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Top 15 Best Male Strippers in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

We've compiled a list of the best male strippers in Melbourne, Victoria so you can choose the perfect one for your next party. These guys know how to put on a show from fun and flirty to hot and steamy! So check them out today and spice up your party tomorrow!

Hiring a male stripper is always a popular option when planning a special night out. However, how do you know which one is the best with so many different providers? Here is our list of the best male strippers in the business.

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    Ultimate List Of Male Strippers in Melbourne, Victoria

    Magic Men Male Strippers Melbourne

    magic men australia male strippers melbourne

    1300 624 426

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, organizing a hen's night, a bachelorette party, or just having a fun girl's night, our gorgeous and hot male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies' night in Melbourne one to remember. The Magic Men are available to provide private performances for you and your guests in mansions, private event spaces, and suites all throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man has the body, the personality, and the moves to captivate and excite audiences while providing more than simply a pre-written performance. Our male strippers can put on a refined and sexy show to suit your tastes because they are talented dancers as well. Additionally, a range of performances are offered to fit the theme of any gathering.

    Give us a call right now if you're seeking for the best MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has to offer and the cutest topless waiters to add a little bit of magic to your upcoming event. Make your gathering memorable. We promise to deliver outstanding performances to liven up your:

    Do you want to arrange the ideal hen party for your friend before her wedding? We have something to suit every hen style, whether it be outrageous or elegant, day or night, winter or summer. It could be challenging to decide on a theme or activities for the BACHELORETTE PARTY. Because each woman in the group has a distinct perspective, it takes a lot of time, and we've seen how many bridesmaids or girlfriends struggle with this from one planner to the next. So that you may concentrate on more important activities, like choosing your outfit, we have put together a list of the best exquisite hen's party ideas!

    High Tea Party: Manners, Lace, And Everything Elegant

    The high tea party is the perfect setting for a posh and fashionable CLASSY HENS encounter. You can meet up with pals to play games while sipping tea and enjoying cakes at your favorite snack bar or make a tearoom reservation.

    The high tea party is appropriate for those who want a CLASSY HENS opulent and refined experience. You can arrange a get-together with friends at your preferred snack bar or book a tearoom where you can play games and enjoy tea and pastries.

    Indulging In A Luxury Cruise Ride

    If you don't mind blowing your budget, a luxury cruise is the best option for the gathering. You can charter a boat with your hens and indulge in delectable canapés, wine, and cocktails. Additionally, you can partake in a number of drinking activities while enjoying your favorite tunes. Everyone in the gathering, including the hen, will enjoy a special celebration like this. With the ocean as your backdrop, what more could you possibly need?

    To add some fun and excitement to your party, hire topless waiters or MALE STRIPPERS; in addition to looking stunning in photos, they are also extremely skilled at pouring cocktails and keeping those glasses full. So give up the "cocktails" and alcoholic drinks and have a blast with these amazing hunks instead!

    A Pamper Session For The Care You Deserved

    If you want a classy celebration with your hens, a pamper session (spa day) is also a fantastic option. You'll look and feel younger and more beautiful after a day in the hot tub, getting your nails done, and receiving various cosmetic procedures! After a fun-filled night of dancing with your loved ones, it is the ideal daytime activity.

    With many options either right outside your door, in the city center, or in a more romantic and rural setting, getting massages, manicures, pedicures, or facials with your hen party during the weekend is a convenient hobby.

    Private Bartending: Sip And Spill The Fun

    With the assistance of a private bartender, you get the opportunity to learn and have a ton of fun while creating excellent drinks. You can throw a sophisticated cocktail party in your home by hiring a bartender and taking this master class to learn how to mix drinks.

    The class includes three different cocktail creations, and you will be led through each step, including how to mix and shake a flawless cocktail. With the assistance and charm of a topless bartender, imagine hosting a cocktail party for your pals where you get to create the best concoction you can. Cheers because it's going to be a long night!

    Before getting married, brides-to-be must complete a rite of passage known as a hen party. For the ladies who want to celebrate in a chic yet distinctive way, these HENS Celebrate IDEAS will make a great get-together. Whatever the theme of your hen party, it's important that the future bride have a good time and feel comfortable. All participants must find it appropriate, economical, and within their financial means. Use these hen party suggestions to break the mold and let your creativity soar for a unique send-off.

    Hens Night Party Packages

    The perfect hen party ideas for an unforgettable night

    We guarantee that our all-inclusive hens night packages will relieve you of the burden of organizing a fun night out.

