What Do I Need To Know Before Going To Melbourne?

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    Take pleasure in a fantastic metropolis that boasts spectacular buildings, lively art galleries, and illustrious athletic events.

    Culture institutions, landmarks, rooftop bars, designer stores, street art, and secret spots abound in Melbourne, Australia's "cultural capital." When you first visit Melbourne, you will find something fascinating in every nook of the city and its environs. And no matter how many times you visit, there will always be something new to learn.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    All passengers arriving by air into Australia should complete the Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) unless the flight crew. You can start your DPD seven days before your flight and submit it within 72 hours before your departure for Australia.

    In 1836 the first administrator of the Port Phillip District arrived, and in 1837 Who gave the new settlement its present name, honouring the British prime minister, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne (of Kilmore).

    ​​The central business district (CBD) is Melbourne's business and financial centre. It encompasses Flinders Street to Queen Victoria Market and Spencer Street to Spring Street, plus Victoria and Latrobe streets.

    Melbourne is quite close to the coast so that the wind can be icy. Be sure to pack a jacket to keep the wind out. In the middle of winter, it might be cold enough to pack jeans or warm trousers. Dress similarly to autumn back home, a pair of jeans, a light jumper, and some sturdy boots.

    Fully vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible visa holders can travel to and from Australia without applying for a travel exemption.

    Things You Need To Know About Melbourne


    With the passage of time, every city improves upon its already-impressive collection of tourist attractions. Some things get worse over time, while others improve. For Melbourne, the same holds true. A lot of exciting new attractions and events have opened up in the city for its party-loving locals and visitors in 2018.

    Melbourne is a city full of cultural treasures and hidden attractions. The following are the things about Melbourne you should know before going!

    Melbourne Is The Capital Of A State Called Victoria

    One of the first things to know about Melbourne is the fact that it serves as the state capital of Victoria and also is home to a population of close to 4 million The Central District, or CBD, is the heart of the city. The River Yarra, the city's main river, and the city's most famous landmark, Flinders St. Station, are both located in this area. The best, though, place for a view of Melbourne is Eureka Skydeck 88, which right now, at 285 metres high, is the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere.

    There Are Two Main Modes Of Public Transport

    There are two main modes of public transport in Melbourne. For starters, there are trains that go to both the central business district and the outside suburbs. Second, and maybe more recognisable, are the trams that carry residents and visitors alike across the city. However, the free City Circular tram is the most frequently used tram. Route 35 of the city's tram system loops the central business district, making stops near or at some of the city's most popular landmarks. This tram is free, and there is a shuttle bus that is also free.

    It's The Unofficial Sporting Capital Of Australia

    Number three on our list of ten interesting things about Melbourne is that it is widely regarded as Australia's sporting mecca. And without a doubt, the most well-known venue here is called the Melbourne The Melbourne Cricket Ground, or MCG for short. Over a hundred thousand people can fit inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground when it's at capacity, and although it's called the Victorian Cricket Ground, you can also watch Aussie Rules Football here. Besides the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Flemington Racecourse and the Rod Laver Arena are also world-famous for hosting major sporting events. Melbourne Cup horse race is held.

    Devote Some Time To 'fed Square'

    Federation Square, or Fed Square as the locals call it, is directly opposite Flinders St Station in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. If you're looking for some fun and culture, this is the place to go. The primary attraction is the Australian Academy for the Moving Image, which features interactive displays and is therefore worth spending a few hours in. The Museum of Victoria's Ian Potter Centre, the first major gallery in the world devoted solely to Australian art, is also located in Fed Square. There's a chance you'll enjoy some free shows while you're here. It's also worth noting that there's completely free WiFi all across the square.

    It's Home To Some Beautiful Parks

    One of our favourite things about Melbourne reason to visit is its abundance of lovely parks and gardens. Queen Victoria Gardens, located not far from the central business district, is a favourite walking spot. The Botanical Gardens Gardens, spanning 38 hectares and housing over 10,000 species, can be found just outside the equally impressive Government House. Also, the Carlton Gardens situated in front of the Royal Exhibition Building are beautiful and should not be missed. Several of the city's most popular parks is Albert Park, located in the same-named neighbourhood. Located around Albert Park Lake, it provides spectacular views of the Melbourne skyline and other landmarks.

    There Are Lots Of Alleys

    Central Melbourne's Degraves St is an excellent example of the city's many alleys, lanes, and arcades; it's where I usually grab a coffee in the morning. Just across the street is Centre Place, which is well worth seeing, as are the Block Arcade's many speciality stores and Howey Place's fashionable boutiques. A map of these back streets can be obtained from the Visitors Centre, which is located in Fed Square.

