what are fun activities for adults in melbourne

What Are Fun Activities For Adults In Melbourne?

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    Melbourne, one of Australia's hippest big cities, is a wonderful place to live. Melbourne's hip buildings, active arts community, and plethora of hip cafes and bands have earned it a reputation as Australia's cultural epicentre.

    Alleys adorned to world-class street art hide charming cafes & beer gardens. With so many cultural attractions, you could stay for weeks without getting bored.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    • Get back to nature in the Royal Botanic Gardens. 
    • See a blockbuster exhibition at the NGV. 
    • See the Melbourne sunrise from a hot air balloon.
    • Take a drive down the Great Ocean Road.
    • Peruse the sheds at Queen Victoria Market.
    • See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
    • Do some stretches. It may seem obvious, but limber up.
    • Buy a board game. Living with flatmates? 
    • A cocktail class. That's right, a cocktail class from home! 
    • Take a bath. 
    • Kokedama time.
    • Hall cricket. 
    • Master watercolours.
    • Find a pen pal.
    • Take a Street Art Tour.
    • Catch a Moonlight Movie in the Park. 
    • Wander Queen Victoria Market. 
    • Visit the State Library of Victoria. 
    • Take the City Circle Tram. 
    • Relax in Federation Square. 
    • Visit the National Gallery of Victoria. 
    • Wander the Royal Botanic Gardens.
    • Have breakfast in bed. 
    • Cook a meal together.
    • Order food in. 
    • Organise an at-home picnic. 
    • Do a workout together.
    • Do yoga together. 
    • Have a wine or beer tasting night. 
    • Experiment with cocktails
    • Clean, Sort & Organise.
    • Spend Time Exercising.
    • Try Out New Recipes.
    • Plan a Trip for the Future.
    • Get into Arts & Crafts.
    • Take This Time to Relax. 
    • Journal.
    • Have a Movie Marathon.

    Go On A Street Art Tour

    melbourne street art tour

    Consider booking a tour with Melbourne Art Tours to get your vacation started off right. However, local performers will benefit from the tour's AUD$69 price tag.

    If you're trying to save money when visiting a new city, a walking tour is a great option.  Free Tours is a fantastic way to learn about the history and culture of the city without spending a dime. As you get to know the city better, you can ask your many questions of a kind and helpful local guide. It's customary to end the tour by giving a gratuity to the guide.

    In The Park, See A Moonlight Movie

    For the duration of the summertime, the Royal Garden will be showing a film each night. Gather your loved ones for a picnic and an outdoor movie screening. It will be similar to visiting a drive-in theatre, with the obvious exception that you won't need a vehicle. If you intend to spend any length of time outside, remember to bring along some warm clothing and a blanket. If it's going to rain hard, they'll postpone it, but a little shower won't stop them from proceeding as planned.

    Explore Queen Victoria Market.

    Here you will discover the largest open-air market in the entire southern hemisphere. This cross between a flea market as well as a food court spans two city blocks and sells it all from local food to handcrafted jewellery. On the weekends, when more merchants set up shop than outside during the week, the food court becomes the primary draw.

    Wine tastings are free at Swords Wines with in food court, where the personnel is friendly and the prices are low. The jam doughnuts are also not to be missed. They have been there continuously for almost fifty years.

    Visit The Victoria State Library.

    Its State Library of Australia has around eight million visitors a year. Since it first opened to the public in 1856, the library has become a popular meeting spot. There will be a queue of people eager to claim the first available computers, so be sure to get there early. The central dome, an octogon, has been preserved and contains the original dark oak floors and walls lined with books.

    Utilise the City Circle Tram.

    The City Circle Tram offers free "move, hop-off" services between the two main tourist hubs in Melbourne. The route includes the Federation Building, stockholm Old Treasury, Parliament, or the Empress Theatre. There will be a separate recorded commentary playing at every historical, cultural, or man-made attraction you stop at. This is a fantastic way to see the city's best sights without breaking the bank.

    In Federation Square, You Can Unwind.

    It's completely free to ride the train all around City Circle to reach Federation Square & Flinders Street Station. At just under 8 acres is size, this park is an excellent spot to people-watch. Several places to eat and drink along the riverfront right below the square. The summer is often packed with a wide variety of activities.

    Visit The Victoria National Gallery.

    Located in the heart of Melbourne's bustling Federation Square, it National Gallery in Australia is the country's premier art museum and one of the world's finest. Over 75,000 works of art, spanning from the modern to the aboriginal, are on display. You can see everything of importance in the area in a matter of hours. This is just one of the many great things to do throughout the city that won't break the bank.

    Flinders Street Station Is Beautiful.

