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Where Is Melbourne’s Famous Fry Food?

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    Fry & chip restaurants in Melbourne are known for their vast selection of potato cut sizes, seasoning, and flavours, many of which are made in-house. Chips have replaced soggy, flavourless fries as the nation's favourite snack.

    The variety of fries and chips available in Melbourne is thoughtfully named and characterised. Enjoying gourmet seafood and chips is one of the nicest things to do while visiting Melbourne, and you won't have trouble finding locations that provide it.

    Frying anything to death seems to be a perfectly reasonable solution for everything, whether you're trying to cure a headache or just seeking some comfort food. It would appear that many eateries feel compelled to offer deep-fried versions of at least one menu item.

    From the simplest fish and chip joints to the most refined restaurants, it's clear that Melburnians enjoy their fry ups. The popularity of fried chicken, particularly Korean or Yankee crispy chicken, has skyrocketed this year.

    Traditional dishes like salt and pepper calamari, as well as more exotic options like langoustine crab and school prawns, are also available. Last but not least, dessert is covered; we'll tell you where to get the greatest deep-fried Mars Bar and other fried sweets in Melbourne.

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    Melbourne's Well-Known Fry Food

    A fundamental need is satisfied while eating fried chicken. You're biting just on bones to get to the remaining bits of meat. This stuff is ancient as hell. If this is how you think, then why change? In comparison to using a fork to pick at a burrito or a knife and fork, this method is far more fun.

    Old Bay Fries - Belles Hot Chicken

    These chips are the best I've ever had. Just look at them makes us want to drool. Those delectable, crinkle-cut, perfectly-cooked chips. You won't believe the quantity of heat & spice in these foods. You'll want a big bowl for this, and if you're planning to share, you may like to get there before your dinner guest does.

    Big Huey’s Diner

    Big Huey's is no exception to the rule that American diners are great places to get fried food. Frankie n' Furter "fries," or Pluto Pups, are delicious. Fried hot dogs in batter are accompanied by a handmade tomato ketchup.

    Big Boy BBQ - Crunchy, Lightly Spiced Chips

    Excellent chips from Big Boy BBQ beg to be dunked in the restaurant's authentic American BBQ sauces. The slaw & onion rings at Big Boy BBQ are two of the best sides you can get.

    The John Curtin Hotel

    Although it's at a prime location towards the top of Lygon Street inside the heart of the city, this same John Curtin Hotel has the appearance and atmosphere of a suburban establishment. The B.East & Leonard's House of Love are more compatible with one another than the nearby schmaltzy, tourist-friendly Italian restaurants.

    The Curtin is indeed the quintessential neighbourhood dive bar; it's comfortable, cheap, and divey in all of the best ways. This place attracts a wide range of clientele, including professionals, artists, and students. Kegs both of speciality and conventional beers are often replaced, indicating a strong turnover of beer. There is also a great variety of wine, cider, and spirits.

    One of the best places to see live music in Melbourne is at The Curtin. Vintage musical posters decorate the walls. Donut-shaped second-floor bedrooms provide almost everyone in the audience with a good view of the stage. Attend the single releases by bands playing or the shows by minor international acts.

    Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers, an authentic American diner, is located on-site and is reason enough to visit. The stacked cheeseburgers and fried chicken are unrivalled in the area.

    Charlie And Co. Burgers With Parmesan And Truffle Fries

    In space, they serve the most incredible Parmesan and Truffle Fries. Once your nose catches the whiff of truffles, you'll know it's time to take a bite of these golden, crisp fries seasoned with parmesan & truffle oil. The ideal fried potato has a crisp exterior and a soft, warm interior.

    Hello Sam - Beer Battered Chips

    We ordered regular chips and nacho chips to go with our burgers and can say without a doubt that both were delicious. A common thread throughout this piece is the importance of using beer batter to achieve the light, crisp texture and subtle liquor flavour described throughout.

    F.A.T. (Fried And Tasty)

    There is a painting of Biggie Larges with a drumstick and the room is decorated with concrete, wood, and orange accents. There are quotations about the food on the walls of the kitchen. With the statement from Shrek's Donkey, "In the morning, making waffles," F.A.T. offers their buttermilk sweethearts alongside fried chicken, ice cream, or maple syrup.

    Kelis recommends "bringing the boys to the lawn" with Pepsi, salted caramel, apple self destructs, and vanilla malt milkshakes. Alternative brews include Melbourne Bitter, Fat Yak, & Minimum Chips.

    Six distinct chicken burgers are available; five are deep-fried, one is barbecued, and another is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There's also the chicken. Pick your favourite poultry cut and fill off the meal with sides like poutine, potato or chop salads, chips, and the cob of corn.

