what are the unique melbourne date ideas

What Are The Unique Melbourne Date Ideas?

While dinner and drinks might still be your go-to date night, it’s nice to know there are options for when it’s time to spice things up. With so many things to see and do around Melbourne, you’re quite spoilt for choice regarding date ideas.

Indeed, you can’t always plan for everything but impressing your date with something unique, and fun is a great place to start. We’ve picked some of the best date ideas covering day and night activities, lavish spending and options that are as cheap as chips. Whatever you’re into, here’s a diverse list of date ideas in Melbourne catering to all walks of life.

FAQs Unique Melbourne Date Ideas

As one of the best fun date ideas in Melbourne, you’ll bring a touch of retro-revival to break the ice with a new friend, and hopefully, everyone’s bones stay intact as you glide around the city. For your safety, the tour sticks to relatively smooth surfaces. 6. Play a Game in Virtual Reality

There are dozens of fun things to do in Melbourne for couples, no matter if you’re on your first tinder date or celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary. This city is full of gems – from unique shows and live music venues to tasting tours, open-air movies, outdoor adventures, and romantic getaways.

If you’re feeling nervous beforehand and hate small talk, visit Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks, where you’ll witness an awe-inspiring cosmic presentation that will offer plenty for you to discuss afterwards.

A perfect date lets her see and feel all the essential things she would look for in a partner, such as thoughtfulness, romance, effort, and quality time.

To be memorable, your date needs to get to know you, so make sure you are able to talk during your date. Choosing an activity instead of a sit down discussion will help ease awkward silences and give you something to talk about in a pinch since you can talk about what you're doing.

Unique Melbourne Date Ideas

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In Melbourne, you may take your date to an ice bar, a trampoline park, or a movie theatre that simulates an entire universe. Try one of Melbourne's most unusual date ideas, from a theatre that creates an immersive environment to a trampoline park or an ice bar.

Bounce Inc

When a pair jumps together, they tend to remain together. Bounce Inc. in Glen Iris is a trampoline park where adults may let go and leap across enormously interconnected trampolines with their significant others.

You can also try your hand at the X-Park Experience Challenge Course, the Cliff Jump, and the Big Bags in addition to free-jumping.

Bounce Inc is the perfect place for free spirits to let loose, and would make a great first date idea because of how quickly and easily you'd bounce into anyone's good graces. It's a great way to break the ice and have some fun on a first date with three thousand square metres of connected internal trampolines, battle beams, handball, a cliff jump, and more.

Get A Cheap Feed

Fantastic food is available. They are sure that everyone else recognises this reality as well, so there's no point in wasting time arguing the point; instead, they want to jump right to practical advice on how to save money.

It's a good idea to keep an eye out for special theme nights at area restaurants, such as Taco Tuesdays and Steak Nights. Feeding yourself throughout the middle of the week can be cheap if you do your homework and pay attention to the deals. As an added bonus, many great offers may be found at your favourite local businesses simply by following them on Facebook.

Mini Golf

If you’re looking for fun date ideas in Melbourne, Mini golf should be your first stop. We've already compiled a list of the top spots, but just in case you need a refresher, we've selected the greatest one for a date night you won't want to miss.

Both Glowgolf and Le Bar European are distinctly European If you're looking for the ideal night out on the town, look no farther than Glowgolf and Beau Bar European. You may get to know each other better over a few cases of beer, making this the perfect place for an initial date. Docklands Shopping Centre is a popular spot for some glow-in-the-dark putt-putt on a course decorated with iconic Australian landmarks and illuminated with ultraviolet lights for late-night play.

You can't go wrong with a round of golf as a romantic activity. The use of ultraviolet illumination and glow-in-the-dark gadgetry, though, takes things to a new level. Experience the thrill of golf while surrounded by the brilliant colours of a nightclub. Glow Sidling up to your date to obtain the perfect shot at a hole-in-one is proof that golf can bring excitement to even the most sedate of activities.

Experience The Underground Cinema

Without an air of intrigue, romance would be nothing. That's why it's at the top of our list of fun places to go on a date.

To avoid boring your date, avoid taking them to the same movie theatre you've been going to for years. Rather, surprise them with an outing to this mobile theatre by purchasing tickets on the spur of the moment. They don't stay in one spot, and you never know where it'll be until they send you a message.

The movie itself is a mystery, and it comes with an unexpected (but always fantastic) view. A perk? There will be no debates on what to watch.

Take your date to Underground Cinema, a place that strives to create immersive worlds by fusing traditional techniques of storytelling with cinema, to keep the mystery alive.

Attendees of these costumed gatherings are tasked with showing up in disguise at a secret venue to view a film whose title and director are kept under wraps until the credits roll. As a result, the Underground Cinema may show up anywhere, from a warehouse to a long-forgotten ballroom.

