What Things To Do In Melbourne Southbank?

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    One of the best places to experience Melbourne's cultural scene is along the Southbank. The National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Recital Centre, the Arts Centre Melbourne, and the Australian Centre for Exhibition are just some of the cultural institutions that can be found in Southbank. It's where you'll find Crown Melbourne, the city's most popular attraction, as well as some of the best dining in Melbourne. The Southbank district of Melbourne is home to some of the city's finest attractions, and we've compiled a list of them here.

    The Crown Casino and all its associated eateries, such as Rockpool by Neil Perry and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, are the undisputed focal point of Melbourne's Southbank. In addition to Crown, its suburb is also close to the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Arts Centre.


    Melbourne Southbank

    The great outdoors of Victoria are easily accessible from Melbourne, whether you're an extreme sports fan or just looking for a relaxing weekend getaway with the family.

    You could go on a gondola ride over the Grampians, or you could ride horses on the beach in Warrnambool. Weekends spent skiing in Victoria or cruising the mighty Murray River are sure to be remembered fondly.

    Crown Melbourne

    The shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues at Crown Melbourne are all in one convenient location. There's something for everyone at Crown Melbourne, the largest casino sophisticated in the Southern Hemisphere. To begin, the Crown Towers are the most popular hotel choice for famous people visiting Melbourne

    In addition to the 29 restaurants and the casino, there is a movie theater, a spa, Kingpin bowling, Playtime arcade games, live theater, concerts, nightclubs, bars, and a night market. Furthermore, Crown Melbourne is home to luxurious clothing boutiques, including Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. So the whole family will enjoy the Crown experience.

    Eureka Skydeck 88

    As Australia's second-tallest structure at 297.3 metres, the Eureka Tower is sure to impress (975 ft). Its 88th-floor viewing platform is coincidentally known as the Eureka Skydeck 88. It's the Southern Hemisphere's highest public observation deck. The best vantage point in Melbourne, with 360-degree vistas and 30 viewfinders, is open daily and is a must-see.

    The Edge, a glass cube that extends out over Melbourne, and Vertigo, a green screen assembly that makes you feel like you've fallen off the facility and are clinging to the side for dear life, are both available here.

    Kingpin Bowling - Crown Entertainment Complex

    Self-described as the perfect next day or night experience, You can find a wide variety of family-friendly activities at Kingpin Strokeplay in the Crown Entertainment Venue. Furthermore, it is accessible every day of the year.

    Kingpin stands out from the competition thanks to its fifteen state-of-the-art and distinctive bowling lanes, its spacious seating with pool tables, its twenty giant screens displaying music, video games, and sporting events, and its brand new photo mechanism on the lanes, which snaps pictures of your strikes as they happen.

    You'll be hard pressed to find a more exhilarating place to bowl than Kingpin, with its adjacent Kingpin Laser Skirmish and Kingpin Galactic Circus day or night out in Melbourne.

    Melbourne Recital Centre

    Opening in 2009, Melbourne Recital Centre is an award-winning building within Melbourne's Arts District. It can accommodate up to 450 events per year. The musical genres performed regularly at Melbourne Recital Centre include classical, jazz, cabaret, rock, and world music. 

    The centre features two theatres, one of which is the Melanie Murdoch Hall, a must have auditorium with state-of-the-art acoustics. The more private Salon can accommodate a maximum of 150 guests.

    National Gallery Of Victoria

    The National Museum of Victoria is Australia's oldest art museum (1861), as well as its largest and most popular. The gallery attracts more than three million people yearly, who view both free and paid displays.

    While The Ian Hobbit Centre: Green energy Australia is in Federation Square, NGV International can be found in Southbank. The NGV Collection spans thousands of years and includes over 70,000 individual pieces. Works by such artists as Rembrandt, Picasso, and Pierre Magritte can be found in the NGV Regional Art collection.


    Southgate is the best place to eat, shop, and have fun in Southbank. BearBrass and Bluetrain serve contemporary Australian cuisine, P.J. O'Brien's is an Irish pub, and The Deck serves contemporary European cuisine and has spectacular views.

    If you're hungry and need something fast, there's a food court. Southgate also features a wide selection of unique clothing and gift boutiques.

    Galactic Circus - Melbourne

    Galactic Circus is an excellent destination if you're looking for a place to have some fun with the kids.

