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What Are Melbourne’s Healthy Food Finds?

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    Find the healthiest options in Melbourne here! Without a doubt, Melbourne is Australia's premier dining destination. However, did you know that it also features some of the world's finest vegetarian and vegan eateries? The best restaurants in Melbourne have created vegetarian and vegan menus so that you can try new healthy foods.

    It's time to move on from Acai Bowls as your default healthy food choice. Instead, you may eat whatever you want for breakfast now, including burgers, nachos, and more. All the food at these places is nutritious, and you can expect to leave feeling full. Your lips are drier as Anubis' sandal, your skin is appearing speckly, and your head is hammering from the sh-sh-shakes. It's your own fault; why should you do this? Ask yourself: do you merit this? You have committed to a detox. Initially, this motivates you.

    You surf the web for heart-healthy buzzwords like "yoga," "Paltrow," and "kale," and while you inundate your brain with innumerable photos of pearly whites and toned abs, you convince oneself that you'll take the first step and prepare a nutritious meal for yourself. We need to get to the store.

    You were disoriented in the maze of aisles at the supermarket and couldn't find your way out of the fluorescent lights. You start to worry when you can't find any of the roasted chard and three-bean salads that everyone seems to be raving about. You passed out after seeing slabs of Lift for sale and never noticed the quinoa or caressed the bean sprouts because the health food aisle was buried in a packaging vortex of atomic vegetable Samboys and nectar roasted cashews. And how in the world did you wind yourself on the couch, spooning Jerry & Jerry's out of the tub while watching all of season six of 30Rock? You really don't remember walking up from the shop with your arms full of groceries. The atmosphere is gloomy and the food is heavy on carbohydrates, making any hopes of losing weight seem like a distant ghost.

    So, whether you need a healthy breakfast after a month of overindulgence, are starting your yearly pre-summer "this year my bikini-body will rival, the women will flock to me" diet, or are just an obsessive fan of all things healthy and nutrition, we present you Melbourne's Finest healthy breakfasts.

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    Melbourne's Healthy Food 

    If you've spent the recent chilly spell wishing you could order takeout and eat under your duvet, consider yourself officially accepted into the group. This fantastic healthy hit-list of healthy Food options is here to assist you dine from the comfort of your sofa throughout the colder months without putting on those winter pounds.

    Hunters’ Roots

    Provides a tasty meal with a focus on health. Delicious food is guaranteed thanks to the use of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. There is a variety of healthy options, from smoothies to toasties. On top of that, we switch up our menus with each new season so that you never get bored. Be careful to stop over during the day, as they only serve breakfast and lunch.

    Our cafe at Hunters' Roots is intended to seem like an extension to their cooking space. Our ever-evolving menu is a reflection of the care and consideration we put into finding and preparing each item. We do our best to patronise nearby farms and factories, and we're constantly on the lookout for new and improved methods to serve you.

    The Source Bulk Foods

    The Source Bulk Foods is founded in 2012 on the principle that consumers should have more access to food without packaging, and that doing so would result in a lesser environmental impact. They will fight for you in the name of healthy eating. They are eliminating packaging and stocking their stores with healthy snacks, whole grains, and organic produce available in quantity. They specialise in sating healthy appetites and advocating for zero waste, so now is the moment to embrace conscientious consumerism.

    Twenty & Six Espresso

    Twenty & 6 Espresso may have a limited menu, but its coffee, pastries, and 'The Garden,' an organic salad bar, are all top-notch. This meal is as pretty as its name implies, so if you can control yourself long enough to take a photo before digging in, you're certain to get a lot of likes on Instagram. You can indulge in the 'w/ Jamon since it comes with freshly roasted beetroot on a bed if beluga lentils, whisked feta cheese, asparagus, pure maple candied walnuts, and herbs. Instead, pick up some fresh blood oranges or seasonal peach puree from the Queen Vic Market down the street to wash down your meal. You'll feel refreshed after a cup of coffee at Twenty & Six Espresso, and you'll still have room in your calorie budget for a trip to QVM for fresh jam doughnuts and chocolate-dipped churros.

