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What Are The Best Coffee Shops In Melbourne?

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    Coffee from Melbourne is highly regarded not only in Australia, but all over the world. Therefore, it would be a severe understatement to call Melbourne's coffee culture "notable."

    The hardest part was selecting just seven destinations, and leaving out so many wonderful eateries.

    So, what exactly do we suggest? It is advised that you start your coffee shop hopping in this arguably world-best city by visiting these outstanding spots.

    In Melbourne, a passion for coffee that originated with postwar influxes of Italian as well as Greek refugees has developed into a unique cultural tradition.

    Coffee shop owners catering to the city's wealthy clientele often make trips to the world's finest coffee-growing regions in seek of rare, single-origin beans.

    Espresso and flat white are discussed, but so are less common methods of brewing coffee like the qui peut, syphon, and cold-drip.

    Most visitors agree that Melbourne is home to some of the best cafés in the world. Whether you're in South Yarra or even just passing thru the Central Business District pick up a flavor profile of the extraordinary; Australians take great pride in the distinctiveness of their coffee as well as cuisine. These are the top Melbourne cafes you simply must visit right now.

    Melbourne's Best Coffee

    The topic of the finest places to get a cup of coffee in Melbourne generates heated debate. Most mornings, while people queue up for coffee or return home with their mugs in hand, they can be overheard in a heated argument.

    Fortunately, Melbourne is among the top coffee cities in the world, so we have access to world-class baristas, renowned coffee roasts, and cutting-edge standards for coffee preparation.


    This Collingwood parking garage is as wonderful as coffee shops get. Coffee is the main attraction, but the coffee shop's pristine white design and orderly layout are nice touches.

    The clean, bright walls of a Collingwood coffee shop/roastery make it feel like you're experiencing a new work of caffeine art every day. The roast of coffee was their major focus, but they also serve excellent cups of coffee to drink just on spot or bring with you.

    The aroma of your choice of 'white, black, nor pour-over coffee,' all of which are sourced locally and freshly ground every day, fills the air at this cafe. Coffee beans and freshly roasted coffee by the batch could be purchased in-store or ordered online for monthly delivery.

    The Collingwood cafe ACOFFEE, owned by two women, is a stark white space with limited furnishings since the owners place a premium on minimalism.

    If you order a drink, you're telling yourself to ignore everything else and focus on what's in your glass. It's a difficult situation with limited options: Aside from the standard black and white lattes, we also have a mansion mix, a pour-over option, iced lattes, teas, and juices. In order to retain the coffee's nuanced flavours, COFFEE chooses a lighter roast than what is often served in Melbourne cafés.

    coffee shop

    Ali Coffee Roasters

    Despite being a pioneer in Melbourne's progressive coffee scene, St. Ali Roasters continues to push the envelope. Customers nevertheless prefer to shop at the original store in the alleyway, despite the company's widespread success with multiple spinoff companies and global expansions.

    Additionally, the nearest equivalent to a micro in which you can get fantastic coffee is a roaster that feeds various cafes throughout Melbourne, like Cocoa Bean & Blue bag.

    Looking for the best coffee shop? Visit Melbourne to help you choose your perfect coffee.


    And more specifically, Bonnie sources and roasts coffee for consumers in three of the biggest fashion and coffee-obsessed cities: Melbourne, Sydney, and Tokyo. Coffee is so good in both of their city locations that you may feel cheated if you drink coffee from anywhere else.

    FAQs About Melbourne’s Coffee

    Melbourne’s best coffee is a hotly debated topic, the often heated discussion can be overheard most mornings en-route, in line, and on the return journey clutching a morning brew.

    Lucky for us, Melbourne is one of the world’s foremost destinations for coffee, producing global barista champions, award-winning roasts, and paving the way for how coffee is brewed and poured world over.

    To help guide you to the best coffee in Melbourne, we’ve sunk countless espressos, sampled the single origins, and sipped all the house blends on offer. In no particular order, this is where to get your next fix.