    It's Got Some Great Museums

    melbourne museum

    Those who like culture will be in their element in Melbourne as the city offers a wide variety of interesting museums and art galleries to explore. The Sports Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground has Australia's best collection of sporting legacy and the Immigration Museum tells the stories of those who moved to Victoria. The city's flagship museum is the Melbourne North of the city centre, in the Carlton district, there is a museum. The eight exhibit halls of this prestigious institution cover topics as diverse as the natural world and ancient civilizations.

    It's Right Beside One Of The World's Best Coastal Drives

    One of the most popular things to do when Melbourne takes the Great Ocean Road south. It is one of the most well-known coastal drives in the world and includes stops in popular tourist destinations including Bells Beach and the cities of Lorne and Apollo Bay. One of Australia's most recognisable monuments, the 12 Apostles are a group of limestone stacks that stand out against the backdrop of the Great Ocean Road.

    Make Sure To Check Out Its Neighbourhoods

    There are many interesting areas to investigate in Melbourne. St. Kilda's golden coastline is a major draw for budget travellers. Famous Luna Park can be found there as well. Williamstown is also worth a trip because of the beautiful sunsets and waterfront views it provides. Like to shop? need to explore Central Melbourne, Central Business District, or CBD, to its locals. And make sure you take a look it around Burke St Mall area in particular. South Yarra is another fantastic area to explore, as it is home to one of Melbourne's most famous and popular shopping strips.

    Some streets are better known than others as dining destinations

    Last but not least on our list of 10 things about Melbourne is the city's reputation as a culinary mecca, especially along a few specific streets. Like the Italian eateries that line Lygon St. in the Carlton area. Little Bourke Street in the Central Business District is the epicentre of Chinatown; Ackland Street in St. Kilda is home to restaurants of all cuisines; Victoria Street in Richmond is the place to go for Vietnamese food; and Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is home to a wide variety of eateries and nightclubs. Always assume that a "BYO" sign signifies that alcoholic beverages are permitted at the location in question.

    If You're A Tourist: What You Need To Know Before You Go

    Melbourne Airport

    As the airport to Australia's second-largest city (well on its way to becoming the largest!), expect Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport to be packed with people from all over the world. Stay on top of your schedule with the Melbourne Airport App.

    If you don't want to miss your flight, make sure you check the time, date, gate, and distance to get there. You can plan your airport shopping with the included map and walking timings.

    The airport authority 24-hour bus service, the Skybus, is conveniently located in Terminal 3.


    Consider the Northern Hemisphere to be having summer while Australia is suffering winter. Considerably low relative humidity and extremely dry air quality can be found indoors. Wear layers and prepare for the cold weather.

    Summer (December – February)

    In general, the first few months of the year are the warmest and driest. The temperature is predicted to increase by between 14 and 25.3 degrees Celsius.

    Autumn (March-May)

    Enjoy sunny days and temperatures between 10.9 and 20.3 degrees Celsius.

    Winter (June – August)

    Expect breezy, foggy conditions. The temperature range is 7°C to 14°C, so there's no need to worry. Unless the temp drops significantly during gloomy days or (very) heavy rainfall, you won't have to worry about being uncomfortable. Wear something that can protect you from the wind, just in case.

    Spring (September – November)

    The spring season in Australia is the most capricious, with temperatures ranging from 9.6 to 19.6 degrees Celsius. To be safe, bring an umbrella whether the weather forecast calls for hot, sunny days and heavy rain.

    Voltage For Devices

    Everything from your hair dryer and phone charger to your electric razor and vacuum cleaner is really valuable to you, and we recognise this. If your device requires power, remember to pack a Type I compatible voltage converters or power adaptor.

    In Australia, a 230V, 50Hz three-prong plug is used. A converter can be purchased at any electronic store in Asia, African, or Europe.

    Where To Stay

    Which hotel is ideal for you depends on your travel plans (and preferences). Reserve lodgings in the following areas:

    • The acronym CBD stands for "Central Business District," which pretty much sums up what it is. The most cost-effective and accessible location for city visitors who can spare the extra money
    • Locale de St. Kilda: A coastal area with a rich history, perfect for beach bums
    • Fitzroy is a hip neighbourhood for nightlife, antiques, and boutiques.
    • If you want a taste of Italy, Carlton says this is the place to go. Enjoy stores, restaurants, and cafes that are decorated in an Italian style.
    • Brunswick: A place to raise your relaxed kids. Good restaurants, seedy art galleries, and Victorian-era homes can all be found in this family-friendly neighbourhood.