The Salsa Foundation

To make a good impression on your spouse at a salsa lesson, you should check your pride at the door and go down on the dance floor. Even if you have two left feet and have never danced before, the Salsa Foundation offers free classes every Tuesday and Friday where anyone may learn the basics of the dance.

Just can't get enough of it? Participate in one of their more advanced courses. Was there a breakup? There's no need to worry; you may dance the day away without a partner here.

Sip And Paint

For a creative date night idea in Melbourne cork and canvas southwest melbourne is the city's first painter and sip studio, and they don't skimp on the wine. All art supplies are on the house to make sure your date night goes off without a hitch.

You need only bring a friend and some refreshments. In this activity, you need not have any prior experience with painting. There will be plenty of opportunities for hilarity on this occasion.

See The Stars At Melbourne Planetarium

Looking up at the stars together is a romantic and enchanting date idea. Sometimes, though, clouds or chilly weather get in the way.

If you're looking for a fantastic date idea, the Melbourne Dome is the place to go. Comfortably enjoy a considerably more distinct view of the sparkling stars. This information is popular whether your meet your partner at work or through an internet dating service.

A fun and educational date idea in Melbourne is to visit the planetarium and explore the wonders of the night sky together. You won't find anything like them, even in the most immersive of video games.

Escape Room

escape room melbourne

If you’re looking for cute or romantic date ideas in Melbourne,

You shouldn't read this. Haunted adventures with an extra dose of logic and problem solving are what escape room are all about. All of Melbourne's top escape rooms have already been explored by us.

However, I've included one that is ideal for a romantic evening below. With a storefront in the middle of Melbourne, LOST in Victoria Escape Rooms brings the best features of other escape rooms to the city's residents.

They've got the makings of a great date night covered with three different immersive experiences to select from. What's not to appreciate about being the first to solve the riddle and winning over your companion in the process? You you your date might develop a close bond while trapped in a room together trying to solve a series of challenging puzzles.

Learn to rely on each other's expertise as you race against the clock to solve a variety of puzzles including language, image, number, space, motion, and logic. One can visit any of the six locations around Melbourne.

Go-Karting With Ace Karts

This exciting date plan is sure to bring out the rivalry between you and your partner. The circuit at Ace Karts is extra-wide and long, so you can either sneak up on the competition or charge straight ahead.

It's a blast to go fast around the track. Another surefire method of securing a second date is making your date laugh. Still, keep in mind that it's all in good humour. Keep your focus on the battle, or you can lose your date.

Grape Stomping At Noisy Ritual

Noisy Ritual, Melbourne's first urban winery, gives patrons the chance to participate in the winemaking process. So, get your feet and fingertips muddy in a grape-to-glass encounter that explains winemaking in a way that's easy to understand and makes for a great story to tell later. Both winemaking classes and barrel tastings are available at Noisy Ritual.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind date spot that caters to your tastes in food, tunes, and drinks, look no further than Noisy Ritual. You can do everything yourself, starting with the grapes, and ending with a glass of wine, courtesy of your own grape stomping. While membership is required to participate in the wine stomping, the bar is open on Thursday through Sunday for those who just want to stop in for a glass of wine, some cheese, or a sample flight.

Rock Climbing

It's no surprise that rock climbing, this year's adventure sport of last year, has exploded in popularity in the Victorian capital of Melbourne. Whether you're an experienced climber or just starting out, all of the locations upon that list of the top rock climbing destinations in Melbourne are great places for a couple to have some shirtless, sweaty fun. Keep in mind that this is one of the more physically demanding date ideas in Melbourne. Below, you'll find our recommendation for a fun activity for two.

Visit The NGV

Put all the best features of dating into one location. A variety of musical performances, artistic exhibitions, and tasty treats may be found at the Museum Of contemporary Art. The eccentricity of the space is a direct result of the eccentricity of the artists whose work is displayed here. It's a sophisticated option for an evening out with your special someone, yet it's also fun and relaxing.

Share in the experience of fine dining while broadening your horizons culturally. We and your date won't soon forget this unforgettable evening. Also, there is no cost to attend, so there is no risk to your wallet.

IceBar Melbourne

You and ones date can play big avalanche Jenga and sip drinks in the freezing cold at Australia's only ice bar. The team will provide snow capes, gloves, and snow boots upon your arrival; if that isn't enough to keep you warm, nuzzle with your special someone and spend the evening at Icebar Melbourne, the coolest location in town.

There is no other place in Australia where you can test your tolerance for the cold like this one and the bar is a nice novelty. We are open late every day of the week and offer BOGO cocktails every Wednesday.

