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    With so many top-notch breakfast spots, it's no wonder Melbourne is known as "the coffee capital of the world." In the end, our community probably has the most novel applications of mashed avocado. Sure, guacamole is fine, but if you want to shake up your morning meal, keep reading! Cafes serving indulgent pancakes and nutrient-dense salads are included so that you can achieve both your sweet tooth and your healthy eating objectives.


    Breakfast In Melbourne Food To Try

    Many people consider oatmeal to be the most important meal of each day. Breakfast in Melbourne may satisfy any need, whether you're looking to meet up with friends, nursing a hangover, or simply needing some sustenance. We know just the place to get hotcakes that are more fluffy than a cumulonimbus cloud and eggs that are runnier than eyeliner on a summer morning.

    Higher Ground

    There is no better way to impress visitors from out of town than by taking them to Higher Ground, a monument so stunning that it has become a symbol of Melbourne itself. If you ever need an example of a cafe in Melbourne, you can point to this one. Whether you're looking for a place to catch up with friends, have a meal on your own, or host a memorable event, Higher Ground is indeed the place to go.

    Charming features are inspired by the American Ace Hotel and the Soho Weatherboard home. The evening meal, which is based on the lunch menu, encourages sharing and camaraderie among diners. When it comes to ambience, food options, and quality of coffee, Melbourne's cafes are in a league of their own.

    Middle South East

    The Middle South is a bright spot on Chapel Street. To get together with other "creatives" and office professionals, head to the hip Middle South East district on the other side of town. We discovered that Middle Southeast serves as a daytime cafe and a buzzing nighttime bar for the local community.

    An added bonus was the staff's kind demeanour and willingness to answer questions. We suggest the corn fritters with smoked salmon, avocado smash, goat cheese, and omelettes. The most popular dish in the South's Middle Persian feta and feta cheese, fresh chilli, poached eggs, read and write access bread, and sujuk sausage.

    You may use the bread to sop up every last drop of that delectable sauce. The spicy sausage and pepper offer depth of flavour and heat, respectively. A warm and comforting brunch meal featuring Middle Eastern flavours. These are just two of the many unique and tasty breakfast alternatives that this restaurant provides.

    Darling St Espresso

    Darling St Espresso is a stylish and charming cafe in Moonee Ponds. Cafes in the city no longer serve ordinary meal; instead, their menu read as if every dish were a painstakingly made artwork and a culinary cacophony. The open courtyard and modern aesthetic create an atmosphere that is both restful and invigorating. The menu is always changing and the food is seasonal and locally sourced. We request ponzu sauce, poached tempura eggs, okonomiyaki pancakes, and miso-cured salmon.

    What we have here is a wish fulfilled. Some of the greatest patties in Melbourne can be found here. Typical of the high quality of new cafes appearing in suburban areas, such as Melbourne.


    Lagotto, a fine Italian restaurant in Melbourne, offers unbeatable weekend breakfast meals. They specialise in offering authentic Italian fare that is simple to make but tastes amazing. A cup of coffee and a croissant is always a safe pick, but if you're feeling daring, try the Cacio e Pepe egg with pancetta. Bellinis, Spritz, Garibaldis, or other breakfast BEVs are available, so you may complement your weekend brunch with a cocktail.


    If you're looking for a great breakfast spot in Melbourne's northern suburbs, go no further than Barry. The food is a vibrant and healthful medley of flavours. Barry is owned and operated by the exact people who brought you the critically renowned restaurants Pillar of Salty, Touchwood, & Tall Timber.

    Try one of their numerous healthy bowls or salads, such one containing chilli-scrambled egg, potato rosti, or a variety of other selections. We guarantee that it won't be boring, even if it is beneficial for you.

    Top Paddock 

    If you plan on going on the weekend, be prepared to wait. Top Paddock is great for hooking up with the dude because it serves a tonne of tasty cuisine and has a relaxing ambience.

    The cafe's blueberry ricotta hotcake has been trending on Twitter for a while. We're not trying to sell it to you, but it does have a very pleasant flavour. In contrast, perhaps one their juice or juices is sure to satisfy your need for a revitalising beverage. Top Paddock serves out one of Melbourne's most talked-about brunches.

