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Where Can I Drive Fast In Melbourne?

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    A great way to enjoy Melbourne is from behind the wheel of a fast car. Where exactly in Melbourne can we reach the highest speeds? There is no easy solution to such dilemma. Therefore, we have selected and listed some locations that offer thrilling driving opportunities.

    Since speed limits are often enforced more tightly in public locations like schools and business districts, we advise you to avoid driving in these areas. If you want to keep your licence clean, you should probably stay off the freeway as well; there's no need to race on the freeway, after all. Explore Melbourne if you want to find something a little more unique.

    Melbourne is a great city, but there are moments when a burst of adrenaline and brisk pace is in order. We have produced a list of some of best places to go fast in Melbourne for those of you who share this passion. This list offers everything from flat terrain to challenging climbs, so it's perfect for any type of rider.

    Some places where people can drive fast in Melbourne Mount Dandenong Traveler Road, which winds through the mountain ranges, offering amazing views and tight curves; Mt Donna Buang, which provides outdoor fields with sweeping bends; Yarra Bend Park; the Australian World Championship Circuit the Great Ocean Road from Warrnambool;

    Best Highways for Getting Around Melbourne

    best places too drive in melbourne

    Let us clarify something right off the bat: driving isn't always about speed. While some people enjoy the thrill of going straight, others have always looked forward to the challenge of navigating a twisty road.

    Heidelberg-Kinglake Road – C746

    The Heidelberg-Kinglake Road has consistently ranked among the best roads for commuters. It was simply built to connect Kinglake, in Victoria's north-east, with Wattle Glen, located between Diamond Creek but also Kangaroo Ground. The journey from Wattle Glen is passable, as is the stretch of road via Kangaroo Ground to beyond Smiths Gully. However, the real treasure lies in the thirteen or so kilometres between St. Andrews and your destination Kinglake proper.

    Traveling along C746, vehicles will see a precipitous drop to their left and a cliff face to their right. Even while it may seem intimidating at first glance (which may be for the best), the view from the passenger side of the plane is stunning. If you're driving from Kinglake to St. Andrews, you might enjoy hearing your automobile echo off the cliff faces in the opposite direction. Even though much of it is made of high-quality sealed tarmac, drivers should be wary because the roadway is extremely narrow and turns easily, making even minor imperfections problematic.

    Healesville-Kinglake Road - C724

    Effectively joining Warburton to Narbethong, the C507 is not as straight-forward as it may appear on a surface map. If you look at it on Google Maps, for instance, you might get the impression that it's all tarmac. However, it is said that assuming anything will make a fool out of us both (so to speak).

    If you start your Acheron Way adventure (and we use that word advisedly) at Warburton, you'll be treated to about 8 kilometres of high-quality sealed bitumen. Then begin your journey at the Narbethong end, where you will have access to 15 kilometres of superbly tough and entertaining pavement. The gravel that serves as Acheron Way's secret advantage can be found somewhere in the middle of the road. Yes, around 13 kilometres of excellent, winding gravel road.

    Now, obviously, not everybody likes driving on sand, and not everybody is thrilled with the prospect of having their prized possession become covered in dust and possibly chipped by stones. If you can look past all that, though, this stretch of pavement through the verdant Yarra Ranges is a true gem.

    Those who are determined to make the journey to despite the risks inherent in driving on unsteady terrain, including Acheron Way, Warning: this route is extremely narrow (imagine one lane width in most places) and is frequently utilised by massive, fully-loaded logging trucks. Take precautions, avoid risk, and remember to keep the rubber side down.

    The Best Scenic Drives Around Melbourne

    It's no secret that Melbourne is a fantastic city, which is why it's home to so many people attracts millions of tourists annual basis If a Melbournian needs to be changed of scenery, though, where do they go? Naturally, the first thing they do is get in their cars and travel to a nearby scenic area. The stunning landscape of Victoria is traversed by several roads and tracks, but if we were to pick a favourite, it would be one of the ones listed below.

    Great Ocean Road

    If you haven’t heard of the Great Ocean Road, then it's safe to assume that you've never visited Australia, or Victoria more generally. One of the most well-known and scenic highways in the country, it stretches for a total of 664 kilometres of breathtaking scenery. Of course, driving its full length will take us the better part of a day, so why would you want to do that? Spend the weekend and drive the entire length of the route to see the beaches, cliffs, and the most visited site along the way, The Twelve Apostles.

    Tourist Drive Up Dandenong Mountain

    Mount Brighton Tourist Road is located in the Dandenong Ranges, less than an hour's drive from Melbourne. From the top, visitors may take in stunning views of the city and its environs. Along the way, you'll pass through some beautiful woodlands and farmland on your way to an elevation of 600 m above sea level. It's a simple route with many convenient rest stops along the way where you can stretch your legs or grab a bite to eat.

