Top 35 Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to epoxy flooring and coatings. So how do you know which company is the best? Here are some of the top epoxy flooring and coating companies in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Each of these companies offers quality products and services, so you can't go wrong with any of them. But be sure to do your research before making a decision, because not all companies are created equal. 

Choose the right company for your needs, and you'll be glad you did!

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    Epoxy Flooring & Coating FAQs

    Ultimate List of Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies Melbourne

    Knights Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    knights epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    Are you intending to replace the flooring in your office, place of business, or home with a modern, dust-free, non-slip surface that will last a lifetime? Do you want to confirm that it does make a hole in your coffer once more? The greatest option for you is to choose concrete epoxy flooring. Actually, it is a liquid resin comprised of two separate substances. These two materials combine to form a sturdy plastic film that, when applied to concrete, produces a long-lasting non-slip surface. It is completely maintenance-free, unaffected by hail, rain, or shine, and you may walk on it without worrying about slipping.

    However, Knights Epoxy Flooring is among the top in the industry when it comes to epoxy flooring in Melbourne. We are able to create a seamless service that not only meets but exceeds your needs and expectations because of our experience and understanding.

    Fortis Adhesives and Coatings Melbourne

    fortis adhesives and coatings melbourne

    (03) 9706 5443

    Fortis Adhesives and Coatings enjoys developing new products and tailoring adhesives, floor coatings, and repair methods to better serve our customers. Check out our extensive selection of adhesives, coatings, waterproofing membranes, epoxy coatings, as well as our newest aerosol canisters, concrete densifiers, and repair systems.

    Our goal is to find the best technical solutions for our customers. We are proud of the work we accomplish and the work our clients complete. As an Australian Made and Owned maker of adhesives, epoxy coatings, and non-yellowing polyurethane coatings for Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Brisbane QLD, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Hobart TAS, Adelaide SA, and Canberra ACT, Fortis was established in 2008 in Dandenong South, Victoria.

    Tuff Build Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    tuff build epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0432 521 28

    Strong, stylish, acid-resistant, and appropriate for big loads! Are you worried that your warehouse's floor will get damaged or scratched? Epoxy floorings help you win the game. Hard flooring like epoxy floors is perfect for use in industrial settings. Highly appropriate for business buildings, offices, warehouses, basements, and garages.

    It is an ideal solution for coating industrial floors due to its liquid-tight properties and strength. Because of its streamlined appearance and seamless character, this floor can also be seen in modern settings. Do you need Melbourne epoxy flooring contractors for your office, garage, or factory? Then Tuff Build is a great choice. In addition to being chemical and acid resistant, our epoxy floors can withstand the weight of large machines and trucks without being scratched. Our years of flooring experience ensure that your floor is perfectly suited to the requirements of public spaces.

    For stunning residences, our epoxy flooring Melbourne service adds value. Concrete is only half as sturdy as epoxy flooring. But that's not all; this floor also has a lot of benefits in terms of wear resistance and ease of maintenance.

    Epoxy flooring is usually cheaper than tiled flooring, but it depends on the qualities and finishes of what you compare.

    Epoxy can cost anywhere between $30-$100 per sqm installed. The price range for vinyl tiles is similar, while for ceramic tiles, the average cost is a lot more – $90-$150 per square metre.

    As with concrete flooring, the larger the room, the cheaper each square metre will cost, so epoxy is more cost-effective for larger spaces.

    We all know how beautiful tiles can look, but the aesthetics of epoxy floors should not be underestimated. Epoxy comes in a wide range of hues, textures and designs that are easy to customise – from marble to terrazzo looks.

    The recent trend to add flake or quartz to epoxy is a fantastic way to spice up your floor, and it looks beautifully textured and modern. Epoxy can also make a space look bigger as it is a seamless option, while tiles have grout lines that visually break up a floor and make the area appear smaller.

    You can attempt to install an epoxy floor yourself with the DIY solutions available. 

    Still, epoxy flooring is a fairly difficult process (not to be confused with simply painting a garage floor!). Solutions must be mixed, the concrete base must be prepared just right, and the drying and layering process must be precise. 

    Any mistakes will result in chipping, uneven flooring or bubbles, which can be difficult to rectify. It’s best to hire a professional installer with the equipment and training needed to ensure a stable and beautifully finished job.

    Epoxy floors are very rigid. As a material, epoxy has very little flexibility, so slight shifts in the foundation can lead to cracks forming in an epoxy coating, leaving you with cracked floors that are difficult to repair without recoating with a new layer of epoxy–an expensive proposition.