    Ima Project Café

    At Ima Project Café, the smashed avocado has been revitalised. Furikake & nori paste are common toppings for rice. Ignoring the criticism, Ima puts nori paste on the crispy sourdough and adds avocado and furikake.

    As a result, you get a savoury breakfast meal with such a salty, cheesy top that you won't find anywhere else in Melbourne.

    Porridge caramel sauce and Mitarashi syrup, a historical Japanese sauce consisting of soy sauce or sugar, and a's tomato breaded eggs, both with an immiso infusion, are two examples of Japanese twists on classic American morning foods.

    The classic Japanese breakfast with fish and rice is also available. It's not just the Melbourne breakfast that Ima is rethinking. If you can't wait until noon, you can still enjoy curry rice & katsu burgers from the breakfast menu.

    Both James Spinks and Asako Miura worked on developing Ima; they are a married pair turned business partners. Chef Spinks (whose career includes spells at Quay, Sake, & Supernormal) as well as architect/interior design Miura collaborated on the cafe's well-thought-out setting and food (who is half Thai and half Japanese).

    Plates from Imexquisitely an are presented on handcrafted ceramics that are also pieces of art. They still put the so-called "ugly" produce from Scicluna's to good use so that none of it goes to waste. Imethos's mascots have been geometric patterns of lumpy, lumpy fruit, yet the store only offers a 50-cent discount if you provide your own cup.

    Reground is a firm that cares about the environment by recycling materials. They compost unwanted coffee grounds and use the leftover wood to create useful products like cutting boards and chopstick holders.

    The furnishings there at Ima Project Café are meant to evoke a transitory eatery. The café's well-developed menu is at odds with the temporary feel it exudes due to its exposed, stark atmosphere and purportedly unfinished wooden houses. But if the crowds squeezing through its slender passageways are of any indication, Ima Projects Café is here to stay.

    Terror Twilight

    Terror Twilight is a top choice for brunch in Melbourne. In addition to their renowned coffee, they also provide a delectable breakfast and brunch menu.

    Try one of their BYOB bowls, which you can customise with your choice of broth, rice, chicken, Angus beef, fish, and as numerous condiments as you want to eat. They offer numerous vegan and lactose-free alternatives, so they can cater to a wide variety of dietary restrictions.

    terror twilight

    Archie's All Day

    Archie's All Day is a late-night cafe with a modern, chill atmosphere where you can listen to records being spun by the resident DJ as you eat and drink. The buzz of the city may be exhausting, so it's fitting that the word "refreshing" be used to Archie's All Day because it's a great place to meet up with friends and have a chat.

    We rarely stray from the Juicy Lucy, a wagyu burger top with jalapeo-infused Monterrey Cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard, ketchup, pickles, a burger bun, and bacon. French fries are a must-have accompaniment. Fortunately, there are healthy options available on the excellent menu. This cafe is the kind that makes you would like to settle in for a while.

    Lankan Tucker 

    Popular for its hearty, brightly coloured Sri Lankan-inspired fare, cafe Lankan Tucker has become a local institution. Both the coconut-topped morning curry and the south Asian fried chicken burger are a welcome departure from the usual breakfast menu.

    You have to taste their special mix of coffee; it's amazing. Finally, Lankan Tucker is a great option for a new style of breakfast in Melbourne.

    Lankan Tucker

    A large Sri Lankan diaspora lives in Melbourne, which, given the city's commitment to multiculturalism, comes as no surprise. Sri Lankans love their breakfast of hoppers, a fermented rice pancake & coconut milk crepe, but surprisingly, this has not led to a proliferation of hopper establishments where people may fill up on this dish.

    At Lankan Tucker, both the drinks and the most of the fare are made in-house. If you've never experienced bubble tea before, you should start with the sweet Ceylon number, which comprises of a jackfruit chilly pole dipped into amber-colored enthusiasm fruit tea from of the mom's farm in Sri Lanka and powered with snapping pearls & mineral water.