Rollerblade Around Melbourne

Explore Melbourne on a Wednesday night with Bayside Blades rollerblading. By bringing a dash of retro-revival to the table, you'll be able to break the weather with a new acquaintance while enjoying one of Melbourne's most enjoyable date ideas. The journey avoids any particularly rough terrain for your own protection.

Indulge At A Food Festival

Melbourne celebrates its love for food in the most ideal way possible: year, hundreds of food events are held. You should take advantage of the fact that his date night coincides with a festival. Nothing compares to the special as connecting with another person through food

Get some food that you know you'll both enjoy, and use it as a springboard for conversation about your mutual interests. You might also do something different as a pair to have a memorable experience. A mutual appreciation for culinary delights practically guarantees a second meeting.

Play A Game In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality dates at Zero Latency are exciting and sure to be remembered. Playing besides your date in games like Zombie Survival, Killer Robots, and more is possible in an open-world virtual reality experience. You'd be surprised at how immersive it actually is.

Chocoholic Tours

Take your sweetheart on the Chocolate Lanes and Roller rinks Tour with Chocoholic Tours. Then, satisfy your sweet desire by embarking on a citywide chocolate tasting adventure featuring ten different chocolate experiences, from milk to dark to raw cacao.

Offerings such as chocolate and wine pairings, afternoon tea, and specials at the store itself are all part of this delectable tour. If a box of candy just won't do, try this instead! Those of you who just can't stop eating chocolate will enjoy this.

Embark on the ultimate chocolate adventure with a Chocolate Stroll through Melbourne's hidden laneways and arcades in search of the city's most esteemed chocolatiers. The best plan for a romantic evening in Melbourne.

Classic Ten Pin Bowling

In the heart of Melbourne, a game of ten pin bowling at Hit Melbourne central is the perfect choice for a traditional date night out. And if you feel hungry, there's a full kitchen and a bar with all your favourite drinks, so you can party all night long without leaving the house.

Hike Through Famous Trails

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Are you looking for a little more action? Melbourne has a lot of different hiking paths that are suitable for both novices and seasoned hikers. It's an excellent pretext for trying out some new cardiovascular routines. There are many chances for people to come together and form bonds.

The foliage and trees are stunning at any time of year and provide excellent conversation starters. Climbing a tough trail is no simple task. So why not tell the one you care about and both of you bask in the glow of shared joy? Taking up a common goal and succeeding at it together can deepen friendships.

Punting On The Lake

Take a punt ride across Melbourne's beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens to see the gardens in a new light. You and your friend can sit side by side as you paddle across the brackish areas of Ornamental Lake in search of cute turtles. Each punt may carry up to eight passengers, and tours last for 30 minutes.

Seek Thrills At A Treetop Adventure Park

With Trees Adventure Park's flying foxes, tight ropes, and tunnels, you and your date can soar through the Dandenong's treetops. For adventurers and thrill-seekers in Melbourne, this is the best date idea ever.

Axe Throwing

A date like this will be one they'll always remember. Bring your date to the Maniax Romantic Dinner Axe Hurling session and partake in an axe throwing tournament that will be remembered for years to come.

For a pair, axe throwing might be an unexpected and romantic activity thing to do in Melbourne. Where else can you go and toss an axe without worrying about bystanders calling the cops?

Chill Down With Ice Skating

Ice skating isn’t the first activity that comes to mind when you think of Melbourne. But that's exactly what sets this date plan apart from the rest.

You don’t need to live in a place full of snow and ice to enjoy The difficulty of this sport. Skating is a romantic activity that provides plenty of possibilities to hold hands while having a good time. And if one of you should happen to stumble, the other can help pick you up. The O'Brien Group Arena offers a free first ice skating session to those who have never skated before.

Secret Foodies

Dinner is a common date activity, but this restaurant is anything but standard. The location of the Secret Foodies event is kept secret until after ticket purchases have been made via text message. It will be a day they won't soon forget if you're with a foodie but you lack cooking skills.

Go Wild At Zoo Twilights

Zoo Twilights is a summer concert series fighting wildlife extinction, so if you and your date are companion animals, you're in for a crazy time. The iconic Icehouse, The Cat Empire, Meghan Mac, and more to be announced will all be performing this season. All of the money made from purchases will, as usual, be donated to conservation efforts.

Zoo Twilights, a summertime tradition, combines a picnic with a performance to raise money and awareness to stop the loss of endangered species. With roaring lions and chirping birds as a backdrop, Melbourne Zoo hosts 17 concerts over 17 nights featuring both domestic and foreign performers. The zoo gates will open at 5:30 p.m., giving you time to explore before the performance begins.

