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    Everyone enjoys the most well-known kebabs. There is no shortage of excellent Kebab joints in Melbourne. We are currently building a list of the best kebab establishments in Melbourne to assist you in your search for the city's greatest kebabs.

    The top locations to get kebabs in Melbourne, whether you're in the mood for Persian, Turkish, or Indian cuisine, are listed below. Have more contacts or a location of your own? Get in touch with us today if you want the next great Kebab place around Melbourne to be featured on our site.

    Kebab, which can also be spelt Kebap, Kabob, Cutlets, or Kabab, is a meal that originated in the Middle East but has since gained popularity in the countries of the eastern Mediterranean & South Asia, where it is cooked in a wide range of distinctive but equally tasty ways.

    When grilled on skewers, the flavour of meat, tuna, or even roasted vegetables is transformed. When trying it for the first time, let the cook know how so much heat you can bear so they may tailor its level of spiciness to your preferences; it goes well for a condiment or dip.


    The Best Kebab In Melbourne

    Mmm, meat, bread, and salad. How come something so simple can taste so good? We present kebabs. Mix with some garlic butter, and you've gotten a decent match in the kitchen. Delicious grilled meat can be found in a variety of formats, including lahmacuns, tortilla wraps, Turkish tortillas, Kosher snack packs, kebabs, and more.

    While everyone has their own kebab joint in Melbourne, there's no excuse to not try them all the next times you're in town. After being awake till the wee hours, you're probably craving kebab.

    Lambs On Malvern

    One of several restaurants named "Lambs on," Lambs on Malvern is indeed the most popular of the bunch. The bright red panels plastered with images of happy customers are, admittedly, a bit excessive. We know, it makes you need kebabs, but whatever. Focus on the huge lamb spit that's also hidden behind the counter. Cuddly and juicy beef, smoked to perfection, doused in a generous amount of garlicky sauce; this is the perfect combination. Consistently a safe bet

    Adani Kebabs Brunswick

    No need to go anywhere else if you're looking for delicious Adana and kebabs. This Brunswick eatery is well-loved for its tasty kebabs and warm service. Its real Turkish kebabs & nose dips are so good that they draw in repeat customers from previous years, and the staff is always warm and accommodating. So if you're looking for a great kebab in Melbourne, this is the place to go.

    Glenny Kebabs

    A big number of cars and individuals gathered at the Caltex along Town centre Rd is not evidence of a secret gathering. On a Monday, things are quite normal at Glenny Kebabs. This simple kebab stand draws large crowds with to its HSP and gorgeous, heavenly kebabs.

    Two of them can be had for less than twenty bucks, which is a steal. If you're wanting to cut out meat but still want the savoury, gooey experience, you may order their veganized faux meat.

    Since 2016, Glenny Kebabs has become one of the most visited restaurants in Melbourne, and is widely considered to be among the greatest kebab joints in the city. Aside from the usual fare, they also offer potato fries, vegetarian "fake meat," and wedges. Consider serving ice cream and Nutella stuffed doughnuts for dessert.


    Katik is known for having some of the greatest kebabs in town. Katik serves exquisite homemade versions of traditional Turkish dishes like Turkish pide and Adana kebab. There is usually a line out the door because they are one of the best kebab places in Melbourne, but it is well worth the wait.

    Zeus Street Greek

    We're crossing into Souva territory, and frankly, it's all thanks to these men. Many other kinds of pita sandwiches are on the menu, but our favourite is the Tzimmy Lamb, which features lamb, lettuce, tzatziki, onion, paprika, & chips. Fresh, crunchy toppings fill the pitas to capacity.

    Our favourite was the soft-shell crab served with fennel slaw, rocket, pistachios, caper dill sauce, and aioli. Vegetarians will rejoice over the taste, olive tapenade, with caramelised onions.

    Roxy Kebab Deer Park

    Top-notch Kebab including fresh, tasty ingredients, generous portions, and helpful wait staff. We still consider Roxy Kebabs to be the best we've ever had, long after we first experienced them. Once again, great quality again for price, with helpful quantifiers and more food than you'd normally get from a kebab.

    Also popular are the tasty dips served with warm, fluffy Turkish bread. We tried both chicken and lamb kebabs, and both were succulent and flavorful. They have been in business for quite some time, and their reputation for great service and premium ingredients, such as beef grilled low and slow over charcoal, precedes them. Try their kebabs the next occasion you're in the neighbourhood.

