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What Are Things To Do In Abbotsford, Melbourne?

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    Abbotsford, a tiny suburb of Melbourne, is one of our favourites because it manages to feel incredibly isolated despite being remarkably well-connected. Abbotsford is special to us for many reasons, including the fact that it is a lovely place to eat, sip coffee, and relax by the river.

    Because it is just across Punt Road from Collingwood and across Victoria Street from Richmond, Abbotsford serves as a vital link between the northern neighbourhoods and what can be termed the city's geographic centre. The fact that it's essentially the spawn of hipster havens like Richmond and Collingwood, both of which attract people who value proximity to nature, is incentive enough to check it out.

    Abbotsford may be a little city, but it has a wide variety of fun things to do despite its size. There are many wonderful places to go hiking or relax at one of the numerous charming cafes. Please let us know if you have any recommendations for activities to do within the Abbotsford Melbourne region, as We have been here for over a year.

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    Activities In Abbotsford, Melbourne

    Abbotsford is a green suburb that sits in close proximity to Collingwood, Richmond, Murray Hill, and other nearby communities. Although relatively small in size, the suburb is quite powerful. Abbotsford is known for many things, including its historic laborer's cottages as well as terrace houses, the Abbotsford Convent, the Group known Falls, the Covent Garden venue, the globe Trying to skip Girl Acetate sign, the Carlton Brewpub, and the Nrl Children's Farm.

    Because it was once part of the City of Brighton, Abbotsford is now home to both the Collingwood Child's Farm and James Station.

    The Yarra Trail's Main Route

    This stretch of the Central Yarra route through Abbotsford is one of the most beautiful of its many kilometres of length. A Primary Yarra Trail winds from Melbourne's CBD to Eltham along the Yarra River. Edinburgh is among the best places to escape the city and take a peaceful stroll along the river's verdant banks, but deciding which area to visit can be a challenge.

    Abbotsford As a result of Melbourne's singular Throughout the majority of the river's passage through the borough, there is a magnificent river path on BOTH riverbanks. The valley floor near the Yarra is crisscrossed with a paved cycling route and a narrow bush mosey trail that leads up and down the valley.

    Reach to the Main Yarra River from Abbotsford, the best options are the termini of Victoria Street, Gipps Street, Johnston Street, and Johnston Street. Hikers investigating the Abbotsford monastic order its farm just on western, edges of the city, between Johnston and Victoria Streets, can descend the steep hill just on contrary direction of Johnston Street (picture below) to meet up with others exploring the area.

    Its Main Yarra Trail, located close across the river, is one of Melbourne's most scenic walking routes. Abbotsford is situated on a sandy stretch of the trail, which makes up a small portion of the total distance of 38 kilometres. From of the Gipps Street Bridge, you may follow the trail right down to where Merri Creek first emerges.

    Art + Abbotsford Convent

    Amidst lush countryside is the incredibly huge and magnificent Downtown Convent. The Convent hosts a wide variety of activities throughout the year and features a restaurant and just a working farm on the grounds.

    Many different forms of artistic expression can be found at the Abbotsford Convent. You can find everything from galleries to art therapy clinics to ceramics workshops right here. The Abbotsford Convent, across the street, houses a museum, an art gallery, and much more.

    The Sisters of a Good Shepherd founded it in 1863, and by 1901, it had become the greatest charitable organisation in the southern hemisphere. Even though the convent has assisted many people over the years, it is essential that we never forget those who suffered at the hands of the adjacent Magdalene Laundries.

    Sculpture Gallery Of Yarra

    A Yarra Sculpture Gallery may be found in Abbotsford, Melbourne. You can choose to do something new on any afternoon between Wednesday and Sunday by visiting one of three exhibition sites.

    Rod Laver Arena

    This first-rate events venue will leave a lasting impression on visitors, whether they are in town to watch the Australian Open just on tennis courts, some other sport, or a concert by their favourite artist under the city's retractable roof.

