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What Are Popular Malaysian Food In Melbourne?

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    A native of Malaysia, Wisely moved to Australia in 2014 to start a restaurant featuring the flavours he enjoyed as a child. Over the course of the previous five years, the business has opened more than 30 new outlets in countries around Southeast Asia. At this stage in his career, Lee is a seasoned veteran.

    Malaysian cuisine has been influenced by a wide range of civilisations, and as a result, Malaysian street food features an impressively diverse palette of flavours and textures. Famous for its combination of Chinese, Malay, & Indian flavours in its food. The streets in Kuala Lumpur are lined with vendors selling everything from coconut rice & sambal to savoury broths & spicy blends, freshly made meats, and crisp veggies.

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    Malaysian Cuisine In Melbourne

    Everything Everyone Else Loves Whether it's street food or fine dining, Melburnians are crazy over Malaysian cuisine. The best Malaysian eateries in Melbourne are listed here.

    Zafeera's Fine Malaysian Indian Cuisine

    Located around Nicholson Avenue in Fitzroy North, Zafeera's Fine Malaysian Indian Cuisine brings a gastronomic odyssey of flavour and spice to the table. This stylish restaurant is decorated with exposed brick, reclaimed lumber, sea green walls, and subtly glowing bulb lighting, all of which contribute to a romantic and intimate atmosphere, ideal for a romantic dinner with loved ones.

    First off, try the deep-fried delicious chicken 65 seasoned in ginger, garlic, & spice and accompanied with mint salsa from the authentic Malay & Indian dishes on the menu.

    Meat gulai and other traditional curries are served with steamed rice and papadums. Mee Goreng Mamak and other electric dishes are also popular. Accompanied by some handmade coconut jam and roti.

    Papparich Doncaster

    PappaRich Doncaster on Doncaster Road has quickly get to be a favourite among locals and visitors alike due to its central location and commitment to speedy service.

    To have a break from shopping, stop by the Malaysian restaurants in Westfield Sheffield and enjoy some of their delicious appetisers, noodles, satays, and The Tiger soft serve beverage.

    Pappa's deep-fried crispy chicken torso and steaming beak prawn dumplings, stuffed to the gills with egg and bamboo shoots, are not to be missed before plunging into the aromatic Hokkien chicken rice with wontons chicken, garlic, green onions, and cucumber slices. Shellfish aficionados can't resist the tempting combination of Hokkien noodles and spicy copra curry curry chicken with seafood such mussels, crustaceans, fish cake, beetroots, tofu puffs, green beans, and bean curd skin.

    The PappaRich restaurant chain is a wonderful addition to our city because of the real Malaysian cuisine it serves. Although Nunawading is where we normally spend our time, we have also spent time in the city proper and in nearby Doncaster. We were lucky enough to stay with a family in Malaysia who truly appreciates and enjoys Malaysian food throughout our stay there. The family matriarch was a talented mama in the kitchen and a successful Malaysian real estate investor, making her something of a "Mamma Rich."

    Food, atmosphere, and service at PappaRich restaurants are consistently excellent, so it's no surprise that they're always packed. No one is going to this restaurant thinking it's going to be good. Exceptional service starts the moment you walk in the door & continues when you are escorted to your table. After that, you input your order details by filling out the form. Rice, curry, roti, noodles, other vegetarian dishes are all on the menu.


    The JAMU restaurant in Richmond is a collaboration between two chefs, serving Malaysian food that is both authentic and innovative. In Malaysian, "feasting" is spelt "JAMU," and you'll find this hip eatery in the basement of a nearby apartment. Exposed brick or wood, low or high ceiling sections, modern lighting fixtures, copper & mesh, and an inviting outdoor space also contribute to the hipster character of the neighbourhood.

    The Pulled Pork Bao was a big, soft bao stuffed with pulled pork marinated with hoisin & soy sauce, with some crackling & pickled cucumber thrown in for good measure.

    House-made The baked roti, which had a firmer texture than the typical roti's light fluffiness, created a wonderful base for the dish's many Asian vegetables and nicely cooked panko egg. Everyone agreed that the Bumbu Spicy Steak was the pinnacle of Malaysian cuisine.

