what are the best snacks to try in melbourne

What Are The Best Snacks To Try In Melbourne?

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    In spite of the lack of a tradition of eating street food, Melbourne residents sure do enjoy munching on the occasional nibble. Snacks are so prevalent that we can't go to the grocery store without picking up a borek or a half dozen oysters.

    Snacks can be a great addition to your shopping experience or a lifesaver in the midst of a long gap between meals. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the greatest snacks in Melbourne. From tasty cheese pulls to bite-sized treats, this checklist has it all.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    • Giant Gummy Bear.
    • Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix.
    • Entenmann's Mini Rich Frosted Donuts.
    • Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.
    • Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels.
    • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 5-count.
    • Pop-Secret Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn.
    • Butter Chicken Pizza.
    • Wild Pacific Salmon.
    • Dungeness Crab.
    • Fish Chowder.
    • Bannock Bread.
    • JapaDog.
    • Okanagan Fruit.
    • Maple Syrup
    • Street Food. Doug. Melbourne. Australia. 
    • Street Food Sweets. Hot Jam Donuts. Melbourne. Australia
    • Snack. Chiko Roll. Bendigo. Australia. 
    • Sweet Pastry. Cruffin. Melbourne. Australia.
    • Fried Chicken Dish. Chicken Parma. Victoria.
    • Dumplings. Dim Sim. Melbourne. 
    • Spread. Vegemite. Melbourne
    • Bada Bean Bada Boom Crunchy Broad Beans.
    • Chewy Skin-On Dried Fruit. 
    • Organic Almond Butter, Lightly Toasted. 
    • Apple + Blueberry Real Fruit Bar. 
    • Icelandic Style Skyr Strained Nonfat Yoghourt.
    • Salt and pepper calamari.
    • Fairy bread.
    • Chicken Parma.
    • Anzac biscuits.
    • Dim sim.
    • Pigs in a blanket.
    • Spag bol.
    • Vegemite.

    Dim Sim At South Melbourne Market Dim Sims

    One of Melbourne's most recognisable treats? That's what we've come to believe, anyway. The Cheng family has been in the dummy-making business since 1949, when they opened its South Melbourne Market and original Caulfield Racecourse sites. Cheng, influenced by Cantonese chau mai, crafted the ideal combination of cabbage, beef, pig, lamb, and spices encased in a thick, chewy wonton wrapper. Soy sauce is optional; the fatty, salty flavours stand on their own.

    Hot Jam Doughnuts At American Doughnut Kitchen

    hot jam doughnuts at american doughnut kitchen

    It says something about the quality of the cuisine that this food truck is selling that it is so popular. Queen Victoria Market's doughnut van always has a line of people waiting to try its hot, freshly made jam doughnuts. Raspberry jam is piped onto these dense, ethereal clouds before they're powdered with a fine, sugary powder. Never settle for six.

    Oysters At Aptus Seafoods, South Melbourne Market

    Perhaps the most snobbish of munchies, save this for when you're shopping in South Melbourne Market but need a short burst of energy. When you visit Aptus Seafoods, don't worry about what to pair with your oysters because they have a wide variety of condiments, such Tabasco sauce and lemon, waiting in the wings. A papery plastic tray of shellfish and a spot at the bar are all that is required.

    Borek At The Borek Bakehouse

    Another mainstay of the Queen Victoria Market, this one located a short distance away. Snacks like crisp, bready borek packed with zesty feta and spinach are a must when visiting the Borek Bakehouse, which serves up Turkish standards.

    Fish And Egg Cutlet At Mks Spices'n Things

    MKS Spices'n Things is a well-known company in Sri Lanka and India. Those who have a craving for spicy snacks and takeout dinners will be drawn to the grocery store and casual eateries like moths to a flame. Possible top pick for snacks in the area? Naturally, it's the fish + egg cutlet. You can compare it to a Scotch egg, but with the heavy coating of pork replaced by a layer of minced, seasoned fish. Take my word for it; it's quite addictive.

