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What Are The Things To Do On A Melbourne Day Trip?

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    Melbourne is a fantastic metropolis, but every once in a while it's wonderful to escape the city for a picnic and some tunes. If you can bear to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne's CBD, these popular excursions will repay you with stunning landscapes, fascinating experiences, and a wealth of animals.

    After seven months in Australia's cultural capital, one of our favourite weekend excursions was a drive to one of the numerous surrounding attractions. We've compiled a list of the top 16 day trips you can do from Melbourne.

    Like nowadays trips from Melbourne are sure to please, whether you're interested in exploring the Pacific Coast Highway, going hiking in the picturesque Grampians Wildlife Reserve, sipping wine in the scenic Yarra Valley, or seeing penguins on Phillip Island. This is Phillip Island. There's a Melbourne day excursion for every kind of traveller and every kind of budget, from students on a shoestring to honeymooners in Australia to families looking for a fun day out.

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    Day Tour In Melbourne

    A day excursion from Melbourne is the perfect option to get away from the city for the day. No matter if you're in the mood for a scenic drive, a tour of some local vineyards, or a trip to the a national park, British Columbia has a friendly community for you. A day excursion is just what the doctor ordered, so get out and appreciate Melbourne's beautiful scenery.


    Do they day-dream of going to Mentioning as well as the Goldfields in search of relics? Tyabb, located at the end of the Peninsula and only 69 miles from the heart of the city, is where you should really be. Mornington-Tyabb Road is lined with pricey vintage and antique businesses, the biggest of which is the Tyabb Packing House. In addition to the great nursery, the adjoining Olivers Creek Scrubland Reserve features hiking trails with QR-code access to informative trailside kiosks.

    Were you hoping to travel to Bendigo, 153 kilometres (km) to the north-west from Melbourne, to experience some of the city's historic charm? As it is only 31 kilometres from the CBD, Werribee is a viable alternative. Visit the Open Range Zoo in the industrial area, and then head to the Brisbane Park Mansion, erected in 1877. In addition to the coastal walks, the B-24 Bomber Memorial and Werribee River Park are also well worth a visit for their stunning vistas of the surrounding red escarpments, wildlife, and farms. If you're looking for a superb pub lunch inside the middle of town, look no further than the recently restored Bridge Hotel, which is owned by the same people behind the equally excellent Mt. Erica in Across as well as the Marquis of Argyll in Fitzroy.

    The hilly area known for its gorgeous forests and opportunities for mountain biking? Located in the Yarra Extended Range National Park, just 130 km from Melbourne, Noojee is a great place to visit. The tall leaf ferns and lush undergrowth of the native forest will completely surround you. Toorongo Falls is a popular swimming spot, and nearby attractions include the Ada Tree, the oldest and largest living tree in Victoria, and the Noojee Trestle Bridge. In and around Mt. Baw Bho is a trail system that is a mountain biker's dream.

    Bellarine Peninsula

    Even though Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula are well-known for their wine, have tourists discovered that they are constantly at capacity? The Bellarine but rather Surf Coast is home to about 20 wineries, many of which are tiny growers noted for producing high-quality shiraz, cabernet, pinot noir, or other, lesser-known types.

    You can stop by some friendly vineyards, and some of them even have stunning ocean views. The wonderful Barrel Hall restaurant is located on Mount Duneed, which is also the venue of the annual day of the Green and numerous other performances. Mount Duneed is located around 100 miles from the core business district.

    Great Ocean Road

    All along Great Ocean Road, the distance from Torquay and Warrnambool is 244 kilometres. Approximately 1.9 miles (or 2.05 kilometres) from Melbourne's city centre, the Memorial Arch marks the beginning of the Beachside Road.

    For those with limited time here on Great Ocean Road, it really is suggested that visitors proceed as far south as Port Campbell before turning around it and returning via the inland route. In spite of their popularity, the Great Ocean Road's most notable sights are still no more than a five-minute drive apart.

