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What Are The Popular Whisky Bars In Melbourne?

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    The city of Melbourne is much admired for its artistic scene. It also has a long list of great whisky bars that may be found behind unassuming doors on busy streets, in scenic public gardens, and even on the 55th floor of a skyscraper.

    Cultural activities are a major draw for visitors to Melbourne. Along with that, there is a plethora of great whisky bars hidden behind unassuming entrances on bustling streets, over lush public parks, or on the top floors of skyscrapers.

    In light of the difficulty in locating these establishments, we have produced the following informational guide to whisky bars in Melbourne, Australia. If you just have a small amount of time to spend in Melbourne, it's best to begin your explorations at the city's pinnacle. Even in a short visit, regulars should stop by whisky + Alement and Hihou. Pinball Paradise, Milk the Cow, and Meatmother are all adventurer-friendly whisky bars that anyone with more time on their hands can explore.

    FAQs Whisky Bars In Melbourne

    The Whisky Den is a whisky bar that offers flights and tastings for its patrons. You can schedule a tasting by contacting them directly.

    Melbourne has really lifted its whisky game of late. At the top bars, it's not uncommon to find four, five or even six hundred bottles in stock. Some of the rarer labels can be hard for the average consumer to acquire: they need to be bought at auction or claimed with a deposit before they've even left the barrel.

    The Melbourne Whisky Room is an extension of the aforementioned Whisky & Alement, and today it's the brainchild of Brooke Hayman and Julian White, a Japanese -inspired whisky bar located atop of Whisky & Alement. On the hit list of this distinguished drinking hole is some of the rarest bottles in the world normally reserved for collectors' circles.

    It should contain a variety of whiskey styles, such as bourbon, rye, scotch, Irish whiskey and Japanese whisky, if you're partial to it. It should showcase a range of proofs and price points.

    On the remote Swedish island of Öland, in the town of Farjestaden, you will find the whisky bar that holds the Guinness record for the Most Varieties of Whisky Commercially Available. Hotel Skansen in the town of Farjestaden boasts a record-setting collection of 1,179 bottles, with whiskies from around the world.

    Top Whisky Bars In Melbourne

    what are the popular whisky bars in melbourne

    Melbourne started it all for small bars It's no surprise that Down Under is home to some of the world's finest whisky bars. Is the gloom of city life weighing you down? There's a simple solution to that.

    Victorian establishments have their whisk(e)y game organised, from Ireland to Islay, while the rest of Australia drinks Milton Mangoes or Mojitos there in sun to while away the hot afternoons. The Southern friends have figured out how to overcome the cold, with a big lounge chair and a tight glass of the finest.

    Enjoy the list of the whisky bars in Melbourne.

    Whisky And Alement

    Whisky & Alement seems to be a shrine to the best ingredients, specialising in some of the rarest whiskies in Scotland, and is one of the best-stocked bars in the world. The staff have an incommensurate knowledge of all things whisky and can guide you in the right direction, or for more learning, you can attend one of their monthly masterclasses. 

    You can take one of the plethora of rare and interesting bottles from their magnificent gold cabinet with you for a small price, as they also even have a licence.

    There are more than 1,100 different types of Scotch, Japanese, among Irish whiskies, and their world-class bartender can help you navigate them all. These individuals have a genuine understanding of what makes a great whisky, including its background, features, and style. Stop by for a sip or a sampling that will teach you more about the history of the storied spirit while satisfying your taste buds.

    Boilermaker House

    Boilermaker House is a Melbourne whisky bar that is absolutely spot-on. The decor is fitting for a whisky bar, with touches from the American South. Workers outfitted to seem like 1930s carpenters move around a darkened building made of wood, brick, and concrete. While doing so, you can relax in a booth, at a table, or on a stool and peruse the list of more than 700 whiskies available to you.

    The whisky selection is extensive, yet the bartenders handle it with ease thanks to their extensive experience. The venison burgers and pig sausages with mussels and red chile sauce only add to the ambience with their hearty, classic (yet strangely daring) flavours. It's not cheap, but it's an unforgettable experience nonetheless.

    This bar is dedicated to the craft of the boilermaker, and it shows: there are over 850 different kinds of malts on the back bar, plus a dozen different kinds of craft beer on tap. A boilermaker is a shot of whisky topped by a beer, in case you haven't tried one yet.

