50+ Best Standing Up Office Desks in Australia [2022]

There are many benefits to having a standing desk in the office. Not only does it keep you healthy and active, but it also helps to improve your productivity and focus. 

If you're looking for the best standing up office desks in Australia, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of some of the best options on the market so that you can find the perfect desk for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

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    Ultimate List of Stand Up Office Desk Shops Australia

    UpDown Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    Standing Office Desk


    1300 650 773

    Height Adjustable Standing Desks Australia

    Our goal is to encourage greater mobility and the ability to move between sitting and standing at the touch of a button in order to improve the health and happiness of Australian office workers.

    About UpDown Desks Australia Pty Ltd

    Adjustable sit-stand desks and related products are offered for sale by an Australian business named UpDown Desk. The mission of our business, which was founded in January 2017 by our physio founder Jordan Lees, is to improve the well-being and efficiency of office workers across Australia. Selling a small selection of high-quality, value-driven products is our business model. Customer service may sound cliche, but it really is at the core of all we do. We would not be here without our clients. We run our business with the tenet, "Treat our customers as we would like to be treated." We kindly ask you to let us know if our service falls short of your expectations.

    Like you, we are actual people. Here is some information about us in exchange because we enjoy getting to know our consumers.

    The Home Office Stand Up Desk Australia

    the home office stand up desk australia


    1300 166 732

    The Home Workplace, an Australian family-owned company, is committed to assisting other companies and their employees in setting up an ideal home workspace as a substitute for the traditional office.

    In order to help people outfit and furnish their contemporary workstation, our Senior Management team entered the office furniture market in 1987. (at home).

    experts in making your workplace or home workspace more appealing

    My colleagues and I were well-positioned to create The Home Office to meet the expanding needs of home offices because of our combined more than three decades of expertise in the Australian office furniture industry.

    We intend to create a tailored solution for your home office using the trade and supplier ties we've built over the years with dependable and trustworthy vendors. We provide our customers with a one-stop shop by combining interior design, WHS reviews, fitout trades, furniture suppliers, and any other related subtrades.

    Aurora Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    aurora office furniture stand up desk australia


    02 6299 4631

    Standing desks Canberra

    Even in the most demanding office situations, our selection of manual height-adjustable desks and electric sit-stand desks have passed rigorous testing. Quality products are the only ones Aurora Office Furniture chooses. For a free consultation, get in touch with us today.

    Aurora Expertise, Quality and Service

    Our clients count on the expertise and understanding of the Aurora team to provide and install high-quality office furniture solutions that adhere to timelines and financial constraints. We are aware that effective workplaces must complement your company's staff, operational procedures, and strategic goals. Based on your project brief, we will streamline your workspace and business goals to build a design that will enable your workers and clients to successfully collaborate and accomplish.


    FAQs About Stand Up Office Desk

    Your standing desk ergonomic height should be adjusted so that the resting position for your arms, wrists, and hands when you’re standing is in a hanging position. So, while the 90-degree ergonomic setup described here for sitting with armrests isn’t ideal. 

    When setting your stand-up desk height, consider your head, neck, leg, arms, and wrists. For example, putting your workstation slightly lower than your elbows’ 90-degree angle is acceptable, but do not set it further than your elbows’ 90-degree height; this is considerably more harmful to your wrists and shoulders.

    Your standing desk ergonomic height may be affected by the height of your shoes. Someone may, for instance, have heels on one day and sneakers on the next. This requires the desk to be at two distinct levels. If you frequently change your height, an electric standing desk with “height recall buttons” on the remote is definitely worth the investment. 

    Because you spend a significant amount of time staring at the highest region of a monitor, your eye level should be at the edge of the window. Placing your monitor stand on a small pile of scrap paper is an easy way to accomplish your ergonomic monitor height. 

    The procedures are the same for most standing desks. In addition, you can use the standing desk height chart to acquire estimated dimensions for the elevation of your chair and keyboard and display whether you prefer sitting or standing. 