    Crown Entertainment Complex is located at 8 Whiteman Street; Galactic Circus is one of the most prominent attractions due to its convenient location places in Melbourne given its reputation as Australia's biggest indoor participatory theme park. The best part? It's totally free to enter and packed with fun activities like bowling, laser tag, indoor simulators, and the newest arcade games.

    Laughing and playing with your loved ones doesn't require any financial outlay, but will result in priceless memories. The Galactic Circus is available for your next celebration seven days each week, and they host events of all kinds for both kids and adults.

    Rockpool Bar & Grill

    rockpool bar & grill

    Rockpool is more "nice" than "knockout" if restaurants were measured in dog years. Even though many restaurants that used to shine on the Head promenade have since closed, Neil Perry's clubby, masculine steak den has not only survived, but thrived, by maintaining and even exceeding the standards that made the city go crazy when it decided to open in 2007.

    You could say it rode the wave of the current trend towards using locally sourced and organic ingredients by quoting Perry, the original Mr. Produce-Driven, whose quote on the menu proclaiming "Only the finest produce" isn't just a clever marketing ploy. Although Rockpool's dry-aged, grass-fed, wood-grilled, consistently sensational beef is what makes the restaurant famous, the extensive menu heavily favours a seafood obsession.

    The restaurant's signature dish, "four raw tastes of the sea," which features kingfish dressed in a smoked oyster, ocean trout with mild harissa, tuna with a flicker of ginseng and coriander, and scampi ceviche, remains a jaw-dropping quartet. Despite the underseasoned tuna, this dish makes a bold statement about the elegance of using only the finest ingredients with the barest minimum of preparation.

    There's linguini, which looks like hand-cut silk strands, and it's tossed with sweet bursts of spanner prawn and a slosh of prawn oil spiced with Asian chillies. And chunks of tender scampi tail were tucked into a bed of polenta flavoured with pine broccoli and sage for a dish that was both comforting and distinctly autumnal. At once soothing and thrilling.

    The 10 "main plates" section includes several red meat dishes. A Rockpool steak, however, is not negotiable, and if you're going to get one, you should probably order some of the restaurant's 17 side dishes, which range from small Frisbee-sized onion rings to a caramelised potato and cabbage gratin.

    Your food coma will be blissful, we promise. Since it is a Crown establishment, you can expect to find a diverse crowd mingling at the long, low-lit tables. Ahem. But for the average diner, Rockpool will be in the exclusive club of "special occasion" restaurants. The flawlessness of the product, the artistry of the preparation, the sartorial confidence of the dining room, and the efficiency of the staff are all factors in the price tag. Crown is risky at times, but Rockpool is always a safe bet.

    Melbourne River Cruises

    Take advantage of Southbank's proximity to the Yarra River by booking a tour with Melbourne River Cruises. They can take a Williamstown ferry, a twilight cruise in the summer, or a tour that takes them down the river to the port and Docklands. Spirit of Melbourne Gliding Restaurant, a floating restaurant on the Yarra River, is also under the care of Melbourne River Cruises.

    Dinner By Heston

    For those of you who can't wait to try Dinner by Heston, here's a tip. Dinner is the time of day when there is a greater demand for food than lunch. It's best to check in with customers right before service to see if they've cancelled; apparently some people have the guts to challenge the Sultan of Snail, and you can profit from their misfortune.

    Proceed swiftly through the opening tunnel reeking of bespoke leather, damp moss, and wood to the elegant, plush, quiet, Bates Sensible dining room, all lovely colours but rather luxurious textures. You'll be offered a drink at the bar, where "historical" cocktails are the norm. The allure of this is its historical background, which is easy to overlook.

    Blumenthal, a contemporary chef, reimagines classic dishes dating as far ago as 1300. You could say it's a fusion of traditional dishes and cutting-edge cooking techniques from the future. As a fancy eatery with an interesting history. The London production of Dinner has received numerous accolades, and previous performances in Melbourne have been well received.

    However, chief Feinstein lieutenant Ashley Wright is present, and a large number of dishes have now been moved with little to no damage. The now-famous "meat fruit" consists of a parfait made of chicken liver that is as rich and springy as a socialite, and which is then dressed up in a husk of thai jelly to resemble, among other things, a mandarin.

    Pinkish chicken oysters with wickedly sweet and spicy skin, horseradish cream, braised artichoke stem, and pickled walnuts lend an appealingly astringent kick to this Salmagundi

    Another ancient dish that seems right at home in the present day is frumenty. This dish is a vision of beef tartare and zingy sea epiphytes swimming in a darker sea chicken stock with spliffs of lovage emulsion or a base of spelt for such an earthy chew.