    Hens Night Special

    Optional Extras:


    Optional Extras:

    Limo and Show PACKAGE

    Optional Extras:

    Dinner and Show PACKAGE

    Optional Extras

    Hens Night Melbourne

    Are you anticipating an evening of socializing, fun, and glitz and glam? Your Hens Night in Melbourne will be extra special thanks to Magic Men. We offer a full-service entertainment package that is affordable, has great appearance, and has skilled service.

    To reserve Magic Men, just submit a contact form with the specifics of your event. Then, have a look at our customized hen's packages for simple and stress-free planning.

    Magic Men has been recognized as Australia's top party planner for the past five years, and we take pride in our commitment to offering top-notch entertainment and services. Without the laughter, mocking, and fun that Magic Men can provide, it will be impossible to plan a fantastic hen's night in Melbourne. So come to our live shows, e-shows, and private visits to elevate your hen's party idea. Our Magic Men will dazzle you with their performances, which will leave you with awe-inspiring grins, laughter, heart-pounding excitement, and a memorable evening. So when you join us to celebrate, get your phones ready and snap photos of these details. Make your final night unforgettable by working together!

    Exotic X Entertainment Male Strippers Melbourne

    exotic x entertainment male strippers melbourne

    1800 972 832

    We are the best agency for adult entertainers, strippers, and waitresses in Australia and around the world.

    On the enthusiastic and knowledgeable roster of Exotic X Entertainers, there is something for everyone. Male and female topless waiters, XXX show girls, exotic dancers, nude and naked waitresses, bikini and lingerie waitresses, comedic strippers, professional dancers, and fire twisters are just a few of the many various types of strippers that are available. We have something extra planned to make your night even more special.

    Party Plans & Ideas

    Do you need suggestions and plans for a birthday party, hens party, or bucks party?

    Exotic X Entertainment is also the owner of BOOK and GO, a party activity, tour, and adventure booking business. For your big weekend, we specialize in booking all of your entertainment and excitement! Everything from strippers to flights and lodging to limousines to boat cruises to nightclub rentals, party venue rentals, group adventures and activities, or even just a gift for the wonderful person you are celebrating with!

    Princes Of The Night Male Strippers Melbourne

    princes of the night male strippers melbourne

    1300 135 551

    Melbourne's Premier Male Theatre And Cabaret!

    This top-notch performance combines a visual story with humor, thrilling dancing, stunning male dancers, and audience participation. Or to put it another way, you'll be intrigued and wishing for just a little bit more!

    The event is hosted by Miss Juliette, a standout comedian from Melbourne, who is supported by a cast of extraordinarily gifted and alluring Princes. You may anticipate seeing mesmerizing dancing, witty humor, and all the flash and glam you'd expect from a show in Las Vegas.

    Whether you're organizing an awesome Hens Night Party, an exciting birthday surprise, or a much-needed night out with your friends, don't miss your chance to attend this unique stage play.

    FAQS About Male Strippers

    Come dressed in street clothes and bring a bag with makeup, your shoes and the outfit you want to audition in. Your outfit should be easy to take on and off without assistance. Additionally, find out before going what times the club is open.

    Strippers and great escorts ask open-ended questions to get customers talking. Questions that will end with a customer saying yes or no are not good; strippers ask questions like 'how has your day been today or something that will engage the customer and get them talking.

    If you're struggling with keeping the conversation on a light note when it's your turn to speak, give your customer more opportunities to steer the conversation. Ask open-ended questions, have pre-planned jokes and lines, and focus on giving friendly and welcoming body language. Then, fake it until you make it.

    The average salary for a dancer is $30.71 per hour in Australia.

    Once you're in conversation with a lap dancer, you can ask for other lap dances or services. Typically, the one exception is not to ask the stripper for sex. However, if you're in a location where prostitution is legal, this might be permitted.


    Sky Strippers Male Strippers Melbourne

    sky strippers male strippers melbourne

    1300 618 162

    Bachelorette Party Ideas Made Easy

    For the future bride and her closest friends, a hens night is a memorable occasion. Before the most important day of her life, it is one of the most memorable occasions. Before the ceremony, it's a chance for friends to get together and get to know one another through lap dancing.

    Therefore, whether you are organizing a hen's night for yourself or for someone else, the preparation and coordination required can take some time. So let us to demonstrate why we are regarded as one of Australia's top hens party providers.

    Melbourne's Most Wanted Men

    When you host your next hen's party, birthday celebration, or girls' night out, get ready for attractive men, cheeky smiles, and lots of abs. At our male strip club or any private event, the men from the Sky will have you covered on stage.