    As early as 1854, Flinders St had been a significant Melbourne landmark and gathering spot. The station is characterised by its Victorian architecture and large clock faces. It was the busiest railway station in the world in the 1920s, and it is now the busiest metropolitan train station inside the Southern Hemisphere. This magnificent edifice is not only free, but also stunning.

    Check Out The Como House And Gardens.

    Over 160 years old, this grand mansion is an elegant synthesis of Italian Renaissance & Australian Colonial design. It's a prime example of the city's architectural heritage and a window into the opulence of Australia's 19th-century upper class. The guided tour of this beautiful estate is only $15 AUD, so if you're interested in discovering more about its past, it's well worth the investment.

    Pay A Visit To The Immigration Museum.

    The Immigrant Museum, located in the Old Customs House, has been gathering artefacts and portraying the history of Australia's migration journey since 1998. The indigenous people who'd already lived in the area again for previous 50,000 years were driven out by the massive influx of Europeans who arrived in 1788, bringing them the cultural standards of their homeland and replacing them.

    Visit The Beach.

    St. Kilda's beach is a wonderful area to swim, sunbake, and watch the sunset. The beach is large and lovely, but the wetness is a chilly for our liking. The beach faces west, though, which makes for some beautiful sunsets.

    If you happen to be a certified scuba diver, there are dive sites in the area, some of which are even caverns. For equipment rental options, We recommend The Zu Boardsports.

    St. Kilda Party

    St. Kilda is the place to be if you want to experience Melbourne's lively nightlife. There are many cheap eateries, taverns, and nightclubs in the vicinity. Wild Melbourne can be found in this area. The downstairs bar is always packed and serves drinks at reasonable prices.

    Explore The Royal Botanic Gardens.

    wander the royal botanic gardens

    A Royal Botanic Gardens cover 86 acres and are home to about 8,500 plant varieties from all over the world, including flowers, shrubs, and trees. One of our favourite things to do in Melbourne is to just wander about and take it all in.

    It's close to the action but far enough away to feel like you're in a different world. In in addition to the complimentary guided excursions, guests can also pick up self-guided audio tours from the main guests' centre.

    Visit The Melbourne Museum To Get Cultural

    At the Melbourne Museum, you can learn about Australia's historical context, indigenous culture, scientific achievements, and natural landscapes. We particularly enjoyed the museum's large Upon Aboriginal Cultural Centre, it features displays of aboriginal art, history, and culture. There is a women's section, which is great for mums and dads who are taking their kids on the road. You may find out what temporary and rotating exhibits were currently on show by checking the site before you go.

    Square Federation

    The cultural hub of Melbourne, Federation Square is not to be missed. There are around two thousand events held there each year. Festivals, premieres, exhibits, performance outcomes, seminars, movies, concerts, and photoshoots are just a few examples of the many cultural events that are free and open to the public.

    Take in the neighborhood's beautiful architecture. You may soak in Melbourne's cosmopolitan atmosphere by eating at one of the city's many cafés or eateries.

    Visit the Australian Center for the Moving Image and the Ian Potter Institute if you want to better understand and enjoy cinema in all of its forms.

    Participate in one of the many fun activities that are regularly organised in Federation Square. Relax and enjoy the movie on the huge screen. It's become a tradition in Melbourne to gather around a huge screen to watch major sporting events. A little distance away lies the Yarra River. The view from the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral is one of the best in Melbourne.

    You may either walk over to Gazi, which is only all around corner, or you can visit one of the many chain restaurants that line Epping Lane. Mornington Street Station is another important part of Melbourne's heritage that visitors should not miss.

    Melbourne Crown Casino

    Centrally located in Melbourne, the massive Crown Melbourne complex seems to be a popular destination. Parking is cheap and plentiful in the huge lots. The complex offers more than just gambling, including fine eating, fashionable shopping, and lively entertainment.

    A number of highly regarded dining establishments can be found here, including Rockpool and Grill, The Atlantic (seafood), Rosetta (Italian), Nobu (Japanese and Korean fusion), Cafe Guillaume (French), and Spice Temple (Indian) (for Indian).

    You will be astounded by the wide range of dining options, from upscale bistros to cosy cafes. There are many thrilling performances and other sorts of entertainment that have their epicentre at the Crown Casino. The Palladium plays host to a wide variety of high-profile events.

    The rooms and suites at Crown Metropol & Crown Towers are among the most lavish anywhere in the world. Many of Melbourne's ritziest social gatherings take place at Crown Casino.

    Southgate And The Arts District

    Southgate is a bustling area of Melbourne, Australia, home to the Yarra River, chic boutiques, and friendly restaurants and cafes. Having a stroll across one of the many bridges across the Yarra is a great way to take in the beautiful metropolitan ambience. Spend some time strolling along the Southgate walkway. You should pause, and We recommend getting some coffee. Go out and treat yourself to some high-quality retail therapy. Afterwards, treat yourself with a visit to a fine dining establishment.