    The bubblegum-pink faluda with sherbet syrup, jelly, & vanilla ice cream tastes more like a dessert than a drink. An iced milo with the a brownie crumble is on the menu, and they're not messing around.

    Crispy deep-fried pan rolls packed in spiced corned beef & served with merely a spicy citric acid according to Nerissa's grandpa's secret recipe are Sri Lanka's take on the Chiko roll.

    Whether or not Lankan Tucker seems to be from Australia or Sri Lanka is of little concern to us. Melbourne is known for many things, but its delectable cuisine, top-notch coffee, and friendly people are some of the most recognisable.

    Operator 25

    Operator 25, an cafe housed in a converted telephone exchange in Melbourne's central business sector, is something of a surprise in the city's legal quarter. Customers of various ages may be seen happily mingling in the restaurant's unique dining sections. After hearing such glowing reviews, we at The World Love Melbourne chose to check out this cafe housed in a historic structure. We had no complaints whatsoever.

    The young clientele of Operator 25 sat at high tables rather than bar stools.

    While it was primarily a breakfast restaurant, the menu separated out from the crowd by providing gourmet variations on the usual brunch fare seen in Melbourne. The sweet corn dumpling, fried duck eggs, cucumber salads, goats cream cheese, and herb oil that we ordered on a whim turned out to be among the nicest meals we've had all year.

    Amazing looks and equally delicious taste. The burgers were fresh, juicy, and bursting with flavour, and the dish as a whole was perfectly proportioned.

    Hardware Societe

    One of the best places to get a good breakfast in Melbourne's central business district is Hardware Societe, and it's also one of the best in all of Melbourne. For a very sweet morning meal, try either the baked eggs or the chocolate-ginger porridge. Because it is a sister restaurant to its counterpart in Paris, all of the dishes are exceptionally tasty with a distinct French flavour.

    In terms of bread, WildLife Bakery's sourdough is like going to church. It has a crunchy, rich caramel crust. Regulars come for the intense, crunchy crumb, which pairs well with miso butter or a dip in harissa-heavy shakshouka.

    They also pack a lunch, which comprises of croissants and sandwiches so scrumptious and hearty that you'll wish they'd last forever. The breaded onion and Comté are smothered in Worcestershire sauce, and the toasty exteriors have thick, huge faces that do a good job of melting the Comté. Meanwhile, classic salad sambos are given a contemporary makeover when they are crammed inside chewy rye baguettes and bolstered with the zing from pickled carrot and mellowed with delicate avo & roast beetroot.

    In fact, the fruit bread does have an influence on us as well. Puff pastries of sleek goat cheese & spoonable panna cotta elevate this far beyond its modest status just on café menu. The cross-section features luscious gold nuggets like raisin, apricot, and entire dates.

    The lone item that falls short of expectations is the brown rice congee with distinctive soy egg, kale furikake, & pickled mushrooms, despite its appealing appearance. Comfortable in the mouth, but lacking in a hearty stock flavour. The fact that it coexists with more worthy things could be its greatest flaw.

    Wellington East's once-warehouse mechanic shop is now all washed cement and lean silhouetted furniture, warmed by the moonlight glow from pendant lights. The hall receives an order to block delays view of the kitchen from two big circular windows. At this sourdough temple, though, the plate is where baker and the eater share the closest of bonds.

    Seven Seeds

    Many people in the coffee industry in Melbourne attribute much of the city's current coffee scene to Seven Seeds' decades-long reign as a coffee dynamo.

    The adage goes, "love wins in the end." Locals in Melbourne are unanimous in their opinion that Seven Seeds is the best cafe in the city.

    Seven Seed is one of Melbourne's stalwarts that people sometimes overlook. To discover what all the fuss is about, you might want to take a trip along a seemingly mundane street in Carlton. The front door was nondescript, and there was hardly no signage inside, but once They did, We found a home full of people who were obsessed with coffee.