    To provide our distinctive entertainment, we only use the most qualified and sought-after men. Each Sky Stripper has the physique, appeal, sense of style, and action-packed performance that will leave your girls clamoring for more after each show.

    Male Revue Male Strippers Melbourne

    male revue male strippers melbourne

    0431 431 991

    Sexiest Male Strippers Melbourne For Hire

    Male Revue's mind-blowing, sensual, and sexy shows are available right here, so there's no need to organize a dull party!

    Whether you're planning a hen night, birthday party, or any other event with your females, our incredibly talented guy dancers and topless waiters know how to turn up the heat and show you a great time.

    Book Experienced Male Entertainers & Dancers For Your Event

    Our men have experience in the field. We selected them with your enjoyment in mind in order to quicken your heartbeat and provide an unforgettable experience.

    We have a hottie for every situation, from blondes to brunettes, well-groomed to somewhat scruffy, and everything in between - and they never let you down.

    Get the thing you want! Give yourself the gift of a hot guy (or guys!) who will produce a chic, seductive display just for you! Making you feel like a part of the occasion is something we take great pride in with our male strippers for hire!

    Bare Nights Male Strippers Melbourne

    bare nights male strippers melbourne

    0409 777 013

    Sexy Topless Waiters & Hot Male Strippers

    Not only are our guys hot-looking, but our customers are frequently taken aback when their hot servers show up early to assist with setup and stay late to finish cleaning up after serving all night.

    When you hire a topless waiter from us, you receive a cheerful, engaging, and professional who enjoys mingling with customers while providing service. Making sure you have the best time possible is our constant priority. Even better, our multi-skilled boys can mix your drinks and make BBQs!

    So, to ensure that your next hen's party is memorable, invite Bare Nights to participate in the entertainment.

    About Us

    Topless entertainment is available from Bare Nights to liven up your upcoming event. Our knowledgeable wait staff has expertise working at promotions, birthday parties, corporate events, and hen's parties.

    We only offer the highest caliber service, which we can also customize to meet your specific requirements. We always get great evaluations because of our excellent waiters. Consequently, a number of waiters are recruited up to three months in advance. To guarantee your preferred waiter, arrive early.

    Strip-A-Rama Male Strippers Melbourne

    strip a rama male strippers melbourne

    0417 069 962

    Who Is Strip-A-Rama?

    You can find everything you need for an adult party at Striparama. We offer and market a variety of services, including Melbourne showgirls, male and female strippers, topless bar staff, promotion girls, poker night babes, male and female dance revues, models, DJs, comedians, lighting and sound technicians, strip schools, and pole dancing instruction.

    Any event or party may become the ultimate event with the help of our event manager.

    Why We Are The Best.

    Our Strippers and Topless Bar Staff are among Melbourne's best, and Strip-A-Rama Strippers takes pride in only working with the top adult entertainers in the industry. So choose the dancer you'll never forget and you won't regret it. By bringing the best male and female performers to perform at your venue, we'll make your event as exciting and unforgettable as we can. Check us out and give us a call. Alternatively, tell us what you need, and we'll pick the top entertainment for your occasion and price range!

    Hunks 4 Hens Male Strippers Melbourne

    hunks 4 hens male strippers melbourne

    1300 522 821

    Hens Night Packages Melbourne

    Due to our successful experiences with prestigious clubs, we know how to make your party the most exciting and entertaining you've ever had. You can choose to be flexible and choose one of our packages that suits you or ask for a custom one to rock your and your girlfriends' night in Melbourne while being inspired by our inventiveness!

    With our selection of elegant girl's night packages that suit every taste and budget, we have removed the burden associated with coming up with the best hen's party ideas.

    Hens Parties

    There are many things to consider while organizing a hen's night, but the bride's preferences should come first! If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, browse our packages and blog for some suggestions!

    Are the bride's acquaintances many, or will her sisters and cousins all attend the bachelorette party? You would have a simpler time planning the evening if you could locate a package that accommodates both small and large parties. Planning a party might be made easier with a per-person fee. On our bundles page, you may see prices.

    Aussie Hunks Australia Male Strippers Melbourne

    aussie hunks australia male strippers melbourne

    0404 106 653

    Male Strip Club Show Times

    Are you seeking for the most popular male strip club in Adelaide? The best and biggest male strip club ever requires the old to make room for the new. You have also seen male strippers in the past or are a first-time visitor to Adelaide. We have undoubtedly produced a fantastic "movie-inspired experience"."Come here if you're planning a hen party, birthday party, or girls' night out. Amazing nights may be had at the Adelaide male strip club Aussie Hunks. starting the moment you walk in and finishing when you depart. Be careful since you're going to have the night of your life.