    Croissant At Lune Croissanterie

    Buttery? Tick. Flaky? Tick. How about one of the best croissants in town? Yes, sir. There's a lot of buzz about this Fitzroy bakery, and it's choice to decide whether or not the acclaim is warranted, but if you're looking for a snack, Lune's famous croissant is one of the best in Melbourne.

    Pâté Chaud At Nhu Lan

    While the name Nhu Lan is most commonly associated with delicious bánh m, you shouldn't overlook the restaurant's delicious hot snacks. In this case, the pâté chaud is the hot snack in question. A Vietnamese baguette waits anxiously in a warmed display case, where it becomes puffed up and competes with the bright components. Lightly spiced chopped pork is encased in flaky layers of dough in this pâté chaud. You'll want to purchase multiples because each can only be eaten in one bite.

    The Green Refectory

    Something should be said about a lunch item that has been available for purchase for the past 17 years. That's an honest attempt, in our opinion. At the Green Refectory, the sausage roll stands front and centre as the restaurant's most popular item. These big boys are hand-rolled daily and loaded to the brim w fresh vegetables, meat, and a handmade tomato relish. The plant-based version tastes just as good.

    Bretzel At Little Hof

    bretzel at little hof

    Here's another nibble from the local market. The Little Hof is the German restaurant's younger sibling, and it features the restaurant's most popular snacks to hungry shoppers at South Melbourne Market. If you're looking for a snack, it's hard to beat a huge, homey pretzel sprinkled with large large grain of salt and served with melted butter. Just add beer, and it's perfect.

    Chunky Hot Dog At Sinjeon K-Street Food

    A perfect ten-point cheese pull looks really stunning. The thick hot dogs at the global Korean street food Sinjeon K-chain Pictures of street food may be found on Instagram all the time. Dogs and mozzarella cheese dogs, both of which are covered in batter and deep-fried, are available. When finished, sprinkle with sugar and serve with your prefered condiments.

    Lamb Skewers At Dear Fry Day.

    This list proves that one of the greatest ways to eat your food stands upright on a stick. Quail eggs, squid tentacles, chicken skin, and (our personal favourite) lamb are just some of the skewer options available at Dear Fry Day. The most common choice of seasoning is cumin. You could compare these to lamb skewers prepared in the Xinjiang way, but in a more manageable portion size.

    Slice Of Pizza At Sal's Authentic New York Pizza

    Big pieces of New York style pizza are what make Sal's famous. Grab one of Sal's big slices to go and feel like a real New Yorker while satisfying your craving for a snack that isn't too tiny. New York-milled flour, mozzarella from Wisconsin, and tomatoes from California have all been incorporated into the devised recipes. Pizzas topped with traditional ingredients like cheese and pepperoni sit alongside Sal's original creations like Buffalo chicken and meatballs.

    Sausage Roll At Falco Bakery

    One of the best combinations of flavours ever is pork with fennel. The skilled bakers at Falco Bakery produce an excellent sausage roll, stuffed with flavorful pig and fennel sausage. A word to the wise, though: get one for each person, even if it seems dense and easily shareable. Do not doubt my remarks.

    Hot Star Chicken At Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

    When you order a meal that is larger than your face, the staff of Taiwanese franchise Red Star Chicken will go out of their way to make you feel like a hero. According to the company, the iconic Hot Star Chicken is "ridiculously enormous." Monster schnitzel is breaded, deep-fried, salted, and peppered. The crunchiness should be at its peak.

    Cheese Pie At A1 Lebanese Bakery

    Perhaps you're more of a cheese pie person, or perhaps spinach triangles are more your speed. Among the best cheese pizzas in Brunswick may be found at A1 Bakery, which specialises on Middle Eastern pastries. Each puffy pouch is about size of your forearm, and it contains steaming, salty halloumi. Eat it while it's still hot!

