What Are The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Melbourne?

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    Local and international chefs have decided to make this town a culinary powerhouse, attracting foodies from around the world. Some visitors even endure long flights across continents just to extract the city's famed cuisine.

    FAQs About Fine Dining In Melbourne

    • Traditionally the most expensive dining experience.
    • Typically multi-course.
    • Elegant a la carte or prix fixe menu options.
    • Popular during holidays or special occasions.

    The atmosphere of a fine dining establishment is usually more elegant, and the food is served more formally. You can expect celebrated chefs, more knowledgeable waitstaff and bar staff, and sometimes sommeliers or other food and drink experts to help you choose what to eat and drink.

    Fine dining restaurants are typically higher-end and fancier restaurants, cater to an upscale clientele and provide the highest quality of food. Fine dining restaurants offer wine lists and sometimes sommeliers to help with your food and wine pairing. They also have dress codes in most cases.

    The purpose of fine dining is to stimulate as many senses as possible to create a unique, memorable experience, preferably shared with friends.

    A fine dining restaurant also has more staff members than a traditional restaurant: sous chefs, dishwashers, additional waiters, sommeliers, etc. Interior: high-quality menus, linen service, decor, a more expensive buildout designed by an interior designer or an architect.

    Melbourne's Finest Fine Dining Restaurants


    In Melbourne, there are many five-star restaurants where you may treat your guests to a supper they will never forget.

    Vue De Monde

    On the 55th level of the Rialto building, you may enjoy a contemporary Australian degustation while gazing out at the cityscape. It's not just the presentation that's amazing; the bites themselves are works of beauty.

    It has a large wine list that includes some of world's best vintages, and the dramatic mood is aided by the use of leather table tops and fur-lined seats.

    At Vue de Pareil, eating dinner is like being weightless in the thick of things. This high-end restaurant is located 55 floors above earth, and its dark interior and orb-like lighting create a bizarre environment that complements the restaurant's otherworldly fare. Tasting menus are available for both lunch and dinner, and comprise a variety of tapas, appetisers, pasta dishes, palette cleansers, and desserts given in small portions so that diners can savour each item. Kangaroo steaks sizzle on a log-shaped component of smoking charcoal, and grilled garlic cream oysters are nestled in a small play ground, but the flavours and textures are generally left to their own devices.

    The truffle risotto stands out because it incorporates not just one but multiple sorts of truffles—finely chopped truffles throughout the rice, shredded truffles atop, and a truffles coulis around the sides.

    Flower Drum

    Flower Drum, a Cantonese restaurant that has been a staple in Melbourne for 45 years, is so well-known there it has its own article on the city's Wikipedia. A large number of seasoned servers staff the elegant dining area, and they greet locals as if they were long-lost friends. Customers keep coming back year after year for the expertly cut Peking duck, marine fish xiao long bao, & quail sang Choi bao, as well as the fresh, live seafood.

    Melbourne is the place to be if you're a foodie, what with all the fantastic new restaurants opening up seemingly every week and the fun festivals happening every week of the year.

    You won't want to miss out on any of these top-notch establishments, serving everything from expertly prepared sushi to innovative modern Australian cuisine.

    Flower Drum, which first opened its doors 45 years ago, is a Melbourne institution, as well as its Cantonese cuisine is synonymous with the city's famously friendly locals. In a lavish, enormous dining room, waiters with years of experience float casually around, greeting regulars like old friends. Live premium seafood is prepared to world-class standards and can be extremely expensive, yet classic dishes like Peking duck, pheasant sung Choi bao, and mud crab shen looooooooong bao have remained popular for decades.


    Fine dining in its most impromptu can be found in Geelong's back alleys, with wines provided by gun hotel veterans and a mysterious combination of truly astounding components in achingly basic trifectas like crayfish, toffee pil pil, and a pickle prepared by chef Aaron Parker.