    Incredibly hard work goes into running the cafe and roastery at Seven Seeds. The coffee shop's lab is a visual reflection of their commitment to and love of coffee. Never content to remain in the same place, the Seven Seeds are instead always expanding their horizons. Coffee at this store has not lost any of its flavour over time like some others have. On the coffee menu, you may find, naturally, Eight Seeds roasted coffee. We took our Canadian visitors to Seven Seeds to show them a true Melbourne experience.

    Seven Seeds is indeed a warehouse with plenty of windows that let in plenty of natural light, a tiled floor, a concrete slab, and several mounted bicycles. When it comes to cafe design, the Seven Seeds were likewise ahead of the curve, inspiring countless imitators.

    In light of its proximity to a number of educational institutions, Seven Seeds attracts a fair number of student customers. As a result, you can find a diverse crowd of hip young individuals here. The food at Seven Seeds has never been more varied and exciting as it is right now.

    The quality of the city's food is said to match that of its coffee by the website The World Loves Melbourne.


    Clubhouse was created by the same studio responsible for the Tinker, Bentwood, & Penta series. To keep things fresh and make use of seasonal foods, the Clubhouse's menu is often updated.

    Rather as the quinoa California salad, if you're not a salad person, We recommend the Blossom Implying, which is a dessert made of salted caramel, rich mascarpone, and dark chocolate.


    When a creative mind like Melbourne's gets ahold of a shipping container, the result is stunning. Now that they're food safe, we can utilise them for more than just drinking. Rudimentary, a space created from repurposed cream and caramel coloured shipping containers, has mushroomed like a metal structure on the site of a former vehicle in Footscray. Indeed, the writing is reminiscent of a time when the language was as raw as the flesh. Footscray is known for its cheap Vietnamese street meals and its large number of bars and clubs, but not its hip brunch venues.

    The tranquilly with which the inhabitants can enjoy their Small Shipment Roasting lattes and Netbooks makes us green with jealousy. There will be a chef on hand 7 days a week for the poor locals. If he gives us breakfast of pork belly, pig's ear crackers in the style or pork scratching, two properly fried eggs, red chilli shard, and bread slathered in sweet-sour tamarind sauce, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    On the other hand, Shane so have a disagreement over his swine obsession. What are we to do when our options include pork belly that really is butter-soft one mouthful and oxtail chewy the next, hog belly that is fermented and stuffed in Gypsy sausage, and house-made waffles covered with crunchy pancetta? Shane, you're producing swine for us to eat.


    Little Sunflower 

    So, how about we start the day off right with a nutritious meal? Little Sunflower's recent success may be attributed in large part to the opening of its swanky new cafe; the culmination of Grant Waters's months of planning and expertise in the field.

    Now we have irrefutable proof that nutritious food need not sacrifice flavour. Just to name a few, some of the breakfast menu's best items are a warm serving of black rice pudding served with the milk of your choice and topped with honey, strawberry, bananas, caramelised buckinis, or roasted coconut flakes.

    It's a great way to start the day, and it won't mess up your digestive system because it doesn't have any gluten or dairy. Kefir, the digested milk that makes your tummy happy, comes on toasted granola packed with nutrients like fruits and dazzling berries, nuts, & seeds. Here's a granola meal that packs a serious nutritional punch, thanks to the addition of several superfoods.

    Both toasted & raw granola exist, with the raw kind receiving more attention. Little Sunflower serves raw granola that either came from a bag or was made over the course of two days. Angie explains that to get the buckwheat going, they first let it sprout. In a blend of additional functionalized nuts and seeds, these are dehydrated and then mixed. Only fruit and Medjool dates are used to sweeten the granola. Because soaking breaks down complex substances, it makes them more digestible and increases their nutrient value. This meal has no wheat or dairy products.


    Because of its abundance of excellent breakfast establishments, Melbourne is often referred to as "the coffee capital of the world." Cafés offering both sugary pancakes and nutrient-dense salads are included so that you can satisfy your sweet taste and dietary needs. While Middle South East is a welcome addition to Chapel Street, Higher Ground is such a breathtaking structure that it has become an icon of Melbourne. Middle Southeast is a cafe during the day and a lively bar at night for the neighbourhood. Middle Persian feta and feta cheese, fresh chilli, poached eggs, read/write access bread, and sujuk sausage make up the most popular dish in the South.