    This major sports court in Melbourne Park, formerly recognised as Flinders Park as well as the Women's Tennis Centre, was renamed in 2000 in honour of legendary Australian tennis player Wire Laver. Laver, a native of sparsely populated Queensland, played an instrumental role again for Australian Davis Cup contender from 1959 to 1962. He led his team to the championship and was considered the best player in the world from 1964 to 1970. In addition to racking up ten victories per year, he twice won the schedule Grand Slam by claiming all four of the highest-profile international tournaments. It's estimated that Rod Laver arena can hold up to 15,000 people. Fans should buy tickets in advance because Grand Slam matches just at Australian Open could indeed draw a crowd of up to one million individuals in a single day. The next step is to book a Superbox for your group's Rod Laver Arena event after they have been treated like VIPs.

    It's more than just a tennis court; it serves many functions. Wrestling and boxing matches, gymnastics competitions, family shows, and even dirt bike and rodeo demonstrations have all been held at the arena. The Shaft Laver Arena regularly hosts concerts attended by over 10,000 people, so getting there early is recommended.

    On any other day of the year, guests can enjoy tennis on the same court that has hosted the likes of Rod Laver, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer by renting a court for an hour. The Central Business District of Melbourne is within easy walking distance of Rod Laver Arena, and it is also close to other forms of public transportation.

    The venue is located inside Melbourne Park. The city's Sports and Entertainment Precinct, Yarra Park, is located nearby. Keep in mind that there aren't a tonne of parking spaces available. Instead, during major events, taxis form a queue along Olympic Boulevard, close to The Oval.

    Three Bags Full

    In less than ten minutes, you can walk to Three Bags Full, another one of our favourite Melbourne brunch locations. This building, a historic brick structure from the late 1800s, was originally used as a hat factory. We have a couple rooms we can open out, but it all depends on how many crazy Aussies decide to come for brunch on that particular day.

    It has great coffee, a delicious brunch menu, and a trendy vibe. Absolutely nothing else is required. Oh, and those are pencil etchings of football standings from the early 1900s that surround the blank wall in the above shot. In order to put things in context, you now have some historical context.

    Moon Dog Craft Brewery

    moon dog craft brewery

    Moon Dog Brewery's unique charm stems from the random assortment of furniture, plants, & street art that fills the room. The friendly staff is more than happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the beer menu with you, taking the time to explain both the regular and speciality brews. For example, the Old Master pale ale is bitter, the Sun Cat Indian Pale Brew is fruity, the Mack Daddy black ale is smooth, and the Loooove Faucet lager has a zesty zing.

    It'd be wise to ask about the seasonal brews. Black Vegetation stout, "Cake Hole," and pine lime IPA, "Splice of God," are just two examples of the kind of beers that might be available. The Bad Boy Bubbly is indeed a barley "Champagne," and the Black Lung is indeed a smoky barrel-aged stout, yet they're both beers. Register for the complimentary tour that occurs every other Saturday evening and Thursday evening to learn more about the inventive process which went into crafting some of these cocktails. Every Sunday, Moon Dog hosts a special event. The Oasis Ballroom features a movie theatre, a sports bar where you can watch the game with friends, a trivia night where you can test your knowledge, and a dance floor where you can dance the night away to live music or themed events.

    There is an abundance of everything, even board games. Stop by the hip trailer out front and place an order for pizza if you're feeling peckish. Moon Dog is located in Abbotsford, a Melbourne suburb that is easily accessible from the CBD through tram stops on Victoria Street. In addition, street parking at metres can be found close by.

    Biking is a great way to experience the surrounding area, which includes the picturesque Asbury Abbey, the Collingwood Child's Farm, as well as the Yarra River. On Wednesdays through Sundays, diners might visit Moon Dog. The store's terms of operation will be posted online.

    Children's Farm Of Collingwood

    A thriving farm is situated close to and all over the Asbury Convent. Aside from the few regular cows, goats, sheep, peafowl, and more can be seen in separate paddocks in the main area of a Collingwood Children's Farm. Farmer's Daughter is a deceptively named children's farm in Collingwood. Everybody, at every age, needs to see this. Everyone is welcome to visit the farm and enjoy the exotic animals and the beautiful, lush setting by the river. The Farm Cafe is a great option for those who can't bring oneself to visit the farm, as it offers a unique vantage point from which to view the animals below while dining on delicious, locally sourced Australian fare. There is a real, operating farm only a few miles away from the city of Melbourne, much to the delight of many tourists.