    Although the hangar steak was not cooked in the traditional manner of beef rendang (in a curry), the traditional flavours were included in this recipe. Steak smothered in a savoury rendang sauce, a popular Southeast Asian condiment. If you've ever had conventional rendang, you know that the curry can easily overpower even the greatest pieces of steak. However, in this dish, the steak really shines as it is and becomes even more remarkable when dipped with in sauce. Beans covered in turmeric make a striking side dish.

    Additionally, the sweets are exquisite and delicious. Heavenly black sesame ice cream and orange caramelised chocolate mousse filled milk doughnuts. The brownies slices that served as the sandwich's base were delicious, and We especially enjoyed the rum-soaked melons and candied almonds that adorned the sandwich's sides.

    Lazat Malaysian Restaurant

    Lazat Restaurant on Ballarat Road is still a popular choice for those in Florida looking for Malaysian or Chinese cuisine. The restaurant also features a beer garden and a banquet hall where guests can enjoy a peaceful oasis surrounded by pendant lights & potted plants for any occasion, from a romantic dinner to a family get-together.

    Spicy curry laksa soup with linguine, bean slashes, Mandarin noodle, eggplant, bean, and tofu is a great choice for an appetiser, and the skillet pork dumpling with dipping sauce are as delicious. The main courses include items like beef in black bean sauce with seasonal vegetables, steaming rice, and roti, and the seafood meals include items like stir-fried Crab flesh, mixed veggies, and coconut rice, which are sure to make the stomachs of seafood fans rumble.

    4 Seasons Laksa

    For genuine Malaysian and Pan-Asian cuisine, diners from far and wide flock to 4 Seasons Laksa along South Road near Hampton East. This family-run restaurant's rich, spicy, and delicious flavours are matched by the warm ambience created by its whitewashed walls, timber chairs, and glass storefront.

    The distinctive seafood laksa includes prawns, salmon fillet, calamari, rice noodles, yellow vermicelli, butternut squash, tofu, and eggplant, and is complemented by a selection of appetisers, such as five-spice crispy milk or Malaysian chicken satay skewers. Maybe you'd be interested in a plate of deep-fried cute pork accompanied not by steaming rice but by flaky roti, and finished off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a garnish of lychees.

    4 seasons laksa

    Blue Chillies 

    For sixteen years, Fitzroy residents have enjoyed Blue Chillies' simple but exquisite Malaysian cuisine, welcoming service, and warm ambience. Bloggers and their friends had congregated here in the hopes of sampling some novel takes on traditional Malaysian fare. It was completely unexpected.

    The fact also that Black Pepper Smooth Crab is always served as the starter at restaurants may have contributed to its exceptional flavour.

    For a crunchy contrast to the soft crab, try the steamed shrimp & buttercup fritters doused in a spicy lime sauce. We were served all red and white wines, as well as a gin and tonic that tasted like a throwback to our youths, albeit with gin. The tables in the small restaurant were shoved together in an effort to seat more diners. A nice detail is the kitchen window that allows you to watch the action from the comfort of your own home.

    The Rockling fish that had been sprinkled with potato starch and cooked in a mixture of chilli, chilli powder, spices, & butter chicken eggs floss was my favourite meal of the evening. However, the piece as a whole was so well-balanced that the AI was unable to pick a favourite element. If you're looking for a refreshing and wholesome side dish, the Yee Sang Lettuce is a great option. Sashimi salmon inside a classic salad of crushed crunchy veggies in an apricots plum sauce, finished with roasted peanuts, was a texturally fascinating dish. This was served cold, which was a nice change from the remainder of the meal.

    To create Duck Rendang, we roasted coconut but otherwise utilised Malaysian spices, ginger, garlic, and chilli peppers. As one might anticipate from something slow-cooked for a long time, it was incredibly delicate. Another standout was the King Prawns that were wrapped in tiny rice noodles before being snap fried in a sauce made from tomato puree, pineapple, & coconut milk. Both the pineapple and the tomato contributed subtle sweetness and acidity. Whoever decided to wrap the already wonderful prawns with fried noodles was indeed a genius.

    Blue Chillies' pork ribs are wok fried after being marinated with chilli jam and caramelised, resulting in an incredibly flavorful dish. The meat and seafood have more complex flavours, so the plain root vegetables served with them are a nice balance.

    Thrice Cooked Duck, served with rice and an unique mixture of ginger blossoms, lemon, peppercorns, & lime juice, is the restaurant's signature main dish. While the exterior of this dish is crunchy, the tender centre is packed with a variety of exotic, exotic flavours.