    Shoku Iku

    In a nutshell, "Seasonal and Organic" sums up SHOKU IKU well. They have a wide selection of nutritious foods that can aid you in your quest to eat better. SHOKU IKU's ready-to-eat meals pack a nutritional punch. It has no added sugar, is low in calories, is vegan, and does not contain any gluten. You can get them shipped to your house or pick them up in store.

    Transformer Fitzroy

    When you're looking for a high-end, plant-based dining experience in Fitzroy, look no further than Transformer. Dimmed lights, locally produced menu items, and fine seasonal wine await you at one of Melbourne's top healthy restaurants. Gather a big group of people and order from the "feed me" menu.


    Feeling spiritually hungry? If you're looking, you can stop right here. Nosh's goal is to make people happy by satisfying their appetites. Each dish is a labour of love, packed with healthy ingredients and served with a side of culinary creativity. You can't go wrong with a Signature Bowl like the Eye of the Tiger (with tamarind prawns) or the Wagu-San. Meat and fish, typically avoided by health-conscious eateries, take centre stage here, making it ideal for carnivores seeking light options.

    Moses and Co. Market Wholefoods

    Offering their knowledge and a wide selection of products thru an online health shop is a natural extension of their brick-and-mortar location. By providing a safe and convenient compared to conventional in-store shopping, this online service is sure to become a customer favourite.

    Wholefoods Food Store

    There is a large amount of pressure on residents of the affluent bayside community of Brighton to improve their appearance, therefore there are plenty of locations to get your sleek in the area. Banana, mixed berries, chia seeds, rolled oats, and your preference of milk, blended with ice and served in a glass, make for a delicious breakfast smoothie at Wholefoods, the mecca for health-nuts. For those who still need convincing that food can be served in a form suitable for consumption through a straw or by the fine toothless citizens of Melbourne, try this delicious, filling and verging-on-TOO-healthy smoothie and then come and talk to me.

    Hochi Mama CBD

    A healthy eatery, Hochi Mama CBD does not fit the trendy, cool image. But don't worry; some of the city's healthiest options can be found right here. Their entire menu is designed around family-style or group sharing, an idea that is central to Asian cuisine. The "Me Hungry Now" menu, which costs $33.50 at lunch and $35.50 at night, has won them worldwide recognition and a dedicated following. On the menu, you'll find two appetisers, two entrées, and one side (per pair). Both the caramelised pork belly and the crunchy fried dumplings are delicious.


    Miznon's fame has extended all across the globe. They are serious about providing you with their own spin on traditional Mediterranean dishes. Options abound, each promising a novel gastronomic adventure. You must have their Cassoulet, the best vegetable food in the world. But their Cozy Sirloin and Root Stew is a must-order for meat eaters. Every dish is a celebration of the environment and its natural bounty.

    Miznon was founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv and has since expanded to Paris, Budapest, Brisbane, and New York. Through the use of local and novel ingredients, we have given Mediterranean street food a new spin. Our pitas will feature regional ingredients and flavours. To stuff one's entire range of emotions, aspirations, limitations, physical characteristics, and culinary inventions into a pita.

    miznon melbourne

    Little Big Sugar Salt

    Little Big Sugar Salt may be the most health-conscious of the recently opened cafes in the world's café capital. As the name suggests, the menu is structured so that you can order something little, medium, or large, as well as something sweet or savoury.

    Combi Elwood

    ‘Follow your bliss’ is the motto at Combi Elwood. It’s the quintessential unique and quick Melbourne cafe. They intend to provide you with healthy fare that is yet full of flavour and enjoyment. Some examples of the raw food available there are the Organic Acai Bowl and the Blue Moon Smoothie. They provide a wide range of savoury options, such as the Spicy Pumpkin toasted sandwich, if you're not in the mood for something sweet.

    The Kombi van, a byword for independence and individualism, is the inspiration for Combi Elwood's moniker. The café has seen several changes since it first started out offering coffee and toasties out of the back of a truck. It has since become home to a close-knit community and offers a varied cuisine focused on nutritious fare.

    Combi is most proud of its commitment to both community development and healthy lifestyles. What do we meant by it, accurately? Here, we truly believe that you can always find the time to: eat well, live life, love those around, laugh at the little things, nourish your body, relax, eat fresh, laugh at ones self, roll with the fists, share a smile, waste some time, be caring, admire others for doing their best, fantasy world a little, and most importantly, follow your bliss.