    Elegant and attractive, Darling St Espresso in Moonee Ponds serves a hearty and satisfying brunch menu with Middle Eastern flavours. Weekend breakfasts at Lagotto, a top-notch Italian eatery in Melbourne, can't be matched. These are the same people who brought you Pillar of Salty, Touchwood, and Tall Timber, and they also run Barry. The laid-back atmosphere and abundance of delicious food make Top Paddock an ideal place to meet the guy. At Melbourne's Ima Project Café, a Japanese morning staple consists of nori paste over crispy sourdough topped with avocado and furikake.

    Some examples of Japanese takes on traditional American breakfast meals include porridge with caramel sauce and Mitarashi syrup (a traditional Japanese sauce made of soy sauce or sugar) and a's tomato breaded eggs (eggs dipped in bread crumbs and flavoured with immiso). Plates from Imexquisitely an are presented on handcrafted ceramics that are also works of art, a result of the creative collaboration between James Spinks and Asako Miura, who were responsible for the cafe's thoughtful setting and food. With an eye towards sustainability, Reground turns scrap wood into chopping boards and chopstick holders, among other goods. Nonetheless, the café's polished food stands in stark contrast to the open, bare decor and ostensibly unfinished wooden buildings.

    Located in the heart of downtown, Archie's All Day is a late-night cafe with a hip, relaxed vibe. If you want to hang out with some pals and have a nice discussion, this is the perfect spot. Using a wagyu patty as the base, the Juicy Lucy adds jalapeo-infused Monterrey Cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard, ketchup, pickles, a burger bun, and bacon for a spicy and savoury burger. Breakfast can be exciting again with dishes like the south Asian fried chicken burger and the coconut-topped morning curry. Many people enjoy the meaty, vibrantly coloured dishes that take inspiration from Sri Lankan cuisine at Lankan Tucker.

    The bubblegum-pink faluda with sherbet syrup, jelly, and vanilla ice cream feels more like a dessert than a drink, and it, like much of the food, is cooked in-house. Crispy deep-fried pan rolls stuffed with spiced corned beef and served with spicy corned beef are served besides an iced milo topped with a brownie crumble.