    Flemington Kebab House

    At Flemington Kebab House, you may have tacos cooked on a charcoal grill, Turkish element symbol, Gozleme, and then all the toppings to make a midnight nibble into a feast. Try the HSP, or Halal and Beverage Package, which includes your choice either lamb or chicken, chips, and cheese with a drizzle or garlic, chilli, & barbeque sauce.

    flemington kebab house

    Biggie Smalls

    As a preliminary matter, this is the trendy kebab loved by Melburnians. Basically, it's a kebab with more steroids. Spend the day fasting so that you may dive headfirst into one of these and savour every bite. We love the Dirty South with its fried chicken, pickled onions, cabbage, and aioli, and we also really like the coconut-fried roast pork with rendang curry mayo & carrot slaw. Falafel from those boring chain kebab places? Those days are done. a plate of falafel made from ground flaxseed, served with eggplant, humus, garlic yogurt, mint, and blue cheese. Don't forget the cheese.

    Afghan Charcoal Kebab Coburg

    The Doner chicken meal package and HSPs at this restaurant have garnered recent media attention because to its great quality, reasonable rates, and friendly service. If you're in the neighbourhood, don't leave without sampling the Doner kebab & falafel. You should check out our other locations in Melbourne if you enjoy this kebab.

    Viva Kebabs

    There is a tiny kebab restaurant in the middle of the city that, that once night owls start trickling in, can produce a celebration that can rival any bar in the Central Business District. You can order lamb, chicken, a mix of the two, falafel, or any number of other fillings in a standard or large kebab. It's exactly how you'll get you thru the night. Fire-engine red, exploding with spicy flavour, and packed with enough beef to give you a tummy ache inside the morning.

    CBD Kebabs

    Do you think it's possible to fit both into one night? Simply put, that is correct. Have faith in us, will you? CBD Kebabs serves some of the greatest kebabs around. Only $8 will get you a delicious kebab. If you must choose between their well praised HSP and their kebabs, pick the kebabs. Customizable with a plethora of add-ons that highlight the kebab's main ingredient. Tender meat, mountains of sauce, and crunchy onions are tucked within warm bread and wrapped up tight.

    Anatolian Grill Coburg

    Halal Snack Packages (HSPs) and kebabs are very popular items at this restaurant, making it a fan favourite. For the best kebabs and friendliest service in the Coburg area, don't go anywhere else.

    Lambs On Malvern

    If you're in the mood for a fancy cake, go down to Lambs on Malvern. The meat briquettes are tasty, and the bread is light and airy, but the place itself appears similar to any other kebab shop. Real lamb, marinated and grilled to perfection, is served here, not a processed imposter.

    Meat In The Middle

    This is a step up from the rest just on list in terms of opulence. We wouldn't bring a customer here for lunch because it closes at midnight for a kebab shop and because you shouldn't get there smelling like alcohol after a long day of shopping. But the food is always consistent: pita pockets stuffed with the standard fare of Greek cuisine, meat and vegetables.

    The Kingsway is highly recommended due to its delicious chargrilled pork, tangy coleslaw, barbeque sauce, and chilli. De-lish.

    Melbourne Kebab Station

    It has the same no-frills charm as the best kebab shops out there. All you got was a wonderful kebab, which is exactly what you wanted. Everything from the steak to the bread to the spreads is amazing.

    If you're from down south but haven't tried this kebab yet, you're missing out. Last but not least, these people are not cheapskates. Most kebabs appear to weigh about 1 kilogramme.

    The next time you're craving a kebab, make a stop to Melbourne Kebab Station. Here, all you need is a kebab to perk you up at any time of day. Crispy salad, juicy beef, and fluffy bread. Some of life's finest moments also happen to be among its most uncomplicated. Chicken & veal shish, Adana chicken, sauces, bread, and more are just some of the popular items on the well-liked mixed grill.

    Hawthorn Grill & Kebab House

    Hawthorn Grill & Chicken House is indeed a bit more refined than your standard kebab joint, making it the perfect place to grab a tasty kebab after hours.

    In addition to the standard offerings of lamb, chicken, and a mixed platter, they also provide a few more upscale selections. Some tweaks to the standard Turkish food can be expected. The grilled shish, Antalya, or order placed kebab is delicious when wrapped in a warm, light, and fluffy pita bread. Yom.