    It finds that people burn more calories when they stand than sitting or lying down, but the increase is smaller than many of us might hope. Those who overindulged and slacked off on our exercise regimens over the holidays also mean that being upright is unlikely to help us lose weight.

    A standing desk converter is worth it when you are trying to save costs or looking for a portable sit-stand desk solution. You may also consider buying a desk riser for easy assembly and quick desk conversion. What’s more, a desk riser is worth the investment If you love the functionality and design of your current desk.

    Electric motors used in standing desks need to smoothly raise and lower loads up to 200 pounds or more. In addition, these small DC motors offer high power density.

    Brushed motors are fairly simple and cheap but slow due to limited high-speed torque. In addition, the brushes wear down and require motor repairs, and the motors can be a little loud. Brushless motors offer instant response without lag when you press a button, and these motors are more efficient, more durable, and produce less noise than traditional brushed motor drive.

    The power of an electric desk motor only matters when it translates to factors that matter in operating the desk – adjustment speed and weight capacity. Ideally, the desk motor should be strong enough to move whatever load is on the desk so quickly that you don’t even notice.

    With electric stand up desks, their biggest strength is…their strength. Electric desks can usually lift some of the heaviest loads with the smoothly powered assistance of an electric motor. An Oben electric desk has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, lifting multiple monitors and other equipment with ease. Unlike pneumatic desks, an electric sit-stand desk does not need to be selected for the specific load it will carry or calibrated for changing loads.

    Electric desks support a sit/stand habit much more effectively than manual adjustable desks because they are faster and easier to use. Pneumatic desks offer similar usability, but some people prefer a motorized desk for various reasons.

    Keen Education Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    keen education furniture stand up office desk australia


    (08) 6117 1792

    Keen Education produces and offers commercial fit-out services for a variety of SA products at our Adelaide site and is happy to support The Industry Advocate's SA Product Register program. In order to contribute to the development of our state, our production facilities support local businesses and contractors. For a world that is constantly changing, we continue to invest in the newest equipment and technologies, which will help us increase our efficiency here in SA.

    Business Desking & Seating Systems Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    business desking & seating systems stand up office desk australia


    (08) 6183 7840

    Our History

    In the Western Australian workplace market, BDSS is a market leader and has played a significant role in the national stage for more than 20 years. Our range of top-notch ergonomic designs and styles is the result of years of experience helping us to create and provide effective and productive workplaces for governmental organizations, educational institutions, hotels, and commercial venues.

    We take great satisfaction in knowing how you operate so that we may identify better ways to support you. The highest standards are always fulfilled when it comes to demands and expectations because we have the infrastructure, expertise, and experience to give the same level of service almost anyplace.

    Danpro Commercial Fitout & Furniture Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    danpro commercial fitout & furniture stand up office desk australia


    1300 515 529


    Danpro was established as a partnership between professionals in the sector and combines a fit out and furniture business. Despite having a small team but a lot of experience, we carefully and diligently choose the clients and projects we work on. Every project we work on is just as important to us as it is to you, and when we commit, we follow through.

    What we do

    Project managers, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, and end-user clients are just a few of the clients with whom we closely collaborate.

    Danpro can meet your needs and expectations by carrying out a variety of procurement activities, including Lump Sum, construction management, ECI, and design and construct. To guarantee that stakeholders benefit and that our projects are completed to the highest standards, we swiftly and pro-actively address site and design challenges.

    JasonL Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    jasonl stand up office desk australia


    1300 943 895

    About us

    Our purpose is to enable people to do their best! We accomplish this by offering a specific assortment of stocked items and services that foster productive work environments.

    Both the public and private sectors are served by us. We collaborate with government officials, franchise owners, developing SMBs, departments of education, and non-profit organizations. We adore dealing with people who value their own people as well as honesty and dependability. Although we can service all of Australia, we specialize in the Eastern Seaboard.

