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Where To Find The Best Golf Courses And Clubs In Melbourne?

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    If golf need a Mecca, it could be found in Melbourne's south-east. Melbourne is home to some of the world's best golf courses. The renowned Melbourne Sandbelt is home to a number of these notables because its sandy subsoil is ideal for sustaining world-class golf courses.

    Golf gets a bad rap for being a snobbish and pricey pastime, but that's not always the case. Melbourne is home to a wealth of public, reasonably priced courses, ideal for honing your short game and obtaining advice on how to lengthen your drive. Many of these courses even include lessons for complete beginners whose only knowledge if golf come via Happy Gilmore, in addition to casual play more pass options for more serious golfers. Don't let a lack of clubs, balls, or buggies deter you from hitting the links; you can rent everything you need right there. If you aren't quite ready to take on the larger holes, several courses also include mini-golf.

    Royal Melbourne Golf Club

    The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a golfing landmark recognised around the world and is no stranger to topping best-of lists. In total, there are 36 holes spread across three championship courses. As of late, Golf Digest ranked the West Course as the best in Australia and the third best in the world. The East Course is not to be outdone by its heavenly neighbour; it also contains one of the best par 3s among Melbourne's premier golf courses and is ranked in the top 20 by Golf Digest. The best 18 holes of baseball in the country, the greatest dish made since Linkin Park and Jay-Z, the world-famous Composite Course is the result of combining 12 plays from the West Course with six holes from the East.

    It's hard to disagree with Royal Melbourne's claim that it's the best golf course in Australia. Royal Melbourne is home to two 18-hole courses—the East and West—and is consistently ranked as Australia's top golf course by Australian Golf Digest.

    The world's best golfers will be playing on Australia's oldest course, the first non-American venue to host the PGA Administration's Cup. It goes without saying that if you're a golf fan living in Australia, a round at this course ought to be on your list.

    Kingston Heath Golf Club

    Kingston Heath Golf Club, site of the Australian Open seven times, is renowned for its challenging course and excellent bunkering. Many of the best golfers in the world consider Kingston Heath to be one of the best courses ever built. In 2009, Tiger Woods won the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath and he praised the course afterwards. If you want to join one of the most elite teams in the country, you'll need recommendations from many current members and be prepared to wait a long time. But once you play on this hallowed ground, you'll understand why the wait was worth it.

    Kingston Heath is not satisfied with always coming in second on rankings of Australia's greatest golf clubs; instead, it distinguishes itself by having the sandiest course in the country. You'll be spending more time than David Hasselhoff in the sand, since there are a whopping 128 bunkers spread across the course and surrounding practically every green.

    However, Kingston Heath has played host to the Australian Open seven times and the Australian Masters on many occasions. This earns him a spot in Golf Digest's top 20 of a world's 100 best courses.

    Victoria Golf Club

    victoria golf club melbourne

    Another contender for the title of best golf club in the Victorian Sandbelt is the Victoria Golf Club. The Victoria stands up well next to its more well-known peers and is a welcome addition to our collection of improbably great golf courses. The small, lightning-fast greens reward accurate shots, thoughtful club selection, and a flawless short game, but the intimidating bunkers guarding the greens' collars catch out pros and amateurs alike. The Melbourne Golf Club is among Melbourne's finest courses, yet it's also among the most challenging.

    Oscar Damman , Bill Meade, along with course architecture legend Dr. Alister MacKenzie, created Victoria Golf Club. The Australian Open and indeed the Women's Australian Open are only two of the prestigious tournaments that have been played on this par-72 course. In 1998, Potus George Bush Sr. was welcomed on a visit. A CV? We don't think so.

    Metropolitan Golf Club

    The Metropolitan Golf Club, which was founded at the same time as the Royal Melbourne and is widely considered to be one of Australia's finest championship courses, is a prime example of why the Melbourne Sandbelt is home to some of the best golf in the world. From the rough native scrub, carpet-like fairways have been sculpted; bunkers line every green and pivot at each fork in the road. The Metropolitan is no stranger to hosting major sporting events, and in 2018, it will play host to the Golf World Cup of Golf.