    Tourist Refund Scheme


    Those of you who are visiting from outside will be happy to know that you can claim a refund on the taxes you paid. Travelers can take advantage of the TRS, which is often around 10%, to buy a bunch of wine and other great stuff to carry home.

    Those leaving Australia must first visit the TRS facility at Melbourne Airport and complete the necessary paperwork there.

    WiFi And Sim Cards

    Keep in touch with loved ones back home while exploring Australia. Mobile users in Melbourne can connect to the city's ubiquitous and free WiFi network. For these main tourist destinations, no login, password, or personal information input is required:

    • NGV International Airport in Melbourne
    • State Archives City Square Victoria
    • The Central Business District of Docklands, including the Victorian Convention and Exhibition Centre, Bourke Street Mall, the Queen Victoria Market, and the South Wharf Promenade.

    Tips To Consider Before You Visit Melbourne

    There are things you should consider before visiting Melbourne. Several of these have been huge successes for decades, but we've also included some that are more recent:

    Plan Your Visit To Overlap A Festival

    Melbourne is a vibrant and dynamic city and host to a number of annual celebrations. Festivals celebrating comedy, film, art, music, food, wine, beer, and theatre are held all year round in Melbourne. Select the festival(s) you're interested in attending and schedule your trip accordingly. Excellent examples of festivals in Melbourne are:

    • The Wintertime Whiteout
    • Festival of March Fashion
    • April's Comedy Festival
    • May boasts a fantastic Beer Week.
    • Melbourne Festival in October

    Myki Travel Smartcard

    To pay for rides on trains, trams, and buses, you can utilise a smart ticketing system called Myki. This reloadable smartcard is conveniently sold at machines and booths in and near train stations, however it is not for sale on the train, bus, or tram itself.

    The procedure for using it is simple. You can "touch on" your Myki by tapping it into the reader at the tram or train door. Remember to 'touch off' by tapping something after you're done. The locals will gladly assist you if you have any trouble using these.

    Don't Miss Melbourne's Wineries.

    Melbourne sits at the centre of Victoria's 65 wine regions. In my opinion, nothing beats taking in a breathtaking panorama of vineyards while sipping on some of the world's finest vintages. thing to do while in Melbourne. So if you share a passion for wine tasting, you must go for some wine tours in Melbourne, explore the beauty of vines and enjoy their taste.

    Of the several wineries around Melbourne, one common thing is that all of them are splendid. But for your convenience, the must-visits are:

    • Tours of Wineries in the Yarra Valley, Australia
    • Vineyard Tours of the Mornington Peninsula
    • Winery Visits in Geelong
    • Adventures in the Macedonian Wine Country

    Melbourne Is Famous For Its Nightlife, Don't Miss Out.

    The city's gastronomy, drinks, and vibrant nightlife have earned it worldwide renown. In the city, party enthusiasts can choose from a wide variety of nightclubs, albeit not all of them stay open till dawn. The closing time for many nightclubs is 1 am, with others closing at 3 am. Nonetheless, some places in Melbourne

    to spend the evening imbibing alcoholic beverages. Good news: on Saturdays and Sundays, the buses never stop running so you may party all night long without worrying about getting home.

    This list includes some of the most inviting hangouts, including:

    • Saturdays at Billboard, Thursdays at Union Electric Bar, and Saturdays at Robot Bar

    Enjoy A Wide Range Of Cuisines At Better Prices (Won't Say Cheap)

    Melbourne loves food, and you can find affordable meals everywhere in the city. Some of the cheap eats in Melbourne are:

    • Chinatown Purple Peanuts Butcher's Diner Ippudo Half Moon Café

    And did you know about the best mini desserts in Melbourne? The city is home to most of the world's best chefs, and as a result, the city's sweets are among the best in the world. In that case, you should sample the sweets.

    Party In Yarra River Cruise

    Without the Yarra River, which flows gently and steadily through Melbourne, the city's aesthetic appeal would be diminished. There is sufficient time for any and every recreational activities organised in Melbourne takes place at Yarra River. Taking a cruise down the Yarra River in Melbourne is an exciting opportunity to see the city's stunning skyline and learn about the region's diverse cultural and natural history as you float over the river's ancient stretches.

