What Are The Best Greek Restaurants In Melbourne?

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    Melbourne's strong Greek population has produced some of Australia's finest gyros, souvlaki, and taramasalata.

    The immigrant boom of a 1960s and 1970s has been largely responsible for the rapid expansion of Melbourne's Greek population.

    It's really no surprise that we have so many genuine Greek taverns and cosy, family-run eateries here, as we have the sec Greek population outside of Athens.

    Compiling a list of Melbourne's top 15 Greek restaurants was no easy feat, but we managed it, and the resulting list offers plenty of options for anyone with dietary restrictions or preferences, including those who prefer soul cuisine, seafood, dairy, or vegetarian options.

    Creating a definitive list of Melbourne's finest Greek dining establishments is no easy undertaking.

    Another offer to enjoy Greek food is welcome, but it is not necessary. In light of our good time, we made a decision to sample the finest Greek restaurants in northern Sydney.

    FAQs About Greek Restaurants In Australia

    We have them in Australia because of Greek migrants; they either invented them or brought them to Australia from abroad. When Greeks laid down roots in country towns, they opened up cafes, but it wasn't Greek food on the menu. Instead, it was chocolates, ice cream, coke and milkshakes.

    Greek cuisine, very much like Mediterranean cuisine, is based on olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, bread, wine, and many other ingredients that make this cuisine one of the most delicious in the world. There's a Greek dish for everyone's palate, from phyllo dough to Greek yoghurt to tzatziki sauce.

    The Greek influence on Australia's dining scene today is clear. Dishes such as souvlaki, taramasalata, loukoumades, saganaki, moussaka, spanakopita and more are part of the national diet. The restaurant scene offers various Greek food experiences, from street food to high-end fine-diners.

    The first Greeks came to Australia in the early 19th century, but most arrived here between World War II and the 1970s — and most came to Victoria. Melbourne is the epicentre of the Australian Greek community, but that community extends across the country and into major aspects of our culinary lives.

    In addition to providing a healthy, balanced diet, Greek food is famous for its love of olive oil when cooking, which is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It's also lower in saturated fat than butter, making it a great healthful alternative to cook with.

    Top Greek Restaurants In Melbourne



    If you stop a random person on Bourke Street on Collins Street and ask them where they'd recommend eating Greek food in Melbourne, they'll probably tell you to check out the Stalactites. Stalactites is a long-standing eatery known for its consistently high-quality traditional Greek meals.

    Soups, souvlakis, gyros, and even germs are among the traditional and excellent dishes served here.

    Stalactites are like dependable pals; they work nonstop and are always there whenever you require them. Do you even belong in Melbourne if you haven't been to Stalactites?

    The downtown restaurant managed by a well-known Australian family is like no other, from the stalactite-covered ceiling to the blazingly rapid service. Even though it may be crowded in the evenings, your patience will be rewarded. Start with the tortillas and dips then go on to the soul cuisine and gyros. They have a fantastic children's menu that goes above and beyond the standard fare of burgers and fries.

    This restaurant serves traditional Greek cuisine throughout the day, and becomes a fast and easy takeout option for downtown diners when the sun goes down.

    The restaurant is open all hours and offers takeout of classic Greek fare.


    Elyros, an upscale bar and grill, wholeheartedly embraces the island lifestyle. The hotel's stylish ambience and helpful personnel make a great first impression.

    Two of the best items on the menu are the quietly animal and the cured kingfish, but really everything is delicious.

    You won't find better Greek food around Melbourne than at this cosy, two-hat establishment. This Camberwell restaurant has some of the best Greek cuisine in Melbourne and a very elegant atmosphere.

    The cuisine of Crete reflects the island's reputation for its emphasis on seasonality and its use of fresh, innovative flavours.

    Fine dining with courses like Balmain beetle gemisto sandwiched with black rice & cured salmon with elaborately carved cucumber.

    These sheep. We've had better lamb, but this was the best we've ever tasted.

    Tender, spicy, and easy to chew with your fingers, the meat is the result of slow cooking for as as many as ten hours. The toffeeding process transforms the fat into a dark toffee chew, and the smooshing of spices and garlic underneath it gives the whole thing a delightful spiciness.

    On the side, you may find golden chips that have been cooked in olive oil. There is sophistication in its apparent ease. We've also entered the Camberwell neighbourhood. The odds were in their favour.

