where are spots for the best brunch in melbourne

Where Are Spots For The Best Brunch In Melbourne?

Lunch in Melbourne is a strongly contested subject, with several contenders. Given Melbourne's reputation as Australia's café capital, the breakfast scene is fiercely competitive.

If breakfast truly is the most crucial meal in the day, then the time between brekkie and lunch, known as brunch, is when you should be filling your stomach the most.

There will be more than simply Weet-bix or toast on these menus. Instead, smashed avo on bread with plenty of coffee and poached eggs are the norm. If you're looking for a location to eat a breakfast worthy of a champion, then you should definitely check out our recommended brunch spots in Melbourne.

FAQs About Melbourne

  • Keep the menu simple. Your kitchen isn't the Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Accept help. 
  • Set the table the night before.
  • Make as much in advance as possible. 
  • Make bacon in the oven.
  • Embrace the buffet. 
  • Make it mini! 
  • Be mindful of those with food allergies.

Brunch is typically served between breakfast and lunch—generally, around 10:00 am. However, you may choose to start so guests can chat for a little while before they start eating.

The consensus is that brunch happens between 11 am and 4 pm. So if you're eating before 11 am, it's considered breakfast, and if you eat after 4 pm, you're eating some in-between meal or possibly an early dinner.

The sharing of brunch and stories makes people satisfied with themselves and their fellow human beings. That's why the idea of brunch is to be friendly and cheerful. The primary purpose of a brunch meal was to shake off headaches and give rest to gurgling stomachs before consuming something solid.

Ask another guest to bring topping options like peaches, syrup and whipped cream. Omelet Station - The classic brunch choice is best when there are options. Ask people to sign up to bring things like mushrooms, ham, different cheeses, spinach and more.

Prior Thornbury

Prior Thornberry is the place to go in Melbourne for a high-end brunch experience. The decor is the ideal blend of modern ease and spot for enjoying a conversation over some food It serves delicious food that looks as good as it tastes; we highly recommend the chocolate crumpets and the steak sandwich.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground has stunning architecture and an excellent breakfast. The elegant setting looks like an old church and has towering ceilings and open eating on several levels. Eggs in every imaginable preparation, salmon, sourdoughs, granola, and their famous ricotta hotcakes are all available.


You should drag your groggy self over to the stylish Lagotto on the weekend for their additional Italian-inspired menu. The food is so good you'll want to have breakfast daily in the mornings The menu at Lagotto is extensive, including pork and fennel sausage wit fried eggs, avocado, and braised greens, dairy pannacotta, crispy pancetta, and of course a bloody mary.

The Kettle Black

The Kettle Black, located in one of the last remaining terraced buildings on Albert Street, is beautifully placed in both a converted apartment building and a separate building. Melbourne breakfast plus the brunch social scene. One of the greatest places to get breakfast in Melbourne is at a restaurant with insanely delicious food and a great selection of coffee.

Industry Beans

Located on a busy intersection on Rose Street in Fitzroy, this neighbourhood favourite serves up a rotating selection of single-origin coffees and has received praise for both its design and its coffee. CAFE Two brothers, Richard and Steve Simmons, have turned a vacant warehouse on the corner of Rose Street in Fitzroy into a thriving cafe, an innovative roastery, a cupping lab upstairs, and a dedicated place for skilled coffee training. Industry Beans offers a rotating selection of nine distinct coffees from throughout the world, including beans grown in the Sumatran hills and Panama's plantations. We bake our own bread, make our own butter and chocolate, bottle our own juices, and source as much local produce as possible to create amazing breakfast and lunch options.

Axil Coffee Roasters

Two of Australia's best baristas, Mike Makin and his girlfriend Zoe, started Axil Coffee Roasters there in Hawthorn. Since then, the company has opened up shop on busy downtown streets including Flinders Lane and Trade Street. Traditional items like chocolate granola and pasta sauce with feta sit alongside more experimental offerings include beetroot-cured ocean fish over breaded containing recycled egg and parmigiano rillettes with shredded ham hock on the breakfast menu.

Archie's All Day

To call Archie's a "all-day diner" is an accurate description. How about a burger for breakfast? Certainly, they are capable of doing so. Oatmeal with vanilla beans and tea in the afternoon? Sure thing. You might also try vegan mayo tofu, za'atar eggs, or huevos sucio. Indeed, they are capable of doing so as well. And here you were thinking Fitzroy didn't have room for yet another café.

