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What Are Things To Do In Daylesford Melbourne?

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    Daylesford is the perfect destination if you're in need of some R&R. In the 1850s, this country village became a wealthy gold-rush town and a trendy hub for the surrounding primary and secondary education thermal springs, all while remaining only 90 minutes from Melbourne.

    Many Melburnians have relocated to the suburbs over the past few decades, and as a result, the region has become home to many hip restaurants, galleries, shops, and farmer's markets.

    On Vincent St, the main drag through town, you'll find some of Victoria's finest restaurants and cafes housed in ancient stone & red brick mansions. The town's cultural heritage is to thank for this; in the 1850s, the region became a destination for European immigrants, who left their mark on the area's architecture and cuisine.

    Honestly, when the time arrives and we're ready to locate our "forever place," it'll probably be there because it's such a lovely retreat from Melbourne and is a beautiful spot for foodies, culture vultures, and nature lovers alike.

    This bucolic gem is ideal for a wide range of getaways, from a romantic trip with your important other to a sassy ladies' holiday place to a quiet stay to unwind after a busy week in the office. Everything you need to know about Dealing and the surrounding region is included in this guide, from where to stay to what restaurants to try.

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    Fantastic Activities In Daylesford

    Daylesford is a great tourist destination, despite the fact that few people have heard of it. Over 1.5 million international visitors flock to Australia every year to enjoy the country's booming spa industry. Even if you are a true fanatic, you won't have time to visit and enjoy all of Daylesford in a day, not to mention a weekend, even though it's only 80 minutes from Melbourne.

    The following are some of our favourite places to eat in Alone with, places to stay in Working Class, and activities that you simply must not miss in Daylesford.

    A strong Swiss or Italian influence can be seen in both Daylesford and also its twin city, Hot Springs, dating back to the time of the Gold Rush. This is your ticket to a memorable time in Daylesford, courtesy of us.

    The Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa

    At Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa is the place to go if you need some rest and relaxation while you're in town. There are two areas to unwind: the regular bathhouse (where anybody may go) and the Sanctuary (where only certain people are allowed to go). The primary bathing facility features two heated, chlorinated pools.

    There is a deck with an outdoor spa, where guests can soak in a Magnesium salt bath or relax on a spa couch while taking in views of the scenic Elementary and Secondary Mineral Springs Reserve. You can increase the tingling sensation you feel all over your body by alternating between the jacuzzi and the chilly plunge pool.

    The Gallery Of The Convent

    Our Convent Gallery is indeed the place to be when you're in the mood to appreciate art because it contains pieces from so many different periods and schools of thought. Once a private property built in the Victorian style in the late nineteenth century, the now-impressive building also served as just a convent and boarding school.

    The museum on the first floor provides a fascinating tale about the building's history, while the gallery on the second floor showcases the work of a rotating collection of modern artists. Also, this isn't the final chapter. The Convent Gallery houses numerous retail outlets, a bar, gardens that span 2.5 acres, and even a chapel.

    Lake Daylesford

    For a quick respite, pack a picnic from one of the gourmet food stores on Daylesford's main street, then head to the picturesque Swimming hole Daylesford. Walk all around duck pond or set up a shared supper around a table. Watch the sky for any avian visitors.

    Due to Daylesford's well-deserved reputation for its delicious cuisine, it's safe to assume that visitors will be sampling a variety of dishes during their time there. That's why a walk around Daylesford Lake is the ideal remedy for anyone who are attempting to de-stress after a long day of caring for a large group of people, whether they're locals or tourists.

    In 1929, when a reservoir for water was needed near the main town, the basin was constructed. The artificiality of Daylesford Basin hasn't diminished its stunning beauty, but nevertheless!

    Walking around the lake takes about an hour, and the scenic causeway provides the ideal setting for unwinding and enjoying the day. Not only are there two different types of paddle boats available for rent, but there is also a cafe right on the water called the Cove.

    I'm going to guess that you're looking for a more taxing way to burn off some calories via a leisurely stroll. Many hikes may be found here as well, such the Goldfields Track that slithers its way from Melbourne to Bendigo by means of Daylesford & Castlemaine.

    The Cliffs Of Hepburn

    Need a hotel that's on the outskirts of town? Check out CliffTop in Hepburn. Putting in the necessary forethought (and waiting) of around 17 years will pay off handsomely. The old pine forest and woods that surround the Cliff Bottom property provide a lovely backdrop for the many windows that dot the property.