    Epoxy coatings can make your garage or basement floor look cleaner, more professional, and more finished. However, just like any other floor, you’ll want to keep it cleaned.

    Fortunately for you, it’s easy to do! If you want to keep your newly coated epoxy floors looking pristine, some cleaning tips will help.

    Use a Dust Mop Regularly

    The most important thing you can do to keep your epoxy floors clean is to keep them dusted. 

    A dust mop, preferably one at least two feet wide, is an important tool to have on hand. Dust and dirt can damage the surface of the coating if left unattended, but they are easily removed with the dust mop. Plan to dust once a week. 

    If you keep up with this task, then your maintenance will be even easier.

    Wet Mop Occasionally

    Every three to four months, use a wet mop and an epoxy cleaner to mop the floor. This will get up any grit or grime that has become stuck to the floor but is not touched by the dust mop. To ensure you are not just moving dirt around, ensure you rinse the mop often in the cleaner. After mopping, allow the floor to air dry.

    The type of wet mop is less important than the type of cleaner. However, microfiber mops do a very good job. Look for one that is made of commercial quality.

    For your cleaner, look for one made for epoxy floors, or make one using a half cup of ammonia to a gallon of hot water. If you do not have ammonia, mix one part of Windex with three-parts of water to make another option.

    Tackle Stubborn Stains

    Firstly, you always want to clean spills with a cloth immediately after they happen. Especially in garages, make sure to watch out for oil or chemical spills since these can damage your epoxy floor.

    However, if a stain does develop, you may need to get on your hands and knees to scrub it. Use a soft scrub pad with the water and ammonia mixture to tackle the stain without damaging the coating. Never use bleach!

    Know What Not to Use on Your Epoxy Floors

    As you choose cleaners and cleaning methods, make sure you don’t use certain cleaners on your epoxy floors. For example, citrus and vinegar-based cleaners contain acids that will destroy the gloss of your floor coating. Soap is also damaging and can leave streak marks or a film on the surface of your floor.

    It is not difficult to clean epoxy floors. Ease of maintenance is one of the reasons many people consider this floor cover for their homes. If you have an epoxy coated floor, use these tips to keep it shining for many years to come.

    In2 Floorcoatings Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    in2 floorcoatings epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0430 224 961

    With more than 25 years of experience, In2floorcoatings is a leader in floor applications in Victoria. We pledge to collaborate with you in order to offer you sound counsel, reasonable rates, and top-notch service for your projects. For the commercial, industrial, and private sectors, Dean has a wealth of experience and a broad knowledge of epoxy flooring products and building/construction materials. Dean established In2 Floorcoatings in 2013 and it is currently a preeminent contractor and applicator of a wide variety of epoxies, cementitious, and concrete flooring materials.

    We can offer timely and affordable solutions by combining a diverse variety of goods and services. Only your creativity is a limit to the stylish, seamless, and hygienic floors that In2 Floorcoatings can deliver.

    Johnsons Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    johnsons epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    Johnsons Flooring, a Melbourne-based company, is committed to providing you with the highest quality epoxy floor coating finish by using only the best supplies available. We have worked on a range of projects, including epoxy flooring for schools, shops, food-grade flooring, and residential garage floors. Along with epoxy coatings, we also provide concrete repairs, grinding, and caulking.

    We continuously provide high-quality workmanship while making sure that all of your criteria are met thanks to our significant industry understanding. We want our customers to leave with a new floor that makes them happy, satisfied, and proud.

    Regional Victoria and the Melbourne metropolitan area are served by Johnsons Flooring. We make sure to arrive on time and are dependable and professional. Because we work around your schedule and arrive when it's convenient for you, whether that's during the week, on the weekend, or at night, your business won't have to cease operating as a result of us. You need merely give us a call to reach us. Call us right now for a free estimate.

    Mainliner Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    mainliner epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    (03) 9302 4679

    Non-slip floor coverings provide slip resistance, ensuring the constant safety of your personnel and guests. One of the greatest anti-slip coatings on the market and a simple method to refinish concrete floors is epoxy flooring Melbourne. They not only make the floors secure, but they also give the building's exterior a beautiful touch.

    Mainliner offers epoxy flooring in Melbourne for industrial and commercial floor applications because we recognize the value of non-slip floor coatings. Polyamine hardener and epoxy resin are the two components that make up epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor coating is applied to the flooring in numerous layers rather than just one. Epoxy resin is a strong material with resistance to stains, abrasion, and chemicals.

