10+ Best Design Agencies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Melbourne's design agencies offer a wide range of services to help businesses with their branding and marketing. 

If you're looking for help with your websi3te or logo or just need some marketing advice, look no further than these top design agencies in Melbourne

Each agency has its unique style and approach, so do your research before choosing the right one for you. With so many great options to choose from, finding the best design agency in Melbourne is easier than ever!

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    Ultimate List of Design Agencies in Melbourne

    Hunter Design Agency Melbourne

    hunter design agency melbourne


    We are Hunter. Creative branding agency for entrepreneurs, challenger brands & agents of change.

    For the modern world, we assist in humanizing, connecting, and simplifying the next generation of consumer-facing brands.

    Start Up

    Consider your minimal viable brand now that you have your minimum viable product (MVP) (MVB).

    Despite what the marketing and branding books claim, we have firsthand knowledge that every business is unique in its own unique way. Some have identified a need they are confident they can serve and are already knowledgeable in that particular field. Others just charge in with all guns blazing based on an irrational suspicion.

    Regardless of how you get there, it's critical to road-test your concept before devoting the entire money to any significant branding work. For this reason, we suggest reading Rob Fitzpatrick's book The Mom Test as well as Hunter's approach to a minimum viable brand for startups.

    Scale Up

    One of the most frequent design requests we get from business owners trying to expand is for a new "logo" or "brand refresh."

    Although money and cash flow are no longer a problem, founders frequently underestimate the amount of time, work, and commitment needed to build a successful modern consumer-facing business.

    As difficult as it may seem, you can do this by using a strategic planning process, being open and honest, and having a collaborative mentality, to name just a few. Need to know more?


    You can find more than 100 million results when you Google "brand reboot" depending on where you are (we work in Auckland, London, Melbourne, and Wellington). However, "what's the cause behind your brand revamp" is the million-dollar marketing query.

    Brand reboots may seem cosmetic to those who aren't in the marketing industry (logos, colors, typefaces, illustrations, photography, and design material), but astute marketers know that they represent a much larger strategic and creative potential to bring about meaningful change for the company.

    It's crucial not to undersell yourself, whether you're a member of a new senior leadership team or an entrepreneur taking on the old global system. Check out Yvon Chouinard's Let My People Go Surfing if you desire real change.

    OMG Creative Design Agency Melbourne

    omg creative design agency melbourne


    03 9654 0531

    We are a company established to support the success of Australian companies. We offer the most up-to-date content marketing tactics and creativity, supported by digital targeting technology, to bring awareness and clients to Australian companies of any size.

    Because Australian businesses need a more effective communications mix to expand and compete, we utilize the most effective brand strategy supported by outbound and inbound marketing strategies (lead generation, nurturing, and generating customer advocates).

    Here is a list of the things we do to put your company on the path to success. It offers a nearly complete range of digital, advertising, and marketing services. We can assist you whether you're a titan in your industry or just starting out.

    unsure of where to turn? We'll make sure the appropriate OMGer receives your message. If you want to join the OMG! community, send us a note with your contact information, and we'll respond to you as soon as we can with magic sparkles.

    AndMine™ Design Agency Melbourne

    andmine™ design agency melbourne


    1300 263 647

    Everything must first appear stunning. One of the essential factors for success is design since it connects all of your brand awareness. Every impression of your design will have a decreased probability of becoming successful if it appears subpar. Second, you need to stay on top of online trends. Consider Facebook's 20% algorithm or how small a social thumbnail appears on mobile devices. Thirdly, expand uniformity into your style guide. Your digital design obviously needs to have a distinct personality that your audience can identify as being yours.

    Leading Digital Design Agency

    As a digital design business, we have a wealth of experience designing everything from websites, e-stores, mobile apps, and software to traditional print media (yes, we still do some of these). with full social connectivity, a portfolio across several devices and environments.