    As soon as you enter Maha, you'll feel like you've arrived in the heart of the Middle East. Smooth beats, elegant textures, and sweet aromas welcome diners to this exotic eatery with a youthful and refined atmosphere that emphasises the beauty and luxury of the continent. The menu offers a modern, uninhibited, and inventive spin on traditional Middle Eastern fare that draws inspiration from the Mediterranean.

    For dinner, pick from a variety of course options, including pork cutlets glazed with orange blossom, chicken poached in cinnamon butter, and swordfish marinated in chessmen. Vegan and vegetarian options are plentiful, and the a la carte lunch menu is lighter during the week. Pair your sumptuous meal with a bottle of wine, or try something new from the posh cocktail menu that features ingredients from the Middle East.

    The smashed pickled radishes and harissa complement the slow-roasted lamb shoulder that takes 12 hours to prepare.


    For nearly 17 years, Ezard in the Adelphi Resort's basement has been serving up Australian backstroke cuisine, and it has earned a reputation for its inventive and delicious use of unexpected flavours. Whitewashed walls, silk tablecloths, and careful service are all hallmarks of the a fine dining establishment, but the food is far more cheerful and engaging than one might expect in such an elegant environment. All of Teage Ezard's delicious menu items, from simple weeknight snacks and pre-show dinners through upscale a la carte meals and an eight-course wine list featuring wine pairings, are prepared with only the finest local and seasonal ingredients.

    There are so many amazing options here that you'll already be thinking about what to order next before you've even finished your current course. Among these are the delectable Ezard chocolate cake sample platter for two, the Chinese-style salmon fillet with a chilli sauce, and the steaming scallop dumplings with three types of seaweed.

    The house speciality is yuzu, cucumber, and apple-flavored oyster shooters.

    The French Brasserie

    The French Brasserie, tucked away in a serene part of town, serves you some of the finest modern French food around. The wide windows and open ceilings offer a modern and airy setting, ideal for enjoying the talented head chef's basic yet beautiful meals. Every night, our store's master sommelier picks out a selection of rare and unusual Australian or French wine to pair with the evening's a la carte selections of tasty appetisers, refined starters, robust main dishes, and classic accompaniments. Sea bream with heat gazpacho is just one example of a globally renowned cuisine with its roots in the Mediterranean. Order one of the six tasting menus and splurge just on wine to get the full cuisine at a price that won't break the bank.

    The signature dish is the Cassoulet, which features confit duck leg, white bean ragout, pork belly, Catalan sausage of Castelnaudary, and more.

    Woodland House

    Woodland House is the place to go for a formal, sophisticated meal. You'll feel like you're dining in an ancient English house with the crisp linen towels, features gray walls, pleasant wait staff, and lovely garden views provided by the enormous windows. Although the ambience is formal and stuffy, the cuisine is delicious. The modern Australian, but more accurately modern European, flavours that come together in Woodland House's multi-course brunch will leave a lasting impression on your palate.

    You'll need an adventurous palate to try some of the more unusual tapas dishes, such as fried chicken tongue and abaca salt or pigs' skull pastries. Let's imagine, though, that you're too scared to actually do it. Then, indulge in baked Alaska bombs and wagyu steak with peroxidase-conjugated emulsion whenever you wish.

    Given the ever-changing nature of the sample menu at Woodland House, the restaurant does not have a signature dish.

    Dinner By Heston Blumenthal


    Although Evening by Stephen Bloomfield is indeed a near-perfect imitation of his celebrated London restaurant, it defies succinct description. Although it serves traditional American fare, this restaurant doesn't stand out due to its big windows, black walls, or mismatched but trendy furnishings. Once the first meal is served, though, you'll begin to understand the absurdity of the supper. There is a large selection of modern cuisine with an Australian touch on the a la carte menu, all of which are based on classic British gastronomy from the 1300s. Even while the dessert with Vegemite & sourdough crumble and the roast bones marrow on Welsh cake with snails here may not seem like they belong on the menu of a fine dining restaurant run by a celebrity chef, the lengthy queue for a table booking seems to imply otherwise.

