What Are The Best Cafes To Have Breakfast At In Melbourne?

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    It is assumed that all native Melburnians like ridiculously overpriced breakfasts and lunches. That right there is pure civic pride. But if it also has nuclear power, you can get some good coffee, and maybe there are some exposed bricks and succulents about, then that would be awesome. Thankfully, Melbs's countless cafes can satisfy our hunger for a hearty morning meal.

    This is no ordinary way to begin one's day, breakfast is the day's activity in Melbourne, spanning from the middle of the morning until the late afternoon. Cafes welcome early risers with coffee and avocado toast, and keep egg poachers on low heat all day so that customers may socialise over eggs and avocados until it's time to start planning dinner. This highlights the importance of the morning meal as a justification for the rest of the day's eating habits. Melbourne as the best breakfast city in the world.

    Even more, this is not a phenomenon limited to a certain area or time of day; in Melbourne, you can have a fantastic breakfast virtually anywhere and at any hour of the day.

    Melbourne's breakfast scene has you covered whether you want a traditional American meal or something on the cutting edge of culinary innovation. And while it may seem like there are a million different options for "best coffee" or "most inventive avocado toast" popping up every week, you can take a deep breath and rest easy knowing that we've got you covered Breakfast time in Melbourne is practically endless.

    That being said, these are the eateries that set the standard for Melbourne's morning meal.

    FAQs About Cafes In Melbourne

    Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day. In addition, many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and concentration, lower "bad" LDL cholesterol levels, lower chances of getting diabetes and heart disease, and being overweight.

    Not eating breakfast can lead to weight gain. It is because your body is already starving all through the night, and when you continue to avoid food in the morning, the body starts to crave sugary and fatty foods. In addition, many studies have linked obesity to skipping breakfast.

    That first meal of the day is more commonly known as breakfast. If you divide this compound word into two parts, you'll see it's made up of "break" and "fast." To fast means to go without food. So "breakfast" means to break the fast you've been observing since you went to sleep the night before!

    Memory and energy improve when people eat breakfast, making them more alert. In addition, eating first thing in the morning raises blood sugar levels and keeps them steady, which can improve mood and help people have more energy.

    According to some researchers, eating breakfast leads to improved mood, better memory, more energy throughout the day, and feelings of calmness. So it stands to reason that skipping breakfast would do the opposite, leading to fatigue and anxiety.

    Best Cafes To Have Breakfast At In Melbourne


    Coffee Shop Named "Degraves"

    Degraves Espresso has been a mainstay in the area for decades and has expanded to fill one of the highest traffic laneways in a town famous for its many laneways. It is well-known for serving excellent coffee and modest meals in a setting evocative of Montmartre. Have a pan of Spanish baked eggs or some poached eggs on toast in the shade of the city's tall buildings and watch the suits scurry off to meetings.

    Cumulus Inc.

    Cumulus Inc. has weathered the cold of many a Flinders Lane winter and saw off the fleeting fashions of many an industry. The "all day dining house" has been open for 11 years, and its menu, which is full of unique dishes that feature local food and was created by the executive chef, has won numerous awards.


    For almost 40 years, Marios has been a Fitzroy staple, serving its signature pure, homey morning food until 6 p.m., when it transforms into a lively trattoria. A pinot grigio before lunch is not only possible, but highly recommended, as the most local wine list is available at all hours.

    Black Cat

    Black Cat, which Henry Maas, Toni and Brian Edwards opened in 1982, is widely regarded as a seminal establishment in the rise of Fitzroy as Melbourne's cafe district. The Brunswick Street cafe prioritised community building over culinary innovation, and a collection from the cafe was donated to Museums Victoria after its assets were auctioned off in 2001. Coffee is still available after 11 a.m., but the focus has shifted to craft beer and cocktails under the new management, with music provided by a local DJ.

    St Ali

    St. Ali began in 2005 as a small roaster and café in South Melbourne, Australia, and is considered a pioneer in Melbourne's Third Wave coffee movement. This movement views coffee as an artisan product and promotes a wine-like focus on regionality, production processes, and delivery. The cafe was named after the 14th-century Sufi saint who is credited with introducing coffee to Arabia and was founded by Mark Dundon, also regarded as "the godfather of Melbourne coffee." There is a wide variety of roasted coffees to choose from, and the breakfast is still regarded as one of the best coffee beans has spread across the city.