    Lake Mountain

    Top Gear Australia ranked this road as the best in the country with good reason. In a nutshell, we couldn't agree with you more. Here, we take a slow climb up the Yarra Ranges National Park is something every motoring enthusiast should do at least once. Although the road's intended destination is Lake Mountain Resort, many of its users are simply thrill seekers. Plus, there are a few sharp twists that can make you think you've stumbled onto a Swiss Himalayan Road.

    Great Alpine Road (Bright to Omeo)

    The Great Alpine Road should also be included in the increasing canon of winding mountain routes. There's no denying that the whole route is enjoyable to drive on, but the section from Bright to Omeo stands out as one of the best in all of Australia. The route is a driver's dream, with panoramas of snow-capped alps and numerous twists and turns, but in winter, you'll need snow chains. Seeing this stretch of road brought to mind the chase scene in Goldfinger that took place in the Alps. Let's just get our hands on an Amg DB5 now.

    Turtons Track

    Turtons Track is an incredible path that leads through some beautiful rainforest terrain. It's a 2.5-hour drive from Melbourne, so it's not somewhere you'd visit on the spur of the moment, but it's well worth the time if you're on a Great Ocean Road vacation. Before it was sealed, this route was only suited for 4x4 vehicles, but now it's safer for all vehicles. It's possible to detour to Hopetoun Falls by taking Beech Forest-Mount Sabine Road.

    Black Spur Drive

    A 40km drive between Healesville and Narbethong that passes by a forest filled with towering trees and lush ferns is a favourite tourist attraction for those visiting the Melbourne area. Traffic can be slow on the weekend since so many city dwellers take advantage of the short commute out to the suburbs on Sundays. If you're just driving this woodland road for the fun of it and not the view, you might want to wait until a weekday where traffic is lighter.

    melbourne best driving places

    Driving In Victoria

    Responsible motorists are encouraged to visit Victoria. We hope you enjoy your time in Victoria, and to do so safely on our roads.

    Remember To Keep Left, Every Time You Drive

    Australia is the only developed country where the left roadway's right side is used for vehicular traffic. It's possible that this side is opposite from the one you're used to. When starting off and making turns at intersections, have your passengers remind you to stay on the left side of the road.

    Your Journey May Take Longer Than You Expect – Allow Extra Time

    Delay times are higher on highways in Victorian era. It's possible that your trip will take more time than you anticipate. Some of Victoria's roads be narrow and twisting, and subject to a wide range of situations. Although it appears close on the map, actual travel time may be longer. Preparation is key. Plan your route carefully, and factor in extra time for delays and pit stops.

    Take Regular Breaks

    Get plenty of rest the night before a lengthy drive, especially if you have a flight to make Australia also, if at all possible, divide up the driving responsibilities among your group members. Stop every two hours for a little break, get out and stretch your legs, and re-energize.

    Everyone Must Wear Seatbelts

    It's mandatory by law that you always buckle up when driving or riding in a car. All children under seven years old must use a proper kid safety seat. If you didn't bring your own, the car rental agency should be able to provide you with some.

    Drive Within The Limits And To The Conditions

    On the road, the speed limit varies between zones. This is because speed limits are strictly enforced in Victoria. It's possible to see all seasons in one day and in Victoria. Consequently, there is always the potential for weather-related road risks. Keep your speed within the posted limits and adjust it as needed for the road and weather conditions. Check out the current traffic situation.

    driving in melbourne

    Your Speed Affects Others

    In order to allow faster vehicles to pass, slow drivers should pull over to the side of the road. When you're driving a large vehicle or towing a trailer, like a campervan, motorhome, or caravan, and traffic is piling up beside you, pull over soon as it's safe to do so. Use passing lanes Use slow-moving vehicle turnouts and never breach a firm white line on his side of the main line.

    Look Out For Animal Hazards

    Always be on the lookout for animals on the road, but especially at sunrise and dusk on rural routes. Be more visible on the road by keeping your headlights on. Headlight use is commonplace in rural regions since it increases drivers' visibility.

    Taking Photos? Pull-Over Somewhere Safe

    Concentrate on driving, not staring at the beautiful countryside passing you by. Pull entirely off the road into a safe area if you want simply stop and take in the scenery.

    Avoid Distractions. No Mobile Phones

    Drivers are not permitted to use a handheld mobile phone when driving – A violation of this law will result in legal consequences. Stop at a rest stop or other safe location if you ever need to make or receive a phone or text message.

    Get To Know The Road Rules, Signs And Markings Before You Drive

    If you plan on using Victoria's roads, it's crucial that you familiarise yourself with our driving regulations first. Please observe all posted speed limits and other road signs. They'll alert you to potential risks and fill you in on relevant details. They also inform you of the current rules and state of the roads.