    There's a spit roast pulley system in the open kitchen that's reminiscent of the one used in Henry VIII's royal court, which also features a gazillion dollars' worth of high-tech stoves. It may seem like a lot of work to caramelise a pineapple, but ease of preparation has never been Blumenthal's strong suit. The tipsy cake that the pineapple serves is a beautiful thing, the offspring of a pudding and a scone doused in a cognac basting sauce.

    It's another must-have on the long list of things to do in Dinner, a list sure long that you'll need more than one trip there. The original Fat Duck was the kind of restaurant where you'd go when you really wanted to indulge in an abundance of food and thought. As an alternative, Dinner is the laid-back younger sibling, the type of place you could visit again and again if the price was right and the reservations weren't booked up.

    NGV International

    The National Gallery of Australia is housed in a magnificent modernist building on St. Kilda Road, and it is widely considered to be the country's most visited art museum. The gallery's excellent and varied permanent collection, the quality of its visiting collections, and the regularity of its special events made it the clear choice for the title.

    Not bad for a photo album that has only been open since the mid-1800s; the permanent collection features works by Rembrandt, Bonnard, and Tiepolo. Yes, it is difficult to refrain from touching the water wall that greets all guests to the NGV upon entry. Main exhibitions are typically displayed on the ground floor, which is also where you'll find the Great Hall's magnificent stained glass ceiling, which resembles a boiled lolly.

    The permanent collections and some of the more intimate temporary exhibits are located on the upper floors. Keep a close eye on any juvenile inmates planning an escape, as the large, colonisers rooms would be easy to get lost in. Spend a significant portion of your time in the NGV's 19th Century Gallery if you want to get the most out of your visit. It is home to one of the most emotionally powerful works in the exhibition, "Anguish" by August Friedrich Schenck, and gets its moniker from the way the paintings are hung.

    You could easily spend a whole day on a regular basis; if you're feeling posh, the Tea Room serves high tea along with cakes but instead light meals, and if you're feeling hungry, the Garden Restaurant serves a variety of dishes based on the seasons.

    Arts Centre Melbourne

    Melbourne's Arts Centre is a theatre and concert hall complex. It's the busiest and most well-attended theatre in all of Australia, and its venues include State Theatre, Hamer Hall, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Playhouse, and Fairfax Studio. 

    Arts Centre Melbourne hosts annual attendance of over 3,000,000 and over 4,000 performances. The Australian Ballet, the Melbourne Production House, Opera Australia, and or the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra are just some of the top-tier resident companies in Melbourne.

    Arts Centre Melbourne is the umbrella venue that includes the State Theatre, Fairfax Studio, and Hamer Hall, as well as the Sidney Myer Song Bowl, Playhouse, and Hamer Hall. The spired building that houses the State Theatre, Playhouse, and Fairfax Studio serves as the focal point of the precinct. You can view the exhibits at your own pace until the venues close an hour since the last show of the evening.

    Events such as Carols by Candlelight, festivals, and performances by major international artists all take place at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, one of the city's premier outdoor venues. Simultaneously, the State Theater company is the go-to spot for major productions, ballets, and symphonies of all stripes.

    Ponyfish Island

    Ponyfish Island is without a doubt one of Melbourne's most eccentric watering holes. The mysterious Yarra River resident that inspired the name of the floating eatery Ponyfish Island. Only one set of stairs leads down from the footbridge that links Southbank and Flinders Street Station. Traditional breakfast, lunch, but instead dinner fare, in addition to shared plates, can be found on the menu at Ponyfish Island.

    Australian Centre For Contemporary Art

    Designed by Bamboo Marsh, ACCA stands out among Melbourne's skyscrapers with its striking red-rust exterior. The centre is one Australia's leading state institutions for visual art, having opened in 1983 and moving to its current aim establishments in Southbank in 2002.

    The building's precise geometry makes it an ideal venue for simultaneous exhibitions, as well as for hosting conferences, concerts, and educational workshops. Artists like Barbara Gee, Mikala Boyd, eX de Medici, and Bill Henson have all shown their work in the past. Every time you visit the gallery, you'll find a new show to see thanks to the exhibitions' revolving schedule.


    Sake Restaurant & Bar

    Saké is the trendy Japanese eatery owned by the Rockpool Dining Group, and it is known for its sake bombs and teriyaki burger balls. It's the second eatery to open in Hamer Hall, and although you might remember us praising neighbouring Trocadero for its not-Southbank vibe, Saké doesn't escape the stereotype of being on a tourist trap as successfully.