    Melbourne is known globally for its coffee obsession. It offers more than 2,000 cafés as well as some of the world's best baristas.

    Melbourne's love affair with coffee started with the arrival of Italian and Greek immigrants after World War II and has evolved into an art form.

    The city's coffee entrepreneurs trawl the world's great coffee regions in search of single-origin coffees with which to tantalise their sophisticated customers. And it’s not just about espressos and flat whites (similar to lattes), but also pour-over, siphon, and cold-drip coffee styles.

    Melbourne’s love affair with coffee can be traced back to the arrival of Italian and Greek immigrants after World War II.

    As a generation of migrants brought their beloved European-style espresso machines to Melbourne, the espresso boom of the 1950s soon became a way of life. Since the ‘Third Wave’ of the coffee scene in the 2000s, the way Melbourne does coffee has evolved into a unique art form.

    Melbournians have come to expect the highest quality in their cup, and it’s become a daily routine for many Australians to head to their favorite coffee shop in the morning and fuel up with a perfectly poured cup of Joe. But it doesn’t just stop at your average flat white or long back.

    With over a century of history behind us, Melbournians have not only the taste for coffee, but also a knowledge and literacy of coffee flavours. And we, as a city, continue to develop and source the best beans, methods and equipment to make Melbourne one of the coffee capitals of the world.

    Known as the “coffee capital” of the Land Down Under, Melbourne prides itself in serving some of the best cups of coffee across the globe. Experience its rich coffee culture with Klook's official guide to the best Melbourne cafés for you to check out: Seven Seeds. St.

    Dukes Coffee Roasters

    Dukes Coffee Roasters is the go-to place for all things coffee. Besides selling and teaching how to use coffee machines, they also provide monthly subscription boxes of freshly roasted beans. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they are all working towards the same goal: providing you with a decent cup quality Melbourne coffee.

    coffee shop

    The League Of Honest Coffee

    When you see the Slayer espresso machines, you know you're getting high-quality coffee. Rotating coffee blends from ethical sources are served at one of the top cafes in town.

    Monk Bodhi Dharma

    Marwin Shaw's Monk Bodhi Dharma is widely considered as an early innovator in Melbourne's developing speciality coffee market. Monk's Balaclava, Melbourne, outpost on Carlisle Street was the first to stake a claim in the city's storied caffeine asthenosphere.

    Monk places a premium on sourcing from suppliers who operate in an ethical manner, and it works hard to foster strong connections with the farmers and producers who provide its coffee and other ingredients.

    The "Coffee Hustlers" at Monk have evolved over time by establishing a slow cooking network with Disciple Roasters; Bayano The Rebel, a hole-in-the-wall cafe and sheltering off Church Street throughout South Yarra; Admiral Cheng-Ho, appalling for its six coffee milling setup which sits at the doorway to Cambridge on John Street; and many others.

    All three of these places serve excellent coffee and might easily be considered the best in Melbourne.

    Axil Coffee Roasters 

    It would be remiss of me not to include the incredible civilisation which David Makin with his team of actors at Axil Starbuck have created when talking about the greatest coffee in Melbourne.

    Axil has grown from its humble beginnings in a storefront on Hawthorn's Glenferrie Road to a Melbourne institution with locations all around the CBD as well as at tourist hotspots like Chadstone & Tullamarine Airport.

    Working from the highest level to the lowest Axil takes his coffee very seriously. Thanks to their own roasting and unwavering dedication to excellent brewing at all of their locations, they are now a legend in the Coffee lovers scene.

    You'll want to visit daily to discover what fresh single-origin blends they have available, as they include beans from all around the world.

    The house blend changes with the seasons and global conditions to compliment the food menu, and the vast majority of the beans come directly from the producers themselves, which helps maintain a high level of ethical standards.

    Don't be hesitant about using your hands to grab the waiter's attention; the main dining area is a renovated warehouse.