    Jim's Greek Tavern

    Despite the fact that Jim's Greek Tavern hasn't moved on from the 1980s (it still has paper tablecloths, statuettes of Greek goddesses, and whitewashed walls), it has recognised the shift towards more formal dining and now offers two seatings every night, at 6:30 and 8:00. To be clear, not everyone strictly adheres to it. Jim's has a lot going for it, including the lack of the a menu as well as the lightning-fast service.

    After taking our orders, the server ambles over and begins reciting the menu: "Dips, saganaki, calamari, gps, Greek salad..." We nod our heads in agreement. The word "hipster hangout" does not do credit to how much this family-run bar has become a part of Melbourne's fabric.

    This banquet-only restaurant has been a cornerstone in Melbourne's Greek dining scene for the better part of a half century, and it has become known for its characteristic free-flowing seafood, meats, cheese, and bread as well as its relaxing environment and liberal BYO wine policy.

    Knowing what will happen next is only half the enjoyment.

    Jimmy Grants

    This premium souvlaki spot doesn't serve late-night greasy food. You can get a bottle of ouzo for five dollars, a giant fresh salad made with walnuts, barley, and zesty bags full with rough-cut parsley, and a bag of slow-roasted lamb to go. You need to reevaluate your approach to kebabs.

    Jimmy's is nearly as cheap as its inspiration, making it a great alternative to Melbourne's more pricey hot dog or burger places. Three enormous steamed dim sims cost only $6, making them an excellent bargain.


    Swan Street in Richmond is home to some of Melbourne's top Greek restaurants, including the long-standing Agapi, which has been in business for over fifty years and is still managed by the original family.

    A lot of people who are into Mediterranean food go there because of the relaxed atmosphere and the delicious food.

    The kitchen regularly produces tasty meze, grills, kebabs, and an assortment of fresh seafood, all of which are lightly seasoned & given a touch more flame to give out optimum flavour and texture.


    Five years ago, on Swan Street, former Masterchef candidate Philip Vakos established a trendy new Greek restaurant.

    Bahari is a top choice among Melbourne's Greek restaurants because to its extensive menu of classic meals with a modern touch, including dip, small plates, sautéed and roasted meats, colourful salads, and sweets.

    MasterChef judge Nicholas Calombaris is a major force behind the Hellenic express alongside Lembah bujang on Richmond's bustling Swan Street. Philip Vakos, a participant from Season 2, has also hopped on the bandwagon.

    Although the decor is completely stereotypical, the relaxed vibe is mirrored in the affordable costs, so you can have a meal here without breaking the bank. Philip Vakos, a past competitor on MasterChef Australia, is the proud owner of Bahari, was one Melbourne's finest Greek restaurants. Bahari is known for their "banquet" lunches, which may feed four or more people and include salads, sweets, even building olives. An further selling point is the weekly-changing specials board, which highlights dishes prepared using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

    If you want to make a good impression on your Valentine's Day or first date, consider treating them to dinner and drinks to Lembah bujang, A Hellenic Palate.

    Kalimera Souvlaki Art

    Thomas Deliopoulos and Sylvia Gabriel, two Greek immigrants to Australia, say that despite the city's sizeable Greek population, Melburnians aren't crazy about pork gyros. It's fine to eat lamb, but pork is a no-go. You have found a promising new market niche. When it comes to cooking pork, nothing beats Kalimera Souvlaki Art.

    The milder flavour of female pigs is why they are employed. Add a lot of oregano, a squeeze of lemon, some paprika, and a pinch of salt. The flatbread is the traditional Greek type—springy and gravy—capable of withstanding a barrage of serious sauces, as well as the meat is grilled, juicy, and easily suckable.


    Stalactites, a world-famous Greek restaurant, has built a second restaurant devoted only to the Greek sandwich because of the depth of their expertise in the field.

    There are just six seats available within the blue and white diner, and they're all taken by customers who are eating in.

    On the menu, you'll find a grand amount of four souvas, three platters, and a few pre-packaged sides. Every day, we make our own spreads, cookies, and other goodies.

    Dimitri's Feast

    The dish is authentic Greek and was prepared by the a Greek man, as advertised. The tapas-style food, the bar's devotion to ouzo, and the restaurant's pride inside the Richmond Football Association have all made this a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike. Even if the footy isn't on, Dimitri's is still the place to go for a drink or to relax with some friends over a Greek feast. Please try some of our grilled squid and pickle grilled chicken skewers as a token of our appreciation.

