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Top 30 Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales [2022]

Female bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly popular, similar to their male counterparts. But why should all the fun be reserved for men? Females have the right to engage in adult entertainment as well. This is why female bachelorette parties are becoming increasingly popular.

Bachelorette parties must include adult entertainment. Male strippers can be engaged for maximum adult fun and mischief for such occasions. It is not difficult to find professional Male Strippers in Sydney.

With our list below, we can assist you.

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    Ultimate List of Male Strippers Sydney

    Magic Men Australia - Male Strippers Sydney

    magic men australia

    0130 0624 428

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hen's night, bachelorette party, or just having a fun girl's night in Melbourne, our gorgeous and hot male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your lady's night one to remember. The Magic Men are available to perform for you and your guests privately in mansions, suites, and private event spaces all throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man has the body, the personality, and the moves to captivate and excite audiences while providing more than simply a pre-written performance. Our male strippers can put on a refined and sexy show to suit your tastes because they are talented dancers as well. To fit every HENS PARTY theme, a variety of shows are offered.

    Give us a call right now if you're searching for the best MALE STRIPPERS and the cutest topless waiters to add a little bit of charm to your upcoming event. Make sure people remember your event. We promise to deliver outstanding performances to liven up your:


    Young Gunz - Male Strippers Sydney

    young gunz

    0416 782 279

    The following list of our base fees is subject to change awaiting an inquiry. Depending on the place, time, and day of your celebration, we provide discounts. We may assess a travel fee based on your location and the artist you select.

    Bad Boys Live - Male Strippers Sydney

    bad boys live

    1800 304 624

    We take great satisfaction in coming out to you and giving you the fun you deserve in whatever manner we can. Our Bad Boys will make an impression, so enjoy three different kinds of male entertainment for any special occasion!


    The highest level of pleasure! Seriously. Without a stripper, a hen's night wouldn't be complete. What is a buck's night without a second willy? If you poll the attendees at any party, a strip show may be the most well-liked male type of entertainment! Be prepared to sing, dance, clap, smile, and, in some cases, even scrub the floor. YEP!

    All strip tease performers have through professional training to make sure they don't let you down and have the ideal personality to go with their stunning appearances. Our strippers offer a variety of subjects, which you can see next to each one of their individual profiles.

    FAQs About Male Stripper

    Dancing for sexual stimulation is considered to have originated as an ancient ritual to seek the favour of the goddesses of fertility and motherhood in the hopes of successful reproduction and increased crop fertility.

    Men's and women's bodies are diverse, not too dissimilar, but distinct. For example, a naked lady immediately arouses heterosexual males biologically. On the other hand, a naked male does not entice a heterosexual woman.

    Your song or playlist will set the tone and provide timing cues if you have choreography. A striptease can last anywhere from three to ten minutes, so you'll probably only need one or two songs. Choose a genre that makes you happy—after all, it's your striptease.

    A lap dance is an erotic dance in which the dancer sits on the lap of another person and performs a sequence of sexual gestures to arouse them. Anyone can conduct a lap dance for their sexual partner as an exciting lead-up to sex.

    Any male stripper has the option of going completely naked. It is required in certain male strip clubs. However, it is prohibited by legislation in several clubs, events, and other venues.

    The male stripper and the person hiring the entertainment for the party negotiate to go completely naked while performing at private parties.

    It is essentially a male stripper's option. Some male strippers refuse to go nude, while others actively seek out opportunities to do so.

    Men of Dreams - Male Strippers Sydney

    men of dreams

    1300 407 675

    Men of Dreams, Sydney's Male Strippers, welcome you. Our first-class services are now available all the way down Australia's east coast! Because Sydney is one of our hotspots, we've handpicked the best of the best for you.

    Your party will be spectacular thanks to our male strippers and topless servers. Large events like hen's parties and birthday parties typically occupy the attention of the event planners as they are planned and carried out.

    A topless waiter is a great way to help with this. They'll be able to engage in all of the events, serve as the host, and make sure that all of the females have a wonderful time in addition to possessing all of the abilities of a standard waiter. Then there are our male strippers, who will give the party a fantastic jolt of adrenaline and leave you with lifelong memories.