    Not only does Hawthorn Grill & Kebab Houses in Melbourne serve delicious charcoal-grilled lamb, but they also have a wide variety of other kebabs. Compared to your standard kebab shop, the pricing are more affordable, the ambience is more relaxing, and the contents are more flavorful. Lamb and chicken kebabs with garlic sauce, HSPs with chips and dipping sauces, and so on are all on the menu.

    Flemington Kebab House Kensington

    In Melbourne, the Kebab store in Flemington is among our top picks for delicious kebabs. Wraps and grilled meats are among of the most popular items at this renowned Turkish restaurant, which also offers takeaway and delivery. If you are in the neighbourhood, don't leave without trying these kebabs.

    Istanbul Kebab

    In other words, if you're looking for a spot to indulge in a fine dining experience, you're in the wrong area. Here, though, is where you'll want to be following a tiring day from the office or even a lively evening on the town. On Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, they open at the ridiculous hour of 5am.

    You can choose between lamb, chicken, or a mixed platter, but that's all. On the other hand, they excel at them. You can get some great hummus, roasted pork, and fresh Turkish bread (pide) here.

    Mums Kebabs Oakleigh

    The Princess Highway in Melbourne's east is home to a popular kebab spot called Mums Kebabs. Their speciality is Adana kebabs, though they also make excellent chicken and lamb kebabs.

    Lipo’s Kebabs

    The "Best in the West" kebabs can be found in the window of a small but always-packed food truck. Stop by on the way home for one of their masterpieces, a sandwich made with hot, toasted bread and stuffed to tender, juicy meat. If you're feeling adventurous, some hot sauce or pickled jalapenos are a great addition. Definitely not a tournament for newcomers.

    When it's late and you're hungry, the simplicity of Lipo's Kebabs is exactly what you're looking for. You can get a kebab with a drink for just $10 (lamb, chicken, mixed, or vegetarian) or a large HSP with chilli, hummus, but also cheese for just $15. That's such a simple choice.


    Foodies of Melbourne, we have officially begun. If you're feeling a little refined for just a late-night kebab jog in the dirt, try a pair of the these souvlakis on now for size. Gazi's menu features a wide variety of tasty items, such as turmeric flatbreads with wasabi sour cream, stir - fried pork belly with white miso mayo, and crunchy prawns with cocktail sauce.

    Think about it: you take a kebab to the a spa. We still love the soft-shelled crab kebabs the best. Included are honey, cilantro, and Japanese mint. Bring a total of 5 to the table.

    If you're looking for a unique take on the traditional kebab (or souvlaki), look no further than Gazi. You must order the soft-shell crab souvlaki, which is served with pita, dips, creamy feta, and beetroot horseradish, as well as Japanese mascarpone, mint, coriander, and honey. Yum!

    Spencer Pizza Kebab Rebecca Walk Melbourne

    An additional great pizza and kebab spot in Melbourne's central business district! The kebab shop is conveniently located near the Crown Casino in central Melbourne, just on Rebecca step well.

    The few columns outside the food counter are always taken due to the extensive pizza and kebab menu. If you are in the area or on the Southbank and are in the mood for just a fast Main dish to go, stop in.

    Footscray Kebab House

    Yet another Western suburb of Melbourne that could be the best. You didn't force yourself a true native of the 'Scray if you haven't arrive here after a heavy drinking night. The cacik and the homemade chilli are two excellent toppings to consider. Get the biggest Shish Kebab they have and leave without looking back. The team has a tendency to overeat whenever Turkish bread is present.

    Katik Kebabs Campbellfield Melbourne

    Located in Melbourne, Victoria's northern suburbs, Katik Kebabs is among the city's best-kept Kebab secrets. This restaurant is a favourite amongst the locals because of its authentic Adani kebabs but also dips, which are exceptionally tasty.

    There is also a selection of other traditional Afghan and Turkish dishes, as well as a few more. Please share your thoughts if you've been there. This cafe's small size and unassuming exterior belie the high quality of the food it serves.

    Persian Grill Kebabs Melbourne CBD

    The best Persian kebabs in Melbourne can be found at this restaurant. In the middle of bustling Melbourne, on Elizabeth Street, you'll find Persian Grill, serving up delicious kebabs and other Middle Eastern specialities.