    F.A.T stands out among the many new fried chicken restaurants that have appeared in the last several years due to its use of a pressure fryer, which would be sealed during in the roasting process & pumped with force to squeeze extra flavour into the MSG-free and RSPCA-approved meat.

    Juanita Peaches

    All Day Donuts is just one of several tenants in the white brick building. When it comes to frying, the deep fryers here can firm up chicken just as quickly as they can eat through dough.

    Rashid & his crew transport the free-range poultry to Juanita. As a result, the wings will have a much more substantial meat flavour. In addition to having the finest doughnuts in Melbourne, this place also has the best fried chicken. The chicken does have a powerful flavour and a lack of oily aftertaste. There is no need for the extra honey mustard, spicy vinegar, or horseradish cream. You should give them a go, at least.

    Despite its obvious importance, cheeseburgers continue to be a popular option. A hand-formed 120-gram burger of caffeine grass-fed beef topped with confit shallot, American cheddar, dill pickles, dijon mayonnaise, and arugula. It's in a soft, steamed potato bun that won't break easily.

    Fries, burritos, or sandwiches are among the supporting cast members. The restricted breakfast menu consists of rice swirls, tortillas , lamb bacon, as well as a grilled sandwiches with market greens. A small refrigerator holds bottles of Rockies and Rockies soda, as well as cans from Melbourne Bitter & Mornington Pale Ale.

    Rice Queen

    No one can disagree that Rice Queen's KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) is the best Korean fried chicken in Melbourne. Eric's mint-sauced, seven-spiced chicken ribs are served with scallions and the whole chillies.

    Gami Chicken & Beer & Frying Colours, both in Kensington, are two more excellent choices.

    Fries With Spicy Ketchup And Aioli From Le Bon Ton

    The hot sauces have just the proper level of heat, and the fries are perfectly crunchy. Select the stuffed fries if you so desire.

    le bon ton

    Ike’s Rack Shack

    If you're looking for a fried meal with a little extra pzazz, head on over to Ike's Rack Shack and try their Deep Fried Pickles. The Beaufort is indeed the place to go if you're in the mood for some greasy fried food.


    The Pelican Chicken restaurant chain is the largest in Korea, with over 2,000 outlets across S.korea and outside in China, Malaysia, or the United States. If you ask Eater, they say it's the greatest fried chicken in NYC this year. What's more, it landed in Melbourne's CBD in the month of May.

    The 40-seat Franklin Street establishment may look like a traditional hot-chicken joint, but it serves real food. When you place an order, the procedure actually begins two days beforehand. After being pickled for 48 hours, the chicken is ready to be presented in its various pieces. For the final 10 hours and 30 seconds before delivery, they are marinated again, seasoned, and darkened.

    The marinade formula has been kept under wraps since Pelicana first opened in South Korea in 1982. The origins for Korean fried chicken go back far further in time than the Korean War inside the 1950s, when it is commonly believed to have been introduced by American soldiers. Chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has become, for better or worse, a mainstay of the Korean diet.

    You can order a chicken cut in half or as a whole, with or without the bone. Each serving of fried chicken was accompanied by handmade coleslaw, pickled radish cubes, and 11 sauces that offered a range of savoury, sweet, and spicy notes.

    This Chicken Eating Competition requires advanced reservations, but if you believe you can manage it, it could be a lot of fun. Pelicana will pay for your dinner, give you a T-shirt, and put your name on the Fame Wall if you can eat 2.2 kilogrammes (about 4.5 pounds) of fried chicken, fries, as well as a drink for under 15 minutes. At this point, three individuals can claim victory.

    Tteok bokki is a spicy dessert dish with veggies, fish cakes, and mozzarella, and there is also kimchi and tofu soup, packed fries topped with pig bulgogi, and a variety of other side dishes.

    Cass & Asian Brewery's Korean beer joins rice wine and flavoured soju on the drinks menu. An alternative to the Jagerbomb is the Soju Bomb, which mixes lager with a shot of soju. There are also non-alcoholic drinks like as coconut & raisin juice, tea, and local beers including Mountain Goat, Pirate Life, or Stone & Wood.

    The Fish Market Burger Bar And Grill

    If you're looking for fried treats, look no farther than the Richmond's Fish Market. You can get deep-fried treats including Mars Bars, Snickers, fruit cakes, and banana fritters. We believe the phrase "YOLO" was created for this very scenario.