    China Ria Soul

    On Acland Street in St. Kilda, Chinta Ria Soul provides soulful fare and positive melodies. The modern Malaysian hawker-style eatery has a down-to-earth vibe thanks to its terracotta tiled floors, dark wood tables, and potted palms. The presence of the a glass facade achieves a similar effect by allowing an abundance of natural light inside.

    Relax in a booth or at a table behind a colourful mural representing great jazz performers while you eat soft-shell crab mixed in curry, fresh chile peppers, onions, ginger, ginger, and tomato salsa.

    Boneless duck stir-fried in a honey sauce, or classic beef pan-fried in a citrusy and also spicy sauce with such a centre console of coconut cream, both served with sautéed veggies and fragrant steaming rice.

    Malaysian Kitchen

    If you're looking for the best Malaysian food in Melbourne's outer east, look no further than Malaysian Kitchen, located smack in the centre of Doncaster East. This modest local cafe has gained a name for itself through delivering tasty, fairly priced dishes that accentuate the fragrances of Malaysia or other Asian countries. At Malaysian Kitchen, you may get anything from Guinness pork ribs to fish head noodles in a thick, savoury soup made with tomato, ginger, and pickled veggies, and that's just two instances of the many selections available.

    Passage Thru Malaysia

    Passage Thru Malaysia, located on Main Street inside the centre of Greensborough, takes customers on a culinary journey through Malaysia. Step into a traditional Malaysian garden where you can enjoy more than just cuisine; framed photos of historic cities and homeware elements lend an authentic touch to the whitewashed brick walls & cartoon murals, creating a relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding with a drink.

    For a taste of Southeast Asia in your very own kitchen, order the nasi mainly used to describe fried chicken served with coconut rice, an boiled egg, chillies sambal, clams, walnuts, and cucumber. Meanwhile, seafood laksa, a dish cooked with a spicy palm broth, pasta & yellow vermicelli, mussels, shrimp, and fish cakes, is available for curry lovers.


    It was really active during our visit, much like the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Businesspeople, kids, and couples of all ages and ethnicities may be found at Mamak. So Melbourne. The vibe was perfect, just what you'd imagine a venue like that to be. The dialogue was nearly as warm and inviting as the large photos of food & cityscapes that adorned the restaurant's walls. The open kitchen added energy to the space, as did the fact that there appeared to just be two areas dedicated to cooking. The wait staff, although being swamped with customers, performed admirably.

    Mamak is famous in Sydney and, less recently, Melbourne for its roti meals, superb Satay, Malay fried chicken, superstars like Mee Goreng and Nasi, and killer curries. Everything you'd want from a food truck is here, and more besides.

    It was really busy, just like the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Professionals, students, and couples from many walks of life and various origins frequented Mamak. That's so Melbourne, it's ridiculous. It was exactly the type of setting that wished you were because of the wonderful atmosphere.

    The dialogue was nearly as warm and inviting as the large images of food or neighbourhood views that adorned the restaurant's walls. The open kitchen design added a new dynamic to the busy bar. The wait staff, although being swamped with customers, performed admirably.

    Roti, superb Satay, Malaysian fried chicken, classics like Mee Goreng and Masala, and killer curries have made Mamak famous in Sydney and, more lately, Melbourne. You may find both high-end cuisine and street fare here.

    Tahniah By Grace

    Tahniah with Grace is a Malaysian restaurant on Camberwell Road in Hawthorn East. The colourful batik designs on the walls and the delicate flower garden evocative of Malaysian homes create an unforgettable atmosphere.

    "Tahniah," whose root is the noun "joy," expresses a feeling of delight at good fortune. The menu's eclectic mix of foods from throughout the world composes a symphony of flavours that are both complex and indelible.

    As an appetiser, try the pan-fried chicken dumplings with sweet and spicy vinegar, then go on to the Northern specialities of barbeque lamb with vermicelli and hot apple cider salad. We suggest the Tahniah Logo Share Menu if you're having problems settling on a single option.

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    Laksa King

    One of the most well-liked and reasonably priced restaurants in Melbourne is Laksa King. The fact that it's so well-liked says a lot. Highly regarded as Melbourne's top budget eatery.