    One of the most popular day trips from Melbourne is along the Great Ocean Road, and we'll be starting with that. From the "wild life capital of Australia," Kennett River, to Warrnambool, 244 km far, you'll pass through a series of lovely coastal villages, such as Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Beach, to Port Campbell, and be treated to spectacular vistas of the mountainous coastline and its plentiful wildlife.

    When we first went the Great Ocean Road, we took a day excursion from Melbourne, seeing Bell's Beach in Torquay, the Memorial Bridge, the Acts Of the apostles, plus Loch Ard Gorge if time allowed. If you only have one day to explore Crystal Clear Waters Road, we've laid out the ideal method to do it, and if you have two days, we've included almost twenty stops along the way. In addition to a detailed map of all of the sights, you will also find suggestions again for best free campgrounds and eateries.

    If you're a camping enthusiast and want to make the most of your road trip around Australia, camping along the Ocean Road is a must-do. At Brandywine River, we saw a koala from roof of our campervan and parked only 5 min from 12 apostles, so we were among the first people there every morning. You may take your time travelling the full length of Great Ocean Road, from the coast to the inland Perfectly Clear Waters Road waterfalls, because there are so many free campsites along the way.


    With good cause, Daylesford is known as a peaceful haven. Due to its proximity to 80 percent of Australia's mineral springs, the town of Daylesford is a popular destination for spa treatments and the cultivation of high-end delicacies. Weekenders from Melbourne go to the area in droves, and it's easy to see why once you're there for yourself.

    The Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa is largely regarded as the greatest in the area, so it's where you should go if you're looking to relax. There are two areas to unwind and get some soaking in: the main bathhouse and the Sanctuary. The main bathhouse features two individual heated, chlorinated pools.

    You can relax in the magnesium salt bath indoors or under the morning rainfall shower in one of three temperature settings at the spa's outdoor deck area, which looks out over the scenic Sherman antitrust act Mineral Springs Reserve. You can increase the prickling sensation of the hot tub by alternating with the chilly plunge pool on the terrace.

    This Convent Gallery is a great spot to visit when you're in the mood, as it features artwork from many different periods and schools of art. The grand Victorian mansion was built as a private home in the late nineteenth century, but it has since functioned as a convent and a boarding school. The museum on the first floor provides a fascinating tale about the building's history, while the gallery on the second floor showcases the work of a rotating collection of modern artists. The story doesn't finish here, either. The Convent Gallery is home to numerous retail outlets, a bar, grounds (2.5 ha), and a church (which is still used for weddings).

    Pick up few picnic supplies from one of the gourmet stores on the main thoroughfare for an easy way to relax. Take in the stunning views at Lake Daylesford. The area around the lake is particularly nice for picnics, but there are numerous other options as well. Try to keep an eye out for any birds that could fly by.

    We take it you want something sweet. Each week, the staff at the Caramel Mill hand-makes more than 12,000 reasonable Belgian chocolates. Chocolate-themed goods ranging from bark and truffles to a savoury hot chocolate mix are on hand. Afterward, have some delicious ice chocolate, coffee, or cake in the Hot Chocolate Café.

    The hot chocolates are delicious, but if you'd like to try something truly unique, you should have a vanilla picture, which is essentially simply a shot of ganache in a tiny cup. On the weekend, we also provide toasted sandwich and other light snacks.

    Phillip Island

    guide to phillip island

    Phillip Island has traditionally remained one of Melbourne's most popular weekend getaway spots due to its abundance of wildlife, including numerous colonies of tiny penguins, seals, and Hemsworths. The island is home to the most stunning Grand Prix Circuit in the world, the Superbike World Championship, delicious gastronomy, and close encounters with some of Australia's most well-known native species. There is a must-see Little Penguin Festival on Phillip Island.

    Every night at sunset, the small birds make a spectacular return to their burrows inside the salt flats after a day of fishing. Every night, more than a thousand young penguins waddle ashore to their burrow, and they appear to not care the hundreds of viewers. The Multi cookers + area is great for individuals who want to get up up and personal with the penguins and sound the put of their tiny wings here on damp sand, since you can reach within such a metre of them. You can still catch a glimpse of penguins, though, if you pay to enter the main observation and keep your ears open for our furred friends as you continue your journey away along boardwalk towards the visitor centre.