    Content Summary

    1. It's no surprise that Melbourne has earned the moniker "coffee capital of the world" given the abundance of excellent breakfast options.
    2. To Eat for Breakfast in Melbourne Oatmeal is widely regarded as the day's most crucial meal.
    3. There are plenty of options for a good breakfast in Melbourne, whether you're in the mood to socialise, have a hangover, or just want to fuel yourself for the day.
    4. Position of Greater Elevation A trip to Higher Ground, a monument so impressive it has become a symbol of Melbourne, is the best way to make an impression on out-of-town guests.
    5. This cafe is representative of Melbourne's coffee culture as a whole.
    6. Higher Ground is perfect for any social gathering, romantic dinner for two, or special occasion you're planning.
    7. Australia's capital city, Melbourne, is home to some of the world's best cafes.
    8. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern In the midst of all the gloom on Chapel Street, the Middle South is a shining beacon of hope.
    9. You may find a great community of "creatives" and office workers in the trendy Middle South East area on the other side of town.
    10. After exploring the area, we learned that Middle Southeast is both a cafe by day and a lively bar at night.
    11. A hearty and satisfying brunch with flavours inspired by the Middle East.
    12. These are only two examples of the numerous interesting and delicious breakfast options that can be found at this eatery.
    13. Café on Darling Street Moonee Ponds is home to the hip and beautiful bistro Darling St Espresso.
    14. You can get some of the best patties in Melbourne right here.
    15. Such new cafés in Melbourne's suburbs are typical of the great quality to be found in this type of establishment.
    16. Melbourne's great Italian restaurant Lagotto Lagotto serves up unbeatable weekend breakfast dishes, and you can wash them down with a Bellinis, Spritz, Garibaldis, or any of their other breakfast BEVs.
    17. Barry Barry is the best place to get breakfast in Melbourne's northern suburbs.
    18. First-Rate Racetrack Expect long wait times on the weekend if you go.
    19. The laid-back atmosphere and abundance of delicious food make Top Paddock an ideal place to meet the guy.
    20. Nori paste and furikake are typical rice toppings in Japan.
    21. In spite of the feedback, Ima spreads nori paste on the crispy sourdough and tops it with avocado and furikake.
    22. You won't find a more salty, cheesier topping atop a savoury breakfast anywhere else in Melbourne.
    23. Some examples of Japanese takes on traditional American breakfast meals include porridge with caramel sauce and Mitarashi syrup (a traditional Japanese sauce made of soy sauce or sugar) and a's tomato breaded eggs (eggs dipped in bread crumbs and flavoured with immiso).
    24. Traditional Japanese breakfast consists of fish and rice.
    25. Ima is reevaluating more than just her morning meal in Melbourne.
    26. The breakfast menu includes curry rice and katsu burgers for those who just can't wait until noon.
    27. Ima was developed by James Spinks and his wife, Asako Miura, who are now business partners.
    28. The cafe's well-thought-out atmosphere and food are the result of a collaboration between chef Spinks (whose resume includes stints at Quay, Sake, and Supernormal) and architect/interior designer Miura (who is half Thai and half Japanese).
    29. A meal from Imexquisitely an is served on ceramics that are as much works of art as they are crafts.
    30. Reground is a company that prioritises environmental protection by collecting and processing recyclables.
    31. The décor at Ima Project Café is supposed to create the feel of a temporary cafe.
    32. Although the café's exposed, harsh ambience and ostensibly unfinished wooden homes give the impression that they are just temporary, they actually offer a well-developed cuisine.
    33. The constant flow of people through its cramped corridors suggests, however, that Ima Projects Café is here to stay.
    34. It's Archie All Day Listen to records being spun by the resident DJ while you enjoy some food and drinks at Archie's All Day, a late-night cafe with a contemporary, peaceful vibe.
    35. Archie's All Day is a terrific spot to meet up with friends and have a discussion, which is why the word "refreshing" is appropriate to describe it. The hustle and bustle of the city can be tiring.
    36. Slavic Tucker Cafe Lankan Tucker has become a staple in the community thanks to its famed hearty and vibrantly coloured Sri Lankan-inspired cuisine.
    37. Finally, if you're looking for a unique Melbourne breakfast alternative, Lankan Tucker is a fantastic choice.
    38. A Sri Lankan Tucker Melbourne's dedication to diversity and culture explains why there is a sizable Sri Lankan community there.
    39. Despite the popularity of hoppers, a fermented rice pancake and coconut milk crepe, as a breakfast food in Sri Lanka, restaurants serving the meal have not mushroomed.
    40. The drinks and the majority of the food at Lankan Tucker are both prepared in-house.

    FAQs About Breakfast In Melbourne

    Breakfast is the closest thing we have to national cuisine. So here we pay tribute to Melbourne's best places shaping the very definition of the pre-midday meal. Others we've selected for consistent performance – they've nailed the classics and learnt how to handle the crowds that follow.

    Melbourne, say hello to your new breakfast. The steak at Higher Ground is symbolic of the past year in cafe land. Breakfast has become the new dinner. We're witnessing the trickle-down effect in action as chefs with serious runs on the board turn their attention to the most important meal of the day.

    They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So whether you're catching up with mates, hungover or hangry, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to our morning meals here in Melbourne. We've got the lowdown on the best spots that offer eggs runnier than mascara on a hot day and hotcakes fluffier than cumulous.

    When it comes to food, Melbourne truly shines. The city has a diverse range of cuisine, influenced by its multicultural population and world-class restaurants. With immigrants hailing from all corners of the world, there is a vast array of authentic international flavours to be found.

    Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, known for its music, art centres and museums, and celebration and expression of art. It has been ranked, year after year, the most 'livable city' and it's not hard to see why.

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