    Whenever you see a stop sign, you know you need to stop your vehicle completely and allow oncoming traffic pass. If yoU break the road rules must either pay a fine or face criminal charges if you're found responsible for an incident. The law requires that anybody operating a motorbike or motor scooter do so while wearing a certified helmet and holding a current motorcycle licence or permit. A valid driver's licence from your home country is required to operate a motor vehicle in Victoria. Keep it on you at all times when behind the wheel.

    Don't Drive Impaired By Drugs Or Alcohol

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous, and Victoria carries severe consequences if you're caught doing it. The legal limit for licenced drivers in Victoria is 0.05% BAC. You also can't get behind the wheel if you're high on anything.

    Consider Alternatives To Driving

    You might want to reevaluate whether or not driving is the ideal way to spend your vacation. Taking a guided tour or a coach or train to see Victoria are both excellent options.


    Even if Melbourne is wonderful, there are times when a quickening of the pace and a shot of adrenaline are called for. For those of you who share our enthusiasm for fast driving, we have compiled a list of some of the city of Melbourne's most exciting locations. This collection is ideal for cyclists of all skill levels, as it includes routes with varying degrees of flatness and difficulty.

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    1. One of the best ways to experience Melbourne is from the driver's seat of a high-performance vehicle.
    2. In this case, the problem defies simple answers.
    3. As a result, we have compiled a list of exciting driving destinations.
    4. Avoid driving near schools and commercial areas because speed restrictions are typically enforced more strictly there.
    5. There is no need to race on the motorway, thus staying off the motorway will help you keep your licence clean.
    6. If you're looking for something a little bit different, Melbourne is the place to go.
    7. Even if Melbourne is wonderful, there are times when a quickening of the pace and a shot of adrenaline are called for.
    8. For those of you who share our enthusiasm for fast driving, we have compiled a list of some of the city of Melbourne's most exciting locations.
    9. This collection is ideal for cyclists of all skill levels, as it includes routes with varying degrees of flatness and difficulty.
    10. For the record, we want to make it clear that speed isn't everything when it comes to driving.
    11. Some people love the excitement of a straight shot, but I've always prefered the challenge of a winding route.
    12. On C746, between Heidelberg and Kinglake. It's no secret that the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road is one of the top commuting routes in the country.
    13. Basically, it was constructed to link Kinglake in northwestern Victoria to Wattle Glen, which sits between Diamond Creek and Kangaroo Ground.
    14. From Wattle Glen, you can make it to the area past Smiths Gully by way of Kangaroo Ground.
    15. The thirteen or so kilometres between St. Andrews and central Kinglake are where all the treasure actually is.
    16. To the left of vehicles on C746 is a sheer drop, and to the right is a sheer rock wall.
    17. Though daunting at first appearance (which could be for the best), the view from the plane's passenger side is breathtaking.
    18. You may hear the reverberations of your car's engine as you drive from Kinglake to St. Andrews, and that can be a fun experience in itself.
    19. Despite the fact that majority of it is composed of high-quality sealed tarmac, drivers should be cautious because the road is exceedingly narrow and twists fast, making even slight defects troublesome.
    20. Healesville Kinglake Road (C724) The C507 connects Warburton with Narbethong, although it's not quite as simple as it looks on a surface map.
    21. If you were to look at it on a map service like Google Maps, you may assume that the entire area is paved over.
    22. If you start your Acheron Way journey (and we use that word advisedly) at Warburton, you'll be treated to around 8 km of high-quality sealed bitumen.
    23. The best place to start your tour is at the Narbethong end, where you can enjoy 15 kilometres of incredibly challenging and exciting asphalt.
    24. Gravel, the hidden benefit of Acheron Way, may be discovered smack in the midst of the road.

    FAQs About Driving In Melbourne

    Driving in Melbourne isn't unlike the rest of Australia apart from the Tramlines, and traffic can be heavy during the day close to the city. Getting from St Kilda to the City on the tram will require a Myki card and a 2 hour fare, so that's about $10. No single tickets are available.

    When you live and study in Melbourne you may not need a car, as there are many public transport, hire car and ride sharing options available. If you decide to drive, you must follow the road rules. You must carry a valid driver licence or permit. Your car must be registered and insured.

    You can drive using your overseas licence or overseas learner permit to drive in Victoria. It's important to remember that all the road rules and laws apply to you. You should also keep in mind that: Your overseas licence needs to be current and valid.

    Yes. If you wish to drive in Australia, you must hold a valid international driving permit accompanied by the driver's licence issued in the country you live in.

    Victoria has some of the most stunning roads in the world, such as The Great Ocean Road. Our vast and well-maintained road network ensures driving is a popular mode of transport throughout Victoria.

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