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Top 25+ Solar Installers in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Melbourne is a great place to install solar panels, with plenty of suns and a relatively stable climate. First, however, are a few things to consider when choosing a solar installer in Melbourne, Victoria. 

First, be sure to get quotes from several different companies. It's important to compare pricing and services before making a decision. Second, check out the reviews of each company online. Make sure that previous customers have been happy with the work done. Finally, ask each company about any warranties or guarantees they offer. 

This will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. With a little study, you can find the perfect solar installer for your needs in Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List Of Solar Installers in Melbourne

    Solar Flow Installers Melbourne

    solar flow

    1300 93 14 24

    Full-Service Solar Panel And Hot Water Installers Melbourne

    Melbourne's go-to resource for information on all matters relating to the installation of solar panels and hot water systems is Solar Flow. Over the years, we have developed a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. We take the time to get to know you and your particular situation so that we can help you choose a solar power system that is specifically tailored to satisfy your needs.

    You shouldn't choose us if you're looking for the least expensive solution. However, we are a friendly and professional business in Melbourne working for your best interests. Hire us instead if you want knowledgeable advice, custom installations that actually meet your demands, and excellent after-sales support.

    2 Ways We Help Your Home Or Work Save

    Solar Power

    Employing us is not a good idea if you're looking for the cheapest solution. Nevertheless, we are a friendly and professional Melbourne firm working for your best interests. If you want expert advice, custom installations that actually meet your demands, and excellent after-sales care, engage us instead.

    We can set up and install solar panels, inverters, and batteries at your location to supply your home or place of business with clean electricity. We also offer expert advice and recommendations, guiding you through every step of the process—from planning to installation to support to maintenance—starting with government rebates and moving on to each succeeding stage.

    Heat Pumps

    Hot water heat pumps can maximize solar savings, which is especially advantageous for those who lack the financial resources to buy a solar battery. They can simultaneously store extra solar electricity and reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

    The top Sanden heat pump supplier in Melbourne is Solar Flow. The most efficient heat pumps now on the market are frequently recognized as Sanden heat pumps. Compared to other heat pump models, Sanden heat pumps are eligible for the largest Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) reductions, which significantly lowers the cost of installation. They are a great choice for solar hot water systems because they are also very quiet (37 dB). Additionally, they provide some of the longest warranty periods in the business.

    Helcro Electrical Solar Installers Melbourne

    helcro electrical

    03 8804 5776

    We offer a wide range of electrical services, including subcontracting and consulting.

    Due to their extensive combined experience working on residential, commercial, and industrial projects, our staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to surpass your expectations. If you would like a detailed description of the services we offer or if you have any other inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us.

    NewGen Solar Installer Melbourne

    newgen solar

    1300 878 004

    Modern, cost-effective solar and hot water solutions are offered by NewGen Solar to help individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations make better use of the energy sources at their disposal. Additionally, you can warm water using these treatments. We are the capable partners you need for solar and hot water projects ranging from modestly sized household activities to large commercial operations requiring specially tailored systems. u.

    FAQs About Solar Installers

    Solar power can help you lower your carbon footprint and energy costs. However, finding a reliable installation is necessary before you can start enjoying the advantages of solar energy. It may be challenging to determine how or where to start when there are so many businesses to pick from. The following are some pointers for choosing the top solar installers:

    Many websites, including those for solar panel installation, offer consumer reviews of goods and services. You can get a sense of the experiences other customers have had by reading reviews.

    Second, ask friends or family who has already installed solar panels for recommendations. Again, someone you trust is probably an excellent pick for you if they have a favourable experience with a specific business.

    Installing solar panels is a great way to cut down on your energy costs. Still, it can be confusing to determine which ones are the most energy-efficient, given the wide variety of models available.

    Monocrystalline solar panels are often more efficient than other solar panels since they are constructed from a single silicon crystal. However, they frequently cost more money as well. Although less expensive than monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline solar panels are less efficient than those constructed from a single silicon crystal. 