    Auction Rooms

    This North Melbourne restaurant has been serving up hearty breakfasts for almost a decade, and its name honours the auction house that formerly stood in the building. The menu is well-organized and features creative combinations of flavours like miso, halloumi and sumac.

    Proud Mary

    Since 2008, this cafe, which takes its name from a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, has catered to the breakfast and coffee needs of the neighborhood's inner northeasterners, putting them to sleep with their creative takes on old standards like fried eggs with brioche, breaded bacon terrine, and roasted sweet potato with cream cheese, anchovy-spiked bagna believed to be an important.

    Archie's All Day

    Known for its creative takes on breakfast staples, this Fitzroy institution is a customer favourite. It neatly illustrates not only the city's irreverent approach to classics—after all, why eat a boring egg roll and bacon when you can have a brioche bun loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon and chile?—but also the varied influences that characterise contemporary Australian food. Halloumi, labneh, and preserved-lemon-charred broccoli? Check. Poached eggs with kimchi and edamame? Yep. A Dirty Mary with tequila and chipotle peppers, along with some fried chicken and waffles? Yessir.


    Arcadia, located a just 15 seconds from Archie's, is a great option for individuals who would rather not wait in line. The simple, unadorned room cafe keeps things easy, and appropriate for the time of year. Corn cake, smoked salmon, poached egg stacks, and garlic and rosemary potato rosti over light rye toast are all examples of dishes that prioritise traditional preparations over novel presentation.

    Higher Ground

    Even though there is a huge dining area here, Higher Ground has been able to keep its tables full and a waiting list. Large windows, growing indoor plants, and dishes of robust yet contemporary food break up the frigid, exposed brick walls of this former power station, which bills itself as "not quite a cafe, not quite a restaurant." The day menu combines contemporary twists on breakfast and lunch meals without distinguishing between them and the night menu, which focuses solely on dinner. How about a bowl of walnut granola with buffalo yoghurt at 8 a.m., while your significant other is yearning a slow-cooked steak with parsnip puree? Get in line. Though the original proprietors sold the business to new management in 2018, Higher Ground is still considered by many to be the best place to get breakfast in town.


    Rudimentary, which was constructed in 2015 from a cluster of shipping containers placed on a parking lot, gained instant notoriety. Diners can take a trip about the small but gorgeous grounds after breakfast as the bees diligently care to their business and the herbs and flowers used to decorate their crumpets, congee, and porridge are picked fresh from the garden. Until Rudimentary opened, the only Melburnians who ventured to Footscray were those in search of cheap Thai or Vietnamese food. However, the rise of a few significant cafes has sparked gastronomic momentum in the neighbourhood, resulting in the opening of a plethora of new bars and restaurants.


    Oneyada serves up authentic Thai cuisine, but its late night hours may put you off. But in a city where breakfast has no boundaries, they are welcome additions to the morning table. Egg lovers can have kai gra ta (baked eggs with Chinese sausage), kai toon tom yum (steamed egg custard with a tom yum broth), or the restaurant's speciality dish, breakfast fried rice (with or without gai tod) (Thai fried chicken).

    Industry Beans

    Breakfast and coffee at this Fitzroy cafe are served with a contemporary flair. The café takes a similarly scientific method to processing and brewing procedures in pursuit of that perfect cup of coffee, pulled before your eyes from a supposedly space-age, digital Modbar espresso machine.


    Located in Carlton North, the cafe Babajan is representative of the current climate of Melbourne's cafe culture. Founded in 2015, by chefs Ismail Tosun (originally from Turkey) and Kirsty Chiaplias (originally from Australia), the cafe serves you conventional comfort food with a Middle Eastern twist using unusual ingredients. The goal isn't to revolutionise breakfast, but rather to explore the exciting potential of a country so open to new flavours, as evidenced by the grilled Aleppo pepper, eggplant, and Turkish Butter jaffle (a sealed, crispy sandwich beloved across Australia) topped with fried eggs, various spices, and fermented chile.

    Other Cafés For Breakfast In Melbourne


    Top Paddock

    No doubt you've seen pictures of these floral pancakes floating through your Instagram feeds. But did you realise that the Ricotta hotcake craze first appeared in Top Paddock? They put what looks like a miniature garden on top of their Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes. Picture a large dollop of Ricotta in the centre, surrounded by a variety of fruit and nuts, some greenery, and maybe some flower petals. What a visual and gustatory feast!