    Our seasoned staff at Mainliner can make planning finishing services for civil projects straightforward. Let us handle your road line marking needs, whether you're a civil contractor, local government entity, shire council, facility manager, operations or OHS manager, or owner-occupier of a property that needs our services. We specialize in surface treatment for bike/bus lanes on highways in addition to line marking and industrial anti-slip walkways. We also offer epoxy coatings and non-slip coatings for pedestrian areas that need a safety solution.

    No matter what you require, we can provide a solution that satisfies all legal standards. Additionally, we offer and set up car parking equipment like speed bumps, wheel stops, and bollards. We are the road marking specialists who provide Melbourne and Dandenong with warehouse line marking, factory line marking, and other road marking services.

    Liquid Steel Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    liquid steel epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    Industry professionals founded Liquid Steel Coatings and Membranes in Melbourne in 2008. The proprietors, who have technical backgrounds and years of experience, entered the market with the goal of becoming a reputable epoxy flooring contractor by offering exceptional job quality and technological know-how. We have been offering our clients top-notch service and delivering top-notch results with warranties for many years. We take pleasure in our expertise in the flooring and waterproofing industries, providing epoxy floor solutions even in the most challenging circumstances.

    There are innumerable products, makers, and suppliers on the market today. For the best outcomes, the proper product must be used in the right application. At Liquid Steel, we collaborate with producers of goods across all price points, developing new items and assessing those of industry titans. Years of advise and comments have been given to manufacturers, chemists, and suppliers to help them create quality products.

    Austech Epoxy Systems Melbourne

    austech epoxy systems melbourne

    0431 808 725

    Polymer resins and hardeners are combined to create epoxy floor coatings. It gives concrete floors a smooth and lustrous appearance when applied. Epoxy is excellent for the majority of residential and commercial applications since it is strong and beautiful to look at.


    Epoxy floors appear polished and bright when compared to other garage flooring options. It has a level, smooth surface. You won't notice any chips or cracks in your desk thanks to its durability.


    Oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners, and other chemicals are just a few of the liquids and chemicals that epoxy flooring is incredibly resistant to. Additionally, it is heat- and water-resistant. This makes it desirable for industries that work with heat and fluids, such mechanics and welders. Its resistance to bacteria and germs makes it a great choice for hospitals and clinics as well.


    When properly sealed and maintained, epoxy flooring is regarded for having a long lifespan. It can persist for many years without peeling or cracking, which are symptoms of wear. It is used to increase the durability of strong materials like concrete.

    National Floor Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    national floor coatings epoxy melbourne

    1300 014 940

    Building and construction supplies made of epoxy for the commercial, industrial, and private sectors. Late in 2006, they came together to develop National Floor Coatings, which is today recognized as a premier contractor and applicator of a wide variety of flooring products made of epoxies, cementitious materials, and concrete.

    We can offer timely and affordable solutions by combining a diverse variety of goods and services. Only your imagination is a limit to the stylish, seamless, and hygienic floors that National Floor Coatings can create. We'll make sure your floor best suits your requirements and price range.

    Able Floors Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    able floors epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    03 9738 0741

    Able Industrial Floors is a leading installer of polyurethane and industrial seamless epoxy flooring. We have over 30 years of experience and have installed industrial flooring systems covering millions of square meters both locally and internationally. We also provide experienced flooring consultancy to help you get the results you want with the best solution.

    More than ever, today's workplace requires a properly designed and built floor. Able Industrial Floors, one of Australia's largest industrial flooring contractors, is a pioneer in the design and installation of seamless resinous floors for commercial and industrial use, as well as epoxy garage floors. For over 30 years, Able Industrial Floors has been assisting businesses in reducing the cost of flooring failures. We work with some of Australia's most prestigious companies and routinely meet their exacting standards for durability, design, and craftsmanship.

    Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    baker technical epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    03 9543 6883

    If you're looking for commercial flooring in Melbourne, Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services is a good option. We are a company based in Oakleigh South, Melbourne, that serves commercial, government, and industrial clients throughout Victoria's capital city and its surrounding areas. Our team has over 40 years of experience and is ready to meet your needs. Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services will provide you with precise information, quotes, and quality service for any floor coating applications.

    One of our services is. The correct protective system is expertly designed and applied by Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services while taking service life requirements, aesthetic presentation, and practical safety aspects into account.