    Go On A Walking Tour

    Melbourne has beautiful street art in every places you can't normally access. In that case, put on some shoes and go adventuring in Melbourne. To see the city's sights in this way is ideal. Find the best restaurants and cafes in the city that nobody knows about. The greatest method to learn about the past of a town is to take a walking tour of it.

    Shop Late On Fridays

    In Melbourne, you can score the latest and greatest from both local artisans and the world's most prestigious labels.

    On weekdays, stores are typically open between 10 am and 6 pm, while on Fridays, shoppers can enjoy extended hours until 9 pm or later. And if you're up for a trip, Wednesday is the day to go to Queen Victoria Market for the night market.

    Some of the best places to shop in Melbourne are:

    • Bourke Street Mall
    • Queen Victoria Market
    • Collins Street
    • South Melbourne Market
    • Chapel Street

    Pack For All Seasons

    The weather in Melbourne is 'four seasons in one day,shifts as the day progresses. Bring a coat, boots, and layers of clothing, as these items will be needed throughout the year. Choose from an array of patterns, from bold florals on a sunny day to sombre ensembles when the clouds roll in.

    To make much use of your time in Melbourne, it is recommended that you engage a tour organiser to take you to the Wineries, on a Boat Cruise, and to Philip Island.


    Hidden gems and cultural institutions abound in Melbourne. At 285 metres, Eureka Skydeck 88 is the tallest observation platform in the Southern Hemisphere. Melbourne hosts important athletic events, including the annual Melbourne Cup horse races, and is widely recognised as Australia's sporting metropolis. Fed Square, also known as Federation Square, is located in the heart of Melbourne just across from Flinders St. Station. The Australian Academy of the Moving Image is the main draw, and it has plenty of hands-on exhibits. Views of the Melbourne skyline and other monuments are outstanding from Albert Park, which is centred around Albert Park Lake.

    The Great Ocean Road is a must-do for any visitor to Melbourne. Chinatown revolves on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne's Central Business District. St. Kilda's Ackland Street features eateries serving a wide variety of cuisines, while Richmond's Victoria Street is known as the city's best location for Vietnamese food. Australians are enduring cold as the Northern Hemisphere enjoys summer. The indoor environment often features low relative humidity and a very dry air quality.

    In terms of temperature and precipitation, the first few months of the year are ideal. Put on an item that will keep the wind out just in case. Melbourne is a bustling metropolis that plays home to several exciting events every year. Comedy, film, art, music, culinary, wine, beer, and theatre festivals can be found at almost any time of the year. While sampling some of the best wines in the world, you can take in a spectacular view of the surrounding vineyards.

    Melbourne is famous all over the world for its restaurants, bars, and exciting nightlife. Purple Peanuts, Butcher's Diner, Ippudo, and Half Moon Café are just few of the many inexpensive Melbourne restaurants. Miniature sweets made in this city rank high on the global desserts' list. Beautiful works of street art can be found in hidden corners of Melbourne. Melbourne's climate, known for its "four seasons in one day," changes throughout the day. Bourke Street Mall, Queen Victoria Market, and South Melbourne Market are three of the best places to shop in Melbourne.

    Content Summary

    • In 2018, the city welcomed a number of interesting new attractions and events for its party-loving citizens and visitors. Hidden gems and cultural institutions abound in Melbourne.
    • It's often considered to be Australia's sporting mecca.
    • On our list of top ten interesting things about Melbourne, number three is the city's reputation as Australia's sporting mecca.
    • Known simply as "Fed Square" by Melburnians, this central city park is located across the street from Flinders St. Station.
    • Cultural enthusiasts will find much to do in Melbourne, thanks to the city's many fascinating museums and art galleries.
    • When in Melbourne, many people head south along the Great Ocean Road.
    • The Melbourne Airport app can help you keep track of your flights.
    • Plan your trip around the festival(s) you're most excited about attending.
    • The city is well-known all over the globe for its delicious cuisine, plentiful alcohol, and exciting nightlife.
    • Most of the world's top chefs call this city home, so it should come as no surprise that its desserts are among of the best in the world.
    • The Yarra River adds to Melbourne's beauty and tranquilly, making the city less attractive without it.
    • Any and all leisure events planned for Melbourne's Yarra River will have more than enough time to complete.
    • Beautiful works of street art can be seen in Melbourne's many hidden spaces.
    • Discover the city's hidden gems in dining and coffee.
    • Going on a walking tour is the best way to get acquainted with the history of a city.
    • Hiring a tour guide to show you around Melbourne's wineries, harbour, and Philip Island can help you make the most of your stay there.
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