are scattered with tree lines, wetlands, and Moonah-style homes.
    68. The island market probably sells some tasty cheeses, fruit, and vegetables.
    69. Only between the hours of 10:00 pm and 4:30 am are visitors to Churchill Island authorised to leave.
    70. Confusion Galore Fun for kids of all ages, A Maze'n Things is an universe full with optical illusions, mazes, and riddles.

    FAQs About The Things To Do In Phillip Island

    Phillip Island is located around 140kms from Melbourne CBD in southern Victoria. Known for its incredible beaches, natural beauty, and farmlands, Phillip Island is a popular holiday destination for Victorians escaping the city, with the population swelling by 300% during the summer months.

    Getting to Phillip Island from Melbourne is super easy. Turn left at the road and join the Bass Highway (M420), which passes through Grantville and Bass before arriving at San Remo. Here, you pass over the Phillip Island bridge and make it onto the Island.

    The Nobbies is a popular spot to see seals lazing around on Seal Rocks and viewing the magnificent landscape of Phillip Island in all its glory. In the evening, head to the famous Penguin Parade, located nearby.

    By Air. Travel to Phillip Island in style with Phillip Island's very own Helicopters! It takes only 30 minutes from Melbourne, either beginning at Essendon Airport or Moorabbin Airport!

    Home to the Little Penguins, idyllic beaches, captivating coastlines, unique wildlife, family fun activities and world-class events, adventure awaits you on Phillip Island. 101 square kilometres of amazing is waiting.

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