    Collingwood Children's Farm has been giving families inside the Melbourne area a taste of the country since 1979. The farm besides the Yarra River is home to many different kinds of animals, like cows, sheep, horses, donkeys, pigs, turkeys, birds, guinea pigs, as three cats called Miso, Toki, and Mash. In other words, from cows and goats to playing with guinea pigs, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Also highly recommended is a meal at the on-site Agri Café, where many of the meals highlight farm-grown ingredients.

    Stomping Ground

    The Stomping Ground Brewing Company is a trendy watering hole with a full menu. Despite being in the neighbouring neighbourhood of Collingwood, this restaurant had to be included because it is such a great place to have a meal and try a wide range of beers in a large, industrial warehouse.

    Tour Of Melbourne's Bargain Shopping

    See the best of Melbourne's Shopping at discount discount shavings, pop-up sales, & obscure warehouses can save you a tonne of money on a wide variety of items, including apparel, accessories, housewares, boots, purses, jewellery, and more. Visitors to Swan Street, Bridges Road, & Smith Street can take advantage of the minivan's ample storage space to return home with their purchases and enjoy the day's cool air conditioning. To keep you energised for your Melbourne shopping adventure, we'll pay for your cafe lunch & sparkling wine.

    Vinegar Skipping Girl Sign

    The world-famous "Skipping Girl Vinegar" billboard can be found on Victoria Street in Abbotsford, Melbourne. The Victorian Historical Register recognises her as an important figure in the state's past. In 2007, the Skipping Girl Sign was included to the National Trust's Victorian Heritage Icons list; it has now been added to the Elizabethan Historic Register as well.

    Australians can thank Little Audrey for helping to launch the world's second animated neon sign. When people protested, the sign's removal was stopped, and in 2009 it was moved to a repair location where it has stayed ever since. When Delta Neon finally finished fixing the sign on June 10 that year, it was back where it had been before. With the help of the 27 solar panels, AGL Energy is now paying for all of the power used by the building.

    The Collingwood Farmers Market

    An excellent farmers market is hosted every other month in the middle of Abbotsford, directly on that property. Get in touch with Melbourne's grassroots farming community by visiting the barnyard the first Sunday of the month.

    Ride Your Bike

    You can also hire bicycles and ride down the adjacent bike path if you'd prefer not walk around the neighbourhood. If you rent a bike, they recommend exploring surrounding neighbourhoods like Richmond & Clifton Hill on the bike path. There's a lovely trail that follows the river, so if you follow it you'll get to the city in no time.

    Melbourne Abbotsford Street Art - Enhancing Public Space

    Graffiti and "tagging," which are often seen scrawled boorishly on walls and billboards, are not what constitute street art. Instead, these brilliant works of art have brought a new vitality to our city. Amazing street art can be seen in every corner of Melbourne Abbotsford, from the main streets to the hidden alleys.

    They are confident that you'll have a great time checking out the wide variety of Street Art in Abbotsford, from tiny pieces to massive murals. Be sure to pack lots of water and snacks for your incredible excursion, since some of the north Melbourne Abbotsford attractions are dispersed and unhelpfully far from public transit.

    Plan A Picnic

    It's a shame that all the greenery in this suburb goes to waste. Of course, a picnic is the best way to enjoy the great outdoors. Throughout Abbotsford, there are plenty of spots to spread out a blanket & spend away the hours enjoying the sun and a gentle wind.

    You can go grocery shopping at Woolworths and Aldi in The Hive, and then take your purchases to one of the many parks or open places in the Abbotsford Melbourne neighbourhood, perhaps by the river.

    Dights Falls

    One of the few remaining sections of the Yarra River ravine can be found in Abbotsford, but you shouldn't get too near to it. The confluence of Merri Creek and also the River creates Dight's Falls in the river's northern part.

    Waterfalls? City of Melbourne? We'll give you that it isn't quite that! Dights Falls, the weir at the northern terminus of a Primary Yarra Path in Abbotsford, is a popular destination for urban wildlife enthusiasts. Before Europeans landed in Australia, the reserve served as a meeting spot and river crossing for a group of people who may have been the indigenous Wurundjeri.