    Your genuine, authentic, one-of-a-kind self is welcomed and appreciated here. Now, on to the good stuff: we only provide delicious, nourishing, and freshly prepared meals. We place a strong emphasis on using only raw, organic, and natural products that would leave your mind and body feeling better nourished and pleased than ever before. All of the ingredients in our smoothie bowls and smoothies have the highest quality, and they're all raw, fresh, and natural.

    Trippy Taco

    What about some tacos on a Tuesday? If you're looking for the best Mexican street cuisine in Melbourne, look no further than Trippy Taco. This restaurant has earned a reputation for serving delicious vegetarian Mexican food made with only the highest quality ingredients. We highly recommend both their Taquitos and their mixed taco meal. Everything on the menu can be made vegan if you like. Everything on the menu, from the breakfast tortilla to the Nutella melt, is completely healthy.

    Seedling Cafe

    The Seedling Cafe is a popular choice among Melbourne locals looking for a healthy eating option. Absolutely nothing here will make you sick, and it's all wonderful. They, like Hochi Mama, provide high-quality, convenient pre-cooked meals to make eating healthily a breeze. Their Shepherd's Pie or gluten-free Lasagna are to die for. They also sell a variety of fantastic cakes that are sure to be a hit at whatever celebration.

    Veggie Bar

    Fresh smoothies and wholefood bowls are just the beginning of what Veggie Bar has to offer veggie fans. This fusion restaurant pays homage to a wide variety of cuisines by serving up anything from stir-fries and burritos to arancini balls and burgers. Their food encourages you to branch out and try new things, including those with unusual flavour profiles. If you're a fan of vegetables, you should definitely check them out right now.

    Yong Green Food

    When you go inside Yong Green Food, you'll feel as though you've stepped into a different dimension. The dragon-adorned walls and drifting paper lanterns in this restaurant are charming, but they can't take the spotlight off of the excellent fare they serve. They've got a spot among Melbourne's best healthy dining options thanks to their meticulous preparations.

    This restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines, much like Veggie Bar. Instead, you may try dishes like Sticky Date Pudding, Lentil Curry, Nachos, and Dumplings all in the same meal. Each diner at the table can find something to their liking, since they provide both vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

    Il Fornaio

    The St. Kilda beachgoers who frequent Il Fornaio have inspired the restaurant to craft a menu focused on fresh, local ingredients. The latter group, meanwhile, is on the hunt for an experience that will send their tastebuds soaring.

    Some examples of healthy food choices are:

    • Honey-toasted organic oats, popped grains, macadamia, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, purple sugar, orange zest, and your milk of choice comprise the Summer Health God Muesli.
    • A breakfast bowl of organic quinoa, halloumi, fried egg, olive, fresh tomato, roasted capsicum, with basil. - I Eat Quinoa For Breakfast.


    Touchwood is one of the top healthy cafes in Melbourne because it serves delicious, affordable meals that will leave you feeling refreshed. We frequently come here since there's always something delicious to eat. Their Mexican Chicken Salad and Crispy Chicken Baos are delicious, as is their fresh Granola and Brekky Burger. This eatery also disproves the notion that vegan or vegetarian diets are the only way to have a nutritious and complete meal.

    Loving Hut

    Loving Hut serves up gourmet vegan cuisine and is a global phenomenon. Everything on the menu reflects their commitment to healthy, environmentally friendly dining. The restaurant's large menu features a wide variety of entrees, snacks, and other options. Traditional Thai dishes like Green Curry and Pad Thai can be found in their extensive Thai menu. They also stock a few uncooked food options for you to try.

    Loving Hut was founded on the principle that all living things—humans, animals, and the earth itself—deserve to live in peace and harmony, and it serves as a welcoming jumping-off place for people of all backgrounds who are making the heroic switch to an organic diet. The Supreme Master Ching Hai–inspired Loving Hut is rapidly expanding to countries all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Japan, and Bangkok. Its origins can be traced back to Australia, where it first opened its doors in 2013.