    Gracie Greco

    The Camberwell neighbourhood of Melbourne is home to Gracie Greco, a group of -operated tavern providing authentic Greek fare. The grandparents are in the kitchen turning out some serious heat while the two boys handle the front of the home and the lovely bar.

    Honey-glazed grilled halloumi topped with roasted sesame seeds is a culinary delight. No one needs to go hungry because there are both vegan or beef genista choices. As a last note, the loukoumades are an absolute requirement for dessert.

    Venus And Co

    If you're looking for a great Greek meal in the Bay Area, look no farther than Venus and Co. This Albert Park eatery, which offers both dine-in and takeout options, is known for its semi-à-la-carte banquet menu. It is recommended that you start with the dip and then go to the plates, shared plates, and main courses. But if you can, spare space for dessert; the sandwich of ice cream composed of kataifi & baklava is just as good as it sounds.

    Tsindos Greek Kitchen


    Since 1975, Tsindos, which is owned and run by the same family, has been a mainstay in Melbourne's central business district, serving up some of the city's best Greek food. They've been in the same location for three generations, and you can still get your favourite Greek dishes like dolmades, moussaka, genista, and souvlaki. Their salads are equally remarkable, with several alternatives for both vegans and those who consume meat. To complete your authentic Greek experience, we also stock Greek champagnes & spirits to complement your meal.


    The Greek food at Yassas on Southbank is some of the best you'll find anywhere. The southern Kalamata region is famous for its delicious and healthy food. Here, food is tender over a roaring coal fire, exactly as it is in ancient Greek apartments at street stalls, and the result is typically meat that is fuller bodied, crispier, and juicier than you'd get anywhere else.

    A meal at one of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne is guaranteed to be a success if it includes pomegranate-studded grain salads, melting grilled saganaki, and a couple glasses of ouzo.

    Southbank is full of tourist traps, but Yassas is among the nicer ones. They've since spread to Docklands & Eastland, bringing their unique take on Greek fare to suburban eateries all throughout Melbourne.

    The calamari and yemista are so good that the chefs should kiss each other. But if you're starving, it's time to make a visit. There are two separate meals, in addition to a smaller one for the kids and some communal plates.


    To whom shall extend an invitation to high tea? Salona in Richmond serves up Greek cuisine and high tea with the intention of changing your mind about both. Make a reservation for the standard or bottomless Antiquity High Tea and feast on a variety of Mediterranean tapas.

    Not only do some of these establishments serve high tea, but they also have lunch and dinner menus that are both concise and filling. Salona is the place to go for a meal with a touch of opulence.

    Melina On The Rooftop

    Stunning views of the Mediterranean are often the first thing that come to mind when people seem to think of Greece. Although the views from Greek islands are more famous, Melina on mostly Rooftop in Melbourne offers a stunning panorama of the city's financial district. This chic restaurant and bar on the roof is named just after late Greek starlet and current party leader Melina Mercouri.

    They serve excellent drinks and impressive grazing plates inspired by the Mediterranean meze. Because of this, it's perfect for a romantic dinner or lunch date.

    Eleni's Kitchen And Bar

    The best place for home-cooked meals in Yarraville is Eleni's Home and Bar. For 50 years, the Eleni family has been serving up authentic home-style Greek cuisine at their Yarraville cafe, Eleni's.

    The outdoor terrace features weekly plate smashing and beautiful live music on the weekends. The desserts made by their in-house chef are works of art.


    If you're in the mood for charcoal grill, head on over to Ambrosia. Although it's technically called "The Mediterranean" instead of "The Greek," the menu's wood-fired skewers as well as cutlets are sure to please any carnivore.

    There are many vegetarian options available from the comprehensive starter menu, that can be eaten as a full meal.

    The wine list is just as extensive, with bottles not only from the United States but also France and Italy.

    Mediterranean Greek Tavern

    The Eastern Greek Tavern run by John and Angelo uses just the freshest ingredients in their dishes. The food you eat is guaranteed to be as fresh as possible because it is hand-selected from the market every Sunday just for your dinner.

    The restaurant features a rotating selection of fish, calamari, crustaceans, and oysters. In addition to these main courses, you can also order a variety of Greek wines and a selection of appetisers to share. urge you to check out this local secret in our fine city.