    Soothe your aching muscles in the private bath, get warm by the Ancient wood burner, and fall asleep while staring at the sky. Likelihood of you wanting to leave this place is low. Please be aware that due to high demand, seating is limited at this restaurant. To guarantee availability, we recommend booking in advance by at least three months. It's also not exactly cheap.

    Lake House

    The Lake House on the eponymous lake is indeed the place to visit if you've got a fat wallet and a craving for fine cuisine. The restaurant's fresh, multi-course cuisine is revised periodically, with much of the vegetables coming from the neighbouring Dairy Smoothed Farm, which is owned by Throated and is a part of a Lake House complex.

    The menu, which honours regional cuisine but is far from austere, has a heavy emphasis on vegetables. Given that this region is home to 85 percent of Natural and historical mineral springs, it should come as no surprise that a wide variety of plant life thrives here. If you want to try each of the award-winning eateries in this quaint Victorian town, you'll need an empty stomach and a big wallet.

    Food-tasting at Daylesford's many eateries is a must for everyone visiting the area. Lake House has maintained its status as the ultimate luxury item for the past three decades. The hotel's seasonal menu reflects the hotel's status as one of the top small hotels in the world, with a focus on inventiveness, boldness, and elegance.

    The Chocolate Mill

    Looking for a sweet treat, We take it? Each week, the coaching staff at Chocolate Mill makes more than 3000 fair-trade Belgian chocolate bars chocolates chocolates from scratch. In this way, one can shop for a large selection of chocolate goods, from barks & truffles to spicy hot chocolate mix.

    Stop by Chocolate Milk Cafe for some cream, coffee, and wonderful treats. The hot desserts here are fantastic, but if you wish to go all out, try a chocolate pic taken, which is really simply a shot pure melted chocolate served in a miniature cup. On the weekend, we also provide toasted sandwiches as well as other light snacks.


    The presentation of the dishes at Kazuki's is impeccable. Traditional and modern Japanese cuisine made with ingredients sourced locally are featured in a chic and tranquil atmosphere. Making a reservation for a Saturday night is about as likely as winning a lottery, so prepare ahead of time.


    If you're looking for just a romantic getaway that won't break the bank, the Headland is the best choice at $210 USD per night. This adorable chalet is one of cutest you'll discover in the area, and it's conveniently located at the beginning of such a great quiet street just a stroll from both Main Street as well as Lake Daylesford.

    Enjoy the most comfortable pillows ever while you cook a feast on the red solid concrete stove. You can enjoy the convenience of a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi during your stay, but we hope that you've arrive to get away from everything.

    Alice's Journeys

    alice's journeys

    Alice's Journeys offers historical guided tours of Daylesford three times a week and by appointment. You can take a walking tour of Daylesford led by friendly locals (not even all named Alice) who would also demonstrate you around the town's ancient streets and bring you inside monuments like the old courtroom and jail.

    Extra 30 minutes are added to the tours, and they're jam-packed with interesting facts about the area's history and culture. Tours can happen at any time of year, so it's crucial to wear weather-appropriate footwear and clothing. Private tours can be arranged upon request.

    For history buffs, a stroll through Alone with in the spring or summer is like visiting a living museum. It's best to go on adventures and explore new areas during the summer. Walking around Daylesford is the best way to get a feel for the town and all it has to offer in terms of history. The scenery along this path is absolutely breathtaking. This remarkable setting may inspire you to reflect on your life and find meaning in your position in the world.

    Both natives and visitors will be interested in the topics discussed and the unique viewpoints presented. Your personal guide will give you the lowdown on the city's top sights while also sharing interesting anecdotes and insider knowledge. After completing this course, you will have a much better grasp of the which was before, colonial, and sometimes even prehistoric eras of this region's history. In the course of the hour and a half, visitors will see about two or three kilometres of Daylesford.

    There are some ups and downs, but progress is slow. Dress for the weather and wear comfortable, sturdy shoes are made for walking. For larger groups, Alice's Journeys can design a unique itinerary, and the company offers guided walks every Friday and Saturday.

    Cliffy's Emporium

    It's no secret that Cliffy's Emporium serves up a mean breakfast to the locals. Veganised editions of breakfast staples are available at this quaint café. In addition, this same original general store opened by Cliffy Hauser in the 1950s is now a provider, selling items such as fresh, small-scale locally grown produce, this same region's justly best-known mineral water, preserves, as well as speciality groceries.