    If you've eaten here, tell us what you thought of the kebabs and your overall experience. You can walk here from just about anywhere in Melbourne's central business district, making it one of the most convenient Kebab joints in the area.

     Kebab Thyme

    The food at Kebab Thyme is genuine Turkish street food. You may find it difficult to choose just one kebab from the extensive menu. This restaurant's HSP is always a hit with customers because it can be customised with meat, cards, cheese, and any other toppings you like. You must order the Gozella, a Turkish pastry stuffed with Nutella and served with maple syrup.

    Istanbul Kebab

    Istanbul Kebab, conveniently situated in Fitzroy, is Melbourne's finest kebab establishment. Have a bite to eat on the way back to the house. You can personalise your kebab however you like by adding ingredients like cheese, olives, and hot sauce. Gozleme is another popular choice, especially when stuffed with savoury additives like spinach, cheese, porcini, and pumpkin.



    The dish known variously as kebab (also spelt kebap, kabob, cutlets, and kabab) has spread from its Middle Eastern roots to become a favourite among the countries of the eastern Mediterranean and South Asia. Tender meat is cooked on skewers and sold in a wide variety of configurations, such as lahmacuns, tortilla wraps, Turkish tortillas, Kosher snack packs, kebabs, and more. Lambs on Malvern has the greatest kebab in Melbourne, with its massive lamb spit and tender, juicy meat that has been smoked to perfection and coated in a garlicky sauce. Authentic Turkish kebabs and nose dips may be found at Glenny Kebabs, a well-known kebab stall in Melbourne. Known for its vegetarian "fake meat," potato wedges, and french fries, this eatery has quickly risen to prominence in Melbourne's competitive dining scene.

    Katik serves authentic homemade Turkish food, while Zeus Street Greek is well-known for its pita sandwiches. If you're looking for a high-quality kebab in the Deer Park area, look no farther than Roxy Kebab, known for its fresh, delicious ingredients, large quantities, and friendly service. Among of Melbourne's best kebab joints include Flemington Kebab House, Biggie Smalls, Afghan Charcoal Kebab Coburg, and Viva Kebabs, all of which have earned a solid reputation for their food, pricing, and customer care. The HSP, or Halal and Drinks Package, contains your choice of lamb or chicken, chips, and cheese with a drizzle of garlic, chilli, and barbeque sauce, and they're known for their excellent service and high-quality products like beef roasted low and slow over charcoal. You can also have coconut-fried roast pig with rendang curry mayo and carrot slaw, or the Dirty South with fried chicken, pickled onions, cabbage, and aioli.

    There has been recent media attention on this restaurant owing to the high quality and low price of their Doner chicken meal package and HSPs. Ground flaxseed is used to make the falafel in the dish Doner kebab & falafel, which is served alongside eggplant, hummus, garlic yoghurt, mint, and blue cheese. A few of the best kebab joints in the Coburg region include Anatolian Grill Coburg, Lambs On Malvern, Meat In The Middle, Melbourne Kebab Station, and The Kingsway. Lambs on Malvern serves real lamb, marinated and grilled to perfection, whereas Anatolian Grill is famed for its Halal Snack Packages (HSPs) and kebabs. Famous for its chargrilled pork, tangy coleslaw, barbeque sauce, and spicy peppers, the Kingsway has gained a loyal following.

    Chicken and veal shish, Adana chicken, sauces, and pita pockets are just few of the options at Melbourne Kebab station that serve as supporting cast members to the kebab's main ingredient. Delicious charcoal-grilled lamb is served in Melbourne's Hawthorn Grill & Kebab Houses, Flemington Kebab House Kensington, Mom Kebabs Oakleigh, Lipo's Kebabs, and the "Best in the West" kebabs may be found in the window of a tiny but always-packed food truck. You may get fresh Turkish bread, hummus, roasted pig, kebabs, and other grilled meats and vegetables, and a wide range of grilled and grilled meats at these eateries. Don't leave town without sampling these kebabs if you find yourself nearby. Turmeric flatbreads with wasabi sour cream, stir-fried pork belly with white miso mayo, and crunchy prawns with cocktail sauce are just a few of the delicious options available at Gazi.