    Do you have a little extra money lying around? While your ice cream is being perfectly frozen with liquid nitrogen, fireworks can be seen going off outside the casino window at Heston Blumenthal's Australian fort. The service is so contrite that it verges on the ludicrous, and big tricks are employed on food that is nonetheless recognisably British.

    Meat Fruit, a chicken liver parfait presented as a mandarin and eaten with toasted bread, is the restaurant's signature dish.


    Looking for a unique fine dining experience? IDES is the place to go. The space is decorated entirely in black and white and only offers a tasting menu of six courses. Every night besides Wednesday and Thursday, you may enjoy a new, don't ever four-course menu at a reasonable price. In spite of the fact that IDES can only seat 36 people at a time, the restaurant manages to generate an upscale and exclusive vibe because to this small number.

    The menus have the same basic structure as well as the food is always contemporary Australian, but the meals are always unique and are often produced on the spot for encourage unplanned fun and high energy. The suspense of not knowing what you'll be served is part of the excitement, but you can bet on meals that are both technically impressive and bursting with taste, such as deep hog soups and stews, exquisite confit chicken, and irresistible saffron ice cream.

    Dish of the House: There is no dish of the house because each tasting menu is unique. But if the wagyu short rib for which chef/owner Peter Gibson is famous makes an appearance, you are in for a treat.


    Coda, a fine dining institution in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, has quickly established itself as a worthy contender among the city's other acclaimed eateries. The restaurant's high-octane vitality is what pulls patrons, not the minimalist, stunningly modern interior with exposed lighting, wire mesh screens, the aluminum-framed windows. The atmosphere is hip and eclectic, but the menu is not. Numerous French-Vietnamese cuisine, as well as a few Australian specialities, may be found on the menu.

    The vast majority of menu options were provided in small servings meant to be shared, so you could satisfy your sense of taste with a little taste of practically everything. From the black quail on shiso salad and yellowfin tuna with lily core to the Berks lamb shoulder with veggies and the chef's category of petit fours, each item on the menu has been produced with a real zest for originality, seasonality, and balance of flavour.

    Roasted yellow bird curry is the restaurant's most famous dish, including succulent duck legs inside a creamy stew topped with fresh cilantro and crispy lotus root.


    Minamishima's cuisine is a treat for the senses. The exquisite presentation of each dish and the dazzling lustre of the local fish used will overwhelm your senses long before you take your first mouthful. There is no menu at Minamishima, the city's most cosy Japanese restaurant. Instead, diners can watch in awe as their chef prepares a sequence of courses that highlight the seasonality, balance, the flavour of a ingredients he has personally acquired from around the world from a perch at the end of a long wood counter top. The adjacent dining table is where the majority of the cooked foods are served, but you should never miss watching live-action preparing or the sushi that is as fresh because it gets.

    There is no signature dish because there is no menu. However, the sea urchin is chef Komeyui's speciality item, so you can anticipate nothing less than a gourmet paradise when he serves it to you.


    If you're looking for Melbourne's best restaurant, look no farther than Matteo's, where you'll find the epitome of sophistication and elegance. To a Asian-European tokamak cuisine leaking in unusual flavours, a broad variety of textures, & fascinating ingredients, Matteo's is the refined, well-mannered aristocracy of the city's fine dining scene. The menu's price points fluctuate daily to account for what's in season. Almost everything has a perfect balance of Asian and European flavours or culinary styles.

    Some examples of these dishes are suckling pig with extra duck breast plus Lombok kimchi, roasted pheasant with bacon but Chinese sausage, and bread grenache tail with fried scallops but Singaporean chilli sauce. The taster menu is an excellent substitute for the a la carte if you're in the mood for something more elaborate. A full Victorian catered lunch is available as a fifth course in addition to the chef's standard selection of four appetisers.

    We suggest the "Lemon Chicken," that is a breast of chicken grilled in a style similar to the Japanese Karaage and served over a bed of avocado rice doused in a lemon sauce.