    Even if you're feeling the chill of Melbourne's winter air, a bowl of laksa can immediately provide you comfort. It's rich and satisfying, and it makes you feel like you've done something special by treating yourself too a little bit different. It took us around 20 hours to finish our laksa because it is so substantial. The friendly welcome you receive as you walk into Laksa King is indicative of the service you can expect throughout your meal. There is a dirty concrete floor, a big bare icicle globe for natural light, a bamboo row, plus cutting edge artwork gracing the walls, all of which contribute to the modern and avant-garde aesthetic. There are stylish wooden chairs and tables all everywhere, as well as the ceiling is indeed a cosy red ochre. Although Laksa King considers to be a well-oiled machine, there are a few major issues that need to be addressed.

    We highly recommend Laksa King if you're in need of some tasty laksa. We've been craving laksa from the renowned Laksa King at Moonee Ponds ever since we worked there. Even though the Curry Laksa is indeed the house speciality, you can choose from a wide variety of other dishes if you're not the mood.

    Laksa King's sauce is spicy in just the right way, which is crucial for the dish. Chopsticks are ideal for picking up noodles and other components, while the deep spoon is ideal for capturing every last drop of sauce.

    In every way, Laksa King's laksa surpassed our wildest dreams. The laksa was delicious and presented beautifully. The next time we travel to Asia, we have to be sure to try the local laksa and compare it to the Laksa King. But for now, we'll put faith in the views of the locals.


    The variety of potato cut sizes, seasonings, and flavours available at Melbourne's fry and chip establishments are well-known. This year, fried chicken has exploded in popularity; specifically, Korean or Yankee crispy chicken. Other popular meals include the ever-reliable salt and pepper calamari and the more out-of-the-ordinary langoustine crab and school prawns. From the cheapest fish and chip shops to the most elegant dining establishments, Melburnians love their fry ups. Belles Hot Chicken at Old Bay Fries, Frankie n' Furter "fries," sometimes known as Pluto Pups, at Big Huey's Restaurant, and Crispy, Lightly Spiced Chips at Big Boy Barbeque. The John Curtin Inn is a classic Melbourne neighbourhood dive bar frequented by a diverse crowd that includes local creatives, students, and working professionals.

    Some of the top venues in Melbourne for listening to live music are Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers, Charlie and Co. Burgers with Parmesan and Truffle Fries, and F.A.T. (Fried And Tasty). Wine, cider, and spirits enthusiasts will like the extensive selection at The Curtin. A pressure fryer, which would be enclosed during roasting and pumped with force to squeeze extra flavour into the MSG-free and RSPCA-approved meat, makes F.A.T stand out among the many new fried chicken eateries that have sprouted in the previous several years. The fried chicken at Juanita Peaches is the best in Melbourne; it has a robust flavour without an oily aftertaste.

    Cheeseburgers, despite their obvious importance, remain a popular alternative, and here they come on a hand-formed 120-gram patty of grass-fed beef, with confit shallot, American cheddar, dill pickles, dijon mayonnaise, and arugula. In my opinion, Eric's mint-sauced seven-spice chicken ribs with scallions and the whole chillies provided at Rice Queen's KFC are the greatest Korean fried chicken in the city. It's hard to go wrong at either Ike's Rack Shack or Pelican Chicken, two highly regarded Korean eateries with locations in New York City and Melbourne, respectively. Pelican is the largest in Korea with more than 2,000 locations, but Ike's Rack Shack is famous for its Deep Fried Pickles. If you think you can handle it, the Chicken Eating Competition at Pelican requires reservations in advance and might be a lot of fun. Other from the kimchi and tofu soup, packed fries, and pig bulg, there is a fiery dessert dish called tteok bokki, which features vegetables, fish cakes, and mozzarella.

