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What Are The Best Coffee Beans In Melbourne?

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    A good cup of espresso is more than a morning habit; it's an art form in itself, and each person has their own opinion on where to find the best coffee in Melbourne. An age-old custom that has become a cornerstone of culture.

    The best cafes in Melbourne produce some of the world's finest coffee. The clinchers that won them this recognition were their efforts to source the finest beans, perfect the finest methods, and provide the market's most complex & aromatic coffee. Even the pickiest coffee connoisseur will find something to their liking at Melbourne's many cafes.

    An ongoing debate centres on the topic of who serves the greatest coffee in Melbourne. In most mornings, the dispute may be heard while waiting in line for coffee or travelling back and forth.

    As a result of Melbourne's status as a top coffee-drinking destination, the world may enjoy the expertise of some of the best baristas, the finest roasts, and the most cutting-edge techniques in coffee preparation.

    To assist you in locating Melbourne's finest coffee, we have slurped countless espressos, sampled dozens of single origins, and sipped every house mix on the market. You can find your next fix anywhere on this completely at random list.

    FAQs About Coffee Beans

    Monk Bodhi Dharma, Axil and Dukes Coffee Roasters are just a few of the many coffee shops in Melbourne.

    The Premises, Axil and Aunty Peg's, serve some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    The preparation of the coffee beans themselves is important for a good coffee.

    Lucky for us, Melbourne is one of the world's foremost destinations for coffee, producing global barista champions, award-winning roasts, and paving the way for how coffee is brewed and poured the world over.

    Melbourne’s love affair with coffee can be traced back to the arrival of Italian and Greek immigrants after World War II. As a generation of migrants brought their beloved European-style espresso machines to Melbourne, the espresso boom of the 1950s soon became a way of life.

    Since the ‘Third Wave’ of the coffee scene in the 2000s, the way Melbourne does coffee has evolved into a unique art form.

    Top Melbourne Coffee Roasters

    what are the best coffee beans in melbourne

    The quality of green coffee beans produced in this country has just increased to the level of being the greatest in the world.

    Many coffee drinkers care about both the origin and preservation of their beans. Coffee connoisseurs may now distinguish between a Light Roast as well as a Medium Roast, or a mix as well as a single-origin coffee.

    Consumers increasingly place a premium on fair trade practises and refuse to buy from companies that don't source their products ethically.

    With such wiggle room in the requirements, it was challenging to compile the following. Nonetheless, you have a friend in us who loves coffee as much as we do. We had fun writing it, and we hope you will too.

    Below is our take on the top coffee roasters in Melbourne. Take a look!

    Rumble Coffee

    The people behind Rumble Coffee have run some of the best cafés in the city in the past. A group of coffee lovers saw a gap in the market for a wholesale coffee roaster that prioritised quality, reliability, and transparency in its operations. The minimalist, repurposed building in which the roaster is housed on a quiet Kensington side street is a reflection of this philosophy.

    Rumble is not simply lip service when it comes to its commitment to ethical business practises. The company's commitment to ethical purchasing procedures is beyond reproach. There are certain breweries, like Rumble's, who won't provide their bean costs per pound.

    In addition, the Transparent Programme, Rumbles platform on the corporate website makes it known to clients that the company is committed to ethical sourcing.

    Customers have access to an annual report that details the firm's pea policy and offers an explanation for any price changes.

    Rumble offers several different blends, each of which is crafted with beans roasted everywhere from Papua to Peru and Colombia. Though there are numerous alternatives, you shouldn't forget to sample Rumble's signature Shadowboxer blend. Puritans can find their perfect cup of coffee in the form of single-origin roasts from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Belize.

    The Roastery also provides normal coffee (sometimes known as "office coffee") and filter coffee.

    Unlike most roasting companies, Rumble has an espresso bar right next to its roastery. The Rumble team is dedicated to constantly updating the site with new material.

    The espresso bar is really busy. Much of the roasting process is on show for the public to see. There's nothing to hide because Roasters is always forthright. The bar's condiment menu features a wide selection of tasty additions. As you might have guessed, the beer is the highlight of the event.

    In order to contact you, please write to 8 Thompson St, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia.

    Seven Seeds 

    Numerous cafes in Melbourne look up to Seven Seeds and praise its excellent coffee. Seven Seeds is widely regarded as the best beer in town, and its fans can be found all around the city. Visit Brother Abba Budan on such a weekend to witness it for yourself if you don't believe me.