    A Melbourne Winter Classics display and other highlights can be found in the main. Some of the local art galleries include Marsha Hall, Her Artistic Centre, and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

    Southgate is home to some of Melbourne's best restaurants, including Genuine Southern, Melba Café, Hophaus Pilsner & Grill, The Chicken & Wine Co., Kora, Tutto Advantage, Red Dragon, Globe Restaurant & Bar, and many more.

    Have Un At Fitzroy Gardens.

    fitzroy gardens

    Fitzroy Gardens is a huge 65-acre Victorian garden that was established in 1848. This garden is one of the most beautiful & historically important in Melbourne since it was designed to resemble those English gardens which the city's early founders left behind.

    There was once a swamp here, but after years of labour, it is now a beautiful garden. Stroll along the many paths and through the many gardens and houses. It looks like an English garden!

    Yarra Valley

    Plan on spending at least a day in the Yarra Valley. The Yarra is home to spectacular natural beauty, world-class vineyards, interesting outdoor adventures, and tasty cafes, yet it's only a 10 minutes away from the heart of Melbourne. Read this article for information on the best wineries inside the Yarra Valley. If you're interested in the French roots of Moet & Chandon, a journey to Healesville is in order, where you may visit Domain Chandon. Beautiful scenery, state-of-the-art amenities, and informative guided excursions.

    The nearby Oakridge Winery & Restaurant is home to some of the best winery fare in all of Australia. The presence of breathtaking scenery is an asset to any winery.

    Innocent Strangers in Healesville is where it's at for delicious sourdough pineapple bread as well as excellent wood-oven pizzas, wine, and cheese. Tend to your needs on the terrace or at the adjoining eatery. The food on the children's menu is of the same excellent quality as that served to adults.

    Levantine Hill is the place to go for fine dining, while Bella Vedere is the place to go for authentic Italian cuisine. In the midst of visiting a Yarra Valley Creamery, another foodie destination, stop by Pontoon Road Wines. Make a platter of assorted cheeses and relax in the sights. Now that you've seen everything, it's time to stick your neck out and check out Yering Station, a massive and gorgeous winery which appears to cater to gourmets with an abundance of food, wine, and other beverages. Another great place to visit is the De Bortoli Winery in Yarra Glen.

    Adventure Clues

    If you're in Melbourne to soak in the local culture, don't leave without seeing some of the amazing works of street art that decorate the city. Even if some of these treasures are slightly concealed, it is well worth your time to find them. If you want to see the best street art without the trouble of figuring out where it is, then you should take Adventure Clues' specialised enigmatic graffiti art tour.

    With Expedition Clues, you may use your mobile phone to pursue a scavenger chase itinerary and discover a new region in your own pace and in your own time. There's something for everyone in the diverse neighbourhoods of Fitzroy and Collingwood, which each have their own trail connecting trendy bars and other landmarks. At only $25 per person, Expedition Clues is a one-of-a-kind and exciting outing that will not break the bank.


    Modern architecture, a thriving cultural scene, and an abundance of cool bars and bands all contribute to Melbourne's reputation as a must-see destination. You may check out the Queen Victoria Market, the Victoria State Library, and embark on a guided tour of the city's street art. Wine tastings at Swords Wines are also free, and Free Tours are a terrific way to learn about the city's history and culture without spending a thing. Free "move, hop-off" services are provided by the City Circle Tram between Melbourne's two major tourist centres, and individual recorded commentaries are played at each of the city's many cultural, historical, and man-made landmarks. Stop by the Como House and Gardens, the Flinders Street Station, and the Victoria National Gallery.

    These pursuits won't put a dent in your wallet because they are all inexpensive or even free. Melbourne's vibrant nightlife can be witnessed at such attractions as the Immigration Museum, St. Kilda Beach, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Large and beautiful as it may be, the beach's dampness brings a chill. The Zu Boardsports is among the several places to rent gear and access nearby dive locations.

    Two of the city's most visited attractions are the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Melbourne Museum. Visitors can enjoy the neighborhood's stunning architecture, check out the Australian Center for the Moving Image and the Ian Potter Institute, have a blast at one of the many events held in Federation Square, kick back and watch a film on the enormous screen, and take in the sights of the Yarra River from the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. The Crown Melbourne complex is a renowned tourist destination, and Mornington Street Station is a significant part of Melbourne's history as well.