    Male Stripper Academy Melbourne

    male stripper academy melbourne

    View Our Hand-Picked Team

    We don't have any random gym addicts looking to make quick money here—we've hand-picked only the best male strippers in Melbourne from our training program!

    Why Are We The Best?

    The ONLY male stripper booking service that thoroughly teaches and coaches our hand-picked men in the profession of male stripping is "Male Stripper Academy."

    Why risk having a bad male stripper or a topless waiter if your event is important to you or someone else? Steer clear of tragedy!

    A male stripper from the local gym who is untrained, uncoordinated, and sleazy can ruin the evening. I've seen and heard enough terrifying tales to understand that it's not worth it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of gym junkies looking for quick cash and attractive women in our industry.

    Girls Night Afloat Male Strippers Melbourne

    girls night afloat male strippers melbourne


    Looking for a special, memorable girls' night out that has been planned by a professional, well-run business?

    Girls Night Afloat is Melbourne's longest-running ladies' night and has provided fantastic hen's night entertainment for 28 years.

    Join us as we cruise the Yarra River, where the scenery is breathtaking both inside and outside the boats! Our reasonably priced, all-inclusive package therefore has everything you require for the ideal girls' night out, whether you're celebrating a hen's night, a birthday, or just a night out with the girls!

    Men Of Dreams Male Strippers Melbourne

    men of dreams male strippers melbourne

    1300 407 675

    Step Into Our Live Male Strip Show

    The event was planned and executed by some of Melbourne's most talented choreographers, male strippers, and performers. Men of Dreams is a breathtaking, exhilarating, and captivating live dance and acrobatic performance.

    Come to the show and stay for the after-party. Get drunk, enjoy yourself, and meet the male strippers. Gather the crew; it's time for a girls' night out.

    Come For The Show, Stay For The Afterparty

    We host an afterparty just after the performance. The place will change into a nightclub where you may sing, dance, mingle, and have a drink all night long.

    During the afterparty, the Men of Dreams crew will be seated in a booth close to the main bar. Be confident in saying hello and posing for pictures with the team.

    Dreamgirlz Elite Male Strippers Melbourne

    dreamgirlz elite male strippers melbourne

    0431 333 761

    Melbourne Male Strippers: Providing You With The Most Exotic Experiences

    Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia, is renowned for its wide variety of fascinating activities. This city celebrates a wide range of yearly cultural events as well as numerous festival types. Actually, it honors Moomba, the biggest free community festival in Australia. These are just a handful of the numerous benefits of visiting this city.

    Melbourne, on the other hand, has something for everyone if you like a higher caliber of entertainment. This is particularly true if the entertainment you need is intended only for adults. This kind of entertainment is desired by both men and women. Male strippers are consequently getting increasingly well-liked in Melbourne. These performers are usually hired by females who are throwing hen or bachelorette parties.

    With this ease, it should be simple for you to make a decision and realize that the agency is a fantastic selection to select. You can freely choose from a big list of available male strippers in Melbourne. From there, you can reserve your preferred male stripper and provide some basic information. Verify the event's scheduled date and the correct address to ensure there won't be any complications.

    Magic Hens Male Strippers Melbourne

    magic hens male strippers melbourne

    1300 411 873

    Hens Party Themes

    For all kinds of nights, Magic Hens offers the best hens and parties in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. any specific event, such a hen's or girls' party. We offer the ideal package for you because we have been hosting these kind of events and parties for over seven years. So let us organize a spectacular hen party for you!

    At Magic Hens, we believe that VIP treatment goes beyond just providing first-rate party packages; it's a way of life in which we try to spoil every one of our clients. Talk to us about a suitable party package, and we'll make sure your night is the most exciting party you and your friends have ever attended, including transportation to the location, drinks, and party entertainment.

    Hen's Knights Male Strippers Melbourne

    hen's knights male strippers melbourne

    0405 156 352

    A Little About Hen's Knights.

    We specialize in male strippers, life drawing models, and topless waiters, especially for Hens Nights, Bachelorette Parties, Divorce Parties, and Girls Nights Out, in case you weren't clear at this point, lol.

    We started in 2009 and have a solid reputation for honesty and dependability, two qualities that are difficult to find in this industry. As a result, you should make sure to hire your hunk or buff butler from us because they will be the best, most dependable, and attentive men you can find - they won't vanish just before your party!

    We are finding that many girls are booking male strippers and hens party waiters even for these traditionally more subdued events, so if you are feeling it, just book it - it's all about the giggles and memories! Bridal showers and even baby showers are great excuses to hire one of our adult male entertainers.

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