    A great number of them will be waddling close to the trail you're on, and if you're fortunate, you can watch as parents reunite with their offspring after a day's fishing.

    There are more than penguins on Phillip Island. One of Australia's best recognisable creatures can be seen on the island's Tiger Conservation Area. Walking pathways allow you to explore the six square kilometres of native bushland at your own time. You may get a rise and intimate look at these cute animals as and over a dozen koalas live only a few metres of a boardwalks. Keepers likely bring eucalyptus leaves every day, so there's a likelihood they'll be eating and being active.

    You can enjoy more up-close experiences with the island's inhabitants by exploring the island while participating in Ocean Adventures' snorkelling or scuba diving activities. Phillip Island's underwater kelp forests attracts countless different fish species, making snorkelling and scuba diving excellent methods to explore the island's hidden coves and diverse aquatic worlds. If you're a snorkeler who wants to cover additional ground rapidly, Ocean Adventures offers Yamaha Sea Scooter rentals. Water-based activities range from relaxing on a lounge chair by the pool to thrilling rides on the Thundercat water roller coaster. The high-speed boat ride by Phillip Island's abundant seals will also include passage by some magnificent sea caves and rocks.

    A Wildlife Coastal Cruise is the best option for seeing a huge population of seals. Seal Rocks, which are about two kilometres from the coast, are aptly named. Two hours are required to make the trip to and from the rocks. Hundreds more seals will congregate there, taking advantage of the warm weather to sunbake on the boulders and swim and play in the water nearby, all the while barking at one another. The tours depart from Cowes Jetty.

    Wallabies, Cape Barren geese, and bandicoots are common sights on any of Phillip Island's various pathways. The best value in terms of easy reach is found in The Nobbies, a beachfront bushland stretch with 500m and waterfront to an explosive blowhole.

    The Nobbies location, found near the island's very tip, offers breathtaking ocean vistas. Even though it's summer, it's still important to dress warmly. In this part of the island, you will experience the highest wind speeds and lowest temperatures. To really live it up, the firm will also transport you on the a wine tour and luncheon in nearby Inverloch.

    Lorne, A Seaside Town

    Although Lorne is merely a rest station along Great Ocean Road, we had such a good time there and that we strongly advise spending at least a full day there. Lorne is the perfect day vacation destination because it is only two hours away from Melbourne. Beautiful waterfalls, hiking routes, and hotels may all be found in and around this coastal town.

    Teddy's Prowl is a famous attraction in Lorne due to the breathtaking views it provides of Great Ocean Road. The first time we saw a bear in the woods was in Lorne, and it was an experience we will never forget. Erskine Falls are also a must-see; at 30 metres high, they are an impressive sight, and the best thing is that the viewing platforms are conveniently positioned just a few moments from the car park.

    The Bottle of Milk is indeed a hole-in-the-wall hipster refuge in Lorne that serves great steaks, ice cold beer, and barista drinks, making it an important stop on any day excursion from Melbourne. Stop by Lorne Visitor Centre on your way back to the hotel to view the Great Ocean Highway narrative, a free and informative exhibit about the road's history.

    Many day trips from Melbourne that travel the Great Ocean Road stop for lunch at Lorne, although you won't have so much time to stroll around australia town. The town of Lorne is accessible via bus, and once there, you're free to explore on your own. Southern Cross Station in Geelong connects passengers with the 101 bus, which travels to the Lorne Visitor Centre. Erskine Falls is a 15-minute drive from of the Lorne Visitors Center, or a 30-minute climb to Teddy's overlook and hitching. We grabbed a ride back with several fellow tourists after viewing Erskine Waterfall, one of the most famous waterfalls along the Maritime Services Road.

    Kyneton And Castlemaine

    One of the most common things that people have to say about coastal locations is how lovely the scenery and the seascapes are. However, your next weekend excursion in central Victoria should be spent in either Castlemaine, a cultural centre, or Kyneton, a culinary centre. In recent years, Castlemaine and its environs have gained a reputation as a centre for the arts scene. In contrast, Castlemaine's cultural events and other attractions make the drive north well worth it.