    Larder Café

    These guys rock with that authentic Melbourne, Northside vibe. The larder has everything you need for a delicious Melbourne-style breakfast or lunch. Weekends tend to be busier, and there's a valid reason for that. There's no reason to get up with the rooster because breakfast is did serve until midday, and if you need to warm up in the afternoon, try a bowl of our homemade, seasonal soup.


    You've probably got the Daylesford spirit down pat by now. In order to rest, rejuvenate, and recoup, you go there. Hotel Frangos is famous for this, but it's not the best spot for a wild stag party. The reality will disappoint your high expectations. Fifteen rooms are available at Frangos, all of which are spacious and tastefully decorated.

    You are conveniently close to a wide variety of dining and entertainment options as well as retail stores, spas, and even massage parlours. If you're too exhausted to venture out one afternoon, you can always eat here. Nice.

    Passing Clouds

    In case you were seeking a place to while away a sunny afternoon among the vines, you've come to the right place. Passing Clouds Winery has been in operation since 1974, and is now being managed by the 2nd gen of the family. Located within a short five-minute drive of Daylesford's historic core, this winery is known for its extensive collection of high-quality wines produced using the time-honored, traditional winemaking techniques.

    Grapes for red wines have been brought in from vines in the Bendigo area, while pinot thriller and cabernet cabernet are grown on-site thanks to the cooler weather. Try some wine from the Wine Bar before you buy it, and don't rush through lunch—there are char-grilled cuts of meat and local produce vegetables on the menu.

    The Daylesford Houses

    The Houses Daylesford is a collection of stunning, individually designed residences available for short-term rentals in Daylesford as well as the surrounding area. We'd feel right at home in any of the properties they offer, whether we were a little family on vacation or a large business with twenty-four guests.

    Convent Gallery

    A Convent Gallery of Daylesford is a must-visit if you're interested in seeing some of Australia's finest artwork and furnishings. The Convent, perched over Daylesford and the Bunker Hill Botanical Gardens, was originally built as a private residence during the gold rush of the nineteenth century; it was sold in 1988 and converted into the museum, cafe, store, & museum that it is today.

    The Convent, sometimes referred to as "Australia's most beautiful gallery," features eight separate exhibits displaying the work of local and international artists in a wide range of media and genres. The programme changes every between six and eight weeks, so there is always something new and interesting to look forwards to.

    Bad Habits, an onsite cafe, includes high atrium skylight and plenty of greenery, making it a nice place to have your tea, breakfast, or dessert. While in Daylesford, one of the favourite things to accomplish was to explore the immaculate gardens the Convent Gallery and admire the beautiful architecture and scenery. We saw two of our closest friends get married there a few years ago, so we know it's also a famous wedding venue.

    Daylesford's Roads

    Vincent St. and the rest of downtown Daylesford are like a museum come to life. Just taking a stroll along the main street and soaking in the atmosphere generated by the combination of old buildings of hip cafes & galleries is very well worth your time, since there is a richness of pre-colonial, imperial, and current history to be uncovered here.

    Many of the town's historic structures, like the Town Hall as well as the Post Office, were constructed inside the late 1800s, at the height of the town's prosperity during the gold rush.

    Sunday Market in Daylesford

    Typical of country markets in Australia, this Daylesford Sunday Marketplace is worth a visit on any weekend. Vendors set up shop in the cool shade of tall elm trees, selling anything from delicious fresh foods to oddball trinkets and waste, as well as all the tiny handcrafts you didn't were looking for. So, ramble about and enjoy this insight into rural Victorian life.

    The market is operated close to the historical railway, and every Sunday, vintage trains run from the marketplace to the city of Bullarto, much to the delight of locomotive lovers.

    Throughout the year, the market is available from 8 am to 12 pm on Sundays (except on Christmas Day days of Code Red fire threat).

    The Farmers Market also features extraordinary items grown on local farms and in the surrounding region. Almost all of the vendors at the market are situated within a 15-kilometer radius of the market, so everything from the puff pastry dough to the local apple juice and everything in between is freshly harvested or produced. Because of this, the food has a poor food mileage and produces fewer glasshouse gas emissions as food shipped long distances to grocery stores. Therefore, to aid the planet, shop at locally owned establishments. Simples.

