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Places for the Best Outdoor Dining in Melbourne

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    The warm, dry summers are ideal in Melbourne. Now is the time to take advantage of the city's many attractions while the days are long and the air is warm. If you want to make the most of the warm Melbourne summer, eating outside is a great option. There are plenty of places throughout Melbourne that offer great outdoor dining options, so you can find something that fits your taste and budget. This is one of the nicest places to hang out in the city or by the water outdoor dining in Melbourne.

    Outdoor dining has always been a popular hobby for people in every culture. There's something incredibly satisfying about enjoying a meal outside in the fresh air and surrounded by natural beauty. You've found the ideal site if you're seeking for some fantastic restaurants in Melbourne, Australia, that provide al fresco eating. To help you begin making plans for your next trip, we've compiled a list of some of our favourite places to visit. We've got you covered whether you want a riverside setting or a place surrounded by lush vegetation. Therefore, let us not waste any more time and get down to business.

    The Best Melbourne Restaurants And Bars For Outdoor Dining

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    While Melbourne's summers aren't the longest or warmest in the world, when the sun does shine, you better believe locals will be making the most of it. When going out for drinks and dinner, it's common practise to reserve an outdoor table so that you and your companions may enjoy the sunshine, the lively atmosphere, and the open air.

    And luckily, Melbourne has a plethora of great outdoor eating options, from quiet cafe courtyards where you can sip your morning coffee in the sun to sprawling beer gardens where you can relax with a parma and a cold one. For the next time the weather cooperates, we have compiled a list of the top outdoor restaurants for your consideration. Put on your shades and a hat, because we're going outside.

    Fatto Bar and Cantina

    You won't find a more picturesque setting for a meal than this balcony above the Yarra River. Fatto Bar and Cantina provides a full length heated terrace to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the temperature outside. Instead, take in the sights of Melbourne while you dine on antipasto, specialities like the formaggi burger, or $10 pizzas.


    Bomba’s rooftop bar is a favourite choice for dining al fresco in Melbourne. The two-story building takes its cue from the contemporary bodega while paying respect to the traditional Spanish workers' cantina. In that case, get a drink at the bar and some tasty tapas from Bomba to enjoy while taking in the sights.

    The Boathouse

    If you're searching for Melbourne's top al fresco restaurant, your search can end here. The Boathouse. It has a whimsically furnished outside area and is a great place to enjoy a drink when the weather warms up besides the Maribyrnong River. There's a wide variety of fish and beef, as well as some creative modern takes on classic Australian meals.

    Hochi Mama

    Hochi Mama excellent Vietnamese fare in the form of a street vendor. Sun worshipers will like the pleasant outside seating and the tasty meal that makes use of modern flavours. Chicken stir - fried bao, Saigon chilli crispy pork hok, and Hanoi prawn spring rolls are just a few examples of the tasty Vietnamese-inspired fare that will be available. The cocktails, which feature Vietnamese ingredients like lemongrass and coconut, are the real show stoppers, though.

    Arbory Bar and Eatery

    This vibrant café and bar is one of Melbourne's most well-known alfresco eating destinations. Arbory Bar and Eatery located right on the Yarra River, the beating heart of Melbourne's Central Business District. Thanks to the vast outdoor seating area and unobstructed views of the river, you can easily find a comfortable position to relax and enjoy your meal.

    The Boatbuilders Yard

    Located in Melbourne’s South Wharf, The Boatbuilders Yard offers guests a one-of-a-kind experience for a meal in the fresh air. Women get married here because the scenery is so stunning. One of the best outdoor dining alternatives in Melbourne, it has the ambience of a summer beer garden all year round and serves an extensive menu.

    Slate Restaurant and Bar

    Slate Restaurant and Bar boasts a rooftop bar, separate living quarters, and a front and back patio. No of the weather, you can go about your day without concern. The New York rooftop bars served as inspiration for this sleek and stylish Melbourne restaurant with outside seating.

    Naked in the Sky

    Naked for Satan is located on the second floor of the popular pintxos bar it helped create, Naked in the Sky offers some of the city's finest vistas, making it a great pick for anyone seeking al fresco dining in Melbourne. The menu is predominantly Spanish and has Basque-inspired flavours. The drinks menu is almost as impressive, with a wide variety of cava, ciders, and beers from Spain.

    National Gallery of Victoria Garden Restaurant

    If you're tired of the same old outdoor dining options, head to one of Melbourne's many National Gallery of Victoria Garden Restaurant. If you have the time, get the two or three-course lunch special that comes with a glass of wine. The food reflects the stunning outdoor setting with its focus on fresh, in-season ingredients.