    Because of the sheer number of conceivable permutations, it would be difficult to sample them all in a single visit; nonetheless, this just serves to increase the desire to come back. Those who are unable to snag a bar stool can instead take a seat at one of the restaurant's many high-top tables and enjoy a meal that has been thoughtfully crafted to complement the restaurant's signature malt whisky and bizarre beer selections.

    The Lincoln

    Built in 1854, The Lincoln Hotel is a magnificent example of the Carlton style. Under the guidance of Iain Ling on the floor and Alan Stamp in the kitchen, she has been given a new lease on life since the end of 2014. The kitchen is open for lunchtime, seven days a week, from noon until 10:00 p.m. every night and all-day dining available on weekends.

    Everything from the bread and mustard and pickles to the free-range bacon is cured in-house, and the restaurant prioritises its relationships with local regional suppliers who can provide it with sustainable and seasonal ingredients. The art deco stylings of the public bar have been preserved; guests can choose from among 12 draughts of craft beer that demonstrate the best of specialist brewing, or go with the old standby, Carlton Draught, whilst watching a game of football on the large screen.

    Whether it's a sit-down meal in the moderately dining room or just canapés in the front bar, the space can accommodate groups of varying sizes. If you're in the mood to try something new, take advantage of the restaurant's big group menus and wine list, both of which highlight unusual wines from smaller producers.

    If you encounter something on the list that you really enjoy, there is a bottled shop right above the bar where you may buy extra bottles to enjoy at home. Whether you need anything for a birthday party, an anniversary, or a family reunion, you can count on them to have you covered.

    You can trust that the friendly and competent staff will work closely with you to tailor the event to your specific preferences. Try the Chef's eight recommended courses for a romantic evening in, or order a "Full Lincoln" and leave the meal planning to the chef.


    One of the hallmarks of Japanese whisky is its meticulous craftsmanship. The Hihou bar in Melbourne recognises and develops the underlying philosophy. A massive timber-topped bar, recessed masonry ceiling, and glass wall overlooking Fitzroy Gardens all contribute to the immersive atmosphere.

    While appearances are important, substance is paramount, and they don't disappoint with a wide selection of whiskies from both Scotland and Japan. Sweets like a lobster and pearl temaki roll and a wonderful spicy tuna cigar may be ordered for only $7 and $6, respectively, at the bar.

    The Elysian Whisky Bar

    In the midst of the hipster hotspot This sophisticated dive bar on Brunswick St. sells some of the world's most distinctive whiskies. In an effort to stand out from the crowd, the bar's owners won lottery tickets and bought the last bottles of rare casks to stock it with more than 300 irreplaceable whiskies from all over the world. If you've already done the rounds at the usual dive bars and are looking for somewhere to go where you're guaranteed to have a unique experience, this is it.

    Eau De Vie Melbourne

    eau de vie melbourne

    The Speakeasy Group has expanded into a big empire of bars and clubs, and the original bar that started it all, EDV Melbourne, continues to set standards and raise the bar with its inventive cocktail menu.

    While the cocktail bar up front will be where you'll find all the shaken and stirred action, the whisky room and you'll find a wide variety of rare and unusual liquids stored in glass-enclosed lockers. And if you want to bring a new bottle with you the next time you come, you can do that, too, by purchasing one and storing it in your own personal locker.

    The Black Rabbi

    The Black Rabbit is a cosy and eccentric hideaway, a basement bar with an impressive selection of speciality beers, top-shelf spirits, and delicious bar food.

    The Black Rabbit, a newcomer to Melbourne's buzzing night life in 2016, has quickly risen to prominence as one of the city's most popular late-night spots.

    The Black Rabbit is undoubtedly one of the best places in town to have your next group get-together, after-work drinks, or genuinely unique birthday party, thanks to its wide variety of available event spaces Melbourne City Bars & party spaces.

    Bad Frankie

    We're going to take a wild guess and suggest that of all the whisky bars in Melbourne, Bad Frankie is the quintessential Melbourne one. The quintessential hip cocktail lounge has an extensive choice of jaffles in addition to a wide variety of premium whiskies and local spirits. Melbourne's whisky bars are the best places to satisfy your late-night cravings for food and booze.

    The Kilburn

    Located at the crossroads of Burwood and Glenferrie roads in Melbourne, this whisky bar does not pull any punches. There are more than 600 whiskeys to choose from, and the bartenders are experts at helping customers find the perfect one.