Rustica Sourdough

For the most part, Rustica Sourdough is known for their bread, but their expertise in baking and pastries is what really sets them apart spot for breakfast in Melbourne. The bread baked fresh every day at their Chapel Lane bakery is the true hero of each dish. Come on in for some Vegemite pastries or a Vegemite benedict on a soft bun.


In terms of family friendliness and delicious brunch options, Moby is hard to beat. You may have breakfast in the sun on its rooftop patio, which is one of three tiers of dining space at this corner establishment. On the menu, you'll find sourdough, buttermilk pancakes, prawn or chilli omelettes, and more.

Lenny 3206

Lenny 3206 is a great spot for a weekend breakfast in Melbourne is just the right amount of airy, contemporary, and colorful in order to put you in a summertime frame of mind first thing in the morning. You may have the standard fare, such smashed avocado and eggs hollandaise, but you can also get some interesting options, like a spicy prawn omelette or herb and parmesan stuffed cornbread.

Plain Sailing

There might be a wait in line on Saturday mornings, but that really shows how great Naked Sailing is. Some examples of their flavour blending expertise are the Moroccan spice cabbage fry up, the smashed pea bruschetta over beetroot, and the quietly beef benedict on bread. The best place to get brunch in Melbourne, right? Definitely.

The Penny Drop

Every weekday morning, this 100-seat restaurant opens its doors to feed the sleepy masses breakfast and lunch. Beetroot and yellow corn morphology changes, orange and fennel cake with cultured butter, and woodland onion with eggs and ciabatta are just a few of the beautiful dishes available at The Penny Drop.


Located in the old telephone exchange, the aptly named Opereator25 offers Asian-inspired breakfast fare. This restaurant is perfect for a Melbourne Saturday breakfast thanks to its delicious chia pudding, sweet lamb chops, salmon aburi, and fried teriyaki mushrooms.

Port Of Call

If you're looking for a Melbourne establishment that serves brunch all day, go no further than Port of Call. Port of Call serves up a scrumptious breakfast menu, including waffles, eggs brunch, chickpea fritters, and a sautéed brekkie salad. If that weren't enough, the beach is only a few minutes away, making it the perfect ending to a morning of brunching.


Au79 equivalent to a one-stop shop on breakfast or brunch in Sydney. As well as being a fantastic spot to meet up with friends for Saturday morning eggs and salmon, it also doubles as a bakery, patisserie, and chocolatier. Not to mention, they toast and sell coffee beans to have as a souvenir after a trip. Mango muffins, prawn benedict, confit duck, and many other dishes can be found on the café's menu.

The Hardware Société

Possibly one of the most famous spots for breakfast is Melbourne's A Society for Hardware. The menu features all of your favourite breakfast foods, like eggs benedict, croissants, and scrambled eggs, all prepared to perfection. Nonetheless, there are some interesting combinations, such as gin-cured fish on buckwheat blinis or croquet hustlers with pork croquettes and apple sauce.

Ned's Bake Cafe And Restaurant

Ned's Bake Café - Restaurant is considered one of the best spots in Melbourne to enjoy a leisurely brunch. You'll want to return for more of the warm hospitality and artfully presented meals. Here, have some of our smoked haddock frittata, goat cheese soufflé, or flaky almond croissant.

The Grain Store

This Flinders Lane café takes a rustic, traditional approach to seasonal meals, highlighting ingredients like quinoa, goji berries, and farro grains. So delight in the rustic elegance, savour the assortment of tasty breakfast choices, and celebrate the eco-friendliness of it all.

Lights In The Attic Cafe

The breakfast and brunch options at Lights in the Ceiling Café are some of the best in Melbourne. We offer breakfast all day, so there's smash avo with tomato and hummus, quinoa corn cakes, and more on the menu, so necessitates taking your time.

Kitty Burns

The Kitty Peel is a lovely place to enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch because to its high ceilings and large windows. And not just in taste, but in presentation as well, the cuisine is truly remarkable. Some examples of delicious brunch fare include togarashi-spiced avocado, poached pears on French toast, and spicy scrambled eggs. spot in Melbourne.

Grain Store

The menu at Grain Store is anything but ordinary, as it include delicacies much like blue swimmer crab jalapeño scramble, the salmon omelette, and the cow cheek and Portobello fungus with potato hash and nutella hollandaise sauce.