    Get Loose Parties - Male Strippers Sydney

    get loose parties

    0282 083 394

    Get Loose is the place to go for planning Hens, Bucks, Birthday, Corporate, and Christmas parties. As experts in high-end venues and boats, we provide everything you need to plan, schedule, and enjoy the perfect party. Explore activities, select a special party package, create your own, or let us handle everything. We make party planning simple. We have the best networks in the industry as well as exclusive deals to help you get the most bang for your buck. Get Loose is the best at it!

    Dust off your favorite dress, ladies, and join us for a fun-filled evening with some of Australia's most talented performers and attractive, toned Topless Waiters with washboard abs. Enjoy a three-course a la carte banquet dinner while being entertained by an action-packed, expertly planned show that features spectacular dance routines, unique costumes, and stunning lighting that will collectively blow your mind and grant all of your wishes. Whether it's a birthday, hen's party, or just a girls' night out, enjoy a blend of charm, humor, big personalities, and a great night out! Men are welcome as well, of course.

    Hen's Knights - Male Strippers Sydney

    hen's knights

    0405 156 359

    In case you didn't know, we specialize in male strippers, life drawing models, and topless waiters, particularly for Hens Nights, Bachelorette Parties, Divorce Parties, and Girl's Nights Out. We started in 2009 and have a solid reputation for honesty and dependability, two qualities that are difficult to find in this industry. As a result, you should make sure to hire your hunk or buff butler from us because they will be the best, most dependable, and attentive men you can find - they won't vanish just before your party!

    No matter how much she protests with her maid of honor (that's probably you, right?!) during the planning stages, your bride-to-be will never forgive you if she doesn't receive at least one of these male entertainment options. A special occasion with one of our Nude Life Drawing male models, striptease artists, or shirtless waiters is not to be missed or forgotten. Furthermore, don't be concerned if there are any Nanas or Aunties there; regardless of how timid they initially seem, they will all like our magical men more than anybody else at the party!

    The Sydney Hotshots - Male Strippers Sydney

    the sydney hotshots

    0965 94 112

    Welcome to the top Sydney and Australia-wide Hen's Nights and Girl's Night Out events. The Sydney Hotshots are ideal for fun times with friends, bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, and hen's nights. Select a male stripper, a strippergram, or a topless waiter from our incredible selection for your upcoming hens party or event. Thanks to the Sydney Hotshots, the biggest male stripper company in Australia, sexy male strippers (Strippergrams) provide entertainment at over 2,000 hens nights, birthday parties, and other events each year.

    Hen Nights Everyone understands that girls are simply looking to have a good time. As a result, we provide you with a hot and heavy hen's night with Sydney's top male performers, complete with a handsome physique, sexy dance moves, and a killer smile.

    Damiens Party Entertainment - Male Strippers Sydney

    damiens party entertainment

    0401 212 213

    We provide entertainment for any event throughout Newcastle, the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Sydney, and the surrounding regions. A sample of the services we offer is the hiring of male and female strippers, dwarfs, jukeboxes and karaoke machines, a stage hypnosis performance, singing telegrams, fatograms, gorilla-grams, and promotional models.

    All of us find our beautiful female strippers to be highly entertaining. They perform amazing acts that will leave you with unforgettable memories of your big night. We take great pride in our high standards and the high levels of patronage our Newcastle strippers receive. To offer the best service possible, they all take extra steps.

    Sarah Ashley - Male Strippers Sydney

    sarah ashley

    0291 917 412

    In NSW, Victoria, and Queensland, Sarah Ashley is renowned for providing the sexiest strippers and topless servers. At your special event, your visitors will be entertained by our lovely girls, who are well-trained, punctual, and prepared. With over 350 models in QLD alone and more than 7 years in the business, we are Australia's largest and most well-known adult entertainment agency. Guys, this is just the beginning!

    With the assistance of Sarah Ashley's adult performers, you can improve your event. Nothing enhances a party like a stripper, and we have a list of male strippers who would be the perfect addition to any upcoming Sydney event on our hand-picked list. We provide a wide range of adult entertainment services, including promo models, topless waiters, and strippers, for events in NSW.

    Our boys are known as the best of the best thanks to their ripped bodies and deadly movements. They are skilled entertainers who know how to please. If you're seeking for a tattooed bad boy to fulfill your bad boy fantasies or a classic tall, dark, and stunning hunk to sweep you off your feet, we have an entertainment to suit your taste.