    Do you know how to party? Don't worry, we won't make any cheese jokes because the people who run Castlemaine's Cheese School are serious about their craft. In order to open what they call Australia's first "University of cheese," seasoned French cheesemakers Ivan and Julie Larcher uprooted their lives and moved to Castlemaine from the countryside. The school's curriculum is focused on teaching cheesemakers and cheesemongers the traditional French techniques necessary to produce and sell the highest quality artisan cheeses in the Australian market.

    Most of the students are working professionals, but the school also offers one- and two-day college classes for the general public on cheesemaking at home and cheese enjoyment. Do you have a deep appreciation for cheese but are pleased to have it prepared for you by a professional kitchen? All of Archers' milk products (like yoghurt, butter, milk, and crème frâiche) are made right there in the shop, and they sell a broad variety of their handcrafted cheeses and other dairy products at Long Pasture Cheese, a commercial cheesemonger affiliated with the Cheese School. The façade is a private part of the Mill Posting, furnished with reclaimed wood with red gum sleepers and including a temperature-controlled cheese room behind glass.

    Both may be found inside the Mill, an 1875 woollen mill that was renovated in 2014 by the a sustainable sheep farmer and a family doctor into a bustling hub for food and craft production. The Vintage Bazaar is a massive flea market that sells unique items seven days a week. Kids can have fun in the artist studios or at the ping pong or foosball table in the Frozen Yogurt Social while their parents browse. It is also the entrance of the Boomtown Vintners Co-op and the location of the Taproom, a refuge for craft beer. When you want artisan baked goodies that look as wonderful as they taste, head to Caboose & Five Chocolates.

    In August of 2017, a mysterious donor stepped forwards to save the Clean and well - maintained Art Museum from being forced to close its doors. The contribution helped cover for museum's operational costs and allowed them to remove the $10 admission fee that had been in place when the museum opened in 1913. This Art Deco building is home to a number of permanent collections, including works by Russell Drysdale, John Brack, or Arthur Streeton. It has also hosted a number of travelling exhibitions, including "Ben Quilty After Afghanistan" as well as "Ginger Hayden Munduwalawala: The Boss of Color," the latter of which highlighted the work of Indigenous singer-songwriter Ginger Riley Munduwalawala. The museum below has many relevant artefacts, including some from the era of the gold rush and others that detail the arrival of the initial Chinese settlers to Australia.

    Do you feel like trying your hand at crafting something, perhaps in the style of the regional artisans? The Old Auction House, right in the middle of Kyneton, is where a wide variety of art lessons are held. Classes in a wide array of artistic activities, such as painting, marbling, accessory making, and glass fusing, are available to students of varied experience levels and interests.

    The basic techniques of glass fusing will be demonstrated as you decorate a plexiglass vase/platter and three triangle bases/coasters. It's like looking like gold in a heap of coloured glass to find the exact shades and shapes you need for your masterpiece. The employees at the Online Auctions will fire their items in the kiln, so there's no need for you to worry over getting burned.

    Mark Anstey, a local furniture maker, set up Lot 19 on the outside of Posting as a group of artists' studios that anyone is welcome to visit. Artists, artists, mosaicists, painters, instrument builders, potters, and authors all call this place home. In addition to displaying modern works of art, this gallery also serves as a printmaking and ceramics studio for local artists. Insane yearly karaoke event Castlemaine Idyll is held on a repurposed truck bed stage. Many Castle fans come out onstage to jam with the group's impressive ensemble. Mama's Kitchen uses produce from the fantastic initiative Growing Abundance.

    Mornington Peninsula

    Weekenders from Melbourne have a lot of history visiting Mornington Peninsula, and with good cause. The Mornington Peninsula is the ideal destination for a quick weekend trip. Therefore, whether you're visiting for a week of relaxing, a family holiday, or perhaps an outdoor adventure, having access to your own vehicle is essential to seeing all the area has to offer.