    The Bridge Hotel

    You can't get more stereotypically Melbourne than a bar with a cobble land running right The Bridge Hotel. With its five distinct zones and emphasis on bringing the outside inside, this place is like a miniature metropolis. Outdoor eating on balconies and terraces, with classic pub fare and seasonal specials, is a wonderful way to enjoy the weather and the company of friends and family.


    Pilgrim if you're looking for a wonderful outdoor restaurant with summer vibes, it's one of the best in Melbourne. Attractive architecture, lush landscaping, and a picturesque riverside setting: that sums up this place. Indulge in delicious, made-to-order seasonal fare and wash it down with a flight of well curated craft beverages.

    eating outdoor melbourne


    To the uninitiated, the name Zymurgy Perhaps it looks a little intimidating to you. But the newest Footscray bar is anything but a dive. If you enjoy unique drinks, creative cuisine cooked over fire, and relaxing in the sun while enjoying a cold one, you should not waste any time getting to know this city.

    Zymurgy, a joint venture among two companies, quietly opened its doors at the end of November Hop Nation Brewing Sam Hambour, Duncan Gibson, and Julian Hills are the co-owners. Tucked away behind a defunct Sri Lankan cafe on Barkly Street, this outdoor venue welcomes both humans and their four-legged friends with shady canopies, an outdoor bar, and a menu that is reminiscent of a fancy backyard BBQ.

    The art of fermentation, which is highlighted throughout the menu, is called "zymurgy," after the chemistry behind it. Hills is using wood and charcoal to prepare food, but he is giving it an unexpected twist by adding an experimental spin on classics like the grilled pretzel with smoked meat dish butter ($8), the asparagus with pepita collapse ($10) and brown sauce emulsion, and the reuben sandwich with ox tongue ($17).

    Joe Frank

    Joe Frank had a lot to live up to after taking over the bright space vacated by the well-liked Resident Cafe. The new Ashburton hotspot for Italian brunch food has huge shoes to fill. And it's all because of one welcoming family in Melbourne. Joe Frank is presented you with by the proprietors of the always-packed Mr Tucci and Son of Tucci: siblings Fabian, Massimo and Romina Crea.

    Joe and Frank's Cafe is named after the grandfather and father of the owners, and the menu features many traditional Italian dishes as well as some dishes that Mum has created. Plants can be very exciting, as evidenced by the panzanella at Nonno's Garden, which features layers of mozzarella, roasted capsicum, and fresh fennel over a bed of baba ghanoush topped with fresh herbs.

    The cafe's mulled strawberries, zabaglione custard, and pistachio praline-topped house-made crumpets are a tasty homage to traditional Australian brunches. There will be consequences if you try to give these out.

    If you're not quite hungry enough to stay for a full supper, grab a pork loin sandwich to go along with some of Franca's (Mum) freshly baked cakes and biscotti. A decent wine is the perfect complement to coffee (it wouldn't be an Italian coffee shop without it), it has been provided by Veneziano Coffee Roasters of Melbourne. Sure, you can do that inside, but we recommend taking use of the dog-friendly patio at least while the weather is nice.

    Based on the success of its sibling cafés, we predict that this new establishment in Melbourne's south-east will become a permanent fixture in the neighbourhood. For those who aren't natives to the area, the convenience of being right next to Ashburton Train Station will come as a welcome surprise.

    The Espy

    The Hotel Esplanade, or Espy as locals call it, reopened its doors and windows after 3.5 years of closure. The Espy – made a stunning comeback as 2018 came to a close. After a massive renovation that saw the addition of two floors, the introduction of a cutting-edge art programme, and the restoration of the village pub live stages, it is still going strong as Australia's oldest continuously operating music venue. Many of the songs on Paul Kelly's 1996 album Live at the Continental and the Promenade were recorded at this venue.

    Stroll straight from St Kilda Beach, past the grand Victorian lobby (the pub was built in 1878) and into The Espy Kitchen, where Executive Chef Ash Hicks serves up pub cuisine and share plates.

    The Victorian and art deco splendour of The Espy has been restored thanks to the efforts of Sand Hill Road and the local design studio Techne, along with the help of stylist Eleisha Gray, who sourced 19th century furnishings and materials like shelving, light fittings, bars, and paintings from Europe to complement the venue's essential modern touches. The Espy Kitchen, a popular eatery and bar with seating for 450 people on the ground floor, serves up affordable fare and refreshing beverages. The room revolves on an enormous, ultra-modern, industrial open kitchen.