    As a growing number of people throughout the world switch to a plant-based diet and create new eateries, Loving Hut has become a symbol of hope for many. In addition, as we discuss in our environment article, this is the only way to ensure the long-term survival of our planet in light of the growing body of scientific data linking the meat industry to climate change.

    Grain – Bulk Food Store

    For a one-of-a-kind, zero-waste shopping experience, look no farther than HeaGraina - Bulk Food Store. Organic Muesli (both Paleo and Vegan-Friendly), Lentils, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Superfoods, Teas, Sweets, Snacks, Healthy Dried Spices, and Much More Are Available At This Moonee Ponds Store, Melbourne and all over Australia

    You can acquire as much and as little of any item as you like, thanks to the Bulk Food system that is used. Thy Self Co.Ethical and sustainable food options are just the beginning at Heal. Those Who Care About Thyself Ltd. They want you to have a healthy Victoria dining experience, thus everything on the menu is plant-based and organic. The use of natural, earthy flavours demonstrates a genuine appreciation for superb cooking. For a healthy and filling morning meal, try their Antiox Acai, and for lunch, their Bootylicious Bowl is hard to beat.

    Moroccan Soup Bar

    The goal of the Moroccan Soup Bar is to provide you with an authentic taste of Morocco. Besides soups, this restaurant also serves lunch and dinner. You can have a variety of rice dishes, hummus, eggplant, dips, and more. Their vegan and dairy-free Harrira Soup are worth trying and perfect for those rainy Melbourne days. You can also "pay it forwards" by donating a meal bag to someone in need.


    Recognized as one of Melbourne's top spots for healthy dining, Alimentari has been relied on by customers for approximately twenty-two years, and this tendency is not slowing down. They offer a shop that you can buy fresh bread, cheese and sausage in addition to the great meals they provide. Get your breakfast or lunch salad without waiting in a line or making a reservation.

    Pressed Juices

    Someone who drinks fruit juices by the gallon. You can get your fill of fruit, nuts, grains, beans, oats, veggies, beef, lamb, chicken (well, maybe not the last three) If you're able to juice it, they want it in or around our mouth. It was intriguing, then, when Pressed Juices arrived in Melbourne with the slogan "positively life changing." Smoothies from Pressed Juices, however, have the potential to be the healthiest morning option available, barring eating seven bowls or broccoli.


    Smoothie is not your average coffee shop. Instead, they provide meal delivery services, including breakfast smoothie packs. They also sell picnic baskets, which are great for intimate get-togethers or celebratory outings with friends. In need of a sweets buffet? They've got your back covered. The cakes, biscuits, and fruit in their Sweet Dreams package will help them relax and fall asleep. Acai bowls are available separately if you're just looking for a quick breakfast pick-me-up.

    Shakahari Too

    Shakahari Too, which has been open for almost 50 years, is a mecca for vegetarians and vegans alike. Vegan fare prepared with local, in-season Victoria, Australia, ingredients. Vegetarian options at reasonable prices can be hard to come by, but at Shakahari Too, you won't go hungry. Their flavours, like as their world-famous satay and lasagne, are out of the ordinary and inventive. Don't be shocked if your sense of taste is completely overwhelmed.

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    Green Man’s Arms

    Green Man's Arms is a place where you can really sense the love for Australian made goods. When it comes to vegetarian dining, their mission is to provide you with only the freshest ingredients and the best beverages. Everything on the menu is vegetarian and changes with the seasons. If you're looking for a lighter meal, try the Fried Cauliflower or the Smoked Watermelon. If you're looking for something heartier, we recommend the Sunday Roast or the Green Man's Green Burger.

    Get That India

    You probably wouldn't guess it, but eating Indian food can be a healthy option. Prahran's Indian fusion cuisine GTI—Get That India—offers carb-free takeout meals that are incredibly flavorful. They have a fantastic Mango Mania salad (chicken marinated in mango and coconut, served on a bed of fresh salad), as well as ready-to-eat quarter of half tandoori-style chickens; combine these with some homemade side dishes, and you have the perfect answer for cooking for friends at home.