    Matilda 159 Domain 

    Matilda, one of Chef Scott Pickett's restaurants, has received the highest appreciation from critics. Examples of foods that feature native flavours when cooked over charcoal grilled or charcoal include smoked data relevant ribs or grilled duck wit plum, native chiles, and macadamia. The furniture is just as sumptuous, with blackwood tables and plush leather banquettes placed beneath ochre-barreled ceilings.


    Mo Zhou, a degustation-only restaurant with only 16 seats, is one of Edinburgh's most unique dining options. Zhou is qualified to explore experimental cuisine because to his time spent at Attica & Vue de Monde. All of Gaea's food and drink selections are at his whim and depend on what's in season and what he can forage. Unique flavour & texture pairings are what set his food apart, and those who aren't afraid of a great novel will like it.

    restaurant gaea


    The underground restaurant led by famous chef Tomotaka Ishizuka is a prime example of the ultra-seasonal teppanyaki style of Japanese cooking. There are just 16 seats available, and the tasting menu features 11 courses that highlight premium ingredients prepared with care and presented beautifully. Complex yet understated dishes, representative of the Japanese concept of excellence, are the result of a daily development based on the finest ingredients.


    The prise of New Zealand's heritage The effort to end cultural shame in Australia, led by Ben Shewry, is making progress. As you board the plane, you'll be greeted with a flurry of snacks, including new takes on the classic "avocado on toast" and little lamb pies made with Vegemite crust. As usual, the rest is full with idealistic drama.

    Who among you should I keep here? Australia's lone representative in the Worlds largest 50 Best serves up local condiment meals that really are as focused on engaging the head as the belly. Making a reservation three months ahead of time is recommended.


    Foodies from all over the world flock to Melbourne to sample the city's culinary prowess. The city is home to several Michelin three and four star restaurants, including Vue de Monde, Flower Drum, and Vue de Pareil. Vue de Monde sits 55 stories above ground, and its ominous interior is lit by glowing orbs. Cantonese restaurant Flowers Drum has been a Melbourne institution for 45 years, serving up dishes like perfectly sliced Peking duck, xiao long bao filled with marine fish, and sung Choi bao made with quail. For foodies, Melbourne is a must-visit destination.

    Cantonese cooking and fresh, top-tier seafood are what make Flower Drum a Melbourne staple. Geelong's hidden alleyway restaurant Maha serves up a contemporary, unconstrained, and imaginative take on classic Middle Eastern cuisine. The Adelphi Resort's subterranean restaurant, Ezard, is well-known for its reputation for innovation and excellence in the use of unconventional flavours. You can get anything off Teage Ezard's menu, from a quick bite during the week or a fancy a la carte lunch before a show. Tucked away in a quiet section of town, the French Brasserie is home to some of the city's best contemporary French cuisine.

    The evening's a la carte menu includes tempting appetisers, sophisticated starters, hearty main courses, and classic accompaniments, all of which are expertly paired with rare and uncommon bottles of wine hand-picked by the store's master sommelier from Australia and France. Cassoulet is the house speciality, and it has a wide variety of delicious ingredients such confit duck leg, white bean ragout, pork belly, Catalan sausage of Castelnaudary, and more. Guests looking for a formal, upscale dining experience will appreciate Woodland House's grey walls, friendly service, and expansive windows overlooking the garden. If you want to impress your taste buds, try the brunch's several courses.

    Evening by Stephen Bloomfield is almost an exact replica of his acclaimed London restaurant, but it defies a one-sentence summary. The restaurant's a la carte menu features classic American dishes with an Australian twist, all of which are based on historic British cuisine from the 1300s. Big tricks are used on food that is nonetheless recognisably British, and the service is so apologetic it borders on the ridiculous. The restaurant's namesake dish is "Meat Fruit," a chicken liver parfait served in a mandarin and accompanied by toasted bread. IDES provides a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience at an affordable price, with a tasting menu consisting of six courses and a brand-new, never-before-seen menu of four items.