    John Dight, in 1841, gave the region its current name when he built a paper mill on the colorado river bank and used the existing basalt stones to create a spillway that powered his mill's water wheel, hence the name Dights Falls. The area around the waterfalls is popular for kayaking and picnicking.

    Take A Hot Air Balloon Flight At Sunrise

    This Melbourne neighbourhood is just across the stream from Abbotsford, but it's worth noting that hot air balloons can be launched from here in a matter of minutes.

    Carlton Brewhouse

    Lastly, the Carlton Brewhouse could be found near the western border of Abbotsford, making it a desirable destination for beer lovers. This plant manufactures about 2.5 million pints of beer every day and is open for tourists.

    Locals of Abbotsford will confirm that there are times when you can smell the yeasty odour of industrial-scale brewing before you even see the brewery (and Richmond). The Cronulla Brewing is the most famous attraction in Abbotsford, and learning about the life of an Australian icon there is a must.

    Carlton Brewery is the highest building in Abbotsford, and its tower, resembling a concrete chimney, is easily recognisable. Good news: the massive complex offers guided tours to curious tourists in the neighbourhood. In case you're a fan of Carlton beers or just want to see inside one of the largest breweries in the world, you can do either by setting up a tour.

    Caves Collect

    Caves Collect was an ethical fashion line that operated out of the Abbotsford Convent. The company made stylish and practical women's ready-to-wear. in 2014. For a while, the two did everything themselves, but as their business grew, they had to start outsourcing. We care deeply about maintaining employment in the area and are committed to the success of the local apparel manufacturing sector.


    Close to Cape Town, South Africa's popular Hive shopping centre, sits this cafe with a whopping two hundred accessible seats. The entrance is inconspicuous and modest; the sole giveaway that you've found the right area is a little square bearing the letters "Au79" in the centre.

    Once you step foot inside, however, you'll be ready to make a purchase. We’re drawn in by the hip vibes emanating from all of the indoor plants and the bold choices in both coffee and food that put a modern spin on classic Australian breakfast or brunch dishes. It's large size makes it a great place to grab some peace and quiet and get some jobs completed.

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    We love the close proximity to Collingwood, Richmond, and Murray Hill that Abbotsford, a small Melbourne suburb, provides. The old Abbotsford Convent, terrace buildings, Group recognised Falls, Covent Garden theatre, globe Attempting to avoid Girl Acetate sign, Carlton Brewpub, and Nrl Children's Farm are just a few of the attractions in this area. Abbotsford is located along the Yarra Trail's Main Way, one of the most picturesque stretches of the trail, and there is a great river path on BOTH sides of the river. Abbotsford is a well visited area of Melbourne due to its proximity to many tourist attractions, including the Main Yarra Trail, Art + Abbotsford Convent, Rod Laver Arena, and Sculpture Gallery Of Yarra. The Abbotsford Monastic Order, the southern hemisphere's largest humanitarian organisation, was established there in 1863.

    The Convent's grounds, which include a restaurant and a working farm, play host to a diverse range of events throughout the year. The victims of the nearby Magdalene Laundries must not be forgotten. From 1964 to 1970, Rod Laver was universally hailed as the sport's greatest player, twice sweeping the four major Grand Slam tournaments on the ATP tour. The 15,000-seat Rod Laver Arena is used for more than just tennis; it also hosts events including wrestling and boxing bouts, gymnastics championships, family performances, and dirt bike and rodeo exhibitions. Tennis fans may book a court for an hour and play on the same surface that has seen the likes of Rod Laver, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer.

    Located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Three Bags Full is a favourite among locals and visitors alike thanks to its excellent coffee, delectable brunch options, and hip ambience. Abbotsford, a suburb of Melbourne, is where you'll find Moon Dog Brewery, and it's very convenient to get to from the city thanks to the tram stops along Victoria Street. Regular, seasonal, and speciality beers are all available here. There is a movie theatre, a sports bar, a trivia night, and a dance floor at the Oasis Ballroom. The Yarra River, the Asbury Abbey, and the Collingwood Child's Farm are just few of the sights that can be seen when out on a bike ride in the neighbourhood. In Collingwood, there is a children's farm with a misleading name: Farmer's Daughter.