    Collingwood's Proud Mary is a Melbourne staple, known for its high-quality, freshly roasted coffee.

    They have a great range of Proud Mary mixes for those who prefer to get their day started off with one, and their quick service sanga menu, which changes frequently, is consistently high-quality.

    We invite you to peruse our full selection of things to do in Melbourne here.


    For those in the eastern part of Melbourne in search of a speciality brew, look no further than Vacation, which serves a few of the best in town in the CBD. The exceptional quality of a coffee, whether you want it milky or with a filter, and the soothing ambience created by the use of pastel colours & natural light will keep you content throughout the day.

    Industry Beans 

    Industry Beans is a roaster, cafe, & coffee expert; they serve the greatest coffee in Fitzroy. The speciality coffee shop has a global clientele and serves not just a substantial percentage of Melbourne. If you're ever in the city, you can pick up some takeout from our Collins Street restaurant any day of the week.

    Even the most seasoned caffeine addicts will go a bit wild in Industry Beans, which functions more as a cafe lab than just a cafe.

    Cafe, roastery, "taste lab," and training ground for budding baristas all coexist in the same Fitzroy warehouse.

    Incredible selection of beverages:

    • In addition to our two house mixes, we now have single-origin espressos.
    • Our selection of single-origin filter coffees includes three options.
    • An iced coffee made with two different single-origin coffees brewed separately.

    Breakfast favourites like avocado smash are served.

    Patricia Coffee Brewers 

    Patricia is indeed a speciality café in the city's financial sector, popular with office workers and curious passersby who want to sample the coffee and baked delicacies on display behind the shop's glass countertop.

    To enjoy the pastries and coffee here is an event in itself, whether you want to sit one of the few seats or join the hordes of ecstatic customers outside the laneway, each holding a milk carton in the classic Melbourne fashion.

    Coffee lovers in Melbourne's CBD love Patricia, where beans are roasted in-house and a range of seasonal cafe latte and filter mixes is available to regulars.

    Patricia is well-known throughout Melbourne as the city's finest coffee shop thanks to its plush, inviting atmosphere and dedication to making each client feel like a VIP while also serving them excellent beverages.

    To the point that they didn't bother roasting the beans themselves before serving them, depending instead on a blend of as many as seven distinct varieties of seed (some of which were even labelled as their own). We believe they now roast their brand Patricia Coffee, however some of their drinks still make use of "wood and co."

    ONA Coffee

    Long-standing market leader in the speciality coffee business, ONA Coffee has been serving devoted customers for years. After years of success in Canberra and Sydney, the crew has relocated to Melbourne, which might be thought of as a kind of coffee Mecca.

    More than 15 varieties of coffee, milk, batch brews, or pour-overs are available, with prices ranging from $5 to $25 for a single cup.

    Market Lane 

    South of the Yarra, this cafe delivers some of the greatest coffee in Melbourne.

    The coffee at Market Lane has long been among the finest and most carefully crafted available. The cafe's interior features a lively yet welcoming vibe, and the brew-at-home section caters to customers who want to make their coffee at home. The cafe also features an on-site roastery that turns out tonnes of coffee.

    Terror Twilight 

    This whitewashed cafe on Smith Street's corner is a great spot to relax with a cup of coffee. A vinyl player overhead spins the ever selection of tracks, and booth seating allows for cosy conversations among small groups while enjoying a wide assortment of delectable beverages.

    Formerly selling coffee roasted by Fully Open Coffee Brewers, Terror Twilight has switched to roasting its own proprietary blends, maintaining its excellent standards by offering batch brews in eating mugs in addition to single-origin or blend coffees and a range of milks that suit individual preferences.

    Dukes Coffee Roasters 

    Dukes' espresso services have reached new heights after the company moved to Chapel Street to New York City.

    The tiled floors on heavily laden stained wood at the cafe near Degraves bring to mind a 1930s New York City bar.