    Leonard’s House Of Love

    The staff of the Sweetwater Inn have built a log cabin/barn hybrid called Leonard's, complete with a pool table and a lounge area. Log poop, a second stone chimney, wood panelling, or even a picket fence complete the outside. On the weekends, the bar stays open until 3 a.m. and DJs play records. If not, the soundtrack might be labelled "time" or "rock."

    They don't have a reservation system nor wait staff so don't expect a fancy meal here. Only burger takeout containers, plastic baskets, rolls of paper towels, and the occasional fork can stand in for them. Burgers, chicken, stacked fries, and three varieties of nachos are all on the menu. If you're looking for some of the best Italian food in Melbourne, look no further than Leonard's.

    O'neill's "Bathtub" lager, Williamsburg lager, & Young Newtowner lager are all available from the taps; they are all light and easy to drink, making them great for a home party. Additionally, there are fruity drink jugs and a modest wine list that features both conventional and approachable selections as well as some more out-there wines made with skin contact and other techniques.

    Top Paddock

    Our search for the best soft-shell crab in Melbourne was fruitless, but we did manage to narrow it down to Top Paddock. The soft shell crab burger is made of New Zealand mud crab, handmade lime mayo, fenugreek seeds, dill salad, and just a soft brioche bun.

    Soft shell creatures can also be found at Hammer & Tong in Hanoi Hannah, both of which you are welcome to visit.

    Steam Packet Hotel

    Given Williamstown's waterfront location, it's only natural to dine on seafood, and we've found that the Steam Packet serves the best fried squid in town. Flour coats the calamari before a quick fry. Once cooked, they are tossed with a salsa of rocket, papaya, cilantro, & lime juice. Serve with sweet chilli mayonnaise and homemade beer-battered toppings.

    Tuck Shop Takeaway 

    Tuck Shop Takeaway is well-known for its hand-cut, triple-cooked chips, but its burgers and fries are also rather tasty. Everyone understands what a difference three times as much cooking time makes for chips.

    4Fingers Crispy Chicken

    4Fingers serves fast casual cuisine, which is a step up in quality from the food you'd find at the a typical fast food restaurant but which is still paid for at the register. Twenty more 4Fingers restaurants have opened in Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia after the original one debuted in 2009. No other continent has ever had a settlement quite like Australia.

    The restaurant's speciality, Korean fried chicken, was prepared with daily deliveries of fresh chicken. The recipe's inspiration comes from a restaurant in New York City that caters to the Korean community.

    At 4Fingers, you can get a seaweed-spice costume for your chips, a Chinese soft bun called a mantou, and "kimslaw," a hybrid of Korean kimchi with Western coleslaw. Additionally, there are burgers, prawn salad, & fried calamari to choose from.

    Four Fingers uses sauces made by a family business just on Malaysian peninsula of Penang. During the five months that they are left to ferment in the tropics, soybeans suffer a natural process of deterioration.

    Instead than using flat-screen TVs or other modern technologies, the menus are posted on old-school pegboards. In addition, a mural for the exterior of the store was painted by Singaporean street artist Samantha Loh.


    With ten different beers on tap as well as a large wine selection, Markov is a terrific place to get a drink and some unexpectedly tasty fried cuisine snacks.

    Fried school prawns without lime and salt are a crowd pleaser. Try one of their delicious potato & cheddar croquettes if you're still craving fried food.

    YOMG Glen Waverley - American Fries

    Loaded fries in the American manner with melty garlic bread, pancetta, tangy ketchup, & spicy brown mustard would satisfy its cravings. provides energy and fills you up like a snack.

    Rockwell And Sons

    We'd be in deep danger if Rockwell and Youngest Son's South Western fried chicken didn't exist. The fried chicken sandwich with sugared almonds, iceberg lettuce, and crystal hot sauce is simply irresistible. If you've already tried the fried chicken at the this world-famous restaurant, we suggest trying Miss Katie's Crab Shack or Le Bon Ton instead.

    Truck Stop Deluxe

    The building's length makes it perfect for housing the squad's tractor trailers. Customers can enjoy their meal in either of the two cabs, or they can pull a stool there in truck's modified cargo to get the feel of eating at a roadside stand. Horseshoe booths have a dashboard as well as a screen displaying a never-ending loop of a airport runway to make you feel like you're in control of the plane. The back area is nicely ventilated thanks to a louvred windows, Astroturf, & hazard flags.

    Delicious double-patty burgers, spicy fries, and alcoholic milkshakes are all on the menu. Our burgers come in a lettuce cup that looks like a bread, and our wait staff is friendly and easy to talk to.

    Waffle stacks with whipped cream and Nutella are available, but the menu also includes some healthier choices like grass-fed Australian burgers, chocolate mayonnaise, or Black Russian tomatoes.