    Street Organics

    A favourite of the Melbourne clean eating. Crew, Malvern's Street Organics is a nutritious cafe/grocery/online business that won't let you put on winter weight. Stop by to pick up some of the freshest organic food and a tasty acai bowl for breakfast or a nutritious rye wrap for lunch to go. Or save the internet retailer Street Organics (they deliver!) to your bookmarks and stock up on healthy foods before Mr. Pizza comes knocking.


    In Melbourne, you may find some of the world's finest vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans have menus full of delicious and nutritious options. There is no junk food here; you will leave here feeling satisfied. In this section, you will find the healthiest Melbourne has to offer. We use only fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients in all of our recipes.

    Looking for a fancy, vegetarian restaurant in Fitzroy? You won't find better. We think you'll enjoy Transformer, one of Melbourne's best healthy eateries. All of Shoku Iku's ready-to-eat meals are healthy and nutritious, with no added sugar and few calories. Some of Melbourne's most health-conscious cafés include Hochi Mama, Miznon, Combi Elwood, and Little Big Sugar Salt. They want to serve you nutritious food that's still delicious and enjoyable.

    Each dish is a tribute to the earth and all the delicious things it has to offer. Elwood got his unique moniker from the popular Kombi van. Changes have been made to the café since its humble beginnings selling coffee and toasties off the back of a truck. Since then, it has flourished into a community with its own own culture and cuisine, with an emphasis on providing residents with healthy options. To feel rejuvenated after eating at Touchwood, visit one of the best healthy cafes in Melbourne.

    The beachgoers of Il Fornaio's location led the chef to create a menu highlighting regional specialities. The premise upon which Loving Hut was built was that all organisms have an inherent right to coexist without suffering. The restaurant has a huge menu with many different dishes, snacks, and drinks to choose from. The shopping experience at HeaGraina - Bulk Food Store is one-of-a-kind since it produces no trash whatsoever. For fifty years, vegetarians and vegans have found sanctuary at Shakahari Too.

    They provide breakfast smoothie packs and picnic baskets among their many other food delivery options. Some of Melbourne's best vegetarian restaurants include Shakahari Too, Green Man's Arms, and Get That India. One of the most popular places for healthy eaters to shop is Street Organics in Malvern. GTI, an Indian fusion restaurant in Prahran, provides exceptionally delectable carb-free takeout meals.