    The menus are consistently organised, and the fare is always of a modern Australian variety; yet, each dish is prepared freshly on the spot, adding an element of spontaneity and great energy to the dining experience. Since each tasting menu is prepared individually, there is no "house speciality" meal.

    Content Summary

    1. A number of famous chefs, both domestic and foreign, have made the decision to turn this city into a gastronomic mecca.
    2. A lot of people fly all the way across the world just to eat the food in this city.
    3. Luxury Dining in Melbourne's Top Restaurants
    4. Melbourne is home to numerous fine dining establishments where you may give your guests a meal they won't soon forget.
    5. Horizontal Perspective A modern Australian degustation is available on the 55th floor of the Rialto skyscraper, with a view of the city below.
    6. Dinner at Vue de Pareil is like floating above the action.
    7. Blooming Drums Having served the Melbourne community for 45 years, Flower Drum is a beloved Cantonese restaurant that has become so well-known that it has its own article on the local Wikipedia.
    8. Flower Drum, which has been serving up Cantonese fare in Melbourne since it opened its doors 45 years ago, is a local institution, and the city's welcoming inhabitants are as well-known as the food.
    9. Maha When you step foot in Maha, you'll feel like you've entered the heart of the Middle East.
    10. The menu features a contemporary, unconstrained, and imaginative take on classic Mediterranean flavours typically found in Middle Eastern cuisine.
    11. The weekday a la carte lunch menu is smaller and features fewer items that aren't suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
    12. Drink some wine with your lavish dinner, or experiment with something new from the sophisticated cocktail menu that makes use of Middle Eastern ingredients.
    13. Ezard Ezard, located in the Adelphi Resort's basement, has been serving up imaginative and tasty Australian backstroke cuisine for for 17 years.
    14. Teage Ezard uses only the freshest locally sourced and seasonal ingredients in the preparation of all of its delectable menu items, which range from light midweek bites and pre-show dinners to elegant a la carte dishes and an eight-course wine list with wine pairings.
    15. An Authentic French Brasserie The French brasserie is located in a quiet area of town and delivers some of the best contemporary French cuisine in the area.
    16. Each night, our master sommelier selects a unique bottle of Australian or French wine to complement the delectable appetisers, elegant starters, hearty main courses, and traditional sides that are available a la carte.
    17. To sample everything the restaurant has to offer without breaking the bank, try one of the six tasting menus and splurge on wine alone.
    18. Forest Dwelling If you're looking for a fancy spot to eat, look no farther than Woodland House.
    19. The food is excellent, but the formal, stuffy atmosphere detracts from the experience.
    20. The multi-course brunch at Woodland House has a fusion of modern Australian and modern European flavours that will stay with you long after you finish eating.
    21. If you want to sample some of the more exotic tapas meals, such fried chicken tongue with abaca salt or pigs' skull pastries, you'll need to have an adventurous palette.
    22. Even though Evening by Stephen Bloomfield is virtually identical to his acclaimed London eatery, a short summary does not do it justice.
    23. Although it serves typical American meals, this restaurant doesn't stick out due to its wide windows, black walls, or mismatched but stylish furnishings.
    24. The extensive a la carte menu features contemporary dishes with an Australian spin that are inspired by traditional British fare from the 1300s.
    25. The ice cream at Heston Blumenthal's Australian fort is perfectly frozen with liquid nitrogen while fireworks can be seen going off outside the casino window.
    26. While IDES's capacity is only 36 guests, the restaurant still exudes an air of sophistication and exclusivity because to its intimate setting.
    27. While there is consistency in the menu's overall structure and the cuisine's modern Australian flair, each dish is prepared fresh and on the spot to promote spontaneous fun and high energy.
    28. Part of the fun is the element of surprise, but you can always count on meals that are both visually stunning and brimming with flavour, such rich hog soups and stews, superb confit chicken, and delicious saffron ice cream.
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