    The very word, "Metropolitan," conveys an air of opulence. However, it has more than earned its reputation for exclusivity, having hosted the Australian Open on many occasions and consistently ranking among the top twenty of Golf Digest's list of Australia's 100 best courses. Greg Norman famously lost in sudden-death play-off at the Metropolitan in 1997 when he three-putted the final green. Now you know that you are not alone.

    Woodlands Golf Club

    Typical of Melbourne's top courses, Woodlands Golf Club is a formidable test for any avid player with its undulating fairways, menacing bunkers, and elevated greens. The casual slugger will struggle with Woodlands' numerous tricky intricacies, which demand a certain degree of finesse to negotiate the small roads and difficult bunkers successfully. Woodlands is an oddity among Sandbelt courses, which often require players to be accompanied by a member, in that visitors satisfying the handicapped and club entrance requirements are welcome to taste the joys at Woodlands.

    Commonwealth Golf Club

    The Commonwealth Golf Club is a well-respected course in Melbourne's prestigious group of courses, and its strategic design and challenging, narrow fairways are legendary. With a history dating back to 1914, the early planners had amazing foresight in selecting and fostering native eucalypts, which, after a century of growth, stand as towering sentinels guarding the motorways and indeed the gently sloping greens. The upper balcony of the magnificent clubhouse is one of the best places to enjoy a drink after a round, with panoramic views of the course.

    Next door to the Metropolitan is the Commonwealth, another of the Eight Sisters and a great example of Sandbelt golf. If you're planning a trip from out of state or overseas to Melbourne, you'll discover that getting around is simpler and cheaper than in other major cities in Australia or the world. However, you will still need to be a member of a group in your home nation or state.

    Huntingdale Golf Club

    huntingdale golf club melbourne

    Huntingdale Golf Club, located on Melbourne's renowned Sandbelt, has hosted the Australian Masters for thirty straight years (from 1978 to 2008), earning it a place among the world's top golf courses. The grounds are kept in Masters-like condition all year long with diligent maintenance. Courses there in area are known for their strategic use of bunkers, which makes for a hard but ultimately rewarding play. The Huntingdale spent $12 million on a state-of-the-art, award-winning clubhouse in 2014, ditching the grand old house look typical of older golf courses.

    Yarra Yarra Golf Club

    The Yarra Yarra Golf Club, which was designed by some of the twentieth century's most renowned architects, has hired the Renaissance Golf Designs team to bring back the course's original intent and subtlety. The Yarra Yarra's renovation will be exciting to follow because it is already widely regarded as one of Melbourne's best Sandbelt courses. Executives at the club want to renovate the Yarra Yarra Club so that it may once again be recognised as a top-tier facility for the sport.

    You can locate Yarra Yarra immediately across the street from the Commonwealth, close to the Metropolis and Kingston Heath. Four of Yarra Yarra's par three holes are often considered some of the best in the world and the southern hemisphere.

    Even if you don't play the other world-famous courses in the same mailing address as Yarra Yarra, you won't be disappointed by Yarra Yarra.

    Spring Valley Golf Club

    spring valley golf club melbourne

    Spring Valley Golf Club, the unheralded gem of the Sandbelt, recently ranked 43rd on Golf Australia's 2018 list of finest colleges in the country and within Melbourne's top 10. The presence of such illustrious neighbours makes it easy to overlook Spring Valley. To do so, however, would be to miss out on a course that, while often overshadowed by its more famous neighbours, is nonetheless a worthwhile challenge of golfers of all skill levels due to its thoughtful design.

    FAQs About Melbourne Golf

    • Royal Melbourne Golf Club
    • Kingston Heath Golf Club
    • Yarra Yarra Golf Club
    • The Metropolitan Golf Club
    • The National Golf Club
    • Commonwealth Golf Club
    • Victoria Golf Club
    • Spring Valley Golf Club

    The Nullarbor Links golf course in Western Australia's Golden Outback has captured the world's imagination. This unique 18-hole par 72 golf course spans 1,365 kilometres from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia.

    Of the 300,000 people who play at Victoria's 374 golf courses each year, only about a third (110,000) are registered club members.