    We have mastered the delicate balancing act between form and function, the two fundamental components of digital design. Because it increases visitors, enhances retention rates, and makes the product more approachable to search engines, a good design serves as a basis for achieving increased conversions. As a seasoned web design and development business, we outperform changing demands and the dynamic nature of the web to prosper in the face of competition. From micro-viral posts to boosting conversions on national advertising campaigns, we help business stand out.

    FAQs About Design Agency

    A creative design agency is a company that specialises in creating design solutions for clients. The term “design” can encompass a wide range of disciplines, from graphic design and web design to product design and architecture. 

    As such, creative design agencies can vary widely in terms of their size, scope, and specialisation. Some agencies may only provide one or two services, while others may offer a full suite of design solutions. 

    Creative design agencies typically work with businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises. In many cases, these agencies are hired to help companies with branding, marketing, and advertising initiatives. 

    However, they can also be tapped to provide more general design services, such as website development or product design. Ultimately, creative design agencies provide an important service for businesses that need assistance Bringing their Ideas to life.

    A design agency can offer a wide range of services, from simple graphic design to more complex web design and development. In addition, many design agencies also offer branding and marketing services. 

    This means that they can help you to create a strong identity for your business or product and then promote it through various channels. By working with a design agency, you can ensure that your product or service stands out from the competition. 

    Design agencies can also provide guidance on how to best use new technologies to reach your target market. Whether you need help with a new website design or simply want to update your existing branding, a design agency can provide the expertise and resources you need to succeed.

    If you’re a design professional looking to start your own business, there are a few key things you need to do in order to set yourself up for success. 

    First, you’ll need to create a portfolio that showcases your design work. This will be important not only for attracting clients but also for partners or investors. Second, you’ll need to develop a strong business plan. This should include an overview of your design services, your target market, and your marketing and sales strategy. Finally, you’ll need to make sure you have the financial resources in place to get your business off the ground. 

    This may mean securing a small business loan or finding venture capital funding. With careful planning and execution, you can start your own design business and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

    Freelance graphic designers are responsible for creating visual designs for a variety of clients. This can include everything from creating logos and branding materials to designing website layouts and illustrations. 

    In order to be successful, freelance designers must have a strong understanding of design principles and be able to translate their client’s vision into a finished product. They must also be able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. Good communication skills are also essential, as freelancers often need to collaborate with other professionals, such as writers and marketers. 

    If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance graphic designer, the most important thing is to develop a strong portfolio that showcases your talent and range. Then, start marketing yourself to potential clients and building up a good reputation in the industry. With hard work and persistence, you can be successful as a freelance graphic designer.

    The design process for branding is all about creating a unique and consistent identity for a company or product. It starts with research, which can include everything from analysing the competition to conducting customer surveys. 

    Once the research is complete, the design team will start working on concepts and ideas that will ultimately be used to create the brand’s visual identity. This identity will be reflected in everything from the logo and colour scheme to the typography and design of marketing materials. 

    The goal is to create a cohesive look that accurately reflects the brand’s personality and message. With careful planning and execution, the design process for branding can result in powerful and enduring brand identity.

    Fenton Stephens Design Agency Melbourne

    fenton stephens design agency melbourne


    (03) 9928 5009

    We are in the business of creating heroes, like other advertising companies. But unlike most, we're just concerned with elevating our clients, not with promoting ourselves. We begin by setting a high bar together with our clients. Then, we fiercely chase innovative ideas that will produce results—miracle thinking, as measured against jointly set goals.

    We are a group of individuals with a variety of personalities and skill sets who work together to achieve a common goal. to elevate our organization to the top position in the nation. We have skilled account managers, creatives, strategists, and producers on our team. There are also writers, bloggers, runners, bikers, a tea maker, several futsal players, a few pets, and at least one farmer who raises cattle.

    We handle everything, in whatever medium, from strategy to final implementation. Additionally, we are surrounded by dependable production partners that can work wonders.