    The neighbourhood is filled with luxury accommodations, spas, cafes, wineries, and recreational opportunities. It's only an hour from Melbourne, but it feels like you've entered a different nation.

    Peninsula Hot Springs is the perfect place to spend the day relaxing in the hot pools and being pampered by the spa staff. Enjoy a Kodo massage along with your travel partner; this is a special couples' treatment that incorporates traditional Aboriginal methods and a range of scented oils from the area. Cryotherapy can be done in the ice cave, and there are hot and very hot pools as well. A sauna or steam room is a terrific place to help your body sweat off toxins. The upstairs café is the place to go if you're in the mood for something nutritious and light.

    Take a stroll along the outskirts of town at Starlit Safe haven whenever you need some quiet time. Visitors to a Sanctuary can interact with a variety of creatures during the day, including kangaroos, dingoes, and birds. Visitors can take an guided beacon trip through the Sanctuary and also get up-close and personal with such a variety more nocturnal animals such owls, marsupials, bettongs, patience, and bettong gliders after dark, when the park is at its most active.

    Golfers will flock to Moonah Links because it is a 36-hole, posh course with a spa and a restaurant. To the extent that the weather permits, heading for the beach is a fantastic option. Port Phillip is home to some of Australia's most beautiful beaches, including Dromana Bay, Mornington, Rye, and Mornington. These beaches are ideal for young children's families or for windsurfing, as they are reasonably flat and safe.

    The highest point on the peninsula is Arthurs Seat (314 m), from which you can overlook the buildings of Melbourne. Arthurs Seats State Park features a variety of hikes for visitors of varied fitness levels, in addition to the Animal chairlift, which can be taken both down and up the volcano for breathtaking views.

    Horticulturists will be blown away by Ashcombe Maze & Floral Gardens, which spans 10 hectares of manicured gardens and woods. Three different mazes—the Cypress Hedges Maze, the Circle Rose Maze, and the Lavender Labyrinth—will test your sense of direction.

    Yarra Valley

    It's hard to believe that a wine area of international reputation is only a hour drive away from Melbourne's downtown. There's a good reason this is considered one of the world's best wine regions: hundreds of wineries host weekly tastings of their cool-climate precious gems like chardonnay, noir, and other, more unusual types.

    If you're an early riser, Global Ballooning may arrange a sunrise flight over the valley. Then, you won't regret getting up so early as you enjoy the view from above the lush vineyards and gentle hills as you fantasise about wine breakfast that awaits you upon your return.

    Do you currently consider yourself an artist? The Make meaningful contributions Art Museum, showcasing the best of Australian art from the 20th century, is located on the TarraWarra Estate. Also, the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, so there's always something new and exciting to view. The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, and possibly the Yarra Valley Ice Creamery, should not be missed. Modern-day Analogue to Willy

    All sorts of colours and tastes can be found in Willy Wonka's candy shop. While you're in the store, why not treat yourself to some chocolate drops? They have both milk and dark varieties available. Be sure to bring a cooler with you to Healesville Village so you can stock up on local specialities from Kitchen and or Butcher and the other businesses and cafes there. The Healesville Sanctuary is a great spot to visit because of the local wildlife that are protected there.

    A trip to Healesville Sanctuary would not be complete without watching the Spirits of a Sky programme. This spectacular demonstration of the power and beauty of Britain's native hawks and parrots is included in the cost of admission.

    The Ranges Of Dandenong

    Traveling to a Dandenong Ranges to take a ride on the Steam - powered Billy Train was one of our favourite day excursions from Melbourne. Despite this fact that many individuals would much rather go hiking in the Dandenongs, we found that the greatest way to see them was via the world's oldest operational steam train.

    Pass through lush fern valleys and a thick jungle canopy on your way from Belgrave to Gembrook. There are a number of murder mystery dinners and afternoon teas available on board. A 10-minute drive will take you to Miss Marple's Tea House from Belgrave's Steam - powered Billy Station, where you'll find a real treat. Spending your afternoon here will remind you of visiting Grandma with the cloth tablecloths and flowered teacups, perfect if you're someone like us and have travelling Australia for some time and are longing some home-cooked scone or a nice cup of tea.