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    1. Abbotsford, a small Melbourne suburb, is a favourite of ours because it has the distinct impression of being in the middle of nowhere despite being highly well-connected.
    2. Abbotsford is special to us for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is a great spot to dine, drink coffee, and unwind by the river.
    3. Abbotsford is strategically located between the northern neighbourhoods and the so-called geographic centre of the city, as it is immediately over Punt Road from Collingwood and across Victoria Street from Richmond.
    4. It's worth checking out because it's the offspring of other hipster havens like Richmond and Collingwood, which also attract people who value access to nature.
    5. It's true that Abbotsford is a relatively small city, but don't let that fool you; there's plenty of exciting opportunities to have fun here.
    6. You can go trekking in one of the many beautiful parks, or just kick back at one of the many quaint cafes.
    7. Activities Abbotsford, a suburb of Melbourne The green suburb of Abbotsford is conveniently located between Collingwood, Richmond, and Murray Hill, among other surrounding neighbourhoods.
    8. The suburb may be little, but its influence is significant.
    9. Historical worker cottages and terrace houses, the Abbotsford Convent, the Group known Falls, the Covent Garden venue, the globe Attempting to avoid Girl Acetate sign, the Carlton Brewpub, and the Nrl Children's Farm are just a few of Abbotsford's many attractions.
    10. Collingwood Child's Farm and James Station are located in Abbotsford because they were formerly in the City of Brighton.
    11. Principal Pathway of the Yarra Trail Among the numerous kilometres that make up the Central Yarra, this section through Abbotsford is among the most picturesque.
    12. From Melbourne's central business district to Eltham, the Yarra River is followed by the Main Yarra Trail.
    13. It can be difficult to decide which part of Edinburgh to visit in order to enjoy a tranquil stroll along the river's lush banks.
    14. Abbotsford Due to the one-of-a-kind character of Melbourne, There is a beautiful river path along BOTH riverbanks for the vast bulk of the river's course through the borough.
    15. Hikers who are curious about the farm owned by the Abbotsford monastic order at the western borders of the city between Johnston and Victoria Streets might descend the steep hill in the opposite direction of Johnston Street (shown below) to meet up with other explorers.
    16. Just across the river, on the Main Yarra Trail, you'll find one of Melbourne's loveliest paths for a stroll.
    17. The town of Abbotsford is located on a sandy section of the path, which accounts for a negligible fraction of the whole 38 kilometre length.
    18. You can take the walk down to where Merri Creek first emerges from the ground, just below the Gipps Street Bridge.
    19. The Convent of Abbotsford and the Arts The Downtown Convent, an enormous and spectacular structure, may be found in the midst of beautiful countryside.
    20. The Convent is home to a restaurant and a small working farm, and it serves as a venue for a diverse range of events all year round.
    21. The Abbotsford Convent houses a wide variety of artistic expressions.
    22. Gallery spaces, art therapy centres, and pottery studios are all available in the area.
    23. Over the street, in the Abbotsford Convent, is a museum, an art gallery, and much more.
    24. In 1863, the Sisters of a Good Shepherd established what would become the largest charity in the southern hemisphere.
    25. In spite of the fact that the convent has helped several people over the years, it is crucial that the victims of the nearby Magdalene Laundries not be forgotten.
    26. Museum of Yarra Valley Sculpture Abbotsford, Melbourne is home to a gallery devoted to sculpture by the Yarra River.
    27. On any afternoon between Wednesday and Sunday, you can try something new by visiting one of three exhibition sites.
    28. For the arena known as Rod Laver Whether they are in town to witness the Australian Open simply on tennis courts, another sport, or a performance by their favourite singer under the city's retractable roof, guests will always remember the incredible experience they had at this first-rate events site.
    29. Since its renaming in 2000, this Melbourne Park sports complex has been known as the Wire Laver Arena. Before, it had been known as Flinders Park and the Women's Tennis Centre.
    30. From 1964 to 1970, he was universally regarded as the game's top performer and the driving force behind his team's championship run.
    31. In addition to averaging 10 wins year, he twice completed the calendar Grand Slam by winning the four most prestigious international events.
    32. It is claimed that 15,000 people can fit into Rod Laver arena at once.