    Another contender for finest coffee in Melbourne's CBD in 2021, this cosy shop is always busy serving espresso shots to customers waiting in line to experience the Duke's Having Appropriate. This coffee is perfectly balanced, so you may have it black or with milk. Unquestionable acclaim from the target demographic.

    Dukes is still in the coffee roasting business, but we haven't heard of any other cafes that buy their beans. Even while it's not as pronounced as in other coffees, the fresh banana taste comes through in this one.

    Duke Coffee suggests the Porlex Mini if you're looking for a manual grinder; unlike studio bro, its banana flavour is more on the ripe side.

     Check out the best place to do in Melbourne for your dream destinations.

    Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

    This micro-roastery and cafe specialises in producing exceptional coffees from seasonal beans. Adding even more openness to the coffee-buying process, they reveal the price paid to growers or suppliers for both solitary and blended coffees.

    Below, you'll see many references to Seven Seeds, one of my favourite coffee roasters in Melbourne.

    In spite of Brother Baba Budan's continued dominance, Seven Seeds' flat white lattes are worth seeking out if you happen upon a cafe that carries them.

    In a warehouse just north of downtown, a neighbourhood popular with students and creative young people, Mark Dundon, widely considered as the "godfather" the Melbourne's coffee culture, has started a new business called Seven Seeds. And initial data suggests it will be very successful.

    The Seven Plants Espresso Blend is fruity, the Golden Gate Mix is caramelly, and single origins rotate frequently.

    We also stock iced tea in both bulk and filtration forms, as well as home-brewed iced tea. The finishing touches just on French toast are indeed the espresso crumbs, caramel soil, and berry coulis.

    Padre Coffee Roaster

    Padre is an additional high-quality coffee roaster that supplies many cafes, notably bomboras in Torquay, and has locations all across Melbourne (including South Melbourne Market & QueenVic Market).

    Merlo Coffee Roasters

    The first Merlo coffee roaster opened in Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market; today, the chain has spread to other cities in Victoria, Queensland, and even the rest of Australia.

    At the Merlo at the Queen Vic market, the coffee roasting equipment is prominently displayed. Happen to be in the vicinity while a large quantity of beans is being roasted, and you will be treated to a spectacle not to be missed. Seeing a roasting in action for the first time is an interesting sight to behold.

    Brother Baba Budan

    Though Gold DrGold Drops in the city centre may look similar to any other Italy espresso shop, it serves the only "natural" coffee in Melbourne.

    Especially in espresso drinks made with milk, natural coffee has a much distinct depth of flavor than its fake cousin. The cafe also serves a batch-brewed filter, and the helpful staff can point you in the direction of the best choice for your tastes. Owner Ari Abad is indeed a natural coffee enthusiast and a pleasant conversationalist, despite his hectic schedule.

    These kinds of offbeat cafes are what give a city their charm.

    Market Lane Coffee

    When most Melbourne coffee roasters focus on house mixes, Market Lane, situated in the city's bustling Prahran Market, roast its beans in small quantities with such a concentration on single origin.

    True coffee aficionados won't want to miss this. Try the flat white and our Seasonal Espresso to get where you're going quickly. However, it is more satisfying to consult with the experts in order to find a specific varietal that you enjoy. The options for pour-over filters are also very interesting.

    coffee shop1

    Wide Open Road

    Wide Open Road ranks among the top general establishments in Brunswick. The roastery produces some of Melbourne's greatest blends, but the baristas also make excellent tea, and the restaurant offers up superb café breakfasts that transcend categorisation.

    Espresso lovers can choose from a variety of single-origin beans, including house speciality Bathysphere Blend, and a separate blend developed for milk-based drinks.

    Loose-leaf teas, like the ones that Larsen & Thompson makes, have to be brewed at very specific times and temperatures.

    Aunty Peg's

    Aunty Peg's is an offshoot of the hip Proud Margaret cafe in Collingwood, and they serve coffee from beer taps, which is essentially iced coffee manufactured by a lager brewery in nearby Geelong. Not only is it carbonated and refreshing, but it also packs a powerful caffeine punch.