    Philhellene's emphasis on Cretan flavours is a nod to the Good Food Guide's coverage of Greece's diverse regional cuisines. A dinner at Philhellene is like sitting down to a Greek family meal, thanks to the use of family recipes from Susie and John's mums' kitchens.

    The slumps and souvlakis, and everything in between, are cooked with a genuine affection for Greece and its cuisine.


    The Greek Spot

    When it comes to Greek food in Melbourne, The Greek Spot seems to be our top pick. When it comes to dining in Hawthorn, you can't beat the quality and value at this family-run establishment.

    Locals can always be won over by dishes like succulent lamb cutlets, prawns, and King George whiting.

    This restaurant on Burwood Road is perfect for hosting large groups as well as a quiet evening for two.


    mobile restaurant that has become a fan favourite West Melbourne, across from Queen Victoria Market, is where you'll find Lukumades' first permanent location. Doughnut making is an age-old Greek culinary custom. These doughy bites are shallow-fried through being rolled throughout hot liquid until golden brown, as opposed to the traditional method of deep-frying.

    You can add whatever you like, from honey as well as allspice to Nutella as well as pummelling biscuit, for just $10 for eight.

    Olive Oil And Butter

    Even though Olive Oil & Butter is a cafe, we thought it was important enough to include. This is the place to go if you're looking for baked goods with a Mediterranean flavour. Its filo pastries, like the many others on the menu, are among those prepared fresh every day.

    They have a wide selection of delicious gourmet foods or other treats for sale in addition to their tempting pastries. It's the perfect place to have a laid-back brunch with friends or to have a coffee date.


    Melbourne's substantial Greek community is responsible for some of Australia's best gyros, souvlaki, and taramasalata. Melbourne's Greek population increased during the 1960s and 1970s due to an influx of new arrivals. Stalactites is a well-established restaurant serving authentic Greek cuisine of a consistently high standard. In the spirit of the islands, Elyros, a high-end bar and grill, serves traditional Greek takeout. The Greek food at this Camberwell establishment is among the city's finest.

    Crete's food reflects the island's reputation for using local, seasonal ingredients and a wide variety of new and interesting flavours. Jim's Greek Tavern has responded to the growing demand for formal dining by opening at both 6:30 and 8:00 every night. Jimmy Grants is a high-end souvlaki restaurant that welcomes BYO wine and is famous for its free-flowing seafood, meats, cheese, and bread as well as its laid-back atmosphere. Agapi, Bahari, Kalimera Souvlaki Art, and Lembah bujang are just a few of Melbourne's excellent Greek eateries. More than half a century has passed, and the Agapi family is still at the helm.

    Dip, small plates, sautéed and roasted meats, colourful salads, and sweets can all be found on Bahari's broad menu of traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. The specialities board at Lembah Bujang changes weekly to feature dishes that can only be made using the freshest, in-season ingredients available in the area. The owners of Stalactites, a well-known Greek eatery, decided to expand their business by opening a second location specifically for serving Greek subs. It's not hard to find a good Greek meal in Melbourne, Sydney, or the Bay Area; just check out Dimitri's Feast, Gracie Greco, Venus and Co., or Tsindos Greek Kitchen. Stalactites has many different types of souvas, platters, and pre-packaged sides, and Dimitri's is a popular hangout for both residents and tourists.

    In contrast to the semi-à-la-carte banquet menu offered by Venus & Co, Gracie Greco serves real Greek cuisine. Tsindos sells a kataifi and baklava ice cream sandwich.

    Tsindos has been a fixture in Melbourne's CBD since 1975, and it's well-known for its excellent Greek cuisine. Delicious pomegranate-studded grain salads, melty grilled saganaki, and a couple glasses of ouzo can be found at Yassas, a top-notch Greek restaurant in Melbourne's trendy Southbank neighbourhood. Greek food and high tea may be found at Richmond's Salona, while Melina On The Rooftop provides breathtaking panoramas of the Mediterranean. While all of these restaurants are known for their high tea offerings, they also provide lunch and supper menus that are both short and substantial.