    These coffee roasters were conceptualised by Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor. Following the success of their first business endeavour together, the two decided to expand their operation by opening a roastery.

    Seven Seeds, located in Fairfield, is a well-known coffee shop in Melbourne. Their roasting process relies heavily on Peruvian, Bolivian, and Colombian coffee. One of the best things about Seven Seeds is the wide selection of coffees & teas they have. Whether you're looking for a filter coffee, a blend, a single origin, or even a decaf, Seven Seeds has you covered.

    If the roaster changes how they do things, how much would that effect the market? As part of a Fair Trade Colloquium, Seven Seeds has promised to always be completely honest about where they get their ingredients. The company website has additional details about this.

    Brother Baba Budan, you must not overlook him. Here we get a single continuation of that passage in its literal sense. Brother Baba Budan, a man from Yemen, is credited with bringing seven coffee seedlings to Bengal.

    Bridget Amor & Mark Dundon, who own two different cafés, reveal interesting details about the history of coffee. The coffee at this location near North Melbourne is on par with that of its more compact Little Bourke Street sibling.

    Postal code: 3053, Australia Post Box 114, Berkeley St., Carlton VIC

    Market Lane Coffee

    Similar to our first candidate, Rumble Coffee, which provides Market Lane's coffee, Melbourne Coffee Merchants places a premium on being completely transparent with their business practises. You may buy Market Lane Coffee at the Queen Victoria Market, or you can buy it online.

    Market Lane has a wide variety of coffee beans for sale, including both espresso and filter beans. There is also a subscription service available from the roaster. Market Lane provides coffee subscription services, which you may learn more about on their website.

    South Yarra 3141, Victoria, Australia, Shop 13 Prahran Market 163 Commercial Road

    Five Senses Coffee

    Five Senses' coffee is always of the highest quality since they partner closely with farmer. How so? In 2014, the coffee company used company funds to construct a beans mill on the island of Borneo. The company's success can be directly attributed to that decision. It helped us go closer to the source and gave the customer more information.

    Five Senses is obviously quite knowledgeable about coffee. This company's ethos is reflected faithfully in its products. Five Senses is a coffee retailer that also offers brewing tools and espresso machines. Among the best barista programmes in Victoria, this one can be found right here at this great company.

    Postal Code: 300 Rosslyn St., West Melbourne, Victoria 3003, Australia

    coffee shop

    Dukes Coffee

    According to these standards, Duke's business strategy is workable. Over the course of five years, Dukes has collaborated alongside Weforest on a massive reforestation project. Wherever coffee is grown, among the surrounding villages.

    Duke's offers an outstanding selection of coffees. The coffee beans used by the company are sourced from all over the world, from close by Southeast Asia to as far away as South America and Africa. And that, of course, leads to some of the most intriguing permutations possible.

    Ross House off Collins Lane is where you should go to try some of Duke's fantastic coffee, and it's where we're recommending you go. Indeed, the roaster also accepts online orders for your favourite Dukes coffee.

    Location: 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3000

    Axil Coffee

    While the original location of Axil Coffee Roasters has been in Hawthorn, their coffee is also served at thirteen other cafés in the Melbourne area.

    Axil negotiates good prices with farmers on an individual basis.

    The beans utilised at this roastery hail primarily from Africa and South Africa, two regions known for producing some of the world's finest coffee. Check out the roastery's website to learn more about their products and services.

    Postal Code: 3132 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.

    Small Batch Roasting Co.

    The people behind Locally Brewed Coffee are staunch believers that good coffee can be made by anyone in their own home. Based on the Age Best Cafe Guide, the firm is the top coffee roaster around Melbourne for two years running. In order to learn about the firm's coffee, you can go to its website.

    Australia; mailing address 3-9 Little Howard St., North Melbourne, 3051.

    23 Degreesº 

    The 23 Degrees team has been praised for their efficiency, expertise, and the quality of their coffee. The same is true of every other list on this article. So, what exactly is 23 Degrees' special sauce? True enough, a lot!

    These coffee roasters are one of the few Certified B Corporations within Melbourne. Achieving this certification demonstrates that 23 Degrees had found a way to be financially successful while still being socially and environmentally responsible.

    In this case, the coffee business goes above and beyond simply sourcing from ethical vendors. The coffee roasting firm was founded by women, for women, so they source at up to half of their beans from women farmers.