    Also, we use our own freshly roasted beans in our espresso maker. As for the ban on milk, please elaborate. It's designed to bring out the complexities of the coffee, as well as the starbucks are happy to explain it to anyone who's interested.


    In the wake of World War II, Italian and Greek immigrants brought with them a newfound love of coffee, which has since spread throughout Melbourne, making it home to some of the world's top cafés. Owners of speciality coffee shops often make trips to the world's top coffee-producing regions in quest of exceptional single-origin beans. Coffee is brewed in a wide variety of ways, with the most frequent being espresso and flat white, but qui peut, syphon, and cold-drip are all rather widespread. The best cafes in Melbourne are listed here. Melbourne has some of the best baristas, most well-known coffee roasts, and most progressive practises in the world.

    ACOFFEE, a coffee shop/roastery in Collingwood, is a sparsely decorated, all-white establishment. You can buy whole coffee beans and freshly roasted coffee by the batch from the store, or you can order it online and have it delivered to your door on a regular basis. COFFEE goes for a milder roast that you could find in a Melbourne cafe.

    Ali Coffee Roasters was an early leader in Melbourne's experimental coffee culture, and its original laneway location remains popular with regulars. Dukes Coffee Roasters offers monthly subscription boxes of freshly roasted beans, and Bonnie sources and roasts coffee for customers in three of the country's most fashion- and coffee-obsessed cities. Balaclava, Melbourne's Monk Bodhi Dharma location is the first to claim a spot in the city's legendary caffeine asthenosphere as an early pioneer in Melbourne's specialised coffee sector. Both Axel Coffee Roasters and the League Of Honest Coffee serve great coffee; the latter may even be the best in Melbourne. Axil is a Melbourne staple, and its freshly roasted coffee is legendary.

    Some of the greatest coffee in the Central Business District can be found at Vacation, a speciality coffee store. Industry Beans, located in Fitzroy, is a coffee specialist, roaster, and cafe that serves the best coffee in the area. Proud Mary is a Melbourne institution, known for its excellent sanga and variety of Proud Mary mixes for those who like to get their day began with one. Incorporated is a coffee shop, roastery, "taste lab," and barista school all rolled into one.

    Office employees and inquisitive bystanders alike frequent Patricia Coffee Brewers, a speciality café in Melbourne's financial district. The bar is well-known for its high-quality drinks and hospitable, high-end ambience that makes every customer feel like a VIP. ONA Coffee, a pioneer in the speciality coffee industry, has expanded its operations to Melbourne. Single cups of coffee at Market Lane, a cafe in Melbourne's South of the Yarra, cost anywhere from $5 to $25. On the corner of Smith Street, you'll find Terror Twilight, a whitewashed cafe with a vinyl player overhead and booth seating.

    Terror Single-origin and mix coffees, as well as a variety of milks to suit individual preferences, are now available at Twilight, which has transitioned to roasting its own proprietary blends and offering batch brews in eating mugs. The micro-roastery and cafe Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters is known for its high-quality coffees roasted from seasonal beans and for being transparent about the prices paid to farmers and wholesalers. In case you're interested in a manual grinder, Duke Coffee recommends the Porlex Mini. If you are lucky enough to find a cafe that serves Seven Seeds, I highly recommend trying one of their flat white lattes. Padre is a premium coffee roaster that provides beans to numerous cafes, and Merlo Coffee Roasters is a national franchise with locations all throughout Australia.

    Gold DrGold Drops delivers a batch-brewed filter, while Brother Baba Budan is Melbourne's only "natural" coffee. Unconventional eateries like this are what give a city its unique character. Prahran Market's Market Lane roasts its beans in small batches, with a focus on single origin. Coffee connoisseurs can select from a number of different single-origin bean options, while loose-leaf teas require careful attention to timing and temperature during the brewing process. Coffee is dispensed from beer taps at Aunty Peg's, a spinoff of Collingwood's cool Proud Margaret cafe. If you ask, the baristas at Starbucks will gladly explain that the no-milk policy is intended to highlight the coffee's nuanced flavours.