    Durable Concrete Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    durable concrete coatings epoxy melbourne

    (03) 9052 4873

    The coatings we offer are created and produced in Australia to the highest specifications to guarantee sturdiness, longevity, and great performance for all industrial, commercial, and residential uses. Because our company is likewise concerned about the environment, we are glad to provide a variety of eco-friendly water-based solutions that use very low and no VOC technology.

    Concrete Surface Coatings Melbourne

    concrete surface coatings melbourne

    0472 505 556

    For industrial manufacturing flooring, a wide variety of floor coatings and sealers are available. Depending on the context and use, the floor may be exposed. Epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, polyurea resin, and acrylic sealer are some examples of coatings. Contacting us for recommendations or a quote is always welcome.

    The most frequent resin used on an industrial floor is epoxy resin coatings on concrete. Epoxy glue is durable and has a strikingly favorable effect because you can select any color to go with your brand. Please have a look at some examples of our most recent work.

    The longevity of the coating will vary depending on the traffic on the floor and the thickness of the coating. The coating will typically last for at least 5 to 10 years. Most substances won't harm epoxy resin floor coatings. The precise compatibility for your floor will be determined by the material technical datasheets of the epoxy resin.

    A1 Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    a1 epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    (03) 9912 0553

    An old, worn-out garage floor can get a fantastic facelift with epoxy. covers the old oil stains and makes a floor that is fantastic and long-lasting! Advantages of an epoxy garage floor include: Finding a flooring option that endures the test of time can be challenging, especially in garages that must handle heavy traffic.

    Our expert epoxy garage floor services in Melbourne check all the right boxes if you're seeking for an affordable approach to transform your garage floor into a stylish, incredibly durable, stain-resistant surface. Your garage floor can become a durable, awesome-looking surface that is simple to maintain with the help of our professional epoxy treatments.

    Resins and hardeners, the two primary components of epoxy, react chemically to generate a strong plastic coating that can withstand the kinds of spills that are likely to occur in a garage without harming the surface. Epoxy is used to waterproof parking lots since it is so effective.

    ArmourCoat Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    armourcoat epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    03 9702 3309

    Are you searching for commercial and industrial flooring in Melbourne? Since we specialize in epoxy flooring, we can create a customized plan that meets your requirements. Choosing the proper surface for concrete covering has a number of advantages, including better durability, higher efficiency and safety, improved aesthetic appeal, simpler cleaning, and cheaper maintenance costs.

    Whether you have an existing surface or a new construction project, ArmourCoat offers a broad selection of affordable commercial epoxy resin flooring solutions to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff offers an all-inclusive service for delivering industrial resin floor coating solutions, from initial consultation and planning to surface preparation, application, and ongoing maintenance—all for the most affordable price.

    Both big and small companies in Melbourne use ArmourCoat for commercial applications. We also operate in the hospitality sector, business offices, and retail floors. Whatever your surroundings and particular needs are in terms of foot traffic, hygiene, cost, upkeep, and, of course, style and feel, we can offer you the ideal solution.

    Betterseal Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    betterseal flooring & coatings melbourne

    0411 487 330

    Melbourne organizations and enterprises are well aware of Betterseal when it comes to experts in epoxy flooring and concrete repairs. No matter the circumstance you are in, you can be sure that our team of experts can handle it for you thanks to our extensive assortment of flooring solutions.

    Melbourne’s Experience In All Floor Solutions.

    You may be sure that when you contact us that you are working with industry experts because we have over 15 years of experience. We possess the expertise to offer you the best solution for your floor project and issues. Due to the rigorous training that each member of our team receives, they are equipped to manage any task that has to be accomplished. You may be confident that we can address any floor issue you are experiencing since we have the necessary training, tools, and experience. If the job is big enough, we even travel outside of Victoria and Melbourne. If you need us to work after hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday, we will be available. We will work around your business hours.

    Betterseal are the experts in epoxy floor coating, joint sealing, and joint repairs/restoration. Betterseal flooring can handle any job, large or small. We provide a wide range of professional flooring services, from large factory and warehouse facilities to high traffic paths and food preparation areas. Betterseal flooring services provide high-quality flooring solutions to the Morning Peninsula and the greater Melbourne area. Our highly qualified team will offer premium products and services for large or small projects requiring epoxy concrete coatings, epoxy concrete repairs and maintenance, and wall and floor joint caulking.