    Follow the grand staircase upwards to find Mya Tiger, a Cantonese Restaurant that overlooks Port Melbourne. Afterwards, you'll find a plush cocktail bar called The Ghost of Alfred Felton, as well as a set of chambers dedicated to Felton, an investor and art collector who resided at The Espy from 1892 to 1904 and died in his bed, leaving a fortune towards the Victoria's National Gallery. However, the largest concern surrounding The Espy's reopening was whether or not the new restaurateurs would treat local live music with the same reverence shown by the previous owners during the bar's heydey. Fortunately, the schedule demonstrates that music is not an afterthought.

    The Espy features three distinct levels. The first is a no-cover club called "The Basement." The second option is the more upscale Gershwin Room, which requires admission. The third is an intimate, ground-level, in-the-round performance space. The director of art is a visionary, meanwhile. In her previous role as chair of the Next Wave Festival an unaffiliated creative person. She's planning a varied schedule that includes both dance lessons and large-scale festivals.


    The statuesque rooftop patio of the historic Supper Club on Spring Street is known as Siglo, after the Spanish word for "century." You may get breathtaking views of Parliament, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the National Theatre from here. You may expect to see a lot of late-night snacks and drinks on the menu. You can kick back in a leather recliner and drink the night away between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. Here you can enjoy the dwindling sunlight or simply relax in the open air in timeless fashion. Given this, it's easy to see why it's frequently chosen for wedding receptions.

    Located above The Melbourne Supper Club, Siglo is a broad rooftop terrace with views over Spring Street and Parliament House. However, this is in no way the smoking area of The Supper Club. Even on the chilliest of winter evenings, Siglo is a fantastic pub. Find a place to sit under a mushroom heater, and you'll be comfortable.

    It's not the cheapest spot to get a drink in Melbourne, but you get want you pay for with the excellent table service, extensive wine and cocktail list, and chic late-night vibe.

    The clusters of seating arrangements make it an ideal location for a large gathering. The minibar is a spectacle to behold if you're the type that enjoys commemorating special occasions with a hefty Cuban cigar. Siglo, like its neighbour on the lower level, is best suited for a late dinner, with options ranging from foie foie to wedding pies and a variety of traditional desserts like tiramisu and crème creme.


    Surrounded by the soaring buildings and (at night) bright lights of the CBD, Bomba’s The restaurant's main floor serves tapas, and its rooftop bar is the crowning glory. Toasted sandwiches in the Spanish style, or "bikinis," can be purchased at this five-story establishment until 1:00 in the morning. Given the bright urban setting, this is sure to become a go-to for midnight munchies. Beyond the picturesque setting, patrons can enjoy fine Spanish wines, Bomba's house lager, and simple cocktails with a Spanish twist. Similarly, there is no shortage for Australian boutique spirits to use in inventive cocktails. Cara Devine, the manager of the bar, is also the host of a popular Web show and online cocktail classes called Behind the Bar.

    The downstairs eatery is a dim, slender, and private affair. The tapas and larger sharing meals from chef and co-owner Peter Fisk are great for groups, but the quieter nooks are always packed with lovers on first and fifteenth dates. A wide range of meats that have been smoked, cured, baked, grilled, and slow-cooked are available. All the way back to when Bomba first debuted in 2013, fan favourites like the 12-hour Pedro Ximenez-braised pig jowl have been available. Another one of the most popular dishes is the myeloid and Wagyu cecina toast Melbourne’s best bar snacks.

    melbourne outdoor dining

    Simply travel the elevator to the fifth floor, and you'll arrive at the newly renovated rooftop. Massive 2018 rebuilding project costing several million dollars. With a standing capacity for 120 people and a completely convertible patio that features a retractable roof with drop-down windows, this small, packed room offers stunning city views.

    Upstairs at Fisk, you may get a toastie (or "bikini," as it's often known) that was inspired by the menu at the legendary Barcelona concert theatre of the same name. One is filled with braised chicken, pickles, and Mahon, a hard Spanish cow's cheese; another is packed with banana, mascarpone, and dulce de leche; and the sixth is the traditional Jamon Iberico, which Fisk have topped with black truffle. Upstairs, we sell bikinis and the rest of a menu till 1 in the morning. You can watch black-and-white silent Spanish flicks on the outer wall of Her Majesty's Theatre if you get tired of the breathtaking panorama from the bar's wall-mounted projector.