    A thin film of semiconductor material, such as cadmium telluride or amorphous silicon, is used to create thin-film solar panels. Although they are the least priced, they are also the least efficient type of solar panel. Therefore, efficiency and cost should be considered when selecting solar panels. Finding a balance that satisfies your demands is crucial because the one that uses the least amount of energy may not also be the most economical.

    Installing solar panels is a terrific way to minimise your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bill. However, many people may find the initial expense of installing solar panels to be unaffordable. Here are some strategies for lowering the cost of solar panel installation:

    1. Keep an eye out for government incentives. For the installation of solar panels, several municipal and state governments provide tax discounts or other incentives. You may benefit from these programmes and reduce your installation costs by doing some research.
    2. Bulk purchasing. With a group of friends or neighbours, you can purchase solar panels at a discounted rate, lowering the entire cost.
    3. Take action on your own. You might be able to instal your solar panels if you're handy and have a basic understanding of electricity. This may be a very effective technique to reduce installation costs.

    By utilising these suggestions, you may lower the cost of installing solar panels and enjoy the advantages of pure, renewable energy.

    Due to recent price reductions, solar panels are now more affordable for the typical homeowner. In addition, government incentives may also defray some of the installation's early costs. As a result, switching to solar is a wise financial move that can result in long-term cost savings.

    Solar panels offer a large return on investment because they typically last 20 to 25 years. By switching to solar energy, the typical homeowner may expect to save $1,000 a year on their energy costs. The savings might potentially be greater in some circumstances. Your savings can be considerably higher, for instance, if you reside in an area with high electricity costs or have a particularly large home.

    The size and effectiveness of your solar panel system and the sunlight your home receives will all affect how much money you save by going solar, of course. But there's no denying that switching to solar energy is a smart move that will pay off in the long run.

    Sunlight is converted into electricity by solar panels. Photovoltaic cells, semi-conducting components that generate an electric field when exposed to sunlight, are the building blocks of these devices. 

    The quantity of sunlight converted into power is known as a solar panel's efficiency, and the greatest efficiency ever recorded is 44.7 per cent. In other words, the solar panel only generates power from less than half of the sunshine it receives. 

    Commercial solar panels do, however, have an average efficiency of about 15-20%, which is still quite respectable. Moreover, as technology advances, solar panels' efficiencies rise steadily, and even greater efficiencies may be attained in the future.

    Sustainable Solar Services Installer Melbourne

    sustainable solar services

    1800 88 72 22

    Sustainable Solar Services, a solar retailer that serves the Melbourne metropolitan area and all of Victoria's outlying regions, sells solar panels. We offer a wide range of products that are unique and not found anywhere else, including solar installation parts of the finest caliber. Additionally, Sustainable Solar Services sells premium add-ons and accessories to provide all viable product options for a project in one place.

    Eco Relief Solar Installer Melbourne

    eco relief

    1300 306 0098

    At Eco Relief, we are passionate about protecting the quality of our natural resources and working every day to create a more sustainable future. For instance, if we cooperate to improve how people use electricity globally, we will be able to leave a more sustainable energy footprint for future generations. As a result, we made large financial investments in the creation of renewable energy options throughout Australia.

    Regardless of the size of your project, we are a customer-focused company that guides you through every step of the installation of solar panels in Melbourne. Being a certified installer, we can ensure a high caliber of service.

    Solar Nextgen Installer Melbourne

    solar nextgen

    1800 370 736

    Your partner for solar solutions is Solar NextGen. We think that a solar-powered solution will lead to a cleaner environment and a more effective use of renewable energy. Systems with solar panels don't end up in landfills. To achieve our objective of offering effective power to residential, commercial, and industrial structures, we provide a choice of flexible solar panels in addition to a lot more.

    Tesla Electrical & Solar Installer Melbourne

    tesla electrical & solar

    0438 112 2344

    installers of solar energy systems in Melbourne, Byron Bay, and the Gold Coast. At Tesla Electrical & Solar, we specialize in solar power and solar panel solutions, and we serve the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Melbourne regions. That Their Results Speak for Themselves As an ecologically responsible and sustainable electrical contractor, Tesla Electrical & Solar places a major emphasis on giving our clients the finest results possible.