    Great Western Hotel

    Inconspicuous from the outside, hotel Great Central Hotel at Ballan is a convenient stopover on the journey to or from Dealing. This corporate guesthouse is actually a cool apartment from the late 1960s, straight out of your Mad Men fantasies. The walls of each room have a unique collection of elegant, vintage artwork.

    The food, on the other hand, will be exciting: think reimagined versions of '70s classics like opus, prawn cocktail, or cob bread. The Langoustine Martini is a work of art, presented in a big Martini glass crammed to the gills with little baby prawns and larger prawns dangling over the side.

    Save room för dessert; there are many tasty alternatives to dull chia yoghurt, such as crepes Something is or banana split. The cocktail menu, which mirrors the era, features both classic drinks such as the Fluffy Duck as well as the Grasshopper and modern favourites.

    Farm Lavandula Swiss-Italian

    A little European village with well kept gardens and groves, sprinkled with ancient stone houses, and enclosed by cobblestone courtyards may be found just 10 minutes south of Daylesford, behind in an autumn-gold Hardwood plywood driveway and through a worn country gate.

    When in Daylesford, one of our favourite locations to visit is the Around which Swiss Italian Scented oil & Olive Farm since it seems like it could be in Provence.

    Built in the traditional style of homes in Ticino, Switzerland, in the 1850s, the 6-acre property has been a working farm for several generations. The farm's buildings were painstakingly and precisely restored nearly 30 years after one new owner took possession.

    Today, tourists may enjoy a thriving lavender field, olives and merlot groves, a winery, a seasonal garden, and a magnificent, ivy-covered outdoor cafe serving not gourmet fare but lavender champagne. You don't have to leave Victoria to experience the Mediterranean flavour of Lavandula. Helpful reading just on Swiss-Italian farmland of Lavandula is provided by us.

    Relaxation Festival

    Alright, we're willing to declare Daylesford the peace capital with some degree of certainty. Okay, I'll admit it: I'm harbouring a wild party beast deep within. Chillout Festival, often known as Australia's foremost Queer Country Pride Festival, is held in Daylesford, which is also regarded as the gay hub of country Victoria.

    To the beautiful rainbow metropolis, We raise my glass. As is customary for Daylesford, the festival has a laid-back atmosphere and offers plenty of opportunities to have fun and be yourself. In order to be well-prepared for the next event, which also will take place from March 7-11, you can now subscribe to the relevant address books.

    Paradise Bookshop

    The Paradise Corner Shop, housed in a former bank, is an endearingly chaotic gem. Explore one of the 14 rooms stuffed to the gills with new and vintage books, toys, toys, and comics. They also sell recorded media, so if you've been searching for an ABBA album ever since Mamma Mia 2 reached theatres, you could be in luck.

    Their motto is "rest, read, unwind, and relish," which is very much in accordance with the spirit of Daylesford. If you're seeking for slightly damaged novels at a bargain, the Bookbarn besides Lake Alone is the place to go.

    Botanical Gardens At Wombat Hill

    The Wombat Hill Gardens in Daylesford are a gorgeous destination throughout the year because they were first established in the 1860s using exotic and rare plant species. The gardens include a total area of 10 acres, making them ideal for a romantic picnic or a leisurely stroll to soak in the locals' thoughts on Daylesford. The gardens can be seen from almost anywhere in Daylesford, as they are perched on Wombat Hill, an fossil volcano.

    Museum of the Discoverers Visitors may obtain a bird's-eye perspective of the entire area from the new Look out for Tower, which is perched atop the scenic drive track's highest point.

    Once the home of the head gardener, the 1948 building that now houses Mole Hill House Cafe has been renovated into a trendy eatery.

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    Daylesford, about 90 minutes from Melbourne, is a prosperous gold-rush town and a hip hub for the nearby primary and secondary education thermal springs. The neighborhood's cultural heritage is owed to the European immigrants who settled there and influenced the local architecture and food. The area is also home to several trendy eateries, art galleries, stores, and farmer's markets. This rural gem is perfect for any kind of vacation, whether it's a trip with your significant other or a girls' weekend.