    Content Summary

    1. Melbourne's coffee is famous around the world, not just in Australia.
    2. Therefore, the word "notable" is a gross understatement when used to Melbourne's coffee culture.
    3. Choosing only seven places to visit was challenging because there were so many deserving restaurants that had to be overlooked.
    4. It is highly recommended that you begin your coffee shop hopping in this metropolis by visiting these exceptional locations.
    5. Because of the large number of Italian and Greek refugees that settled in Melbourne after World War II, the city now has its own distinct cultural history centred on the consumption of coffee.
    6. Business owners who aim to serve the city's affluent population frequently go to the world's best coffee-growing regions in search of exotic, single-origin beans.
    7. Some of the world's finest cafés may be found in Melbourne, and most tourists would agree.
    8. Here are some of the best cafes in Melbourne that you shouldn't miss.
    9. Excellent Coffee in Melbourne Arguments rage on about which cafes serve the best coffee in Melbourne.
    10. Since Melbourne is consistently ranked among the world's best coffee capitals, we have easy access to illustrious coffee roasts, skilled baristas, and modern standards for coffee making.
    11. ACoffee As far as coffee shops go, this one in Collingwood is as good as it gets.
    12. The coffee is the star of the show, but the shop's sterile white decor and neat layout are also great touches.
    13. When you visit a coffee shop or roastery in Collingwood, you can be sure that each day will be like viewing a new piece of caffeine-inspired art thanks to the spotless, bright walls.
    14. Their speciality is coffee roasting, but they also make great cups to enjoy there or take with you.
    15. It was possible to buy coffee beans and freshly roasted coffee by the batch, and have it delivered to your door on a monthly basis.
    16. ACOFFEE, a cafe in Collingwood managed by two women, is notable for its sterile white decor and sparse furnishings.
    17. Constraints on action make this a challenging situation: In addition to our regular lattes, we also offer white lattes, black lattes, iced lattes, pour-over coffee, teas, and juices.
    18. COFFEE opts for a softer roast than what is often provided in Melbourne cafés in order to preserve the coffee's delicate flavours.
    19. Roasters by Ali St. Ali Roasters was an early innovator in Melbourne's innovative coffee sector, and they're still pushing boundaries.
    20. Bonnie In particular, Bonnie serves the coffee needs of customers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Tokyo, three of the world's most fashion-forward and coffee-crazed metropolises.
    21. Roasters by Dukes Coffee If you're looking for coffee, look no farther than Dukes Coffee Roasters.
    22. One of the best cafes in town features a rotating selection of coffee blends sourced in a responsible manner.
    23. Sage Bodhi Dharma The Monk Bodhi Dharma, founded by Marwin Shaw, is widely regarded as a pioneer in Melbourne's emerging speciality coffee business.
    24. Balaclava, Melbourne's Carlisle Street location of Monk was the pioneer in the city's famed coffee scene.
    25. Axil is a top-to-bottom worker, and he takes his coffee seriously.
    26. The Proud Mary in Collingwood serves up some of the best coffee in Melbourne and has become a local institution.
    27. Here you may find our complete list of activities in Melbourne.
    28. Vacation Vacation, in Melbourne's central business district (CBD), serves some of the city's greatest speciality beers, making it a popular destination for individuals living in Melbourne's eastern suburbs who are in need of a good cup of joe.
    29. Producing Beans as a Profitable Business The best coffee in Fitzroy can be found at Beans, a roaster, cafe, and coffee expert.
    30. This Fitzroy warehouse houses a cafe, a roastery, a "taste lab," and a training ground for aspiring baristas.
    31. Brewed Coffee by Patricia To be sure, Patricia is a speciality café in the city's financial district, drawing in both office workers and curious bystanders who want to try the coffee and baked treats on display.
    32. Patricia is a favourite among CBD coffee drinkers since it roasts its own beans and offers a variety of rotating cafe lattes and filter blends.