Karaoke At Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya

Talk about romantic things to do in Melbourne! At Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya, you may treat your date to a traditional karaoke session and show off your vocal prowess. This Izakaya now features a form of karaoke, perfect for couples looking to have a drink and some appetisers while belting out their favourite melodies.

Old Melbourne Gaol Night Tours

The spine-tingling range of night tours run by the Old Melbourne Gaol includes a Night in the Watch House, tours such as "Ghost? What a Ghost!" and "Hangman's Night" These candlelit tours are the perfect time to get close to your loved one while hearing chilling tales of the institution and executions.

For a frightful and thrilling evening with your special someone, you need not wait until October 31. Couples can take a tour of the haunted Old Melbourne Gaol by night and experience what it was like to be locked away in the city's watch house, look for ghosts, or even be led by the hangman himself.

Have A Picnic At The Royal Botanical Gardens

One of the best spots for a picnic in Melbourne includes the Royal Botanic Garden. Go on a romantic picnic in the woods with your date and enjoy the sun and beautiful scenery. The setting is ideal for a low-key date in Melbourne. You should bring a good lunch if you plan on staying all day.


You can take your date to the movies, an ice bar, or a trampoline park in Melbourne. Take your date to one of Melbourne's more offbeat attractions. We've already made a list of the best restaurants and bars in Melbourne for a romantic evening out. At Docklands Shopping Centre, visitors may play a round of glow-in-the-dark putt-putt on a course themed with famous Australian locations. Underground filmmaking uses cinema in tandem with more conventional storytelling methods in order to maintain an air of mystery.

You shouldn't read this if you're looking for cute and romantic things to do on a date in Melbourne. LOST in Victoria Escape Rooms offers the city's citizens all the greatest parts of other escape rooms. It's the first of its kind, and at Sip and Paint, the wine isn't skimped on. Customers of Melbourne's Noisy Ritual Urban Winery may learn how their favourite wines are made through hands-on classes and tastings. Popularity of rock climbing has skyrocketed in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.

The NGVP combines the best parts of dating into one exciting venue. Chocoholic Tours offers a romantic Chocolate Lanes and Roller Rink Tour, perfect for a date with your sweetheart. Visit Zero Latency for a free-roaming VR experience, where you can play games like Zombie Survival and Killer Robots. There's nothing quite like sharing a meal with someone you care about. Visit Dandenong's Trees Adventure Park for some zip lining, rock climbing, and tunnel fun!

To help spread the word about endangered species, Zoo Twilights mixes a picnic with a performance. Those who have never skated before are welcome to a free session at the O'Brien Group Arena. The proceeds from ticket sales will go towards environmental protection. In total, there will be 17 nights of music at Melbourne Zoo. Learn what it was like to be incarcerated in the city's watch house by taking a nighttime tour of the haunting Old Melbourne Gaol. Enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous landscapes with a picnic at the Royal Botanic Garden.

Content Summary

  • Ideas for a Special Date in Melbourne You can take your date to an ice bar, a trampoline park, or a movie theatre that creates the illusion of an infinite universe as they see your film in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne is home to a wide variety of unique date options, such as ice bars, trampoline parks, and immersive theatres.
  • Looking for a fun date idea in Melbourne? Mini golf should be your first stop.
  • In the same way as Le Bar European is quintessentially French, so is Glowgolf an inherently European sport. Glowgolf and Beau Bar European are perfect for a night out on the town.
  • Play golf in the midst of a vibrant nightclub.
  • LOST in Victoria Escape Rooms is conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne, bringing the greatest elements of other escape rooms to the locals.
  • Ace Karts features a lengthy, extra-wide track that allows you to easily sneak up on the opposition or go for broke in the open.
  • Melbourne Ice Bar
  • At Australia's only ice bar, you and your date can play a game of giant avalanche Jenga while warming up with some hot toddies.
  • In a shared virtual reality experience, you and your date can play games like "Zombie Survival," "Killer Robots," and others side by side.
  • This is your best bet for a memorable date night in Melbourne.
  • Hit Melbourne central's ten-pin bowling alley is conveniently located in the city centre, making it an ideal venue for a classic Melbourne date.
  • Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens can be seen in a whole new light from the perspective of a punt ride.
  • Axe throwing might be an exciting and novel date idea in Melbourne.
  • The Melbourne Zoo holds 17 concerts in total, spread out over 17 nights, with both local and international acts performing in front of a backdrop of roaring lions and singing birds.
  • Treat your companion to a night of classic karaoke at Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya and show off your pipes.
  • Go to the Royal Botanic Gardens and have a picnic.
  • The Royal Botanic Garden is a great location for a picnic in Melbourne.
  • With your date, have a picnic in the woods and take in the fresh air and natural beauty while you two get to know each other better.
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