    Content Summary

    1. Melbourne's substantial Greek community is responsible for some of Australia's best gyros, souvlaki, and taramasalata.
    2. Melbourne's Greek population increased during the 1960s and 1970s due to an influx of new arrivals.
    3. Given that this area has the largest concentration of Greeks outside of the capital city, it should come as no surprise that it is home to so many authentic Greek taverns and warm, family-run restaurants.
    4. It wasn't easy, but we managed to compile a list of the top 15 Greek restaurants in Melbourne, and the resultant list has something for everyone, whether you're like soul food, seafood, dairy, or vegetarian alternatives.
    5. It's difficult to compile an exhaustive list of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne.
    6. Because we were having such a nice time, we decided to try out some of the best Greek restaurants in northern Sydney.
    7. Best Greek Cuisine in Melbourne's Restaurants
    8. Stalactites Almost anybody you go to on Bourke Street or Collins Street in Melbourne will recommend the Stalactites if you ask them where to go for Greek food.
    9. The Greek food at this Camberwell establishment is among the city's finest.
    10. Crete's food reflects the island's reputation for using local, seasonal ingredients and a wide variety of new and interesting flavours.
    11. Slow simmering the beef for as long as ten hours renders it tender, peppery, and easy to eat with your fingers.
    12. The Greek food at Jim's Taverna Even while Jim's Greek Tavern hasn't changed much since the 1980s (it still uses paper tablecloths and has statuettes of Greek goddesses and whitewashed walls), it has noticed the trend towards fancier dining and now has two seatings each night, at 6:30 and 8:00.
    13. Jim's has many advantages, including the absence of a menu and extremely quick service.
    14. For more than half a century, this banquet-only restaurant has been a mainstay of Melbourne's Greek dining scene, drawing in patrons with its signature free-flowing seafood, meats, cheese, and bread, as well as its laid-back atmosphere and generous BYO wine policy.
    15. Agapi Richmond's Swan Street is lined with excellent Greek eateries, including the landmark Agapi, which has been open for almost half a century and is still run by the original family.
    16. The laid-back vibe and excellent meals draw many diners with a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine.
    17. Bahari Former MasterChef contestant Philip Vakos opened up a hip new Greek restaurant on Swan Street five years ago.
    18. As one of Melbourne's best Greek restaurants, Bahari serves up a wide variety of traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. This includes dips, small plates, sautéed and roasted meats, vibrant salads, and delicious desserts.
    19. Along with Lembah bujang, MasterChef judge Nicholas Calombaris is a driving factor behind Richmond's Hellenic express on Swan Street.
    20. Similarly, Season 2's Philip Vakos has joined the movement.
    21. Bahari, one of Melbourne's finest Greek restaurants, is owned by Philip Vakos, a former contender on MasterChef Australia.
    22. Famous "banquet" meals in Bahari can easily fill four people and feature anything from salads and desserts to building olives.
    23. If you want to wow your partner on Valentine's Day or a first outing, a meal and drinks at Lembah bujang, A Hellenic Palate, is a great choice.
    24. Souvlaki with Kalimera Art Greek immigrants Thomas Deliopoulos and Sylvia Gabriel claim that locals in Melbourne, Australia, aren't wild about pork gyros despite the city's sizable Greek community.
    25. World-famous Stalactites, which specialises in Greek cuisine, is so knowledgeable about the Greek sandwich that they opened a second location dedicated to serving only them.
    26. Diner at Dimitri's True to its billing, the dish was cooked by a Greek man, guaranteeing its genuine Greekness.
    27. Popular among both locals and tourists thanks to its tapas-style menu, its dedication to ouzo, and its status as a proud member of the Richmond Football Association.
    28. Dimitri's is the best spot in town for a beer and a Greek feast, regardless of whether or not the football is on.
    29. A Gracie Greco Gracie Greco is a family-run restaurant serving traditional Greek food in Melbourne's Camberwell district.
    30. Venus & Company Venus and Co. serves up some of the best Greek food in the Bay Area. This Albert Park restaurant is well-known for its semi-à-la-carte banquet menu, which may be enjoyed either in-house or taken out.
    31. However, if you have room, you should definitely try the ice cream sandwich made of kataifi and baklava, because it is as delicious as it sounds.
    32. Tsindos, owned and operated by the same family since 1975, has been a stalwart in Melbourne's CBD, known for its excellent Greek fare.
    33. They have been in business for three generations, and they still provide all your favourite Greek foods including dolmades, moussaka, genista, and souvlaki.
    34. Yassa's Yassas on Southbank serves some of the best Greek food in Melbourne.
    35. The cuisine of the southern Kalamata region is well-known for its high quality and nutritional value.
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