    Nowadays, golf is Australia's number one participant sport, and more than 460,000 Aussies belong to a golf club. 1.3 million people, or approximately 10% of the adult Australian population, play golf. With more than 1,800 golf courses to choose from, the variety is staggering.

    Golf is now a popular sport for men, women, and children in Australia. It's regularly ranked among the top 10 sports to play, alongside the likes of Aussie staples such as Aussie rules, rugby league and cricket.

    Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club

    In 2013, the Peninsula Country Club and the Kingswood Sports Club became the first two Australian golf clubs to unite. The club has undergone a name change and is now known as the Peninsula ’s town International Golf Club. It features three championship courses that are sure to suit players of all skill levels. The North Course rewards precision, while the Southwest and Kingswood Courses, with their expansive fairways and large greens, are more suited to long hitters.

    Albert Park Golf

    This option may not be as highly regarded as many others on this list, but its accessibility makes it deserving of recognition nonetheless. Albert Park Golf is one of Melbourne's top public golf clubs, and it's located right in the middle of the city at Albert Park, site of the Formula One Grand Prix. This public hole is located in the middle of Melbourne, making it convenient for residents and visitors alike to get in some golf throughout the week without having to drive far.

    Yarra Bend Golf Course

    yarra bend golf course melbourne

    Only ten minutes from Melbourne's central business district, Yarra Bend Golf caters to golfers of all skill levels. There is a whole course as well as a golf course for those who desire to hone their skills. Rent golf carts, clubs, and balls, or play a round of mini-golf if you're not quite ready for the pros.

    Northcote Public Golf Course

    This nine-hole course offers a stern test of golf with its 12 bunkers & undulating fairways around Merri Creek. Par ranges from 3 to 5, making this course ideal for intermediate golfers looking to hone their short game skills. You can rent clubs and a golf cart, and if you really enjoy the course, you can also save money by purchasing a five- or five pass.

    Albert Park Golf Course

    Albert Park, home of the Royal Botanic Gardens, is the setting for this course. You may enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Melbourne skyline as you play all 18 holes. For novice golfers, the course's variety of pars and the fact that most rounds are par 5s make it an excellent option. You can rent clubs, golf carts, and buggies, or play a round of mini-golf instead.

    Royal Park Golf Course

    royal park golf course melbourne

    While most of the courses here can be reached by car or public transportation, Royal Park Golf Process took it to the next level by having tram and rail lines pass right through it. This course is convenient for a round of golf followed by either a stroll around Royal Park, Carlton, or Brunswick to have some delicious takeout. You can purchase a one-hour practise session for $8 if you don't want to put in the time to play full nine holes. Rentable tools are at your disposal.

    Brighton Golf Course

    The front nine holes at Brighten Golf Course may be relatively short and straightforward, but the course's reputation as a difficult sandbelt course rests on the length and difficulty of its back nine. The majority of the holes are grade four or five, and the entire course is littered with bunkers, making it a difficult test of golf for anyone with some experience. A variety of clubs and golf carts be available for rent.

    Some of America's most prestigious golf clubs are located in close proximity to a $30 course, which may seem strange. Nonetheless, we are not snobs, and we think that the best golf courses in Melbourne should be accessible to more than just the people who have a whole closet full of smoking suits and chinos.

    With bunkers around nearly every hole and an affordable price tag, Brighton has all the identifying features of a Sandbelt course.

    Ranfurlie Golf Club

    If you're looking for a great place to play golf in Australia, look no further than Ranfurlie, one of the country's finest courses. As you may have imagined, there are a tonne of bunkers at Ranfurlie because of the Sandbelt golf layout. You can join Ranfurlie and play whenever you like if you'd like, but on certain days of the week, anyone can come out and enjoy some affordable premium golf.

    Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club 

    Sanctuary Lakes is a large tribute to Greg Norman's inspiration, the Great White Shark, as it was designed by him and is located on Greg Norman Drive. After being rated the best publicly viewable course in Melbourne by Golf Australia, Sanctuary Lakes is a great option for any golfer who doesn't mind spending a bit more on a round.