    The soft-shell crab souvlaki, served with pita, dips, creamy feta, and beetroot horseradish, is a creative twist on the classic kebab. Spencer Kebab Pizza R.W., Rebecca If you're in the CBD of Melbourne, you must stop by Melbourne, a fantastic pizza and kebab establishment. The Footscray Kebab House in Melbourne's western suburb of Footscray may very well be the city's best. Don't glance back when you order the largest Shish Kebab they offer and then bolt. Authentic Adani kebabs and dips can be found at Katik Kebabs Campbellfield Melbourne, one of Melbourne's best-kept Kebab secrets.

    The best kebabs in Melbourne may be found at Istanbul Kebab, and the best Persian kebabs can be found at Persian Grill Kebabs Melbourne CBD. Meat, cards, cheese, and other toppings can be added to authentic Turkish street food like Kebab Thyme. Gozella, a traditional Turkish pastry, is typically filled with Nutella and drizzled with maple syrup.

    Content Summary

    1. Kebab, often spelt Kebap, Kabob, Cutlets, or Kabab, is a dish with its roots in the Middle East. It has subsequently spread throughout the eastern Mediterranean and South Asian countries, where it is prepared in a variety of unique and delicious ways.
    2. Melbourne has plenty of kebab restaurants, so there's no reason to limit yourself to just one on your next visit.
    3. The Malvern Lambs Lambs on Malvern is the most well-known of several restaurants with the "Lambs on" prefix.
    4. They come back year after year for the friendly service and authentic Turkish kebabs and nose dips.
    5. Therefore, if you're in Melbourne and craving a kebab, you know where to go.
    6. Kebabs in a Glenny Gathering at the Caltex on Town centre Rd in a large number of cars does not prove the existence of a covert meeting.
    7. Everything at Glenny Kebabs is routine on a Monday.
    8. The Tasty and stunningly beautiful kebabs at this humble kiosk are what bring in the masses.
    9. At at less than twenty dollars, you can get two of these for almost nothing.
    10. The year 2016 marked the beginning of Glenny Kebabs' meteoric rise to the ranks of Melbourne's most popular eateries.
    11. Potato fries, vegetarian "fake meat," and wedges are on the menu in addition to the standard cuisine.
    12. Donuts filled with Nutella and ice cream would be a great dessert option.
    13. Some of the best kebabs in town can be found at Katie Katik.
    14. Delicious authentic Turkish cuisine, such as pide and kebab from Adana, is served at Katik in excellent, handcrafted form.
    15. Greece, Home of Zeus Sincerely, it is due to these soldiers that we are now inside Souva territory.
    16. Our favourite pita sandwich is the Tzimmy Lamb, which comes with lamb, lettuce, tzatziki, onion, paprika, and chips.
    17. Roxy Kebabs, Deer Park First-rate Kebab with plenty of flavorful fresh ingredients, ample servings, and friendly service.
    18. If you're ever in the area, stop in and give their kebabs a try.
    19. It's the Flemington Kebab House. Tacos grilled on a charcoal grill, Gozleme, the Turkish element sign, and all the fixings to turn a midnight snack into a feast; that's what you can expect to find at Flemington Kebab House.
    20. Biggie Littles. First things first: this is the kebab that all the cool kids in Melbourne are eating.
    21. Coburg, an Afghan Charcoal Kebab In recent months, this restaurant's Doner chicken meal package and HSPs have received widespread media recognition due to their high quality, affordable prices, and welcoming service.
    22. Doner kebab and falafel are not to be missed if you're in the area.
    23. If you like this kebab, you should visit our other Melbourne restaurants.
    24. Kebabs forever! Once the night owls begin to trickle in, the modest kebab shop in the heart of the city turns into a party scene that can compete with any watering hole in the Central Business District.
    25. A kebab can be filled with lamb, chicken, a combination of the two, chicken and falafel, or any of a variety of different options.
    26. Toppings galore let you put the spotlight on whatever you want in your kebab, and they're all easily swappable.
    27. The Original Anatolian Grill Coburg This eatery is a favourite among locals due to its delicious Halal Snack Packages (HSPs) and kebabs.
    28. Don't bother going anywhere else in the Coburg neighbourhood for the best kebabs and nicest service.
    29. The Malvern Lambs The Lambs on Malvern is the place to go for a fancy cake.
    30. Center-cut meat When compared to what else is only on the list, this is an upgrade in luxury.
    31. The food, however, is usually the same: meat and veggies served in pita pockets.