    Then take in the stained glass, bronze, and leather decor and savour your beverage. Consider including a ploughman's dish or a variety of blue cheeses. In other words, the focus here is on whisky, with the rest of the ingredients serving as garnish.

    Captain Baxter

    A retired captain would be delighted by The Estate's spacious kitchen and bar. No of the weather, the views of Georgian Bay from Graze are as good as those from Baxter's stock.

    Barrels of wine and beer from the world's finest vineyards and ports are stored in the Captain's custom-built cellar. See if the most recent shipment of goods has anything of interest. The greatest way to learn about St. Kilda's history is to get a drink from the Captain.

    Stage Manager and renowned chef David van Iersel has crafted an exciting custom-designed cocktail selection that draws inspiration from the life and times of The Captain. The right blend of flavour and flair, each martini comes each with its own, often witty, brief story based on regional history. The wine list has been praised by renowned sommelier and owner of Vinified, Rockpool, and Taxi's Luke Campbell.

    The kitchen is operating every day of the week and serves delicious, healthy food that was inspired by Asian street food. The dishes on the menu are meant to be sampled by a group of friends over the course of a few cocktails. Captain Jackman is a family-owned and -operated company that has made it its mission to sustain the success of other family businesses.

    If you're looking for a versatile venue for your next event, look no further than Captain Baxter. Several versatile event rooms and a helpful staff are available.

    The lounge area's walls are framed by magnificent electric blue masonry. This luxurious area is perfect for a casual party, since it can host 50 to 60 guests in a cocktail setting.

    Booth seating and floor-to-ceiling windows in the restaurant's dining room make you feel like you're right on the beach. This space is ideal for a sit-down dinner or lunch, with space for up to 65 guests seated and 80 guests standing.

    Carwyn Cellars

    Living in the Thornbury area for the past 11 years. As a company, Carwyn Cellars takes great pride in being completely autonomous. One of the finest Whisky bars in Melbourne is hidden away in this underground cavern. The names of small-batch breweries, wineries, and distilleries are proudly displayed on the wall. There is a wide selection of locally brewed beer, but it is difficult to find internationally recognised spirits such as gins, mezcals, and especially whiskies.

    The Kodiak Club

    The Kodiak Club bills itself as Melbourne's "lumberjack bar," a sanctuary for whisky connoisseurs who value flavour over ostentation. The Kodiak Club was created with the whisky enthusiast in mind who doesn't care about the intricacies of the drink.

    We serve whisky here, but our speciality is American bourbon.

    There are almost a hundred different types of American whisky available, but don't worry; the bartenders are experts in their field. Still, they won't chat at length about maize mashes and oak ageing just to fill silence. There is a wide pricing range, but whisky purists beware: they also serve drinks like their famous smoked bacon and bacon old fashioned.


    what are the popular whisky bars in melbourne2

    In addition to the current 30 taps, a custom microbrewery is set to arrive on site in the new year, allowing for the production of even more unique and interesting beers. Each month, a different, limited-edition brew will be unveiled, with ingredients and preparation handled by hand by skilled artisans in Victoria. You are unlikely to ask for "the usual" if you peruse the fridge menu for a wider selection of local and international beverages to enjoy by the river.

    If cocktails are more your thing, Frozé, anyone? We also sell cocktail kits, cocktails on tap, and spiked slushies. Also, feel free to ask our server to whip up a drink with some kick to it. You'll be performing that tiny shoulder shrug when you see one of our logos—you know the one.

    When was the last time you were cautioned about eating with your hands? And certainly not in this location! The items on the chef's menu are meant to be consumed with one hand while holding a drink in the other. Come get your flavour fix at our nitro ice cream bar, serving up ice cream in glasses reminiscent of cool, craft beers. Also, the chef's weekend set menu is just fantastic.

    The Lui Bar

    After checking in at the Lui Bar's street-level reception, guests are escorted to the bar's 55th-floor location, where they are met with a vista that will make your jaw drop. Relax in a lounge chair covered in a floral pattern while gazing at the cityscape.

    It offers a wide variety of whisky, is staffed by experts, and serves everything from a roadkill croquette to a $190 caviar plate. Oh, and the men's room is something you'll never forget.

