how to host the ultimate melbourne cup party

How To Host The Ultimate Melbourne Cup Party?

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    The Melbourne Cup is the one event that brings Australia to a halt, and this is the one and only time throwing a work party is not only tolerated, but encouraged.

    The challenge is figuring out where to begin. If you want to have a small, intimate gathering in the Conference room, a large, festive office party, or a secret, invitation-only affair for the highest-ranking executives in your company, you have a few options company and your top clients?

    If you want to boost business, the best way to celebrate this fantastic racing day is to recognise your team and engage with your customers. A few important aspects, however, must be in place for your party to be an unmatched hit and indeed the discussion of the water cooler. The Melbourne Cup, which is held annually on the second Tuesday of November, always seems to come around much sooner than expected. Not all Australian states observe Melbourne Cup Day as a public holiday (looking at you, Victoria), and there's no rule that says being at the racetrack is the ideal way to celebrate. The office cup party might be just as much fun. This is the biggest corporate event ever! This is the perfect opportunity to bond with your coworkers over good times and tasty treats. The Melbourne Cup races take place on the first Tuesday of every November, and festivities are held in honour of the event. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering of close friends and family or a large-scale event in your efficient and environmentally garden, there's no excuse to skimp on the glitzy attire and delectable treats food of the ultimate Melbourne Cup party this year.

    Everything you need to know to host a successful Melbourne Cup reception at work or a Melbourne Cup function, from the beginning planning stages all the way to clapping on your horse as it crosses the finish line, is right here.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    The 1874 Cup meeting was the last one to be run on a Thursday. So in 1875, you moved it to the second Tuesday of the month. It meant the Cup was to be run on 9 November, the Prince of Wales birthday.

    For general admission, stylish and comfortable is the go. But it is very formal when it comes to the members' areas. We're talking tailored slacks (or chinos), a sports coat or blazer, tie and dress shoes.

    • Deciding On A Venue For Your Event. 
    • Melbourne Cup Inspired Styling. 
    • Live Broadcasting Of The Race. 
    • Get Frocked Up. 
    • Food And Drinks. 
    • Heading Home
    • Order gourmet catering. One of the best parts of Melbourne Cup Day every year is, hands down, the food. 
    • Fashion on the front lawn. 
    • Virtual racing! 
    • The basics. 
    • Set a dress code.
    • Prepare games and activities. 
    • Melbourne Cup catering. 
    • Bubbly.
    • Have a picnic. Shopping. 
    • Catch a movie outside. Film. 
    • Go to the movies (in your car). Film. 
    • Say Nup to the Cup.
    • Go to the Cup (if you can snag a ticket)
    • Go to the zoo. 
    • Scare yourself silly with a spooky radio play. 
    • Go to the beach.

    Ways To Celebrate Melbourne Cup 

    Just as we are adjusting to a new normal does not mean that anyone has to stop enjoying food and clothing. As the sport that stops a nation continues, here are some ways to enjoy it without leaving the house.

    melbourne cup1

    Deciding On A Venue For Your Event

    The location of your Melbourne Cup party should reflect your budget, the nature of your company, the number of visitors you anticipate, and whether they are local employees or potential new clientele. You may throw a party at your place of employment, in a local hotel, bar, or restaurant, in a public space like a park or on a boat.

    If you choose for a local hangout, you'll need to determine whether or not you want to reserve a separate room for your gathering or mix it up with the other guests. Having the party at your own home or other private location adds a sense of intimacy to the event and gives you more freedom to decorate in a way that reflects your personality and the occasion.

    From head to toe, bright and bold colours. If that isn't your thing, you can always opt for a single eye-catching accessory to serve as their splash of bold.

    For the most part, hats are the most popular choice. It's important to have accessories like headbands, hair clips, fascinators, and fancy hats on available for the attendees who forget to bring the necessary festival spirit with them to the party (or on the head).

    Brighten up your party space with flowers and colourful materials. The year 2019 was all about sparkles, so keep that in mind while picking out the colours and themes for your party.

    The Perfect Space

    Melbourne Cup Day Melbourne weather is known to be pleasant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Outdoors is where you want to have your party. You may easily set up an area where your visitors can talk to one another, watch the big races, and just enjoy the day regardless of whether or not there is grass.

    In order to create an atmosphere similar to that of a racetrack, renting picket fences and artificial grass is a great idea.