    32. The Kingsway's chargrilled pork, sour coleslaw, sweet barbeque sauce, and spicy peppers are a must-try.
    33. The Melbourne Kebab Shop The best kebab businesses have the same simple allure as this one.
    34. You should visit Melbourne Kebab Station the next time you have a kebab desire.
    35. A kebab is the perfect midday pick-me-up in this region.
    36. You can expect some variations on traditional Turkish fare.
    37. A warm, light, and fluffy pita bread is the perfect complement to a grilled shish, Antalya, or order placed kebab.
    38. Charcoal-grilled lamb is only one of the many kebabs available at Melbourne's Hawthorn Grill & Kebab Houses.
    39. The prices are lower, the atmosphere is calmer, and the food is tastier than at other kebab joints.
    40. Kensington's Flemington Kebab House When it comes to kebabs in Melbourne, we highly recommend the Flemington location of Kebab shop.
    41. Meatballs from Istanbul's Famous Kebab Shop Simply put, you're in the wrong part of town if you're hoping to have a meal of exceptional quality.
    42. The hummus, the roasted pork, and the fresh Turkish bread (pide) are all excellent.
    43. Oakleigh's Best Mum's Kebabs You can find Mom Kebabs on the Princess Highway in Melbourne's east.
    44. The Adana kebabs are fantastic, but the chicken and lamb kebabs are much better.
    45. You Have to Try Lipo's Kebabs A modest but always-packed food truck boasts "Best in the West" kebabs in its display.
    46. Sandwiches loaded with soft, juicy meat are their speciality, so stop by on your way home and try one of their masterpieces.
    47. Try a pair of these souvlakis on for size if you're feeling a bit too refined for a simple kebab run in the dark.
    48. Gazi is the place to go for a creative spin on the classic kebab (or souvlaki).
    49. The soft-shell crab souvlaki with pita, dipping sauces, creamy feta, beetroot horseradish, mint, coriander, and honey is a must-order.
    50. Spencer Kebab Pizza In the Melbourne neighbourhood of Rebecca A second fantastic pizza and kebab restaurant in Melbourne's CBD!
    51. The wide pizza and kebab menu ensures that the few empty columns outside the food counter are constantly occupied.
    52. Just a quick bite to eat if you're nearby or down on the Southbank? Need a main course to go?
    53. Kebab Shop in Footscray More potential for the best in Melbourne's western suburbs.
    54. Don't glance back when you order the largest Shish Kebab they offer and then bolt.
    55. Restaurant Campbellfield Known for Its Katik Kebabs Melbourne Among the top Kebab joints in Melbourne, Victoria, Katik Kebabs can be found in the city's northern suburbs.
    56. This eatery is well-liked by the neighbourhood residents, not only for its delicious Adani kebabs but also its unique and flavorful dips.
    57. In addition to these, you can choose from a variety of other authentic Afghan and Turkish cuisines.
    58. Kebabs and other Persian cuisine in Melbourne's CBD The Iranian kebabs at this establishment are the best in Melbourne.
    59. Persian Grill is a popular restaurant on Elizabeth Street in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, known for its succulent kebabs and other Middle Eastern delicacies.
    60. Your feedback on the kebabs and the restaurant as a whole would be greatly appreciated.

    FAQs About Kebab In Melbourne

    It's a good experience working in a Kebabs shop, meeting new people. Learn a lot of new things, work in a team and complete tasks on time. All the staff members are very cooperative and helpful.

    Four main kinds of kebabs can be found pretty easily in Australia – although some of the dodgier joints have amalgamated a few aspects from all of them.

    Kebab meat has its special herbs and spices that make it so special. It is shaved in thin slices and remains intact in long strips. This meat was dry and cut up in chunks just like souvlaki meat but was tasteless and dry. Needless to say, meat is the most crucial part of a kebab.

    Doner kebab is a popular take-away fast food, consisting of thin slices cut from a cylindrical block of minced and seasoned meat or chicken, eaten in a roll of unleavened bread with fresh salad and sauce. The meat - usually lamb, chicken or beef - is grilled on a vertical, rotating spit.

    First introduced by Middle Eastern and Turkish immigrants in the 1960s, mainstream Australian culture adopted kebabs, which have come to symbolise the success of multicultural policy. For many migrants, the kebab van is a point of entry into a new society.

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