    The Great Britain Hotel, a former concert venue transformed into an airy and attractive hotel in the early 2019 after a massive renovation Harlow. There's a rooftop bar that goes all the way around the building and a beer garden, both of which look out over the city below. Locally and internationally sports events, such as those involving the United States' national basketball and football teams, fit comfortably alongside live music, DJ sets, and drag shows. Traditional pub grub is served, and a wide variety of cocktails, from old standards to inventive tropical twists, are available to complement it. On Saturdays and Sundays, for only $59 per person, you can enjoy a two-hour session of unlimited drinks and meals at the Bottomless Boozy Lunch. Select from options including burgers, schnitzels, bacon and egg sangas, and a lobster and prawn wrap. Located in the centre of London's rock and roll scene, the Great Britain Hotel was just a dive bar where the focus was squarely on the music.

    The graffiti painting that once led to the main bar is still there, but otherwise Harlow has created a space that is bright, airy, and modern. The walls are tiled in white, there is exposed brick, and the furniture is stained wood. There's space for 250 people in the beer garden's bleacher-style tiered seating. At the end of the garden, you'll find a cosy bar in the basement. This bar has a late-night cocktail scene that is calm and compact. Dishes that go well with alcoholic beverages are featured on the menu. You'll be using your hands and sharing much of the food.

    You can kick things off with some beef brisket tacos, a few duck sausage rolls, some cheeseburger enchiladas with pickles, or some doughnuts filled with Shark Gulf crab and crème fraiche. Two examples of the main courses are the chicken katsu sandwich and the traditional cheeseburger with crinkle-cut fries. Along with the chips, you may choose a meatball melt that's stuffed with smoked mozzarella. An esky of beer can be ordered in advance, too.

    A small but respectable wine list is available, with the majority of the selections being lighter, more approachable wines. Producers like Mister Fox from Victoria and Alpha Box & Dice from McLaren Vale make delicious pinot grigio and grenache, respectively. The taps are stocked with Furphy and Brooklyn Lager, while the fridge holds a variety of cans from nearby breweries. (Kaiju, Stomping Ground). Fruity and crisp cocktails are served. The Feel Good Song of the Summer is a heady concoction of whiskey, gin, white malibu, triple sec, and grapefruit juice, while the Gin 'n' Juice combines Four Columns gin with jasmine and cranberry.

    Marquis of Lorne

    This corner building's three stories in Fitzroy make it more than just a convenient place to study. These monumental Marquis of Lorne offers three unique areas: a cosy dining room, a cosy bar, and a sun-drenched rooftop patio. This historic pub is open every day of the week and boasts a wide variety of bottled and draught beers, as well as a good range of speciality brews, wine from the area, and large cocktails. That's a great way to spend time in the sun, especially after a hearty meal. Steak, burger, and parmi specials appear regularly, making this restaurant a hotspot even on weekdays.


    Summer in Melbourne is perfect since it is warm and dry. One way to enjoy the nice weather is by having a meal outside. The Fatto Bar and Cantina has an expansive, heated patio perfect for outside dining and drinking. Here is a collection of some of the best outdoor restaurants in our opinion. The rooftop bar at Bomba is inspired by the modern bodega while still paying homage to the classic Spanish cantina.

    Outdoor dining at the Boatbuilders Yard is an unforgettable experience. With its outdoor patio and spectacular Yarra River views, Arbory Bar and Eatery is a great place to spend a warm summer evening. A popular pintxos bar, Naked in the Sky, houses the underground bar Naked for Satan on its upper floors. The Bridge Hotel is divided into five distinct areas, with an emphasis on bringing the outside in. Zymurgy is a partnership between two companies that secretly started operating at the end of November.

    Mr. Tucci and Son of Tucci is proud to present Joe Frank. The pistachio praline and zabaglione custard atop the cafe's homemade crumpets are a delightful nod to classic Australian breakfasts. After being closed for more than three and a half years, the Hotel Esplanade, or Espy as the locals call it, recently reopened. Sand Hill Road and the local design group Techne were responsible for bringing The Espy back to its original Victorian and art deco glory. Siglo is a spacious rooftop patio perched atop The Melbourne Supper Club, boasting panoramic vistas of Spring Street and Parliament House.