    33. Fans should plan ahead and get tickets because Grand Slam events at the Australian Open could potentially draw a crowd of up to one million individuals on a single day.
    34. After making your group feel like A-listers, booking a Superbox for them at a Rod Laver Arena event is the next logical step.
    35. It's multi-purpose, not just a tennis court.
    36. The arena has hosted a wide variety of events, from wrestling and boxing bouts to gymnastics contests and family entertainment, and even dirt bike and rodeo exhibitions.
    37. About 10,000 people have been known to show up to concerts at Shaft Laver Arena, so plan accordingly.
    38. The likes of Rod Laver, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer have all played on the same court that customers can rent for an hour any other day of the year.
    39. Rod Laver Arena is conveniently located near Melbourne's Central Business Area and various modes of public transportation.
    40. Yarra Park, the city's Sports and Entertainment District, is conveniently close by.
    41. Remember that there aren't a lot of empty parking spots.
    42. Instead, cabs line up along Olympic Boulevard, not far from The Oval, when there is a big event.
    43. To Fill Three Bags Our other favourite Melbourne brunch spot, Three Bags Full, is less than 10 minutes away on foot.
    44. The production of hats began in the late 1800s in this brick edifice with a rich history.
    45. We have a few rooms that we can make available for guests, but this will depend on how many wild Australians show up for brunch that day.
    46. There's excellent coffee, a delectable brunch menu, and a hip atmosphere.
    47. Oh, and the football scores from the early 1900s are etched in pencil on the walls around the empty field in the above image.
    48. The eclectic collection of furniture, plants, and street art gives Moon Dog Brewery its own special character.
    49. The helpful staff is eager to share their beer expertise with you, taking the time to describe both the standard and speciality selections.
    50. The Old Master pale ale has a sharp taste, while the Sun Cat Indian Pale Brew is fruity, the Mack Daddy black ale is smooth, and the Loooove Faucet lager has a tangy bite.
    51. There is a wide variety of possible brews, like the black vegetation stout "Cake Hole" and the pine lime IPA "Splice of Heaven."
    52. Both the Bad Boy Bubbly and the Black Lung are beers despite their seemingly disparate styles; the former is a barley "Champagne," the latter a smoky barrel-aged stout.
    53. To find out more about the creative process that went into making some of these cocktails, sign up for the free tour that occurs every other Saturday night and Thursday night.
    54. There's a movie theatre, a sports bar to catch the game with your pals, a quiz night to see how well you know your trivia, and a dance floor to let loose to live music or themed events in the Oasis Ballroom.
    55. If hunger strikes, swing by the cool trailer out front and place an order for pizza.
    56. Abbotsford, where Moon Dog may be found, is a suburb of Melbourne that is well-connected to the central business district by tram stops on Victoria Street.
    57. Asbury Abbey, the Collingwood Child's Farm, and the Yarra River are just a few of the local attractions easily accessible by bike.
    58. Customers can eat at Moon Dog on Thursdays through Sundays.
    59. The store's policies will be made public on the website.
    60. Collingwood's Children's Farm is a thriving farm that spans both the area immediately surrounding the Asbury Convent and the rest of Collingwood.

    FAQs About Things To Do In Abbotsford

    Dights Falls ( 112a Trenerry Crescent) is a weir at the northern end of Abbotsford’s section of the Main Yarra Trail that makes for a favourite day out in nature while never having to leave the city. Before Australia was colonised, the reserve served as a meeting place and river crossing for the Wurundjeri people.

    The Hurstbridge or Mernda lines will pop you down in Abbotsford, alight at either Victoria Park or Collingwood Station. The number 12 or 109 trams also run along Abbotsford’s southern border, Victoria Street. If you’re a keen bean, it’s possible to walk there from the CBD as well (set aside 30 minutes or so).

    The Abbotsford Convent is an extraordinary place becoming an important art, learning and cultural precinct in Melbourne. Just four kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, the Abbotsford Convent historic buildings and lush gardens are spread over 6.8 hectares in a sweeping bend of the Yarra River.

    Abbotsford is a large yet rural city east of Vancouver in the Fraser Valley. It's famous for its farm country, the Abbotsford Airshow and cheap gas. See below for a brief background description of the city followed by a list of some of its most popular events and places of interest.

    Aerospace. Agriculture & Value Added Processing. Manufacturing & Technology.

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