    Elite Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    elite office furniture stand up desk australia


    1300 686 699

    All across the world, new working techniques are continually being implemented. Standing desks have become a popular new workplace trend, from large corporations to modest home offices. Numerous health issues have been connected to prolonged sitting. Fortunately, standing workstations can enhance health and wellbeing outcomes when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

    Only two of the various standing desk varieties supplied by Elite Office Furniture are dedicated standing workstations and adjustable sit-stand desk items. We concentrate on high-end office furniture such reception desks, corner workstations, and ergonomic seats.

    The Elite Office Furniture advantage

    We provide helpful and timely customer service, and we have local representatives all around Australia. Additionally, we offer some of the fastest and most dependable shipping in the business as well as a cutting-edge, cost-free 3D modeling service.

    Please get in touch with our customer care team right away if you're seeking for a dedicated standing desk in Sydney, a sit-stand desk in Brisbane, or any other cutting-edge furniture items anywhere in Australia.

    About Us

    For organizations looking for comprehensive solutions, we provide individual products at competitive prices and provide a wide selection of savvy packages and bulk discounts. We are certain to have everything you require, whether you are in charge of a huge commercial enterprise, a tiny home office, or a government agency.

    Direct Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    direct office furniture stand up desk australia


    1800 849 113

    About Us

    Family-run and -owned Direct Office Furniture has been in business for more than 30 years. Of order to provide the lowest price and highest value office furniture items to the Australian office furniture industry, Direct Office Furniture underwent a change in ownership and transitioned into a Factory Direct Online Store in 2016.

    With our import stock holdings and manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Kewdale, WA, and Tullamarine, VIC, which are dedicated to adopting lean principles and continuous improvement, we can offer your office furniture with a short lead time. We can go above and beyond your expectations thanks to our in-house delivery and installation staff, which further improve our rapid service.

    Ergomotion Stand Up Office Desk Australia

    ergomotion stand up office desk australia


    03 9579 1454

    Stand up for your health with a height adjustable desk!

    Electric height-adjustable standing desks have been produced and sold by Ergomotion since 2005. As a result of the vast research that has been published proving the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting, the prevalence of these standing workstations has increased dramatically.

    Our standing desks are electrically powered, making it simple for the user to switch back and forth between sitting and standing all day long.

    Office Furniture Sales Stand Up Desk Australia

    office furniture sales stand up desk australia


    1300 937 483

    Office Furniture Sales is a Melbourne-based internet store that offers office furniture that is actively designed at affordable costs. When you shop in our online store, we want your experience to be one to remember. To do this, we offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

    We have been in business since 2016 and have succeeded in creating a respected online business. We have a fantastic team and want to expand constantly so we can provide the greatest active office furniture out there. We have minimal overhead costs because we are an online-only business, which allows us to continue offering excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

    Equip Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    equip office furniture stand up desk australia


    02 9818 4209

    Sit-Stand / Height Adjustable Desks

    Sydney has the broadest selection of ergonomic, modern sit-stand desks.

    It's becoming more and more crucial to take your health into account when working at an office, especially if you use laptops or other less ergonomically sound equipment.

    Adept Office Furniture Stand Up Desk Australia

    adept office furniture stand up desk australia


    (03) 9484 0765

    Our commitment

    Adept Office Space has been offering premium office and home pc equipment since the 1980s and has more than 31 years in the industry.

    As we listened to what consumers in today's world genuinely needed to make their working environments function for them, our product line expanded.

    By regularly upgrading our selection to meet the expanding needs of our users, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality office and home furniture to our consumers.

    For both business and residential contexts, we provide a wide selection.

    Our guarantee

    We take great pride in providing you with the best furniture for your home and office, all of which is intended to make your surroundings more comfortable.Most of our office furniture is created in Australia using the finest materials available worldwide.

    Due to our stellar reputation in the market and our access to many reliable suppliers, we have exclusive access to a variety of product lines. At Adept Office Furniture, fit-outs involve more than merely dividing off space. We offer a full service, which includes all finishing trades (painting, plastering, and electrical) needed to finish the overall design.


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