    Content Summary

    1. It's great to call Melbourne, one of Australia's coolest major cities, home.
    2. Melbourne is widely regarded as Australia's cultural capital due to the city's cool architecture, thriving arts scene, and plenty of cool cafes and bands.
    3. Charming cafes and beer gardens are tucked away in alleys decorated with world-class street art.
    4. There are so many museums and other cultural venues that you could visit for weeks and never get bored.
    5. Take in Some Public Art
    6. Get your vacation off to a great start by scheduling a tour with Melbourne Art Tours.
    7. One of the best ways to see a new city without breaking the bank is on foot.
    8. Finding out about a city's past and present without spending any money is possible thanks to Free Tours.
    9. You can learn more about the city at your own pace by consulting with a patient and informative guide.
    10. Watch a Film Under the Stars in the Park Throughout the summer, you can catch a flick at the Royal Garden every night.
    11. Have a picnic and a viewing of a movie outside with your loved ones.
    12. Similar to going to a drive-in theatre, however you won't need a car.
    13. Be sure to pack some warm clothes and a blanket if you plan on spending the night outside.
    14. This two-block long flea market/food court hybrid has everything from fresh produce to unique jewellery.
    15. While the outdoor market remains popular throughout the week, the food court thrives on the weekends when more vendors set up shop than during the week.
    16. Swords Wines at the food court offers free wine tastings and affordable prices on a wide selection of wines.
    17. You should be there early because there will be a line of people waiting to use the first accessible computers.
    18. Free "hop-on, hop-off" service connects Melbourne's two most popular tourist areas on the City Circle Tram.
    19. Destinations along the way may include Parliament, the Empress Theatre, the Old Treasury in Stockholm, and the Parliament Building.
    20. Every museum, landmark, or other place of interest in the tour's itinerary will have its own recorded commentary to play as you explore its history, culture, or construction.
    21. Inexpensively taking in the city's top attractions in this way is a must.
    22. If you take the train from Federation Square & Flinders Street Station all the way around City Circle, you won't have to pay a dime.
    23. The park's size of little under 8 acres makes it a great place to people-watch.
    24. You may find a variety of dining and drinking options just below the square, along the riverbank.
    25. In many cases, the summer schedule is jam-packed with numerous and varied events.
    26. The National Gallery of Australia is one of the best art museums in the world, and it is right in the middle of all the action at Federation Square in the centre of Melbourne.
    27. There are more than 75,000 pieces on display, from the modern to the aboriginal.
    28. In a few short hours, you may see everything that makes this region worth visiting.
    29. That's just one example of the many exciting activities available in the city that won't empty your wallet.
    30. Flinders St. has been a major feature of Melbourne's history since its incorporation in 1854.
    31. The station's Victorian architecture and massive clock faces are its defining features.
    32. In the 1920s, this station was the busiest in the world, and today it is the busiest in the Southern Hemisphere.
    33. This stately home is over 160 years old and features a sophisticated blend of Italian Renaissance and Australian Colonial styles.
    34. Located in the historic Old Customs House, the Immigrant Museum has been collecting and displaying artefacts related to Australia's immigrant history since 1998.
    35. Indigenous people who had inhabited the area for the previous 50,000 years were displaced by the enormous inflow of Europeans who arrived in 1788, bringing with them the cultural norms of their homeland and subsequently replacing the indigenous people.
    36. Scuba divers will find a number of caves and other diving spots nearby.
    37. The Zu Boardsports is where you want to go if you're looking to rent some gear.
    38. Party in St. Kilda If you want to enjoy Melbourne's exciting nightlife, St. Kilda is where you should go.
    39. Base Melbourne is one of our favourite places to hang out with other internationals and even some local Melburnians.
    40. The downstairs bar has great drink specials and a constant crowd.
    41. Around 8,500 different kinds of flowers, shrubs, and trees from all over the world may be found in the Royal Botanic Gardens, which span an area of 86 acres.
    42. Just exploring the city is one of our favourite ways to spend time in Melbourne.
    43. It's convenient to the centre of things, but removed enough to feel like another planet.
    44. Self-guided audio tours, in addition to the free guided tours, are available to guests at the main information desk.
    45. The Melbourne Museum is a must-see. Engage with Culture The Melbourne Museum is a great place to learn about Australia's history, indigenous peoples, technological progress, and beautiful scenery.
    46. The museum's expansive Onsite Native Cultural Centre, which showcases aboriginal art, history, and culture, was a highlight for us.
    47. Parents who are travelling with their children will appreciate the store's women's area.
    48. Coalitional Square Federation Square is the heart of Melbourne's artistic and cultural scene.
    49. Several cultural events are presented for no cost to the audience, including festivals, debuts, exhibitions, performance outputs, seminars, films, concerts, and photoshoots.
    50. When enjoying a meal at one of Melbourne's many cafés or restaurants, you may take in the city's diverse and international crowds.
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