    Epoxit Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    epoxit epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    The business was started by a chemist and is still run by the same family today. Using the greatest data from materials and application techniques, we create high-quality products that cater to the demands and concerns of our customers. Our thoroughly educated workforce, knowledgeable supervisors, and committed management are equipped to successfully accomplish all sizes of projects, from the largest to the smallest, on schedule and in a manner that reflects professionalism.

    We have grown in terms of expertise, hardware, and equipment thanks to our reputation and customer reviews of our service and products. By taking into account the project budget, serviceability, health and safety warranties, and other factors, you will be able to choose the optimal coating option. We are proud of all of our customers, from big corporations to small and medium-sized businesses.

    MS Epoxy Flooring & Coating Melbourne

    ms epoxy flooring & coating melbourne

    0423 341 140

    One of the most well-known companies offering a variety of epoxy flooring options in Melbourne is MS Epoxy Flooring & Coating, which has years of experience to its credit. Our staff includes some of the most qualified and competent specialists who would employ the most up-to-date equipment and methods to provide the best solutions to satisfy our clients' functional requirements and aesthetic preferences.

    Our epoxy specialists in Melbourne are the best in the industry because of this focus on the customer and our passion to deliver ideal solutions on time and within budget. We are the most esteemed epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne because of our commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer service.

    Our service promise

    Whatever your flooring needs, we can give you the most up-to-date solution for your industrial, commercial, or residential project. The greatest flooring option, which can survive traffic, weather, and other conditions for a long time, has been developed by our epoxy professionals in Melbourne.

    Due to our years of expertise working on a wide range of projects, we are able to deliver projects that perform well and are dependable for a long time. In Melbourne, we offer epoxy flooring, concrete resurfacing, driveway resurfacing, epoxy garage flooring, epoxy decorative flooring, floor grinding, and other epoxy flooring solutions.

    Alongside, we have also created a vast array of floor solutions that are economical, hygienic, and visually pleasing based on the unique needs of our customers. We provide the highest-quality, most durable flooring alternatives for everything from parking lots and roads to studios, sports fields, warehouses, airports, and even energy or nuclear facilities.

    All Purpose Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    all purpose epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    1800 437 690

    All Purpose Coatings, based in Brisbane, produces and sells premium Australian-made protective floor coatings at an affordable price. Charmaine and Garry Ashford, the company's founders, have a combined twenty years of experience in the industry. The company has created, developed, and tested a wide range of its products in a variety of settings, from small residential garages to large civil projects. Most importantly, though, is that it continues to stay abreast of the current market.

    A wide variety of epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, flake, and concrete sealers were supplied by the company's manufacturing facility in Sumner, Brisbane, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring solutions. Branch locations in Melbourne and Brisbane, along with a sizable product delivery network, guarantee that supplies are easily accessible across Australia and the South Pacific.

    The company has obtained numerous accreditations, including APAS Australia Paint Approval Scheme, ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, ISO 45001 Safe Management System, and is a Federally Recognized Manufacturing Unit, thanks to the continuous implementation of processes and procedures and the use of cutting-edge technology. The business takes pleasure in the quality of its systems, ensuring that the criteria for product accuracy and dependability are at the forefront throughout the manufacturing, testing, and application processes.

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    concrete resurfacing systems epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    1300 139 091

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems provide a specialized service for the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors. We provide complete solutions for all forms of concrete preparation, treatment, and coatings. From the application of protective coatings and concrete sealers to the preparation of concrete, which includes concrete grinding and blasting, everything is covered by our services. This covers the application of industrial-grade epoxy flooring and polyurethane concrete sealers.

    We have become one of the market leaders in the application and installation of ornamental concrete floors and coatings thanks to our significant experience in the concrete treatment sector. We offer polished concrete floors, stained concrete, decorative concrete overlays, decorative self-leveling floors, decorative concrete resurfacing, and decorative epoxy flooring surfaces among other decorative concrete surfaces. Call Concrete Resurfacing Systems for a price estimate if your upcoming project calls for polished concrete floors in Melbourne.

    Use our concrete grinding service to revitalize and restore worn-out concrete floors. Old concrete floors, including those in residential garages as well as commercial and industrial spaces, can be given new life by our concrete grinding specialists. Depending on the specific project, we provide concrete grinding services ranging from burnishing to heavy grinding. Each new project will be evaluated on its own merits by our concrete grinding specialists, who will then give you with a customized concrete grinding plan to meet your requirements and your budget.

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