    The rooftop bar located on the fifth floor of Bomba is its crowning gem. Bikinis, or Spanish-style toasted sandwiches, are available for purchase until 1:00 in the morning. Fisk is a top-notch Melbourne bar snack, offering a variety of classic bar food in addition to a large selection of drinks. The menu of the famed Barcelona music theatre inspired the upstairs toastie (or "bikini") at Fisk. One of the newest and most cutting-edge watering holes in London is the Great Britain Hotel.

    Bleacher seating and a cosy basement bar with a late-night cocktail scene are both features of the beer garden. There is a limited but acceptable wine list to choose from, with most of the bottles being easier to drink. The historic Marquis of Lorne is open seven days a week and serves a diverse selection of beers from throughout the world, both on tap and in bottles. This restaurant is always bustling, even during the week, because to its excellent steak, burger, and parmi specials.

    Content Summary

    1. Summer in Melbourne is perfect since it is warm and dry.
    2. While the days are still long and the weather is still pleasant, tourists should take advantage of the city's many offerings.
    3. One of the best ways to enjoy the pleasant Melbourne summer is by dining al fresco.
    4. Outdoor dining options in Melbourne are plentiful, so it should be easy to find something that suits your tastes and budget.
    5. Outdoor dining and relaxing here is as good as it gets in Melbourne, whether you prefer the city or the waterfront.
    6. If you're in search of some great restaurants in Melbourne, Australia, that provide outdoor dining, you've come to the right place.
    7. We hope this list of some of our favourite sites will serve as a starting point as you begin to plan your next vacation.
    8. Even though Melbourne doesn't have the longest or warmest summers, you can be sure that when the sun does come out, the locals will be out in full force to enjoy it.
    9. And happily, Melbourne is home to a wide variety of fantastic outdoor dining options, from intimate cafe courtyards where you can enjoy your morning coffee in the sun to expansive beer gardens where you can kick back with a parma and a cold one.
    10. To help you plan ahead for the next time the weather is nice enough to dine al fresco, we have produced a list of the best restaurants in your area.
    11. In Melbourne, one of the best places to enjoy an outdoor meal is at Bomba's rooftop bar.
    12. Your search for the best outdoor eatery in Melbourne ends here.
    13. Hochi Mama is a street seller who serves up delicious traditional Vietnamese food.
    14. One of Melbourne's most popular places to dine outdoors, this café and bar is always bustling with activity.
    15. The Yarra River is the beating heart of Melbourne's Central Business District, and right in the middle of it sits the Arbory Bar and Eatery.
    16. The Boatbuilders Yard, situated in Melbourne's South Wharf, provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a lunch outside in the fresh air.
    17. The Slate Restaurant and Bar is distinguished by its rooftop bar, private apartments, and front and rear patios.
    18. A terrific option for those looking for al fresco dining in Melbourne, Naked for Satan can be found on the second floor of the famed pintxos bar it helped develop, Naked in the Sky, and boasts some of the city's greatest views.
    19. Visit one of Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria Garden Restaurants if you're looking for a change from the standard fare.
    20. The Bridge Hotel is as quintessentially Melbourne as a bar can be, with its cobblestone street running directly in front of the building.
    21. If you're looking for a great Melbourne restaurant with a pleasant outside space and a summery atmosphere, look no further than Pilgrim.
    22. Despite its newness, the newest Footscray pub is not your typical dive.
    23. You'll find this outdoor spot, complete with canopies, an outdoor bar, and a menu that recalls a nice backyard BBQ, tucked away behind a closed Sri Lankan diner on Barkly Street.
    24. Hills uses wood and charcoal to cook, but he puts a unique spin on traditional dishes by adding unusual ingredients. For example, he serves a grilled pretzel with smoked meat dish butter ($8), asparagus with pepita collapse ($10) and brown sauce emulsion ($17), and a reuben sandwich with ox tongue ($17).
    25. Said Joe Frank
    26. After the popular Resident Cafe left its light and airy former location, Joe Frank had high expectations to fulfil.
    27. The bar has been set high for the new Ashburton hotspot serving Italian brunch fare.
    28. Fabian, Massimo, and Romina Crea, the proud parents of Mr Tucci and Son of Tucci, present you with Joe Frank.
    29. The cafe is called Joe and Frank's after the founders' grandfather and father, and the menu offers both authentic Italian fare and dishes that Mum has developed herself.
    30. The pistachio praline and zabaglione custard atop the cafe's homemade crumpets are a delightful nod to classic Australian breakfasts.
    31. Veneziano Coffee Roasters, based in Melbourne, Australia, have supplied the wine since "it wouldn't be an Italian coffee shop without it."