    In keeping with its moniker, Sky High is a gourmet restaurant perched atop the highest point of Mt. Dandenong, providing diners with stunning panoramas of the nearby region. In order to walk off those scones, you may go on a hike in one of the many surrounding parks or trails, such as the Sherwood Forest, where you might see scarlet rosellas & cockatoos, or the Quebec Falls Walk, where you can see a waterfall.

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    Visit Phillip Island To See Koalas And Penguins.

    Phillip Island is a popular day excursion from Melbourne due to the abundance of native animals, including koalas, penguins, and seals, as well as the region's beautiful natural scenery.

    A popular activity on Phillip Island is watching the pandas arrive on the beach each evening at sunset.

    Since this is an entirely natural event, the amount young penguins you see can vary depending on factors like the time of year and the temperature outside. The specifically created chairs and observation platforms make it possible to observe this natural phenomena with minimal impact on the penguins.

    The Koala National Environmental Centre was a high point of our day journey from Melbourne to Phillip Island. We recognise the importance of the conservation center's work, however we do not recommend visiting zoos.

    Kodiaks have free reign to roam from tree stump to gum tree, much as they would there in wild. The only real difference is that guests can now view the koalas from the comfort of raised boardwalks. Visitors can learn considerably more about these remarkable mammals on the ranger-led "Koala Eco-Explorer Tour."

    We had a wonderful time exploring the displays, which provided further information on the native flora and fauna, and seeing lots of wallabies, echidnas, and possums. Visit the free Nobbies Center or take a stroll down the beautiful promenade at Smiths Beach to round out your day. Many other kinds of birds, including seabirds and maybe even tiny penguins, will be relaxing in the area, extending the wildlife-viewing possibilities.

    The greatest fur seal colony in Australia is located just across Bering Strait at a location called Seal Rocks. Many day trips from Melbourne include a wildlife cruise to Phillip Island so that tourists may get close and personal with planet's seals, penguins, or koalas.


    Day trips from Melbourne are a fantastic chance to see the surrounding area, learn about the history of the area, and get up close and personal with a wide variety of animals and plants. The Pacific Coast Highway, the Grampians Nature Reserve, the picturesque Yarra Valley, and Phillip Island, home to penguins, are just a few of the top destinations on our list of the top 16 day excursions from Melbourne. Tyabb is at the tip of the Peninsula and only 69 miles from the centre of the city; it is home to the Tyabb Packing House and the Olivers Creek Scrubland Reserve, as well as upscale vintage and antique shops. The Open Range Zoo in Werribee's industrial district and the 1877-built Brisbane Park Mansion make it a good option. If you want to see breathtaking views of the red escarpments, wildlife, and farmland in the area, you should go to the B-24 Bomber Monument and Werribee River Park.

    The steep landscape of Noojee is well-loved for its scenic forests and mountain riding trails. Twenty wineries call the Bellarine Peninsula home, and many of them are boutique operations famed for their exceptional shiraz, cabernet, pinot noir, and other varieties. The Great Ocean Road stretches for 244 kilometres between Torquay and Warrnambool, with Beachside Drive starting at the Memorial Arch. It is recommended that tourists drive as far south as Port Campbell before turning around and heading back up the inland path. From Kennett River to Warrnambool, along the Great Ocean Road's 244 kilometres, you'll see breathtaking scenery of the hilly coast and its many animals.