    Nigiri At Tochi Deli

    nigiri at tochi deli

    One of the latest entrants, Tochi Deli, claims to serve "genuine" Japanese appetisers. As you peruse the menu, it will be difficult to ignore the pastel flashes of nigiri that are on display. Otoro, Chu-Toro Tuna, and Akami Tuna are your options. Choose from nigiri made with aburi salmon, king prawns, snapper, or scallops.

    Potato Cake At Fish By Moonlite

    Is it possible that this snack has the potential to cause a rift in our nation? Probably. People in the states of Western Australia and South Australia call it a potato cake, whereas those in New Guinea may call it a potato scallop. They're both mistaken, but that's besides the point. Fish by Moonlite is where to go if you're in search of Victoria's finest potato cake. The Anglesea cod and chip shop is known for its beer battered potato discs. Looking for a fantastic snack to enjoy this summer? Look no further.

    Rice Paper Roll At Bun Bun Bakery

    Perhaps the longest line for bánh m in Springvale can be found at Bun Bun Bakery, but it's worth the wait for the pork with prawn rice paper rolls. Picture a thin layer of rice paper covering fresh cuts of poached shrimp, soft roast pork, julienne noodles, lettuce, and Vietnamese mint. Absolutely nothing could go wrong.

    Bratwurst At Bratwurst Shop & Co

    The best bratwurst in Melbourne can be found at a stall at Queen Victoria Market. Customers line up outside the little storefront to try some of the grilled sausages sold there, which can be anything from cheese to spicy to mild to white pork to chorizo or black peppery pork. Get your brat on a crusty roll, pile on the fixings from the tiny station, and head out the door.

    Spinach And Cheese Gozleme At Goz City

    The Turkish term "go," shortened from the phrase "gozleme," describes a dough pocket into which fillings are placed and then sealed before being fried. No brainer. Goz City on Little Collins Street, however, has managed to update the traditional Turkish meal, resulting in a cutting-edge speciality eatery that offers a novel take on Turkey's culinary heritage. Here, we like to keep things basic with a favourite dish of ours: spinach and cheese.

    Meat Pie At Adonai Restaurant

    The beef pie at Adonai sticks out among the Nigerian fare kept warm in a brilliant bain-marie. Please don't be deceived by the name; this isn't a typical rural area code. Instead, it's a snack similar to a pastie, with a margarine-based dough and a minced beef filling that's been spiced with curry. The appetisers are free, but your meal will cost you.

    Kunafeh Nabulsiyeh At Kunafeh House

    In Preston, you'll find Kunafeh House just off a major thoroughfare. The bright lights of the nearby Palestinian food trucks in the shoulder parking lot are hard to miss. At Kunafeh House, you can experience a ever Palestinian street food kunafeh nabulsiyeh to Melbourne, Additionally, we recommend diving in while it's still sizzling hot. Indulge in the most gratifying cheese pulls ever with this decadent delicacy, which is drenched in a golden, sugary syrup and packed to the brim with cheese.

    Pork And Prawn Shengjianbao, A Little Joy, Melbourne

    Shengjianbao, known for its distinctively crunchy bottom, is a multipurpose dumpling hybrid.

    Shengjianbao are dumplings typically filled with pigs, prawns, veggies, or a combination of these, topped with bell pepper and sesame seeds, then fried solid here on bottom. By using this method, you can keep your soup from evaporating while giving it that distinctive two-tone look and feel.

    However, monetary gains take precedence. Sam Chen, the proprietor of A Little Joy, explains that they are difficult to perfect since you need to combine several different flavours need to know "where to get flour raising agent, how much to add, and how long and hot to let the dough rise before it becomes too light and airy.

    Double, Chef Tan, Melbourne

    There's nothing like a hefty slice of uncertainty to open the day for Wuhan's working class. The sauce, or bean skin, who gives this its name, along with the glutinous rice and stir-fried pork that make up the dish's three layers, is the hearty tradie meal that rivals the bacon-and-egg roll in terms of its ability to keep workers energised and focused on the job at hand.

    A layer of eggy bean skin is placed on top of the rice and pork, forming a taut film that keeps the doupi together as it is stacked in brownie-sized slabs. doupi is one of the great unheralded regional Chinese breakfasts and is fuel for the tools.