    You can also hire appropriate event furniture to decorate a chic area for your guests to socialise, eat, and drinks during the daytime during your outdoor event.


    Chairs, tables, and even market umbrellas can all be rented to accommodate a larger crowd. Perfect for those times when you need some extra shade since the sun is shining brighter than intended. Hopes are being kept alive and kicking. Browse our Inspirational page or follow us here on Instagram for infinite ideas when deciding somewhat on style and amount of seats and tables to rent.

    Finally, no Melbourne Cup day a bar is an essential feature of every celebration. When you rent bar furniture, you have a place to store and serve all of your alcoholic beverages. This is a great place to stop by during the day because everyone can help themselves to cold beverages.

    Order Gourmet Catering

    One of the best parts of Melbourne Cup Day every The food is the best part of this year by far. There's a wide variety of delicious dishes, including grazing platters, hot breaded fish favourites, chocolates, and even a roast lunch. And there's no reasons you can't all share in the pleasure of these tasty goodies.

    To start, have something tasty delivered to not only your workplace but also to the front doors of your employees. We can provide you with everything from picnic baskets to hot dinners!

    We propose getting the finest gourmet finger food on the big race day to nibble on while watching the racing on the big screen as part of your Victoria Cup Catering preparations

    That said, we do recommend ordering Melbourne To ensure that all of your employees, even those who follow special diets like gluten-free or vegetarian, have access to the delicious and healthy food they need, the EatFirst Marketplace now offers a variety of convenient meal options.

    We also recommend buying weeks in advance to make sure your guests have access to the enormous screens they'll need to watch the race, and to avoid any last-minute surprises on race day enjoy Melbourne cup catering on time.

    Fashion On The Front Lawn

    Even though the office fashionistas won't get to show off their outfits during the workday, there's no reason that can't do so when they're working from home. In other words, have this year's best-dressed event in cyberspace.

    Plan For Melbourne Cup Day

    It's best to start out as organised and prepared as possible when organising an office party. Office catering, Melbourne Cup-themed games, and activities, as well as the available budget and the availability of party-goers, must all be planned in advance.

    The Basics

    It is important to seek approval from upper management before sending out invitations to the entire office. So, before you start making arrangements, so here are some things to clarify with them:

    • I was wondering what times your coworkers will be able to take off for the Melbourne Cup.
    • Can we anticipate people returning to their regular schedules immediately following the race?
    • How much money has been set aside for this function?

    Once you've double-checked all the information, you may send out the office's "save the date" notice. The more notice you can give them, the better, but at least give them 2 to 3 months so they can get ready and you can get an accurate head count for the catering.

    Set A Dress Code

    You shouldn't show up to the horse race in sweatpants and a t-shirt, so why not encourage your coworkers to dress up for work? Having a common topic will make it simpler for everyone to get involved. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of our favourite starting points:

    • Blankets of white or a profusion of flowers
    • The standard for cocktail clothing
    • Those fabled Melbourne Cup striped shirts
    • A few notable past winners of Australia's prestigious Melbourne Cup
    • Laugh-out-loud horse-related topic
    • Please wear your most dapper fascinator or tie.
    • Cool socks!

    Keep in mind that not everyone want to get dressed up for the event, so if you insist on a dress code for the invitation, make it private.

    Prepare Games And Activities.

    The best approach to keep everyone entertained throughout the big race is with a list of games and activities ready to go. Here are some of the most popular songs for the Melbourne Cup workplace party:

    • Competition for Best Decorated Desk
    • In the days leading up to the Melbourne Cup, have your teams decorate their workspaces to reflect the theme of the big event. On the main race day, have a review panel select who won and distribute the awards.
    • trends in the sport world
    • Throw your own Fashions just on Field competition and award prizes for best dressed and finest hat. Prompt individuals to use their imaginations and ingenuity in their creations.
    • Melbourne Cup Facts
    • A pub-style quiz game is sure to get your coworkers talking. Divide the staff into groups, and have a competition with first, second, and third place prizes.
    • Sweeps
    • Organize a sweepstakes at work to channel the excitement of the track and hand out some prise money from your own pocket.

    Food And Drinks

    melbourne cup2

    Melbourne Cup Catering

    A potluck doesn't do justice to an event as prestigious as the Melbourne Cup.

    Instead, catering is the best option for enjoying the marathon that stop the nation, and there are many of menus available that will fit your needs and your wallet.