Abacus Bar & Kitchen

The Abacus Café & Kitchen, another Chapel Street success, serves up royally delicious brunches and dinners alike. One of the best brunches in Melbourne, thanks to the Spanner Crab Content based, Crispy Mortadella with Spiced Pineapples, Pumpkin Croquettes, and Chilli Folded Eggs.


You should arrive early too beat the die-hard fans who are sure to be there. Typical Northcote types can be found mingling at the communal tables on a Saturdays, sipping their coffee and chowing down on banana smoothies topped with cacao nibs and hazelnut butter or grazing on brunch salads. Definitely worth a shot.

Admiral Cheng-Ho

Fair trade teas and seasonal single estate espresso from the folks at Abbotsford's Monk Bodhi Dharma's Admiral Cheng-Ho. Wholefood, seasonal dishes made using organic, locally produced ingredients are also available. In particular, I recommend the sourdough toast topped with vegan mushrooms, almond feta, kraut, and herb salad.

Feast Of Merit

This café in Richmond combines the aspirational ideal of local, ecological eating with the practical good of channelling earnings towards developing communities through its stylish design, which is based on reclaimed lumber and discovered things. YGAP is a nonprofit organisation that funds young leadership and education programmes in countries including Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Australia through programmes like Feast of Merit. Donations of food and other goods come from places like St. Ali, Hopkins River Beef, and St. David's Dairy. Food-wise, we have no complaints.

Three Bags Full

Located in the historic Denton Hat Mills building in the heart of Abbotsford, this sprawling three-room cafe is home to what many consider to be the best brunch in the inner-city district. Espresso, French press, Clover brew, and cold brew are just some of the many ways coffee can be prepared. The menu is regularly updated to reflect the changing seasons, and the kitchen is produce-driven.

Cumulus Inc.

The "dining house" created by chef Andrew McConnell is excellent at any time of day. Braised hibiscus pear with creamy rice, shakshuka, and the world-famous "Full English," replete with farmhouse slab bacon, are just a few of the intriguing breakfast options. If it seems like McConnell is immune to criticism, that's because he rarely makes mistakes.

White Mojo

White Mojo's crab croissant burger is reportedly the reason the restaurant consistently sees long lines on the weekends, as noted in a recent review by Dan Stock. Dan describes a sandwich made with "a soft shell clam fried to a crisp" and "two halves of a light, butter-rich croissant," cooked on a grill. "The sriracha mayo's little kick of heat is brightened up with smoked eel salt, while the pickled cucumber and parsley offer a burst of fresh freshness. Almost everything on the platter is as good as the countless orders of it, but the addition of a runny fried egg takes it over the top." You can only fully understand what it's like to try it for yourself.

Pillar Of Salt

Brunch at Pillar of Salt, so called probably after the intransigent pillar that even Who couldn't move due to structural constraints, is interesting and very innovative, with options like the Northern Breakfast Menu. Pancakes, rye toast, dill aioli, and cheese accompany the ocean fish gravlax that has been marinated in vodka and juniper berries. It has a great selection of coffees.

Penny Farthing Espresso

Penny Farthing Espresso is a local favourite in Northcote, and they serve Industrial Beans coffee alongside a wide selection of breakfast foods. Estate-grown wines, local brews, and coffee-based cocktails all make an appearance.

Chez Dré

Pastry chef Andréa Reiss and her colleague, Steve Sam, opened this cosy café and bakery in a converted warehouse. There are savoury and sweet options galore, including the Roman breakfast menu that is served all day. The café's coffee is roasted by The Shipping Room especially for the business.

Auction Rooms

Mount Macedon pine vegetables with kale, crispy gnocchi, black garlic-and-cauliflower purée, and a hard boiled egg are just two examples of the creative breakfast options available at this café and coffee roaster, which is located in the former WB Ellis auction house. Other noteworthy options include a breakfast board with grilled sausage, smoked haddock rillettes, fruit purée, house pickles, a soft-boiled egg, rye soldiers, and mini granola. this is, without a doubt, the breakfast of winners.

Crabapple Kitchen

This Hawthorn café is open 24/7 and was developed by Greg Feck so that he could reproduce dishes from his travels throughout the world using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  Think about the cuisine that came out of his time in Mexico: it's a mole made with spiced chicken & pumpkin seeds, served with pinto beans, rice seasoned with lime and coriander, fried avocado, chipotle cream, and Navajo flatbread. Or, as a nod to his time spent in Ireland, he might serve a meal like Petuna cured ocean trout with capers, red onion, spicy mayo crème Fraiche, or a soft poached egg above a bed of Irish-style potato rosti seasoned with thyme Reader, please salivate.