    Wait times outside this place are probably a fair indicator of how great their breakfast is. Beautiful interiors complement delectable dishes that highlight fresh, regional ingredients. The traditional blueberry and Ricotta hotcakes are my favourite.

    The Stables of Como

    A gorgeous spot to take out of towners for a Melbourne breakfast to remember. Just can't beat the nostalgia of their prawn toast. Your best bet is to snag a spot in the courtyard.

    Mixed Business

    This is our favourite place to have breakfast in Clifton Hill because of the tranquil garden and bright sunlight. Ham hock terrine with smoked potato aioli, boiled egg, rye toast, vintage cheddar, tomato, and pickle make up the wonderful ploughman's brekkie.

    Manchester Press

    A cool, gritty laneway café in Melbourne CBD. These bagels are the absolute best. Similarly, the smoked salmon and avo smear versions were delicious.

    Hardware Societe

    One of the best spots for breakfast in Melbourne CBD. Very good baked eggs come in a personal saucepan here.

    Porgie + Mr Jones

    This is one of Melbourne's original cafes, and its breakfast menu remains unrivalled on Auburn Road. Hawthorn has been content for decades thanks to the shattered av' with mushrooms.

    Three Bags Full

    There is a reason why this Abbotsford warehouse with exposed brick walls is always packed with tenants. One of the most beautiful and delicious breakfasts in all of Melbourne is the smashed avocado with Meredith feta, grilled corn, and quinoa salsa.

    Footscray Milking Station

    A popular breakfast establishment in the heart of Footscray that was once a milk bar. For breakfast, we always get the vegetarian option.

    Auction Rooms

    One of the best cafes in all of Melbourne is on Errol Street. We still can't get enough of the buttermilk griddlecakes, and the coffee is excellent.

    Cowderoy's Dairy

    This cosy Melbourne cafe/milk bar being right next to a park means a lot of business from families. Porridge, muffins, and classic milkshakes are some of the highlights of the hearty and satisfying breakfast menu.

    The Kettle Black

    This newcomer to the Top Paddock Crew serves what appear to be Melbourne's most delicious breakfasts. Imagine a bowl of coconut chia topped with a scoop of mandarin sorbet, some toasted coconut, citrous powder, and a few sprinkles of edible flowers.

    Industry Beans

    With its quality coffee, award-winning interior design, and some of Melbourne's greatest breakfast fare, this Fitzroy café and roastery stands out from the crowd. It's not just the avo smash that gets us going, but the creative presentations like the Lemon myrtle pannacotta with bee pollen curd and wattleseed granola.

    Fifty Acres 

    A number of Melbourne's finest cafes can be found in the 3121 postcode, and this is just one more. These balsamic mushrooms and the coffee are out of this world.

    Little Big Sugar Salt

    This cafe in Abbotsford serves excellent eggs and is a wonderful place to stop for recommendations on how to spend a Saturday in the neighbourhood.

    Lucky Penny

    Lucky Penny is a terrific Melbourne café where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street while still enjoying delicious food like citrous cured salmon, potato, and pea salad.

    Dr Morse

    It's hard to find fault with this restaurant because it has it all. On a weekend, have a Dr. Morse benedict in the courtyard cum-beer garden. Helpful in particular if you spend the night before sampling various drinks from the bar's menu.

    Richmond Hill Café & Larder

    This buzzy café up the top of Bridge Road is a favourite Sunday breakfast spot for Melbourne locations serving breakfast We love their potato and spring onion rosti with smoked salmon and poached eggs.

    Common Galaxia

    Stunning modern architecture and interior design make this Melbourne cafe well worth the trip across town. Particularly mouthwatering are the wild mushrooms on toast with chilli, garlic, and Danish fetta.

    common galaxia

    Jardin Tan

    What better spot to have breakfast in Melbourne when compared to the Botanical Gardens?! Although the French-Vietnamese cuisine here is excellent, we recommend the Vietnamese eggs in the morning with pulled pork and mai mam cham.

    Seven Seeds

    No breakfast in Melbourne is complete without excellent coffee, and Seven Seeds is well-known for theirs. Breakfast items, such the good regular breakfast burger with ham, fried eggs, and chutney, are rather tasty.