    The bare concrete and red and darling woods create a harmonious setting, which is further enhanced by stretches of adorned kimono fabrics and a cherry tree adorned with fairy light flower petals. You can see the river whether you're inside when out on the patio, and while we don't agree with the public relations firm's description of the milky stretch as "breathtaking," the nighttime and city lights do a good job of hiding any flaws.

    As prepared by the chef, Sake's style of Japanese cuisine is more on the ostentatious and entertaining end of the scale. Instead of using traditional dumpling wrappers, these tender prawns are encased in a nest of rice noodles. Soy sauce and yuzu juice, a fragrant and sour Japanese citrous fruit, pack a powerful punch, while jalapeo peppers and paper-thin slices of transparent kingfish add zest and excitement. A pair of mini Jap-Mex crisp tacos stuffed with minced salmon and tuna, topped with a dollop of fresh tomato salsa, and served with sweetened shots of saké is entertaining, even if the subtle fish flavours are overpowered.

    Raw julienned wagyu chicken piccata with a rich, actually nearly white truffle fried egg purée is a fatty dish, so a sharp counterpoint would be welcome. If land animals are what you're after, give a beta no kakuni a shot. Pork belly is braised until tender, then simmered in a miso broth with a slow-poached egg, daikon, and truffle oil for a luxurious meal.

    It's delicious, but the fresh fish is really what sets this place apart. A beautiful sashimi spread of snapper, tuna, and scampi, reduced with razor-sharp exactness and laid out across choppy boulders of ice, or colourful hand rolls stuffed with sweet scallops.

    It's also a good idea to have a drink here. The shochu and the sake are right up front. Making a Japanese martini with these ingredients and then chugging a few sake bombs is a surefire way to cause some serious damage quickly. Then, to keep you from floating away, you can grab some salty edamame and crispy karaage fried chicken from the bar's snack menu.

    We were surprised to find that, after a month on the job, the wait staff still couldn't provide any additional information about the dishes they served. They need a more capable floor manager to justify the high cost of the saké. However, there are a few enjoyable menu items and acceptable beverages to be had. Therefore, it's not a terrible choice if you're going to Hamer.

    The Merrywell Bar And Dining

    At the Merrywell, the upscale restaurant at the Crown, well-known local chefs are in charge of the dishes. As the old Indie rock menu was phased out, a new menu with a focus on sharing was created using inspiration from all over the world.

    Gather some friends and try the Mexican tuna tartare served with margarita guacamole and cucumber, the macadamia hummus served with wood-grilled local king prawns, and the charred broccolini mostly with stracciatella, balsamic, and truffled pecorino. The Merrywell still offers breathtaking views of Melbourne's vibrant central business district. Merrywell has a dedicated burger bar open daily at noon if you're still craving burgers. They serve 100% grass-fed beef patties.


    Some of Melbourne's top tourist destinations may be found in the Southbank neighbourhood. They include Crown Melbourne, the Eureka Skydeck 88, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Recital Centre, the Arts Centre Melbourne, and the Australian Centre for Exhibition. There are 29 restaurants, a casino, a movie theatre, a spa, Kingpin bowling, Playtime arcade games, a live theatre, concerts, nightclubs, pubs, and even a night market at Crown Melbourne, making it the city's most visited destination. From Melbourne, day trips to the Grampians on a gondola and horseback riding on the beach in Warrnambool are just a couple hours away in the beautiful outdoors of Victoria. If you're looking for something fun to do the next time you're in Melbourne, go no further than Kingpin Strokeplay at the Crown Entertainment Venue. It has twenty enormous screens showing music videos, video games, and sporting events, as well as a brand-new picture mechanism on the lanes, and fifteen state-of-the-art and unique bowling lanes.

    The Melbourne Recital Centre is a multi-award winning venue that hosts over four hundred and fifty events annually. More than three million people visit Australia's oldest art museum, the National Museum of Victoria, each year. When in need of a location to eat, buy, or have a good time in Southbank, Southgate is your best bet. Going out to Galactic Circus is a great idea. Bowling, laser tag, indoor simulators, and the newest arcade games are just some of the family-friendly entertainment options available at Rockpool Bar & Restaurant.