Hammer And Tong 412

Hammer and Tong, located somewhere off Brunswick Street, serves upscale breakfasts and luncheon at decidedly non-upscale rates. We're already salivating over the duck egg and fried bacon waffle and "The Briostie," a french brioche-toastie mash-up that also features prosciutto, fried egg, Napoli fondue, and smoked mozzarella.

Fitzrovia Restaurant & Cafe

Brunch-goers in the St. Kilda region are in for a special treat. Located conveniently close to the locals, Fitzrovia Cafe & café serves up hearty breakfasts and excellent coffee. The thick-cut bacon and gruyere potato cakes and indeed the butternut squash and sauteed onion fritters are two of the best things on the menu.


The breakfast culture at Melbourne's cafes has earned it the title of "café capital" of Australia. Brunch, the meal that occurs between breakfast and lunch, is widely considered to be the day's most significant meal. Rustica Sourdough is a Melbourne institution, famed for its coffee, bread, and pastries. Mike Makin and his partner Zoe, two of Australia's top baristas, established Axil Coffee Roasters in the neighbourhood of Hawthorn. If you're looking for somewhere that welcomes families and serves a fantastic brunch, you won't find a better alternative than Moby.

Breakfast at Lenny 3206 on the weekend is highly recommended in Melbourne. The dishes on the menu are light, modern, and bright. Its crushed pea bruschetta over beetroot and their quiet steak benedict on toast are both excellent instances of their skill at combining flavours. Eggs benedict, croissants, and scrambled eggs are some of the highlights of Melbourne's top brunches. One of the nicest places to go for a relaxing brunch in Melbourne is Ned's Bake Cafe.

The Grain Store's seasonal menus are hearty and old-fashioned, with grains like quinoa and farro as the main attraction. The Admiral Cheng-Ho at Abbotsford's Monk Bodhi Dharma and the White Mojo at Feast of Merit are two of the city's finest eateries. It is widely agreed that Three Bags Full serves the best brunch in the neighbourhood. Andrew McConnell has made a fantastic "dining home" that may be enjoyed at every meal of the day. At Pillar of Salt, they serve a novel and engaging brunch.

The ocean fish gravlax is served with pancakes, rye toast, dill aioli, and cheese. Guests at Chez Dré and Penny Farthing Espresso can choose from an abundance of savoury and sweet treats. Greg Feck, Crabapple's chef and owner, draws inspiration for his recipes from his travels throughout the world and uses only the finest, locally produced ingredients.

Content Summary

  • Melbourne is known as the café capital of Australia, therefore the breakfast scene there is quite competitive.
  • A communal brunch experience in Melbourne.
  • When in Melbourne, one of the best locations to start the day is at a restaurant known for its extremely amazing breakfast fare and excellent coffee options.
  • Mike Makin and his partner Zoe, two of Australia's top baristas, established Axil Coffee Roasters in the neighbourhood of Hawthorn.
  • While Rustica Sourdough has earned a reputation as a top breakfast destination in Melbourne thanks to its bread, it is the quality of its baked goods and pastries that really sets it apart.
  • On Saturday mornings, there may be a line, but that just goes to demonstrate how popular Naked Sailing is.
  • Port of Call is the place to go in Melbourne for brunch any time of the day.
  • In Melbourne, A Society for Hardware is among the best known places to start the day.
  • So named after the intransigent pillar that even Who couldn't move because to structural limits, Brunch at Pillar of Salt is intriguing and quite original, with options like the Northern Breakfast Menu.
  • Penny Farthing Espresso is well-liked among Northcote locals because to its extensive breakfast menu and excellent Industrial Beans coffee.This Hawthorn eatery was created by Greg Feck so that he could serve recipes inspired by his travels throughout the world, but made with ingredients found in the area.
  • The Hammer and Tong can be found just off Brunswick Street, and it is known for its high-quality breakfast and lunch options offered at prices that are clearly not high.
  • Visitors to the St. Kilda area who brunch at Fitzrovia Restaurant & Cafe are in for a real treat.
  • The Fitzrovia Cafe & café is a local favourite for its delicious breakfasts and top-notch coffee.
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