    Have you tried their coffee? 23 Degrees offers a comprehensive selection of both single-origin and blended coffees. Their espresso blends are sourced from various corners of the world, including exotic locations like Peru and more accessible ones such Papua New Guinea

    Products range from the popular "Little Ripper" to the honey-infused "Fingar Liquidambar" coffee. The roastery also sells filter and decaf varieties of coffee. 23 Degrees offers free standard shipping on all orders placed over $25.

    Cheltenham, Australia, 11a Viking Ct., 3192


    In a city packed with coffee lovers, this white-box shop represents the extreme of flavour fetishism. A wooden bench extends the length of a structure, providing a comfortable perch from which to enjoy your flat white or coffee in peace.

    Roasting the coffee to order in some kind of a polished metal drum creates a lot of noise, but the throbbing beats of the music drown it off. The coffee comes from faraway places like Brazil and Ethiopia.

    Coffee Supreme Melbourne

    Choosing between two almost identical garage-style roasteries comes down to the taste of a coffee and the food they serve.

    People keep coming back for the South American coffee and the crunchy, gooey, oozy cheddar toasties with pickles.

    Industry Beans

    Steve & Trevor Richards, brothers, started Industry Beans inside a Melbourne garage in 2010 after being fascinated by the New Wave coffee revolution, which was redefining traditional ideas about coffee's origins, preparation, and consumption.

    After three years of cultivating relationships with key producers of coffee beans around the world, the company opened its first location in Fitzroy, where it continues to this day. If you're a fan of their speciality coffee in Melbourne, you'll be pleased to know that they have locations in Sydney and Brisbane.

    Industry Beans's first storefront debuted in 2017 in The little Collins. Despite the fact that there are two more venues (one in Fitzroy and one in Sydney), we decided to go with the original one. On the other hand, critical reception has been uniformly positive. They make fantastic cold brews and single-origin black espresso. While the original Rustica only serves coffee, the Fitzroy outpost also sells pastries.

    Contract Coffee Roasters

    This special, a clan roaster in Melbourne's outskirts, is extremely popular, so don't bother showing up expecting to sit down and get a cup of coffee. Nonetheless, there aren't many places to get a good deal on a bag of espresso to enjoy at home.

    You'll learn about the origins of each single-origin variety, and they'll work with you to create a blend that's tailored to your tastes, but you won't be able to sample it until you get home.

    Batch Coffee Roasters

    Small-batch artisan roaster/café Cheltenham is located on the outskirts of town and is definitely worth the trip if only to take in the aroma of roasted coffee beans in their large red roaster.

    With its renovated warehouse setting, the atmosphere is casual and unpolished. Framing coffee bags and a plethora of coffee-making gadgets cover the walls. It has all the hallmarks of a proper coffee shop while remaining stylishly unpretentious.

    Code Black Coffee

    what are the best coffee beans in melbourne2

    Code Black's core value is respect, and it extends to everyone involved, from of the farmers who grow their coffee toward the coffee shops who serve their devoted customers. In Hanover, you can find their café and roasting plant on Weston Street, and once you try their seasonal blends and single-origin coffee roasted fresh every day, you'll see why they're so popular.

    There are even beans you can eat on the run. You can find their newest location in South Melbourne Market, which opened in the fall of 2014 to much fanfare and a stylish whirl of oak-lined furnishings. Stop by for a coffee-glazed breakfast and some hot chocolate, tea, or cold brew while you mull over your options.

    As the name suggests, the vibe is decidedly more cutting-edge. Coffee aficionados in particular will enjoy the ambience. The slogan of the business is a perfect expression of the mystery and allure of "code black." This place is out there, it says, on the edge of mysteries and altered states.

    The baristas at Code Black source their premium beans from all over the world, including renowned coffee growing regions like Columbia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

    If you want to enjoy your coffee with your dinner, code black is the way to go. We suggest the guacamole toast or egg Benedict for brunch.

    St Ali Coffee Roasters

    An early supporter of speciality coffee from Melbourne, Salvatore Malatesta established St. Felix Coffee Roasters. He and his team have been searching all across Central and South America and Africa since 2005 for the highest quality beans they can find.

    They now run a successful cafe and wholesale coffee business in South Melbourne. Have a seat, relax, and choose either the barista breakfast or the full-on coffee adventure to try six different kinds of the best in town they can brew.