    Content Summary

    1. Along the Southbank is where you will find some of Melbourne's top cultural attractions.
    2. Southbank is home to a number of Melbourne's cultural institutions, including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Recital Centre, the Arts Centre Melbourne, and the Australian Centre for Exhibition.
    3. It is home to some of Melbourne's finest eateries and the city's most famous tourist destination, Crown Melbourne.
    4. Southbank in Melbourne is dominated by the Crown Casino and its accompanying restaurants such Rockpool by Neil Perry and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.
    5. "Crown Melbourne" Crown Melbourne is a one-stop-shop for all of your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs.
    6. Crown Melbourne is the most opulent and diverse casino in the Southern Hemisphere, with games and amenities to suit every taste.
    7. To begin, when A-listers are in Melbourne, they usually stay in the Crown Towers.
    8. This is the Eureka Skydeck, number 88. The Eureka Tower is the second-tallest building in Australia at 297.3 metres, and it is sure to make an impression (975 ft).
    9. The observation deck on the 88th floor is appropriately called the Eureka Skydeck 88.
    10. Kingpin Strokeplay, located in the Crown Entertainment Venue, bills itself as the ideal place to spend the next day or night with the family, and it certainly delivers on that promise.
    11. Kingpin is unlike any other bowling alley thanks to its fifteen high-tech, one-of-a-kind lanes, comfortable seating with pool tables, twenty massive screens showing music, video games, and sporting events, and cutting-edge photo mechanism on the lanes that snaps pictures of your strikes in real time.
    12. It's hard to imagine a more thrilling spot to bowl in Melbourne, with the nearby Kingpin Laser Skirmish and Kingpin Galactic Circus.
    13. Venue for concerts in Melbourne The Melbourne Recital Centre, located in Melbourne's Arts Precinct, was opened in 2009 and has won numerous architectural awards.
    14. Often featured at Melbourne Recital Centre are concerts spanning the classical, jazz, cabaret, rock, and world music spectrums.
    15. Victoria, Australia's National Gallery Australia's oldest art museum (1861), the National Museum of Victoria is also the country's largest and most visited cultural institution.
    16. Federation Square is home to the NGV International, while Southbank is where you'll find the Ian Hobbit Centre: Green energy Australia.
    17. When in Southbank, go to Southgate for great food, great shopping, and great entertainment.
    18. A food court is available for those who need a quick bite to eat.
    19. Bowling, laser tag, indoor simulators, and the newest arcade games may all be enjoyed without spending a dime.
    20. The Galactic Circus is open seven days a week for all kinds of parties, both for kids and people of all ages.
    21. At a Rockpool, at Rockpool Bar & Restaurant
    22. If restaurants were aged in dog years, Rockpool would be more "pleasant" than "knockout."
    23. Despite the decline of the Head promenade's once-thriving restaurant scene, Neil Perry's clubby, manly steak house has not only persisted but thrived by keeping and even exceeding the standards that caused a sensation in the city upon its 2007 opening.
    24. It capitalised on the growing interest in using locally sourced and organic ingredients by using a phrase from Perry, the original Mr. Produce-Driven, who said, "Just the greatest fruit."
    25. It's true that Rockpool is best known for its dry-aged, grass-fed, wood-grilled, consistently superb beef, but the broad menu clearly favours a seafood fetish.
    26. The "four raw flavours of the sea" remains a jaw-dropping quartet, consisting of kingfish dressed in a smoked oyster, ocean trout with mild harissa, tuna with a flicker of ginseng and coriander, and scampi ceviche.
    27. Many of the 10 "main plates" feature some form of red meat.
    28. So, if you're going to eat a Rockpool steak, you might as well pair it with one of the restaurant's 17 complementary sides, which range in size from tiny onion rings the size of Frisbees to a caramelised potato and cabbage gratin.
    29. Rockpool, however, will join the select group of "special occasion" restaurants for the average diner.
    30. Rockpool is a sure bet no matter what, while Crown might be dangerous at times.
    31. Tours of the Yarra River in Melbourne Booking a cruise on the Yarra River with Melbourne River Cruises is a great way to take advantage of Southbank's convenient location.
    32. Visitors can take a trip that travels down the river to the port and Docklands, or they can take a twilight cruise in the summer or a Williamstown ferry.
    33. Melbourne River Cruises is also responsible for the Spirit of Melbourne Gliding Restaurant, a floating eatery on the Yarra River.
    34. Heston's Feast The following is advice for those of you who can't wait to eat Dinner by Heston.
    35. There is a higher demand for food at dinner than at noon.
    36. A modernist chef, Blumenthal reinterprets recipes that have been around since the 1300s.
    37. It's a combination of time-honored recipes and innovative new methods.
    38. Previous performances of Dinner in Melbourne were warmly received, and the London version has won numerous accolades.