    It's only 20 minutes away from the heart of the city, and it boasts a drivers range and everything else you'd expect from a championship course. Of again, we each know you'll bomb the opening drive of the day regardless.

    Sandringham Golf Course

    sandringham golf course melbourne

    Despite its low greens fee, Sandringham is a challenging course in every way. Sandringham is a great course for novice and seasoned golfers alike since it emphasises the need of planning each shot and playing with finesse. It's one of the best public courses in Melbourne, is reasonably priced, and presents a unique and exciting challenge to golfers.


    In Melbourne, you may play on some of the top courses in the world. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is often regarded as one of the finest in the world. Golf lessons are available for both novices and seasoned players at some of these facilities. Australian Golf Digest routinely ranks Royal Melbourne as the best course in Australia. Kingston Heath is one of the top tennis venues in the world, having hosted the Australian Open seven times.

    The PGA Administration's Cup is held annually at the 128-bunker Victoria Golf Club. The Metropolitan, like Royal Melbourne, is one of Australia's most prestigious championship courses, being opened at the same time. Unlike most Sandbelt courses, which insist for players being accompanied by a coach, Woodlands does not. The Commonwealth Golf Club is one of Melbourne's most prestigious courses. Given its reputation as one of Melbourne's finest Sandbelt courses, the redevelopment of Yarra Yarra promises to be fascinating to watch.

    In 2014, The Huntingdale dropped $12 million on a cutting-edge, gold-medal winning clubhouse. The Spring Valley Golf Club was ranked number 43 on Golf Australia's 2018 ranking of the best universities in the country. One of Melbourne's best public courses is located at Albert Park Golf. The Formula One Grand Prix of Australia is held at Yarra Bend Golf Course in the heart of Melbourne. The Yarra Bend Golf Course is located about 10 minutes from Melbourne's central business district. You can either play a round of mini-golf or rent a golf cart, clubs, and balls to play a round of golf.

    In addition to its undulating fairways and 12 bunkers, Northcote Public Golf Course is a challenging course for golfers of all skill levels. The back nine holes at Brighten Golf Course are among the course's toughest, and the entire layout features numerous bunkers. In addition to golf equipment, golf carts will also be available for hire. You may play golf at a $30 course that is conveniently placed among some of the best courses in the country. Greg Norman's muse, the Great White Shark, inspired him to create the expansive Sanctuary Lakes.

    No of your skill level or experience, you'll enjoy playing on Sandringham. It's a great value, among Melbourne's top public courses, and offers a challenging yet fair test of your skills.