    Chiselled & Charmed - Male Strippers Sydney

    chiselled & charmed

    0477 125 597

    At Chiselled & Charmed, we have the sexiest male strippers, topless waiters, cheeky waiters, dwarfs, stripper-grams, and party hosts. Therefore, let us help you organize the perfect birthday party, hen's night, bachelorette party, or just a fantastic girls' night out.

    Additionally, Chiselled & Charmed provides a wide range of distinctive services. If you want to really impress your friends and have a unique party theme, we can accommodate any creative idea you may have. The Chiselled and Charmed team will therefore make your Hens Night ideal, whether you merely require a host or a full weekend of planning.

    We're all doing our best to give you and your women the most extraordinary experiences. It is our duty to make sure that you may enjoy your evening or weekend without having to worry about making plans. To ensure that your request is granted and your celebration is remembered, no duty is too small or too big.

    Bare Nights - Male Strippers Sydney

    bare nights

    1300 522 828

    Welcome to Bare Nights, good to see you. We specialize in creating sizzling, gorgeous, and unforgettable hens nights, birthday parties, private celebrations, and business events. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth are all places where you can watch male strippers and topless waiters. Have you given any thought to organizing a special and intriguing party for you and your friends? Hire Sydney's top male strippers for an unforgettable show that will leave you speechless!

    The most attractive male strippers in Sydney deliver the best adult entertainment. These hunks will undoubtedly put on scintillating performances that will drive girls crazy. For truly unforgettable experiences, liven up your meetings with performances by our amazing hunks.

    Adult Events - Male Strippers Sydney

    adult events

    0424 004 443

    For more than ten years, Adult Events has been supplying Australia with topless waiters, waitresses, as well as both male and female strippers. With a variety of packages to accommodate any fantastic Bucks or Hens Party, we've got you covered.

    Adult Events is sprucing up the adult entertainment industry with a stunning top-tier team of Sydney's best strippers. Our talent is hand-picked from the nation's top adult magazines and periodicals. Furthermore, we have a plethora of untapped beautiful girl-next-door types who will make your next party unforgettable!

    Our aim when you engage a stripper or wait staff for your party is to give you the best celebrity experience possible. We don't just recruit anyone, unlike some agencies; these women (and men) are the best in the industry. Sydney's strippers are prepared to put on outstanding performances.

    Men in Action - Male Strippers Sydney

    men in action

    1300 952 288

    Don't forget to schedule a male strip show if you're planning a hens night in New South Wales. There are several different packages to take into account while going out on a hens night with all of her companions.

    In NSW, a limousine ride around the Sydney harbor area and the city's Central Business District as you and your girls indulge in champagne is a common hen night activity. For a truly amazing night, you'll always be anticipating the main event of the evening—when the strippers come.

    Sydney's male strippers may cap off your night out with the girls and make for the perfect conclusion to any girl's night out. During your fantastic evening out, you can opt to eat a chic meal or supper. Consider dressing up as a burlesque performer to attend a VIP dinner and dancing off any calories you may have consumed at the table.

    Hot Male Strippers - Male Strippers Sydney

    hot male strippers

    0424 520 112

    Hot Male Strippers Sydney is a reputable male entertainment company. If you need a male dancer, topless waiter, or stripper for your hen's night or special occasion, give us a call. We have a large selection of male dancers and strippers to fit any event.

    To provide the best male strippers Sydney has to offer you and your guests so that your upcoming event is a success. All of the employees are attractive, energetic, and high-energy individuals who take pride in providing excellent service.

    We offer a variety of male pleasure services for females. We are open 24/7 and can handle nearly any event. For hen's nights, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and other gatherings, we can provide entertainment. We care about our customers' satisfaction and are dedicated to making your event a success. We acknowledge that each person makes their own decisions. We therefore ensure that our performers are reliable, skilled, and courteous.

    5 Star Cruises - Male Strippers Sydney

    5 star cruises

    0426 617 409

    We provide all of the expertise and knowledge you'd expect from Sydney's best Bucks and Hens party cruise planners at 5-Star Cruises. We have been in the entertainment industry for over ten years and have helped this boat charter market niche grow. We've had a variety of boats, so we know which one is best for any type of party. This is required for the ideal event to take place. When all you want to do is relax and enjoy the day, choosing the wrong yacht can be difficult.