    Melbourne Coffee Culture

    If you want to call your coffee "speciality," you ought to know every detail of its production, from the origin of the beans to the method used to remove the coffee's natural oils during roasting and extraction. These cafes in Melbourne

    love coffee a lot and pay close attention to detail during the entire process of making it.

    Melbourne is home to some of the world's finest coffee shops, serving single-origin, velvety smooth drinks which will leave you craving more.

    With its abundance of cafes, Melbourne is arguably Australia's premier bean juice destination.

    None of them are like the others; they each have their own special qualities. Although there are various varieties of coffee, the Australian brew shares a few characteristics in common.

    Many people in Australia continue to add milk to their coffee. Espresso-brewed coffee, as enjoyed in the forms of the Flat White, Mocha, and Latte, has maintained its position as the most popular despite the rise in popularity for lighter "filter" made black coffee during recent years.

    With innovative cafes like Patricia & Market Lane, Melbourne has quickly become a world leader inside the coffee sector. Matheson, an Australian coffee expert, says this is one of the main reasons why Melbourne has become a world-renowned coffee mecca.


    Because they work so hard to find the best beans, refine their processes, and offer the market's most nuanced and aromatic coffee, Melbourne's greatest cafés are responsible for some of the world's best brew. We've tried countless espressos, dozens of single origins, and every house mix in Melbourne to identify the best coffee.

    Rumble Coffee is a Melbourne-based wholesale coffee roaster that places a premium on honesty, dependability, and quality. Customers have access to an annual report outlining the company's procurement policy and providing an explanation for any pricing increases or decreases, demonstrating the firm's unwavering dedication to ethical purchasing practises. Shadowboxer, Rumble's unique mix, is a combination of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Belize. Regular coffee (sometimes known as "office coffee") and filter coffee are available at the Roastery, and an espresso bar is located next to the Roastery at Rumble.

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    1. Every Melbournian has their own idea of where to get the best coffee in the city, and a nice cup of espresso is more than just a morning ritual.
    2. A long-held practise that is now central to society.
    3. Some of the best coffee in the world is brewed in Melbourne's premier cafés.
    4. Their dedication to finding the best beans, honing the best processes, and delivering the most nuanced and aromatic coffee on the market were the deciding factors in earning them this accolade.
    5. Every type of coffee drink imaginable may be found in one of Melbourne's many cafés, so even the most discerning coffee drinker will be satisfied.
    6. Who serves the best coffee in Melbourne is a topic of continuing discussion.
    7. During the morning commute or coffee run, the argument is likely to be heard.
    8. Melbourne's reputation as a premier coffee-drinking destination has opened the door for coffee lovers all over the globe to sample the wares of some of the world's finest roasters and benefit from the city's cutting-edge coffee preparation methods.
    9. In order to guide you to Melbourne's best coffee, we have slurped through countless espressos, tasted dozens of single origins, and sipped every house mix available.
    10. As of recently, this country's green coffee beans have been rated as the best in the world.
    11. A sizable portion of the coffee-drinking population is concerned with both the provenance and the longevity of their beans.
    12. Coffee experts can now tell the difference between, say, a Light Roast and a Medium Roast, or a Blend from a Single Origin.
    13. More and more shoppers are demanding that businesses adhere to fair trade principles before they'll consider purchasing from them.
    14. It was difficult to construct the following because of the wiggle area in the requirements.
    15. But know that in us you have a friend who shares your passion for coffee.
    16. Chattering Coffee Rumble Coffee's founders have managed some of the city's top coffee shops in the past.
    17. Several coffee enthusiasts recognised a need in the industry for a wholesale coffee roaster committed to excellence, dependability, and openness in all aspects of business.
    18. The roaster's location in a spare, repurposed structure on a quiet Kensington side street reflects this concept.
    19. When it comes to Rumble's dedication to moral business practises, the company doesn't just talk the talk.
    20. The firm's dedication to moral purchasing practises is unquestionable.
    21. When asked how much beans cost per pound, some breweries, like Rumble's, just don't tell.
    22. As an added measure, the company's dedication to ethical sourcing is made clear to customers through the Transparent Programme, Rumbles platform on the company's website.
    23. An annual report explaining pricing increases or decreases is made available to customers.
    24. Rumble has a variety of mixes, all of which are made with beans roasted in various countries, ranging from Papua New Guinea to Peru and Colombia.
    25. Even though there are other options, you shouldn't pass up Rumble's trademark Shadowboxer blend.
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