    Beneath Driver Lane

    Beneath Driver Lane is a whisky club in Melbourne that may be heaven for those with a taste for blues, excellent service, and Reuben sandwiches. Just underneath Drive Lane is a bar in the Central Business District (CBD) located in a repurposed bank vault.

    Cure Bar & Eatery

    To enjoy some of Melbourne's best whiskies, head to Cure Bar and Eatery. The story goes that a few experts on the whisky scene from different pubs got together and opened the place of their dreams. There is a large and exhaustive list of various high-quality Scotch options that have been hand-picked by experts rather than thrown in as an afterthought.

    You may admire your cheese and sausage while you pour and sample, since there is a deli cabinet built directly into the bar to complement the alcoholic beverages. Moreover, their unique coffee is excellent.

    Tokosan Melbourne

    Just off Side Streets on Prahran's Greville Street is Tokosan, a little taste of Tokyo right in Australia. Tokosan has swiftly grown into one of Melbourne, St. Kilda, Windsor, and Prahran's prefered event locations because to its Japan-inspired paintings on the brick facades, tacky neon signs, Japanese furnishings, and only the best of produce served by modern and traditional Japanese cooking styles.

    Make your gathering one to remember by reserving their karaoke room, courtyard, or both. They specialise on cocktails to complement casual Japanese fare that may be shared amongst a large group of people.

    Karaoke rooms are great for private events like cocktail parties, birthday parties, and other small get-togethers. The bar in the Tokosan karaoke area may be reserved privately for singing sessions, complete with a curated menu and a dedicated bartender.

    The beautiful Japanese beer garden can be reserved together with this space to accommodate larger gatherings and provide more flexibility. Tokosan's patio beer grassy area is cosy and welcoming all year, making it ideal for gatherings of all sizes. The area will set the mood for intimacy during your event thanks to the quantity of ambient light streaming in from the tiled ceiling and the various beautiful parasols, as well as the coloured light bulbs that will illuminate late-night chats over cocktails.

    Whisky Den

    This Melbourne Whisky Bar first opened in 2016, taking inspiration from a combination of Japanese 'yokocho' bars and Chinese Hutong establishments. Only now they can accommodate forty people, up from the previous range of three to five.

    Even though there is a spacious booth in the side and a couch-filled mezzanine, the finest seats in the place are at the bar itself. You can ask the knowledgeable staff there about anything from the distillation procedure to the impact of location on ageing. If you're looking for a quiet place to catch up with friends in Melbourne, you should definitely check out this bar.

    The Melbourne Supper Club

    It is possible that the Melbourne Supper Club is the most well-known watering hole in the entire city. There is an unlisted door at main street and a set of stairs leading up to the bar, giving the establishment an impression of exclusivity and sophistication. You can enjoy your meal while looking out the large picture window of Parliament House, where you may or may not find a spot on one their vintage Chesterfield sofas.

    Wine is the main attraction at this bar, but if you're interested in Scotch whisky, the bartenders here are well-versed in both and will help you find the perfect bottle to complement your meal. Of course, the Siglo is always available for anyone who would rather be on the roof.


    Although it was given its name in honour of the year in which the word "cocktail" was first printed, 1806 is not limited to serving only whisky. On the contrary, they have amassed one of the largest collection of spirits in the area. One of Melbourne's greatest whisky bars for a long time, their menu is neatly divided into categories with brief descriptions of each product, making it simple to select the perfect dram for your evening's entertainment. We also tried the whisky and cheese combo, which was excellent and far better than we expected.

    1806 is a popular establishment despite being mostly a bar rather than a whisky bar. Service is top-notch, and the knowledgeable staff will gladly lead you on a tour of the bar's impressive selection of 110 whiskies.

    An all-time local favourite here in Melbourne. The stage is always there from the theater's days gone by, however it has been transmogrified into a bar top. The year that "cocktail" was first printed in print is referenced in the name. Each decade has its own signature cocktail, along with background information on the people and events that contributed to the cocktail's development over the years.

    Peckish? Have a taste of their charcuterie and cheese platter. Booking the Understudy (below) is also an option if you require more privacy.

    The Noble Experiment Melbourne

    The Noble Experiment is a prohibition-themed whisky bar open late at night. There are booths and exposed brick walls in this 1920s-style tavern serving food and drink from all around the world. Tempt your taste senses with a glass of excellent whisky or two of highballs. This bar on Smith Street is perfect for setting the tone or winding down a wild evening.