    Zerini's McDowell is his tribute to McDonald's Big Mac. The vegetarian Claire Underwood burger features an organic potato and also chickpea bread and a mac 'n' cheddar croquette. Buttermilk fried chicken, donut ice cream sandwiches, & sweet potato fries are some of the available side dishes. You may also try the lemon meringue pie version of that, a Budweiser, or a boilermaker.

    Po'Boy Quarter

    Po'Boy Quarter has more options for fried food than you could shake your stick at, and they're all good. Our favourite is the shrimp Po'Boy from the depths, which comes on a big roll and is stuffed wit fresh fruits, yorkshire pudding, and slaw.

    You won't be satisfied unless you order a few of their cheesy mac croquettes.

    Belles Hot Chicken Fitzroy

    Ever since, Belles has opened two more stores, one in Sydney's CBD and one in each of the state's surrounding suburbs. There's a good reason why the chicken from Belles is so much hotter than what you'd find in states like Kentucky; the name pretty much says it all. Once you've decided on the chicken cutlet you want, you can customise it further by choosing a spiciness level and a variety of toppings (such double hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, for example).

    Even while Belles' fried mushroom shares the same nice texture & kick as their fried bird, the latter has a more robust, dry crunch. Aside from their famous spicy chicken, Belles also serves sandwiches, substantial side like mac 'n' three cheeses, and a wide variety of appetisers including pickles, chips, and even more hot chicken. A small team is required to move heavy objects, such as the multiple-wing platter.

    The firm has long been an advocate for New World vintners in Australia. The Fitzroy site is reminiscent of a wine bar with its deep timber panelling, chocolate-colored upholstered chairs, and white tiled central bar.

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    New Kum Den

    New Kum Den delivered the required deep-fried frozen yogurt to complete this menu. For about $5, you can get a gelato ball coated in maple syrup and deep-fried. Most of the time, the simplest answers are the most effective ones.

    Henry And The Fox

    Zuccari flower petals are a popular summertime snack because they are crisp and light. At Henry and the Fox, the beer-battered Zucchini blossoms are a fantastic alternative if you're not in a mood for just a full-on greasy fest. Coopers-battered clam crab with palm chips, green beans, & tartare sauce is also available for those with a hankering for fried food. That should get you up and running again quickly.


    The variety of potato cut sizes, seasonings, and flavours available at Melbourne's fry and chip establishments are well-known. This year, fried chicken has exploded in popularity; specifically, Korean or Yankee crispy chicken. Other popular meals include the ever-reliable salt and pepper calamari and the more out-of-the-ordinary langoustine crab and school prawns. From the cheapest fish and chip shops to the most elegant dining establishments, Melburnians love their fry ups. Belles Hot Chicken at Old Bay Fries, Frankie n' Furter "fries," sometimes known as Pluto Pups, at Big Huey's Restaurant, and Crispy, Lightly Spiced Chips at Big Boy Barbeque. The John Curtin Inn is a classic Melbourne neighbourhood dive bar frequented by a diverse crowd that includes local creatives, students, and working professionals.

    Some of the top venues in Melbourne for listening to live music are Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers, Charlie and Co. Burgers with Parmesan and Truffle Fries, and F.A.T. (Fried And Tasty). Wine, cider, and spirits enthusiasts will like the extensive selection at The Curtin. A pressure fryer, which would be enclosed during roasting and pumped with force to squeeze extra flavour into the MSG-free and RSPCA-approved meat, makes F.A.T stand out among the many new fried chicken eateries that have sprouted in the previous several years. The fried chicken at Juanita Peaches is the best in Melbourne; it has a robust flavour without an oily aftertaste.

    Cheeseburgers, despite their obvious importance, remain a popular alternative, and here they come on a hand-formed 120-gram patty of grass-fed beef, with confit shallot, American cheddar, dill pickles, dijon mayonnaise, and arugula. In my opinion, Eric's mint-sauced seven-spice chicken ribs with scallions and the whole chillies provided at Rice Queen's KFC are the greatest Korean fried chicken in the city. It's hard to go wrong at either Ike's Rack Shack or Pelican Chicken, two highly regarded Korean eateries with locations in New York City and Melbourne, respectively. Pelican is the largest in Korea with more than 2,000 locations, but Ike's Rack Shack is famous for its Deep Fried Pickles. If you think you can handle it, the Chicken Eating Competition at Pelican requires reservations in advance and might be a lot of fun. Other from the kimchi and tofu soup, packed fries, and pig bulg, there is a fiery dessert dish called tteok bokki, which features vegetables, fish cakes, and mozzarella.