    Content Summary

    1. The south-east region of Melbourne might be golf's Mecca.
    2. In Melbourne, you may play on some of the top courses in the world.
    3. Public, fairly priced courses abound in Melbourne, making it a great place to work on your swing, whether you want to learn how to hit longer drives or just improve your short game.
    4. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a legendary course that has often been ranked as the greatest in the world.
    5. The West Course has recently been named the greatest in Australia and the third best in the world by Golf Digest.
    6. Not to be outdone by its heavenly neighbour, the East Course is also ranked in the top 20 by Golf Digest and features one of the best par 3s among Melbourne's top golf courses.
    7. The world-famous Composite Course is the product of mixing 12 plays from the West Course with six holes from the East Course, creating the best 18 holes of baseball in the country and the greatest dish created since Linkin Park and Jay-Z.
    8. That Royal Melbourne is Australia's finest golf course is a bold claim, but one that's hard to dispute.
    9. Both the East and West courses at Royal Melbourne's prestigious club are 18 holes long, and the former has been named by Australian Golf Digest as the best in the country on multiple occasions.
    10. PGA Administration's Cup is being held for the first time outside of the United States, and Australia's oldest course will play host to the world's greatest golfers.
    11. Course at Kingston Heath The Australian Open has been played at Kingston Heath Golf Club on seven separate occasions, and the course is well-known for its difficulty and quality bunkers.
    12. Some of the world's greatest golfers rank Kingston Heath among the all-time greats.
    13. Tiger Woods won the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath in 2009 and had nothing but glowing remarks about the course thereafter.
    14. On the other hand, Kingston Heath has hosted the Australian Open seven times and the Australian Masters numerous times.
    15. The Victoria Golf Club is another excellent option if you're looking for a golf course in the Victorian Sandbelt.
    16. The Melbourne Golf Club is not only one of Melbourne's best but also one of the city's toughest courses.
    17. This par-72 course has hosted numerous notable tournaments, including the Australian Open and the Women's Australian Open.
    18. The Country Club of New York Melbourne Sandbelt is home to some of the best golf in the world, and the Metropolitan Golf Club, founded at the same time as the Royal Melbourne, is a prime illustration of why.
    19. As 2018's Golf World Cup of Golf will attest, the Metropolitan is no stranger to hosting large sporting events.
    20. It has hosted the Australian Open multiple times and is routinely ranked in the top twenty in Golf Digest's list of Australia's 100 best courses, so its reputation for exclusivity is well-deserved.
    21. When Greg Norman three-putted the final green at the Metropolitan in 1997, he memorably lost in a sudden-death play-off.
    22. As part of Melbourne's elite group of courses, the Commonwealth Golf Club is renowned for its strategic layout and difficult, narrow fairways.
    23. There is still a requirement that you belong to a group in your own country or state.
    24. The Huntingdale Golf Club on Melbourne's famous Sandbelt has been hosting the Australian Masters continuously for thirty years (1978-2008), solidifying its position as one of the best golf courses in the world.
    25. In 2014, The Huntingdale spent $12 million building a state-of-the-art, award-winning clubhouse, eschewing the big old home style common to older golf courses.
    26. Some of the most famous architects of the twentieth century were responsible for designing the Yarra Yarra Golf Club, and the club has recruited the Renaissance Golf Designs team to restore the course to its original form and character.
    27. With its reputation as one of Melbourne's top Sandbelt courses, it will be fascinating to see how the Yarra Yarra's makeover turns out.
    28. Club officials hope that by updating the Yarra Yarra Club, it will once again be seen as a premier venue for their sport.
    29. Yarra Yarra is near the Metropolis and Kingston Heath, and it's right across the street from the Commonwealth.
    30. The hidden jewel of the Sandbelt, Spring Valley Golf Club, made Golf Australia's 2018 list of the best universities in the country, coming in at number 43 and in the top 10 for Melbourne.
    31. Spring Valley is often overlooked because of its more famous neighbours.
    32. Country Club of the Peninsula Kingswood One of Australia's earliest golf club mergers occurred in 2013 between the Peninsula Country Club and the Kingswood Sports Club.
    33. It offers three challenging championship courses that are enjoyable for golfers of all abilities.
    34. The Formula One Grand Prix takes place in the heart of Melbourne at Albert Park, which also has one of the city's best public golf courses, Albert Park Golf.
    35. Yarra Bend Golf is a public course that welcomes golfers of all abilities and is located just ten minutes from Melbourne's CBD.
    36. Anyone looking to perfect their golfing abilities can do so on one of two available courses.
    37. The Golf Club at Albert Park This programme takes place in Albert Park, site of the Royal Botanic Gardens.
    38. Although the front nine holes of Brighten Golf Course are neither particularly long or challenging, the course's reputation as a challenging sandbelt course hinges on the back nine's length and complexity.
    39. All the bunkers and the fact that most of the holes are rated four or five make this a challenging course for even the most seasoned golfer.
    40. In addition to golf equipment, golf carts will also be available for hire.
    41. It may seem odd that some of the best golf courses in America are so near to a course that only costs $30.
    42. Brighton has all the hallmarks of a Sandbelt course, from its reasonably priced green fees to the prevalence of bunkers on nearly every hole.
    43. Country Club of Ranfurlie Ranfurlie is one of the best courses in Australia, therefore go there if you want to play a round of golf.
    44. There are many more bunkers than you may expect at Ranfurlie due to the course's Sandbelt design.
    45. The Golf Club at Sanctuary Lakes Located on Greg Norman Drive and bearing his design, Sanctuary Lakes is a massive homage to the Great White Shark, which served as a source of inspiration for Greg Norman.
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