    SolarHub Installer Melbourne


    03 9043 2387

    One of the first things that stood out to us when we added the market ten years ago was how much contradictory information was being provided.

    We sought to influence that change. Establishing a dependable service provider who would only offer our clients the best advice and products was our aim. And that's exactly what we've done. Modern technologies and established customer service practices have been successfully combined, making the entire process easier and more dependable from start to finish.

    Trione Energy Solar Installer Melbourne

    trione energy

    (03) 6706 04361

    Trione Energy has since pledged to offer the best products at reasonable prices, guaranteeing that Australians will significantly reduce their electricity costs. Whatever level of familiarity you may have with solar energy, we break it down so that everyone can understand it. As a result, when our clients leave the site, they are fully aware of how solar energy operates, how their system will be installed, and how it will function. They are now able to update.

    365 Solar Installer Melbourne

    365 solar

    1300 365 564

    Solar energy has a sizable impact, and renewable energy sources are unavoidable. Create a source of clean energy for yourself, lower your power bill, take precautions against future rate hikes, and use the money you save to raise your standard of living. The benefits are vast, and by acting properly toward the natural world, you also have the added advantage of having a beneficial impact on it. We are not only a local supplier of solar energy, but we are also a retailer recognized by the Clean Energy Council and a member of it.

    Advanced Energy Management Solar Installer Melbourne

    advanced energy management

    1800 247 985

    Advanced Energy Management is your one-stop shop for all the information you require regarding solar power solutions, including system design, installation, service, maintenance, repair instructions, and warranty details. With your support, we will be able to assist Australian home and business owners in escaping the crippling cost of electricity.

    For you to realize considerable long-term financial gains and freedom from the grid, our in-house team of Clean Energy Council accredited and approved solar technicians offers individualized and specialized energy solutions.

    Eastern Energy Solutions Solar Installer Melbourne

    eastern energy solutions

    1300 755 125

    Since 2014, Eastern Energy Solutions has taken great pride in successfully completing every one of its projects.

    We are constantly looking for ways to make our clients' interactions with us as easy and educational as humanly possible, whether it be through our commitment to the push toward sustainable energy or our commitment to staying current with technical improvements.

    Fair Value Solar Installer Melbourne

    fair value solar

    1300 324 804

    We aspire to make a positive impact on the world, specifically the planet we call home. We have been clearing forests for a very long time and for many diverse reasons. Forests that purify the air we breathe and aid in our recovery, similar to how our lungs do

    Everyone on our globe agrees that a tree is the potential closest friend a man could have. We still feel them without hesitation in spite of this. We won't understand that money is not something humans can consume until every last tree has been cut down and every last river has been polluted. More often should be set aside to honor and cherish this lovely planet. Let's finish it right away.

    Sunrun Solar Installer Melbourne

    sunrun solar

    1300 782 034

    You may lower your energy expenses, improve your company's commitment to sustainability, and achieve energy independence for your business with the help of Sunrun Solar, a major solar panel provider in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We educate our clients on solar energy's many benefits and operational details.

    We always offer professional advice to assist you select the solar energy system that is best compatible with your home and your way of life because we are aware that each client's energy needs vary. Due to their broad experience and high level of efficiency, our crew provides great support and guidance throughout the installation of solar power in Melbourne.

    Total Solar Solutions Installer Melbourne

    total solar solutions

    03 9729 0076

    We reduce your recurring energy costs while promoting a greener and more sustainable future. Thanks to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which is managed by the federal government, households and small businesses throughout Australia may be qualified to receive a benefit to help with the purchase cost of installing a small-scale renewable energy system, including solar systems.

    United Solar Energy Installer Melbourne

    united solar energy

    1800 007 235

    Our products for homes, businesses, and the government make use of cutting-edge technology and are created to the highest standards. having all required certifications and adhering to ISO standards All of our items come with a full 15-year warranty, and we support our clients at every stage of the buying process.