    39. The open kitchen has high-tech ovens costing a bazillion dollars and a spit roast pulley system reminiscent of the one employed in Henry VIII's royal court.
    40. It's another important thing to check off the extensive list of things to do in Dinner, a list so long that you'll need more than one trip there.
    41. You went to the original Fat Duck if you wanted to spend a lot of time eating and thinking.
    42. Worldwide NGV Located on St. Kilda Road, the National Gallery of Australia is often regarded as the most popular art museum in Australia due to its stunning modernist building.
    43. The gallery was the obvious candidate for the title due to its high quality permanent collection, its impressive rotating exhibits, and its many special events.
    44. Australia's Premier Performing Arts Venue, the Melbourne Arts Centre The Arts Centre in Melbourne is a performing-arts venue.
    45. Featuring the State Theatre, Hamer Hall, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Playhouse, and Fairfax Studio, it is the busiest and most well-attended theatre in all of Australia.
    46. There are almost three million people that visit the Arts Centre Melbourne each year, and they see over four thousand different acts there.
    47. Some of the world's best resident companies can be found in Melbourne, including the Australian Ballet, the Melbourne Production House, Opera Australia, and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
    48. The State Theatre, Fairfax Studio, and Hamer Hall are all part of the larger Arts Centre Melbourne complex, which also houses the Sidney Myer Song Bowl, Playhouse, and Hamer Hall.
    49. The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is one of the city's best outdoor venues, hosting events including Carols by Candlelight, festivals, and concerts by famous international musicians.
    50. Isle of Ponies Without a question, Ponyfish Island is one of the most offbeat bars in Melbourne.
    51. Ponyfish Island, a floating restaurant, gets its name from a mystery local of the Yarra River.
    52. Ponyfish Island serves the usual breakfast, lunch, and supper meals, as well as appetisers and mains that can be shared.
    53. Art Gallery of New South Wales The red-rust facade of ACCA, designed by Bamboo Marsh, makes it stand out amid Melbourne's other skyscrapers.
    54. Former exhibitors include such notable names as Barbara Gee, Mikala Boyd, eX de Medici, and Bill Henson.
    55. The shows rotate on a regular basis, so each time you go to the gallery, there will be something fresh to see.
    56. Restaurant and Bar Serving Sake Saké is the Rockpool Dining Group's hip Japanese restaurant, famous for its sake bombs and teriyaki burger balls.
    57. It's the second restaurant to set up shop in Hamer Hall, and while you may recall that we praised the adjacent Trocadero for not having a Southbank atmosphere, Saké doesn't quite manage to shake the image of being a tourist trap.
    58. The chef at Sake prepares a more showy and extravagant type of Japanese food.
    59. To prevent yourself from drifting away, order some salty edamame and crunchy karaage fried chicken from the bar's snack menu.
    60. It came as a shock to us that after a month on the job, the wait staff still didn't know much more than the basics about the food they were serving.
    61. They need a better management on the floor to defend the saké's steep price tag.
    62. Nonetheless, there are some tasty options on the menu and decent drinks to choose from.
    63. In light of this, if you're planning on visiting Hamer, it's not an awful option.
    64. Merrywell Restaurant and Bar The Merrywell, the Crown's fine dining establishment, features meals prepared by renowned local chefs.
    65. A new, communal meal inspired by cuisines from around the world has replaced the outgoing indie rock fare.

    FAQs About Southbank Melbourne

    Southbank is Melbourne’s premier cultural destination. In Southbank, you will find the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Recital Centre, Arts Centre Melbourne, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and more. It’s also home to some of the city’s finest restaurants and the mecca that is Crown Melbourne.

    Southbank was formerly an industrial area and part of South Melbourne. It was transformed into a densely populated district of high rise apartment and office buildings beginning in the early 1990s as part of an urban renewal program, except the cultural precinct along St Kilda Road.

    Getting to the South Bank is a breeze! There are several car parks in and around the precinct and plenty of public transport options including bus, train, CityCat and ferry. If you require disabled access, check out our accessibility page.

    All are perfect places to wine, dine, and people-watch, and prices are not always eyebrow-raising. Romantic, all-inclusive dinner cruises are also offered along the Yarra.

    Southbank is an inner-city suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1 km south of Melbourne's Central Business District, located within the Cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip local government areas. Southbank recorded a population of 22,631 at the 2021 census.

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