    Some of the best whisky bars in the world are tucked away behind unassuming doors or high up in skyscrapers. Whisky & Alement is a temple to fine ingredients, focusing on the finest and most unusual Scotch whiskies. There are several whisky bars in the area, including Pinball Paradise, Milk the Cow, and Meatmother. The Boilermaker House whisky bar in Melbourne is excellent. The bartender is a master of the more than 1,100 whiskies on offer, including Scotch, Japanese, and Irish whiskies.

    This bar clearly celebrates the art of the boilermaker. Hihou's public bar maintains its art deco aesthetic. The restaurant places an emphasis on its connections with regional suppliers so that it can receive foods that are both seasonal and produced sustainably. If you're looking to wow your significant other, the chef suggests trying one of his eight suggested meals for a night in. The Black Rabbi is a basement bar with an excellent assortment of speciality beers, premium spirits, and tasty bar cuisine; it's a cosy and unusual refuge.

    If you are looking for a great spot to host a birthday party, reunion, or after-work drinks with friends, go no farther than The Black Rabbit. Since its inception, Captain Jackman has been run by a family dedicated to ensuring the continued success of other families in business. For each martini, you'll get a brief, often humorous tale rooted in the area's past. Beautiful electric blue stonework decorates the walls of the room. The Kodiak Club calls itself the "lumberjack bar" of Melbourne. It is a haven for whisky aficionados.

    In the new year, a specialised microbrewery will open nearby, resulting in an expanded selection of interesting and unusual brews. The dishes on the chef's menu are designed to be eaten with one hand as you sip from your beverage of choice. The breathtaking panorama of Melbourne can be seen from the 55th-floor Luo Bar. Experts have curated an extensive Scotch selection for you to choose from at Cure Bar & Eatery. Private singing sessions can be booked at Tokosan's karaoke room, which comes with a bartender and specially crafted cuisine.

    With its year-round cosiness and friendliness, Tokosan's patio beer lawn area is perfect for parties of any size. Inspired by both traditional Japanese 'yokocho' bars and traditional Chinese Hutong drinking dens, the Melbourne Whisky Bar made its debut in 2016. As one of Melbourne's greatest whisky bars, 1806 is a perennial favourite among locals. They have what is likely the region's greatest stockpile of alcoholic beverages. The Noble Experiment is a speakeasy inspired by the Roaring Twenties that serves international cuisine and drinks.

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    • Boilermaker House is a whisky bar in Melbourne that hits all the right notes.
    • The Lincoln Hotel, constructed in 1854, is an exquisite representation of the Carlton style.
    • Japanese whisky is known for its high quality of production and attention to detail, or hihou.
    • The Melbourne establishment Hihou bar acknowledges and expands upon this philosophy.
    • Although it only opened its doors in 2016, the Black Rabbit has swiftly become one of Melbourne's most popular after-hours destinations, thanks to the city's thriving nightlife scene.
    • We're going to hazard a guess and say that Bad Frankie is the most iconic Melbourne whisky bar.
    • Commander Baxter
    • Get a drink from the Captain and you'll learn a lot about the island of St. Kilda.
    • As Melbourne's "lumberjack bar," the Kodiak Club caters to whisky aficionados who put quality before flash.
    • Guests of the Lui Bar are greeted on the ground floor and then taken to the 55th story, where they are treated to a view that will make them gasp.
    • Infirmary Restaurant and Bar to Serve as a Medicine
    • Visit Cure Bar and Eatery to sample some of Melbourne's finest whiskies.
    • To accommodate larger events and provide more options, this area can be leased in conjunction with the lovely Japanese beer garden.
    • Whisky DenThis Melbourne Whisky Bar has been around since 2016, and it was initially influenced by both traditional Japanese 'yokocho' bars and traditional Chinese Hutong drinking dens.
    • The Melbourne Supper Club may be the best-known bar in Melbourne.
    • Named after the year the term "cocktail" first in print, 1806 serves more than just bourbon.
    • The Whisky Library has been one of Melbourne's best whisky bars for years, and their menu is organised by category, with brief explanations of each product, so you can quickly find the one that best suits your mood and the rest of your evening's plans.
    • Attempts at Nobility in Melbourne
    • Whisky enthusiasts can visit The Noble Experiment, a speakeasy with a prohibition-era vibe.
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