    Jam Doughnuts, American Doughnut Van, Queen Victoria Market

    Doing one thing while doing it well is exemplified by the doughnut truck that has been serving the Queen Victoria Market for the past 70 years.

    Arnold Banks and Dave Christie, two friends, established the family business in 1950, and in the decades since, it has become an integral part of Melbourne culture. These days, no trip to the Melbourne market would be full without a bag of their famous hot jam doughnuts.

    Belinda Donaghey, the general manager, is the granddaughter of Bridges. She notes that, just as their industry has been passed down through the family, so too have clients brought to the van by previous generations.

    Although the store is called American Pancake Kitchen, the Germans actually invented the technique for the bite-sized treats. The dough is made in a separate facility and transferred to the van every morning to rise before baking.

    You can watch the workers as they shape, cook, fill, dust, and stuff the oozing, hot treats into bags via the windows. For obvious reasons, there is always a line, but the fresh, hot doughnuts topped with raspberry-plum jam are well worth the wait.


    Snacks are both a welcome complement to a day of shopping and a lifesaver when there is a significant time lapse between meals. This collection has everything from delicious cheese pulls to tempting bite-sized goodies. Oysters, fish and egg cutlets, and hot jam doughnuts are just a few of Melbourne's best bar snacks. Some of the best snacks in Melbourne can be found at Lune, including their famed croissant. Nhu Lan's pâté chaud consists of chopped pork that has been seasoned and baked in a flaky pastry crust.

    In Melbourne, nothing beats a sausage roll from The Green Refectory. You can't go wrong at any of Brunswick's top restaurants, including Sal's Authentic New York Pizza, Falco Bakery, or Hot Star Chicken. They say that the appetisers at Tochi Deli are "authentic" Japanese cuisine. Victoria's best potato cake can be found at Fish by Moonlite. Goz City presents an interesting spin on traditional Turkish fare.

    One of the best Nigerian delicacies is Adonai's beef pie, which is kept warm in a magnificent bain-marie. Kunafeh House brings the authentic flavour of the Palestinian street cuisine kunafeh nabulsiyeh to Melbourne. Typical fillings for shengjianbao include pork, shrimp, green onions, and red bell peppers. Doupi is a morning staple in the Shandong province of China and is often overlooked despite its importance. Serving the Queen Victoria Market for 70 years is Melbourne's American Doughnut Van. The wait is completely justified for the raspberry-plum jam-topped hot doughnuts.

    Content Summary

    • Despite the fact that street food is not a cultural norm in Melbourne, locals nonetheless enjoy the occasional snack.
    • As a result, we've rounded up the best Melbourne munchies in one article.
    • Throughout Sri Lanka and India, MKS Spices'n Things has built a solid reputation as a reliable business.
    • There's no mistaking the sausage roll as the star attraction of Green Refectory.
    • Sinjeon K-chain, a global Korean street food franchise, is known for its hefty hot dogs. Instagram is a constant source of street food photography.
    • Tochi Deli, a newcomer to the market, boasts "authentic" Japanese appetisers.
    • Some in New Guinea may refer to it as a potato scallop, while those in Western Australia and South Australia call it a potato cake.
    • In Victoria, the best potato cake can be found at Fish by Moonlite.
    • Adonai's beef pie is a standout among the Nigerian dishes served from a superb bain-marie.
    • Experience authentic Palestinian street food at Kunafeh House. We also suggest plunging in while it's still boiling hot, so kunafeh nabulsiyeh to Melbourne!
    • Bacon with Shrimp Melbourne: Shengjianbao, A Little Joy Shengjianbao is a hybrid dumpling with a notably crunchy bottom.
    • Queen Victoria Market, Home of the Jam Doughnuts at the American Doughnut Van
    • The doughnut truck, which has been a staple at the Queen Victoria Market for the past seventy years, is a great example of focusing on a single task and mastering it to perfection.
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