    Content Summary

    1. The variety of potato cut sizes, seasonings, and flavours available at Melbourne's fry and chip establishments are well-known.
    2. Fries and chips in Melbourne have been given interesting names and personalities.
    3. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to indulge in some high-end seafood and chips.
    4. Whether you're attempting to alleviate a headache or just looking for some comfort food, deep-frying seems like a perfectly reasonable answer to every problem.
    5. It seems like a lot of restaurants feel obligated to have at least one deep-fried option on the menu.
    6. It's obvious that Melburnians, from the most basic fish and chip shops to the most sophisticated restaurants, adore their fry ups.
    7. This year has seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of fried chicken, especially Korean or Yankee crispy chicken.
    8. Finally, we'll tell you where to find Melbourne's best deep-fried Mars Bar and other fried treats to round out your meal.
    9. Fried Food That's Famous in Melbourne A basic requirement is met when eating fried chicken.
    10. You're only nibbling on the bones to get to the remaining meat.
    11. Fries with Old Bay Seasoning and Spicy Chicken from Belles Looking at them makes us salivate.
    12. Cafeteria Big Huey's When it comes to delicious fried foods, American diners like Big Huey's are par for the course.
    13. The John Curtin Hotel has the feel of a suburban hotel despite its central location near the top of Lygon Street in the centre of the city.
    14. Compared to the surrounding schmaltzy, tourist-friendly Italian eateries, the B.East and Leonard's House of Love are a better match.
    15. The Curtin is, in every sense of the phrase, the ideal neighbourhood dive bar. It's cosy, low-priced, and appropriately divey.
    16. Many types of people, from working adults to creative types to students, frequent this establishment.
    17. There is also an impressive selection of beer, cider, and liquor.
    18. Among Melbourne's many great venues, The Curtin is where you want to be to hear live music.
    19. Guests can enjoy the on-site American diner, Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers.
    20. The fried chicken and stacked cheeseburgers are the best in town.
    21. There are six different kinds of chicken burgers to choose from: two grilled, two fried, and two that are ideal for vegetarians and vegans.
    22. While many new fried chicken restaurants have opened in the last few years, F.A.T. stands apart from the crowd because to its use of a pressure fryer, which is enclosed during the roasting process and blasted with force to squeeze extra flavour into the MSG-free and RSPCA-approved meat.
    23. In addition to Juanita Peaches All Day Donuts, the white brick building also houses a number of other businesses.
    24. This establishment not only serves the tastiest doughnuts in Melbourne, but also the city's finest fried chicken.
    25. Cheeseburgers remain a popular choice despite the fact that their significance is self-evident.
    26. Rice swirls, tortillas, lamb bacon, and grilled sandwiches with market greens are all that are available for breakfast.
    27. King of Rice There is not a single person in Melbourne who does not agree that Rice Queen serves the best Korean fried chicken.
    28. Rack Shop of Ike Go to Ike's Rack Shack for some Deep Fried Pickles if you're in the mood for a fried dish with a twist.
    29. Pelican With over 2,000 locations all around South Korea and abroad in places like China, Malaysia, and the United States, Pelican Chicken is by far the largest restaurant chain in the country.
    30. According to Eater, it's the best fried chicken in New York City this year.
    31. And it arrived in Melbourne's central business district in May.
    32. Chicken is pickled for 48 hours before being served.
    33. From Pelicana's 1982 opening in South Korea, the marinade recipe has been strictly under wraps.
    34. It is a frequent misconception that American soldiers in the Korean War in the 1950s were responsible for introducing Korean fried chicken to the world.
    35. There's no denying that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chicken is a staple in the Korean diet.

    FAQs About Melbourne's Famous Fry Food

    Eating fried foods even in moderation can be bad for your heart health, a new study has found. It warns that even small portions of fried food can cause damage to the heart and arteries. So what fast food is healthiest?

    You can check the website below for all locations, but the original Fitzroy shop on Gertrude Street is still the best. This American-style ’70s bar is one of Melbourne’s best fried chicken spots, designed after a traditional log cabin.

    From classic culinary contenders to some lesser-known gems, here are the best fried chicken joints Melbourne foodies should flock to. Forefather to Melbourne's Korean Fried Chicken craze, the Gami chain is now pumping out poultry at four locations (three in the CBD and one in St Kilda).

    When it comes to food, Melbourne truly shines. The city has a diverse range of cuisine, influenced by its multicultural population and world-class restaurants. With immigrants hailing from all corners of the world, there is a vast array of authentic international flavours to be found.

    Melbourne is home to many of Australia's best-known landmarks, such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the National Gallery of Victoria and the World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building.
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