    Content Summary

    1. If you're looking for the best restaurants in Australia, go no further than Melbourne.
    2. Vegan and vegetarian options have been added to the menus at Melbourne's finest eateries.
    3. Choosing Acai Bowls as your go-to healthy meal option has run its course.
    4. To help you stay healthy and avoid gaining weight throughout the colder months, we've compiled this amazing healthy hit list of nutritious Food options for you to enjoy without leaving the comfort of your couch.
    5. Offers a nutritious and delicious dinner.
    6. From nutritious smoothies to wholesome toasties, you're not going to go hungry here.
    7. At Hunters' Roots, our cafe is designed to look like an extension of their kitchen.
    8. The premise upon which The Source Bulk Foods was established in 2012 was that people should have greater access to food without packaging.
    9. In defence of nutritious food, they will go to bat for you.
    10. Although Twenty & 6 Espresso only serves a few select items, the quality of their coffee, pastries, and "The Garden" organic salad bar more than makes up for it.
    11. You and I, Shou Iku
    12. Seasonal and organic describes SHOKU IKU in a nutshell.
    13. The nutritional value of SHOKU IKU's convenient meals is high.
    14. Look no further than Transformer if you're searching for a fantastic vegan restaurant in Fitzroy.
    15. One of Melbourne's best healthy restaurants is waiting for you with low lighting, seasonal menu items, and excellent wine.
    16. Hochi Mama CBD, a health food restaurant, does not have the same hipster appeal as its counterpart, Hochi Mama.
    17. But don't worry, because you'll find some of the city's healthiest alternatives here.
    18. They have gained worldwide fame and a devoted fanbase thanks to their "Me Hungry Now" menu, which costs $33.50 at lunch and $35.50 at night.
    19. The name Miznon is now recognised over the world.
    20. They are dedicated to giving you a unique take on classic Mediterranean meals.
    21. Miznon began in Tel Aviv in 2011, and it has now spread to other cities around the world.
    22. We've put a new spin on Mediterranean street food by using fresh, local ingredients.
    23. It's possible that, of all the new cafés in the world's cafe capital, Little Big Sugar Salt is the most health-conscious.
    24. We encourage you to "follow your bliss" when you shop at Combi Elwood.
    25. Elwood got his moniker from the Kombi van, a symbol of freedom and individuality.
    26. Trippy Taco is the place to go in Melbourne for authentic Mexican street food.
    27. Locals in Melbourne who are looking for a nutritious restaurant alternative often choose the Seedling Cafe.
    28. The eclectic menu at this fusion eatery includes everything from stir-fries and burritos to arancini balls and burgers, paying respect to a wide range of culinary traditions.
    29. The interior of Yong Green Food is so otherworldly that it will make you question whether you're still in our universe.
    30. Their attention to detail in the kitchen has earned them a place among Melbourne's top picks for healthful eating.
    31. Like Veggie Bar, this eatery offers a large selection of vegetarian and vegan options.
    32. In order to cater to the tastes of the local beachgoers of St. Kilda, Il Fornaio has created a menu centred on seasonal, locally sourced produce.
    33. If you're looking for a healthy cafe in Melbourne that delivers excellent, reasonably priced food that will leave you feeling revitalised, look no further than Touchwood.
    34. Welcoming people from all walks of life who are making the courageous transition to an organic diet, Loving Hut was established on the belief that all living things—humans, animals, and the land itself—deserve to live in peace and harmony.
    35. Europe, the United States, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Japan, and Bangkok are just some of the places where the Supreme Master Ching Hai-inspired Loving Hut has recently opened its doors.
    36. It all began in 2013 with the opening of the first location in Australia.
    37. The success of Loving Hut has been an inspiration to many as more and more people adopt a plant-based diet and open vegan restaurants around the world.
    38. More and more scientific evidence links the meat business to climate change, therefore this is the only way to ensure the long-term survival of our world, as we detail in our environment post.
    39. There's a lot more to Heal, Those Who Care About Thyself Ltd. than just ethical and environmentally friendly eating selections. Everything on the menu is plant-based and organic because they care about you having a healthy Victoria eating experience.
    40. Their Harrira Soup, which is vegan and dairy-free, is delicious and ideal for wet Melbourne days.
    41. Giving a stranger a food bag is a great way to "pay it forwards."
    42. Get a salad for breakfast or lunch without having to wait in line or make a reservation.
    43. The kind of person that guzzles down gallons of fruit juices.
    44. The arrival of Pressed Juices in Melbourne with the tagline "positively life changing" piqued my interest.
    45. But if you can't stomach the thought of eating seven bowls of broccoli first thing in the morning, Pressed Juices' smoothies might be the next best thing.
    46. Smoothie isn't your typical coffee establishment.
    47. Instead, they provide breakfast smoothie packs as part of their meal delivery service.
    48. Vegans and vegetarians both flock to Shakahari Too, a vegetarian restaurant that has been running for nearly half a century.
    49. Vegetarian dishes cooked with Victoria, Australia produce at its peak.
    50. You won't go hungry at Shakahari Too, where vegetarian options abound at moderate pricing.

    FAQs About Melbourne's Healthy Food 

    Healthy eating has become mainstream, with most consumers expecting foods and beverages that meet increasingly nuanced attributes of health and wellness, ethics, and sustainability.

    Melbourne has a perfect synergy of food and fitness, offering the ultimate healthy lifestyle! Melbourne locals look for gourmet meals made from quality ingredients when dining at home with such a thriving foodie culture.

    Touchwood offers you rejuvenating meals that don’t break the bank, making it one of Melbourne’s best healthy foods. They love eating here because of the diverse food choices, satisfying any cravings you have. From their fresh Granola, Brekky Burger to their Crispy Chicken Baos and Mexican Chicken Salad.

    By following the dietary patterns recommended in the Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, we will get enough of the nutrients essential for good health and also help reduce our risk of chronic health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity.

    Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products. Includes a variety of protein foods such as seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, legumes (beans and peas), soy products, nuts, and seeds. Is low in added sugars, sodium, saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol.

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