    Let's say there are issues with your system. If that happens, our licensed professionals will get there quickly to service or fix it so that it operates as efficiently as possible.

    Gnowee Solar Installer Melbourne

    gnowee solar

    03 9607 8956

    Install solar power facilities to take control of your life and make it more environmentally friendly. Our future depends on the defenses that renewable energy shields offer. Along with putting money in your pocket, it also stops CO2 emissions and gives you control over the world. You hold the key to an energy industry revolution.

    Here at GNOWEE, we work for you and see ourselves as your sun goddess defense. Since we are not obligated to any particular product, we won't feel comfortable installing solar technologies until we are certain that you have made an informed choice. Our Melbourne, Victoria, solar panel installers may work on household, business, and industrial systems and offer a wide range of other solar services.

    EnergySpec Electrical Solar Installer Melbourne

    energyspec electrical

    03 9885 7834

    We are specialists in both renewable energy and electrical contracting. As a company, we lay a strong emphasis on and commitment to quality. Unlike many other firms who only talk about it, we are worried about it.

    Solar On Panels Installer Melbourne

    solar on panels

    1300 770 9087

    We are a top solar company committed to providing the highest caliber solar system. We take the time to listen, understand your needs, and recommend an exceptional solar system that significantly reduces your payment since we are aware that the only way for us to grow is to help you choose the best solar system.

    LB Solar Installer Melbourne

    lb solar


    Without a doubt, Melbourne residents interested in building a solar energy system should choose LB Solar.

    With our extensive knowledge of the solar sector and a network of dependable local teams, we are able to offer high-quality solar products at competitive costs. Furthermore, we'll make sure your solar installation goes off without a hitch and is as effective as possible, saving you money on your monthly energy expenditures in the process. Because of our exclusive partnership with the top panel suppliers in Australia, we can offer you the most affordable prices on solar panels, inverters, batteries, and installation.

    Solar Calculator Installer Melbourne

    solar calculator i

    1300 921 8890

    We educate customers about the many benefits of solar energy and assist them in finding reputable installation companies. In most circumstances, solar energy is not only the most cost-effective alternative for private households and commercial establishments, it is also the best option for the future of our planet's ecology. On our website, you may find information on the steps that must be taken to switch to solar energy.

    Solar Today Installer Melbourne

    solar today

    1300 728 667

    Despite only beginning in 2009, Solar Today has been in business for nearly 12 years. With the same firm name and contact information since the beginning, we have assisted Victorians with their solar energy needs.

    Solar Today is a company with Australian ownership and management that specializes in supplying and setting up solar energy systems for both residential and commercial buildings. In order to ensure that we can quickly find the right person to help us fix any issues, we only sell solar products from firms that have offices or distributors in Australia.

    Revolutionary Solar Installer Melbourne

    revolutionary solar

    1300 296 003

    People all around the world are turning to installing solar systems in their homes and places of business as the cost of nonrenewable energy sources keeps rising and reserves need to be replenished. The number of solar installers in the city has also grown dramatically in recent years as a result of growing knowledge among Melbourne residents of the importance and benefits of the enticing solar package deals provided by commercial and public sector organizations.

    Pacific Solar Installer Melbourne

    pacific solar

    (03) 8518 7845

    When it comes to the installation of commercial solar systems in Australia, Pacific Solar is the market leader. Our expert solar installation services are available to businesses in every state and come with a guarantee of return on investment. So start making financial savings right away and let commercial solar do its thing.

    Regen Energy Solar Installer Melbourne

    regen energy

    03 9769 9065

    We are pleased to introduce Regen Energy as your local authority on solar panel installation in Melbourne. Since 2012, our family-owned and operated firm has been steadily growing organically, and we have only recently expanded to build a dedicated retail department.

    Regen Energy workers are able to inform and motivate our clients when installing solar systems all across Melbourne since this allows us to express the true benefits of switching to renewable energy. to contact with a trustworthy company that supplies solar power systems in Melbourne and supports education

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