    Pillar of Salt

    Having breakfast all day is a significant trend in this city, which you might not have noticed. The breakfast options at Pillar of Salt are plentiful, and they're just the place to go if you enjoy. Eat breakfast whenever you want.

    Their Smashed Avocado comes topped with goat's curd, beetroot tahini puree, pistachio and watermelon radish, fennel crumb, and sorrel, and is served alongside the Australian standard of poached eggs. This, we assure you, is as delicious as it appears. Did you even bother going to brunch if you didn't have avocado toast?

    Choose the Californian Superfood Salad, which is made with tri-colored quinoa, puffed organic rice, goji berries, sliced jalapenos, roasted corn, heirloom tomatoes, ricotta Salata, and shredded green kale, the hipster superfood. If you need more protein, you can add chicken, smoked salmon or a poached egg, as a topping.

    Maker Fine Coffee

    Maker Fine Coffee is a speciality roasting company that serves seasonal, single-origin beans that it sources independently. Regulars who know good coffee will appreciate this cafe's offerings. We have no doubt that the baristas will go out of their way to answer any questions you may have regarding the beans. Each cup is expertly brewed to bring out the full flavour of the beans and is served with the appropriate amount of milk. Have a preference for iced coffee? They infused the beans carefully to create a brew that is both smooth and robust. This charming hipster neighbourhood has a lot of great things going for it, including graffiti covered walls, vintage shops, and flea markets. So it should come as no surprise that the cafes here have the same ethos, with some of the most original and exciting food we've ever tasted being served up.


    We can get a full breakfast at any one of Melbourne's many eateries. Cafes serve coffee and avocado toast to early birds, and they leave their egg poachers on a low heat all day for those who want to use them. Either classic American fare or the latest in experimental cooking can be found in the city's restaurants. As a result of its innovative approaches to breakfast and lunch, the Fitzroy cafe district has earned a reputation as one of the greatest in the world. The Creedence Clearwater Revival song Proud Mary inspired the name of a bar that serves the local northeastern community.

    These Melbourne cafes serve breakfast and coffee with a modern twist. The menu at Babajan Cafe delves into the intriguing possibilities of a culture so receptive to new tastes. The best breakfasts in Melbourne may be found in the city's many cafés and eateries. In case you haven't noticed, this city has a major breakfast-all-day tendency. Breakfast at Pillar of Salt should include the Vietnamese eggs, jerked pork, and mai mam cham.

    The ingredients of the Californian Superfood Salad include tri-colored quinoa, puffed organic rice, sliced jalapenos, roasted corn, and heirloom tomatoes. Goat curd, beetroot tahini puree, and watermelon radish are some of the toppings for their Smashed Avocado.