    Content Summary

    1. The variety of potato cut sizes, seasonings, and flavours available at Melbourne's fry and chip establishments are well-known.
    2. Fries and chips in Melbourne have been given interesting names and personalities.
    3. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to indulge in some high-end seafood and chips.
    4. Whether you're attempting to alleviate a headache or just looking for some comfort food, deep-frying seems like a perfectly reasonable answer to every problem.
    5. It seems like a lot of restaurants feel obligated to have at least one deep-fried option on the menu.
    6. It's obvious that Melburnians, from the most basic fish and chip shops to the most sophisticated restaurants, adore their fry ups.
    7. This year has seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of fried chicken, especially Korean or Yankee crispy chicken.
    8. Finally, we'll tell you where to find Melbourne's best deep-fried Mars Bar and other fried treats to round out your meal.
    9. Fried Food That's Famous in Melbourne A basic requirement is met when eating fried chicken.
    10. You're only nibbling on the bones to get to the remaining meat.
    11. Fries with Old Bay Seasoning and Spicy Chicken from Belles Looking at them makes us salivate.
    12. Cafeteria Big Huey's When it comes to delicious fried foods, American diners like Big Huey's are par for the course.
    13. The John Curtin Hotel has the feel of a suburban hotel despite its central location near the top of Lygon Street in the centre of the city.
    14. Compared to the surrounding schmaltzy, tourist-friendly Italian eateries, the B.East and Leonard's House of Love are a better match.
    15. The Curtin is, in every sense of the phrase, the ideal neighbourhood dive bar. It's cosy, low-priced, and appropriately divey.
    16. Many types of people, from working adults to creative types to students, frequent this establishment.
    17. There is also an impressive selection of beer, cider, and liquor.
    18. Among Melbourne's many great venues, The Curtin is where you want to be to hear live music.
    19. Guests can enjoy the on-site American diner, Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers.
    20. The fried chicken and stacked cheeseburgers are the best in town.
    21. There are six different kinds of chicken burgers to choose from: two grilled, two fried, and two that are ideal for vegetarians and vegans.
    22. While many new fried chicken restaurants have opened in the last few years, F.A.T. stands apart from the crowd because to its use of a pressure fryer, which is enclosed during the roasting process and blasted with force to squeeze extra flavour into the MSG-free and RSPCA-approved meat.
    23. In addition to Juanita Peaches All Day Donuts, the white brick building also houses a number of other businesses.
    24. This establishment not only serves the tastiest doughnuts in Melbourne, but also the city's finest fried chicken.
    25. Cheeseburgers remain a popular choice despite the fact that their significance is self-evident.
    26. Rice swirls, tortillas, lamb bacon, and grilled sandwiches with market greens are all that are available for breakfast.
    27. King of Rice There is not a single person in Melbourne who does not agree that Rice Queen serves the best Korean fried chicken.
    28. Rack Shop of Ike Go to Ike's Rack Shack for some Deep Fried Pickles if you're in the mood for a fried dish with a twist.
    29. Pelican With over 2,000 locations all around South Korea and abroad in places like China, Malaysia, and the United States, Pelican Chicken is by far the largest restaurant chain in the country.
    30. According to Eater, it's the best fried chicken in New York City this year.
    31. Chicken is pickled for 48 hours before being served.
    32. From Pelicana's 1982 opening in South Korea, the marinade recipe has been strictly under wraps.
    33. It is a frequent misconception that American soldiers in the Korean War in the 1950s were responsible for introducing Korean fried chicken to the world.
    34. There's no denying that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chicken is a staple in the Korean diet.
    35. If you think you can handle it, this Chicken Eating Competition does require reservations in advance, but it may be a lot of fun.

    FAQs About Malaysian Food In Melbourne

    Melbourne’s reigning curry soup king, Laksa King, is a staple in any Malaysian lover’s diet. Curry laksa (obviously) is a clear front runner in choosing but poke around the menu for other Malay fried noodle favourites, including mee goreng (an addictively spiced fried noodle) fried kuay Teow.

    Mamak is an enjoyable Malaysian experience in the Melbourne CBD. Laksa King is a superb dining experience and one of Melbourne's most popular and best value establishments. Its high popularity says it all.

    The World Loves Melbourne loves Malaysian food, from hawker-style to more upmarket offerings. Here are our top Malaysian restaurants in Melbourne. JAMU Malaysian restaurant in Richmond excites with a fusion of Malaysian and Australian flavours.

    The secret behind the uniqueness of authentic Malay food is the use of herbs and spices with special traditional equipment and cooking methods. In the past, ingredients were mainly harvested from the backyard and the woods, which made the Malay cooking such an interesting culinary experience.

    Influences from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Arab and ethnic Malay cooking give Malaysian food culture a truly unique edge over other national cuisines and will immediately captivate the taste buds. The result is vibrant dishes with richness, spice, succulence but also freshness.

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