    Content Summary

    1. While it's true that Melbourne is an amazing city, sometimes it's nice to go away from it all for a picnic and some tunes.
    2. These well-loved day trips from Melbourne's central business district will reward you with beautiful scenery, interesting activities, and a plethora of animals if you can stomach to spend a day away from the city.
    3. After living in Australia's cultural capital for seven months, we found that day trips to nearby sights were among of our favourite ways to spend the weekend.
    4. There are many exciting day activities you can take from Melbourne, such as driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, hiking in the beautiful Grampians Nature Reserve, tasting wine in the stunning Yarra Valley, or visiting the penguins on Phillip Island.
    5. Students on a tight budget, newlyweds in Australia, and families seeking for a fun day out may all find the perfect day trip in Melbourne.
    6. Melbourne Day Trip The best way to spend a day away from Melbourne is on a day trip.
    7. Friendly communities may be found throughout British Columbia, whether you're in the mood for a beautiful drive, a tour of local vineyards, or a visit to a national park.
    8. A day trip is exactly what the doctor prescribed, so go out and take in the sights of Melbourne.
    9. You should be in Tyabb, which is at the tip of the Peninsula and only 69 kilometres from the downtown area.
    10. The Tyabb Packing House is the largest in a string of expensive vintage and antique stores that line Mornington-Tyabb Road.
    11. Hiking routes with QR-code access to instructive trailside kiosks may be found in the adjacent Olivers Creek Scrubland Reserve, which also contains a fantastic nursery.
    12. Beautiful views of the red escarpments, wildlife, and farms may be seen from the B-24 Bomber Monument and Werribee River Park, which are well worth a visit in addition to the coastal walks.
    13. The freshly renovated Bridge Hotel, run by the same owners as the very outstanding Mt. Erica in Collingwood and the Marquis of Argyll in Fitzroy, is your best bet for a fantastic pub lunch in the heart of the city.
    14. Noojee is a beautiful destination within the Yarra Extended Range National Park, only 130 km from Melbourne.
    15. All around you will be the tall leaf ferns and dense undergrowth of the native forest.
    16. Swimming at Toorongo Falls is a popular activity, and other local attractions include the Ada Tree, Victoria's oldest and largest living tree, and the Noojee Trestle Bridge.
    17. All around Mt. Baw Bho is a network of trails that are perfect for mountain biking.
    18. The Peninsula of Bellarine Has word gotten out amongst visitors that despite Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula's famed wineries, they are always full?
    19. Over twenty wineries, many of them small producers known for producing high-quality shiraz, cabernet, pinot noir, or other, lesser-known varietals, call the Bellarine, or more accurately the Surf Coast, home.
    20. You can visit some pleasant wineries, some of which offer breathtaking seaside vistas.
    21. On Mount Duneed, home to the fantastic Barrel Hall restaurant and various other performances (including the annual day of the Green), you'll find the site of the annual day of the Green.
    22. The nearest major city to Mount Duneed is about 100 miles away.
    23. "Great Ocean Road" Torquay and Warrnambool are located 244 kilometres apart along the Great Ocean Road.
    24. Beginning at the Memorial Arch, Beachside Road extends outside from the heart of Melbourne for a distance of around 1.2 miles (2.05 kilometres).
    25. If you just have a day to spend on Great Ocean Road, I recommend going as far south as Port Campbell and then taking the inland route back.
    26. As you travel the 244 kilometres from Kennett River, the "wildlife capital of Australia," to Warrnambool, you'll stop in several picturesque coastal towns along the way, from Torquay and Lorne to Apollo Beach and Port Campbell, and take in breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and its abundant wildlife.
    27. We took a day trip from Melbourne to explore the Great Ocean Road, stopping at Bell's Beach in Torquay, the Memorial Bridge, the Acts of the Apostles, and, if we had extra time, Loch Ard Gorge.
    28. We've mapped out the best way to spend a day on Crystal Clear Waters Drive, and if you have two days, we've included nearly twenty stops for you to enjoy.
    29. There is a comprehensive map of all the attractions, as well as recommendations for the best free campsites and restaurants.
    30. Camping along the Ocean Road is a must for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to make the most of their Australian road trip.
    31. We were among the first visitors each morning at Brandywine River, where we saw a koala from the top of our campervan and parked barely five minutes from the 12 apostles.
    32. Due to the abundance of free camping spots, you can take your time making the journey along Great Ocean Road, from the ocean to the inland Absolutely Pure Waters Road waterfalls.
    33. Daylesford Daylesford's reputation as a tranquil refuge is well deserved.
    34. The town of Daylesford is a famous location for spa treatments and the production of high-end delicacies since it is located near eighty percent of Australia's mineral springs.