    32. We expect this new café to become a staple in Melbourne's south-east, given the popularity of its predecessors.
    33. After being closed for more than three and a half years, the Hotel Esplanade, or Espy as the locals call it, recently reopened.
    34. As 2018 drew to a close, the Espy made a surprising comeback.
    35. Australia's longest continually operational music venue is still going strong after a big refurbishment that added two stories, introduced a cutting-edge art programme, and restored the village pub live stages.
    36. Live at the Continental and the Promenade, Paul Kelly's 1996 album, features many performances captured here.
    37. From St. Kilda Beach, you can head straight to The Espy Kitchen, where Executive Chef Ash Hicks serves pub fare and small plates. The pub was built in 1878 and has a large Victorian lobby.
    38. Taking its name from the Spanish word for "century," Siglo refers to the beautiful rooftop patio atop the original Spring Street Supper Club.
    39. Parliament, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the National Theatre may all look magnificent from here.
    40. There is a good chance that there will be a wide variety of midnight refreshments available.
    41. For this reason, it's no surprise that this is a popular option for wedding celebrations.
    42. Siglo is a spacious rooftop patio perched atop The Melbourne Supper Club, boasting panoramic vistas of Spring Street and Parliament House.
    43. The Siglo is a great bar even on the coldest of winter nights.
    44. While it may not be the cheapest place to grab a drink in Melbourne, the high-quality table service, large wine and cocktail list, and trendy late-night atmosphere more than make up for the higher price tag.
    45. Like its neighbour on the ground floor, Siglo is best suited for a late dinner, with a menu that includes foie gras, wedding pies, and a range of classic sweets like tiramisu and crème creme.
    46. In addition to the stunning scenery, the bar at Bomba offers a selection of premium Spanish wines, a house lager, and classic cocktails with a Spanish twist.
    47. Downstairs, in a more intimate setting, is a narrow and dark restaurant.
    48. Although chef and co-owner Peter Fisk's tapas and bigger sharing meals are ideal for larger gatherings, the restaurant's quieter nooks are consistently full with couples on first and fifteenth dates.
    49. Favorites like the pig jowl braised in Pedro Ximenez for 12 hours have been on the menu at Bomba when it first opened in 2013.
    50. Myeloid and Wagyu cecina toast, one of Melbourne's best pub appetisers, is another fan-favorite.
    51. Just take the elevator up to the fifth floor, and you'll find yourself on the freshly remodelled roof. enormous 2018 renovation that will cost several million
    52. The toastie (or "bikini," as it is commonly called) served upstairs at Fisk was reportedly influenced by the food at the world-famous Barcelona concert hall of the same name.
    53. We have a full cuisine, including bikinis, available upstairs till 1 in the morning.
    54. Harlow's Great Britain Hotel underwent a complete makeover in early 2019 from a concert hall to a bright and stylish hotel.
    55. One can enjoy the panoramic views from the building's rooftop bar or the beer garden, both of which wrap around the structure.
    56. Live music, DJ sets, and drag performances can coexist peacefully with sporting events, such as the national basketball and football teams of the United States, both locally and globally.
    57. The Great Britain Hotel, a watering hole at the epicentre of London's rock and roll culture, put the spotlight squarely on the music.
    58. There is still a graffiti painting that serves as a guide to the main bar, but other than that, Harlow has done a wonderful job of making the place feel light and contemporary.
    59. The beer garden's bleacher-style tiered seating can accommodate up to 250 guests.
    60. Fitzroy's three-story corner structure is ideal for more than just studying.

    FAQs About Outdoor Dining

    The main benefit of outdoor dining is that it allows for extra seating and space, which allows you to serve more customers and bring in more revenue. If you're thinking of sprucing up your restaurant with outdoor dining, read on for some handy tips and ideas to make the best use of your space!

    Outdoor dining, also known as al fresco dining or dining alfresco, is eating outside.

    To weatherproof a dining room table, sand the surface until smooth and remove all old paint. Then seal it with a layer of outdoor wood paint and at least 3 layers of sealant such as polyurethane until it's as smooth as you want it.

    With the advent of alfresco dining, entertainment has also taken a new turn. Many patrons are shifting from head-banging DJ music to a more soothing live band. The entertainment space has seen more engaging activities such as stand-up comedy, karaoke, and open mic sessions in an outdoor setting.

    This is because diners are often more comfortable eating outside. It affects the senses and seems to make the food taste fresher and therefore, better. Some diners enjoy the view and the fun that occurs when eating outside with friends and family.

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