    HERO Design Agency Melbourne

    hero design agency melbourne


    03 9993 9338

    Working with HERO is incredibly straightforward despite the fact that our firms provide highly advanced creative marketing and technological services. With a single HERO point of contact integrating a group of best-in-class marketing communications specialists, from digital, data, design, and technology, to media, public relations, and content, our clients benefit from single-source management of all of their marketing requirements. Every brand that works with us becomes the success of its own marketing.

    A post-COVID business model called HERO was developed in response to the pandemic's difficulties. We made sure our clients weren't affected when the crisis struck. We were able to migrate to a virtual national model without any trouble because we are an independent company free from the constraints of traditional agency legacy problems or institutions. utilizing cloud-based platforms and technologies to keep company delivery seamless. This is what we mean by borderless creativity.

    The best competitive advantage is creativity. And the most potent influencer of marketing success. The only Australian agency recognized with the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness and the most awards worldwide are together under the umbrella of HERO. And with Borderless Creativity, every business and customer, no matter where they may be headquartered, has access to our award-winning national talent.

    Intesols Design Agency Melbourne

    intesols design agency melbourne


    (03) 9553 2820

    For your business, Intesols specializes in offering efficient digital solutions. For all the digital aspects of your company that you either don't understand or don't want to, our team of professionals has smart answers. Our knowledge has been tried and true because we help over 450 companies and brands in Australia with their creative, management, and technological challenges. We achieve the best results by forming collaborations with both our clients and other agencies. Our objective is to offer specialized and clever digital solutions. We have some of the top talents available for site design, mobile apps, e-catalogues, e-commerce stores, and online marketing.

    Website Design

    Melbourne-based Intesols has a dream team of talented graphic designers who serve companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. You've come to the right place if you want to give the website for your business a polished and modern appearance. The target audience of the organization, market trends, and corporate goals are all taken into consideration by our design team. Our tactics revolve around developing a call to action that collects client data with an emphasis on giving ROI.

    Red Crayon Design Agency Melbourne

    red crayon design agency melbourne


    03 9533 2270

    Our Advertising & Marketing Services Melbourne

    An advertising firm with offices in Melbourne that specializes in strategy, creative, media, internet, social media, and video production. In order to keep your brand and essential messaging top of mind when customers are ready to buy, our full-service package has been designed.

    Web Design Melbourne

    We are a web design company with roots in Melbourne that specializes in creating custom websites. Our team of skilled website developers builds adaptable, dynamic websites. We make use of cutting-edge technology to design experiences that are practical and simple. From beginning to end, we follow a strategic strategy to guarantee complete design satisfaction and usefulness. Having a website is an essential marketing tool. It's time to talk to us if your company isn't generating leads and conversions.

    About Red Crayon – Advertising Agency Melbourne

    To inspire inspiration, innovation, and activation that alters the trajectory of brands, we employ data, facts, and insights. In order to create campaigns and content that audiences will not only love but also believe in, share, and purchase, we first listen and then we learn. We place a lot of emphasis on teamwork, authenticity, and salience.

    Elephant In The Boardroom Design Agency Melbourne

    elephant in the boardroom design agency melbourne


    03 7018 7629

    Professional Web Design and Development Company in Melbourne

    We are backed by years of experience and specialized knowledge in the digital space, making us Melbourne's top pick for web design and development and digital agencies. We are motivated by measurable outcomes in the real world that increase sales for your company. Our web designers and developers will build a website or app that is professional, elegant, and results-driven, while keeping the users in mind at every stage of the process. We are also supported by cutting-edge web design methodologies and digital marketing services to support the development of a high-performing lead generation platform for your company.

    From custom web design, mobile app development, and e-commerce development to optimized digital solutions, our team of digital and website experts is dedicated to creating revolutionary website solutions. Through a comprehensive approach to website design, we will advance your company and give you eye-catching, highly responsive websites that are designed to generate leads. We want to assist you surpass your goals, expand your company, and leave a positive impression on your clients.