    35. It's simple to see why the neighbourhood is so popular with Melbourne residents on the weekends.
    36. If you're seeking for a place to unwind, the best recommendation is the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa.
    37. You can unwind and take a long, hot bath in either the main bathhouse or the Sanctuary.
    38. There are two separate heated, chlorinated pools in the main bathhouse.
    39. The spa's interior magnesium salt bath and outdoor deck area, with views of the Sherman Antitrust Act Mineral Springs Reserve, both have rainfall showers with three temperature settings.
    40. Visit the Convent Gallery whenever the mood strikes you, as it houses works by artists from a wide variety of historical periods and artistic movements.
    41. The stately Victorian mansion served as both a boarding school and a convent after its original construction in the late nineteenth century.
    42. The first floor museum tells an interesting story of the building's history, and the second level gallery features the work of many contemporary painters.
    43. You may find a wide variety of shops, a bar, 2.5 hectares of grounds, and a chapel at the Convent Gallery (which is still used for weddings).
    44. A simple approach to unwind is to stop by one of the gourmet shops along the main drag and stock up on some picnic materials.
    45. Even while the area around the lake is ideal for such events, picnickers are not limited to it.
    46. The Caramel Mill's workforce hand-makes over 12,000 affordable Belgian chocolates every week.
    47. Products centred around chocolate, from sweets like bark and truffles to savoury options like hot chocolate mix, are available.
    48. You can then cool off with an ice chocolate, coffee, or cake at the Hot Chocolate Café.
    49. Delicious as the hot chocolates may be, if you want to try something genuinely out of the ordinary, get a vanilla picture, which is effectively just a shot of ganache in a tiny cup.
    50. We also have toasted sandwiches and other snacks available on the weekends.
    51. Phillip Island has always been a favourite weekend destination for Melburnians, and with good reason; the island is home to several colonies of animals, including Hemsworths, seals, and little penguins.
    52. The island hosts the world's most beautiful Grand Prix circuit as well as the Superbike World Championship, is recognised for its delectable cuisine, and provides visitors with the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Australia's most well-known natural species.
    53. When the sun goes down each day, the little birds make a dramatic return to their burrows deep within the salt flats, where they spend the night after a day of fishing.
    54. More than a thousand baby penguins waddle ashore every night to go to sleep, and they don't seem to mind the hundreds of onlookers.
    55. Because you can go within a metre of the penguins in the Multi cookers + area, it's a perfect spot for those who want to get a close look at these birds and hear the swishing of their tiny wings on the wet sand below.
    56. However, if you pay to enter the main observation and keep your eyes and ears open for our furry friends as you walk away along the boardwalk towards the visitor centre, you may still be able to see some penguins.
    57. You may expect to see a lot of them waddling near to the path you're walking on, and if you're lucky, you might even see parents reuniting with their young after a day of fishing.
    58. On the island's Tiger Protection Area, you may witness one of Australia's most recognisable animals in its natural habitat.
    59. The six square kilometres of native bushland are accessible on foot via walking paths.
    60. Almost a dozen koalas call the boardwalks in this area their home, so you may enjoy a close encounter with these adorable animals.

    FAQs About Melbourne Day Trip

    More Travel Adventures near Melbourne Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, rivals Sydney with its rich cultural attractions, and spectacular wilderness areas also surround it. Day trip destinations include the beautiful Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges and the golden beaches of the Mornington Peninsula.

    Take a break from the big city with Melbourne day trips to beaches, mineral springs, wineries and more. If you're looking for a break from the inner-city grid, there's no better cure than a day trip from Melbourne.

    Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, rivals Sydney with its rich cultural attractions, and spectacular wilderness areas also surround it. Day trip destinations include the beautiful Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges and the golden beaches of the Mornington Peninsula.

    Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, known for its music, art centres and museums, and celebration and expression of art. It has been ranked, year after year, the most 'livable city' and it's not hard to see why.

    Most visitors who arrive in Melbourne also want to explore the surrounding areas. If that is your plan, then you will need at least 5 days but 7 to 10 days would be ideal. If by Melbourne, you mean only the city itself, 3 days is the ideal minimum amount of time.

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