    Despite its relative anonymity, Daylesford is a fantastic vacation spot. Australia's spa industry attracts over 1.5 million international tourists annually. Both Daylesford and its twin city, Hot Springs, have the marks of Swiss or Italian immigration during the Gold Rush. To unwind, choose between the public bathhouse (which is open to anybody) and the private Sanctuary at the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa (where only certain people are allowed to go). In the outdoor spa, guests can unwind in a Magnesium salt bath or lounge on a spa couch while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the nearby Elementary and Secondary Mineral Springs Reserve.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're looking for a place to relax, go no further than Daylesford. This sleepy rural community expanded rapidly in the 1850s, becoming a prosperous gold-rush town and a hip centre for nearby elementary and secondary thermal springs education.
    2. Due to the influx of new residents over the past few decades, the suburbs of Melbourne now have numerous trendy eateries, art spaces, retail venues, and even farmer's markets.
    3. Some of Victoria's best eateries and cafes may be found in the historic stone and red brick homes that line Vincent St, the major street through town.
    4. This is thanks to the town's history, as the area began drawing European settlers in the 1850s, influencing everything from the architecture to the cuisine.
    5. Since it is a perfect escape from Melbourne and a magnificent site for foodies, culture vultures, and nature lovers, it is likely that we would settle there when the time comes.
    6. This rural jewel is perfect for a variety of vacations, from a peaceful break to decompress after a stressful week at the workplace to a romantic excursion with your significant other.
    7. This book covers all the bases, from recommended lodgings to delicious local fare, for a wonderful trip to Dealing and its environs.
    8. Amazing Things To Do In Daylesford Despite its relative anonymity, Daylesford is a fantastic vacation spot.
    9. Australia's spa industry attracts over 1.5 million international tourists annually.
    10. Daylesford is only 80 minutes from Melbourne, yet even the biggest fan wouldn't be able to see and do everything there in a day, let alone a weekend.
    11. Here are some of our top recommendations for where to dine in Alone with, where to stay in Working Class, and what to do while in Daylesford.
    12. Both Daylesford and its sister city, Hot Springs, show substantial Swiss or Italian influence from the time of the Gold Rush.
    13. This is your free admission to a fantastic time in Daylesford on our dime.
    14. This is the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, where the stars go to relax. If you're in need of some downtime while in town, At Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa is where you should go.
    15. Two places exist for relaxation: the public baths and the Sanctuary (where only certain people are allowed to go).
    16. Both of the pools at the primary bathing complex are heated and chlorinated for year-round use.
    17. In the outdoor spa, guests can unwind in a Magnesium salt bath or lounge on a spa couch while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the nearby Elementary and Secondary Mineral Springs Reserve.
    18. Alternating between the hot tub and the cold plunge pool will heighten the prickling feeling felt throughout your body.
    19. Exhibit Hall In The Nunnery Since it houses works from so many various eras and schools of thought, our Convent Gallery is the perfect spot to visit when you're in the mood to appreciate art.
    20. The now-impressive edifice was originally a Victorian-era private residence used as a convent and boarding school in the late nineteenth century.
    21. The first floor museum tells an intriguing story about the building's past, while the second floor gallery features the work of a variety of contemporary artists.
    22. At the Convent Gallery, you'll find a wide variety of shops, a bar, 2.5 acres of gardens, and even a chapel.

    FAQs About Things To Do In Daylesford

    Around 30 minutes north of Daylesford is Hepburn Springs, famous for the largest concentration of mineral springs in Australia and the place to be for one of the best things to do in Daylesford and surrounds: a good pamper sesh! At the centre of all the action is the famous Hepburn Bathhouse.

    Daylesford might be the perfect weekend getaway. It's not too far (about 108km northwest of Melbourne), and it's tucked into the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. It's got that cosy, B&B, natural hot springs kind of vibe that screams 'TURN OFF YOUR EMAILS'.

    As one of the few spa regions in Australia, everything about Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, and the surroundings is rejuvenating; natural mineral springs, fresh local produce, and 1850's cottages converted into luxurious accommodation.

    As one of Australia's few spa towns, Daylesford is a notable tourist destination. The town's numerous spas, restaurants and galleries are popular alongside the many gardens and country-house-conversion styled bed and breakfasts.

    In the Daylesford/Hepburn Springs area, gold was discovered in 1851 at Wombat Flat. Prior to this the area had been settled by pastoralists who had taken up vast tracts of land and in turn had displaced the local aboriginal population, the Dja Dja Wurrung.

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