    You can host a traditional high tea, a cocktail party includes gourmet appetisers, a sit-down four lunch, a buffet, or a grazing table. Ensure that everyone has access to tasty  so that nobody goes hungry and no RSA problems arise around lunchtime.


    Melbourne Cup day has a strong focus on the sparkling wine. Don't forget the non-alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, soft drinks, and water. A few nights before the Melbourne Cup, we suggest having booze delivered to the office. Don't forget the cups, ice, and coolers to keep the beverages at the perfect temperature. Our stellar support staff is standing by to take your call or online order for alcoholic beverage delivery in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, or Canberra.

    Build Buzz

    Encourage everyone to dress up for the Melbourne Cup and hold contests in the days leading up to the big event. If everyone is amped up in the days leading up to the event, then everything will go off without a hitch.

    Send Reminders

    Create a schedule of emails to deliver to your team members as the race nears. Goal-oriented fun emailing:

    • One week before
    • The day before
    • The morning of

    Don't forget to tell your employees to turn on their out-of-office message and divert their calls while the party is in session.

    Decorate The Office

    If money permits, it's also fun to play a decoration game with the communal areas or boardrooms festive Melbourne Cup designs. Take inspiration from:

    • Flora that is not real grass
    • Horseshoes
    • Horse and jockey markings
    • Glasses of bubbly wine

    Create an ambience reminiscent of a Melbourne Cup carnival to get everyone in the company excited.

    On Cup Day

    Get the refreshments ready.

    Leave yourselves plenty of time and receive the refreshments and have it all set up, just as you would for any other catered business event or party.

    Additional helpful suggestions regarding what to eat and drink are as follows:

    • Those with particular eating needs should not be overlooked. Make sure nobody goes hungry by offering a variety of menu choices.
    • Take stock of your tableware and make sure you have enough plates, cups, and silverware for everyone attending. Using a coffee mug for champagne completely ruins the celebration. Contact Order-In to learn more about our equipment rental options.
    • Need waiters or bar staff for your Melbourne Cup party? Could you speak to our events team at Order-In? We can assist with staff hiring for your event too.

    Choose An Mc

    There will be many people and details to coordinate the day before the event, so it's smart to select your own Master of Ceremonies. They will assist in planning activities, distributing prizes, and alerting workers to the start of the race.

    Get a spot ready to observe

    You may experience the same level of excitement for the races while sitting in your cubicle. All that's required is sufficient seats for your personnel. Convert the boardroom or conference room into a tiny theatre by projecting its live event on a blank wall or white screen if you don't have a family room or employee lounge area with the a television.

    And, of course, we must watch the event together!


    If you don't feel like going out, here are some ideas for celebrating at home. You can host a party at your home, in a private venue, at a public venue like a park, or even at your place of business. Rental options include seating, tables, and even shade from market canopies, making it possible to host a larger group. You can now get a variety of quick meals from EatFirst Marketplace. The sooner you place your purchase, the better chance your visitors will have of getting the screens they need to view the race.

    The best way to experience the race that stopped a country is with catering. There are a variety of cuisines to choose from to meet your preferences and budget. Have alcohol supplied to the office a few nights before the Melbourne Cup. Make sure you have enough cups, ice, and coolers to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature for your guests. Because there will be so many individuals and moving parts to organise the day of the event, it's a good idea to choose your own Master of Ceremonies.

    Check to see if you have enough dishes, glasses, and flatware for your guests. Get in touch with Order-In now to discuss your equipment rental needs.

    Content Summary

    • Your gathering should be held outside.
    • Lastly, a bar is a necessary part of any Melbourne Cup party.
    • Renting bar furniture ensures that there will be space for all of the booze.
    • Send in the Chef
    • A highlight of each and every Melbourne Cup Day is the famous race. For this year, the best part has been the food.
    • Getting Down to Nuts and Bolts
    • To avoid any awkwardness, it's best to get management's stamp of approval before inviting the whole staff.
    • An organised plan of games and activities to keep guests occupied during the big race is your best bet.
    • In the days preceding up to the Melbourne Cup, have contests and encourage everyone to look the part.
    • Attending the Melbourne Cup and need some bartenders or waiters?
    • We'd love to connect you with our Order-In events staff.
    • If you need help finding and hiring event employees, we're here for you.
    • Make Your Mind Up About An Mc
    • Because there will be so many individuals and moving parts to organise the day of the event, it's a good idea to choose your own Master of Ceremonies.
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