    Allow elephant in the Boardroom, your go-to source for web design and development in Melbourne, Australia, to transform your ideas into stunning handcrafted websites. Whether you need a new business website or want to enhance the functionality of an existing one, our talented designers and UI/UX professionals are always here to help.

    Prime Motive Design Agency Melbourne

    prime motive design agency melbourne


    03 8393 1940

    Integrated experiences and strategic design. assisting in the discovery and shaping of opportunities for significant impact and long-term involvement. We collaborate with Australia's most aspirational teams to reframe difficult environments and produce real chances for long-term involvement.

    We are rethinking goods, services, processes, and brands through intense collaboration in order to produce results that are equitable and strengthen connections between organizations and their constituents. To produce impact, engagement, and growth, we blend strategic design with integrated experiences. The interaction between vision and action gives rise to the work we accomplish. It is based on the idea that human needs are growing and that environments are changing quickly, necessitating highly customized but flexible solutions.

    Strategic Design

    As change quickens, strategy is being redesigned to integrate corporate and human-centered thinking. This combination of approaches enables us to reframe problems and create chances to produce more egalitarian, adaptable, and resilient solutions.

    The strategic design offers you the methods and resources you need to compare and contrast where you are and where you want to be in order to better identify and comprehend your users, clients, and community. In the end, it can assist you in developing and communicating the vision, objectives, and procedures required to engage and succeed.

    Boss Design Agency Melbourne

    boss design agency melbourne


    03 9686 5766

    Boss Agency is a force of driven people working together to assist businesses of all sizes in developing, constructing, and raising awareness of their brands. We create work that stands out and resonates using insight and our combined 25 years of experience, balancing functionality and creativity to produce remarkable brand and digital experiences that strengthen the vision you have for your project.

    We collaborate with ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing groups. Joining forces with us can help you see more clearly and extend your outlook. We will work together to realize and accomplish your objectives.

    Throughout the whole process, from strategy and planning to production and implementation, we offer a seamless client experience. One committed team will oversee your project, work through issues, assemble messaging, make decisions, and take costs into account. You will save time and money by utilizing our individualized, team-based strategy.

    Your Creative Design Agency Melbourne

    your creative design agency melbourne


    03 8388 7769

    Our agency is Your Creative. an interdisciplinary team with a Melbourne basis that focuses on design, strategy, and technology to affect people and brands. Big ideas that are developed, crafted, and coded in our Melbourne studio drive everything we do. We are capable of handling any project, no matter how big or small, thanks to our flexible creative structure.

    We create and design incredibly innovative items and moments. We have tripled in size, garnered multiple design accolades, and established ourselves as some of the most recognizable brands in the world in less than five years. We continually evaluate how our actions affect the neighborhood, the environment, and society in an effort to become better people. Each project is fueled by tried-and-true productive teamwork, drawing inspiration from each other's various cultural and professional backgrounds.

    Watts Design Agency Melbourne

    watts design agency melbourne


    (03) 9696 4117

    It goes beyond simple design. It is the whole shebang. Our depth of knowledge ensures that your brand engages its audience and provides an engaging experience at every touchpoint. We work with various types of businesses, organizations, and people to create value, accomplish business objectives, and increase success, from small local startups to well-known international brands. We'll make sure you reach the ideal conclusion without having to second-guess anything.

    We're used to big concepts and audacious creative thinking. However, we are also aware that the narrative—your narrative—should capture the essence and core values of your company. Process is crucial to us, and with our keen strategic thinking, we can jointly discover your brand's vision. We investigate your goals, highlight your unique qualities, and convey your message in a way that is motivating, enduring, and unforgettable. We clarify your values and make sure you are noticeable. We'll assist you in exceeding the standards that your audience isn't yet aware of. That is where our true worth lies.

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