    33. Because of its luxurious, friendly atmosphere and commitment to treating every customer like a VIP while still offering superb beverages, Patricia has earned a reputation as Melbourne's best coffee shop.
    34. The group has moved from Canberra and Sydney, where they were quite successful, to Melbourne, which is becoming something of a coffee Mecca in Australia.
    35. Prices for a single cup of coffee run anywhere from $5 to $25, and customers can choose from more than 15 different types of coffee, milk, batch brews, and pour-overs.
    36. Located on Market Lane, just south of the Yarra River, this cafe serves up some of the best coffee in Melbourne.
    37. Dreadful Evening Enjoy a cup of coffee in peace at this whitewashed bistro on the corner of Smith Street.
    38. Terror Twilight used to sell coffee roasted by Fully Open Coffee Brewers, but now it roasts its own proprietary blends, preserving its high standards by providing batch brews in eating mugs, as well as single-origin and blend coffees, and a variety of milks to meet customers' preferences.
    39. Roasters by Dukes Coffee Since relocating to Chapel Street in New York, Dukes's espresso services have skyrocketed.
    40. This cosy cafe, located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, serves espresso shots to guests waiting in line to try the Duke's Having Appropriate, another contender for Melbourne's best coffee in 2021.
    41. We know that Dukes is still in the coffee roasting business, but we've heard of no other coffee shops that source from them.
    42. If Melbourne is one of your desired vacation spots, make sure to investigate the city's top attractions.
    43. Coffee Roasters With Seven Seeds This tiny roastery and cafe serves up delicious coffee roasted from fresh seasonal beans.
    44. The Melbourne coffee roasting establishment Seven Seeds is frequently mentioned below.
    45. Mark Dundon, generally regarded as the "godfather" of Melbourne's coffee culture, has opened a new business called Seven Seeds in a warehouse just north of downtown, a neighbourhood popular with students and creative young people.
    46. Different blends and single origins are featured regularly; for example, the fruity Seven Plants Espresso Blend, the caramelly Golden Gate Mix, and the varying single origins.
    47. With sites all throughout Melbourne, Padre is yet another high-quality coffee roaster that provides beans to numerous cafes, most notably bomboras in Torquay (including South Melbourne Market & QueenVic Market).
    48. Roasters by Merlo First established at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market, the Merlo coffee roasting company has now expanded across Victoria, Queensland, and even the entirety of Australia.
    49. Coffee roasting machines are on full display at the Merlo in the Queen Vic Market.
    50. The first time you witness a roasting, it's quite a spectacle.
    51. Baba Budan, the Brother Gold Dr. Gold Drops in the heart of the city may look like any other Italian espresso bar, but it provides the only "natural" coffee in all of Melbourne.
    52. In espresso beverages with milk, the real coffee's flavour is far more nuanced than the artificial one.
    53. Market Lane, located in Melbourne's popular Prahran Market, roasts its beans in tiny batches with such a focus on single origin, while other coffee roasters in Melbourne focus on house mixes.
    54. However, if you want to locate a certain varietal that you prefer, it is more rewarding to seek advice from specialists.
    55. Long Stretch of Unobstructed Highway In terms of general businesses in Brunswick, Wide Open Road is right up there.
    56. Although the baristas here are known for their coffee, they also make fantastic tea, and the restaurant serves up indescribably delicious café breakfasts.
    57. Espresso fans have their pick of multiple single-origin bean blends, including the signature Bathysphere Mix and a second, specially crafted blend for milk-based beverages.
    58. Teas from Larsen & Thompson, which are made with loose leaves, require precise timing and temperature for brewing.
    59. Auntie Peg's Collingwood's Aunty Peg's is a spinoff of the trendy Proud Margaret cafe; they serve coffee from beer taps, which is essentially iced coffee made by a lager brewery in nearby Geelong.
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