    Content Summary

    1. Fortunately, we can find a good breakfast at any one of Melbs' numerous cafes.
    2. This is no typical way to start the day; rather, in Melbourne, breakfast is the primary activity from around midday until late in the afternoon.
    3. This demonstrates the significance of the breakfast as an excuse for the remainder of the day's eating routines.
    4. They have the best breakfasts in Melbourne, which is why it's the best city in the world.
    5. This is not just a morning thing, either; in Melbourne, you can find a great breakfast pretty much anyplace and at any time of day.
    6. Whether you're craving an American classic or something on the cutting edge of culinary creativity, Melbourne's breakfast scene has you covered.
    7. So, these are the best places to get breakfast in Melbourne.
    8. The "all day dining house" has been serving customers for the past 11 years, and its executive chef has garnered a slew of accolades for the restaurant's creative menu, which features several dishes using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.
    9. Marios After serving its characteristic fresh, homey morning fare for nearly 40 years, Marios changes into a vibrant trattoria every night at 6 p.m.
    10. Black Cat: Henry Maas, Toni Edwards, and Brian Edwards launched Black Cat in 1982, and it quickly became a landmark in the development of Fitzroy as Melbourne's café area.
    11. Since its humble beginnings in 2005 as a roaster and café in South Melbourne, Australia, St. Ali St. Ali has grown to become an icon of the city's Third Wave coffee scene.
    12. Salvage Shops Serving customers hearty breakfasts for nearly a decade, this North Melbourne eatery takes its name from the auction house that once occupied the space.
    13. Mary, the One Who Is Proud of Herself This Creedence Clearwater Revival-inspired cafe has been serving the inner northeasterners of the neighbourhood breakfast and coffee since 2008, and it has been known to put customers to sleep with its inventive takes on breakfast classics like fried eggs with brioche, breaded bacon terrine, and roasted sweet potato with cream cheese and anchovy-spiked bagna.
    14. It's a great example of both the eclectic influences that characterise modern Australian cuisine and the city's irreverent take on traditional dishes (after all, who wants an ordinary egg roll when you can have a brioche bun stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, and chile?).
    15. Arcadia When you don't feel like waiting in line at Archie's, head to Arcadia, which is only 15 seconds away.
    16. Prominently Better Higher Ground has maintained a full dining room and a waiting list despite its spacious eating area.
    17. This converted power plant advertises itself as "not quite a cafe, not quite a restaurant," and features large windows, flourishing indoor plants, and plates of hearty yet modern food.
    18. While the night menu is dedicated primarily to supper, the day menu combines modern spins on breakfast and lunch.
    19. Higher Ground is still widely regarded as the best breakfast spot in town, even though the original owners sold the firm to new management in 2018.
    20. Rudimentary In 2015, a group of shipping containers were assembled on a parking lot to form Rudimentary, which quickly rose to prominence.
    21. Manufacturing Beans This cafe in Fitzroy serves up a modern take on breakfast and coffee.
    22. Babajan The Carlton North cafe Babajan is typical of the scene at cafes across Melbourne right now.
    23. Founded in 2015 by Turkish-born chef Ismail Tosun and Australian-born chef Kirsty Chiaplias, the cafe specialises in serving traditional comfort food with a Middle Eastern touch by way of unconventional ingredients.
    24. Top Paddock also has several more excellent breakfast cafes. You've probably seen photos of these flower-topped pancakes circulating on social media.
    25. The Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes are topped with what appears to be a tiny garden.
    26. Delicious cuisine that feature seasonal, locally sourced ingredients are as visually appealing as the elegant decor.
    27. My favourite kind of hotcakes are the classic ones made with blueberries and Ricotta.
    28. Situated in the heart of Como, the Stables are a must-see. A beautiful place to enjoy a memorable breakfast in Melbourne with visiting friends and family.
    29. Their prawn toast will take you back in time like nothing else.
    30. The vibe at this Melbourne CBD laneway café is cool and gritty.
    31. Société du Matériel Put simply, it's a top choice for a morning meal in Melbourne's central business district.
    32. Milking Parlor in Footscray Famous for its breakfasts, this place used to be a milk bar in the middle of Footscray.
    33. Salvage Shops On Errol Street, you'll find one of the nicest cafes in all of Melbourne.
    34. Said the Pot, "Black" One of the newest members of the Top Paddock Crew, they have what I imagine to be Melbourne's best breakfasts.
    35. Manufacturing Beans This Fitzroy cafe and roastery is notable for its excellent coffee, beautiful interior decor, and delicious breakfast options.
    36. Acreage: 50 There are a handful of Melbourne's best eateries in the 3121 area code, and this is just another one of them.
    37. Weekends are best spent sipping cum-beer in the courtyard while enjoying a Dr. Morse benedict.
    38. Cafe & Pantry Richmond Hill On Sundays, breakfast-loving Melburnians flock to this bustling café high atop Bridge Road. Their rosti with smoked salmon and poached eggs made with potatoes and spring onions is delicious.
    39. Typical Galaxy This Melbourne cafe has stunning modern architecture and interior design, making it well worth the drive across town.
    40. Seeds, Seven Seven Seeds is well-known for its exceptional coffee, which is an essential part of any Melbourne morning meal.
    41. Beacon of Light In case you haven't noticed, this city has a major breakfast-all-day tendency.
    42. Pillar of Salt is a great spot to eat breakfast because they have a wide variety of delicious selections. The time of breakfast doesn't matter.
    43. Customers with a refined palate for coffee will enjoy the selections at this cafe.
    44. The vintage stores, flea markets, and graffiti-covered buildings in this hipster enclave are just a few of the neighborhood's many appealing features.
    45. As a result, it shouldn't come as a shock that the cafes here share the same philosophy, with some of the most creative and intriguing meals we've ever tasted being offered.
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