    In order to help customers quickly receive quotes and responses while determining which package to book, we built our own protocols. One of the main characteristics of our business is efficiency, and we always work to improve it.

    Male strippers are almost always present in Sydney hen's or birthday parties. Before the big day, it's all about having some lighthearted fun. Surprise birthday parties are very popular when it comes to hiring male strippers in Sydney.

    XXL The Club - Male Strippers Sydney

    xxl the club

    0406 741 488

    The biggest weekly hens parties are held at Sydney's premier hens night venue every Saturday. To reserve your party, get in touch with us right away. We will receive a complete return of our deposit in the case of a subsequent shutdown.

    Every step of the way, XXL has you covered. If you want to organize the best hen's night or birthday party in Sydney, you've come to the right place. Your hen's party can partake in dinner and drinks, pole dancing, life sketching, and cocktail making lessons before the show begins at 8 p.m. Some venues charge more for priority seating, whereas XXL offers stunning booth and lounge areas to all of our visitors. Front-row seats are provided for all of our Sydney Hens and Birthday girls for the performance!

    Cheeky Strippers - Male Strippers Sydney

    cheeky strippers

    0403 714 654

    We taught Sydney's beautiful metropolis about the art of seductive entertainment. At the location you specify, Cheeky Strippers, the best male and female strippers in Sydney, will perform. Our male and female strippers, topless waiters, and waitresses have all undergone professional training and are skilled. They can all be enticing and seductive.

    Whether you're having a night out, a bucks or hen's night out, Cheeky Strippers grants your craziest dreams. Your thirst will be quenched with glasses of champagne and shots from our charming male and female waiters and waitresses who are masters of chivalry and teasing. Then, see our expertly choreographed, sultry, and sensual male and female strip displays that leave Sydney men and girls salivating. Our male and female strippers will heat up the atmosphere with exotic lap dances and enticing moves.

    Twin Pecks All Male Revue - Male Strippers Sydney

    twin pecks all male revue

    0466 973 258

    There are plenty of extremely attractive, fit men serving and performing for your satisfaction! Before the show starts, the Twin Pecks Crew and your incredible compere will meet you at the door, ready to offer you champagne and lead you to your table. When you arrive, a gourmet selection of platters to savor before the first Twin Pecks sizzling show will be provided, together with your complementary tip money and a seat.

    Until you're selected to be in a show, of course, your Topless Waiters will serve you food and drinks during the entire evening. There are two performances planned for the evening (each featuring a different Twin Pecks Guy)

    L.A Heat - Male Strippers Sydney

    l.a heat

    0426 052 313

    At L.A. Heat, we're in it for your enjoyment. We know how vital it is to have the ideal hen's party or birthday celebration, which is why you need the ideal party booster. All of our artists are accomplished and in top physical shape. With prices ranging from $170 to $400 and group savings, there is something for everyone. When it comes to offering the best in male entertainment, nobody does it better than us!

    We have prices starting as $180, so we can fit any budget: We also provide life drawing, complete nudity or g-sting male stripping, bottomless waiter, and more! We can mix or remove any of our services from any of our packages to tailor them to your precise needs. Simply call or email us to get in touch. For that specific event, we'd be happy to put together a one-of-a-kind package.

    Topless Waiters - Male Strippers Sydney

    topless waiters

    0424 004 442

    The best hens parties in Sydney have been held at Topless Waiters Sydney for more than ten years. Any Sydney hens party must absolutely have topless waiters. Our servers will deliver topless beverages and finger foods to your hotel room or residence. Any hens party games you have organized for the evening will be participated in and hosted by them.

    Selecting your topless waiters is easy. Just choose Guys in the top menu. Select topless waiters after that. Then, several of our featured topless waiters will be displayed. Please be aware that we might have more topless waiters available for your Sydney hens party. We will be able to provide you with a complete list of guys that are available once we know the date, suburb, and start time.

    A hot Male stripper is a must-have at any hen party, right? The most gorgeous dudes are here. The attire of our waiters is a nice shirt and black slacks. Once they're in your hotel room, you can ask the hen to take off the waiter's tops. It resembles opening a fantastic present that must be opened at every hen's celebration.

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